The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, May 04, 1892, Image 3

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When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to recom
' mend some brand of Smoking Tobacco, we unhesitatingly pronounce
Bull Durham Smoking
to be the best in the world.
Many times imitated, but never equalled.
Get the genuine. Made only by
BlackwelPs Durham Tobacco Co.,1
Durham, N. C
THE MASON & FIAMLIN CO. now offer to rent any one of
thejr famous Organs or Pianos for three months, giving the person
hiring them full opportunity to test it thoroughly in his own home
nd returu if he does not longer want it. If he continues to want it
ntil the aggregate of rent pain amounts to the price of the instru
ment. It becomes his property witaodt further payment. Illus
trated catalogue, with net prices tree.
Mason & Hamlin Organ and Piano Co
An entire city by itself Ten times larger than ever.
l J. F. TAYLOR'S t
Huge Worlds Museum, Caravan, Hippodrome, Menagrie and Congress
of Wild and Living Animals.
1 kJiiiib Jf!L Hi Li&
Saqidcy ftfay
XOTE Owine to arranccnifiits marie ly the American Showman's Pool Leajiue
this will le the only jrreat show to visit Cass county this year.
$10 000 T1,at we ive tlie best circus performance ever seen in the west
A show to think and talk about. The greatest number of favorites
ever assembled under canvas. A great holiday of rest and recreation
for every one. We guarantee to all a most enjoyable, moral, refined and
artistic entertainment.
The mightiest and biggest brutes that breath.
The Goliaths of the Giant tribe: The largest elephant and camel in the
world. J IP. the grand old battle scarred war elephant. SAMPSON, the
tallest sky-towering camel the world ever saw.
The only Fan Eared Elephant In Captivity.
Baby Camel Onlv Ten Month old.
And a menagerie containing all the animcls worth eeing under the sun
Of two exalted circus companies. Grandest of Hippadrome specialties
A street pagneant one mile lone, crimsoned -with the radiant lustre of the noon
dav sun reflecting scenes more grand than king or conquerer ever beheld. Tons upon
tons block after block, a solid mo-injt mass of wealth and splendor. Every nation
represented" Noble knights and warriors. Ladies fair on prancing horses. Open
dens'of wild and ferocious animals hungrily surveying the surging crowds. A herd
of blooded horses from Asia, England and Kentucky, Comic clowns and mules.
Ha ads of music tilling the air with melody sights worth coming many miles to see.
A - Free - Flight - to -
Two Performances
Doors open at 1 and 7 p. m. performance commences one hour later.
. - Don' let other advertisements mislead you:
we never dissappoint, ---
Admission to both circus and menagerie only 25 and 35 cents.
the - Clouds - Each - Day
Bucklen'a Arnloa Salve.
. The Bgrr Salts in the world for Cat
Bruises, Sores, Ulcirs, SaltRbeum. Fever
Bores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, aDl all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively cures Piles, or no paj required.
It is guaranteed to give sntisfaction, or
money refunded. Price 25 cent per box.
For sale by F. G.'Fricke
Specimen Cases.
S.'II. Clifford, New Castle, Wit
was troubled with neuralgia anc
rheumatism, his Htoiuach was dis
ordered, his liver was affected to sir
alarming degree, appetite fell awaj
and he was terribly reduced in flesh
and strength. Three bottles ol
Klectric HitterH cured him.
Kdward Shepherd, Harrinburg
111., had a running sore on his le
of eight years' standing. Used
three bottles of Klectric Hitters and
seven bottles Hucklen's Arnica
Salve, and his leg is sound and well
John Speaker, Catawba, ()., had fiv
large fever sores on his leg, doctor
said he whs incurable. One bottle
Klectric Hitters and one box Duck
len's Arnica Salve cured him entire
ly. Sold by F. G. Fricke & Co.
hakes child birth easy.
Colvln, X&, Dee. 2, 1880. M r wife used
XOTEXB'8 7BXEND before her third
confinement, and save she would not be
without it for hundred of dollar.
Sent by express on receipt of price. 11.00 per bot
tle. Book "To Mothers "mailed free'
mRADrici-D nmauLjKTon oo,
ra BY aix mmimmtb ATLJUTTAm OA
Tkty maka haroia aSorts to fro thaasalvaa.
no uowui low to snccsasraur
tbej (IT op iq dcipslr sail link lata so wy
rata, ri aa aa aaJ&ua i Tasrc m HKlTll
' aant tM, past-paid, (stated) i
fr a llaalt4 tlBia.ripiaiDa
taa pkllosopny at Dlaaas
aa aad Affliction of the
Organs af Mas, ana how by
by mothods azelaalvaly oar
own, tha wont rmmru of
tost or Falllnc Manhood.
Oaaaral and Herroma Da.
billty. Waakaaaa of Body
and Mind. Eflecta of Errors
or Exeaaaaa, Btnnteo or
Shrunken Organ mil be Carrd. Baneflti in a day.
Row to Enlarge and BtrennthanWEAK. UNDEVELOPED
ORGANS A PASTS of BOOT mad plain to all lnvareated.
Men imifT from 60 Stat... Terriloria ami Countries,
Ton rn writ Minn. For Book, full p!snttn snd proofs, addresa
Healthful, Agreeable. Cleansing.
' Cures
Chapped Sands, Wounds. Burns, Etc. ;
Semoves and Prevents Dandruff. !
SpeciaHy Adapted for Use in Hard Water.
fir ths Liquor Habit, Positively Curer
It can be given in a cud of co9ee or tea. or in ar.
tides of ood. without the knowledge of the per.
son taking it; it ia absolutely harmless and wili
effect a permanent and speedy cure, whether
tUepatientis a moderate drinker or an alcoholic
a complete cure in ev3ry instance. 46 page book
FREE, Address in confidence,
V:iDEN -SPECIFIC CO., 1 85 Ract SL. CiacianatLa
Chsunbexlain's Eye and Skin
A certain cure for Chronic Sore Ey
Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Oh
Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema,
Itch, Prairie Scratches, Sore Kipples
and Files. It is eooling sod boo thine.
Hundreds of cases have been eared by
It after all other treatment bad tailed,
It is put up in 25 and 60 cent boxes.
IP P S ' s
Labeled 1-2 lb Tina Only. '
75n f rtNMSatSAaeuBSCoiCD
" wklsswr, ksard. Csmfsrtablc
893 Braadsmy, Tark. WrMa for kosk of proaca inCC
Fl A NHS ?,;' orpan $48. ant a&. catl'frue
iiiiiiuu free- Address Dan lFBeattv, wash
inR-ton X. J.
I f I s-
J i and baaaiirMs tho kmir.
tB,0", taxnrianl rrowni.
, Jfst Hair to lta TonUifmT. Co Jor7
a Ptrkar1! Oinmrnr Tonii It tk. . -....rTT
HJJWRPW,S-.Jrh- for Corns.
bnisiata, or HlSCOX CO-, iTy7
An Account of tli Iaya When Christo
pher Coliiruhua IMuyed the Hole of at
lMrate How He Cams to Nettle la Lis
bon A Savage ISattle at Hea.
. It is one of those tales that illustrate
tire manners of tins cruel age. The
pirates hal lonj? leen the scourge of the
honest Venetian traders. Sometimes
they would disguise themselves as mer
chantmen trading peacefully to Candia
for wine, and then throwing off their
disguises, would prey upon all around
them. No mercy was shown in these
fearful contests. Between the sea rob
lers and the merchants there was a
lasting and deadly hostility. It was to
the pirate class that the Columbi be
longed, and of all the corsairs of the
day they were the most renowned. The
elder Columbus had apparently lain in
watt in vain for the rich fleet that sailed
yearly to the north. But he had a eon,
known as Columbus Junior, who fol
lowed the same profession and whose
true name waa Nicplo Griego, or Nich
olas the Greek. He at last succeeded in
the project which his father had so long
essayed in vain. The prize was a tempt
ing one to the bold buccaneers. The
Flanders galleys with their freight were
valued at 200,000 ducats perhaps $2,000,
000 and would have proved an immense
fortune to the captors could they have
retained the spoil.
In 1485 the galleys were equipped with
unusual care. We have the decree of
the senate under which they set sail.
The Doge Giovanni Moncenigo appoints
the noble Bartolomeo Minio captain,
with a salary of 600 ducats. Four great
galleys are provided, and to each cap
tain a bounty of 3,500 golden ducats is
promised upon their safe return to Ven
ice. This money was to be paid out f
the tax on the Jews, and calls up anew
Shakespeare's unreal picture; it is plain
that the merchants of Venice were the
true Shylocks of the time. A medical
man was assigned to the fleet : his salary
was only nine ducats a month.
Minute rules are given for the con
duct of the expedition. The freight is
to be paid to the state. No deckloads
of tin or pewter ware are allowed, no
entrants nor molasses are to be stored
in the hold. Two galleys were to go to
London or the English ports, the rest to
Sluys or Bruges. On their passage they
might touch at Malaga and other port
in Spain; on their return a ship was de
tached to trade with the Mohammedans
along the Barbary shore. The Vene
tians were too keen traders not to find
profitable markets even in the lands of
the infidel.
The Columbi or the Griegos were at
last to seize their prize. They watched
with seven ships powerful, no doubt,
and well equipped off the Spanish coast
to intercept the fleet of Bartolomeo
Minio. The commander of the pirates
was Xicolo Griego, the son, we are told,
of the elder Columbus. His father had
disappeared from sight. But with him
in the pirate ships was another Colum
bus, the future discoverer and admiral
of the Indies. In his "Life" Fernando
Columbus boasts of his fathers share in
this famous engagement famous be
cause it led to the settlement of Colum
bus at Lisbon, his marriage and his fu
ture exploits.
He was now a man of at least fifty,
hardened by thirty-six years of ceaseles
adventure. V.'iiat position he held in
the pirate fleet, whether as commander
or seaman, his son does not tell. We
only know that he served under his
relative. Columbus or Griego, and that
he fought with desperate energy in the
famous sea fight of Cape St. Vincent.
The corsairs, or Columbi, approached
their prey in the evening. They waited
all night on the still Atlantic, and in
the morning rushed upon the Venetians.
It was seven, perhaps eight, ships against
tour. The galleys were heavy laden
and un manageable compared to their
swift assailants. The Columbi had evi
dently resolved to make sure of their
prey. They sailed under the French
flag, and may have been fitted out in
Genoa. It was the custom of the pirates,
it seems, to assume false colors. But
dreadful was the contest and fierce the
fight that raged all day, as Columbus
had told his son, on the tranquil sea
the scene, nearly four centuries later, of
the battle of St. Vincent; and his narra
tive is confirmed by the Venetian ar
chives. The four great galleys under
Bartolomeo Minio defended themselves
with unfailing courage.
From the first to the twentieth hour
they beat off their savage assailants.
The ships grappled with each other and
fought hand to hand. They need, we
are told, artificial fire, and the pirates
fastened their ships to the galleys by
hooks and iron chains. Then, no doubt,
they boarded and were at last success
ful. And then Fernando Colon relates
the romantic incident that led, he thinks,
to the discovery of a new world. The
ship in which his father fought ' was
lashed by chains and hooks to a great
Venetian galley. The Venetians seem
to have set Columbus' ship on fire. The
flames consumed both vessels. The only
resource left to the survivors was to leap
into the sea-
Columbus, an excellent swimmer,
seized an oar that floated near him, and
partly resting on it and partly swimming,
sustained himself in the water. He knew
that he was about six miles from the land,
the coast of Portugal, and made his way
toward it. Wearied, half inanimate, he
was dashed upon the shore. He had
much difficulty in reviving himself.
But he was near Lisbon and made his
way, a shipwrecked, penniless seaman,
to the Portuguese capital. Eugene Law
rence in Harper's.
A Fraud.
Mrs. McCarlem Thot piano lamp ye
sold me is no good, an Oi want yez to
take it back.
Dealer Eh? Why?
Mrs. McCarlem Divil a chnne con we
git out av it. New York Weekly.
Fire pro) af Mariavla
At the Berlin exhibition of means and
rontrivancea for the prevention of acci
dent in indivntrieH and otherwise, prizes
were awarded for the following proc
esses for fin-proofing, reiectively dimin
ishing the combustibility of tissues, cur
tain materials and theatrical scenery.
For light tissues, sixteen pounds ammo
nium sulphates, five. pounds ammonium
carbonate, four iounds borax, six pounda
boric acid, four pounds starch, or one
pound dextrine, or one pound gelatine,
aud twenty-five gallons water, inixed to
gether, heated to bO degs. Fahrenheit,
and the material impregnated with the
mixture, centrifugated and dried, and
then ironed as usual. One quart of the
mixture, costing about three or four
cents, is enough to impregnate fifteen
yards of material.
For curtain materials, theatrical deco
rations, wood and furniture thirty
pounds ammonium chloride are mixed
with so much floated chalk as to give
the mass consistency. It is then heated
to 125 to 150 degs. Fahrenheit, and the
material given one or two coats of it by
means of a brush. A pound of it, cost
ing about eight-tenths of a cent, is suffi
cient to covr five square rods. Berlin
A Terrible Thins; la m Rattl.
The house committee on naval affairs
for some days has had under considera
tion a bill providing for the addition to
the navy of a novel craft.
The feature of the design is found in
an enormous submarine gun carried at
the bow below the water line. The pro
jectors feel that they have now a prac
ticable means at hand to drive an enor
mous shell loaded with an explosive
charge of gunpowder or gun cotton into
the hull of any ironclad afloat and ex
plode it in the very vitals of the ship.
According to the design submitted to
the committee and explained by Gen
eral Berdan, a hydraulic buffer projects
from the bow of the vessel This is so
adjusted that it will stop the boat a dis
tance of eight feet from the enemy's ship
without injury to the boat. At this
short range the buffer automatically dis
charges the submarine gun directly at
the hull of the ship, and lodges within
it a shell carrying a bursting charge oi
450 pounds of powder, sufficient to blow
down every bulkhead in the ship and
wreck the bottom. Cincinnati Com
mercial Gazette.
Glad to Get Rid of Dim.
A few days ago Governor Buchanan
was called upon to exercise executive
clemency in a very peculiar case. The
person concerned was a man held in jail
at Jackson till he should produce a ;200
fine. He had been there over a year
without showing any signs of liquidating
with the commonwealth, and it is prol
able he would have remained a prisoner
for the next fif ty years if payment had
been waited for. The county court,
recognizing him as an incubus to the
amount of forty cents a day, passed a
resolution asking the governor "for the
Lord's sake" to forgive that little $00
and let the man get out and earn his own
living. The trial judge and the attorney
general and the members of the jury all
appeared on the petition sent up in ac
cordance with the resolution, but not a
single friend of the prisoner was among
the signers. Nashville American.
Made Her Loft Handed by a Blow.
Three years ago a young lady of Fall
River, Mass., was hit upon the left side
of her head by a falling sign as she was
walking along a 6treet in Boston. This
was followed by brain fever. After
Borne weeks she was as well in mind and
body as ever, but from a right handed
person she had become so left handed
that she could neither cut, sew nor write
with her right hand, but found it easy
to do all these things with her left.
Her right hand was just about as useful
as her left had been before she was hurt.
What is strange is that, with so recent
a change in the use of her hands, she
never makes an awkward motion and is
as graceful in the use of her left hand as
if she had been born left handed. Bos
ton Post.
A Greedy Mountain Lion's Fate.
Dr. French, a seventy-year-old resi
dent of Alamo, killed a mountain lion
one day last week at the Tule ranch in
the pineries. The lion had crawled into
a pig pen through a small hole, and after
feasting on two shoats was too big to
get out through the hole. Thus he was
an easy prey to the doctor, who gave
him a hypodermic injection of birdshot
in order to see him perform. He per
formed to the entire satisfaction of his
tormentor. The doctor administered a
44-caliber pill, which put him to sleep.
The animal had immense claws, and
measured six feet from tip to tip. San
Diego Son.
A Great Famine Predicted.
A prophet in Athens, Ga., predicts
that the crop yield this year throughout
this country will be the largest ever
known, but that beginning with 1893,
and for two years thereafter, there wili
be the greatest famine the world has
ever known. During that time rain
shall cease to fall, and the streams of
the country will all dry up, vegetation
will no longer exist, and all animals
will surely die. At the beginning of the
famine the land will be infested with all
sorts of vermin, and the living will suf
fer untold tortures.
'An Australian agricultural paper
makes note of an immense increase in
the number of sheep in Australia in the
last two or three years, and of the enor
mous development of the grazing capa
bilities of the country. The estimated
number of sheep in Australia in 1892 is
60.000,000, against 31,000,000 in 18S4.
The number of monarchies in Europe
has increased by one during the past
year, the duchy of Luxembourg having
become a sovereign 6tate by the death
of the queen of Holland.
A gold brick was recently shipped to
San Francisco from Yuma, Cal., the
value of which was estimated at between
$80,000 and $90,000. It weighed a little
over 349 pounds.
Hutter, Efrtf .
Poultry, Me-
! Green mihI I)r
Cider, lleHtia.n
Sheep JYltH, )
Grain, Flour;
era, Ginning, l '
M. K. y -
('en. Com. A't
! 217 Market Street
WANTKI-A:.-nt !
era and Shii-r. ;
timi 200.
rd and Oflicc 4
Kezlstered YYjU :m xnt l hHraaclat
Special attention fjivfn to Ofkice
Kocc BiUFFs - Neb.
P J- HfljTSiffi
br a lrh in-
Patronage of the Public Solicited.
North Sixth Street, Plattsmouth
Lumber Yard
Shingles, Lath, Hash.
Doors, Blinds
Onn supply everw demand of the city.
Call and get termR. Fourth street
in rear of opera house.
For Atchineon, St. Toeepb, Leaven
worth, Kansas City, St. Louis,
and all points nr-th, east
south or west. Tick
ets sold and bag.
gage checked ,
- t o a n y
States or
Canada. For
Call at Depot or address
H, C. Townsexd,
G. P. A. St. Louis, Mo.
J. C. Phillippi,
A. G. P. A. Omaha.
H. D. APGAR. Agi.f Plattsmouth.
Telephone, 77.
English Spavin Liniment removes
all hard soft or calloused lumps
and blemishes from horses, blood
spavins , curbs splints, Sweeney,
ring bone, stiflee, sprains all 'swol
len throats, coughs etc.. Save 50
cent by use of one bottle. Warrant
ed the most wonderful blemish
cure ever known. Sold by F. G.
Fricke & Co druggists Plattsmouth
CViIlrtVi'o paiarrh T,mf1- a rtnfti.
itive cure Catarrh, Diphtheria and
Canker mouth. For sale by F. G.
Fricke & Co