The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, December 17, 1891, Image 4

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.' . .' fT Poor Children.
. ,;mi the free kindergarten
' - if ty-fonrth street received a
. .I- in chanty on Tlmuksgiviug
. . al.t (. tl.ese children are of poo'i,
, " sou of tlu-m even destitute.
Wt two,M;..wThiink.givinjr day
' :'"',,:ilk tothetn in a kindly
, . .. 4 tile y .1 purpoMi and Hpint of
,f liityLui nurtured the idea
:" twas f' ;t day, and that they
to .li,lve 'Wta dinner in th
, Jl. Tl:u t achtu'' told them that
; conid l,et manifest tholr thankful-
for the Mea-inim thev enjoyed by
contributing nie huh, K'ift lo
otners, poorer than them-lves, huppy.
There was no orbing that the- children
should give, hut merely the su.-stiou.'
On 'lhunkH-iving day an autumn festi
val wan tiehi at the tree kindersnrten,
and one of iU most interesting and burn
tiful f-mnres whs the offering bf pifn
for the" poor by these poor, children.
They ui arched in procession around a
W-e table and deposited their liul
toliriis, r '
One very small boy bron'ht a bi;r re
Bpp!". another a small p.tper of candy
a'ul! another a much worn picture book,
and a fourth laid a Ret of jack-stone on
the taLl.!. But it was tho offering of a
p'Xirly cljld and pale faced little prl that
touched the hearts of the observe moat
keenly, ' She modestly pl;u ed upon the
tabla Rint;le Fprig of geranium, wniib
nadoiiritle lieen plucked from a care
fvly nurtured home plant There were
rther more pretention and Valuable
Kin, and all were gathered up and dis
tributed among the poor patient in tht
various city hospitals. New York
Tha AlHsatnr Flayad 'Pnunm.
An alligator that played 'oasiim came
near doing damage to some youe;r nien
near Millen Monday, Van Tyler, of
this, together with Messrs. Apple
white and DeLojirh. of Millen, had been
out to theriverhunting. They had killed
'gator alxmt seven feet long, and
putting hira in the wagon were bringing
him to the town. Van, who was fitting
near the middle of the wagon, began to
triumph over his fallen enemy. by con
temptuously kicking him in the aid
Then a thing happened that wan done no
quick the hoys can't explain it. There
wan a rush, a ennp, a yell, and Van went
out the wagon head foremost, ami lenv
ing a a souvenir a part of his pants
hanging on the gatr s teeth.
The other boys woke np to the im
portance of hamy action, but DeLoarh
took a little too mnch time in getting
ready for an old fashioned head fore-
imwt dive into a sand bed, hence he
stnvk the ground minus a shoe heel,
which his 'gatorship gratefully swal
lowed and slyly 'wunk' his eye as if he
enjoyed a lively time himself. The
boys rallied from their stampede, and
advancing with guns put an end to
their foe, Wayneslwro (Ua.) True Chi
le n.
Bread for tha Rnxlaii,
Mr. Sqnill (looking over the paper
The Russian army is almost in a state of
mutiny because the soldiers have to eat
wheat bread.
Mrs. Squills (a famous housekeeper
That's too bad. I suppose it's because
they don't know how to fix it. Von
most writ to the crar this very day and
tell him.
Mr. Squills (starting) Eh?
Mrs. Squills Yes, tell him that he
ninst Is sure to furnish the fanny with
good butter: g t print butter if possible;
it's often as iow as lifly cents and never
over a dollar a pound. Then, on baking
days, wlieu the bread is frth. tell the
soldiers Id ;.r 1 1 the butter on thick
ami it will - d-licious. The following
dav. wli'-n it is a litlle dry, give each
soldier a bowl of rich cream and Ml
him to crumb it in. I'm sure they'll lil:e
it. New York We-k!y.
Kleeator. Hetponalbla.
Jnde Holmes, of tlie snpreme court,
has di-cided in the cae of Gertrude P.
Sheffield against Horatio U. l'arker and j
Francis J. l'arker, that the defendants,
execubirs of the e.-tate of the late Judge
Joel l'arker, will not be allowed in their
accounts as executors the sum of $10,0k).
expended in the purchase of stock In a
mortgage company, which, since the
purchase, has gone uito liquidation. The
executors invested in the stock at par,
and at the time it was paying 7 per cent,
dividends. After the purchase it stop
ped paying dividends, and haa gone out
of bumne. Boston Traveller.
The Mae and the 11 rata.
Before Judge Utley William Crowley,
nf Leicester, waa charged with assanlting
bis wife, Johanna Crowley. He knocked
her down, she says, and kicked ber. She
freed herself from him and ran Into th
street He followed. She managed to
break away for the third time and tried
iti make her escape. Crowley started in
the chase, bnt was held back by the firm
grip of a dog's teeth npon his trousers.
The household pet had grown tired of
the household disturbance. Worcester
0lnm .) Gazette.
aal aad Carp.
A 700 ponnd seal was captnred alive
off Fort Point the other day, and was
purchased by the Spring Valley Water
company and placed in their Lake Mer
ced reservoir. The company already
have thirteen seals that are nseful In de
stroying the carp that abonnd there In
such numbers as frequently to fill the
outlet pipe. The big seal will be a great
belp in reducing the number of fisb In
the reservoir. San Francisco Call.
A tobacco dealer in New Raven, whose
trade In the main is with thj Yale boys,
says that the sale of cigarette Is falling
off. Three yea.-t ago he sold 300,000
package of one brvid; last year he sold
200,000 package of all brand. He now
ells fifty pipes where be formerly sold
A chain shot was dug op the other
day In a stns t in Seattle. Wash. It is
npposed to lie one of t liemlwlles thrown
from the puns of the United States sloop
Decatur at the tune of the Indian en
gagement that occurred Ihere in ! em
lr, ISii.
Ills IW.rall, Nlppad by M 4aai,ia.
Dr. Wendlingercame in town from np
the Richmond and Alleghany railro .d
with a dead snake that wits a regular
kToiister. It was fifteen feet long and as
large iu proportion, and w;w evidently
au anaconda which bad prob ibly ev
caped from wjiub of the many tr-vviijiy
ten cent shows which have lately fio
qneiiUrd this part of tJ-a worhL Hit
miakesbip was left at the tnfv of Mr.
tins E. P' laware, where a number ol
pi opie g:.e, in silent awe upon tne on-
Ceau'd gigantl: reptile.
ll w killed at Lonaiue, on the Rich
mond iind AiUliany railroad, alxmt oil
milts fitin Kk hinond, by Mr. Lane,s'u on tile road. It is state !
that 'it 'crawled out of the woods and
silently upproaclied from behind a negrc
-m,-MMO was working ner th trad:.
.It seized the overalls which the iiegrc
had on in iu mouth and began chewing'
on them. Some one called to the negro j
tohxjk behind him, and as he did so ):t
saw the snake and fell over paralyz- 1
with fear. Mr. Lane then seized au a j
and killed the creature.
Whether the reptile intended to get a
firmer hold on the negro's clothing and
then throwing him, and after crushing'
him to jelly eating him, or whether it
was a tame snake that approached t i i e
boy ouly with friendly intent will nevci
be known. An engineer of the road sav
that he saw the monster about two ye.ii -ago
and reported the fact. Richmond
Kavrit hf a Mlstop.
William Southard is a workman
Kingati's. Sunclay. while walking
lndianasilis. he was bitten by a 1 '.
which was evidently mail. Hekilledti.t
dog after a long chase. Then he exam
hied his wounded hand and found thai
the bite was discoloring it and that th'
Uiemlier was swelling badly. Itocbu
advised ii i in to seek a madstone, ar,.l
Monday he went to Whitestown, bmt
county, near which Moses Nease, a
farmer, lives. Nease is a generous unv
who has a madstone of great local fan."
Southard applied to him, and ii back i:i
this city satisfied that be is safe from
The stone, a square, white,. sn.. -substance,
was applied. It stuc k fir,' 1
for nearly nine hours, falling ofT .;,
full of green poison. The ftore- ,
cleaned in boiling milk, which 1 i.
preen from the effect of the poin ti .
traded from the wound by the vt .i.
The stone stnek dp in the swollen f.
drew the muscles and leaders into sir. i .
knotty cords and "did its work" vi-.'oi .
The owner of the stone is a philanthi-e
pist. anil h is owned the stone for ceii
tions. It Is part, be says, of a Virgim-i
stone owned by an uncle and brok .,
into several parts, so as to be of m-rvii e
in many parts of the country. Indian
apolia News.
Kalilaanak Pale aad Bis I'at Cmm.
Rattlesnake I'ete haa ha1 a pet coon
for the past three years that was as full
of tricks as an egg is of meat One of
of these tricks was to throw back the
three bolts on his cage, let the other ani
mals out and go visiting. His favorite
a 7-7 " -re u :
would hide in the cellar and chase tb
women when they entered. On one oc
casion he entered the dining room and
frightened the girls so they climlx-d on
the table. He kept guard for nearly a
half hour, when the girls cried for help.
He performed his last trick at snppct
time Friday, when he chased one of the
girls np the cellar stairs and caught bet
dress in his teeth. She drew his head
through the door, slammed thedoorshut
and held him there until one of theothei
girls brought a cleaver and split his he.el
open. The body weighed twenty-seven
pounds, and the hide will be stuffed.
Oil City Derrick.
Slola II ol stoia.
"It was the cold, your honor, and
I did not mean to steal," ald 1 nomas
O'Neil at the Tomb. He was charged
by William A. Tompkins with stealing
a sieve irom tne propeller i'eekskiil. j C(.,vj illU, Ma()rl kim.hip. Lord and
The prisoner, who is longshoreman. Lady Onslow, Sir Waiter and Lady But
wandered out Sunday night and went1 ,.r, ,,d other friends visited the Ngatia
ahoard the IVekskilL The only thing ol in:1 tril- i,.;.r ,".,,
value which he saw was a small stove
valued at eight dollars, with a nice,
warm fire in it He took it and was
an-KMted. but failed to explain when
Officer McCarthy of the Leonard street
station found him carrying it up Canal
street New York Advertiser.
r.arlhqaakM la IS01.
The record of earthquake shocks kept
at the Smithsonian institution in Wash
ington ahows that there have been more
of them this year thus far than there
wer in any previous year of recent
times. There have been numerous slight
shocks In many parts of the country, and
there have been heavier shocks In South
America, Asia, Africa and the islands of
the TaciSc, When the earthquake
record of the world for the year lb'Ol ll
made up at the end of December it will
be long and elaborate. Yankee Blade.
A very yonng married couple, perhaps
the youngest in the country, have their
abode in Sterling. Conn. They are Mr.
and Mrs. C. Fen net, who have been mar
ried five months. His age 1 fourteen
years and seven months, and she is nine
months older than he.
A new explosive called terrorite ha
been Invented. It Is a gelatinous com
pound, the ingredients being a secret.
It is said to be safe to handle, very pow
erful and can be fired In shells
The fruit and potato crop of Califor
nla are so great that a large percentage
of them will not be brought to market
owing to the price being so low that it
will be unprofitable.
A French engineer has asked permis
sion to blow np the famous rocks known
a the "Iron Oate" of the Danube with
a new exploaiv h ha invented called
While the West Indian sponges bring
lit the wholesale market as low a pries
as twenty cents, tne finest Turkey varif
ti a;e often sol 1 a hik'h ss ei-ht dol
ilni the on th. ttallmrnTpw. '
Ah organization has fi.rmid a plan
whereby any one in New Yvrk ti.ay i.-,;t
the World's fair, paying their expenses
ou tne installment puu. ,
A membership fee of five dollars"
charged to pay the running expense' ol
the sx'iety. Tlie remaining javue-u;-are
in installmenta of, say, one dollar a
week for fifty-five weeks.
To provide against loss of the people's
savings by accident or fraud, all uioui-),
3 di-'pe-sittsj are turned over to the Nev.
York Security and Trust company. Un
der the deed of trust tlie society gets n
mmey from the Trust company unt.i
the members have been given their
ticket and coupons providing for their
transsjrtation and board. Kach mem
ber then signs a receipt, and on presenta
tion of a Dumber of these to the Trust
company it releases a Cunt-jondiiig
amount of money. The btuetits, to be
furnished at any time after the ois-miig
of the World's Columbian exposition, ou
fifteen days' notice, np to twenty davs
preceding its closing, are: I
A r;t cla-ss railway ticket from a I
designated point to Chicago and return.
Transfer in Chicago for wlf and usual
allowame of baggage from station to
hotel or lodgings ami return.
Seven days' hotel accommodations in
Six admission tickets to the Columbian
Dinner at a restaurant on the grounds
for six days.
An accident insurance ticket in a re
liable company for fifteen days, com
tneuciug on date of departure from
home, paying !.i00 in case of death by
accident, or $b" er week in case of acci
dental injury. New Yoik Worl'L
Qner Plirn'imamin at Kaa.
Captain J. Rols-n, commander of the
Lloyd steamer Neckar, has written to
the (Jerinan marine observatory iu Bre
men that when be was off Kakota. on
Sept. I, at 9 p. in., the sea suddenly lie
came an even milk white luminous color,
winch at times seemed to flame up from
the depths of the water, bke the in
creased glow of an electric lamp when
the current prows too strong.
No Isdtoiii was fonnd wh-n the lead
was snnk, and at 10 p. m. the sharp edge
between the bright ami the dark water
was reached. After twenty-five minutes
quite bright water again apjieared, and
after II p. 111. it decreased.
The next night the phenomenon was
nliserved to Iss still more intense, but
after tiiat it was not again met witli
The ap-araiice had nothing in common
with tiie usual pho-phoresceuce of the
During its presence the horizon was
everywhere distinctly visible, except
where at various changing poinU on the
horizon the light seemed to shine bright
ly, at which time a thin haze seemed to
lie on the water. London News.
Why Coffaa Is Adultaratad.
The main reaxon for the adulteration
of coffee is that there is not enongb of it
to go around. Mocha now sells at the
highest price ever known, which is about
25. retita a rmtiml in Inrrra iinnnlitiMi f,.r
the green bean. Pure .lava sells for 23
cents a pound and pure Rio for MJ
cents a pound. These are very high
prices and the supply of the best grades
is limited. The temptations to adultera
tion are now therefore at the highest
Some low grade Brazil coffee was recent
ly sold at 11 cents a pound, and, when
that comes to be doctoral by the grind
ers, the coffee part of the product will
wtjiaall. There
ts a vide uiffTenee
pound and 10 cents.
between ?" cents
It is a difference between the best and
the pisirest, and generally represents the
difference between the pnrw article and
the adulterated. New Yotk Sun.
A Mauri Hun.
Tlie youngest son of the earl and
eouiitesnof Onslow received as one of his
names tn baptism the M.ioi! title of
"Huia," Iu compliment to the laud of
his birth. The child has just been re
Zealand metropolis. The hereditary
Chief of this iri'oe luhU- j B.-.3C3 With .!.'
child, the women accompanying the
ceremony with a plaintive lullaby. All
the chiefs then came forward and cast
their offerings at the child's feet worked
Uax, greenstones, carved boxes, etc.
Manchester (Eng.) Tune.
Th f'ltr Won't Pay for lb Trnuaara.
There was quite an audible smile in
the board of aldermen when a communi
cation was received from Omuc Milton
C. Monte, asking for five dollars damages
for a pair of pant while arresting a
prisoner. Alderman Watson moved that
the claim be allowed, but Alderman Ar
nold Jumped np and remarked Jhat he
thought that the policemen earned salary
enough to pay for their own pants, and
moved that th reqneet be refused. A
iiiintite later he withdrew his motion,
but the request was not granted. Hav
erhill (Maes.) Gazette.
A Haa That l-ars Ooldaa Kf(a.
There is danger of a breaking ont of
the gold fever in West Btockbridge. A
thoroughbred hen np there laid a few
dnys airo an egif with a shell that fairly
glittered with tiny specks of gold. If
the place where the hen found the metal
can be found there is a pirty already or
ganized to seek paying dirt. Newbury
port (Mass.) News.
Th Whipping Irvad.
Mias 8usie Gardner, teacher in the
Pale school, near Koachdale, Ind., whip
ped Albert Coonkrit'ht, an nnrnly pnpil,
and his mother prosecuted the teacher
for assault The defendant was tried by
jury and acquitted, the jury holding the
punishment well deserved. Exchang
Tha Raaard at Vlrloa.
Rev. Dr. Primrose Tin afraid there
has been little joy in the present festive
season for you, my good woman.
aim. AlcOinnls Jrue fur yex, sorr.
Me son In the pinitenchery wuz the only
one of tlie family to hev tnrkey fer
Thanksgiving. Life.
rOH IvtEN AND 230"VS
Furnishing Goods, Hats, Caps, Trunks, etc.
It will
Wlio will fcliow you better iiihIxb, quality nml fur less
buy wept oi Chicago.
TOE Has Can.l3T Olio E'rico,
We have hoM Ely's Cream Halm
about three yen re, and have re
commended it iihc in more tlinn a
hundred ppeiiiil canes of Catarrh.
The unatiiiiiouH ntipwer to our in
(juirit'H i,"It's tlie l,i-rt remedy tliut
I liave ever luted." Our experience
i, thet where jinrtiea continued its
iie, it never fail to cure. J. II.
Montgomery, A Co., DruK'1!1! !--cornti,
When I lc;in lining Ely'a Crenin
Hnltu my CHt;nrh wna eo liml I had
headache tlie whole time and ilia
chnrgrd a larre iinioiint of filthy
matter. That haH ulmoet entirely
diMarienred iind have not had head
ache Hciciice.-J. Soinini'rM,St)idiney,
A Million Friends
A friend in need in a fried indeed,
and not Ichh than one million peo
ple have found juot euch a friend iu
l)r. Kind's New Discovery for con
euiiiption, coutjha. and colds. II
yi,u never have lined thin ureal
coutjli medicine, one trial willcon
vim c you that it Ii:ih wonderful cur
utive powere in all dieeaHee of the
throat t lieet and luiiH. Kach hot
(! ia guaranteed to do all that is
claimed or money will he refunded
1 mil lioltle tree at t.ii. hrijike A
Co's !r"attri. I-iirie bottles .Vic
and 11.(11.
OeaervlnsT Praa
We dcairc to any to the citizens,
that for yenra we have been eelling
Dr. Kind's New Diecovery for Con
euintition. Dr. Kin if' a New Life Tills
Hue klen a Arnica Slave and Electric
Dittern, antl hare n?-ver handled
remedies that eell ae well, or that
have (riven mich universiil autiefac
tion. We do not heaitate to guar
antd them every time, and we Ktand
ready to refund the nurchaae price,
it eiitie.iliH tory rCMiiltsdo uot follow
there there uae. Theee remdies
have won there jfrnat popularity
purely on therr merits F. (. Fricke
it Co DruKietH.
Holiday Ftataa.
The II. AM. will eell round trip
ticketa on Dec. 21, " and 31 to ata
tiona not over 2aI miles distant at
rates an follows:
In Ncbrattka South Dakota and
Wyoming one and one-third fare.
In Colorado and Kansaa one fare.
In Helling from u point in Kan
ens or Colorado to a point in Ne
hrneka or vice vcrea. agents will line
rate of fare and a third for the en
tire distance regardless of rate up
plying in the dillerent states- tf
, ACureforParalsl.
Frank CorncliiiH, of Turcell, Ind.
Ter., enys: -. induced Mr. 1'inaon,
whoee wife had paralysis in the face
to buy M bottle of Chamberlain's
Tain Halm. To their pre at euprise
before the txittle had all been ueed
she was a great denl better. Her
face had heen drawn to one Hide
out the 1'ain Halm relieved all
pain and Horeneaa. and the mouth
dHHtinicd its n ii tu nil ahapc." It is
rflmi a certain cure for i heiunatiHin
lame hack, eprnina swi llita.s and
lamenesH. Wl cent hottiea for sale
by F. G. Fricke A Co., Druggist.
pay j fiu to come fifty inilca to trade
writ t T'l?!?! niwci'iVTl v rtV TI AVn i t 1
iv i i.ii iv i . . i oi, iiiiij' v i '
A Full and Complete line of
Drugs, Medicines,
l'rcscrlptlons Carefully Compounded at all Ilourp.' K
- . f
It consists of 10 pages. Pays more for
news than any other paper in the U- S., being
replete with matter of interest to all classes,
the agricultural, the mcrca.nUla and tha pro
fessional. Advocates the principals of the
Republican partr and publishes in full the
speeches of its leaders.
As the coming Presidential Campaign
promises tobethc hottest ever contested, ev
ery republican should become a subscriber
and keep himself thoroughlu informed of
wnai isocuring in mc political world.
Remit through Postmasters and Ncws
dealers or direct to the .
Buckler)' s Arnica Salva.
Tin Uejtt Balvi Id the world fur Cuts
Bruises, 8ores, Ulcers, Paltllbeum, Fever
Bores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chillilsini,
Corns, and all Pkin Eruptions, and posi
tively cures Piles, or no psy rt'iuired.
It is guaranteed to give satisfaction, or
money refunded. Trice 2.' cents per hoi.
For sale ly F. U. Fricke ft Co.
tw iTir.n(i
i I
at Jobbers Prices
money than you can
Paints, and Oils.
I. n binn ")
Always has on hand f! full J
nnJdelivi-redtOHny t)lirt,V
"OUtli. . . v , ' f
1llllKf J I ,
f I .
f I
I ! 1