The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, February 12, 1892, Image 4

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    The Plattsmoutb Herald.
Valentines at Goring A Co. tf
II. A. McElwain was in Omaha to
day on biiHincHH.
Masquerade ball at Kockwood
Hall tonight.
II. K. Windham, of Glenwood,
Iowa, was in the city last evening.
Miss Hattie Latham was ap u-en-gerthis
morninon No. 5 'or Omalia.
Attorney E. II. Wooley. of Lin
coln, is in the city on bushiest to
daj G. S. Saje, of the li. A M. shops, i
able to be out again, after a short
W. Il.Cushintf and Fred llerruiau
were passengers for Omaha this
Mr. and Mr. R. li. Windham were
pastrteiiera for Omaha this iiiorn
injj on No, 5.
Mrs. Julius I'epperberjr departed
on No. 5 thin morning for Lincoln
for a short vist.
Kev. Jiickdon Gordon will lecture
to-night at the opera house. Ad
mission 15 crnts.
Hon. Joe Morse left this morning
on No. 5 for Council Hluffs, where
lie will speak to-night.
Conductor Loverin has a ten (lays'
lay-off, and Conductor Doherty has
Charge of the K. C. run at present.
Robt. Knapp, a machinist in the
B. A M. shoops, departed on No. 4
tliia morning, enroute for ChacigO
O. II. Snyder, THE llKKALD is
pleased to note, is able to attend to
business, after a siege witli the
County Attorney Travis has
rented the Dawson property on
"Winterstein hill and will move his
family here.
All persons who are to take part
in the "Temple of Fame" are re
quested to meet at the M. E. church
to-morrow evening promptly at 7:30
Mrs. B. II. Westereldt of Ash
land and her friend. Miss Ida Jones
of Long- Pine, Colorado, are the
guests of Landlord Hackney and
wife of the Hotel Riley.
Marriage licenses were issued last
week in Chicago to John Zadjacs
kowski, Hankzek Kacalek, Tang
Yong, Psoto Kangaensi, Rozalia
Manalyutz and Pawel Kzyeztwrakz.
Mrs. Pool, living near Wabash
has been very sick with la grippe.
She is the mother of W. H. Pool and
quite elderly, so the disease went
rery hard with her. Weeping
Water Republican.
Something entirely new in the
way of entertainments will be given
next Friday night, February 19 at
the opera house, the best local tal
ent in town participating. Under
the management of the M. E. AW
Mrs. H. D. Travis accompanied
her husband to Plattsmouth last
Thursday for the purpose of select
ing a suitable dwelling in which to
reside when they move down in the
spring. Weeping Water Repub
lican. The "Temple of Fame," to be given
at the opera house next Friday
is said to be, by those who have
seen it is at other places, the best
thing for home talent ever written.
SeatsDti sale at J. P. Young; popular
prices, 50, 35 and 25 cent. tf
Among the many causes given
for the Weeping Water church
burning Monday the Republican
gives the following: One is that
the doctrines conflicted by the min
isters exchanging pulpit on Sunday
causing spontaneous combustion.
Durning the fire some one accused
Mr. Ilindley of being the cause.
He said he warmed things up but
did not acknowledge doing the
ine report was circuiatea in or
city that some parties in other
places were making arrangements
to move the sewing machine
factory to Kearney, for the purpoee
of securing a big bonus. The truth
of the matter is hard to learn, but
should such be the case the parties
undertaking the scheme will have
some costly suits on their hands
that will deter them for a time at
least, as well as the righteous in
dignation of all our citizens. When
J. Chase returns from Lincoln we
will hear more about what will be
done. Weeping Water Republican
State Superintendent Goudy yes
terday issued a circular to county
superintendents asking for statis
tics in regard to private schools,
Nothing of the kind has ever been
complied and the report will in
clude all institutions of learning
except the state universary and
stated normal schools which are a
part of the public school system
The superintendent has also sen
.out circulars urging school teach
ers to observe in some fitting man
ner the twenty-fifth anniversary of
Jhe state on March 1.
They run Away From Weeping
Papa and Mamma and
... .
get Married. i
& i
How the Course ot True Love Leads
Over Great Mountains of Dlftl-
Reports reaches this city jester-
day of a social event at Lnion
which is shaking that quiet village
to its center. It is the elopement of
two cousins named John W. A.
Hird of Indiana, and Miss Osta Bird
of that place, before the very eyes
of the gill's parents.
Young Bird has been on a visit
with his uncle. For some time the
young people have t-howed a
marked attachment for one another.
Yel this occasioned little comment.
for both are of highly respected
parents, their fathers being
brothers. Time has gone on and
the mutual lov. of the two young
P"oyledias grown apace. The girl,
Mis.- Bird however, was still young,
and the idea that any seriou.-. inten
tions ot marriage were entertained
by young Bird, never entered the
minds of her parents,
Yesterday the accumulating ava-
lanche of love bore away the two
fond lovers with it. They could not
resist. They must become one just
at the soonest possible moment.
They asked Papa andMamrna Bird,
but they refused, since they were
not of sufficient age. The disap
pointed lovers put their heads to
gether, and upon mature considera
tion jointly ami severally, decided
to elope like people did in books
and newspapers. They started for
the depot. They had plenty of time
to catch the train and when they ar
rived there they sat down to chuckle
over the great "shake" they were
giving the old people. But while
they were sitting there in serene
bliss, who should appear but the
ferocious parents. They had got
wind someway through a jealous
rival of Miss Bird it is thought
and hastened at once to the depot
to head off the forward children.
There worst fears were realized.
There sat the consienceless ones,
smirking sweetly, but with two
tickets stamped for Nebraska City.
It shocked the good old people; but
their courage returned as soon as
they recollect that these refractory
ones were the same creatures whom
they had spanked in former days
for lesser offences. They girded
themselves for the strife and set
about to pursuade by threats, then
by tears and supplications their
children from their mad course.
But it availed not. The train came,
and from under the very tearful
noses of the parents they stepped
upon the train platform and were
spirited way in a trice.
They arrived at Nebraskn City
yesterday and proceeded to get the
necessary license, and go through
the perfunctorj' ceremony. It was
a lotof fun although; and they en-I
joyed themselves hughly all after
noon. But it was ticklish business
getting the license. Yet that was
finally procurred from J udge Eaton,
and they wee married at the
Central House by Justice White.
The couple then took the train tor
Delaware county Indiana where
the groom lives. There John has a
farm and they will live as happy
Hoosiers. Nebraska City Press.
Go to Gering A Co. lor your pre
scription work. tt
Skipped by the Liht of the Moon.
J. V. Bowwnaii, who has Leeu an
employe of the B. A M. shops and
also landlord of a boarding house
in this city for some time, skipped
outyesterdaj morning on the flyer,
leaving several of out merchants
with unpaid bills.
About one dozen young demo
crats gathered at Jthe council
chamber last evening. C. W. Sher
man was made temporary chair
man and Henry Ilerold, secretary.
A committee on permanent organ
ization was appointed consisting
of Frank Morgan, C. M. Butler, C. C.
Parmele, M. Archer aud D. C. McEn
tee, a committee on constitution
and one on finance was appointed.
Adjournment was then takeu until
next Friday evening.
Ep worth League.
The regutar monthly business
meeting and social meeting of the
above named society will be held
this evening at the residence of
Mrs. Drew, on Vine, between Fourth
and Fifth streets, to which all the
young people are invited. Busi
ness meeting at 7:30 sharp.
Remember the board of trade
meeting to-night at the county
judge's office. All members are
urged to be present: also all mer
chants, as business of importance
to the city will be brought before
the board for consideration.
Connty Commissioner Jacob
Tritsch was in Omaha to-day on
A Delightful Hop Given In the Ox
ford Dancing: Club.
The Oxford dancincr club irave
t,ieir r(.ffular dancing party last
evening at Rock wood. The club
will give one more and then take a
4 . , . .
rest through lent. The music was
furnished by the "Dago" orchestra
of Omaha. Following is a list of
those present: Mr. and iMrs. Sam
Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Barker,
jjr amj fl,irH Frank Coursey, Mag-
jre Oliver, Janet Livingston, Vema
Leonard, Dora Fricke, Nannie
Moore, Maud Moore, Frankie Stiles,
jrji-, Wright, Delia Tartsch.
Tressa Hempel, Manota Eikenbary
Georgia Oliver, Edith White, May
Dutton, Carrie Greusel, Alice
Eikenbary, Mary Skiles, Kittie
Wharton, Bertha Nitka, A. V.
Burke, Frank Johnson, John
Schulhoff, Robt. Crozier, Chas. Val
lery A. E. Reinhackel, Arch Cole
man, Charles Richey, John Langs-
ton, Elmer Cole, Fred Fitch, Harry
Green. Frank McCoy, Will Clement,
Will Stadelman, Charles Murphy
and Charles Sherman.
If your spectacles do not fit, try
Gering A Co. They guarantee a fit.
World's Fair Notes.
The North Carolina legislature
failed to make an appropriation for
a worjd-a jair exhibit. Whereupon
the state board of agriculture an
nounced that it would undertake to
provide all necessary means and
superintend the collection of an ex
hibit that will be creditable to the
state. It is the intention to have
the state building at the exposition
a reproduction of the state capitol.
The exposition authorities have
tendered to the shoe and leather
manufacturers a site for their de
sired building in which to make a
united exhibit of the feather indus
try. A site was selected twice be
fore, but had to be withdrawn
owing to changes in construction
plans. The site now offered is near
the lake hore, not far from the
dairy building. There is little
doubt that the leather men will ac
cept the site, and, if they do, they
will put up a building 150x600 feet,
costing $100,000.
A practical, working business
college, which is purely an Amer
ican institution, will be one of the
exhibits at the fair.
New South Wales has asked for
300,000 square feet of space.
The watchmakers of Switzerland,
at a recent convention in Berne, de
cided to make an exhibit at Chicago
of their finest and costliest watches,
but not to attempt any competition
with American manufacturers in
cheaper grades. They have ap
plied to the Swiss council for
financial and other aid to enable
them to make a creditable exhibit.
In Colorado's exhibit will appear
a very complete showing of the
flora of the state. Miss Alida P.
Lansing, who has been in charge of
the matter, gathered more than 1,000
varieties last summer, including
fifteen or more which had never
been classified. ;
. f
The social and oyster supper at E.
R. Todd's last evening was a big
Judge S. M. Chapman returned
from his trip to Chicago this
John McCaig, one of Cass county's
most prosperous farmers, is in the
ciiy to-day.
W. E. Brooks, of Omaha, repre
senting the Union Life Insurance
Co., is in the city to-day.
Chas. Wickersham left for Blair
this morning to see his wife who is
visiting there and was taken sick.
Superintendent G. W. Noble and
J wife are in the city to-day looking
for a suitable house in which to
It is reported that a large sized
fracas occi-rred at the Cottage
house yasterday between the land
lord and one of the boarders, in
which the landlord came out best.
The case of Brantner vs. Hans
Frahm is still pending in police
court. Brantner and Frahm both
appearnd this morning and agreed
to settle, Frahm paying the costs,
but after he found what the costs
were he refused to pay them.
A constable from Council Bluffs
came down this morning and got a
watch that a man had stolen and
sold Frank Carruth A Son last
December. The fellow also stole an
overcoat. He was caught in Texas
and is now in jail in Council BlufJs.
Hon. Joe Morse gave an entertain
ing lecture last evening at the opera
house to a comparatively small
audience. Mr. Morse is a pleasing
and entertaining speaker and
held his audience spellbound by
his graphic description of battles.
His description of the naval battle
on Mobile Bay was immense. Also
the battles of Lookout Moiintain,
Missionary Ridge and - Chica
maugua. The lecture waa fine, and
those who failed to hear it missed a
great treat.
Tte Gqqdle "Will be LiglteeL Febqiy 1 5
EndoseyourGuessTogetlierwit) Your Name and itw.Ulje Published FetaiarylST
Take Notice.
There seems to be a prevailing
opinion with the general public
that the appropriation asked from
the city by the Y. L. R. R. A. will, if
received, be used for purchasing
booka. We desire to correct this.
The appropriation was asked to
enable us to establish a public
reading room, and will only be
used to pay the rent of a suitable
room, procure the services of a
librarian and defray the incidental
expenses. Y. L. R. R. A.
By Order of Committee.
Isotice to Debtors.
Any person owing me on account
is requested to call and settle either
by cash or note by March 1st.
Dissolution Notice.
The firm of Weidman A Breken
feld is this day dissolved by
mutual consent, Mr. Weidman re
tiring and Mr. Brekenfeld continu
ing the business and assumes all
indebtedness contracted by said
firm. All persons knowing them
selves indebted to the firm will
call and settle at theold stand.
Geo. P. Weidmann,
C. Ukekenfeld.
February 4, 1892.
Wallpaper! wall paperl at Gering
A Co's. tf
La Grippe.
No healthy person need fear any
dangerous consequences from an
attack of la grippe if properly
treated. It is much the same as a
severe cold and requires precisely
the same treatment. Remain quiet
ly at home and take Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy as directed for a se
vere cold and a prompt and com-
?lete recovery is sure to follow,
his remedy also counteracts any
tendency of la grippe to result in
pneumonia. Among the many
thousands who have used it during
the epidemics of the past two years
we have yet to learn of a single
case that has not recovered or that
has resulted in pneumonia. 25 and
50 cent bottles for sale by F. G.
Fricke A Co.
All persons indebted to the old
firm of Weidmann A Brekenfeld are
requested to call and settle immedi
ately and avoid trouble.
The finest and most complete line
of wall paper at Gering A Co. tf
For One Fare -You
can go to Lincoln and return
home onthe B. A M. Tickets good
from the 15th to 18th inclusive.
F. Latham, Agent.
The Factoryville Roller Mills' new
process buck wheat flour "takes the
cake." There is no better made. Ask
your grocer for it. AM live grocers
keep it, if they do not they will
order it for you. d Aw6t
T. M. Wakne,
Union, Neb.
fl' I
J 0 E
The best of fresh meat always found
this market. Also tresh
Eggs and Butter.
Wild game of all kinds kept in their
Mr. Chang Jung Chee, of Hang
Lan Quong Tung Providence, now
a student of Bellevue college, will
address the Y. P. S- C. E. of the
Presbyterian church, Sabbath eve
ning, February 14th, at o'clock,
on "the missionary work in China."
The society extends a tearty invita
tion to all. 2t
A Great Surpriee
Is in store for all who use .Kemp'f
Balsan for the throat and lungs the
great guaranteed remedy. Would
you believe that it is sold on its
merits and that any druggits is au
thorized by the progrietor of this
wonderful remedy to give you a
sample bottle free? It never fails
to cure acute and chronic coughs.
All drugpists sell Kemp's Balsam.
Large Bottles 50c and $1.
Gentlemen would not use "Blush
of Roses" if it was a paint or pow
der, of course not. It is clear as
water, no sediment to fill the pores
f the skin. Its mission is to heal,
cleanse and purify the complexion
of every imperfection, and insures
every lady and gentleman a clean,
smooth complexion. Sold by O. H.
Snyder. Price 75 cents.
Miles Nerve and Liver Pills.
Act on a new principle regulat
ing the liver, stomach and bowels
through the nervs. A new discovery
Dr. Miles' Pills speelily cure biliou
eness bad taste, torpid liver, piles
constipation. Unequaled for men
women, children, smallest, mildest
surest! 50 doses, 25c. Samples
free at F. G. Fricke A Co's.
Why will you cough when Shi
loh's cure will give immediate re
lief. Price 10 cts., 50 cts. aud
For sale by F. G. Fricke A Cc
I feel it my duty to say a few
words in regard to Ely's Cream
Balm, and I do so entirely without
solicitation. I have used it more
or less half a year, and have found
it to be most admirable. I have
euffered from catarrh of the worst
kind ever since I was a little boy
and I never hoped for cure, but
Cream Balm seems to do even that.
Many of my acquaintances have
used it witu excellnnt results.
Oscar Ostum. 45 Warren Ave., Chi
cago, 111.
Will Give
To the first nearest guess,
To the second,
To the Tnird.
Trds and Office 404 South Third Street.
Telephone 13.
: D-E-N-T-I-S-T :-
Or. Stelnways anesthetic for the painless x
t radio i of teeth
Fine Gold Work a Specialty.
ttockwood Block 1'lattssnouth, Ne.
Bridge work and fine gold work a
OR. 8TEINA08 LOCAL a well as other aa
eathetlcsKlTen for the painless extraction of
0. A. MARSHALL, - Fitzgerald R'ocN
Lumber Yard
il. A. WATERMAN f: 80S
Shingles, Lath, 8&ah,
Doors, Blinds
Can supply everw demand of the city.
Call and get terma. Fourth street
in rear of epra houa.