The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, February 23, 1892, Image 4

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The Platlsmouth Herald.
Mr. Geo. Sinlih is on the sick list
Uok'N To Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Mc
Cavaghau, a daughter.
Hon. F. K. While was an Omaha
paHHener this morning.
Frank Morgan was a passenger
for Lincoln thia morning-.
Clans Brekenlield was in Council J
Blnffs to-day on business.
II. C. McMaken will leave to-night
for Kansas City on a business trip
Mrs. J. M. Craig and her mother,
Mrs.Kinnia Hall, were passenger
for Omaha Ibis morning
The city council was adjourned
last evening on account of its be
ing a legal holiday, till tonight.
B. J. Reynolds, B&M switchman is
a very sick man. He is troubled with
a swelling on the head and is un
able to rest owing to the pain.
Mrw. II. C. McMaken expects to
leave in the morning for Atchinson
Kansas to attend the slate encamp
ment of the Woman's Relief Corps
A inn nimher of the members
of Gauntlet Lodge No. 47 K, of P
will goto Pacific Junction toaltend
tb institution of a K. of I. Lodge
Fred Mu:phy and Fred Schrteder
of Cedar Creek, came in tins after
noon and wMl go over to Pacific
lieln insiituie the K. of
P. lodge to-night.
Joe liruhl was to-day adjudged
irM:itif iV tin- insanliv board. He
is now a rav'ng maniac it taking
two guards to watch him. His
mind was unbalnced over relegion-
but to-day he is just ihe opposite
He wi'l be ,ake:i to Lincoln as soon
as possible.
A large company of little friends
of Karnest Holmburg surprized
him at his home on Tenth s'.' eet
yesterday by calling on him in a
body, and announcing that they
were going to celebrate h-s birth
day. The children passed the day
nleasanllv with names and other
Judge Archer rendered two de
cision this moining. The first was
in the case of Clark vs. Lewis lie
rendered a verdict in favor of
Lewis. The second was in the case
rf Hawk vs. Warner. wherein he
cided that Wagner was entitled to
the mule. This case will be carried
to the district court.
The G. A. R. will give an old fash
ioned nar, ;v in costumes Wedens-
lay March 9!h supper will be served
in the G. A. R. hall and the dance in
Rockwood hall. The fea.'u'e of the
even:ng will be the supper which
will be corn bread ann beans and
the dance will be parl-'cipaied by
the old folks in costumes.
Captain A. D. yesterday
shot and filed Myron Van Fleet, at
Hast'ugs. The trouble grew out of
an article alleged to have been
written by Van Fleet in it was stated
that Vocum daughter eloped with
his colored coachman: It was af
terwards proven that the young
in question wa3 in the city all
the t:me. Captaii Yocum's just ar
rived home the oi her day and has
been look:ug into ibe mat'icr which
resulted fatally.
The Xoss Family which will ap
pear at the Waterman next Thurs
day nigl. t, comes with the highest
of recommendations. Sectirs jour
reserved seat tickets at once.
Price 75 cents now oil sale at X. G.
Chil berg's. J. P. Young's old
stand. The specialties by this
com pa ii3' ate fine, and the music
will be by far the best of the sea-
son. While the
pure and refined
no one can object,
pleasant evening
comedy' is of a
nature to which
Go and enjoy a
Wanted A girl to do general
liousework. Good wages.
J3-1 f M ks. W. J. H ESS E f?.
That Cow Case Again.
The Klletibaum-Hilst ien case
came up this moruing for its fit" d
heari.ig in Judge Archers court.
Out of the original list of twelve
names only one man could be
found to served on the jury. The
case is being tried be'ore a ju"y of
three. W. H. Smith. John Clemmons,
and Jacob Falte.-; constitution the
jury. A. X. SitU'van and John A.
JD ivies for pli?:ni 'if and S. I'. Vana.ti
jl id Mailt w Ger'ngJ for ifefe'i-dant.
Robbed a Clothes Line.
Last night some sneak thief pur
loined two white shirts a pair of
pillow shams and a dress from the
clothes line in Fred Kroeler's yard.
Fred says it is not very often that
he wears white shirts, but when he
goes to a dance or a democratic jub
ilee he has to wear one. He sa3rs he
-will have to buy a new one or stay
at home hereafter.
A bright, intelligent boy to work
in postoflice. Ktiquire of the post
master tf
Governor Eoyd Seeking Ad
vice rYom Members.
Senator Thomas Se's
Reasons why an
Session Would
As the extra session agitation is
creating quite a stir in this county
and as it would likelX please a good
many of the citizens of PlaUmouth
and Cass county to know how
Senator S. L. Thomas slood
on the question, the reporter
cornered Senator Thomas Monday
afternoon before he had time to tie
his team to a post and before he had
time to tret out of the buiigy, and
a conversation something like this
"Senator, you have, no doubt, re
ceived a communication from Gov
ernor Boyd regarding the advisa
bility of callingan extra session of
the legislature?"
"Yes, I have received such a com
munication." "Have you any objections to TllE
HERALD publirhing the governor's
CJimmi nicul ion'.'"
"No, I have not, ami if TiK Iki;
A L o wants the governor's letter for
publication I have no objection.'
"Now then, Senator, as the article
wouhl be incomplete without you
iiusive'-, what is the matter of lllE
Hkk-ald publishing your answe
here; or"'
"Why, yes, 3-011 can publish m
answer if you desire."
Following is the letter received by
Senator Thomas from the governor
K:;ecut-ve Depakt.vuxt, Lix
co',n, Feb. UU, lSUI-JJir sir
Would vou have the kindness to
advise me by return mail you
jp-nion as to whether, in your
judgment, it is advisable for me to
call an extra .session of the legisla
tuie, and if so, what subject or sub
lects should, in your opuiou, oe
embodied in said call. Also whether
3-011 think the members of the le
isiaiure would agree cpon a rasoo
aole maximum rate bill, say a re
duct ion from the present tariff rate
often to 20 per cem. iHost truly
yours, J. E. Boyd, Governor.
S. L. Thomas, Esq., PlaUsmouth
I3y a careful perusal of the above
the reader will notice that Governor
Bovd asks Senator Thomas what
subject or subjects, should be em
bodied in a call if one should be
made for an extra session. Then
the governor goes on and asks Mr.
Thomas if he thinks the members
of the legislature would agree upon
a reasonable maximum rate bill
say a reduction of ten to twenty per
cent. If governor Boyd is sending
out letters to members of the legis
lature for their opinion as to what
should be embodied in the call for
an extra session, why does he jump
in and tell them what lie is going
to call an extra session for? The
time tor him to make an explana
tion should be in his proclamation.
His epistle looks like he had al
ready made up his mind what the
extra session would be called for.
If he had left out the part in his
letter relating to the maximum
rale bill, then it would have been
different. But to go and ask a mem
ber of the legislature what they
think should be embodied in the
call and then stating himself what
it should be looks like a very child
ish act.
Following is Senator Thomas' re
ply to Governor Boyd's inquiry:
PLATTSMOUTH. Xeb.. February 120
Dear Sir: I am in receipt of your
honored inquiry ot February liOlii.
In reply I desire to say that 1 am at
all times willing, both as an indi
vidual and in my ofhcial capacity,
to do my duty, and since the agita
tion of ane::tf-a session 1 have con
versed with ma 113' of my constitu
ents irrespective of party and eu
deavored to obtain a concensus of
opinion upon whictt 1 can safely
and intelligently act. As a result
I am constrained to say that an ex
tra session is not desired by the
citizens of my county. You ask if
I thought the members of the legis
lature would agree on a reasonable
maximum rate bill from tiie pres
ent tariff of irom ten to twenty per
cent. In answer would say that up
on many items such a reduction
would be just aud impart'al as be
tween the people and railroads; up
on many oi her items the reduction
would not be sufficient, and still
upon others it would be too much.
Individually I would be willing to
agree upon any bill which would
fix ihe rates at a reasonable tigure
and which would be just
between both parties. As
to what is reasonable, the con
servative members ot the two
houses and 1113-self would agree but
as to what tiie extremists would
consider a reasonable reduction
would be so much at variance with
the view of the conservative element
that I th'nk it would be impossible
with my former experience with
them, to agree. The state has been
in a practical turmoil and exc'le
mentso as to largely unsettle busi
ness relations, for some lime past,
and althe present time I see no
such discord or iicilou as should
alarm anyperson or call for
immediate action, nor before
the next regular session; in
the meantime all who are interested
could mature theif plans and more
fully digest the subjects in hand so
as to meet the approval of our con
st tuents. The expense of having
an fxtra session would be large and
without giving the tax payers nn
relief than that which couid be giv
en them at the next regular session
This is ttiy strongest reason for op
posing an extra session and is the
general objection among the peo
ple. Holding these views as I io, it is
unnecessary for me to enter upon
the question of what other subjects
should be contained in the call if
one were made, as I think, the two
mentioned are the only ones the
p ople are vitaly interested in.
t rusting that you see your duty as
I see mine, I am yours respectfully
S. L. Thomas.
To Hon. James K. Boyd,
Mrs. Potter Palmer Will put the
Finishing Touches on ihe Wo
man's Building with Costly
Hammr .and bpuve.
Mrs. Potter Palmer, president of
the bdard of lady ma jagers of the
exposition, as already announced,
will drive the last uyil in the build
ing to be known as the Woman's
building. This nail will be fur
nished by the women of Montana
a I'd w'll be a ery wonderful one,
as indicated by the description cf
it by the Helena, Montana, Indepen
dent: "The nail lias been so made
as to form tiie back or cross bar of
a brooch, which is to be a shield
beariugthe coat of arms of Mon
tana reproduced in native gold, and
the S3'iubolical figures will be made
of ihe same metal, but of different
colors The waterlaJl in the fore
ground will be of light colored
gold sunk into the shield, and the
plough and the pick, standing at
loot of the falls, will be of a (Jarker
shade, as will be the background
or relief. The wreath surrounding
the escutcheon will be of native
gold, aud the figures of the two
men supporting the whole on either
side will also be of the same rich
yellow gold. Underneath will be
he scroll, bearing the motto of the
state, "Oro 3' Plata," In the two up
per portions of the wreath two Mon
tana sapphires will be inserted.
Instead of merely engraving the
ligures, each will be wrought separately-
and then fastened together,
making the task of shaping the
brooch not only a delicate, but
exceedingly difficult one, and oue
that will require much skill aud pa
tience. To Mrs. J. E. Richards of Butte
belongs the credit of the happy
idea of making the last nail oue of
such iuierest. In design the nail
which is being made by a Butte
jeweler, will be the counterpart of
an ordinary twelve-penny nail and
will be composed of three strips
with silver iu the center and the
copper and gold on either side.
The nail and the brooch are dis
tinct articles and after the former
has been driven it will be drawn
irom the wood, fastened to the
brooch and presented to Mrs. Pal
me v.
The women of Xebraska have
unde -laken to furnish the hammer
with which this "last nail will be
driven. A description of the ham
mer has not 3'et been given but it is
the intention to make it worthy of
the aristocratic nail with which it
will be brought in contact by Mrs.
Palmer. It has been suggested
that it be made of native Xebraska
wood, inlaid with gold silver and
The Noss Family
The Daily Progress of Clarksville
Teuu. Speaks iu the hisrhest man
ner of the Xoss famil3-.
A good audleuce assemble at the
opera house last evening to see the
Xoss Family in their musical novel
ties and "A cjuick Match." The en
tertainment was very pleasing and
refined throughout. Misses Bertha
and May in" Won't you come outand
play," especial' pleased the audi
ence. The mandolin orchestra and
he saxophone quintei.e made some
exceedingly fine music, the latter
being encored twice. The "Sleigh
Ride Party'' by the family orches
tra wasj beautiful. Every number
is worthy of mention but space for
bids. This entertainment concluded
with the two-act musical comedy
"A Cji.ick Match," introducing coni
cal complications and perplexities
illustrative of modern courtship
and matrimony. The acting of II.
Xoss, impersonatiog the servant
man, and Ferd Xoss, as Arthur
Fita KazzJe, the. dude, was espec
ially good, affording as they did
much amusement for the audience.
During this corned 3- many musical
specialties were introduced in a
pleasing manner.
Attention Young Repebiican.
The young men's republican club
will hld their adjourned meeting
Friday February 26 at the council
chamber for the purpose of electing
officers and the transaction of such
other business as may come before
There will be a social at the home
of Father Edwin Davis", corner Vine
and Eleventh streets, Thursday
ijo. tvervDoay invitea. rceiresn-
ments served, 3t
Irregular In IIuMt lie Yet Ha Touches
' of True -nius.
lie came staggering down the base
ment stairs yesterday at headquarters,
the must tiisreputah'e, blear-ecl,
drunken Hob that yon could possibly
see, says the i. 1. Jumut. tle nut
not ' stagger far, but came tumblin
down heels fiver head and tried to
sneak out of sight under tiie office
desk. lie had been on a tpree since
Christmas, and Mr. Hastings 'did not
know what to do with such a case. It
seemed well ni'di a hopeless one
However, he gave Hob a good cuffing
and the latter curled tip on the floor
and tried to sleep it off. "I don't
know what to do with him," said Hast
ings in despair. "I've a mind to send
him up to White Plains and pump him
full of biehloride of gold. He seems
utterly beyond the reach of moral
Hub Hastings is the hardest drinker
in Mulberry street. His character and
habits are well known to the authori
ties there, from Supt. Murray and In
spector Ityrnes down to the doormen
and "clerks. Thev oiirht to be, for
these gentlemen have seen him stag
gerir about in front of the marble
building many's the time. They all
know what a superb intellect he has
and deplore the appetite which is pull
ing him down into the gutter, and
which must inevitably land him in the
potter's field or iu some equally hope
less place. There is not a eat
Oh, j es. Hob is a cat the big, bol
tailed eat of Mulberry street the fe
line John L. Sullivan of his quarter of
the town. Like John L. the original
! and other creatures endowed with
! genius, he has his little weaknesses,
and beer is chief among them. When
1 ever the alcoholic mania seizes upon
j Hob he will saunter down to the sa
loon at the corner of Houston street
and proceed to liquidate like any-other
"blood." Although he is far from 18
years of age, he does not find an3' dif
ficulty in getting served, and the way
he will rush the growler sometimes is
a caution and an example. Often he
1 will stay away from home for an en
tire week, and when he does return
the marks upon him show that he has
been indulging in his penchant for
lighting to a disastrous degree. He
will tackle anything up to a brindle
bull pup, and I do not know that he
was ever really beaten.
Once in a while Hob will go a-h tint
ing, lie will catch some hapless mouse
or rat, and will proceed to have fun
with it, boxing its ears ami, culling it
about to his own intense amusement,
if not that of his prey. At last, when
he has grown tired of playing with it,
Hob will kill it with a single blow.
Hut do you suppose that Hob will con
descend to eat it? Not much! Hob is
a high liver. He likes pate de foies
gras and truflles and porterhouse
steaks with mushrooms. Ife does not
care for plebeian rats and mice. Hut
Hob is good-hearted under his rough
exterior. After killing, the rat or
moiie he will go around the corner
and look up souk: tramp cat who is not
smart enough to catch mice himself,
and a moment later you will see that
tramp cat sneaking around to find and
carry off the carcass to make a tramp
cat's holiday. were not for Hob's disease of
drink he would be q'uite an ornament
to society. I wonder if anything can
be done for him.
Itliinoceros Horns.
The horn of the rhinoceros is noth
ing more than a protuberance com
posed f f agglutinated hair. Cut it in
two, and, examining its structure un
der the microscope, it will be found
that it is made up entirely of little
tubes resembling hair tubes. Of
course, these are not themselves hair,
but the struct lire is the s:ime. The
horns of the African rhinoceros some
times grow to the length of four feet.
From them the Dutch boers make
ram-rods and other articles.
His Hope "Was Short-Laved.
"Mr. Knjoor," said the church trus
tee to the pastor, "we are going to
raise your salary the lirst of the year."
"Indeed." said the minister.
"Yes. The congregation feel prettj
poor this winter, but if we can't raise
it all we will at least raise some of it."
And then he wondered why the min
ister didn't seem overjoyed.
Remember JOE is the only Clothier
that handles Wilson Bros. Furnish
ing Goeds, exclusively. tf
If vou want to see the latest style
of hats, go to JOE the popular One
Price Clothier. tf
La Grippe.
Xo health3' person need fear any
dangerous consequences from an
attack of la grippe if properly
treated. It is much the same as a
severe cold and requires precisely
the same treatment. Remain quiet
ly at home and take Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy as directed for a se
vere cold and a prompt and com
plete recovery is sure to follow.
This remedy also counteracts any
tendency of la grippe to result in
pneumonia. Among the maii3
thousands who have used it during
the epidemics of the past two years
we have 3-et to learn of a single
case that has not recovered or that
has resulted in pneumonia. 25 and
50 cent bottles for sale by F. G.
Fricke & Co.
A complete line of Wilson Bros.
Furnishing Goods at TOE'S the
One Price Clothier. tf
Xot a few styles but the full line
of the E. & W, at Joe's the One Price
Clothier in fact. . 22-tf
r New Syring Goods arriving every
days at Joe's, your clothier. 22-tf
"Why will you cough when Shi
loh's cure will give immediate re
lief. Price 10 cts., 50 cts. and $1
For sale by F. G. Fricke & Cc
SALESMEX. Energetic men
wanted. Free prepaid outfit. One
of our agents has earned over $20,
000 in five years.
P. O. Box 1371, Xew York.
jny person uwuig iuv ort
is requested to call una settle eitiir
ly cash or note by JMarcli 1st.
tf j: Finley Johns
Go to the doctor and 'get a pre
scription: then tro to Jirorn A: JJar-
rett's and get it Tilled.
All persons iridebfed to the old
firm ot Weidniann &. HreJienfeJd are
requested fo call and 'settle immedi
ately and avoid trouble.
A Crat Surprie.
Is in store for all who usq Kemp'f
Balsan for the throat and lung the
great guaranteed remedy. Would
you believe that it Is sold on its
merits and that any druggits is all-
thorized by the proprietor, of this
wonderful remedy- to give you a '
sample bottle free? It never fails
to cure acute and chronic coughs.
All drugpists sell Kemp's Balsam.
Large Bottles 50c and $1.
' Notice.
I have bought Ihe oil business of
T. E. Williams and will conduct the
same as usual. Coal oil from 15 to
25 cents per gallon; gasoline, .15
cents per gallon straight. tf
The transcript in the Ellenbaum
BillBtein cow case was filed with
Judge Archer yesterday.
The H i,ndsr mesial arty In PlaiUmouth '
Remarked to a friend the other
day that she knew Kemp's Balsan I
for the throat and lungs was a fit-
perior remedy, as it stopped her j
cough instantly when other cough !
remedies nau no eiiect wuaicver. 00
to prove this and convince you of
its merit, any druggist will give you
a sample bottle free. Large size 50c
Shiloh's catarrh remedy a posi
itive cure Catarrh, Diphtheria and
Canker mouth. For sale 13- F. G.
Fricke & Co.
Going to Hastings.
March 15, I will move my stock of
hardware to Hastings, Xeb., and to
avoid moving will sell aii3' goods
I have at prices never before heard
of. Come early and avoid the rush,
tf J. Finley Johnson.
Sleepness night made miserable
by that terrible caugh Shilohs rem
edy is the cure for you, by F. G
Frick. and OH Snyder. 2
Gentlemen would not use "Blush
of Roses" if it was a paint or pow
der, of course not. It is clear as
water, 110 sediment to fiil the pores
of the skin. Its mission is to heal,
cleanse and purify the complexion
of every imperfection, and insures
every lad3r jind gentleman a clean,
smooth complexion. Sold b3'0. H.
Sn3-der. Price 75 cents.
I feel it my duty to say a few
words in regard to July's Cream
Balm, and I do so entirely without
solicitation. I have used it more
or less half a year, and have found
it to be most admirable. I have
euffered from catarrh of the worst
kind ever since I was a little boy
and I never hoped for cure, but
Cream Balm seems to do even that.
Many of my acquaintances have
used it witu excellnnt results.
Oscar Ostum, 45 Warren Ave., Chi
cago, ill.
FEBRUARY 29th, 1892.
Miss Mia tler'ng. Mlse Hattic I .at ham.
Miss Harriet Fulrner , Wins Alice Eaton,
Miss Dora Herold Miss Eda tiering,
Mrs. Sam Patterson Miss Janet I ivingston
Miss Nettie Ballance Miss Edith hite
Miss I(?a Boeck Miss lora tfricke.
: D-F;-X-T-I-S-T :
Or. Steinways ana-sthetic for the painlecs ex
traction of teeth.
Fine Gold Work a Specialty.
Kockwrood Block Plattsmouth, Neb.
The best of fresh meat always found
in this market. Also fresh
Eggs and Butter.
Wild game of all kinds kept in their
Bridge work and fine gold work a
DR. 8TEINADS LOCAL as well as other an
estbeticsfciven for the painless extraction of
0. A. MARSHALL, - Fitzgerald BloA
Nbtleo'to tebt6r.
1 rv
1 1 :-" - . "O - ;
J "
. ' j.J '.(I i.'ji j : j. L.
h Href. Terk. Veal. Mutton, uuiifr
ruk'krit-oiiitiuitly on liantj.
.... ... . ... - -., W M
Onmeof nJl kinds kep1 " e't
Co'r. dth St arid X;ii'i?o1h 'Are
Krn Ml Mud of builder banlwar on liu
and will nuply coutmrtur iot fay
(.ruble ur-
and all kindn oi tin work nint tly
done. Order fn 111 tti country Solicited
616 Pearl Ht.
II. CUblilNG,
-odOT H EOoo-
Capital Paid in
K Cutliman J T Jnhuson. R 8 (irensel
Henry ktkeiibsiry. M U Morgan. J
A Conner. W Wet K-nkmnp, W
II CusiiiiiK
A general banxing business Iran
acted. Interest allowed on de.
''aid up capital
.. 10.000
r the very let facilities for the protnp
tran-artion of liitiniHte
Hanking Business
Stock, bonds, pold, government and local ie
vUriUes bouirht tid sold. Deposits received
md interest allowd on the certificate
.rfts drawn, available iu any part of the
United States and all the principal towns of
Surope. ,
Highest market price paid for County War
rants, Htate anm (Jounty bonds.
John FitZKrald . Ilawkswortb
Sam Waugh. K. E. White
Ueore E. Doyey
lonn FItzKrald. H. W&ngb.
President car.'
always in stock
p J. rT&jTSEN
Patronage of the Public Solicited.
Nortk Sixth Street, Plattsmoutk.
All orders left with the county clerk will be
promptly attended to.
Plattsmouth, - - Xebraska
The population ofPlatwrnouth .
Is about 10.000, add we would say -at
least 'neo-half are troubled with'
some effection on the throat nri
lungs, as those complaints are, ac
cording to staaistics, more numer
ous than others. We would advise
all our readers not to neglect the
nnnnrtnnitv tn -j 1 1 . i.
gist and get a bottle of Kemp'a Bal- V
sam for the throat andlunjra. Trial '
r , A "rKexjoiue .)Oc. and $1.
Sold by all druegiet.