The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, December 07, 1891, Image 2

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Pb;!mo!i:h' IWJy llenll
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K NOTTS BROS, p'ubltshera.
n ilnr fxcejit iunday.
t :Ww.t at tne mttamoutti, Weft. po''tr imnin:oii tliruuirti tha C.ii8.
4 v'oihI l iww ruin..
, ;)'tvt eiirnc i Vine an! Piftb itrects.
Mi".line 38.
c..y, otio year, lu advaucH..... ....... 11
hi copy, one year, no: lu aUvmire
hie tury, gi montlif, lu advance ... .... n
n opy, three moiitha, lu &lvanoe. . . 40
H cup one jrr lu ailvuee WOO
inh fwr wmIc, hy errlr IS
hie copy, pT month
At the meeting of the director of
the Lincoln board of trade, at which'tf'iuea to noia a ueei lujjur
vasji'iued to :
us toiiowa on me
prospects of
the industry in
"Tiiiri iiivluntry litiS bCCGiTtC 212 CS-
tabli.-hed reality in this Htate and is
no longer a legitimate subject for
conjecture. The essential and
material "tacts have been unques
tionably demonstrated which prove
conclusively that the natural con
dition of coil end temperature of
the elate of Nebraska are more fav
orable for the production of beetn
having a higher saccharine rich-nth-
than any other country in the
The commercial importance that
it will be to the people of this state
to niannfacture the sugar that is
U89 i by them cannot be estimated.
A flight conception of the most
directs benefits that would accrue
were this the case, can only be par
tially imagined when we relied by
comparison the amount of sugar
that is annually consumed by the
United States. According to the
best statistics obtainable we find
our importations amounted to
33&UVi3Si pounds, and that the
production in the United States whs
less than 9M,iW,iJiM This would
indicate a total of 3,.",7'J3,fc3
pounds, but we must realize that
Home of the importations are, after
refining, exported.
"According to the last census re
port the annual per capita con
sumption of the United S'jites waa
fifty-nve pounds. Of this amount
we only produced eight pounds per
capita ot the consumption. The
annual cost of sugar to each indi
vidual in the United States would
be $-.C"), based upon theseconserva
tive figures and computed at 44
cent per pound. This would
amount to 5 cents per week, or 5-7
of a cent per day for each individ
ual. Insignificant as these figures
may seem to be it will amount to
$2,7.-3.1C3 for the people of Nebraska,
with a population of lWl.lMO.
"For Douglas county, which has
the largest population of any coun
ty in the state, it would amount to
over $KO,0C3 annually, or money
enough to establish eight national
bank with j0,O capital each
"For Lancnster county it would
amount to nearly yJUJ, or
enough to capitalize four national
bank of $10X) each. For Gage
county, the third largest in the
state, it amounts to $S.,CC) annual
-The grawth of the beet sugar in-
dustry has been very rapid during
the last thirty years, vfcea it was
tirst thoroughly taken in hand
The world's output of beet sugar
for the years 18fi0 and 1801 was, ac
cording to M. Licht, 3S7.00O tons,
whereas for the years 1890-91 it is
computed by the authority at
.'1.I-OGX30 tons as against 2,340,000
tons of cane sugar, a total of exact
ly 8,COO,000 tons, an excess of beet
, sugar over cane of UJO,C23 tons.
, "As Germany, France and Autria
are Uie largest producers of sugar
from beetH we will give the average
cost per ac e of raising beets in
, France in this following detailed
figures fiirninhed by M. K. DuFay,
' of Chevry'. Cot-signy, France:
l'rifnrii )nansrr ' 3 00
Prtlllr umoierclal J 00
Bprt-adin luaiiuru.... so
. Sprn'llriK fi-rUiUera... , ., ,
Klnt pluwiua;,., ; i j to
Harrowing and ullint aflt-r plowing ,64
Plow-Inn and euUnillUig..: if)
To nt'iimfvltim .... on
T' hiUniKlll.l (y
, Two nillliik't ,. 04
' Out of cd. ' j
1 SowlriK of Kci'J M
JlarrjwiiiK and rolling again (4
i Tiirpe tlme hoeing with howt 40
liming by liarul... ... 4 H4
Hartestlng hj hand.... , 414
Hanrentlng hy marliliiM.... 1 to
Tuning to factory..., ,K, ' t 4,
Total . . ;o 61
"To the figures stated are still to
be added the rent of the land. and
taxes U0, waking a total of
The charge of harvesting is verv
luw trom the fact that the topplnifr ' l " ,u " lJli'nu"'T,! owl
.t.u.t , . . 11 K tanker mouth. For sale bv F G
of the beets is performed by women Fricke Co.
and children wl
do not eu'eed
much les U,au
for in thi cuuii
for lert'di.ers i
we sliall ne o'i our f
ar ff me--
d by.. T u Fay i
vears to come. T!
oer acre obtaine
twentv-five tons, showing the value
of extensive farming. It will be
noticed th;i the cost oT fertilizers
applied to ) the ground together
with rent and taxes amount to
$T)0.0i") per acre.
'We are of the opinion that if an
equal amount of money in ex
pended in the state of Nebraska for
labor, ground rent and taxes that is
expended in France for fertilisers,
rent and taxes, that the result will
be an equal average tonnage per
acre; and when we again compare
the percentage produced in
Nebraska which has maintained an
average of about Piper cent with
those of France and Germany, we
have still a greater advantage in
this respect.
Otrminy. France.
Percent. here -tit.
IH-90 n 1100
KM-K3 la. -S k "
WC-W U.'T ,,M
iMMWi;M tUTi j luSKB
last report the average per cent of
sucrose in the beets for this year at
the experimental station at Schuy
ler is about l., iiimI a Ivmih.iuO of
twenty tons to the acre.
"It is evident that the cost of
growing beets in Nebraska is less
limit in either France or Germany,
where fertilizers are annually re
quired. "Several farmers at Grand Island
have grown from fifteen to twenty-
one tons of beets per acre this year
at an average cost of about ?.K) per
acre, the contract price of which
was $4 per ton. Similar reports are
also made from Norfolk und, while
it is true that some farmers have
not met with success or profit in
growing beets, it certainly must be
due in improper se.clectiou, or prf
paration of the land or else in neg
lect in cultivation.
"This crop is one that will not ad
mit of neglect in cultivation, tut it
is one that if properly cultivated
will return a larger per cent of
profit fur the labor bestowed than
any oilier crop. When factories are
established there can always be
found a market for this crop at a
uniform price per ton.
"As the price of a commodity
cheapens, in proportion as the con
sumption is increased, and as it is
estimated that it would require 7(J0
additional factories in the United
States, with a capital equal to the
two already built in Nebraska to
upply the consumption of our
people, it naturally follows that
thi auaibrt inii-u rc very largely
increased to meet the demand
caused by the reduction in the
price of the sugar. The increased
consumption cannot be estimated,
but from the last report of the sec
retary of agriculture, the imports
from April 1 to October 1, ISh, ex
ceeded that of any like period by
"The question now arises, cannot
Nebraska become the leading
sugar producing state in the union?
Are not its people warranted in
making a united effort in thai
direction? To the end that all
possible information ami knowl
edge regarding thin greatindustry
may be thoroughly dissminated
among all the people in the stale
and that capitn!i( may be In
formed as to the great natural ad
vantages that arc to be found here,
and, that the iu.ention of the one to
produce the raw material shall in
duce the other to locate factories in
this state."'
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