The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, January 09, 1892, Image 1

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    ure, I
H' ind J
Absolutely Pure.
A cream of tartar baking )owder
Highest of all in leaveninir strength
Latent U. S. Government food re
pott. BUKLISOTON & UlSSOUItl ItlVEIi It. It.
No. 2 5 : 05 P St.
No. 4 lu ii .
No. 8. 7 ; 44 p. lu
No. 10 0 : 45 i. lu
No. 12 10 :14 a. n
No. 20 ..8:30 a. n
No i a :45 a. in.
No. . 5 ::& p m
Xu.i, 9 :0. tt. Ill
wo. T T -15 a. in.
No. J 6 :25 p, HI.
No. 11 5 :5 p. in,
o. 19 1 1 :05 a. m.
No. WM Accomodation leaven..
No.3X'i arrivrs..
Trains daily except Sunday
...10:55a. m.
.. . 4 ;00 p. in.
A. N.
Attorney at-1 -aw. Will giv prompt attention
to all tiuineiH entrusted to him. Office Id
Union block. East Hide. Flattt-moutb. Neb.
Ko. 47 Meet every Wednecday evening
at tbeir h-ll In Farniele & Craifr block. All vi
itlnu knights are cordially inv.ted to attend
II. K. GnfUili. C. C. ; tin Dovey. K. K. S.
AO, U.
W. No. 84 Meets eecond and iourth
Friday veninirs in the month at O. A. K.
hall in Uockwood block, M. Vondran, M W,
F, F.Brown, Kecorder,
CASS LODGE. No. 146.1. O. O. F. meets ev
ery Tuesday night at their hall in Fitzgerald
block. All Odd FellowD are cordially invited
o attend when visiting in the city. Chris Pet
eren.N. G. ; S. F, Ocborn, Secretary.
ROYAL AKUANAM Crttf Coineil No 1021.
Meet at the K, of P hall in the Parmele &
Crate block over isenneit & Tutts, visiring
brethren invited. Henry Gerlng, Kegent ;
Thos Walling, Secretary.
a o IT. W R. Meeis first and third
eve-jinirH of each mouth at G. A. It.
in fiockuook Mock. Frank Vernillyea, M, V.
D, E. Euersole, Kecorder.
TSEGKEE OF HON )K, meets second and
' fourth Thursdays of each inonth inl.O.
0.9?" hall in Kitzp-rald bl. ck. Mrs. F. Boyd,
Lady of Honor ; Belle Vermylea, recorder.
XT K.McConihie Pot No. 45 meets every
Satur :ay evoninjr at 7 : 30 in 'heir Hall in
Rockwood block All vlsitintr comrades are
cordially invited to - en with us. Fred Kntes,
Pot Adjniant ; G. F. Niles. Post. Commadder.
OttDKK OF THE WORLD, Meets at 7 : SO
every Mrnnav evening at the Grand Army
hall. A. F. Groom, president, Thos Walling,
CASs CAMP No. 352 M. W. A. meet every
second and Fourth Monday evnings in
Fitzgerald ha.l. Visiting neighbors welcome.
P. C. M;ineu, V. C. : P. nerteubereer, W. A..
S. C. Wilde. Clerk.
Catholic St. Paul's Church, ak. between
Fifth and Sixth. Father Carney, Pastor
Services : Miss at S and in :30 a. m. Sunday
School at 2 :3, with benediction.
Christian. Corner L.wust and Fighth Sts.
Servlc-s moriiing 8tid tvei H2. Llder A.
Galloway pastor. Sunday Sct:ool 10 a. m.
Episcopal. st. Luke's Churcli, corner Tnird
and Vine, l.'ev. 11 15. Burgess, pastor. Ser
vices :11a.m. ai-d 7 :30P. M. Sunday School
St? :30 P. M.
German' Method i t. earner Sixth St and
Granite. Kev. llirt. I'astor. Services : 11 A. n.
and 7 :30 P. M. Sunday School 10 :30 A. M.
PbesbvtfbiaK. services in new chnrch. cor
ner Sixth and Gniuite sts. Kev. J. T. ItaireJ,
pator. Snndav-sci ool at 9 ;3e ; Preaching
at 11 a. m.tid 8 p. in.
The . K. S. C. E of this church meets every
Sabbath evening at 7 :15 in the basement of
the chucrh. All are invited to attend these
First Methodist. Sixth St.. betwen Main
and Pearl. Kev. L. F. Britt. 1. I), pastor.
Services : 11 a. m :oo y. i. puiiuav acnooi
German Presbyterian. Corner Main and
Ninth. Kev. Wltte. pastor. Services usual
' hours. Sunday s-chool 9 UiO A. m.
Fweedhh Conoreoatiojjau Granite, be
tween Fifth and Sixth.
Colored Baptist. Mt. Olive, oak. between
Tenth and Eleventh. Kev. A. Boswell, pas
tor. Services 11 a. m. and 7 :30 p. m. Prayer
meetinc Wednesday evening.
Yocno Men's CiuuvriAK Association
Booms in Waterman block. Main street. Gos
pel meeting, for meu only, every Sunday af
ternoon at 4 o'clock. Koonis open week days
from 8:30 a. in.. t6 9:30 p.m.
"M" Wod, l a-stor. Services : Sunday School,
. 10 a. in.: Preaching. 11 s. m. and 8 p. in.;
orayer meeting Tuesday night; choir prac
lice Friday night. All are welcome.
Millinery and dressmaking at
Tucker Sisters', in Sherwood block.
, Notice to Water Consumers.
All rents will be due January 1.
Water consumers not wishing con
tinuance must give proper notice.
VVhy will you cough when Shi
ioh's cure will give immediate re
lief. Price 10 cts., 50 cts. and $1.
For sale by F. G. Fricke & Cc
For the Nebraska Soldiers Re-union
at Nebraska City Jan. 12 to 14
JtheM. P, Ry-. wil1 8el1 round trip
'r 'lan'T 15 at $1.10. tf
Real Estate Transfer.
Following are the real estate
transfers compiled ly Polk Bros.,
abstracters and publishers of the
Daily Report:
J. V. Ouackenbtish and wife to W.
E. Graddy, w. d. real estate and
$1, lots 251 and 27)2, Greenwood.
J. W. Smith ami wife to Ellen
Preston, w. d., $000, lot 11, block 1,
Chas. 1 1, leale to U. If. Norris, w. d.
$3.5:. w'i ofsw'j IS) and e'i of
seU :) 12-0.
Win. Oscar H. Goodwin to J. W.
Craig, w. d. $1,000, lot:?, block S,
Plattsiuoutii; lot:?, block 1, Dotie
lan's addition to Plattsmouth.
Benj. R. Ilcnrson to II. W. Stearns,
w. d. $l,;0O, lot 11, block 138, Platts
moiitii. Win. Barnes and wife to M. II. Gil
bert, w. d. $:)0, lot 8, block 08,
Weeping Water.
Rebecca Carroll and husband to
Thos. Standley, w. d. $1CJ, pt swi4
of se4 20-12-0.
Thos. Standley and wife to Geo.
Estos, w. d. $2C'J, pt 8w'4 of se'4
J. II. He! lows to M. O. Wood, re
lease, s'.' of sv!4 31-11-9 and n'2
of nwi4 3-10-9.
Lombard Investment Co. to same,
release, same desc.
A. L. Muiijjer to Chas. A. Murray,
w. d $12.), lot 6, block 2, Alvo.
U. S. to W. H. Boobe, copy of patent,
seit of se4 15, ne'4 f lie4 and
nw'4 of nwi,4 23-10-11.
Same to same, copy of patent, e'- of
swi4 and swU of se4 14-10-11.
Same to same, cop3r of patent, e-of
nw4 and sw4 of 11WI4 23-10-11.
Same to same, copy of patent, woof
swU 14 and ne4 of seU 15-10 11.
Same to G. W. Norton et al, copy of
patent, nw4 22-10-11.
Same to same, copy of patent, swi4
C. II. Parmele and wife to J. V.
Carnes, w. d. $800, lota 633-1339 and
090, Greenwood.
. it -1 ; r - a t",.. 1
u. i-t. rill Hirer aiiu wut iu odiimci
Calmer, w. d. $150. lot 10, black 2,
Thompson Fulton to Wm. Roles
and wife, release, eo se'4 6-11-9.
E. M. Smith and wife to R. B. Wal
lace, w. d. $125, lot 14, block 5,
Lynn's Add. to Union.
E. J. Norton and wife to R. B. Wal
lace, w. d. $55, lot 15, block 5, Lynn's
Add. to Union.
Joshua Lynn and wife to R. B. Wal
lace, w. d. $15, und'o 12-13,
block 3, Lynn's Add. to Union.
Lucjr S. Root and husband to II. II
Jetfern, w. d. $1,400, lot 5, bio ;k 97,
lot 8, block 90, Weeping Water, lots
7-8, block 4, Carter's Add. to Weep
inp; Water.
Geo. II. McCain and wife to 5. Bul
lish, w. d. $250, pt lot 10, block 2,
Chas. Kuakie and wife to Peter
Ruetec, w. d. $1,000, eU of nw
S. G. Boenrief to Sarah""J. James,
w. d. $130, lots 8-9, block 5, Klm
wood. Sarah J. James to James Durbin,
w. a. $loO, same aesc.
John A. Hagee and wife to George
llagee, w. d. $3,000, uy2 of se4
B. A. Gibson to L. Wrilson, release,
pt v: of iiwV4 33-11-10.
Edwin Jeary and wife to James
Rivett Jr., w. d. $300, undi lots 10
11, block 1 and und1 lot 11, block
2, Alvo.
B. S. Thompson to Clark, Howard &
Wrirht, release, se4 of nwi
T. II. Howard et al to Byron
q. c. d. $1, same desc.
We will sell lamps for net cost for
Ike next thirtj' days. I. B. Murphy
& Co. tf
Bushnell's extra will leave Platts-
mouth for Omaha about two o'clock
p. m. This train leaves here every
day except Sunday and will accom
modate passengers.
A. E.
Reinhackel returned last
eveni,ltr from
a ten days' visit in
Minneapolis and St. Paul.
Commissioners' Proceedings.
PLATTS.MOUTH, Jan. 5, '92.
Hoard met pursuent to adjourn
ment; preeent, A. li. Todd, A. C.
Loder and Jacob Tritsch, county
commissioners, and Bird Critch
field, county clerk, when tne follow
ing business was transacted in reg
ular form:
Overseers: Sam'l Cashner, dis
trict 29; A. Sutton, district 48; C. T.
Richards, district S; David Albin,
district 40; S. Lonuf, district 1"; I.
: H. Williams, district ;13. Charles S.
j Twiss, assessor, Third ward, Platts-
mouth; H. J. Kdson, constable, Tip-
ton; Jos. Wilde, justice of the
I peace.
Action in regard to the accept
ance of the public road jriven by
the I. P. li. li. Co (O. S. branch) in
lieu of road No. 213 taken by said
roatl, was ordered as follows:
Ordered that the same be accepted
except that part near Allen Bee
son's residence, which must be
graded wider.
Wi'idmaii & I'.reckenle d
Win Tiglie. g'dng pris, etc
.$ 18 45
. 3.J1 25
. 74 0"
. 74 00
. 74 00
. 74 00
John 1 iuhe, baili IPs fees
1 Ford Murk in, fame....
Ira Searles, sa'ne
Ed Fitzgerald, same
Gcrxr- & Emmons, mdsv to poor 2 15
C C Parmele, e p acct 28 fiO
Bank of Cass County, rent treas's office.. 210 00
Neb Tel "o. rental SO 95
E G Dovey & Son, ii'dse to county 44 20
LeliuliotT I'ros, stationery C 00
D A l ainpbell. Neb reports .. 17 50
Mrs Ul tck, rent en judge's office 30 00
A B Kiki tg, piinting SO 00
C E Wescott. cl thing for paupers 2 00
P I) Bate , sut court house 81 01
Co trea-urer. redemption of taxes G A li
Weeping 46 25
A C Mayes, surveying dif h 10 15
Lon 'f odd wood to poor hom-e 24 00
Leach & Feck, team to coininrs. 2 00
J i! F.ikenbary, k'g p or hou e, less rent. 137 45
W J hiie. coal to 1 nice 69 4
w n .vuietts ting no e on cou t house...
30 00
22 60
I 8
Same frame for court house; clock.
1 A Chuk. mde to county 9 55
Win llerold & Sou, nidse to county 8 58
St-ite Journal Co, st tion ry 5 00
Omaha Print! g Co. stationery 54 75
Simon Cl.irk, work on ro d dist 4 ... 5 00
C I) Dundas & Son, bridges 674 -45
M W Morgan, deposit on road returned.. 20 Oo
II E Fankoiiin, spikes 3 75
Board adjourned till to-morrow.
January, 0, 1892.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment; present, A. B. Todd, A. C.
Loder and Jacob Tritsch, county
commissioners, and Bird Critcli
field, county clerk.
This being the last day of the
term of office of Commissioner
Todd and Clerk Critchfield, it was
ordered that all business under
consideration by the board be
brought to a close as for as possi
ble before the new board is organ
ized to-morrow.
Plattsmouth GsCoGaa consumed $ 13 65
Stan -er Brosmise to poor $ 32 00
H A Waterman & Son lu ber 47 60
A n- Loder snl am' expense 75 90
Jacob Tritsch sal and exbense 97 90
A Todd sal n expense . 86 50
i'd Crltchfleld sal andjexprnse 179 00
II I ' ravi salary 250 00
Sou h n tte l umber Cn lumber 8 32
C l D'indas Son building bridges 970 75
Miiney Bros Alvo Iumlier. refused
Board adjourned till January 7,
county clerk.
The Burglar.
it is a positive lact tnat more
ladies and children have been enter
tained and delighted with "The
Burglar" than with any other play
of recent yeaas. This is but natur
al, for not alone is The "Burglar"
of a decidly healthy tone but com
bines all the sentimental qualities
which never fail to win an audience.
The character of little Edditha is so
beautifully and charmingly con
cevived that even men feel as if they
wnuld like to stand upon the stage
for a moment fust to hug her.
You can not afford to miss seeing
this play next Saturdsj' night.
No. &4 A. O. U. W.
At the regular meeting of No. 84
A. O. U. W. last evening, after initi
ating a candidate into the mysteries
of the order, the following ofiicers
were installed by Past Master
Workman Frank Morgan:
P. M. W. C. W. Sherman.
M. W.--M. Vondrou.
Foreman Richard Ilines.
Overseer A. F. Groom.
Recorder F. P. Brown.
Financier D. C. Morgan.
Receiver Geo. F. Ilouseworth.
Guide Wm. Jaquette.
I. W. Frank Jaquette.
O. W. Chas. Rydberg.
Trustee A. C. Murraj-.
A new time card goes into effect
to-morrow, the only change, how
ever, being No. 20, the stub, which
has been leaving here for the Junc
tion 'at 8:30 a. m. will now go at 8:15.
Mike Sampson is down sick with
No. 5 was two hours late again
this morning.
Councilman W. L. Browne was in
Omaha on business to-day.
Prof. Ilalsey, of the high school
was in the metropolis to-da
The pay car arrived this morning
and left its usual amount of checks
Mrs. Kate Oliver and daughter
Maggie and Miss Kew were Omaha
passengers this morning.
There will be but one mass to
morrow at St- John's church ami
that at half past eight o'clock.
Miss May Richey who is attend
ing school at Fremont came home
last evening to spend Sunday with
In police court this morning in
the case of Neville vs. Billstein,
Judge Archer rendered a verdict
in favor of Neville lor $(K) for rent.
Joe Klein has been - suffering for
the past few days with one of Job's
pets on his back of the neck, but he
is out again attending to business.
Mrs. G. W. Colvin, who has been
visiting witli the family of Edwin
Davis, for some time past returned
to her home in Arapahoe, Nebraska
this morning,
II. C. McMaken left on No. 5 this
morning for Spring: eld, where he
will inspect the G. A. R. post this
afternoon, after which he goes to
Papillion to muster in a post.
Jones & Fitzgerald sent two teams
to Oreapolis this morning to move
three car loads of grading imple
ments for Templeton & Morrow,
the contractors on the Missouri
Pacilic bridge, from Oreapolis to
the bridge site.
Howard Shryock who has been
here from the east for some time
the guests of his uncle, Thos. Shry
ock, left Tuesday for Plattsmouth
where he has accepted a position
in Julius Pepperberg's cigar fac
tory. Louisville Journal.
Mrs. S. E. Clapp, of Omaha, will
give the sacred Canta "Jephtal and
His Daughter" in this city on the
23rd of January and she will meet
the singers of the city at the Odd
Fellows Hall over the First Nation
al Bank next Monday evening at 7:30
for the first rehersal.
Thirty-Fifth Anniversary.
On the 25th day of December 1850,
Joshua Gapen came to Nebraska
and located on hi farm five miles
south of this city. On January 8th
1857 he was married to the lady
who is now Mrs. Gapen and as
yesterday was their thirty-fifth an
niversary their friends and
neighbors planned a surptise.
Yesterday at noon there assembled
about twenty-five couple at the com
modius residence, bri aging with
them baskets well filled with things
good to eat. The invaders took pos
session of the house and set the ta
bles for dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. Gapen were the re
cipients of a fine set of silverware,
consisting of knives, forks, cake
basket, castor, spoons, etc. At a
late hour in the afternoon the as
semblage disban led and returned
to their respective homes, wishing
Mr. and Mrs. Gapen that they
might live to enjoy thirty-five more
anniversaries. Following are a list
ot those present:
Messrs. and Mesdames A. B
Taylor, Stephen Wriles, Isaac Wiles,
Anderson Root, Jas. Walker, Henry
Eikenbary, Nelson Jean, Chas. Jean,
Wm. Snyder, Henry Snyder, Win
Gilmour, R. Dean, Mr. Amick. J. C
Eikenbary, F. Young, Jr., F. Young,
Sr., D. Young, Emmet Countryman,
Sam Gapen, of Geneva, Nebraska;
Wr. J. Hesser, Wilber Cole, Henry
Boeck, John Holmes and Geo. Sny
der. In the evening a large party
of young people assembled at their
home and spent a very enjoyable
For some time past F II. Ellen
baum has been missing cattle out
of his feed j-ards and has been on
the lookout fjr the cause of it. Last
evening he caused a search warrant
to be sworn out to search the meat
market of R. Bilstein for the hides,
but failed to find them. This morn
ing he caused another warrant to
be sworn out to search Mr. Bill-
etein's house and cellar. Last eve
ning lie replevinea tne beet that
Billstein had in his shop and the
sheriff took it at 9 o'clock. The
trial will come up next Friday. Mr.
Ellenbaum claims that one of his
men found the head of one of his
cattle at Billstein's slaughterhouse
the other day and he now has it in
his possession.
K Stiinilqor foi
While we appreciate
the large amount of trade we
still desire to increase our
and have completed arrangement in which we have secured large quan
tities, at lirst hands, of the celebrated
""-pJgers7solFd'Vi(I5 ivim K'AfEWAE---
at such prices that we propose to give them to our many customers be
lieving that we sdiall increase our trade, iis our customers appreciate the
fact thai we are spending the money ve set aside for advertising piirpo
es by returning it to them, believing they will -appreciate the gilts and
tell their friends, and thereby increase our trade.
EVERY Cash purchase to the amount of $5 entitles the purchaser !
either a Roger's Solid Silver Metal Butter Knife or Sugar Shell ho14
by Jewelery at $1.00.
EVERY Cash purchase to the amount of $15 entitles the purchaser to
set (0) of Roger's Solid Nickel Tea Spoons, sold by Jewelers at $2.0
EVERY Cash purchase to the amount of $25 entitles the purchaser to m
set (0) of Roger's solid Nickel Dessert Spoons, sold by Jewelers at
EVERY Cash purchaser to the amount of $30 entitles the purchaser to
set (0) of Rogers' Solid Nickel Table spoons or a set of Solid Nicke!
Forks, or a set ot Tripple plated Knives, sold by Jewelers at $4.00.
ERE is what the manufacturer says in regard to Solid Silver Met
al goods and Solid Nickel Silverware: "There has been a grow
ing demand for years for a grade of Spoons and Forks to take
tjTJ-A the place of Solid silver and
for some time to attain this end, and are now able to offer the public our
Rogers' Metal and Rogers' Solid Nickel Silver. We guarantee this metal
superior to any Nickel Silver manufactured and have the greatest confi
dence in assuring our customers that this ware is inferior to service on
ly to solid silver. It is a beautiful white color, is highly polished an4
can hardly lie distinguished from pure silver. We recommend this ware
especially for hotels, restaurants and boarding houses, as it will stand
more hard usage than any other metal; is very tough and hard; will hold
its color and will outwear any plateware ever manufactured." All our
customers know Rogers' ware by reputation. This firm have manufac
tured plated ware since 1805, and their name is never put on g oils that
are not of a high grade, so our customer can rest assured that they are
getting some very- desirable goods when they get goods under theii
brand. Come in early and secure a share of these goods before it is tow
Wc Qtiqi'ciqfec otii Ibices o bo lto?csiid
1ig Goiijciioi.
415 Main Street,
QQf) ACRES of Colora 3o land for sale or trade for Plattsmouth real-V-y
estate or for merchandise of any kind. This is a bargain for
some one; the land is Al. For further particulars call on or addresa
THE HERALD, Plattsmouth, Neb.
F. G. Fricke & Co., Druggists &
I'liarmacists, union lilock, Platts
mouth, Neb. desire to inform the
public, that they are agents, for
the most successful preparation
that!nas yet been produced for
coughs, colds and croup. It will
loosen and releave a severe cold in
lets time than any other treatment.
The article referred too is Chamer
lain's Caugh remeby. It is a medi
cine that has won fame and popular
ity on it's merits and one that can
always be depended upon. It is
the only known remedy that will
prevent croup. It must be tried to
be oppreciated. It is put up in 50
cent and $1 bottles.
The ladies of the W. C. T. U. will
give an entertainment consisting
of recitations and vocal music by
some of the choirs and young peo
ple of the city. The place and pro
gram will be published next week.
You are sure to be well entertained
Remember the date, Thursday eve
ning January 14.
J. H. Haldeman, the Weeping at
torney was in the city to-day at
tending to professional business.
Cqsl'j TiUdc o
ire favored with, we
plate ware. We have experimented
In the best grades of
Plattsmouth, Neb
The Leading
Constantly keeps on hand everythin
you need to furnish your house.
Plaits mout - Neb
For abstracts of title at reason
able rates, go to J. M. Ley da, Union
block. (f