The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, January 21, 1892, Image 1

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Absolutely Pure.
A cream of tartar baking powder
Highest of all in leaveiiitigstrcngth
Latest U.S. Government food re
port. E -
BUUUXGT'tX & Missorm I! IV Ell it. it-
Ko. 2
No. I.
No. H .
Mo 1(
No. li
No. 20.
. .b : l5 I'
I" .t
7 ; M i..
S ; . ..
K -lit
H ..HI it.
II -I.
i t :0 it in
. . ... ' -IA .. in.
. .. - ::'" l. in
Ml. ' 1. . . :0.'i i.
. ! 11 :i:'i u. HI.
I ustn fll'.H fxlia lriiM-s fir ImiihIi;. alH-iii I wo
Vlin k f r in. .ii iiii.i wi.l iiffiiiiiiii.Miiit- pas-
N-. 3Xt ACOI'IIH" U I 11 I f:lf .
N'o.:w am v..
1 rains daily rxi-ept uuiiax
.lo.-.v a m.
. 4 .INI 1 1, in.
StA lihT Sin IK'J IKS
K M. ins n- -ill.! :j.iti.iit 1 1 i t
No. 47 ! - ' t r.r f -iiny vt iiii'i;
HItWirh mi I arn i i it la i: !" k
Ki nl Is : re eoidi:i iy i-' i attend
!. N. tlr lliil:. . . ; tl i i v. y . K I." -
An 1. V No. Hi Met't.s t-fcinnl ami K'lirtn
Frulav V ii us In I In In i;l ii a A ' .
hall m U'"kv.... i.i. i i,, M V..i iir..u MW,
I . I', Im I', lit I'ltllT,
I .ss I om;k. i. i it;. !.. h nie.-i -v-ry
liit-rd;.)- nij:M at D.t ir lial! ! Ki;ti-ihM
Mock. Al! 'M ' i ; an- cerdiil:t vt"l
o attend liffi vi- in. ' ii. sh- my lirii-Pet
erf ii. N i.;S F. Oi-liom. S--iel;i' y
C -.IJOYAl. Mi MVAM-'Vf Cn tiiil N 1021.
.1 iJI'-PT ai I lit l. ni ii. ii in in i .'iiii' -
lire! hr.-li Invitcil llenrv
IllTIIK. lifflfl'l
Thou all i nc St-crt'tai v.
A r
v. H Mr-i. fM nil. I ! . Tiilay
e'e-illii--" ! II li''.- - " - '
ill K.M-kwiM-k iln. k. l-iiiiik iiipyi-a. . v .
i, P Kiif rsi . Kci-oriitT.
1; i. . ti-
.ii 1
f..nrtli 1 ii!irsil:i x of -:ic!i 'ilii in i O
i o. F li l in i i i i''l !! k. V. " K. P..
Ijiily of IIo'K-r ; I'.H'e ViTiny lea. i"
lt.Mi-'Vni'i'i' Pont N'o -!" in" I evi-rv
'. iir "V evcniiiL' at 7 : .". in ':r ii.-'i in
.MT0.1 1 ':. All Vls:lll f.!;.l) s in-
g r.lliiiu i-vitfl t' wif. ii
Pot ; i. F. Ni'es. .
: im. i : I i ;'tis
i in ni.'iil i r.
"iftn'Mi of the
WHKLI. MfflH a 7 : 30
every Mrnnav eve.itti at the liraiul vuny
hall. A. F. Groom, irtideiit. Tli.vs Walling,
CAS- CAMP No. 3.'!2 M W. A. m 'ets every
eeo.iil and F -urth Monday t iiirp; in
Fitzgerald h 1 Visirinir n-islil) r- welc.-me.
P. V.. Haiifen. V. O. : P. Werteiilmnrer. W. A..
8. C. Wilde. Clerk.
Sons of Vetran-. division of Nebraska, IT
8. A. meet verv I uefdav mii'.it at 7 -T,o o' -l .ek
In thir hall in i itiaerald t oek. - 11 s.-n an 1
vislrin; comrades are cordially invitert to meet
with ns J. .1. Kurtz. Commander ; B A. c
El wain, let "-'ea-gent.
I e Iodze N . 40 Hicet the sec-nd and Thursday evei.iigs of each month in
thel'O. O. I-. h II. Mis. T. E. nill.ains, N
' G. ; Mrs. John Cory. Secretary
Waterman blink Main Street. J;ooii8
open fr.-tn 8 i3tt a. in to 9 :3o p it. For rtTen oi:y
Oosiel meeting every Sunday atterni-on at 4
Catholic St. Paul's Church, ah. between
Fifth and Sixth. Father Cavney, Pastor
Services : Miss at 1 f.nd 10 :30 A. i. Sunday
School at 2 -30. wih benedictioi..
Christian. Corner locust and tiuhth Sts.
Services liiorniiiK and tvei.ibR. Kld r A.
Galloway pastor. Sunday 8chool lo a. m.
Epihcopal. St. Luke's Church, corner 1 hird
and Vine. Itev H B. Hurirees. par-tor. Ser
vices : II A. M. aud 7 :30P. M. Sunday School
at 3 l30 P. M .
Gxbmak Mktroi19T. corner Sixth St. and
Granite. Rev. Hlrt. Pastor. Services : 11 a. m. Sunday School 10 -3o a. m.
Pbesbyteki an. Services In r ew church. cor
ner Sixth and Granite stf. Kev. J . T. Paird.
pastor. Sundav-sci'ool at 9 ;3i ; Preaching
at 11 a. m.tid 8 p m.
The . K. S. C. E of this ehnrch meet every
Sabbath evening at 7 :15 in the bast met. t of
the chucrb. All are invited to attend tlieee
First Mftbodist. Sixth St.. betwen Main
- aud Pearl, liev. L. F. Britt. I. 11. pastor.
Services : It A . m.. 8 :00 p. m Sunda . School
-30A. M. Prayer meet it g Wednesday even-lng-
Gfkman Pkksbytkhian. Corner Mam and
Ninth. Kev. Wttte. pastor. Services usual
hours. Sunday school 9 :30 A. m.
Swkkdistt Coiiorfoationau Granite, be
tween Fifth and Sixth.
Colored Baptist. Mt. Olive. 'ak. between
Tenth and Eleventh. Kev. A. Boswell. pas
tor. Services 11 a. ni. and 7 -30 p. m. Prayer
meeting Wednesday evening.
Totno Men's Christian Apsociation
Kooms in w a term an block. iain sireer. Los
pel meeting, for men only, everv Sunday af
ternoon at 4 o'clock. Kvoms open week days
from 8 JO a. m.. to 9 : 30 p.m.
South park Tabernacl. Kev. J. M.
Wood, Pastor. Services : Sunday School,
0 a.m. : Preaching, 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. ;
prayer meeting Tuesday night ; choir prac
tice Friday night. All are welcome.
Attorney at-Law. will give prompt attention
to ail business entrusted to him. Office In
Union block, Eaat Side. Plattsmouth, Neb.
The Plattsmouth Herald
KNOTTS BROS, Publishers
Puolishod every Thursday, aud daily every
e 'enlng except Sunday.
Ilejilstered at the Plattsmouth, Neb. pot
otlcnfor traui'iii -ion through tin U. 8.
a' second cliiss raten.
'Ilhce corner Vine and Fifth street
relephoiie an.
O ie copy, one year. In advance $t V
Oie copy, one year, not In ad v. nee. 2 no
On iOiy. six monthf, in advance 75
On' C"py, three innntlis. In advance. . 40
O ie cop one yar in ad v nice $6 00
O m copy per t'k. by carrier IS
O ie copy, per month 50
The president has shown a com
menclable public spirit and prompt
ness in taking steps to enforce the
retaliatory provision of the IcK"n
ley law. Under this section of the
act he is directed, a i ter the opening
of the present calendar year, to
withdraw the favors granted at
our custom houses to certain
countries unless those countries
should afford us suitable conces
sions in their markets. We have
admitted suar, molas es. coffee,
tea and hides free of dut', and, for
these favors, we ask for a reason
able recognition in the Customs
regulations of the exporting
countries. Some of those countries
have made a practical acknowledg
ment of the favors, and others are
preparing to do so, but there are
still others which have not yet been
heard from in the nialier, and
which show no inclination to meet
the requirements. Wi.h the latter
the president now proposes to deal.
'These countries are Ausiro-
Ilunga'-y, Spain (for the Philippine
Islands). Coliiinoia, Hayti, Nicara
gua Honduras and Vetiezi ela.
The delinquent countries have
been notified by Secretary IJlainel
that on the liilh of March, unless
they meet us half way in the mat-
. e e n
ier or concessions, ine lavors win i
be withdrawn in their case. The!
notification is formal and unequiv-J
ocal. There is no room for mis
understanding in the matter, and !
the countries concerned know pre
cisely how the situation stands.
The president's action in this
emergency is dictated by con
siderations of sound public policy
as well as demanded by the law. A
failure to resort to it would give of
fense to the nations which have met
the conditions of'lhe law and ren
der them restive under the arrange
ment. They would not be able to
see the justice or the fairness of re
quiring concessions .from them
which were not extorted from their
competitors. Naturally they would
consider the concessions which
they paid for dear when their
rivals were furnished them for
nothing. They would be thus
placed at a disadvantage, and
would be impelled to seek a release
from the compact. Thus the com
mercial relations between those
countries and ours would be de
ranged and disordered, exporters
and importers be injured, and the
general public ultimately would
suffer: To be sure the imposition
of duties on the articles made free
will also introduce an element of
disturbance and uncertainty into
the market, which will be disagree
able, and, in some degree, hurtful
for the time, Some of the countries,
however, against which the presi
dent proposes to enforce the law
will undoubtedly take steps to
comply with the requirements be-
fore the period of grace expires.
and all of them are likely to do so
ultimately. It is to the interest of
all those countries to maintain as
good terms with us as are enjoyed
by their neighbors, and the action
of our authorities will bring them
to a realizing sense of this fact.
The following- circular, lately
sent to clothing- manufacturers
throughout the country, sufficiently
explains itself:
We present on the opposite sheet
a cut of our mill at Bristol, Pa,
From this mill, when in England
we supplying the trade with the
highest standard quality of
medium-priced worsted suitings
for men's wear.
The new tariff legislation ren
dered it impossible to manufacture
these goods in England, unless a
reduction was made in quality and
weight. We have therefore trans
ferred this plant from liradford,
Kngland, to Jiristol, Pa., where it
will be operated by the same skill
and expert management as abroad.
Kvery process of manufacture
from the raw material to the fin
ished goods will be carried on in
this great mill; the same kinds of
wool will be used, and we will
guarantee these goods to be up to
their previous standard of weight,
width and quality, without any ad
vance in prices over former rates
for the same class of goods.
It has required all of the past
year to transfer this great plant to
America, which has made it almost
impossible to execute promptly the
large orders placed with us for the
light-weight season.
We thank our friends in the trade
for their indulgence, and assure
them we are now aide to furnish
goods which will compensate them
for the inconvenience they have
suffered during this change.
If you who read this are. a
brown cotmtrj' lass, and should
find that your fate leads you to the
city, carry with you all that you
have learned in the years of child
hood and maidenhood on the old
farm, writes Maud Howe in a good
article on '-Country Maids and Citr
Wives" in February The Ladies
Home Journal. You will need it all
in the feverish city; the memory of
sk' and upland, the smell of the
J clove", the hum of the bees, the
j taste of the new milk, the breath of
; the kiue, the strength which milk
ing ami butter-making have given
:you, the knowledge of nature's
(secrets; which lilac leaves
; out first, .which oak is last stripped
of its foliage, where the ground
sparrow hides her nest, when the
blackberries are fit to make into
jam! Hring the simple, healthy
habits of early rising, of energetic
work, of out-door exercise to your
i city home, for you will need them
now more than ever befDre. Thev
j will help 3 0U in gaining an under
i standing of the best things city life
can give you, the broader experi
ence of men and ideas, the love of
art, the appreciation of literattire.
No matter low rich 3011 may be
come, never be wasteful.
IX case of war with Chili Gover
nor Boies, of Iowa, offers to furnish
2G,CC3 men equipped and ready to
start for the seat of war inside of
twentj'-four hours after he receives
the news.
Remember Friday, the 22nd. The
spelling bee at the basement of the
Presbyterian church. 4t
The ladies of the Presbyterian
church will give a spelling social
on next Friday evening the 22nd, in
the basement of the ehnrch. Ad
mission 10 cents. A lunch will be
served after spelling. A cordial
invitation is extended to all. it
Money to Loan
At the regular meeting of the Lav
ington Loan & Building associa
tion lhursday, January 21.
Henky Geking, Sec'y.
D. B. Smith, Pres. 3
Estrayed or Stolen.
A hornless, white cow with a few
red spots on tide anybody knowing
tne wnereaDouts 01 such a cow will
please inform 3t
Con Coffey.
Shiloh's catarrh remedy a posi
itive cure Catarrh, Diphtheria and
Canker mouth. For sale by F. G.
Fricke& Co.
That Hacking Cough can so quick
ly cured Dy aniion a cure. We
guarantee it, For Sale by E. G.
Fncke and O II Snyder 1
La Grippe.
No healthy person need fear any
dangerous consequences irom an
attack of la grippe if properly
ireaiea. it is mucn me same as a
severe cold and requires precisely
the same treatment. Remain quiet
ly at nome ana tane Liiatnberlain a
Cough Remedy as directed for a se
vere cold and a prompt and com
plete recovery is sure to follow.
This remedy also counteracts any
tendency of la grippe to result in
pneumonia. Among the many
thousands who have used it during
the epidemics of the past two years
we have yet to learn of a single
case that has not recovered or that
has resulted in pneumonia. 25 and
50 cent bottles for sale by F. G.
Fricke & Co.
Miles Nerve and Liver Pills.
Act on a new principle regulat
ing the liver, stomach and bowels
through the nervs. A new di scovery
Dr. Miles' Pills speelily cure biliou
sness bad taste, torpid liver, piles
constipation. Unequaled for men
women, children, smallest, mildest
surest! 50 doses, 25c. Samples
free at F. G. Fricke & Co's.
With Am bora.
The dee, ioul In the violins plead strong,
Pleml fining and piuHioiii'U-ly ; Schumann's
Thrilled In their hearts, and Ambera's and
mi no I
How the soft pulwing of tlio harmony
H rough!, in our lieurU and drew our bands to
cilierl Her IukIk-a drooprd: a faint fl.imo on her
cli ek ... 1
Glowed like h tr. pic s MI, nt . ' '
A ilii'tliond flickered b '
Aiui'iitf H e 1 links u1 E .
Tun oil-towartl 1 . '
lovo I . '
Wire kii tlnir wl , (. -
And sung 10 11s m - 'J , t -
I'm m-uiest vioiin afl.Tve iFiCtivt
A iie n i'i npl, an alio and ii seemed
A j 1 Hi lling spirit 8traed a lit tit- Bpaco
,Fr in ih- gieal harmony, yet culling to It,
And c iniMnir i enr and 'conn any it.
..lonely, i weet v-ico wandeiing in the air.
And m I en the HoihI of L-liuuiiiiin'ii eoul was
1 said. "ly darling Ambera, in the wor'd
Tin-retire two prricct thing, no more than
I wo
And lliey urn wntiui n's love and music's joy!"
Tims Mo so 1 ('-1111, in the I'lifinopiilitiin.
Charles U. Iiii.ih. ruler and potentate
of tiie UiirUliin; firm of Bush, Merrill
& Co., had advertised for a tiew type
writer, aud Mrs. Charles IS. Buah.
supreme ruler and potentate of the
aforementioned ruler and potentate,
was 011 lenter hooks accordiuly.
Now, there is something rather ple
beiau and vu' ar about jealousy, even
at the best, but jealousy promiscuously
indulged iu, and without respect of
persons, is taut pis, as the French say.
But if Mrs. Bush held absolute aud
despotic sway under her own roof tree
there were other places where she felt
that the potent voice of her authority
must of necessity be dumb, and such a
place was the tlourishinsr warehouse of
Bush, Merrill & Co. If Bush, Merrill
& Co. thought best to employ a temale
typewriter Mrs. Bush found that she
iiiut "possess her soul in patience,"
even though it cost her a pang. If
this female typewriter should turn out
to be young and pretty. Mrs. Bush saw
the necessity of still submitting to the
inevitable, with at least outward com
posure, though it cost her another paug
evu more intense than the former.
There was ouly oue bright spot in
Mrs. Bush's somber thoughts that
morning, aud that was that she was
momentarily expecting the arrival of
a favorite niece of hers, Miss Janet
Wells, who was coming in response to
an oft repeated and cordial invitation
to make her a visit. Miss Wells had
been educated abroad and had lived
for the last ten years of her life in
Dresden, and so it had come to pass
that Mrs. Bush had not set eyes on her
niece since her marriage with the sen
ior member of Bush, Merrill & Co.
When at lust the cab had rumbled
up to the front door and her aunt had
piloted Janet to her room, where the
outer coating of soot and grime at
tendant ou the long railroad journey
was duly removed from that young
lady's fair exterior, Mrs. Bush felt that
the responsibilities connected with her
position of hostess had been accom
plished and. throwing her arms about
Janet's neck, her overburdened heart
found expression in a. torrent of hys
terical sobs.
"Dear, dear auutie, what is the mat
ter?" exclaimed the surprised girl,
meanwhile drawing Mrs. Bush down
upon the lounge beside her and placing
a protecting and comforting arm about
the weeping matron's waist.
And then Mrs. Bush told her all.
'She will be beautiful, Janet!" ex
claimed Mrs. Bush. "The other was
pretty, but not pretty enough; so she
was discharged. There will be no
mistake made this time the new one
will be beautiful, I tell you!''
But then," remonstrated the girl,
' Uuele John may never give her a
thought outside of a business way."
''Outside of a business wav!" re
peated her aunt; "that's just it! Every
thing he does will be dictated purely
by the requirements of his business.
He can flirt with her all day long in
his private office, and still it will be
set down to a pressure of correspond
ence. Oh. I'd give almost anything if
I could watch him just for one dav and
see what really goes on in that inner
office when the" door is closed!"
You can!" said Janet after a mo
ment's silence,during which a brilliant
scheme had been gradually formulat
ing in her active brain. "Am I pretty
enough for a typewriter, auntie?"
"What do you mean. Janet?11 said
her aunt, staring in blank amazement.
"I mean auntie," said the girl, as
she rose to her feet and began putting
on her jaunty little traveling hat,
"that I intend to apply for the position
of typewriter to the firm of Bush, Mer
rill & Co."
"Never. Janet! I will not let yon!"
"But you cannot help yourself,
auntie, dear,"' said Janet, with a de
cided little toss of her pretty head. "I
am going to do it! You will never be
happy until' you know the truth in
some way. Uncle John will not know
me, as tie has never seen me. and if he
hires me I can tell you faithfully what
goes on in that inner office.
"The only question is whether I can
get the position or not."
"No fear of that." said Mrs. Bush,
with a little shrug of her shoulders as
her eyes rested on the exquisitely pro
portioned figure and the aristocratic
face of her niece. "You'll be hired
fast enough. But can you run the
typewriter. Janet?"
" "I ought to be able to." answered
Janet with a smile of assurance, "since
I've done all father's amanuensis work
with it for the last six years. I'm an
expert, auntie!"
"Then you'll suit, said Mrs. Bush
with a half sigh. "But what shall we
tell John when he meets yon here and
tincia it nntP" .
continued on Third Page.
We invoice February 1st and we find ourselves overstocked 011 some
lines of gooels which wuit be reduced
: il 1 ' v
ii vc in .1
e a
36 jnch wool plaid former pric
50c now 33c t.
30 inch camel hair plaid-goat
regular 0.c goods.
40 inch home spun now 48 cents u -
duced from 0." cents.
40 inch habit cloth flaiiiu Is regular
GOet now 42 cents.
30 inch dress flannel 1-a few o. Id
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35 cent goods.
We have too many Ladies swiss rib
bed vests and pants in M.ilhrig
gan and Natural goods that re
tail everywhere at 50 and cis
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Ladies srarlet vests and pants reg
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Childretis underwear at 20 percent
Ladies and childrens wool hose a
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At 20 Percent,
111 goods aiarhwd in
do as W3
J x
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Home Magazine
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Harper's Weekly
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4 80
501 Vine Street.
Everything to Furnish Your
Having purchased the J. V. "Weckbach store room on south
Main street where lam now located can sell goods cheap
er than the cheapest having ju-t put in the largest stock
of new goods ever brought to the city. Gasoline store
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F Q F2I25 G2
A Fall and
Drugs, Medicines,
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded at all Hours.
t of goods
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Complete Use of
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. "l.'IVC