The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, May 12, 1892, Image 2

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Tli Rlne and rail of llab.
Bln Bcformcr Ilia Hrave;
tTntiiuely Iti The Greater
Tbragb '
Who I u Kills from Ilia Native Land.
Professor Browne, lecturer in Persian
at tho University of Cambridge, has
written a curious book, entitled "The
Episode of the Dab." Probably a few
people know who the Bab is, but Mr.
Browne's rewarchea are certain to
awaken interest in the man who was the
arch heretic of Pensia in the early part
of the reign of the present shah, Ho
died a violent death at the hands of the
government when it was learned that
the heresy that he preached threatened
the peace of the national church. Ilia
followers live and are faithful to his
memory and teachings.
Their leaders are in exile, and Profes
sor Browne's book tells of his extraordi
nary exertions to see them and get their
story from their own lips. They are
scattered far and wide. Some of them
are in Cyprus; others are in Palestine,
safe from the vengeance of the shah. All
of them would expect to lose their heads
if they showed themselves in Persia.
Only the humble followers of the Bab
live unmolested in their own country.
bolding their meetings secretly for fear
or the persecution-of the angry Mollahs.
T W mar
ana uao was a jaonammeaan re
former, who went to Mecca and came
back with a new commentary on the
Koran. He spoke of himself as superior
to Mohammed and to all other great re
ligions reformers, but he announced
that a greater than he was coming. That
greater one is Beha, who lives in an
earthly paradise called Behje, near
Tyre, where Professor Browne found
him. The author says he feels quite an
equal to the of conveying a vivid
impi fusion of the faces and forms that
surrounded him during his visit to this
strange retreat. He almost runs 6hort
of adjectives when he describes the
wondrous and venerable figure of the
holy man. Ho "says he beheld a face
which he will never forget, although he
cannot descrilie it. The piercing eyes
seemed to read his very soul. "No need
to ask in whoso presence 1 stood as 1
bowed myhelf lefore ono who is the ob
ject of a devotion and love which kings
might envy and emperors 6igh for in
Beha's preaching is a prophecy of the
"most great peace" and of the brother
hood and unity of man. The brother
hood of the entire race is coming, he
predicts. Prof. Browne says Beha knows
the exact position of European affairs
and is sorry for the western nations.
He sees kings and rulers lavishing their
treasures in the purchase of means of
destructioa instead of procuring the
means of happiness. Meekness, con
cord, obedience, submission are the es
sentials of his secret in the perfect way.
He is loved ajid revered by all his fol
lowers wherever they may be, and many
a message from him is read in the secret
meetings in Persia of the humble fol
lowers of the Bab.
The Bab was not learned in the law
like the great doctors of the church,
and for that reason they held hirn in
contempt. It was his habit to dispute
with them in the temples, and although
he was ignorant his wisdom put their
knowledge to shame. They said he
proved himself an impostor because he
talked bad grammar. He showed them
that his grammar was the grammar of
the Koran, and asked them if it was not
better to be wrong with the prophet
than right with the rest of the world.
Whenever he became too troublesome
they beat him with rods. At last they
had him shot. A company of infantry
was drawn up, and the Bab and one of
his followers were placed before it as
targets. The first discharge killed the
follower, but only broke the cords that
bound the prophet. He might have con
verted ms executioners then if he had
had time to make the most of the situa
tion. But before he could speak tb
second volley was fired and the Bab
died of many wonnds.
His followers were terribly incensed
at the outrage, and tried to assassinate
the shah. It is said that he fainted with
terror at the sight of the conspirators,
and was only saved by the timely arri
val of his escort. For a time he made
Persia very unsafe for the followers of
the Bab. He killed their leaders, and
to this day those who escaped from thev
native land have never dared to retuxK
Among the victims was the one Salva
tion Lass of the movement, the beauti
ful Kurratu 1-Ayn, who, it is said, was
miracle of learning and of every femi
ne charm, bhe was killed bv slow
orture, and to the very last she declared
ier supreme faith in the teacnurs of
he Bab. The Mollahs who slew her
ame near rebelling a few months ago
when their lord and master threatened
to interfere with the tobacco Question
n Persia. They made him tremble for
ftis me ana throne until the obnoxious
pleasures he proposed were rescinded.
Meanwhile Beha is waiting patiently
b exile, confident that the day will come
Vhen his teachings will triumph in Per
t t i j . . - -. -
a aou me leauers oi ois iaim can re-
irn to their land. New York Sun.
A makls Hoi In the Onud Oat at
Wblcb Mackajr Took 1 00,000,000-, ;
I was strolling with Mackay some
years ago : in Virginia City, when we
loqked down a smoking cavity in tho
ground that was soon lost in ' the dafk
ne; and at the mouth of which a wind
lass was slowly grinding. "Out of that
hole," he said, "I took $150,000,000 iu
bullion." This was one of the fatuous
Bonanza mines, whose hintory all men
know. The Big Bonanza, as it Uiw
called, and as Mackay described it to iu
at the time, was a "kidney" or
"pocket" of crude ore, about as high a
the steeple of Trinity and in ar..?i as
large as the City Hall park of New York
This ore, shoveled out and red; in !.
gave the stupendous yield to wbu li Mi:
Mackay referred, and was the fuufl.i
tion of the Bonanza fortunes.
AssociaW with him were three oila
gentlemen . whose names were to v. in a
worldwide mining fame James (J. r air.
afterward senator from Nevada, whore
skill as a mining expert had attracted
the attention of Mackay; William.
O'Brien, and James C. Flood. O'Brien
and Flood had come to California as
' friends in the Argonaut days, and hud
j like other men taken their humble parta
in the creation of the Pacific states. In
, those times men who were to be major
I generals in the army drove drays for a
living. Others who were to become
luminous in statesmanship and juris
prudence joyfully mended their own
trousers and washed their own linen. ' !
They were "partners," a term that
Bret Harte has pathetically explained .
in one of his exquisite stories. "Part-;
ners," that is to say, friends, with a
friendship such as we who live outside '
of the atmosphere of adventure which '
Eor Uqaor Car.
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liquors curse or other evil habits
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1 A Sensible Man.
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tlie chucrli. Alt are Invited to attend these
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Balm, and i lo m entirely without
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m xs -
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ws TAIRBAWRS is we best.
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vaguely explained if we compared it to
the love of man and woman.
"Billy was my partner once," as Air. j
Flood said to me one day in Menlo,
while we were looking at the portrait of .
O'Brien; "Billy was my purtner ouco.
fie is my partner now, will be my part- i
ner forever" a speech which made a i
deep impression, coming as it did from j ference
ine Hps of one of tlie most resolute, self
restrained and undemonstrative of men.
south Pakk Tabkknaclk. Rev. J. M.. I
v od, 1 astor. services: Sunday School,
. m. : i reacnine. iia. m. and 8 d.
prayer meeting Tuesday night ; choir prae-
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Price ROc and $1.
all druggists.
Flood was the financial representative
and the ally of the two young miners
who were at work on the Bonanza;
O'Brien, the "partner" in the firm, be
cause Flood could have no interest he
did not share.
O'Brien passed away in Bonanza
times Flood not many months since, in
Germany. He was a brave, independ
ent, reserved, conscientious man, es
pecially charming and true in the higher
relations of life no better citizen, no
truer friend "in all that goes toward
the true development of manhood, the
best man I have ever known," as Mackay
said to me when the hour of irrevocable
silence had fallen. . "I know only one
man in the world that can break me
and that is Mackay." This Flood said
to me and I note it as showing the strong
links which in those days bound the
Bonanza firm and gave it a strong
and a confidence which were the basis
of its power. John Russell Young in
JXunsey s Magazine.
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A Coon Story.
Two men located a varmint in a tree
nd one scaled up for the prize. After
u interval of several minutes, which
ere enlivened by skirmishing among
e foliage, tne man on tne ground
lied out, "John, have you got him?"
"I have, came the decided response.
"Do yon want me to climb up and
Ip you hold him?"
"Thunder and lightning, no! I wish
u'd come up and help me let loose!"
ishville American.
If I were as nch as my right hand
ghbor, I should have his faults; if I
re as poor as my left hand neighbor.
aould have his. Being myself, I hav
ae. Manley 21. Pike in Century.
Beauty aa m National Trait.
Is there any handsome people on the
face of the globe? Now, we may set
aside the black and yellow and poly
chrome races in general, many of whom
are well shaped and like bronze statues
to look upon, but who do not come up
to the Aryan standard in features and
color. Leaving these children of nature
out of the question, it may be confessed
that there is no race among whom beau
ty is common. If the ancient Greeks
were like their statues, then there once
was a beautiful raco. but it is not so
eertain that they did not idealize them
selves a good deal. Then is the more
reason to guess this, as when they have
to represent a barbarian, say a Gaul 01
a German or a professional prizefighter,
they make these people as handsoir xc
themselves, though in a rougher way.
l here is a famous bronze statue of 8
boxer, who might be taken for an oratoi
or a poet were it not for his heavy meta:
studded gloves. Thus it may be deemee
that there is a great proportion of the
ideal in these statues, vases, coins and fig
ures, where every one is so graceful and
goodly. Every nation has a high opin
ion of its own charms. The French
pride themselves on small feet, and it is
certain that their women walk very lit
tle, and have cunning bootmakers.
London News.
Kept the Least for Himself,
Three ragged newsboys were trying
to sell the earlier editions of the after
noon papers. A man carrying a lar
basket of fine looking oranges on his
shoulder passed close by. The motion
of his body loosened one of the biggest
and ripest and it fell to the ground. The
man kept on, not noticing or caring f oi
the loss. The orange lay upon the pave
ment for about half a minute unseen.
Then the largest of the three ragged
urchins spied it, and with a cry of de
light he ran over and picked it up. It
was natural to suppose that he would
proceed to eat it all himself, but instead
of doing so he called his companions and
xhibited his find. They eyed it greed
lly. Without any request from them for a
hare in the coveted fruit the finder di
rided the orange into three parts and
gave his fellow newsboys each a part.
The smallest part he reserved for him
self. It was only a small thing in itself,
yet it proved, I thought, that there was
something noble hidden under the ragged
garments of that little urchin. New
York Recorder.
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