The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, February 18, 1892, Image 2

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: D-K-N-T-I-S-T :-
Or. htelnway nna-slriHlc fr the painiem ex
lr;i:tnp of ti'rtli. '
Fin- Gold Work a Specialty.
Kockwoo.i Bl''k J'UtlHUiouth. Nek.
The i'ft of fresh meal always found
in thin market. A !'. fresh
KfH anl Butter.
Wild oramc of alt kinds kept in their
Bridge work and fine gold work a
iR. STKIVAUS LOf'AI. as wt-r. as other an-iriH-tI"j,.-)vf
n for the painless extraction of
J. A. MARSHALL, - FitiruW! !"r'
All persons indebted to the old
firm of Widmann & Mrekenfehl are
reijupsf ed to call and settle immedi
ately ami avoid trouble.
To the Public.
The Y. L. R. R. A. have arranged
with K. II. Thompson, of the Kxcel
fur Library Bureau of Chicago, to
add at least 300 volumes to their
library each year for a term of five
years, charging $6.25 for the whole
term, '$3 for four years, $3.75 for
three years, $2.50 for two years, $1.50
for one year membership.
We bespeak a cordial reception
for Mr. Thomas or his representa
tive from ever- progressive or
public spirited citizen and any
person who is interested in educa
tion and mental culture. To start
with our library will contain over
SX) volumes of standard literature,
comprising works of history,
biography, science, religion educa
tion, poetry, fiction, references and
miscellaneous. We will endeavor
to satisfy your literary wants and
trust as in the past you will favor
us with your liberal patronage, tf
Y. L. R. R. A.
By order com.
The "Temple of Fame," to be given
a the opera house next Friday
in, by those who have
seen it is at other places, the best
ttaing for home talent ever written.
Seats on sale at J. P. Young; popular
prices, 50, 35 and 25 cent. tf
Subscribe for Tub Herald, only
15 cents a week or 50 cents a month.
Notice to Debtors.
Any person owing me on account
is requested to call and settle either
by cash or note by March 1st.
tf J. Finlet Johnson.
Dissolution Notice.
The firm of Weidman & Breken-
fcld is this day dissolved by
mutual consent. Mr. Weidman re
tiring and Mr. Brekenfeld continu
ing the business and assumes all
mdebtedness contracted by said
firm. All persons knowing them
selves indebted to the firm will
call and settle at theold stand.
Geo. P. Weidmaxx,
C. Brekenfeld.
February 4. 1802.
Gentlemen would not use "Blush
of Koses" if it was a paint or pow
der, of course not. It is clear as
water, no sediment to fill the pores
f the skin. Its mission is to heal,
cleanse and purify the complexion
f every imperfection, and insures
every lady and gentleman a clean,
smooth complexion. Sold by O. H.
Snyder. Price 75 cents.
Miles Nerve and Liver Pills.
Act on a new principle regulat
ing the liver, stomach and bowels
through the nervs. A new discovery
Dr. Miles' Pills speeiily cure biliou
sness bad taste, torpid liver, piles
constipation. Unequaled for men
women, children, smallest, mildest
surest! 50 doses, 25c. Samples
free at F. G. Fricke A Co'?.
' Why will you cough when Shi
loh' cure will give immediate re
lief. Price 10 cts., .50 cts. aud $1
For sale by F. G. Fricke & Cc '
I feel it uiy duty to say a iew
word.-? in regard to lily's Cream
Balm, aiid I io so entirely without
solicitation. I have used it more
or less half a year, and have found
it to be most admirable. I have
suffered from catarrh of the worst
kind ever since I was a little boy
and I never hoped for cure, but
Cream Balm seems to do even that.
Many of my acquaintances have
used, . it wilu exceliunt results.
Oscar Oetuni, 45 "Warren Ave., Chi
cago, 111. ' '
a Great Surpnea
Id in store for all who use Kemp'f
Balsan for the throat and lungs the
great' guaranteed -remedy! ' Would
you believe that it is sold on its
inerits and that any druggits is au
thorized by the proprietor of this
wonderful remedy to give you a
sample bottle free? It never fails
to cure acute aud chronic coughs.
All dmgpi9t8 sell. Kemp's Balsam.
J(;iri'- Bottles 50c and $1.
Opium smoking is absolutely for
bidden in Japan.
A century ago there were only four
teen newspapers in London.
Thre are now about 2,250,000 acres
in Scotland occupied by deer forests.
C.-jinoN c:in rtrml beat and cold, but
they perish quickly in a moist atmos
phere. The hestisinidaxs dissolves complete
ly i:i hot water, leaving no visible re
siduum. ln-iia lias a priest who is drawing a
peiiMon and is in his one hundred and
lifty-seeond year.
The observations indicate a velocity
of tweutv-six miles a second fur Alijrol
and it s d'ianieter as 1,0 K),'V) miles.
In the Sahara Desort the day may
lie boiling hot, but not unfreuuenLly
the ternoerature at niirht falls below
freezing point.
There are said to bo 1K,0'V) newspa
per women in London, who have twenty-two
press clubs and authors' socie
ties among them.
The value of the crown of England,
exclusive of the cost of the metal, is
JL'100,000. It has been four times in
pawn; once for jC2,000only!
There is in the United States but
one railway President who is a woman.
That is Mrs. Charles I). Haines, of
Kinderhook, N. Y., the executive head
of the Hamilton and Kingston Rail
road. In recent years a number of expedi
tions, scientific and commercial, have
touched at Nova Zembla.but the island
is still little known, and even the
greater part of its coast line is not yet
accurately laid down on the maps.
According to the theory of Mr.
Thompson.! he end of the world (which
is l'l.on.O ) 3'ears in the future) will
not lie brought about by excessive
heat, as hinted in the Iiible.but by t lie
remnant of humanity being frozen to
A brother Bishop said recently of
Dr. Brooks that "if he. took a high and
spiritual conception of the duties of his
oflice, he had it in him to become the
ideal Bishop," and the Boston Herald
thinks that "he has already risen to this
Ex-Mavor Campbell.of Youngstown,
Ohio, though blind since he was 5
years old, became musician enough to
teach the study of it, studied law and
graduated from the Harvard Law
School, and successfully edited a paper
in Ohio for eight years.
"The most loyal wife," says Marion
Harland, "admits to her inmost self, in
the most confidential season of self
communion, that she could have
brought up her husband better than
did his mother or whatever feminine
relative had the training of him."
In Waterbury, Conn., an engine
which stands on the space of 7-16 of an
inch square and reaches "a height of
5-8 of an inch has been made. It has
14S parts held together by 52 screws.
The diameter of the cylinder is 1-26 of
an inch and the whole weighs three
The sacred standard at Constantino
ple is believed to be formed of the
netber garment of Mohammed, and a
pair of his pyjamas, which are reveren
tialhr preserved at Lahore, are held by
the faithful to have miraculously ex
tinguished a fire at that place no longer
ago than 1849.
Last year there were twenty-three
surviving widows of Revolutionary
soldiers, and several of these have
since died. The oldest of those now
alive are Nancy Raines, of Carter
Furnace. Tenn., aged 100, and Ann
Maria Young, of Las ton. Fa., who is in
her lUlst year. ' '
If a well could be dug to the depth
of forty-six miles, the density of the
air at the bottom would be as great as
thr.t of quicksilver. By the same law a
cubio inch of air taken 4,00'J miles
above the earth's surface would expand
sufficiently to fill a sphere 2,000,000,000
miles in diameter!
Josef Hofman, the child pianist, has
failed to keep the promise of his mar
velous precocity. As he grows older,
his fingers seem to lose the magic sup
pleness of his childhood, his ear is less
susceptible to delicate intonations, and
his once absorbing taste for music
seems to be deserting him.
The number of artificial teeth made
in America is increasing very rapidly.
Last year the trade turned out nearly
forty million teeth. The houses which
do the most extensive export trade are
obliged to prepare teeth of different
colors for different countries.
Miss Consuelo Vanderbilt, the 14-year-old
daughter of W. JK. Vander
bilt, 13 a beaatiiul child, with hair and
eyes as dark as a Spanish gypsy and
the imperious manners of a young
princess. She is. .quite a marvel of
erudition, and speaks' German and
French, Chinese and Italian with equal
A man weighs less when the baro
meter is high. notwithstanding the fact
that the atmospheric, pressure on him
is more than when the barometer is
low. As the pressure of air on an ordinary-sized
man is about fifteen tons,
the rise of the mercury from 29 to 31
inches adds about one ton to i the load
he has to carry.
Jules Verne's wonderful tales, in
win'di science and fancy go ' shares
wi k him, are written in a little ob
servatory on the top of his house at
Amiens. The house-top was a favorite
point of vantage in scriptural days.and
is coming into favor again with
students in the country and tenement
dwellersin the city.
A curious instance of one poison
killing another is reported from Yac
kandanduh, .Victoria, where strychnine
cured 'a snake bite.1 A solution of
nitrate of Strychnine in ' 240"'parts of
water, mixed with .a .little , glycerine,
was prepared and twenty- minims in
jected hypodermically at intervals ' of
ten or twent-? minutes'- with'5 good re
sults. : z".
: The Japanese .believe ' hi ' more my
thical creabires than any other people
on- the ' globe, civilized or savage.
Among them are mythical animals
without anV remarkable peculiarities
Ci Couiormacion, oat guveu v...
natural attributes; 6uch as a tiger
which is said to ljve to be 1.00& 'ywrra
old and to turn as white a.)a polalf
bear. y't j
Both sexes among the Esquimaux
are tattooed. Labrets are favorite or
naments. In early youth a (ut is
made in the lower lip and a small
wooden ring introduced to keep it from
closing. Gradually it is enlarged and
the adult is decorated with a labret of
jade, ivory, bone or glass, shaped like a
silk hat in miniature, the rim being
inside the mouth to hold it.
In its old ut as ribs for umbrellas
whalebone has been superseded by the
lighter and more durable steel. Al
though t he demand mi the importer
each ' ear has been growing steadily
Ies its value has increased. In l.STo
there were .' $,5 1 1 hundred woi"-lit of a
value of 'J); while in 1S77. hough
the quantity was only 1,0!','.) hundred
weight, the value wai $114, D35.
Beards were at various times taxed in
England, and the sheriff of Canterbury
paid 'i shillings and 4 pence for wear
ing a beard. In the first year of Eliza
beth's reign every beard of above a
fortnight's growth was taxed 3 shil
lings and 6 pence, but the law was too
absurd to be enforced. Peter the Great
imposed a tax of a rouble upon beards,
but it was soon canceled.
In May, June and July the weather
on the Neva is as hot as it is in sum
mer time in Queensland, and the chief
delights of the people whose official
duties detain them in the capital is to
be rowed about the Neva in the soft
and mellow gloaming and to experi
ence the pleasurable sensation of being
able to read the newspaper without
the aid of artificial light at 11 p. m.
lie Knew tlie J'roper Way to Kilt, WbU
His laliicr iil Not.
They came into the restaurant, a
man and a boy, says the Detroit J'Vre
'. v.v. The former wore the. air of a
business man out for his noonday
lunch, and as it was Saturday it was
easy to guess the boy was taking half
his'holiuay helping in the oflice. The
man sat with a preoccupied air while
waiting to be served, and answered
the boy's questions in an absent-minded
way, which showed that he had not
thrown business cares oil. The boy
chatted about this, snickered about
that, fumbled his knife and fork until
he dropped them, and eyed every
waiter who passed with a quizzical
stare at the contents of his tray. And
the manner of their eating was as dif
ferent as tke manner of their waiting.
The man hustled his food down his
throat as if he neither enjoyed it at
the time nor expected to later.
The boy took time to arrange his
side dishes to his own notion, those he
liked best nearest to hand, and then
went to work leisurely to take a sip of
this, a taste of that, or to season an
other to suit. He may have taken
large mouthfuls boys will but he
toolc plenty of time to talk between
bites boys will also do ' that. The
father filled his mouth and washed the
food down with scalding hot coffee.
The boy got his coffee sugared and
creamed just to suit him. and then let
it stand and cool off while he was eat
ing. The father finished with lemon
custard pie, and gave his mouth a
swipe with the napkin in precisely
nine and three-quarter minutes from
the time he broke ground on his cold
roast beef, while the boy had only just
laid aside his soup-spoon and was
working along toward the best parts
of his chicken potpie.
"Can't wait for you, Fred," said the
father impatiently, after noticing the
progress of the boy and looking at his
watch; "I'll go on to the postoflice and
stop in as I come back," and he went
to pile a fresh load of responsibility on
his mind while his 6tomach was groan
ing under a load of badly chosen food,
hastily bolted under unfavorable con
ditions. When he came in five min
utes later the boy sat with his knife
and fork on a standstill between apple
roll and rice pudding, and kept the
impatient man of business waiting
two whole minutes longer while he
finished it and drank his coffee.
"Pretty good lunch, papa," he said
."Stuff and rubbish!" growled the
man. "AlwaA'S sets like lead. Afraid
he won't be the man for business his
father is, doctor," to a friend sitting at
a table near by.
"There's where Mr. Blank is wrong,"
remarked the doctor to his companion
after the others had gone out of hear
ing, "and the boy is right. If he keeps
on eating in that way he'll be an act
ive, clear-headed business man ten
years longer than his father will ever
wear, with his boa-constrictor style oi
eating. No; the boy is right.
A Misunderstanding.
A well-dressed man, with, his hat
tilted back on his ruffled hair and an
excited look in his eyes, entere i
vets art store at 101 .ruuon street
Wednesday afternoon, says the N. Y.
Sun, and stalked up to the counter,
behind which several clerks were
standing. The man slapped his hand
imperatively on the counter. "I want
a quarter 'v' a million," he cried, "and
I want it quick." The clerks turned
pale and stared at the stranger. A
porter slid quietly to the door to get
a policeman. The well-dressed but
excited stranger stared at the clerks
in astonishment. "What the dickens
is the matter with you fellows, any
how?" he cried. "Can't I get a quar
ter 'v' a million without all of you hav
ing fits?" "Pray, sir, don't get ex
cited." said a clerk, patting the man
on the arm. "The porter has just
gone after it. Wo can't get so much
money in a second, you know." "The
stranger looked thoughtful a moment,
then laughed, and the lailgh gave the
clerks another unpleasant shock. "Ha,
haf? said the stranger. "I see, I see.
Don't " get alarmed. I merely want
paint paint.' not cash. A quart of
vermilion paint." The clerks recov
ered their self-possession. "I beg
your pardon," said one, "but you
talked so fast that it sounded as if jou
had demanded a quarter of a million.
We thought you meant dollars." The
stranger got hi paint and the clerks
went out ami treated themselves. ;
tken Up.
Taken up at my farm 2t4 miles
J Februry 3r&iOneyearlingheifer calf
.-. and one yearling; steer calf, both red
mameu wun tip oi leu ear cut on
and "V" cut on under side. Party
may have same by paying for ad
vertisement and provinjf owner
ship. Bfc.N F. IIOKXINli.
ucklfit'? rn ca Salve.
I II K liKST "AI.VK W'ltM for('llH
linn'-, r ;.- Cii ii-, S ili Kit. n'li. Fever
S.-rcH, T tt.-T Cimpped I Imid-, ChildUm.
Corns, iimI ill: mi-, hii ! pn.-i
tivdy rtir P I-.. -i p- .mired.
l in UUa'Kltr.M-lt !l. L'lVr -rllH BCtiOl OI
money r-.-tu'i . I'i'- '-' 1 . rnx
For snle bv f" eK
January gone, yet some j;jers
are still publishing those lists of
marriageable young men.
i Do not confuse the famous Blush
of Koses with the many worthless
paints, powders, creams and
bleaches which are flooding the
: market. Get the genuine of your
druggist, O. II. Snyder, 75 cents per
bottle, ami I guarantee it will re
move your pimples, freckles, black-
' heads, moth, tan and sunburn, and
give you a lovely complexion. 1
Electric Bitters.
This remedy is becoming bo well
and bo popular as to need no special
mention. All who have used Klecl
. trie Bitters sing the same song of
praise. A purer medicine does not
j exist and it is guaranteed to do al-
that is claimed. Klectric Bitters
will cure all diseases of the liver
and kidneys, will remove pimples,
boils, salt rheum and other affec
tions caused by impure blood.
Will drive malaria from the sj stem
and prevent as well as cure all ma
larial fevers. For cure of headache.
i constipation and indigestion try
Klectnc Bitters. Lntire satisfaction
guaranteed, or money refunded.
Price 50c and $1 per bottle at P. G.
Fricke & Go's drugstore. 5
Church Howe has $100,000 invest
ed in his Nemaha county stock
farm and has 125 head of trotting
A Fatal Mistake.
Physicians make no more fatal
mistake than when they inform pa
tients that nervous heart troubles
come from the stomach and are of
little consequence. Dr. Franklin
Miles, the noted Indiana specialist
has proven the contrary in his new
book on "Heart Disease" which may
be had free of "1. G. fricke & Co
who guarantee and recommend Dr.
Miles' unequalled new Heart Cure,
which has the largest sale of any
heart remedy in the world. It cures
nervous and organic heart disease,
short breath, fluttering, pain or ten
derness in the side, arm or shoulder.
irregular pulse, fainting, smother
ing, dropsy, etc. His Restorative
Nervine cures headache, fits, etc.
It Should be in Every House.
J. B. Wilson, 371 Clay St., Sharps
burg. Pa., says he will not be with
out Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Colds,
that it cured his wife who was
threatened with Pneumonia after
an attack of 'Xa Grippe," when
various other remedies and several
physicians had done her no good
Robert Barber, of Cocksport, Pa,
claims Dr. King's New Discovery
has done him more good than any
thing he ever used for I,un?
Trouble. Nothing like it. iry it
Free trial bottles at F. G. Fricke &
Co's drugstore. Large bottle, 50c.
and $1.00.
The girl's industrial school build
incr at Geneva is well along toward
completion, and is said to be admir
ably arranges tor its purpose.
A Mystery Explained.
The papers contain frequent no
tices of rich, pretty and educated
girls eloping with negroes, tramps
and coachmen. ine well-known
specialist, Dr. Franklin Miles, says
all such girls are more or less hys
terical, nervous, very impulsive, tin
balanced; usually subject to nead
ache, neuralgia, sleeplessness, im
moderate crying or laughing, these
show a weak, nervous system for
which there is no remedy equal to
Restorative Nervine. Trial bottles
and a fine book, containing many
marvelous cures, free at F. G.FricKe
& Co's., who also sell and guarantee
Dr. Miles' celebrated New Heart
Cure, the finest of heart tonics.Cures
fluttering,;short breath, etc.
Cough Following the Crip
Many person, who have recovered
from la grippe are now troubled
with a - persistent cough. Cham
berlain's cough remedy will
promptly loosen this cough and
relieve the lungs, effecting a per
manent cure in a very snort time
25 and 50 cent bottle-for sal by F.
G. Fricke & Co.
The principal of the Ulysses
schools has been arrested on the
charge of unmetcifulry beating his
Startling Facts-
The American people are rapidly
becoming a rase of nervous wrecks
and the followtng suggests, the
best remedy: alphouso Humpfling,
of Butler, Penn, swears that when
his son was spechless from st. Vitus
Dance Dr Miles great Restorative
Nerving cured him. Mrs. J. L.
Miller of Valprai and. J. D. Taolnr,
of .Logan sport, Ind each gained 20
pounds if an taking it. Mrs. H. A.
Gardner, of Vastulr Ind, was cured
of 40 to 50 convulsions easy and
much aeadach, dizzness, bockach
and nervous prostiation by one
bottle. Trial bottle and fine boek of
Nervous cures free at F. G. Fricke, &
Co., who recomends this unequailed
Ely's Cream Balm is especially
adapted as a remeby for catarrh
which is aggravated by alkaline
dust and dry winds. W. A. Hover
Drnffgist, Denver.
MS, 1.1 I 'ti
Owes its REPUTATION and
It is pure, unadulterated. and for
RAPID Cleansing Power has noequal.
it is invaluable in lltchen & laundry,
Sold by all Grocers.
A Regular Scimitar
That Sweeps &U before it. 1
Thr will almost
very )jruuut;us, iugn qudiiif anu &ugar iiiivori nas great Slaying quaimcs. ( wsviv
4 ft. high. In season follows Little Gem " and b-fore the Champion of England." We
have thoroughly tested it, and confidently recommend it as the best ever introduced.
Price by mail, per packet, 15 cents pint, 75 cents.
which contains several colored plates of Flowers and Vegetables. 1, 000 Illustrations.
Over 100 pages 8 x io inches. Instructions how to plant and care for gardca.
Descriptions of over 20 New Novelties. Tick's Floral Guide mailed
receipt of address and 10 cents, which may be deducted from first order.
James Vick's Sons, Rochester, N.Y.
l i.: I xi
A Cure for the Ailments of Man and Beast
A long-tested pain reliever.
Its use is almost universal by the Housewife, trie Farmer, the
Stock Raiser, and by erery one requiring an effective
No other application compares with it in efficacy.
This well-known remedy has stood the test of years, almost
No medicine chest is complete without a bottle of Mwstano
Occasions arise for its use almost every day.
All druggists and dealers have it.
For Atchinson, St. Joseph, JLeaven
worth, Kansas City, St. Louis,
and all points north, ea9t
south or wesL Tick
eta sold and bag
gage checked
t o a n j
States or
Canada. For
Call at Depot or address
H, C. TowxsExn,
G. P. A. St. Louis, Mo.
J. C. Phiixippi,
A. G. P. A. Omaha.
H. D. APGAK. Agt., Plattsmouth.
Telephone, 77.
rd and Office 444 8outh Third Street.
Telephone IS.
mm mm
melt in vniir mm ith. The Charmer" is
ii.. Winn ?Ll a
The Leading
A ND '
Constantly keeps on hand everjthii
you netfd to furnish jour house.
Lumber Yard
11. a. waterman &
Shingles, Lth, 8Mh4
Doors, Blinds
Cn supply evcrw demand of the citT
v,au ana get term. Fourth itreet
ia rer f para doim.