The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, December 30, 1891, Image 1

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That the Royal Baking Powder is the oldest
I and purest baking powder, and the greatest
' i in leavening strength.
.Vrhat it is free from every injurious substance.
That it makes lighter;' sweeter, more nutritious
and healthful food than any otner.
The Royal .Baking Powder Company refines its
'own cream of tartar in its own mammoth re
finery, and thus insures its unvarying quality.
There U used in the manufacture of the Royal Baking
Powder more thr.n half of all the cream of tartar consumed
in the United State for all purpose!. Thi is required
and must be chemically pure, and chemically pure cream
of tartar could not be obtained in the markets of this coun
try or Europe, which ncceisitated the b"illing of special
works, and the employment of special processes.
All other baking powders, when analyzed, show
traces of lime and sulphuric acid, which arise
from the impurities of the materials bought
in the market, which their manufacturers use.
This" is why the Royal Baking Powder is the
only absolutely pure baking powder made.
Don't Ruffla u "W-"''.
I Chill, lewar I .,
Our vneratili"nple Sum "
In alow to wralh, but whrn he (tarts
Out on (lie walnut ti
It takn a coutlunut t'i bold bin I
Hfl careful Imw you g"t
Hli riamW tip.
'Tli iiIib a lull trip around tlie Horn
To got in K'"n r"ltlo (or a kick
At you. but If h lliuli rUka tbn trip,
IIi'MI Kt lliern I
And mark jrou. ( till ,
Tlie l a bird a larva. touKh, healthy bird
That hiti brim known to Ity
from WanlilnK'on to Africa
And come, back I amp with b tli his talona full
Of wool.
It woul o t lake him very long to inaka
A flyli.K viilt anywhere
In Mouth AiB lira..
Ile'a tutrmiaaa If lie'i let alone, kutdoa't
'throw Inn' at III in
Or poke him wlib wtih ynur can, tor then
llnS dangeroui. llila touch alii (owl atlll
Upon the, (lat-ol't tupmoat end.
Ilelow him ware the Start and Htrlpei.
Wec.llhlin. till I,
The American
I KnKle, And
V u'd belter
Mil atlr
I film
-Chlenfo Tribune,
attorney at-Uw. Will rlva prompt attenttoa
So all biwlDwa entnufd to him. Offloa In
Valoa aiora, r.aei nide, i'iaiUiuuulB, fiob.
jlUttTSr PYTIIU". Oauntlet UmIk.
io 47 a i-eiarrnrr Wednroilay availing
Sirtflr haltA Pamieie CralK hlix-k. All Tia
King knlrhta are eotdlaily Invited to attend
V. U Hanvliall. 0. 0. ( Ua lKvy, K, K. H.
AO, V. W. No. H-Mt aeeond and fourth
Vrlitav avrnlnva In the month at t. A K.
K. i, morgan. M n,
fcalltn R'.-k"t blnrk
V, r, brown, Keourder,
f -ROYAl. ftCAJUM-C! CoonHI
. V' M.t afil.e K.ot F. hall In the P
'flrllirfn Inrfffd. Ht-ary
. 1 boi Walling, Hecreturit,
Ko 1021.
Parmde 4l
lulla, -Tlalrlng
Harold, Krgeut ;
Following la lh Menu for th
Yaar'a Dlnnar at tha Hotal
Jerry Farthing In Ix)uiville
O. II. Snyd.-r hud Liminens) in the
metropolis to-day.
Trcamirrr-ilfit L. C. Eitkboff in
in the city to duy.
Win. KiiMinuwMin left on No. 5 this
morning for Oniiihu.
Clin. Grave", of the Union Evil
ger, i in the city ti-iluy.
Chan. WickcrMhnm ix in lilnir,
Neb., to-day on liiMincHH.'
W. J. Koon, the jiliotornplur,
was in Oiiiulia I.iMt niK"t.
A. II. lute anil Joe Klein were
in Oniiihu on I'liwiiicHH today.
Rev. Dr. Ilritt wiih n iinHHcngrr on
no. 3 lor tlie ttrfct tins mrrin";.
II. A. ?Icr.l wiitn mid mother were
jiaHHcniTH for Oinulin tlim morn
Hon. J. M. PiiMiTKon nud Com
niiHHioner A. II. Totbl were in I. in
coin to-day.
Mrn. Win. Winn left for HillHlioro,
kfexaH, tli it morning for a v i m i t with
hT dniiKhter.
Mlwa Ollie Iloyd Htartitl lor OtxT
lin, KniiHait, thin morning on No. I
to njiend the winter.
Mth. II. N. Ix)vcrin of Pacific
Junction cntne over laxt evening to
uttend tlie"l. K." iJuiirtette.
George and Ket Oootlell tf Glen
wood, Iowa, wero in the city, the
KiieMlH of r, 1'. I.ih and lumily
iaht evening.
Many old noldiern.whocontrncted
chronic diarrhoea while in the
service, huve Hince been tiernianeiit
ly cured of it by ('liiiimhf rlnin'a
Colic, Cholera nud diarrhoea Kein
ely. r Male by F. G. Fricke A Co,
There wan a very Hfipreciative
mullein e at Wiitermnn a opera
. Ikiiini litMt eveniiiir to linlcii to the
.rorrmance of the "T. K." Uuar
' 11 e. They (javeu very creditable
)rtafVtient iind the audience
their appreciation by
. pully lipplittuliiijf ench piece.
! JiilK''IttnniHey 'iMHited liceiiHt to
'Ji-dto.lay to John W. Eaton mid
illy I raw lord liotli, of l nion.
Ho you want to know what would
'.n.ike your lather, mother, hrother.
1 Hidler mid aweetln art luippy'r It i
i i nice pair of mIioch or Kliopera for
, i ( hriiilimiH prepent. W. A. Iloeck
. Co. have juM recriveil nn elegant
no Ih.iV they oder at VKKV I.ow
iilt'en for thirty daya only. tf
Nolloa lo WaiarCnnaomara.
All renin will tie dim Jnt!nry 1
Water rntiHiimera not winding con
ilnuance miiHt (five proper notice.
dyitfrs Blue Polats Kaw
Crlrry. ollet.
Cream of Oyater. Conanmme (jaanelles.
Baked Trout a la Bechamel,
Ham Cbampsgne baure.
Capon Celery Ureaalnx
Prime Loin of Beef au Jua.
Young Turkey Bluffed, Cranberry Bauce
Chicken Pureed Mormna
Toungtiooee with Apple Jelly,
fiagrnt Punch.
Uuall en Toast Water Crea.ea.
fladdl of Vaiilsdn Oaaie Pauce.
flweet Bread an Beurrt Nolr.
J ark Kabblt, kfuahroom Rauee.
Mallard buck Queen Olives
Holloa Cream Puffa,
Hlirlmo a la Mayonalae, Freata Lobter.
Steamed Potatoes. Maahed PoUtoea,
Bweet Tolatoes Browned
airlnKleaa Heaua. Marrowfat Teat,
Apple Pie. Home Made MIdcc Tie.
Iinnn MerliiKue Pie.
Htramed Kugllab Plum Pudding
Hard Bauce. Uraady Bailee'
Vanilla Ice Cream. ( Iiarlotte Bust
Aiiuel Piwl. U'lJ KliiRera
fruitcake. Plum Cake. Uyertake. flgi,
Attorted Nuts, Candle and Layer Raisin.
Baeana. Otaiige.
Apple. Catawba (irape.
Cream Che. "'"t Cracker
T.. Coffee.
Van Ilouten Coeoa,
Bailalda Uataugunj
Iiideiu tier todt einen iineirer
Kruender ties I'latUmoutli I.ieder
kranzea ubberufet), hat tier verein
beMchlanen: Der faaiilie ties Herrn
Michael SchnellbacherfeinKr",H,,,H
heiieid in erwcineu tind flieen
benhlua derHelben r.ti ueberreicheu
I'Afl. (iKKIMI,
Wm. Wi hkk,
No. S waa delayed thia morning
in the upper yurds, by ihe breiiaiiiK
of a buck spring on the chtfine, for
about nn hour, after which another
engine was attached to the train.
The End of 1881
To the young the year speed not
fan, rtimigli, to the old they are too
short. The young; euijiloy the
cloning of one year in ambitious
planning for the next, the uged
muse over the events of the pant
and contemplate the mystTie" of
future. In the lives of some the
year has proved a inemonihle one,
while in those of others it ia sug
gestive of no special events. The
hopes of one have reached fruition,
the aspirations of another have
fallen short of success, and thus the
last days of December brings alike
pleasant uud sad memories. What
ever the year IH'Jl has brought to
us, there is a valuable lesson to be
learned. If any undertaking upon
which we have entered haa proven
unsuccessful, we can now, on look
ing back over the ground, see
more clearly the cause of: our fail
are. No lesson is so forcibly
learned as that born of experience.
A past failure ofttimes point to a
future success, if we but profit by
the lesson. No yeur ia wasted
which brings to us clear realir.a
tion of our individual worth, and
its best employment. The experi
ences of the old year will make our
successes during the new more as
sured, for we will have learned
what shoals to avoid in the sea of
life. If our bnrk hnve just ground
over rocky reefs with but slight
injury, let us feel thankful tint we
were not entirely wrecked. To be
successful, the truth has been
taught that the best success is that
which is born with modefty and a
h inutile exterior. It is a poor suc
cess that brings with it an outward
self-consciousness of our talents
on gilts. I he most ndinircii and
beloved men nud women lire
those who combine prosperity with
modesty. And thus to all the year
can be fruitful of good results, if
we but t kIi.k t from 3ur individual
experiences only that, which wiil be
the mont proiilnble (or us to reiiiein
her. llien we whall lie the better
prepared to enter upon the new
jearwitli wisdom, zeal and energy.
IluMian Relief Fund.
Cass county as uhiiiiI, is at the
front ngain, with one of the most
I liberal donations to the Kussiaii
Kelief I-ii ml, and it will be made i n
u way that will receive the npprov
al of till those interested. A. It,
Todd, Aaron Ixler and Jacob
Trit..c!, county conimfsioners
called on Governor Thayer yester
day and announced that Cnss cnun
ty would give (UK) bushels of corn
It will be bouirht und paid for ut
once by private parties r, in) v. ill
afterwards by reimbursed by the
county commissioners, out of the
county general fund. The corn will
cost 5-1X1. It is claimed by the com
uiissiiinors that by using county
funds the exnse will be less than
1 mill for each inhabitant, a die apt
plan than that of receiving and
handling ! small ' contributions of
corn olfered by fanners or others
It is their Idea also that the cost of
the MirchiiHC will be borne by the
people generally instead 01 allow
ing only B few to make the dona
lions as would be the cast: other
County Court.
in me matter of the estate o.
Christian Schildmeier deceased.
' lition of Amelia Schildmeier
widow of deceased, filed for ap
pointment of Henry Uornemeier
administrator. Hearing, January
12th, IW,at 10 o'clock a. in.
In the matter of the estate of
Joseph JI. Austin, deceased. Peti
tion EUina Austin and J. G. Austin
filed for appointment of Almond 11.
Austin administrator. Hearing
January i:ith, 1HV, at 10 o'clock a.
C. R. Teft ft al vs. Phil Green et
al. Suit on account for ft.M0.85 and
interesL Answer January 4th, W.!l.
James Fil.gerald vs. Tliomas E.
Murpby.' Suit on account for $100.
Hearing, Dec, 31, at 10 o'clock a. m.
Albter Watson, assignee vs. Solo-
ma ii Ward et al. Action to revive
The state of Nebraska vs. John
Winter. Compliant for petty lar
ceny. Trial to court. Foundguilty
and sentenced to days in jail.
iTst 10 days on bread and water,
and to pay costs of prosecution.
In the matter of the estate of
Charles S. Allen, deceased. Hear
ing en petition for npointinent of
James If. Green administrator,
l'raytr granted and bond fixed ut
In Ihe matter of the estate of
Charles S. Allen, decend, Notice
to creditors to file claims on or
before June :W, at 10 o'clock
a. m.
In the mutter of the guardianship
of William Soencer, insane. Hear
ing on petition for appointment of
Elizabeth Spencer guardian.
Prayer of petition granted and
bond Gxed ut 11,3.
Taylor Hros. vs. J. M. Ileardsley.
Suit on account. Trial to court,
argued and plaintiff to file briefs by
January 4, 1HV2, and defendant to
file brief by January 11, 1802.
While we tipprcciut tjie large amount of trade we are favored with. w--.
. Btill desire to increse our
and have completed arrangement in which we have secured large quaa
titles, at first hands, of the celebrated -
at such prices that we propose ir give them toon many rust-Vjj;ers he- ' j i
lieving that we shnll increase our trade, as our customers appreciata'Uf .
fact that we are spending the money we set aside for advertising nurpo '. I
es by returning it to them, believing they will appreciate the gilt and )
tell their friends, and thereby increase our trade. - "
o ,
EVEHY Cash purchase to the amount of $5 entitles the purchaser t
either a Koger's Solid Silver Metal IJutter Knife or Sugar Shell jo14
by Jewelery atfl.00.
EVEKY Cash purchase to the amount of $15 entitles the purchaser to a
set (fl) of Roger's Solid Nickel Tea Spoons, sold by Jewelers al $2.0
EVEKY Cash purchase to the amount of $25 entitles the purchaser to a
set (H) of Koger's solid Nickel Dessert Spoons, sold by Jewelers at
EVEKY Cash purchaser to the amount of $30 entitles the purchaser fo a
set (0) of Rogers' Solid Nickel Table spoons or a set of Solid Nickel
Forks, or a set ol Tripple plated Knives, sold by Jewelers at $4.00.
ERE is what the manufacturer says in regard to Solid Silver Met
al goods and Solid Nickel Silverware: "There has been a grow
intr demand for vears for a crade of Snoons and Forks to take
the place of Solid silver and plate Ware. We have experimented
for some time to attain this end, and are now able to offer the public our
Rogers' Metal and Rogers' Solid Nickel Silver. We guarantee this metal
superior to any Nickel Silver manufactured and have the greatest confi
dence in assuring our customers that this ware is inferior to service on
ly to solid silver. It is a beautiful white color, is highly polished and
can hardly be distinguished from pure silver. We recomend this ware
especially for hotels, restaurants and boarding houses, as it will slanat
more hard usage than any other metal; is very tough and hard; will hold
its color nnd will outwear any tla,eware ever manufactured." All our
ctiHtomers know Rogers' ware by reputation. This firm have manufac
tured plated ware since and their name is never put on goods thai
are not of a high grade, so our customer can rest assured that they are
getting some very desirable goods when they get goods under then
brand. Come in early and secure a share of these goods before it is too
Ackland Salisbury, contestant, ts- Wc Qqatfailtee Oil PtfiCGS io bo ilG IlOesf arid
W. II. Dearing, contcstee. Motion
to quash service of summons and
complaint and to dismiss action
argued and submitted.
II, D. Travis vs. A. V. Durell et al.
Action on supersedeas bond for
$470. Judgment for plaintiff for
$1S3.50, and against Doom Bros, for
costs of intervention.
E. L. Lewis vs. W. S. Ward. Suit
in attachment. Motion to discharge
attachment and dismiss action sua-
lined without prejudice to another
bpeclel Meatlnj.
There will be a special meetlngof
Cass Cnmp No. IIX!, M. Vf. A., ut
their hall in Fitgerald block this
evening, December 30, at H o'clock
for the purpose of electing officers
for the ensuing year.
Jksmk L. Root, V. C,
J. II. llaldeinan, of Weeping
Water, is in the city to-day on legal
The funeral of the bite Carrie
Vass occurred this afternoon at 21
o'clock and the remains were in
terred in Oak Hill cemetery.
License to wed was issued to-day
to Win. T. iMsiier of ueorgciown,
Colo., ami Miss Lizzie Folden
In the best grades of
C. W. B. M.
Regular monthly meeting of the
C. W. H. M. of the Christian church
will be held at the home of Mrs.
Chas. Twiss, Saturday, Januuiy '.
Ol.lVR E. llovi), Sec'y.
Llat of Latter
Reniainingunclaiined in the post-
office ut Plattsmouth December 30
for the week ending December 21;
Hiim,,lri) M t Hf It, Vlaa Alms
K nklln, Frank Lit Kov. W II
hlickrl, Mi M.iui Wing, Mri Clara
IVrsona calling for any of ihe
above will please ask for "adver
tised" letters.
II. J. Stkkioht, P. M.
415 Main Street,
Plattsmouth, Neb
A son of Mr. M. D. Pusser, a
merchant of Gibraltar, N. C, wns so
badly afflicted with rheumatism for
a year or more, as to be unable to
work or go to school. His father
concluded to try Chamberlain's
Pain Italm on the boy. It soon
cured him anil he has since walked
one and a half miles to school nnd
back every school day. f0 cent bot
tle for sale by F. G. Fricke & Co.,
A warrant has been issued for the
nrrest of Ed Wiley on the charge of
assault nnd battery. The complaint
was made by Lottn A. Allien, wife
of Mirund M. Alden. It seems that
Wiley nnd Alden came to blows
and the result was that Alden Is
confiened to his home. Mirand M.
Alden and Ed Wiley arc brothers-in-law.
Miss Elsie Moore hns had the,
east room in the Parniele -Roberts
block nicely fitted up and will
have her millinery stock moved in
by the 1st of January. tf
Why will you cough when Shi.
loh s cure will give immediate re.
lief. Price 10 cts., 50 cts. and $1.
For sale by F. G. Fricke Sc Cc
We will sell lamps for net cost for
the next thirty days. M. H. Murphy
& Co. tf
. Ladies who use cosmetics or pow
ders to cover tin or hide b bad com
plexion, do not know that . H.
Snyder can furnish them with Mush
of Roses, which is clear ns wnter
tiurifies the skin, and positvely re
. . . . . i r . .i ;
moves macK neaos aim an skiii tu
seases tukes the shiny look from
the face and w hitens it soon ns np
Bucklen'a Arnica Salvs.
Tim IIkht Salve in thu world for Cuts
Bruises, Bores, Uleors, SuHUlieum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Clwped IisntU, Cliilhlnins,
Corns, ami all Skin Eruptions, and pohk
tively euros Piles, or no pat required.
It Is guaranteed to clvo sfttiHiaclion, or
money rcfumltxl. Price 21 cunts per hoi.
For isle bj F. O. Pricks
Judge Archer's court wns occupi
ed yesterday afternoon by the cele
brated Jones case. Thecusti occupied
nearly all the afternoon, nnd at the
t ! 1 At.
conclusion uuge Arcner lounu iuc- j(Jjfe Samwl Chapman of
(lercnuani wun uuiy nn iiuiiu
and fined him $10 and costs, amount
iniv in all to $24.:). An appeal was
laken and the case will be tried nt
the net term of the district court.
Pure buckwheat
IIciscl'B iniii.
flour for sale at
For nbstrncts of title nt rean'in-
able rates, go to J. M. Leydn, Uniom
block. . tf
Cull on the Tucker Sisters in Ihe-
Sherwood block for bargains in
Winter Hats. tf
Miss Elsie Moore will move her
millinery stock this week into the
east room of Parmele A Roberts
block. tf
Will you suffer with Dyspepsia
mid Liver Complaint? Shifoh's Vit
alizcr is guaranteed to cure you. 2
The Missouri Pncific will sell tick
ets on December 24, 25 31 und Janu
ary 1, good to return January 4 al
one and one-third faro for round
trip within two hundred miles of
Lost Met ween Gold street ami
South Park and Eighth nnd Tenth
streets, Saturday morning, a cream
silk muffier with initial "A" iu the
corner. Finder will please leave nt
this office or nt 701 South Tenth st.
Fred P. Rose, of Weeping Wnter,
is in the city to-day on business.
Second district nnd Judge William
Keysor of the Fourth district made
final preparations yesterday to dis
pense justice in their respective
districts by filing an official oath
with the secretary of state. Lincoln
Chamborlain'a Eye cud Ekia
A certain euro for Chronlo Sow Eye,
Tottor, Salt IUiotim, Scold Iload, Old
Chronlo Bores, Fevor Soros, Ecacma,
Itch, Prlrlo Scratchoi, Soro Nlpplci
and Piles. It U cooling and toothiuz.
Uundrodsofcaaetbavoboea cured by
H'aftor all ollior tnmtmont bad faiiod,
111 put op ia S3 and 00 coat luiu.