The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, December 08, 1891, Image 2

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tN.)ITs nil OS. Pubii'sHora
' .nl (.. TbnruUy. and daily f
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fi:'. .i.fiW Vina and Fiftll trei-tl-.
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, tow copy, tM m-mrjif. In lid' tie W
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TtKMs ro PA.
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'.Jne copy pr wwk. by tir'-. ir'
hie cipt pir niciiitl' V
The republicans
difliculty Kclcctinir u
-ll HO
e for
Ghover CT.evelam . "'
ably t lie inont rt-Mlr
lie N'tW YoKK Ht it 1 lr.icN the vim. It
i edited that 70 femalrs have
licrticen for frlliii beer iili'l
whiskey in that cilv.
Spending f.'.OiKl.O.ifl to have ovr
fTi.'J.f)fJ0,( ) iii the Kamr time, look
like K'ooiJ economy, yet thin i what
ia meant by improving the Missou
ri ri vrr gyMi-m.
GKk'MAXY expended f 1X, if p.OTh) in
improving the Khine: New Yoik in
vented fiUJnO.ttJU in the Krie canal
Neither could alTord to lone the ad
vantage thus gained for many
times the Hum io invrHtri.
Govkk.xok Se.wtok Hill will
duubtle experience Home incoi,
venieiice looking after hi lutie :ia
Governor while he is filling bin
teat an fcen.itor. There is little,
doubt liowever,tliat he will arrange
to receive his f alary regularly.
Ckl-si", Mills und priner miht
nettle their difference by uniting
on K-tp'iiker K'-cd for speaker. In
iloinjj this the blundern of a
democrat speaker would not c-n-iljner
the chance af party huc
cess in V2 and the country at lare
would fare better.
IT 1ms been naid by fjood authority
that Kussell Sage in the moat cliarit
able man living. While lie does
not nii a rule, write out a check for
any 'amount which many be aked
for, he does make it a point to re
lieve distress where it i most
needed and gie to the most de
serving. TitE countries with which a Mc
Kiuley reciprocity has already been
concluded are Iirazil, Cuba, Porto
Rico, San Domingo and the Hawai
ian Inland. Arrangements are
well under way with Costa Rica, the
richest sugar and coffee district in
Central America, and the good
work is just beginning. Inter O.
- -- - -It
is well known that the Cleve
land element ol the democratic
hous? favors Mill for the speaker
ship, because Mills, more than any
other man, rrpi event the Cleve
land free trade idea. Let them
have Mills. All the republicans
desire to insure them the earth in
111 U a thoroughly democratic
lume this ee-nion,
The republicans of Ohio are
making nn ellort to inaugurals
Governor M'Kinley with'ceremonies
that have never been more impos
ing Republican club and re
presentative, republican from nil
over the union will probably be in
attend nice. It will be a proud day
for the foremost champion of tin:
American syntem of protection to
American industry "'d labor.
Ten western d.-iiiocratio papers
favor Boise for tii- ecoud plnce on
the ticket far banking on the
prol.i!ir!; of Ins carrying ;Ioj.
I) fore tanig this Mi'p oner frienils
should remember that national
Ismu's were -involved in the el (
tion of th U .'islature la-t fall in
which the rptildi,Mtig.iiii.d three
members. I,( t it not be f.n gotteii
-i I ! l . r lb it II irrl-o'i carried the
state by X'n plurality. Wi ll the
prohibition hind' ranee removed
t ie reptiMi!:-:is 'vi!l set d-iwn n
!oi-e in t'o ' i ; 1 1 1 1 i -( a V :i 1 le in inner.
Till', stati t. e it is givi'ii out that
the aduiinislra ion li:i.4 negotiated
a tn-aty wi' !i !M" .' ! i .vai.ui i-lanjs
esiabli-hi.i'j iib-ulute fiec Ir.nle
with llu).-- I la-i I . Tiiis will ! a
new dep.irt'ire Jut- a set of politic
i.ili who are ii: (el red with tie- M .--t.
'. nley d'ic ' :i ae. The cuti'iiiv will
doubtless n ap a benefit from it be
i"iusc it will give (he people an ob
ject lesson by wlch df'V ni . y
judge of the general ewect ' of free
The f..C( ia the .ei.'ittion has
smvee d-d in establishi'iii; recipro
! t-;:-!- r:-!a';-i;.:; w.'!- Hawai
ian Inlands in aceo.-'tntv- with the
provisions of the reciprocity clause
of the M-Kin!i y law. The treaty
provides that the Kni'.e I Slates ad
mit into its ports freeuf duty mo
lasses, m-iir it'id tropical fruits
prividing the llavvai.nis will admit
staph' commodities of this country
which she cannot profitable pro
duce. No honest man will assert
that the present administration has
adopted free trade in a single in
ftanee. Wherever reciprocity treat
ies have been made, due care has
been taken, to admit no product
free of duty that will interfere with
its production in this country. The
present administration will give the
people no ebject lesson in free
trade. On the other hand the doc
trine of production will be fully ex
emplified and the interests of our
industries ami labor cared for.
In the nomination of Mr. Cr:p
for the speakership the democracy
of this country has taken a decided
ly iu;;rresive and some may term
progressive rtep. He'e'.ofore (im
policy of the democratic party litis
been outlined by the Carlisle as
against the Kandull element , re
sulting in the Meady drift toward
lit: free trad : policy. Oi rejeul
year Cleveland hai been con
sidered the most pronounced sup
porter of the doctrine and in the
candidacy of Mill in this contest,
the future prestige of this free trade
element was involved. Crisp, on
the other hand received support, in
n great measure from the old Rand
all following with such accessions
a lie might obtain because id
hostility to Cleveland, views on the
silver question. Crisp ha placed
himself on record a favoring the
free coivi'ge of silver and being de
cidedly nf;ainst free trade. The
result is in a measure a victory for
the republican party, though iu
the end, the party will probably not
fare as well an it would had Miii
been the choice, inasmuch a a
radical free trade bill would likely
have been presented an I that party
placed upon thejlefeiiiive on that
The choice of Crisp m ly b
interpreted a a triumph for the
Hill faction of the democracy, a
set back for free trade and the
promotion 'of the free silver idea
as wasfjrorcd by the platform of
twenty-four democratic stale cou
ventors at the late election. If we
cannot) have it, M'Kinleyisin vs.
free trade, we shall have to be con
tent with honest money va. free
coinage in the campaign of V!
Oh War ""' l Old Book.
If yon are repairing an old bouse and
wih to have one or two striking and ef
fective features, chooe a room for a den
ftUd liaVe tlio Who! Of a WillJuWira iido
finished with drawer, cupboard, nook
fcod pigeon holes. Shut in some of tuo
with etaintsl glass doors, drape others
with renl silk or blue and white porce
lain tinted crapy good. Leave a gal
lery along the top for biwU, pottery or
nnframed painting. Cover the floor
with matting and rugs. If powible
place low aeala in the wimlowiftjr plauU
or books. .Select wrought iron frauv
for hanging lamps, with a copper candlo
stick placed here acid there for pick op
An old portable clothea closet may be
convc-rti-l into a corner shrine for ucb a
room by being covered with dark red
pltmh, in which ia kept aoiue family heir
loom or a beautiful vase. A few odj
bamboo pieces of furniture will bent har
monize with the rest of the room, oritiff
carved chairs in dark mahogany. An
old fa.-liiond dk, guch a wua in con
uul im in iiVw Eii'Ubd year age, or
any antique table or stnuj will find a
tuiuiils aiiiding place here. Brooklyn
Tho TronbU With tha Tapper.
The lat P. T. Darnuin, being a pro
noniiivil joker, turned also In witty
faculty to use. W hen he told the Adiron
dack landlord, with great solemnity, that
he hesitated to find fault with anything
about the liot-l when so much winiivs
able, he was urged by the landlord hy
all tin aiis to be frank und do to. "Well."
.ii'l i:..ninin, "it is only one thing; I
have di.Mivered with regret that Tottr
pepl-r is half liens." The landlord de
eland it could nut be; but, on being as
sured ttiiit n.irnimi knew pepper as well
as (jinifer, he wrote a caustic letter to his
gn.eirs al,oiit s-ndsiig him auch stun.
Thy, Iriinwing dmibtles who' tho red
Coiii l.iitiiil:t Wfts, wrote bark that if he
w.tiM ;!! "p jijier" he would find half
of it cotnpose.l rf p's. and that that
which they Mild had only the amount the
orthography required. Printer'a Ink.
Wlmt llio Truffl. !.
ihe MM lent I i' l j 1 .1 i -, lit wiio-s fllJlie
tuo'n lani'i'ieti trufl!.-s phve-l au im
pottant role, supposed that their t-xi.-t-eree
was one of the material result of
thunder. Mors modern botanists havs
1 it as a fp.T-ii . of inu.!,r.s.i:i, hut
it. c..!i -I-.,-. y I tei-im-d such. To be
eve !, t i.e t rulils is a luheretil.-nn finikin,
a f it i f in. ,j bill extravasation of V"gf.
ta" " a. , si.iil'-.'om to oak b iii i.r
r:i;' ;.-.!'.. and diiui.'!i- oriinatiri?, a
t!i s. .,Mer, bv th- s'ltig of nil ll,,iit.
W.i-!.;i!'.on I.etier.
Geo. Yusa and the court house
lock. tf
Gentlemen, if vou want a fine
iVess shoe, it c. 11 be had at Schild-
MiechtV. tf
'Cf-intli ineii, if you hanker after
11 il Flexible l-'me Fancy Kitting
Footwear, Schildknecht ha tho
truck. tf
The county commissioners', Geo.
Vass and the court house clock.
Why wili yon cough when Shi
loh'a cure will give immediate re
lief. I'rice 10 cts., cts. Huil $1
For sale by F. (i. Fricke A Cc ,
I'ure buckwheat flour for sale in
Heisi I s mill. II
Call on the Tucker Sisters in the
Pherwod block for bargain in
Winter Hats. tt
C... I.,
ts unit m1iim-m crti o
oseph Main street, between
ourth and Fifth streets. tf
Santa Clause, christma and
Geo. Vass. tf
A son of Mr. M. I). I'usser, a
merchant of Gibraltar, N. (.'.. was so
badly iillln tcd with rheumatism for
a year or more, as to be unable to
work or go to school. His father
concluded to try Chamberlain's
rain Halm on the bov. It soon
cured I i in and he has since walked
lllie Mild U ball' liiih'n til J'l !'. )(.-! Illld
back every school day. "hi cent bot
tle for sale by F. lj. 1'rii ke A t o,,
Eucklon'a Arnica balve.
Tun 1!kt Sm.vk in the Wollil fi r Cuts
Itruisisi, Sorin, Ulcer, Suit Ule imi. FVvet
Sop, Titter, Chapped Hand, Chilblains.
Corn, and sll Skin Eruption, and posi
tively cure I'd. , nr nn psy required.
It i guarsntetd to uivi: s.itiriHcdon, oi
money refunded. I'rire 2.i eeiit per box
For isle by F. 0. Krir ke Co.
We have sold lily's Cream Halm
about three years, and have re
commended its use in more than a
hundred special cases of catarrh.
The unanimous answer to our in
quiries is.'dt's the best remedy that
I have ever used." Our experience
is, that where partie continued its never fail to cure. J. II.
Montgomery, A Co., Hruggists, De
corah, Iowa.
When I began using Kly'a Cream
lialtti my catai rh was o bad I had
headache the whole time und dis
charged n large amount of filthy
matter. That ha almost entirely
disappeared and have not had head
ache science.-J. Soinincrs.t-tephney,
W III bo CIvcn Away
Our enterprising druggist, F. G
Fricke A Co, who carry the fluent
stock of drills, perfumeries, toilet
articles, brushes, sponge, etc., art
giving away a large number id trial
bottles of Dr. Miles' celebrated Res
torative Nervine. They guarantee
it to cure headache, di..ines, ner
vous prostration, sleeplessness, the
ill ctfects of spirits, tobacco, coffee,
etc. Druggist say it is the greatest
seller they ever knew, and is univer
sally satisfactory. They also guar
antee Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure in
all cases of nervouaor organic heart
disease, palpitation, pain in aide,
smothering, etc. Fine book on
'Nervous und Heart Diseases
Wntsi1Ai, w-Uts, reliable mia-lry 171
to io nontlof . llli lnrrss. lo
n kit mi rllou a miumiiitiK Nrw Vi Ik
flmn. H(.-f.-.-. mimiCHIU. Ick
mi l!b. w York.
When you go to n nhoe store your
object isuot only to buy shoes but
li pr uru for what you rpend the
best that your money will buy.
Ix-ss than Ibis will not content you;
more than this you cannot, in rea
son, nsk. Our method nrc as
simple as your desires. We do not
lift your expectations to the clouds,
but we realize them whatever they
are. We will never sacrifice your
interests to ours arid nowhere else
can you get n fuller mid fairer
equivalent for your money. An
especially profitable purchase for
you is our etc.
Sol Main Street
Wagon and Biarkstnlth "hop
War-en, Bug;?, Machine and
plow Ueppiiiiij done
Us n-a the
Which in the beM horMsliue for the
fanner, or for ft drivint;, or for citj
pnrposeiev.T mribb-d. it is mi ir.tde
tlitit anyon -. c ,n put on hharp or fbtt
rorks, a iiitded for wet and s!i.j)rry
diiys, or,, dry romln. Cn.l at
h'S shop and einiiiiiie the t.KM.iisMr
and you woi u-e ia otliei.
li North F;f'.!j St. I'lattsmouth
y unu
n m
j i
l J'.- i
Everything to bo Sold Regardless of Cost. Do not miss thi3 Oppor
tunity to get Goods at your own price. Sale commencing
Pr, f C Mnrin,,, nl 11 V Pn
uui, Ui 1 1 Oi muuiaiv u , ., uu
JrrtE : " How U It, Kate, that foti alwiji
S-in U rafeh tm'Ui tlmlast new tiling J fx,
what I ma-, jruu aiwajt Mm to gel aim4
f roe."
Katb: Ii1on't knnwi I eertalnlr do not
Biaksanr exertion In that direetion."
Jksxik : " Wrtl, dunn thr lut few mnntha,
fur aiaui'ile, uu bat tukeu uu igniting.
Jrn ? '
n'f f " u r:
m I I f A ' M1
without anr tmehr-r : you earns tntli mu-ua
when Miim balsr'ii ii4 itii ner l'ijuu-ejuw
aiiiiili.ii, no.) enrtainly n ure all uii.rov
liiv In rn.- nieler ) liilrin lion : 1 li.nri
Tou tr;im Tommy k-nan l:it eirniiij- how
a is ctub lua'lii mi.-tuki-i in :ii)itiit IwneLail;
ou ae'in ! i ii i on ull tne l,,i. . fa-, a,' ami
now Jo-t hat In doen-'er all in-imutam-c;
il i-ul. rt on iv iiililulj ; ki, m tlio lat
inolltli )..u luve niiinivi. vim il II, owiiif,
I'll: tell Mie. Ill li) (1. li-liililleii.-n ifa.
Wnerr il.i ), i ei t rli ol ..up iiiloriMili. n
fnun in t.iui I'flie i n,,f tl. Hv j.iM.. fV
ou never f.i In Hie t iiy.
Ktir: ' tiv, J iw. j-ou will maVa ms
ra.ii. 1 hnvv only oi.e neun sot infi.riiiaiiea
lint It l ip.rl-.nif huw it mo. w.iina, I
n-ry aei. .in lu-ir of anyi in w but what
tlio wil lew .1,1 l.rinir im- lull inr..iinaiiin
on His Minor ,., tii,r
An I s tren.nn- It In tn o. all, for II
really lnrm.liea Inn reaitinr for Ilia whnla
fcoiwliolil: f n( her liai(ivrn Ul.. oiaru'tna
Inat ha Iik Limn I. r )'nr, an lie mjt u,m
on imi-a murr and la-iu-r Infoiinatioo oo
tie -it,w u of liiti d. y; sr. i:;.-.::;;-r says
loot it ia muki-4 meh a famooa
Jimi.M.T. In fa. t, wn all ai:n thHt It la
tnroniy n-ully nun.r ni:iira.ine,
we fun ii n nt .ir r imi.i. H of all i t tin-in.
ant fin. I tiiutoin-M ail lor men, annilicr a J women, ami another f. r ii, ;li.-n only,
w'lile ttim linn .iifta e-rr 0" of ii.; ao wa
onlv ne. Ui tii k. one Jn.iead of aeeral,and
tmit i. wneru tun CH.-on.,iny e,niin in, f.r II la
only t'" a )nr. r.rl,.i i,n think lm
Vi'i U :-h in my pniiM-; hot t w ill let ou m
oilr. or, Ix-ller flnl, f"lli llleelil to tlio ''ill.
It i'-', w. Jeniiiiiin ia-uionid, 1 Ciuit llth
fin. New Vork, for a wnni la r"iv, and I
shall alanya conni.ler Hint 1 liavo dona you
a runt fnvor; and may U' you will tieeiitiiiiir
u iMit, aa run any wr Imvn Uie leiiulalioa of
tx-inii llio bet lnfm-ini-.l faintly In town. If
t; Im ao, It la Ixuiuruat's iauilir Vaaaiiu
Uiut Iluna It"
A filieral ofler-nnly f'l.flO for
mid DeninreKt lnuiily Mnna.iue.
tiyPend your ubaeriiitioii to this
ti44 Scientific AmrrlcAB
Agency fort'
V rff COPHtCHTtt to.
W 1 S N ft, nj.. rtt.J It M A I'M A t I'll IT.
-.'ltat hiir.fiil ff.f MtN ui m. .t' I I'l Ai'iI'V,
yrr Int.-tit thrf md ,j . ,r Hal'' '"'I' HI
t!lf (i'ltnlC ttf li-rt il t(i Ml f r f t t:l;JII III tilt
Scientific ucvicau
I.rpt rtrrnNtinn f nT r"ffft!.'' Trxr In thm
Wi.r.'l. S.'..,-i.ili ill t-trai. I S- ii il l nt
p mn h..u a mthotii it. W n I. tut
J-r: J 'f im.'hUi-. A-I'!f ti. j-, CU
'I u lib it ik,, UruwJwri, Njw ivfk.
I n ,-, 1
i i
j ,
A Cure for the Ailments of Man and Beast
A lonj-teited pain reliever.
IU use is almost universal by the Housewife, the Farmer, the
Stock Raider, and by ercrjr one requiring an effective
Ko other application compare with it in efficacy.
riii well-known remedy has itood the test of. years, almost
Ko medicine chest is complete without a bottlo of Mustano
Occasions arise for its ue almost every day.
All dru joists and dealers have it.
Every thing to Furnish Tour House.
Haying purchased the J. V. AVeckhach Hore riom oi f.utk
Main etrect where lam now located can k,.l gooil-j cheap
cr than the cheapeht havin- jut put in the largest Mock
of new goods evrr hio'i-ht to the it j. (.Wine Kovta
and furtiture of all VuuU bold on the installment plan.
V n i r 1
f ...4. . L..-.LL
P J r
n rli i nil n nr ll-io 0 r I -?
uul y k mk. i
i iii i ib a Ci Lr.. fAit
v n
1 " v.