The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, March 03, 1892, Image 2

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Why He Vm Down on 1IU Brother -
There weren't but three of its on the
depot platform the man who checked
my trunk, a well-dressed man walk
ing up and down and myself. After a
bit I noticed that the two men looked
almost as much nlike as twin-brothers.
I also noticed that the well-dressed
one evidently wanted to sjK-ak to the
other, but was given the cold shoul
der. It was none of my business, of
course, but there was a mystery about
it to excite curiosity, and by and by I
followed the dcjMl man into tin
freight-shed and carelessly inquired if
ho knew the other man.
"Know him! Of course, I do!" he
indignantly replied.
"He looks very much like you."
"He ought to, as he is my brother
-Ham. Consarn his pictur', but the
sight of him makes me bile over!"
"Family trouble, I suppose?"
"No. it's jest because Sam is the
biggest fool in these United States!
We didn't use to calculate in our fam
ily that ho knew enough to chew gum.
I've actually had to go out and bring
him in when it rained!"
"Well, he seems to be all right now.
How did he get dressed up so line?"
"How? How?" he repeated, as he up-
Met a barrel of dried apples and kicked
it around. "He got dressed up by be
ing a fool!"
Seeing that I did not understand, he
sat down on a box and continued:
"Sam owned five acres of land next
to me up the road. One day about
two years ago a feller comes along
here, and he says to me that he thinks
there is a pot of gold buried on my
land. He'd dreamed about it, least
wise, and he offered to point out the
spot for $50."
"That's a very old game."
"Of course. I let him go on for a
while, and then I took him by the ear
and dropped him off the platform. I
read of that swindle before I was
knee-high to a toad."
"Well, what did he do but go and
hunt up Sam and tell him the same
thing. Somelwxly probably told him
Sam was a born fool and didn't know
enough to climb a fence. Sam guljed
it all down, of course. I warned him
and wrestled with him, but it didn't
Jo no good. He jest scrubbed around
and got the money and handed it
"And the swindler slid?"
"He didn't hurry very much. He
walked Sam around, told him where
to dig and was around or a couple of
days before he sauntered oft". Drat
that fool of a Sam, but I want to go
out and knock his head off."
Tw of m Obacnro AdhUror off Vow
York Atf .
Seeing Nellie McIIenry frisk about
en the stage a few nighu ago remind
ed me of an obscure admirer of hers
who is buried in the Virginia mount
ains, says Jean Merry in the N. Y.
World. He has "never told his love"
and probably never will, but it is none
the less sincere for all that.
More than a year ago I found my
self, just as darkness was falling, at the
Jour of a cabin in the heart of the
mountains. My horse was tired and
o was I. They took me in and kept
me over night. I needn't tell you how
I slept with the ten or twelve members
of the mountaineer's family, and how
we all washed in the same tin basin in
tin; moriiinir. That's another storv.
Dnt 1 do waut to tell you of the work
of art which hung on the log walls. It
was a poster, representing Nellie Mc
IIenry. It wad old and stained and
time worn, but it was the shrine at
which the oldest son of the house wor
"Shep ain't studyin' about marry
in'," said his mother to me next morn
ing. "Hut he does 'low that ef he met
that gal he'd think a heap o' her. He's
a ra'l fool 'bout thet, 'n' won't Lev it
tuck down, nohow. He 'lows some
day 't he'll go out in the worl' tuh fin
So if a tall, raw-boned mountaineer
with flowing locks and a determined
look penetrates Nellie's seclusion some
day she may know that it's her Vir
ginia lover "out in the worl' tuh fin
her." For I told him where she could
be seen.
"The first tint Ireraiw aaael
Sullivan Cox, kaown as Sunset Cox
was in 1850." aaid Thomas Snick to a
&(. ixuis vnromete reports .
i was tnen superintendent of
bridges on the national urnpike in
Ohioand Cox was making a tour of
taverns on me road political
"The turnpike in tfyse d,,yS WM the
great highway betV tAt thr East and
the West. It was thronged night and
day with teams from every part of
Ohio, and country taverns, , with big
wagon yards, were located miles
"Every night these taverns were
crowded witli teamsters and travelers
and Cox spoke at every one of them,
beginning at the Indiana line and end
ing at the Pennsylvania liorder.
"Mr. Cox was a young slip of a fellow
with realdudish ways, but his speech
es were so inexpressibly funny that he
captured the hearts of the rough team
sters, who carried his fame to every
part of the state, and as long as he
lived they were always his solid
"Ex-Governor Allen once made a
tour of those taverns and made friends
that stood by him for years, and I have
no doubt but that that influence still
existed and aided in electing him
ernor thirty years later."
Taken Up.
. Taken up at my farm 24 mile
outh of Plattsmouth, Wednesday
Februry 3rd, one yearling heifer calf
and one yearling steer calf, both red
marked with tip of left ear cut otf
and "V" cut on under aide. Party
may have same by paying for ad
vertisement and proving owner
ship. Ben F. Horning.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
Toe Best Salve in the world for Cut
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum. Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively cures Piles, or no pay require!.
It is tfunranteed to give satisfaction, o
money ref unded. Price 25 cents per box.
For sale by F. G. Fricke
A Dog That Tells the Hour.
The First step.
Perhaps you are run down, can't
eat, can't sleep, can't think, can't do
anything to your satisfaction, and
you wonder what ails you. You
should heed the warning, you are
taking the hrst step into nervous
prostration. You need a nerve tonic
and in Electric Hitters you will find
the exact remedy lor restoring your I
nervous system to it normal, healthy
condition. Surprising results fol
low the use of this great Nerve
Tonic and Alterative, Your appe
tite returns, good digestion is re
stored, and the liver and kidneys re- i
sume healthy action. Try a bottle.
They wash their clothes
She Asked for a
Slsn, and
It Was Given
"He lost the $5 , of course?"
H! dug where
and may I be
didn't find au
'J.X in it!"
"Did he? Not much!
the man told him to,
hung by the neck if Jk
old crock with over i
"You don't say'"
"That's what he did, and that's what
built him a new house, got him elected
alderman and put them fine duds on
his back! Blast him! 111 go out and
knock his blamed tom-fool head"
But 1 seized him and held him up
arainst a barrel of cider vinegar until
the lit of frenzy passed away, and left
him weak and trembling and just able
to mutter:
"The idea of it! Why. he dont
know enough to-dav to turn a grind
stone the right way!" X. Y. World.
He ffu IJttle. Hat Ilia Scheme Wan
Great One.
There were five of us in the stage,
and a sixth man had a seat with the
I river. There was a second lieutenant
td cavalry, a civil engineer, and the
rest of us were only common folks who
had been out in the hills prospecting
and were returning broken in hopes
and "busted" in pocket. The engineer
was a little man of feminine appear
ance, and we hadn't been together an
hour when he confessed that the bare
thoughts of the stage being held up
made him tremble all over. The
officer was a quiet sort of chap, who
seemed to have plenty of nerve, and
though none of us had much to lose,
we by and by a greet 1 that in case the
stage was stopped we would make a
light for it. Ail were new to' a hold
up. Din we tei it!eu that it we nau any
show at all we could make it hot for the
road agents.
The little man at first agreed with
r ur plan as formed, but later on he
broached one of his own. The driver
told us that the point most likely to be
selected by the highwaymen would be
at a rough spot in the road, just before
it reached a certain hill, and we were
about five miles from the spot, and
darkness had fully descended when the
little man unfolded his plan. . When
within a mile of the spot he was to get
out and follow the stage on foot. Iq
case it was stopped he would be in
position to sight the robbers and open
tire at once.
We jumped on him at once for a
flunk. It was simplv a scheme on his
part to bolt and save his dollars in case
the agents appeared, and each one
gave him his opinion of such conduct
in very vigorous English. In his soft,
gentle way he replied:
"Gentlemen, you do me injustice.
Please suspend judgment until you
see how v.y plan works. I do assure
' ou I liriiii v e: et to kill a robber
.tnd save the ?tage.
We were too disguted to argue with
him. and when he liuallv irot out in
Accordance with his plan the army
liicer was fain to make a kiek at him.
Ve couldn't tell whether 1 hat! lolt
d back down the road or .as follow
ing on. but w e all got ready for a hold
p. Every one of us had a revolver in
and, and everv one was on the watch.
!nd vet it came aliout leforcwe knew
. The horses were still at a walk
hen a man appeared at ehr door of
e stage and covered the .iriver and
le passenger with a shotgun. It was
jmply a dead cinch ou us. auu we
rre not over ten seconds realizing it.
I stood alone looking at the uncon
scious face before me, which was dis
tinctly visible, though the light was
heavily shaded to keep the glare from
the dying eyes, writes Sarah A. Under
wood in the Arena. All her life my
friend had been a Chrijtian believer,
with an unwavering faith in a life be
yond this, and for her sake a bitter
grief came upon me, because, so far as
I could see, there were no grounds for
that belief,. I thought I could more
easly let her go out into the unknown
if I could but feel that her hope would
be realized, ami I put into words this
I pleaded that if there were any of
her own departed ones present at this
supreme moment could they not, and
wouiu they not, give me some least
sign that such was the fact, and I
would be content? Slowly over the
dying one's face spread a mellow,
radiant mist I know of no other way
to describe it. In a few moments it
covered the dying face as with a veil,
and spread in a circle of about a foot
beyond, over the pillow, the strange
yellowish-white light all the more dis
tinct from the partial darkness of tne
Then from the center of this, im
mediately over the hidden face, ap
peared an apparently living face, with
smiling eyes which looked directly in
to mine, gazing at me with a look so
full of comforting assurance that I
could scarcely feel frightened. But it
was so real and strange that I wondered
if I were temporarily crazed, and as it
disappeared I called a watcher from
another room, and went into the open
air for a few moments to recover my
self under the midnight stars.
When I was sure of myself I return
ed, and took my place again alone.
Then I asked that, if that appearance
were real and not a hallucination,
would it be made once more manifest
to me: and again the phenomenon was
repeated ami the kind smiling face
looked up at me a face new, yet won
drouslv familiar.
Col. F. N. Barksdale of the Passenger
Department of the Pennsylvania rail
road has a dog that can tell the time
of the day. Col. Barksdale has a very
fine clock that strikes only on the hour
and then very slowly. The Col. got in
to the way of making the dog tap with
his foot at each stroke of the clock. He
fot so he would do so without being told,
ust before the clock strikes it gives a
little cluck, and whenever the doi?
heard this he would prick up his ears,
raise his paw and gently tap his paw
at each strike without being told. After
awhile he got so that when anyone
clucked like the clock he would get in
to position and wait for the strokes.
He was fox a long time confused at
not hearing the clock, but after awhile
began tapping his paw anyway. The
remarkable point is that after a while
he remembered how many strokes
were due at each succeeding hour, su
that now when the Colonel clucks he
gets into position ami taps tiie num
ber of strokes the clock should make
next time. Thus, at any time after ID
o'clock h taps eleven times; after 4
o'clock, live times, etc. Some learned
scientists are going to investigate the
matter to see whether the dog actually
possesses reasoning faculties. Col.
Barksdale will not part with the do
under any conditions. Bdlfo.iU (I'm.'
He Mad the Advantage.
Price 50c, at F. G. Fricke
& Co's
Do not confuse the famous Blush
of Roses with the many worthless
paints, powders, creams and
bleaches which are flooding the
market. Get the genuine of your
druggist, O. P, Snyder, 75 cents per i
bottle, and 1 g larantee it will re
move your p nicies, freckles, black
heads, moth, tan and sunburn, and
give you a lovely complexion. 1
A Regular Scimitar
That Sweeps &ll beore it
Why He Couldn't Believe It.
"Talking about snakes," he began
ro one nau said a word about snakes,
Dut ne thought it aoout time to spin
a vara, "lalkmg about snakes there
was a man down in our township
"You knew him?" interrupted his
"Certainly I knew him."
"I thought so. He was a truthful
man, too."
"George Washington wasn't a Cir
cumstance to him."
"I knew it. Go on with your story."
"WelL sir, one day he was out on the
marsh and he saw a snake that "
"Told you about it himself, didn't
"With his own lips. Now that
snake "
"Pardon me! He isn't a drinking
man, is he?"
"No, sir."
"Never touched a drop of liquor in
his life, did he?"
"Never since he was born."
"I thought not. Say! did you ever
hear of a snake story being told by a
drinking man?"
"I'm. well "
"Did ypu ever hear of a real good
one that wasn't told originally by a
man who never drank a drop in his
"Why, now you speak of it "
"A strictly temperance man is al
ways willing to make an affidavit to
the truth of it. Bring me one verified
by a drinking man some lime and I'll
take some stock in it."
An interesting story is told how
George Wcstinghouse, the millionaire
inventor, obtained $1,000,000 when he
needed it badly. When the Westing
house Air-Brake Company was a new
concern the directors gave to Mr.
Westinghouse a paper vesting abso
lutely in his hands the power to fix the
selling price of air-brakes. The object
was to cripple competitors. When
the Westinghouse Electric and Manu
facturing Company was in trouble
Mr. Westinghouse applied to the air
brake company for a loan of $500,000.
His application was refused and men
tion made of the fact that he owed the
air-brake company $650,000. ,
At the next meeting of the board
Mr. Westinghouse produced the paper
fving Jiim the authority to fix prices,
ts existence had been forgotten and
the directors saw the importance of
rainin? possession of it. Attorneys
were consulted to ascertain what could
be done. All said that the only thing
would be to make - terms with MrT
Westinghouse. Then he - was asked
what he would take for the paper.
He said $1,000,000, stuck to the figure
and got it. The directors whp refused
the loan -of $500,000 and then paid
over $1,000,000 don't like this story,
but its truth is vouched for. PhiladtU
p'tia Time.
Mark Twain's Brother.
Specimen Cases.
S. II. Clifford, New Castle, Wis
was troubled with neuralgia and
rheumatism, his stomach was dis
ordered, his liver was affected to ai
alarming degree, appetite fell awaj
and he was terribly reduced inllesb
and strength. Three bottles of
Electric Bitters cured him.
Edward Shepherd, Harrisburg
111., had a running sore on his leg
of eight years' standing. Used
three bottles of Electric Bitters and
seven bottles Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, and his leg is sound and well
John Speaker, Catawba, O., had fiv
large fever sores on his leg, doctors
said he whs incurable. One bottle
Electric Bitters and one box Buck
len's Arnica Salve cured him entire
ly. Sold by F. G. Fricke & Co.
A Fatal Mistake.
Ph3sicians make no more fatal
mistake than when they inform pa
tients that nervous heart troubles
come from the stomach and are of
little' consequence. Dr. Franklin
Miles, the noted Indiana specialist,
has proven the contrary in his new
book on "Heart Disease" which may
be had free ot t. Lr. lncke & Co.,
who guarantee and recommend Dr.
Miles unequalled new Heart Cure,
which has the largest sale of any
heart remedy in the world. It cures
nervous and organic heart disease,
short breath, fluttering, pain or ten
derness in the 8ide,arm or shoulder,
irregular pulse, fainting1, smother
ing, dropsy, etc. His Restorative
Nervine cures headache, fits, etc.
These will almost mslt In vnim mnn K. The "Charmer is
very productive, high quality and sugar flavor. Has erreat staying qualities. Vines 314 to
4 ft. nigh. In season follows ' Little Cem " and before the "Champion of England." We
have thoroughly tested it, and confidently recommend it as the best ever introduced.
Trice by mail, per packet, 15 cents) pint, 75 cents.
which contains several colored plates of Flowers and Vegetables. 1,000 Illustrations.
Over 100 pages 8 x lo inches. Instructions how to plant and care for garden.
Descriptions of over 20 New Novelties. Vick's Floral Guide mailed 01
receipt of address and 10 cents, which may be deducted from first order.
James Vick's Sons, Rochester, N.Y.
A Cure for the Ailments of Man and Beast
Ai-lttlelrl8 Experience!! a LlgMt
Mr. and Mrs, Loren Trescott are
keepers of the Gov. Lig-hthouse at
Sand Beach Mich, and are blessed
with a daughter, four years. Last
April she taken down with Measles,
followed with dreadful Cough and
turned into a fever. Doctors at
home and at Detroit treated, but in
vain, she grew worse rapidly, until
she was a mere" handful of bones".
Then she tried Dr, King's New
Discovery and after the use of two
and a half bottles, was completely
cured. They say Dr. King,s New
Discovery is worth its weight in
gold, yet you may get a trial, bottle
free at F. G. Frickey Drugstore.
A long-tested pain reliever.
Its tise is almost universal by the Housewife, the Farmer, the
Stock Raiser, and by every one requiring an effective
No other application compares with it in efficacy.
This well-known remedy has , stood the test of years, almost
Ko medicine chest is complete without a bottle of Mustang
Occasions arise for its use almost every day.
All druggists and dealers have it.
Mark Twain has a brother living in
Keokuk, Iowa, who is absent-minded
enough for Mark to "put in a book."
It is related that he drank violet ink
for blackberry cordial and took an al
lopathic dose of ammonia instead ot
his cough medicine; but his latest
absent-minded adventure occurred
last summer when his wife had gone
to a Sunday school picnic.
Mrs. Clemens instructed her hus
band that he would find his lunch
nicely prepared in the refrigerator.
On her way home she inquired of Mr.
Clemens as to his bachelorhood and
how he had enjoyed his lunch.
"Well," said Mr. Clemens, "I didn't
think the salad vou spoke of was espe
cially good, but I ate it."
Mrs. Clemens discovered that he
had "eaten it," indeed, that is, the
yeast put to raise for the next day's
ikiu, while the salad remained un
touched. .
A Mystery Explained.
The papers contain frequent no
tices of rich, pretty and educated
girls eloping with negroes, tramps
and coachmen. The well-known
specialist, Dr. Franklin Miles, says
all such girls are more or less hys
terical, nervous, very impulsive, un
balanced; usually subject to nead
ache, neuralgia, sleeplessness, im
moderate crying or laughing. These
show a weak, nervous system for
which there is no remedy equal to
Restorative Nervine. Trial bottles
and a fine book, containing many
marvelous cures, free at F. G.Fricne
& Co's., who also sell and guarantee
Dr. Miles celebrated New Heart
Cure, the finest of heart tonics.Cures
fluttering,"short breath, etc.
Keully Quite Merciful.
te had just got tne oraer 10 nana up
tr cuns aud step out when there was
! t t m .1...
Kp: pop. pop: iroiii tne uuitiur.
ie briirand at the rurbt-hatid window
ed out and tell; the one at me mi
nd window disappeared witu-
a sound. There were three shots
re from the front of the stae, and
f a minute later, and before any ol
bad moved, we beard the little man.
It was iu the New York Central
depot. A well-dres-ted lady with her
littlt? Urd Kanntleroy son approached
the dKr leading to an outgoing train.
Both were laden with bundles. A
railroad official stood by the door.
"Ojn-n the door or I'll punch vour
head.? exclaimed Fauntleroy in a verr
swagger voice, and the ofhcial.amused
by the six-year-old's audacity, con
sented to become doorkeeper for the
occasion and complied.
The mother showed that she was
angry a she swept throngh the door,
ami as it closed she seized Fauntlerov
by the shoulders and shook him se
verely. "Aren't yu ashamed of yourself. n
she asked, "to be so imjxdi'te to the
"Sho, mamma." replied Fauntlerov.
"I was only jest foolin'. I wouldn't
'a punched him! x-Syracute Journnl.
An llalian professor predicts that in
a few centuries there will be 110 more
No Kespect for Musty Traditions.
' Cough Folloyvlng the Grip
Many person, who have recovered
rom la grippe are now troubled
with a persistent cough. Cham
berlain's cough . remedy will
promptly loosen this cough and
relieve the lungs, effecting a per
manent cure in a very short time.
25 and .tO cent bottle for sale hy F.
G. Fricke & Co.
"A reminiscence comes to my
mind," writes Justin McCarty in a
volume of "Recollections of Parlia
ment, about American visitors to the
House of Commons. "The American
irirl has no respect for mustv tra
ditions. Some years airo we used to
be permitted to take ladies into the
library, but the rule was strict that
they must not be allowed to sit down
there. I was once escorting a young
American married women through the
various rooms of the library, and I
mentioned to her, as a matter of more
or less interesting fact, that it was
against the rules for a woman to sit
down there.
"Is that reallv a law of the place"?'
she asked with wide opened and inno
cent eves.
"The .very law.' I answered.
"Then.' said she calmlv, Must see me
break it !' and she drew a chair and
resolutely sat down at the table." .
Startling Facts.
The American people are rapidly
becoming a rase of nervous wrecks
ami the following suggests, the
best remedy: aiphouso Humpfling,
oj Butler, renn, Kwears that when
his son was spechless from st. Vitus
Dance Dr Miles great Restorative
Nerving cured him. Mrs. T. L..
Miller of Valprai and. T. D. Taolnr,
of Locransport, Ind each trained 20
nounds if an takinjr it. Mrs. H. A
Gardner, of Vastulr Ind, was" cured
of 40 to 50 convulsions easy and
much aeadach, dizzness, bockach
and nervous prostiation by one
bottle. Trial bottle and fine boek of
Nervous cures free at F. G. Fricke, &
Co.whorrcomends thisuneqnailed
The Leading
Ely's Cream" Balm is especially
adapted as a remeby for catarrh
which is aggravated by alkaline
Duat and dry winda. W. A Hover
For Atchinson, St. Joseph, Leavem
y worth, Kansas City, St. Louis,
and all points north, east
south or west. Ticlr
eta sold and bag
gage checked
t o a n j
S t a tes or
Canada. For
Call at Depot or address
G. P. A. St. Louis, Mo.
J. C. Phiixippi.
A. G. P. A. Omaha.
H. D. Apgar. Agt., Plattsmouth.
Telephone, 77.
Constantly keeps on hand everythia
yon need to furnish your heose.
Plattsmouth - Neb
rd and OHc -M4 Scuta Thir4 Street.
TlrpkB 13.
Lumber Yard
H. A. MBM &
Shingles, Lath, Safc,t
Doors, BO i rido
Can aapplv ever