The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, May 06, 1892, Image 3

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BiackWeiPs Bu'U Durhaifi
Smoking Tobacco,
composed only of "pure leaf," grown in the famous
Golden Belt, its uniform quality, and rich fragrant aroma
recommend it to all who desire a really good smoke.
No other smoking tobacco has ever been made which has
secured and held the popular favor as has Blackwell's
Bull Durham. It is now, as it has been at all times dur
ing the last 2 5 years, the best in the world. Made only by
TI1E MASON & HAMLIN CO. now offer t rent any one of
their famous Organs or Pianos for three months, giving the person
hiring them full opportunity to test it thoroughly in his own borne
jnd returu if he does not longer want it. If he continues to want it
until the aggregate of rent pain amounts to the price of the instru
ment. It kkomks ii's i'koi'kktv witaout FUKTiiER i'aymknt. Illus
trated catalogue, with net prices Iree.
Mason & Hamlin Org jn and Fiano Co
An entire city by itself Ten times larger than ever.
Huge Worlds Museum, Caravan, Hippodrome, Metiagrie and Congress
" of Wild and Living Animal.
lt)TK OwitiK to arranrenieiit! tnaile ly
tliiw'vrtll tx- tie only K"eat show to visit Cass
$10 000 That we ffive the best circus perforinance ever seen in the west
A show to think and talk about. The greatest number of favorites
ever assembled under canvas. A great holiday of rest and recreation
for erery one. We guarantee to all a most enjoyable, moral, refined and
artistic entertainment.
jip, af) saMPsoK.
- The mightiest and biggest brutes that breath,
The Goliaths of the Giant tribe. The largest elephant and camel in the
world. TIP; the grand old battle scarred war elephant. SAMPSON, the
tallest sky-towering camel the world ever saw.
The only Fan Eared Eleptiant in Captivity.
Baby Camel Oniv Ten Month old.
Kf A nd a menagerie containing all the animcls worth seing under the sun
Of two exalted circus companies. Grandest of Hippadrome specialties
, i -i i " -
day i
.rru-imw nniiiiiilii lmni'rilv
street pagneant one mile long, enmsoneu with the rail la tit lustre ottne noon
sun retlec4ing scenes more granu xnan -nuc-rtrr r -i irmrm. a .i
, block after block, a solid moving mass of wealth and splendor. Kvery nation
. r- i r . I kfiitrini nnn wnrriirr!. uiuirn 11111 rut uiuiiiiuk &x.ifr.. ' fcv
of blooded horses from Apia, England arid Kentucky,. Comic clowns-and mules,
Band ol music tillins the air with melody sights worth coming many miles to see.
M. A' - Free - Flight - to - the - Clouds - Each - Day H
Two Performances
Doors open at 1 and 7 p. m. performance commences one hour later.
, ,-, Don' let other advertisements mislead you:
i - -- we never dissappoint,
Admission to both circus and menagerie only 25 and 35 cents.
A Nice
Quiet Game
is never
without a
liberal supply of
Way H-
tlie American Showman's l'ool League
county this year.
surverini.' the suririnir crowds. A herd
PwAIN orr
Bucklen's Arnica Salve. f". ,"
Tun Bkst 8ai.vk in the world for Cut
BrnitH-H, Son, Ulcers, Halt Itbi um. Fever
Sorts, Ti tter. Clipped IIantl. Cbitblninfv
Corns, nnd nil Skin -Eruptioiie, kihI poM i
tively cure Ii it-it, or no pay rjuirfl. 1
It it itnnrnnti-ed t,o yiVe nt'i1iuUoii, oi
money refunded Price li." fenu r in. j
For BHle b F (I Krick-
Specimen Caes.
S. II. Clifford, New Castle. Wit
was troubled with neuralgia anc
rheumatism, his stomach wan li
ordered, hi liviT was affected to ai
alarming degree, appetite foil awat
anl he was terrihlv reduced in lies!
ami strength. Three bottles o
Klectric Hitters cured him.
Edward Shepherd, llarrisburg
111., had a running nore on his le
of eight years' standing. Usee
three bottles of Klectric Hitters anc
seven bottles Ihicklen's Arnic
Salve, and his leg is Hound and well
John Speaker, Catawba, ()., had fiv
large fever sores on his leg, doctor
saitl he whs incurable. One bottle
Klectric Bitters and one box liuck
len's Arnica Salve cured him entire
I j. Sold by H. G. Fricke & Co.
' , ,
makes chiid birth easy.
Col Tin. 1, Be. 2, 1886. My wife naed
KOTHXB'8 FRIEND before her third
confinement, and says ahe would not be
without it for hundreds of dollar.
Seat by express oa receipt of price. SA per bot
tla. Book "To Mothers "mailed free.
pea Ml by ui bmiwiti. MTLAHTA, at
Th7 mftk htrole afforta to frM tbemialTM,
smc o snowing bow to imcemraiiy
Lbey give unto 4epir sod miot Into ma early
. nuiuusuKtiMftitaurii
um ft Mrt . .iff fMldk
th philotopbr of DlMU-
-. m A AffiirtlAIII Of IhA
Ore nt of Hu, nd how by
. . - . w- vnr.Tl.ruT
by mathodl azclailTaly oar
own, the worst emaes of
lot or FalltBK Manhood,
Ganeral and Hervoa Do
; bllity. Weikuu or Boay
f -i mIwa Tff.riaf Cmrl
or Ezeoiie. Stanted or
Bhrankaa Or rant ran t C'rard. Boaaflts : In ad ay.
Eowto Enlarge and 8trenthenWEAK. UNDEVELOPED
ORGANS PARTS of BODY mado plain to all In taroitad.
iltn fnitr from 40 Bistro, TrrTnori- a nl Foraiao Countriea.
T"0 ran writr thfra. For Bool, full Tplanatln t,na proof.. Kdrna
Specially Adapted for Use in Hard Water
For Farmers, Miners and Mechanics.
Chapped Hands, Wounds, Bums, Etc
A- Deliaiitfu.1 Shampoo.
fr tro Liuuor Habit, Positively Curet
dy Atoinshnr.ic or. aims' golden specific
It can bo given in a cud of co3ee or tea. or in ct
tides ol ood, without the knowledge of the per
wn taking it; It is absolutely harmless and will
effect a permanent and speedy cure, whether
thepatientisa modernte drinkeroran alcoholic
a complete cure in cvsry instance. 4a page book
FREE. Address in confidence,
VxOEN -SPECIFIC CO., 1 85 Rue SU CrociftnalLO
Chamberlain's Eye and Pflrtn
A certain cure for Chronic Sere Eyes
Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, OI
Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema,
Itch, Prairie Scratches, Sore Nipples
and Piles. ' It is cooling and soothing.
Hundreds of cases have been cured bj
It after all other treatment had failed.
It is put up in 25 and CO cent boxes. -
S ' s
.-si y .
. 4
'ft:' ' ft ' I""' ' ' ll ! ' . . ' 1 . j
Labeled 1-2 lb Tins Only.
hw Vm-h laawWKla. T.k.1.. - a.
- ' oiihi .jr. niMn,ai, I
833 Bnadway, Sew Vara. Write for book of argofa
Sooc rasf a 1 w br e al 1 rvrar&i
faiwbsreallrvitwtfVfifwI. SoldbyP.HIiox,i.T, CDCE
$lio. orcans Want asrts. catl'drue
free; Address Dan'l F Beattv. wash
inirton . J. -
Clfimea and beautifies th aair.
Prutaute a laxuriast rrowth.
Mser 7 ails to Sestare Om
Hair to it Yonthfal. Color
Cures acaUp diaraars lc hair tauuur.
; tlf,ia lVJat ProgifU
C"re Parker's Ginger Tonic, it cuwa tea ort Cuj.'h,
Vr'cak I.iii-t. Drbiliiv, Imligcation, Fain, Take iDtimcAurta,
HINQERCORNS. The cnlram rare for Coma.
Slope aixuu. Ijc ai Xiruitu. or iHM.UX CO Ji. Y.
1 N 1
3v?a rAVw
1 FSV, -v-fivvt-. r-y
U v-'
n ai si n m ip v 3 r h hr vt
ufj s ki f 9 i m h b a n
Iff Q
La U
tVeniloa Womra'Cnnlnt to X.lkela,t. -
A very hignilicunt hnpK has come
over Lomloners of lute years with regard
to a certain fona of refideiic-e known as
a "Hit." Not niiiny years aro tin iika
of living in u I;it wiw to little Hiiim-ciut-el
tliat apartint'iits of that kiiul oull
banlly lie Kaiil to exihit at all in London.
A few ivnvieldy blocks of buildings
wore bnilt after the American fashion,
but ho little did they r.nit the Unlih
taste that for a lon time they remain d
almost empty and tenanth'ss. nolwit'.i
htaJi'lin tiie fact that they then adtlcd
a very low rent to the other ailva::!):'
that they ottered U their oconii :s.
Now during the last three or four y !) s
the inhabitants of London seem to have
suddenly i .nied their minds and tl.ts
cannot In; built quickly enough to ; -commodate
the numbers who arc-looking
for them.
Whole streets of Hats, in some ;: ses.
have been constructed, and have b.-eii
taken by eager tenants even Itefore the
buiMers had vacated them. Indeed, an
inquirer for flats the other day. wi:o
was willing to pay a very fair resit for
very modest requirements, discovered
that, unless he could speedily make up
his mind to take the unfinished article,
he had no chance at all of inhabiting
the article when it was finished, so very
much greater was the demand than the
supply. That the supply is making gi
gantic strides to overtake the demand is
evident to any one who has lately
watched the building operations in our
streets, and the gradual rise of great
blocks of red brick bearing the prema
ture inscription, "Residential flats to be
let." On the whole, we do not think it
would be an exaggeration to say that,
whatever may have been the increase in
the number of houf es in the metropolis
during the last twenty-five years, the
number of flats must have increased
more than a hundredfold. Loudon
A I'oHtofHre Strike.
All the clerks in the postoffice at Van
couver, B. C. went out on strike Mon
day. . The trouble has been expected
for some time. The postoffice here is
"farmed" by the postmaster, who, by
keeping down salaries, makes $4,400 a
year, which is equaled by the salary of
only three postmasters in Canada. The
lady clerks have been getting $25 a
month, and one male clerk, married,
gets $35 a month. The clerks asked $40
for ladies and $50 to $70 for men, which
would leave the Mstmaster about $2,500
a year. Victoria's jvostmaster, being on
the civil service list, gets only $2,000 a
year. Postmaster Miller refused posi
tively when the scale was first pre
sented. Lady clerks are expected to
dress at least neatly, and how they can
do it on $25 a month and pay their own
board is a inystery.
The mail from the east today was
eight hours late, and the sight of the
big sacks and the thought of the China
mails to get ready tomorrow brought
the postmaster to time, and he agreed to
compromise. Cor. Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
How Papa Lost His Fish.
A prominent member of the Loom
Fixers' union went on a fishing expedi
tion Sunday, with good results. He
caught a nice mess of eels, which he
carried heme and placed in the sink,
intending to cure them after he looked
out for the interests of the inner man.
In the meanwhile his little son, while
amusing himself with papas game,
pulled up the sink lid and the eels one
by one glided silently into the depths of
of the sewer.
When papa- went to clean his fish he
found the boy with a lishline through
the sink, r.pparently angling.
Inquiry elicited the fact that the fish
had "runned away" and the diligent
son was trying to recapture them. New
Bedford Journal.
Ioatli of the IJagpickers Queen.
"La Mere ilaniy,"the owner of "Cite
Maiipy." a, famous colony of Paris rag-l.:c':er.-i,
was an odd character among
many. Her husband, whose right hand
s!:e l:r.d been for thirty years past, aid
ing him in the sometimes difficult task
of keeping the "biffins" in order, died a
few weeks ago and, the ragpickers not
conducting themselves with proper re
spect at his funeral, "La Mere Maupy"
gave them notice to quit, one and all.
Her occupation gone. "La Mere Maupy"
tired of life and committed suicide a
few days ago by asphyxiation.
In her will she indicated that her
funeral should be a civil ceremony
purely, and that no chiffonniers should
be allowed to follow her coffin to the
grave. Pall Mall Gazette.
British Columbians for Independence.
The Hon. Wilfrid Laurier has declared
for independence. Had he done so long
ago he would not have to count defeat
after defeat. The only possible solution
of our political existence is nationhood,
and until it comes we are merely para
sites, who are treated as such abject
creatures deserve to be. We . are no
bodies upon the map of the world.
Vancouver (B. C.) World.
Leprosy in Spain.
Consternation ' exists in several Span
ish villages in- consequence of the great
increase of leprosy. In the town of
Gata there are -so ' many1 lepers that a
separate hospital is to be" built for them.
There are eight families in Benidorm
that the other residents fear to associate
with even for the transaction of busi
ness. Every member of the eight fam
ilies is a leper. Yankee Blade.
Did One of II is Wires Go Shopping?
Among the bills that came into the
till of an Augusta dry goods store re
cently was' one issued by the Deseret
National bank", of Salt Lake City, and
bore the signature of Brigham Young.
It was of the issue of 1872, yet looked
quite-- crisp- and fresh. Bangor (Me.)
Commercial. -
Coming Sprouts. '
It makes the small boy sad -to see the
apple tree budding in the garden.- It ir.
a reminder of coming sprouts. Bing
hamton Republican.
-Ttf Wmf Wniaaa law.
. "If men wto a eojnomical in their
fU'K'ial relatioi.t. as women ar w woiilil
not lx r-.u a nation t! vpfiKlihriffM,'
i;iid T. li. R of Minneapolis, "whs
iniprv8Sol wilh the force of thin idea to
day by an o'K;rvjition lgnii in a cable
car and pursued through a dry g(Kxl. e
tablishment and a restaurant. I saw
two ladies chatting together intimately
on a t ar, ami when the conductor u
proached tliem to collect the fares one of
tliem had no change. The other offered
to pay for her companion! ride, but tltu
latter wouldn't submit to the prtiosi.
tion. Instead she borrowel a nickel
from her friend, remarking an she did
so that the would break a bill as noon &?
she got down town and repay her. My
curiosity was excited to see if women
really dealt that way with one another,
so I followed the two after they got off
the car. They first entered a dry goods
store, where the lxrrower made a small
purchase, and as soon as she got her
change she handed her friend five cents,
which was received without the slight
est protest.
"Then they went into a restaurant to
get lunch. Each gave separate orders
and the bill of each amounted to thirty
cents. They marched np to the cashier
and each paid her own bill. Now, these
are small transactions, but they are in
dicative of the difference in the charac
ters of men and women. Had the object
of my observations been men instead of
women, the man who offered to borrow
a nickel for car fare would have insulted
the other, and one of them would have
ordered that dinner for both and paid
the bill, which, I may as well say, would
have amounted to dollars instead of
cents. St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
The True Artist.
Henry Norman gives the following
instance of modest self estimate in th
case of a man who is one of the most
skillful and original artificers in the
world, and whose works are every where
This ivory carver sat in his little room,
open to his little garden, chiseling upon
a magnificent tusk, from which was
just emerging a very graceful female
figure. The ivory he held between hi -knees,
and the tools were spread out at
his side.
"How long will this take you?" 1
"About four months," he replied.
"And what is the proportion between
the value of the material and the value
of the labor in such a work as this when
"I paid $140 for this piece of ivory,"
Raid ho, and four months' work, at Ky
a month, is $200."
And this man was estimating his work
at less than forty American dollars a
month! His was the true artist's tem
perament, for he was willing to accept
only what would supply him with the
necessaries of life, dejendiiig for his
actual reward on the joy of seeking to
do a perfect work.
"Are you not very sorry sometimes,'
asked I, "to part with one of these works,
that have been companions and a part
of your life for so long?"'
He looked up for a minute at a great
white lily nodding above him in the
garden, and then gently shook his head.
"No," he said. "I expect the next to
be more beautiful still."
A Suggestion About Iinii-rs.
The next time you give a dinner give
a good one. Do not feel that because
you can afford it your dinner must con
sist of complex, mysterious, rich, indi
gestible dishes. No one wants them.
All men hate them. When a man goes
to a restaurant he never orders such a
medley for himself. He never wishes
them on his own table. Few women
care for them, and not one person in fifty
can digest them with comfort. Al
though such dinners are very common
in New York, they are not given be
cause we desire or respect them, but lo
calise we are a rich and vulgar peopl(
without the ability to realize our vul
There are many people in this city,
and happily the class is growing, who
have the good taste and courage to offei
a simpler dinner to their guests. Such
dinners can be as long and as dainty as
the most fastidious may desire, and they
are infinitely more satisfying. Try t
bear in mind that a dinner consisting of
complex and mysterious dishes is only a
development of American vulgarity.
When a woman gives 6uch a dinner yon
are correct in supposing that either her
own taste is vitiated and false or thai
ehe does it because she thinks it "the
proper thing." In either case it indi
cates the presence of more money thar
intelligence. Life.
They Agreed Then and After.
A Baptist minister took charge of a
parish near Boston where he knew that
one man was decidedly opposed to his
pastorate. Soon after his arrival the
Rev. Mr. X. called upon Mr. A.
"Brother," said he, "I hear that yon
think -1 ' am the wrong man to be the
pastor of this church."
"Well, to be frank," replied Mr. A. "I
do think that another would have filled
the place better."
"Now that is just what I think," said
the pastor. V'But as long as we hold this
opinion in opposition to the majority of
the parishioners, let's try to be unselfish
and make the best of it."
: After that call Mr. X. never had j
firmer friend nor more faithful cham
pion than Mr. A. Boston Herald.
Why Petrarch Is Remembered.
Petrarch thought it a disgrace th4
his verses should be sung in the streets,
and he regretted that he had written
anything in the vulgar tongue.' No on
now reads his Latin poetry, but every
reader of Italian is charmed with the
poems that attracted and suited the pop
ular taste, which is made kin by a touch
of nature, whether from the lyre or th
pen. Notes and Queries.
The Ivory of Solomon's Time.
it is not impossible that ivory and apes
in Solomon's time may liave come from
Somali land and not from India. Scot
tish Review. "
to smrrrii's
Tin Iter, EtrirH, 1 1 1 1 re, ild (unite
Cider, Ik-ann, Wool, IIhIch, Tallow
Sheep IVItn, l-'urM, Skinn, Tobacco
Grain, Flour; Ifiiy,' jlc-CBwiix,' iVatta'
ern( Ginning, Droonicorti, and JIopH.
M. li. li A LL A K I)
(;m. Cnn. Merrliniit u d Miir,
217 Market Klrect hi. Iinls, Mo,
WASTKD-Aircnt. yue hcxu:iIiiI'(I with Fnrm
in ami Shlt-eri.
re1a aud OllW-f MM Houth Third Htrect.
THrphonr 13.
KsglHterpd I'hyMt-iaa ami I'liarMaciit
Special attention iivfai to Oflice
Kocr Bluffs
it a Lint in-
Patronage of the Public Solicited.
North Sixth Street, Plattsxnonth
Lumber Yard
i. a. mmm & huh
Shingles Lath, Sa-h.
Doors, Blinds
Cn supply everw demand of the city.
Call and get terrii6. Fourth ctrert
in rear of opera house.
For Atchineon, St. Joseph, Leaven
worth, Kansas City. St. Louie,
and all points noth, east
eonth or west. Tick
ets sold and bag
gage checked
to any
States or
Canada. For
Call at Depot or address
G. P. A. St. Louie, Mo.
A. G. P. A. Omaha.
li. D. Apgar. Agt., Plattemouth.
Telephone, 77.
The Favored Classes.
Teachers, ministers, farmers, me
chanics, merchants, as well a9 their
wives, daughters 'and sons, who
would like to devote at least a part
of their time and attention to a work
that would bring them in a lot of
ready monev during the next few
months, would do well to look up
the advertisement of 13. F. Johnson
& Co., Richmond, Va.. in another
column, as it may be the means of
opening up to many new life and
larger possibilities. These gentle
men have been extensively and suc
cessfully engaged in business for
many j-ears. and they know' what
they are talking about when they
tell you they can show you how to
your financial condition.