The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, December 09, 1891, Image 2

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    r 3;'. , Pub! isliers
v. m kv.'-v ; iv.i-ii.iy, aul flij'jr eTwy
; . "U'f pi ul'i.
l (.'. f n vi. h, NVb. po-t-
' 'i'' r Viis iii, Film
r ' in i -
Ine one In a'lv: ?! so, ono y'ir, net In aiiv'iu.'fi jnrt
Jue ci);iy, m iii.itiili?. In mWain'i' .. 7'
Jue, tlirfB ihuihIik, In adwcf. .
hie on one -"r In alvuc I1"
-f wi. ? 'irriF ...
Toa euuv. Lwr moult? ,r
Wli VT ha bocone of tin- farmer-'
alliance conrensnian ,froin tin
Bolid south, of which we heard no
much a few months sine??
It ii now pretty cvi'Ient that
Jrrry SimtMOtt will have to caucus
alone. H.; will have one !iilvaiii.ti;
anyway there will he a uiianimouH
TlIKKi: is little doubt now. that
Sherman li m more frien 1 in the
legislature "of Ohio than l'oraker.
It will continue to be Senator Sher
man. Xmv that Kearney ha Kocured
the bicycle factory nlie will prob
ably yet increase her speed. If the
other towim do not mount the
wheel Boon, Kearney will be out of
The democratic parly i not a
unit on the tarilf tjnetion. It is
possible however that the Mill mi
nority m iv yet whip the Cri ma
jority into line, tiiin iniure the
passage of a Mills hill No...
An Omaha lady ha sued an
Omalia railway company for fl-V
000 for alleged carlesMiens on the
part of th rnmnany causing her to
break her arm. The examining
physician did not nt.ite that her
nerve had been injured in the lenr-t,
IN defeating Mills and electing
Cri.-p to the tpeukerhip the dem
ocracy taken a decided btepaairmt
true blue democratic principles
Mills in reeoi?ni.ed. to a greater de
gree than any other man, to be the
lealerofthe taritl reform idea in
house and one of the oldest niem
b :r in that bixly. He received all
1he support that Cleveland could
tender with propriety and yet the
tide could not be turned in hid
favor. The nelectiou of a Randall
democrat indicate that the party
leaders fear to make a Hpiritcd
campaign aaiunt the M'Kinley bill
and it in very probable that no
radical measure will be pamcd.
WE have beeu reiuet''d to pub
linh tin: following:
The export rateo on grain, flour
id bread.-ituffs generally have
ueen ii'ivanced ten per cent, or
nearly 2 cent per bu-hel, which
dcrea(M the value of grain in the
band-) of pro lucerS that much in
rotmeqiience of the cloning of tbe
lake. Notice wan served on uliip
Ptb Pome time ago that Novembn
JH the lake lines would be forced to
clone down for the eanon, and
nearly all of the fast freight lines
at once wired orders to their west
ern agenu to utop receiving these
commodities until the animal ad
vance should take effect.
The advance on the rail lines, of
courne, wan nent out, and while the
railroads continued to hnndle grain
they did so with some reluctance,
Thin advance is a regular thing
and goes to show the effect upon
the grain bunincsn by lines of
water communication. The handl
ing of bulk grain at any time in
the source of considerable trouble
to the cloxingof tbe lake seaman to
advance the rates.
While the la've route in closed,
SL Louin still ban a line of water
communication open by the way of
.Vew Orleans. With tt irage facili
ties eipial to of Chicago,
New Oileann would canily be the
principal port of exit for the crops
of the whole Misnouri and Mississi
ppi valley, and would be arime
factor in the regulation qf rates to
the seaboard. Mobile, Savannah,
Galveston, in fact. Jthe entire Gulf
and Atlantic senboard, wouTd be
compelled to take the New Orleans
rate from St. Louin at present and
from all Missouri river points in
the near future,
With adequate storage and ship,
ping facilities along the line of
tbese rivers the farmers of the
Wst cotill even brinj; the North
Mississippi river point Into line.
t7 s ...
The river imMowm"
to he hel l Hi
mber 15 a i! 1 wi'
matter up. I iim-r t s
Horn of ptate.-. an
lciMsl.ilive bo!
.ill riu-ir
state, are eligioh; to -.:.e rshi. '
l'resideiitn o( Lmlien in j
citie- are entitled to two deb'gates 1
for 5,00 piipiibrioit mid tv.o for
each ad li;i
jKko'l uuU) KrUi.
A few pcl,-.t. iann wim wers out for a
morning stroll witnewwj a bnef but
blo-ily battle turoutfu the wludowi ot
the Market street bird tture Sunday
Among t'ne ileiii?.ns of the place U a
luonkey calleil Jocko, whose pris livity
t,r mischief has l-d him into di.grai'n
bfrw. On the Dioniing in question
Jocko determined to ' on a lark, lis
ueceedel hi iiekiti the lock of his eag,
and otiee fr tnniwl his atteiitiim to
hi ft-aiiiered compHiiiims. It took bat
a few uihiuU-stu unloc k a dozen of ths
various cat-s in the room, and soon n
funny pmcemiinn of niuukeys anil prir
roU wi n- strutting alxiut. In a fi-w it ; i :
ntes trmilile b -ffin to brew. One of t', .
parrots, in a spirit of mischief, probably
bit Jix i.o, and a livi-ly buttle eii-a. 1.
I'olly r "ti found that she was g-tt
t!ie worst of it uml made a nibh for h r
t.ip minus her tail fvathtrs and purl -,'
a wing.
J.x'ki), wlio was t'.ien thoror.hly
arotihed, siilej in fnragenerHliiia.-Mcr".
and iu a short time had the floor t I.,:."
H'l,', wve for Minnie, a little mhtin
J.ile, who tix) dazed to eM.-as. Witn
one blow the bird was stretched lifele-i
on the floor. The monki y tlien uffor 1
battle to a big tn(T.l owl which bad
been gazing solemnly npon the scene,
and ns-eiving no answer to bis chal
lenge, thr'W the bird off its pudental.
Jocko's Waterloo wns awaiting him
aowever. A huge vampire tst, which
had been watching the bottle, jumped
down from his perch, and Jocko started
for him. The cont.-f-t was brief. Th
sharp beak and talons of the bird buried
themslves lil;e a fla-h in the monkey's
C'h, and Jocko was glifl to make Lis
scape with the blood flowing from a
doion wounds. At this juncture the
proprietor appeared and bostilitie
ad- Han Franciwo Chrunicla.
A Tra llal Story.
Here is a n'w and absolutely trne bst
t'iry. A New York gentleman, dining
at a hoti l iu Bontoti, found on coining
out that he was the la.t to leave th
dining room, and his hat bad been taketi
by somebody who bad preceded him,
leaving one very similar, but omnia
tukahly not his, in iu place. It was a
tiiSu'icntly good inbHtitufaa to allow of
wri,,j, jr f,,r thn wwk after his
r-ttirn home, whi-u, after dinner one
day, three weeks later, he said to a
frund with whom ho lud just been din
ing: "I innst replace this bat; its not mine,
and it doesn't Cu Come with ma and
I'll Mo it now."
Together they sought neighboring
shop and began to examine hats. One
after another was tried on by tbe intend
ing parcbaser, none quite suiting him.
"It's too bad," said bis frieud. "Like
yon, I am hard to fit. Now, this one is
tbe most comfortable hat I ever bad."
"It looks so," remarked the bat seek
er; "let me try that on." The hat was
handed to him. It adjusted itself per
fectly to bis bead. "Man alive!" he
ejaculated, "this is my lost hat," and he
took it off qui. kly, turned back the in
sole laind, slid, snre enough, there was
bis name and re-tidence iu imlupnUhle
proof. It turned ont that the friend had
been in Contou the tame day, though
they had not met, had dined at the ho
tel. but had not discovered that he hail
w rn away another man's hat. And the
shop lit a sale of a bat. New York
Not Elrrmoaynarr In-tltntloa.
"It's fnnny aliout some people one
meets traveling," remarked a drummer
at the Cadillac ai La threw bis feet upon
the wrilintf table,
"How:'" inquired the man next to
"On a dining ear, for instance, the
other day," be went on jerkily.
"Whatr" altad the other man en
conragingly. "Comiri( over from New York. Odd
sort of a genius acroaa the car from m
After be left Uia car the waiter who ba4
served bitn hruhd the crumbs off of
my table.
" 'See dat man, bow?" be asked.
'Reckon he nt-rao was on a dinin cj
befo'.' .
" 'Whyr I inqr.lrtd.
" 'Cazu, boss, Le axed for a second
belpin. Geuuntn what eats on dese yer
dinin cahs, boss, knows dey ain't no
char'tilde institutions fer givin victual
away in no sich man ash as dat.'
"I bad been thinking I wank-d a little
more than bad boea, allowed me, but
didn't aide for It after that," and the
drummer sighed. Detroit Free Press.
RIum Hart
There U a family of little folk not far
away who are delightful from their love
for each other. Via has the greatest art.
miration for bis sister Molly, and will
do anything for her "You's so pitfy,
Molly." He is five ana she is three. One
cold morning Holly's mamma set her in
her high chair, while baby had her neces
sary care and pupa ate his breakfast It
was rather chilly, and Molly waa in her
Vin wanted to make her warm, so be
wrapprd np her fttt in a newspaper, but
poor Molly slipped and fell solidly on
the floor from her high chair. "Oh,
Molly," said Vin, In tears, "did you hnrt
jour "No," said Molly, winking back
tlie tears which would corao; "No,
braver, I fell on 'e paper." Gardner
(jla.) Rim JonraaL
A trained bat belonging to 'Williflm
Hester, of .Spring Hill, l'a., conveys mes
sages hkc a carrier pigeon. Iu speed it
very great-more than two mile a
minul. It rectntlv Hmw . mil. o-.
seconds. '
1 ' V . m V
C r;vul'i I Inn
Hk, lflWft-li
nil ti mill sixlli. Kiillirr
h' ii. y, rai or
. S-ivie.-I : V'iss ;.t ml In
i A. M. buiuhty
Vliol tit 2 :'. '.!. 'j'l'tilu-
iil'.TMX.-r.iti er l.jriul hml f'lulitli Kti.
vlr. I'nTLihi.' j nii i-ri.u. Ki.i' r J. h.
l.y'il. faster Mimln) Jriii.'l iua, u.
Fi ll ' (il-AI..- SI l.i k.' H t'tiurrli. rornerThlnl
in lii'T II U. Hurrna m-tor. hvr-
rli- : It A. M. It Ul M)t. M. huuiliij School
tiu:) r. M.
(iniMAN MKTiiniusT.ijrnrr Sixth t nrd
I .miul- !' tint. I '-lni. St-rvtrrs :ll A.M
I mi a
jau: M. fllUU)' bdl.iul 111 .30 A M.
! If
I I 111 A N.
-r nH In new HMrrch r r
mil mot Urnnili' m Ki-v
I. Hinr.l. -I.- . i.i ttt V
m ii . iii.B-!
il-ill H II III.
K nl "hi" rlnirrn iioetn i-vciy
S.,lili;Ili tvi lili n Hi 7 IS In III' 1'iisi mi.,.t u
the eliuriti. All 1 Hiv Ili J to SKuiU tllfur
Fiiit Mtiiodit flih St., tn-tweu Mmn
iih.l Vnrl. l:. v. I. K. I'tlti P. I). eiHiur.
. nrvi'f : 11 a. m.. H .0" V Sut ilm Celnl
!) ;ia m . I'm) i iii'fii i wi'iiK-niKiy evcu-
t.i iimsn In 'KiiYTKin i. Cwiifr Main nnil
NiiiIIi. Ia it itlr,'r. Sfiuv um'al
lii'iirs. Kuuihiy M-liool :.Ki A. H.
Swiri-!ii i iK.,iiniTioAU irnli, hi
lru Fifth kiiiI mjUi.
( on nro lUrTiNT. VI. "live. I'nk. t-tw,.(.n
l.-MIl .! Kt-VHMIl ll . l n-
ti r. 11 k. iii. it ! 7 iV m l'r.t i-r
liKH'tlnir w rrtiirmtity cteini it.
Voimi Mkn's ( iihi im a-mwiatiow
tiiM-n.a iii tviii. riiiiinlili- k.M iiii "ir.-i l. liiw
!! ini-fiiiiL'. iiwu only. ef r MnnUy nl-I.Tii'-'ii
at 4 o'i'..i k i.m ii'. iiM"ii ri k J.i
I; inn :. a in . tn 9 : .10 . Hi.
Sol TH 1"AKK TAI'H Kai I.S I'ev J. M.
V ji'il, I '.ir, s.-ivli-.s: Mi' .'ny P.'iiix l.
in.: I mirMi.K, lis. m. uli'l S l. in- i
(t;' hc iiiraninir 1iki.v leln ; ' title"-u-.-
1 1 nl .) i.ik li A I' are . -leome.
Cure tor Parolvsls.
I'r.Hik Cin iicliiiH, of J'nrcell, IniL
Ter., hats: "I imluci-il Mr. 1'uihoii.
i hiii-e tt ife had paral v sir ill the tace
In litiv a buttle nf (liiiuiliit Iain's
1'aiu j'.ilm. 'lollo ir great Mtpriee
b. lure tlie 1'iittle I'.aii mi been iim-u
he w.n a K"at latter. Her
lace had been drawn to one side;
but tbe I'ain ll.ilni r. lieveil nil
pain and soreiier-s. ami the mouth
iIhsumiimJ iis eli.ij.e." It i?
.iIm a certain cure lor iheuuialiMii
lame back, sprains swellings mid
lameiiehS. ."ill cent bntlien Inr Sale
bj 1'. G. l i ic keiCo., Iirtiggists.
We have sold Kly's Cream Halm
about three years, uml have re
commended its use in more than a
hundred special cases of catarrh.
The unanimous answer to our in
quiries is,'-I,J's the best remedy that
I haveever ilsed." Our experience
is, that where parties continued its
u-e, it never fails to cure.-J. II.
Montgomery, A Co., Druggists, le
corah, low a.
When I beijan using Kly's ('renin
li.iltn my cat.urh was so bad I bad
In ail. u lie the whole time and lis.
charged n large amount of filthy
matti r. That lias almost entirely
disappeared and have not had head
ache science.-J. Summers, Stephney,
W III be Clven Away
Our enterprising druirgists, (J
b'ricke A Co, w ho carry the finest
stoi k of ilriiL's. perfumeries, toilet
articles, brushe-i, sponges, etc., an
iriving n wiiy n lare niimber of trial
bottles of 1 )r. Miles' celebrated Iv'cs
torative Nervine. They guarantee
it to cure headache, di..iness, ner
vous prostration, sleeplessness, the
ill effects of spirits, tobacco, coffee,
etc. Druggists say it is the trreatesl
seller they ever knew, anil is univer
sally satisfactory. They also guar
antee Ir. Miles' New Heart Cure in
all cases of nervounororganic heart
disease, palpitation, pain in aide,
smothering, etc. rine book on
'Nervous ami Heart Ihseasca
An wilts, rellilils m 171
to Imi ainiilliiy.
to i BioiitlHT. lib li.rr-.. to fsirst nl
! ril.m
a ret omita New Vi rk
llou. hsfereno-t. HASirAti tsaa. l-ck
to lmb. s yors.
When you go to a shoe store your
object isnot only to buy shoes but
to procure for what you spend the
bet that your money will buy.
Ifss than thin will not content you;
more than this you cannot, iu rea
son, usk. Our methods are ns
simple na your desires. We do not
lift your eijK'Clalioiia to the clouds,
but we realize them whatever they
are. We will never sacrifice your
interests to ours and nowhere clue
ran you get n fuller nnd fairer
ejuia!enl for your money. An
especially profitable purchase lor
you is our etc.
Ml Main Street
Wagon sod BlArluimUb itiop
W(;on. BuggT, Machine and
plow Rqninur
nortE?noEiX(j a sit.cialty
lie uii lbs-
Which is tbe best horseshoe for ths
farmer, or for fust drivinu, or for eitj
purposes ever invented. It la so mailt
that anyone cui put on sharp or fiat
corks, as needed for wet and slippery
days, or trmi-th, dry roads. Call at
bis shop and exsmine tbe KKVKiuiur
tnd Jim will use no other.
13 North Fifth St. I'latUwouth
Everything to bo Sold
tunity to get Goods at your own price.
Cel. E. F. S. McClary of ii. I Conducting the Sale.
Jrwwir: "How la It, Kste, lht mi slwsrt
awin in vu-b on 'lo Inviiut im-w Uimr r Io
whut I nuy, yuu aJwj .vio Ui gui shoid
ef mo."
K7: " I Ann't knowi I ivrfjilnlr do not
Bmkrun? ejertHin In tint in li m.h
Jkkmiii: Well, .luring tin, l;u. fewmonths,
lor exsoiiiK I uu Lave Ukro up palming-,
'i ' .i... i
wltlviiit anr :!ier J ou rimt tithe rwrne
WUen Uiri lalurk'0 !e.-rtel li.-r lM-,hHrle
i iiil..i,l)r, unit . oruiiilr ii if all iminnv.
I. iff In lirniT uii'ii f )'inr liis.r.i. Iu ii: 1 h,r.
f'uij I'.I4 1 ;ny fc. ,T Ml I I'M IIIIIK Imf
i l'.'i I" el" ln.tnl... Ill Ii if l lilj
I. nl mi-n Vt t.' u; M. uil ti.l- l..l'-i 'In. .11,' mid
now J 1 1. 1 m '.. I i, ij.i nii-ii-rml i in inn. In .,.- ;
yon r it.-rt .in n : il uilj-; mul l i luc lui
Inoutli ynii li is e mi .m,vi-i i In Ii.-nitli.i.wi.itf,
.. I ii i(-. t. .r ).!.-.. i;iiltijrt,eii:n'ii.
w'ueie l.i ) i..; i-i inlet i,ur
fr.ui In l, I l it;., i.iit.f tUi muj yjuxl-lut
vti .e ! ... ... 1 in . .1 .
Kmr "Wiiv. Jetin'x". fou will mnV me
Vbiii. I buveim.f i iii, ,,ur,-4Mif inleiiimflon.
Imt It I inri" ii'i linw ii mn-u kil ui.l. I
W7 rliiia Iwr f ii)tliin li. w l,ut hnt
tbe n-it !r? l-ri r:e le'..M.iu.
on III ulij.-.u Muku 7 Sui Muniiuurl
Aiii a (nut lrenro It Is Iu ui ail. ! r It
r!ly fiirnmli. llifi rrailnif fur liril
bmiirholil: father kstfitrii up 111 massin
Uml h bu tmkrn ff eant, ho litis
oii fri ro'itv n. ttUT Inditii.ulii.o on
Hie kuiitto'i if thu il..) ; ami uiMn. r myt
Ihnt It M tliAt fhiil roa.k. her ui-m a famous
bM.arkeca-r. Iu lin t, w ail n that it at
tlx mil raallf rimi.r Biwainic JMil.lirM-l,
M wa htvi. aenr tor mmiwinn' at. i.f mn-ii.
and find tlialimala all .r nun. anollMr ail
f.r women, anil another for chlldrru onljr,
vHiio,M(Mi aiiita -irv imm of uai so
oiilr tmti Ui txkn mi li.itea'l of rii-ntl. and
tliat mi alwra tut, ronn In, for It g
uuif ii i) a yiytr. Irli vuu tlil.ia I am
t.Mi lavil. In my pmtai, tu( I trill M juti mt-m
oura, or l iu-r null, mid lurvnu to tl'i putt.
IhIi.t, w. Jruninm lwoionl, li luil 14ih
HtnH. Naw York, for a aanipla mpr, BkI I
aliall ala-aya oi,iia:d-r titat 1 hmvm 4.,no you
a ir nut favor; and may iw you will Ivrutimr
us out, a you auy wa bava IIhi r.-1'iilolj..u f
t.nir lli ti"l iiifoirnHl family in ian, If
that ba an, It Is Octmirvat't amlly kuuulne
Uu du IL"
A liberal ofler-only M.IX) for
ami DemorcHt l-'iniiily Nnnzinc.
J2rS,ii(l your aubacrlptioii to tliia
.44d Ecienllfio America!
i . CSVIaTB,
inoi iwia.
fa. 'tilt1 CO IHIOHTw, eto. ,
Tar tr.fnrmt,rt3 fwK.r wnta 1
Ml NN t I'll 1 lino T. NrW Vornt.
Oi4Mt htirwaa rn aw nnut aalul. Mi Anim
twrij lir'il lkn out liy a. l l-roiintil iN-rura
U auXlic bj S B'ltlna (Uua frva of tlnuu IU tlia
Scientific tomcan;
lArraat rtriilU. af any arifittflf panar In tha
w.,rld K.l...,.ir ll.,,,iV.- tilt ii'-!l.clit
mn ph.iuiti t wMti-iut ii. w.n, a i.u.i a
J-.'l l m nn nil,.. A-I.1i Mt'SN a (.0,
1'LaLi.aiaa.lLi llivatlaa;, haw tiaik.
y rn sj
fin f !
!iJ tv
Incw Co-a-rt
Regardless of Cost.
A Cure for the Ailments of Man and Beast
A long-tested pain reliever.
Its use is almost universal by the Housewife, the Farmer, the
Sto'lc Raiscr, and 1 every one requiring on effective
Ko other application compares with it in efficacy.
This wcll-l r.own remedy hus stood the test of years, almost
Ko medicine chest is complete without a bottle of Mvstako
Occasions eri? for Its n almost every day.
All druggists and dealers bare it.
AJ f VI J lillill IV
Having purchased the J. V. Wf ckhach store reom en outh' '
Main etrect vrhere I am now located can ke!l good, chn
cr than the cheapest having just put in the largest f v
of new goods evor brought to the city. OasoHne k t
andfuniture ef all IcimU -old on ihn installment plan7 ,
H ( U A
. 1 Ja. ..
(si n
rn r i r-
In I iri
U IS : lriri'" j
"7 "
Do not miss this Oppor
Sale commencing
lr.1 1 nl I Li I ;;Zthil
St . .j y ! 1
- I '5v;.v