The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, March 04, 1892, Image 4

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    FRIDAY. MARCH, 4. 1892
Geo. Mattison, of South Bend is
in the city to-day.
Wall paper! Wall paper! atGering
C.A.Miller went up to Omaha
this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Hall left this
morning on No. 9 for Omaha.
Joseph Chapman, brother of
Judge Chapman, wan an Omaha
visitor to-day.
If you want to see the latest style
of hats, go to JOK the popular One
Price Clothier. tf
Mist Ida Hoimell of Chicago is
the guest o' Postmaster Streight
and family.
GerinirA Co have iust received a
large invoice of wallpaper, for
spring house cleaning.
The social at Rockwood hall last
night did not prove to be a financial
George Hilling- was fined $25 and
costs in police court for assaulting
a man named butler with knife.
It is town talk that Brown & Bar
rett's is the only place to find a new
and compute stock ot wall paper,
Miss Lizzie Wright, principal of
the schools at Boone, Iowa, is visit
ing in the city, a guest of her sister
Miss Margaritea Wright.
Chas'. Baily, a prominent farmer o
Cass county left this morning with
his household goods via the Mis
souri Pacific for Big Springs,
Burglars broke into the house oc
cupied by Mart Cushing at an early
hour this moraine but they were
tn cared away before they got any
Jas. Mathews received notice that
the claim of Warren II. Warden had
been allowed and he will hereafter
draw $8 per month. Mr. Mathews
made application November 2, 1891
for this pension.
The contractors will have the new
court house ready to turn over to the
county by the 23th of this month,
The office furniture has been or
dered and the county offices will be
located in their new quarters by
1st of April.
World's Fair Notes.
' An Ohio world's fair commission
tyr has estimated that the exhibitors
from his state will spen upwards of
$ j.OCO'COO in the preparation of their
exhibii for the exposition.
The California building at the
fair will be an imposing structure
of the "old mission" type, ;116 by 90
feet, with a dome and costing about
$75,IT0. It will be surrounded by a
hedge of Monterey cypress.
Denmark will spend about $5,5C9
in showing as a leading feature of
its World's fair exhibit, a Danish
dairy, -complete and in operation
The dairy interest is one of the
most approved methods and me-
chanical appliances are utilized in
the dairies of that country.
Vermont will have a building at
the exhibition without drawing on
the state appropriation for the cost
of its erection. One hundred sub
stantial citizens have guaranteed
,$10,C-3 for that purpose, each one
pledging himself to pay $10.
Michigan's building will measure
103x140 feet and be three stories
high. It will be constructed of
Michigan material, which the f urn
ishing will be donated. Though
but $20,000 of the appropriation will
be devoted in its erection, it will in
reality be a $50,0CD building.
Italy will make no "governmental
display at the exposition. The
king, however, has recognized the
fair, by appointing a commission,
and minister of state, Rudini, has
informed Vice President Bryan and
Director Higinbotham, that the
government will encourage indi
vidual exhibitors in every way pos
sible. He even intimated that the
government would pay for the
transportation of exhibits. Mr. Hig
ginbotham reports that there is
throughout Italy much enthusiasm
over the exposition and that the
painters, sculptors, and manufac
turers of artistic wares are hard at
work on intended exhibits-
Brief News Items.
A new carriage factory has been
completed at Seward ana will ad to
the business done there.
Both Linclon and Nebraska City
have cemeteries called Wyuka.
There are 265 G. A. R. posts in Ne
braska with a membership of 8,220
C?At Denver, Colorado the police
made 639 arrests and the detectives
150 during February.
The Norfolk beet sugar factory is
receiving thirty tons of beet seed
-from France.
About 300 new farms will be set
tled on this spring in the vicinity
of Hartington.
Wanted. .
A bright, intelligent boy to work
in postomce. .ciitiuuc pu.
Nebraska Prohibitionist Ht a Rd
' HorTIrm In Thoir CenvtBliM.
Lincoln, Neb., March 3. The pro
bibiticn s'ate convention to elect
delegates to the national conven
tion which meets in St. Louis June
3, met at Red Ribbon hall yester
day afternoon and evening. The
convention may be described as one
immense wrangle. The following
delegates were elected: Charles
Watts, A. Roberts, Mrs. L. D. King
Lincoln; C. D. Stromis, T. P. Wigton,
Mrs. Belle Bigelow, Mrs. Mary
Hitchcock. Fremont: Ada M. Bit-
tenbender, H. K. George, Lincoln;
Mrs. C. M. Wood ward, Seward; L. V
Moody. Omaha: A. T. Wolfenber-
ger, C. K. Bentley, Lincoln.
The great fight came in the eve
nine over the election of the two
national committeemen. C. K.
Bentley and T. P. Wigton were nom
inated, whereuuon Mrs. King of
Lincoln moved to substitute A. T
Wollenberger in place of Bentley.
The air was soon blue. Mr. Roberts
of Lincoln got up and roundly
scored the actions of Wolfenberger
during thi last campaign. He ac
cused him of drawing a salary when
the rest of the brethren were home
working for the cause for nothing.
Others followed in the same line.
The gist of the charge was that
Wolfenberger had done more for
his own interests than he had for
the good of the cause.
Mrs. King made a red hot speech
on behalf of Wolfenberger, and
others of the same sex. After a red
hot time, in which every body go
mad, a call of the counties was de
manded, which resulted in a com
plete victory for Bentley and Wig-
ton. The other business done was
Dawson & Pearce
; Tho Vincent.
Exchange: lhis excellent com
pany began a week's engagement
in our cosy opera house Monday
night in the beautiful play entitled
"Father and Son" and the operetta
ine iJonn lei ish wile, ana to say
they pleased the large audience
is putting it mild. Felix A. Vincent
gave a fine representation of the
porter, the last scene being sepe
cially fine Eva Vincent in both
plays was at her best, ' the' singing
and Scotch dialect catching on im
mensely. Last night Eva Vincent
gave a grand impersonation of Lady
Isabel in "East Lynne," bringing
tears from the large audience at
This well known company will
open Monday evening in "Father
and Son," and "Bonnie Fishwife."
In second act of "Father and Son'
jewels and robes costing a small
fortune will be displayed. Lovers
of beautiful gowns should not fail
to visit the opera house Monday
evening. Prices 10, 20 and 30 cents,
All ladies will be admitted free
Monday night if accompanied by
a paid reserved seat ticket.
The American Protective Tariff
League has just issued a new cam
paign text dook tor lsiu. it is en
titled "American Tariffs from Ply
mouth Rock to McKinley." This
ittle book of 100 pages is perhaps
the most complete brief presenta
tion of the benefits of protection and
reciprocity yet printed, and will be
sent to any address for ten cents.
In ordering please say, "Send me
No. 52." This is the catalogue nura
ber of the document. Address
Wilbur F. Wakeman, general secre
tary, No. 135 West 23rdstreet, New
Gering&Co. have the finest line
of spectacles in the city and can
suit the eyes of both the old and
young. 4-tf
Musical Orsranlzation.
The r musical association met last
night at the M. E. church, for-the
second rehearsal. .Mrs. ... - Clappe
drilled the class until .nine, when
the election of officers occurred, re
sulting as follows: President, Jas,
ettee; vice president, .Mrs. . Geo. ,E.
Doyey;. secretary, W. N. Halsey;
treasurer, J. K- ..Pollock; Librarian,
O. A. Brown. A musical commit
tee was elected comprising the fol
lowing: Mrs. R. B. Windham, Dr.
W. A. Humphrey and Miss Mc
After the election of officers the
committee on constitution reported.
On motion the constitution , was
adopted by sections. A number of
sections were thrown out entirely.
The association will meet once a
week. A permanent date will be se
lected in the near future.
Gentlemen would not use "Blush
of Roses" if it was a paint or pow
der, of course not. It is clear as
water, no sediment to fill the pores
f the skin. Its mission is to heal,
cleanse and purify the complexion
of every imperfection, and insures
every lady and gentleman a clean.
smooth, complexion. Sold by O. H.
Snyder. Price 75 cents. i
captain Donovan; .an Old and Ra-
pecxea citizen Found Dead
, at Neon To-day. , , -.
Word was brought to the city
abontlu) p. m, by Chas. Harris
that a man was lying dead in the
creek at the corner of Oak and Fif-
teenin streets, ine coroner was at
once notified and repaired to the
There , a ghastly sight met the
gaze of .the large crowd gathered
on the bank. With his head and
shoulders on the south side of the
creek, lying partly on the left side
and his feet on the north side of the
creek was the lifeless form of Capt.
Ihe unfortunate man was found
by Thomas Janda about 1 o'clock
this afternoon while looking along
the bink of the creek for eggs. Mr.
Kli Sampson says that at about
four o'clock this morning someone
came to his house and knocked at
the front door, s lying that he was
lost and wanting to know which
direction to go to get to town. Mr.
Sampson says that the hired girl
told him to go one block north and
then go east, he also said the gir
thought that from the talk on the
outside of the house theres were
two men.
If captain Denovan was the party
that inquired which way he should
go to get to town, he turned and
went directly south instead of go
ing north. After leaving the house
he must have followed the side
walk as far as it went then crossed
the road and walked straight way
into the creek, although no tracks
could be seen and where he
had reached the creek.
It was plainly visible on the
banks where he had been strug
gling to out, he would get partly
to the top of the bank and slide
back. He was covered with mud
from head to foot, and it is sup
posed that he died from exposure
and exhaustion.
Mr. Thomas Janda says that he
was awakened about four o'clock
this morning by the barking of his
dog, and that he got up out of bed
and dressed and went out into the
yard, but as he could not hear or
see anything he went back to bed.
It is reported the captain had
been drinking hard for the past
two or three days, and it supposed
that while under the influence of
liquor he had started for home and
lost his way which finally cost him
his life.
The deceased leaves three chil
dren, Miss Flora, who is teaching
school near Ashland, George Don
ovan, who is travelling - auditor of
the U. P., with headquarters at Bois
City, Idaho, and one son in Lincoln.
The deceased was a member of
the masonic lodge of this city and
the funeral will be under their aus
An inquest will be held tonight.
OftheYovngr Mens Republican Club
The young men's republican club
will meet at the council chamber
to-night at eight o'clock sharp. . As
this is a regular meeting infportant
business will be brought betore the
club for its action. It is essential
that all members be present.
Jesse L, Root, Pres.
M. N. Griffith. Sec'v.
Killed at Schuyler.
The dead body of George Wash
ington Whitehall, a colored man,
was found by Walter Moore a Un
ion Pacific employee early this
morning, lying near the switchhead
on the main liue. He lay on his
back on the end of . a long switch
tie, as though deliberately placed
there. At the right of his left ear
cutting back to-ward the right ear
was a wide open gash, five inches
long and on the iron upright of the
switch . were . . blood ' and brains,
showing plainly what had inflicted
the wound. Dr. Wprteehek, coroner
impanelled a j ury to i nvestigate.
It jia supposed that he jumped from
the east bound night freight train
and fell, striking his head Jon the
The republican city central com
mittee meets tomorrow night ot the
office of A. N. Sullivan at 8 o'clock.
The committeemen are as follows:
I. Unruh, fir6t ward; P. D. Bates
second ward; O. C. Smith, third
ward; J. N. Summers, fourth ward;
and the committeeman from the
fifth ward is either Harry Coolidge
ar Joe Lloyd.
Mr. Lewis Swanson of this city
was married to Miss Mary Cross, of
Elillsdale, Iowa, at Glenweod, Iowa
February 29, H. A.. Talles, a jus
tice of the peace, officiating.
County Clerk Frank Dickon has
rented the residence property of A
B. Todd and will move in a short
time. Mr. Todd will move to Lin
coln where he goes into partner
ship with Mr. Dundas, the bridge
builder. '"
MlWbl -hi Xppmmaig9 Which Soi
Carry oo.TJi-1- Head.
- 'here arc a'jjqod many queer things
to b told about horns." said Osteol
ogist Lucas1 to a Washington Star 're
porter. . "Take the. horn of toe rhln-
ocerous, xor example. . it is nothing
more than a protuberance composed
.1 i v.... .... j
;OI rjjjjtuniiaic'i jiair.. , x uu vut ; -in
tw-, and, examining it structure
under the microscope, you find that it
is made tip entirely of little Iu'ms re
sembling hair tubes. Of c.u s tubes
are not lii'-ni ;ch luiirs. ..: v the
structure is the saie. Tho horns of
the African rhinoceros sometimes
groMr to the '01171 !i of four feet. From
therl the l)V -h liiers make ramrods
andtr' articles. Von may remem
ber that the ha:i !io of i fie ax used by
Unislopojuis in 'Aihm Quatermain'
wa i a rhinoceros h In old times
rhinbeerous horns v re employed for
dnnking cups by rival personages,
th' notion bi ini; t hat j- isn put into
thnn would 'rw itself by bubbling.
There may have been Home truth in
the idea, inasmuch as many of tho
ancient poisons were acids and they
would decompose the horny material
very quickly.
".Several spetfies of rhinoceros, now
extinct and only found in a fossil state,
used to exist which had no horns at all.
The name, meaning as it does 'horned
nose, is rather a misnomer in their
case. Several kinds of rhinoceros
in Africa have two horns, one behind
the other, but the extinct rhinoceros.
known as the dyceratherium, had a
pair of horns on its nose side by side.
Many of the giant reptiles of long ago
had enormous horns. The great
lizard known as the triceratops had a
Dig horn over each eve and a little one
on its nose. The dinoceras and the
tinoceras, gigantic mammals of the
tertiary epoch, had three pairs of
prominences on their heads which are
believed to have supported horns.
However, the material of which horn
s composed quickly decays, beinjr
largely composed of gelatine and other
animal matter, so that these appen
dages are apt to be found absent when
the fossil bones of beasts which had
them are found.
"Some fishes have horns which are
actually outgrowths of bone on their
neaas. ine Dox-nsh which inhabits
uis warm waters oi ine giooe a nine
fellow six or eight inches lone has
horns an inch in length. Birds have
horns also sometimes. The horned
screamer, which is related to the duck,
has a single horn attached to its skull.
springing from a cartilaginous base and
curving upward. It is really a modi
fied feather, though a true horn.
Plenty - of reptiles have horns.
Lizards are very commonly provided
with them. There are chameleons with
three horns, like the ancient tricera
tops. Horned toads have a sort of
crest of four horns on the back, of
their heads. There is a small African
snake which has two horns. No horn
ed tortoises now exist, but a . fossil
specimen was found awhile ago on Lord
Howe's island in the southern Pacific,
which had four horns on its crest and
resembled a cross between a horned
toad and a snapping turtle. Doubtless
you have have often heard of human
beings with horns. . Such appendages
in their case - are ; abnormal develop
ments oi Done
Remember JOE is the only Clothier
that handles Wilson Bros. Furnish
ing Goods, exclusively. tf
Brown Sc Barrett were successful
in securing the agency for Nebras
ka of the only house in the U. S.
who make a specialty of! new de
signs of wall naoer for citv trade,
The people of Plattsmouth should
call at their store and see the new
things just out in the wall paper
La Grippe Successlully Treated.
"I have just recovered from a sec
ond attack oi the grip this year,
says Mr. Jas. O. Jones, publisher of
trie leader, Wexica lexas. In tne
latter case I used Chamberlain's
Cough remedy, and I think with
considerable success, only being in
bed a little over two days, against
ten days for the first attnek. The
second attack, I am ratsfied, would
have been equally as bad as the
first but for the use of this remedy,
as I had to go to bed in about six
hours after being struck with it,
while in the first case I was able to
atiend to business about two days
before getting down. 59 cent hot
ties for sale bj F. G. Fricke & Co,
Irene'for the complexion, most
useful toilet made, is highly medi
cated and perfumed. Removes
pimples; makes the skin clear and
velvety, 5U cents at Brown cc isar-
rets and O. H. Snyder.
Notice of Stock Holders Meeting.
The .annual meeting the stock
holders of the Plattsmouth Loan
and Building Assoctation will be
held Monday March 1, 1802 at 8 a. m.
at Kockwood Hall.
2t T. M. Patterson, Sec'y.
I feel it my duty to Bay a few
words in regard to Ely's Cream
Balm, and I do so entirely without
solicitation. I have used it more
or less half a year; 'arid "have "found
it to be most admirable. I nave
euffered from catarrh; of the worst
kind ever since I .was a .little boy
and I . never hoped - for :cure, but
Cream, Balm seems to do even that.
Many of my acquaintances have
used it witu esceiinnt . resuits.-
Oscar Ostum. 45 .Warren Ave- Chi
cago, 111. ..
All those , owing personal and de
linquent taxes will please call at
treasurer's office and : settle same;
The; office will he open pay day. eve
ning, also the evening' following.
-. Gus-AHters, '
' Deputy Tax Collector. :
WantbtLA i girl .to . do ' general
housework: Good wages. .
23-tf ! Mrs. W. J. Hesser.
A complete line of Wilson Bros.
Furnishing Goods at TOE'S the
One Price Clothier. tf
The republican electors of
. m '
Mate of Nebraska are requested jto
send delegates from their several
counties to meet in convention in
the city of ..Kearney ..Wednesday
; April 2
April 27,1892, at 11 o'clock .a. m,.. for
rpose of electing four dele
gates at large to the republican na
tional convention to -be held 'in
Minneapolis June 7, 1802.
The several counties are entitled
to representation as follows, being
based upon the vote cast for Hon.
George II. Hastings for attorney
general in lytM), giving one delegate
at large to each county and one for
each 150 votes and the major frac
tion thereof: .
Count lex
Antelope ..
Hun tier
llootie .. .
Hox Uutte,
.. 11
Keye i'ulia...
Keith--.-.. ....
I.uncaster ..
. . til
Bro'wti ..... 4
Limoln tf
liullalo . .
Butler. .
Hurt... .
t'asn . . . .
Cedar ....
Cuming ..
Cunter ....
Iouu... 9
Madison 6
McPhearson 2
Merrick 5
Nance.. .. 4
Nemaha - 0
Nuckolls 6
10 Otoe 9
4il'awnee ... t
7; Perkins 3
12ITierce 3
4 I'helps 4
Dawe T'llatte 4
Polk ... 5
Ketl Willow 6
Kichardson 11
Kock 3
Dodjje 11
fHSal'ne 14
Kilmore. ,
Franklin ,
Frontier .
. harpy 4
a maunders . . ,
5 Scotts Bluff.
5 Seward 10
Furnas 5
Sheridan 6
19 Sherman 3
Oarrield ..
Gosper ..
Grant ...
Greely ....
Hall ....
Hamilton .
2 Sioux 2
2 Stanton .. 3
Thayer .
'Thomas 2
Jlhurston 4
Valley 4
4 Washington 7
3 Wayne 5
ves ...........
4 Webster
o Wheeler 2
Howard 4
TfOrk 12
Honker J... 2
ITotal 64
. It is recomended that no proxies
be admitted to the convention, and
that the delegates present be auth
orized to cast full votes of the dele
It recommended that the republi
cans of every county in this state
be requested to select their county
central committee at the first coun
ty convention held in their respec
tive counties. Said committee to
serve until the county convention
of 1893 be held.
Dr. S. D. Mercer,
Walt. M. Seeley.
The republican electors of the
First congressional district of the
state of Nebraska are requested to
send delegates from the several
counties comprising said district to
meet in convention in the city of
Falls City, Wednesday, April 20,
1891, at 7:30 o'clock p. m., for the
purpose of electing two delegates
and two alternate delegates to the
republican national convention to
be held at Minneapolis June 7, 1892.
The several counties are entitled
to representation as follows, be
ing based upon the vote cast for
Hon. W. J. Connell for congress in
1890. One delegate for each 100
votes and major fraction thereof
and one delegate at large from each
Counties. Del. Counties Del.
Cass 19 Otoe 13
iohnson.... 10 Pawnee 13
.ancaster 45 Richardson........ 16
Nemaha 12
Total 138
It is recommended that no proxies
be admitted to the convention, and
that the delegates present from
each county cast the full vote of the
W. II. Woo WARD,
Frank McCartney,
Wall paper at Brown & Barretts.
New swring goods arriving every
day at JOE'S your clothier. tf
All persons indebted to the old
firm of Weidmann & Brekenfeld are
requested to call and settle immedi
ately and avoid trouble.
' Not a few styles but the full line
of the E. & W, at Joe's the One Price
Clothier in fact. 22-tf
New Washington Penn.. Poopl
Are not slow about taking hold of
a new thing, if the article has merit.
A few months ago David Byers, of
that place, bought his first stock of
Chamberlain's Cough remedy. He
has sold it all ana ordered more.
He says: "It has given the best of
satisfaction. I have warrantad ev
ery bottle and have not had one
come back." 25 cent. 50 cent, and
$1.00 bottles for sale by F. G. Gricke
Co., aruggists.
Chopped feed Ground corn and
oats in any quantity not less than
100 pounds at P. J. Hansen's gro
cery, one door north of poet office.
The population of Plattamouth
'Is about 10,000, add we would say
at least ?neo-half are troubled with
some enection on the throat and
lungs, as those complaints are, ac
cording to staaistics, more numer
ous than others." We would" advise
all our readers not to neglect the
opportunity to call on their drug-
Ciet ana get a bottle ot nemp a .Bal
sam for the throat and lungs. Trial
size free. LargeBottle 50c- and f 1.
Sold by all druggist.
tto. ..-.i. :rv. m
No. 4 1:3ua. a
n.i ... ...t: p.
i burnt wkt r
' Not. s :'5 a. b
o 1 a :V! p. U
N. ... MLB
No. lu ,. 1:6 . ui
NO. ?..
A a. in.
N. .i.lo :I4 a. tn mo. t m p.m.
N:-M ja0.m No. M, ...6 KM p.m.
, r - . ., i 'a,if n wo. m.
Pu1idU's extra leaw for Omaha about two
'clock ur -lUbhaaoa will vcxonnuudale pa
smjct. ..Llmm
N. 384 Acouodatiou I f ve I0.M a. mA v
Train, dally e-cepi - uuily
ttoruf y auLaw. Will (riy prompt attention
all huKliin ntruitl to lilm. Otllce la
Onion block, ka t Hide, rtatrraiontli; Neb.
mn. M Moetv everv wedntvtaf viuinK
'at their li"U In Panne! & Craiu block, All vk
IlIcK kulvlita are cordla'ly invited t attend .
M. N. Onnitb. C- 0. ; ti loey, K, R. B.
AO U'. W. So. 84 Mee. eoond and lourth
Friday veuln in Ue month a, ti. Ai 'R.
hall in ttoikwood bncfc, M. Vuodran. M W,
l, !, brown. If colder, - -
i:aS I.OIMiE. No. 146.1-0.0. F. meets -ry
liiwrtny nlRbt at, their ball In titCKerald
lock. All'Odd Kelloi.a are coida!ly Invited
o attend when vlslt'.nn in the city. Clirla Pet
eren. N G. ; 8. K. O.boiii, Secretary. .
nOYAL AUUANAM Council No 1011,
Meet at the K. of I, hall la llie Parmele
Cralit block over Hennett & lutu, vininng
brethren Invited. Henry
Ttaos WalllnK, Becretarv.
Uertng, Regent ;
AO. U. VV..8. MeeU first and third KrfcUr
eve jlnRB of each month rtO. A. K. Hall
in Rockwook block. Frank Veruil'jfla, M, W.
U, H Kuersole, Recorder.
DECREE OF HON R. meet second and
fourth Thursdays of each wonth inl.O.
O. F hali in KitzifHrald Mn. F. Boyd.
Lady of Houor ; Belle Vermylea, recorder.
GA. R.McConlhle roet No. 45 meet every
9aturay evoning at 7 : 30 la 'bdr Hall la
Hock wood block All vtsttloK comrades are
cordially Invited to et with u. Fred Bates,
Fot Adjniant ; O. F. NUea,' Fast Couimadder.
ORDKK OK THE WORLD. Meets at 7 : 30
every Monoay evenlur at the Grand Army
kail. A. F. Groom, preadlent. Thoa Walling,
secretary. .
rA8 CAMP No. 332 M. W. A. meets every
.amnii und Fourth Monday ev-nlnrs In
Fttzirerald hall.
VlHltinK nelich
ors welcome.
P. C. Hansen. V. C
P. wertenberger, W
S. C. Wilde. Clerk.
Hons of VeLerans. division ot Nebraska. U
8. A. meet every Tuesday nlajlit at 7 -TO o'clock
la their hall In Fltlfcerald block. All sons and
visiting comrades are cordially Invited to meet
with us J.J. Knrtz, Commander ; B. A. Mo
Elwaln, 1st Seargent.
- le Lodge No. 40 meets the second and
fourth Thursday evenings of each montb in
the P O. O. K. hall. Mrs. T. E. Williams, W.
O. ; Mrs. John Cory. Secretary.
Waterman block Mala Street. Room
open from 8 :30 a m to 9 :30 p ro. For men only
Gospel meeting every Sunday alternooa at 4
TAEGKBR OF HONOR Eeets the 0ret
and third Thrurnday evenings of each,
month in I. O. O. F. hall, Fitzgerald block.
Mrs. Addie Smith, Worthy Sinter of Honor
Mrs. Nannie Burkel, sister secretary.
Catholic St. Paul's Church, ak, betweea
Fifth and Sixth. Father Carney, Fastor
Services : Mass at B and 10 :30 A. m. Sunday
School at 2 iSO, wltn benedletlon.
Ohbistiak. Corner Locust and Eighth I
Services morning and evenlag. Elder
Galloway pastor. Sunday School 10 A. X.
Episcopal. St. Luke's Church, corner Third
and Vine. Rev. H B. Burgess, pastor. Ser
vices : 11 a. m. and 7 -J30r. m. Sunday School
at 2 :30 p. v.
Oibuan Methodist. Corner Sixth 8t. and
Granite. Rev. Hirt. Pastor. Services : 11 a.m.
and 7 :30 P. M. Sunday School 10 :30 A. m.
PbkbbttkkiaK. Services in new church, cor
ner Sixth and Granite sts. Rev. J. T. Balrd,
pastor. Sunday-school at 9 ;30 ; Preaching
at 11 a. m.8d 8 p. in.
The V. R. 8. C. E of this church rntcts every
Sabbath evening at 7 :1S in the basement of
the chucrh. All are invited to attend these
meetings. .
First Mkthodist. Sixth 8t., fcstwen Main
and Pearl. Rev. L. F. Brltt. D. b. pastor.
Services : U A. h 8 :00 p. m. Sunday School
8 :30 A. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday even
ing. Gkkman Prkhbyterian. Comer Main and
Ninth. Rev. Witte, pastor. Services usual
hours. Sunday School 9 :30 a. m.
Swekdish CoNORrrATiONAU Granite, be
. tween Fifth and Sixth.
Colored Baptist. Mt. Olive, Oak. between
Tenth and Eleventh, Rev. A. Boswell, pas
tor. Services 11 a. m. and 7 :30 p. m. Prayer
meeting weanesaay evening.
Youno Men's Christian Association
Rooms in Waterman block. Main street. Gos
pel meeting, for meu only, every Sunday af
ternoon at 4 o'clock. Rooms open week days
from 830 a. m.. to 9 : 30 p.m.
South Park . Tabkrnaclr Rev. J. . M.
. Wood, Pastor. Services : Sunday School,
kOa. m. : Preaching, lis, m. and I p. a,;
firayer raeUng Tuesday night ; choir prac
ice Friday night. AU are welcone.
p J. ijajvrsEj
Patronage of the Public Solicited.
North. Sixth Street, Plattsmouth.
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cess is marvelous. Rail Road
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ing cough, croup, dry hacking
cough and all lung troubles. Use
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