The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, December 04, 1891, Image 2

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    iSiiHlu! P.!
? KNOITS iPtOS, Publishers
J'mlhhl it) ThiirHdajr, and duy evmj
i ' ''" Wa'Umw'H. Sh.rt-
L. --may mp'i mnmii tii Uys.
a:! ' : .it mo bctliiu
eti" i J of utill furl tie1""" ,tr,"M-
rhuructrr to h'
tnat f isi-
rr.KM.i ma wkkkly.
, one yi"nr, tu alT.uicf'v v SI M
, oit yar, imt In itvni, too
ne copy, six mnntht. In tvne 7
ne O'ipy, ttirr mniith. li! kitvani-i . 4"
n cop mm ynr In ailne Short
hie enjiy per w-k. by e irrler I
me copy, pr month : V
I'KEinnxT II.VKh'i-ios's forth
coming nu'HUinre will be an im
UHually intfrt-Htiti (loriiinent.
It has bi't-n etim:it-il it will re
quire more than SfTCOi'X) to tiwiki
the awur-1 at tin- world's Coluiii
bian exposition.
PLATTxMOl TU M ahead of
Nebraska City in (.electing dele
KateH to attend the Missouri river
improvement convention.
IF Crisp be elected Speaker Hill
will black Cleveland's eye; if Mills
necim-H the plum Cleveland will
jfrind the life out of Hill.
THE more silence Mr. Maine ex
hibits regarding the presidential
nomination the more unanimous
the clamor becomes for his nomina
tion. We predict that nothing
abort of a positive refusal will pres
ent it when the convention meet in
Hf.x Hutlkk is strain reported
seriously ill. The old general ren
dered valiant services for the Union
during the Civil war period; he has
Ix-en Iitrlitmir Ins enemies ever
ince and is in pi-rfect trim for the
final encounter with his last enemy
A MAJORITY of the Ohio demo
crats have declared in favor of
Crisp for npeaker. Let it be remem
bered that Crisp made but two or
tnree speeches in Ohio in the late
campaign, while Mills scattered
free trade argument broadcast
throughout the state. TheOhioans
Know what is to their interest
Crisp in somewhat of a protection
ist, you know.
Kdwaki) Fielo, son of Cyru V
Field, through premeditated treach
ery has been instrumental in com
pletely ruining his father both
financially and physically. The
old gentleman, now seyenty-two
years of age, is dying in his fine
residence that in a few days will
pass into other hands. Cyrus
Field has the good will and utmost
respect of the people on both sides
of the Atlantic.
IT is indeed encouraging to no'.e
the interest taken by the cities and
towns of Nebraska in the building
up of manufacturing industries
within her borders The next
twenty-five year will show a devel
opment in the west as wonderful as
the last and there is no reason'why
Nebraska should not keep apace
with other states. Nebraska City
A IMSMOCR AT who professes to be
strictly honest attributes the disas
trous defeat sustained by the demo
crats at the recent Ohio election to
the Australian ballot law. If re
ports are true regarding the elec
tion in a few other states, it is very
likely that the Australian ballot
law would hav still further re
tarded democratic progress. A
fair ballot is always favorable to
republican success.
The fight for the speakership
goes men ily on. -Journal.
Yes in all proability Mills'
fleshy sides are shaking
with laughter, and Crisp and
Springer in all probability never
had ho much fun before. In the
meantime the republicans are
fighting, snapping) and (mailing
among themselves for the nomina
tion. Sad plight those republicans
re in but oh jojous and united
THB democratic tyrgan of this city
con tin lies to worry over the propos
ed recount of the ballots cast at the
rrcent election and professes to see
no ncci suty for such a contest, as if
will not materially change the re
sult. If our neighbor really be
lieves this why its continued op
position? It might be interesting
for our neighbor to know that a
a cvrtuatV.IT -'ed n pul le a i i a'U.w ri. i .row
out because of thep.-v eil I U.
t'on of th-deiiiocratie i,ajoi -iv that
tliey v f not tnarh'-: trii tijv ac
cording to the letter Ue fjiw.
The best counsel ol.U ;. a'..c i-h0uld I
b--. employed upon c;vh side V'1'
contest, so that :t n.iy be settled
for a i time, whether ai o mi willor
juMihcd lit casting out vo'es ,on
mere flimsy technicalities.
The following appeared in
Atlanta Kla.l Constitution of
Mr. Mills is a free trader. He
made this announcement while he
us speaking in the west last year,
and he repeated it in a speech
made in Cincinnati a few weeks
ago in behalf of the democratic
party. Mr. Mills' idea ol tarill re
form is free trade. This is the dif
ference between him and other
candidate-! and between him and
other democrats. Is this the test
and mea-oire of democracy'? Is
this the doctrine which, according
to the humble. Uyniim am) the can.
did gold-bug organ, makes Mr.
Mills' democracy resplendent:'
Mr. Mills the courage of his
convictions; he is a free trader and
he makes no bones of proclaiming
the fact. This is the issue has
been lorccd to the ft out by his
friends; this is the issue that will
be made bv bis election to the
speaker's place. Can the demo
cratic party atford to go belore the
countrv on the issue thus tnadc'r
We have no argument to make on
the issue. The oulv question is
one of policy. Can the democratic
party at tins tune ullonl to go
before the country on the issue of
free trade as Mr. Mills has made it':
If it can, well ami good. If it can
not, it is the duty of democrats to
place some other democrat iu the
speaker's chair.
Resplendent as is the democracy
of .Mr. Mills, "it :s better for the
democratic party to be safe than
As to the very pertinent question
propounded by this distinguished
democratic journal, "I an the dem
ocratic, party at this time alTord to
go before the country on
the issue of free trade as M
Mills has made it?" the republican
party believes and hopes that such
will be the case. Whether tin-
party can afford to make that the
issue will not be known definitely
until after the election of Nov. Tl
The republicans are spoiling for n
light on the question of McKinlrv-
ism vs. Cobdenism and we should
as soon see it commence with '.he
election of Mills to the sprakershi
as at any other time.
CoiIom la a Miied Colli1!.
There is coolnesa between ths boy
and the girls of the Stanford university.
It all came about from a question of pro
priety. The boy gavs a ball In their
dormitory hall on Monday night, to
which tbey invited all the girl students
as well as the professors. Elaborate
preparation were made, and the young
men anticipated an evening of enjoy
merit. They hired a band, and had the
dormitory beautifully decorated.
One or two of the more modest and re
tiring of the maidens iu the girls' donni
tory were shocked at the avowed inten
tion of some of the girl to attend the
ball, and called a meeting of ths girls, at
which there was a long discussion of the
Many of the fair student! said they
could see co barm in going to the ball a
long us the professors were willing, but
the more prudish damsels read a strniis
lecture on the evil of ouch doings, and,
on a vote, there was a majority in favor
of not attending the balL Ho none ol
them went.
The boys waited long for the coming
of the fair ones, but they came not At
first tliM collegian! were very angry.
Then they took the dancing floor them
dve and made a "stag" party of it
They say, however, that for future fes
tivitim they will lend no invitations to
the girl students. This miiU the ultrv
mralent among the latter, but the sociable
girU feel cruahed. San Francisoo
A Trmadou liariey Farm.
"We have now secured 2M),000 acres
of land in North Dakota for barley
farms, and next fpriDg we will end
thousand of German emigrants to that
state frota Ohio, Vet Virginia and In
diana," taid Colonel O. M.Towner a
he diactuwed the future of tail (Treat
northern state. Colonel Towner is mao-ag-T
of what is best known sa the Dart y
syndicate of Chicago. During the last
two or three mouths the company ban
iiiixeacl in Ms-unng 2W.00O acre of
land in North Dakota, on which it is
proponed to place German farmers to
raise barley for malt purpose. These
lands have been purchased iu Kelson,
Norman, Towner, Iiamaey, Steele aud
iiottlnrau conntle.4.
It is the opinion of the managers of
this company that barley can be most
auccemfully grown In that state, and
they have the conviction of their belief
sufficiently to purchase these lands and
to send out emigrants from other states.
The Germans are chosen on account 'if
their knowledge of barley culture for
thi pnrpoee. These emigrants will not
be tenants, but owners of the land, it
beinj sold to them on easy terms. The
crops will be bought by the comDaor
and shipped to all points where there is
a demand for barley. 8t Paul Pioneer
Pre. -
rienuy composed arter playing a pre
lude on the organ, or while taking hU
"ante jerjtAoalar" or "post prandial"
walks he found in the solitude of the
dense forests something tuore profound
aud suggestive than anything he could
nnd in txxm. '
M ,irn naputeon'i - "1 Wi Found.
(in the voyaga in Vigute from Ale
anilria to Franc lem said to tlu.i-e
' wl.o were in hi , eAt ih:
j mil taking two Svery tlifffivnt
; chances. If tins veswy U captured by
tim Knjiliith and I am thrown into an
r.nelish prison I shall be in the eyes of
r ranew a common il-st-rWr, a Hi-m-ru.
who left his army without authority it
do no.
"Lnt if I reach France in safety, sub
due the factions, take command of ti
army an;l curry out my plans for the na
tion's il, I shall win the blusiiius o
our fellow cmintry men.
'I wilf not be taken by an Etr,IM
v-swl. If we encounter one we wil.
Clit as Ions; as osiihle, and when tl
enemy Is'iu to board as we must sin;
the slii(."
This lexierte plnn was received ii
silence and with evident disapproval, e.t
cept by (laKpard Moiik, who said, wle-n
it uppenred that no one else was kIii to
"Yes, genend, you h.ive stated tii
sit nation ex.ictly. If what yon antral;
!iapietis we must sink the nhij."
"I was waiting for this proof of frier-1
ship, and 1 chargn ymi with exeeulir. ;
the plan," replied Najsilism.
Kit long afterward an alarm wt
Kiveii, and every one hastened to his post
U ih'fi'tnl the frigate against an up
pruaching Engli-'h vessel. It was ikhiii
discovered, however, tint the ve.ssel w
not Kttglisli nor mifrieii'lly.
"Where in Monger" iii'ptired Knpili;'m.
"Find him and tell him that the danger
is pa-t."
4MigO TS'fi .".t.M " J113 .
powder tnag izine wiih a lighted lantern
iu his hand. Youth's ('oiuuauiou.
Recent experiment! in Queensland
hav chowri that liiother-of peHrl shells
can be to produce jsurU artifi
ciallv. Miioa Nerve and Liver Pill.
Act on a new principle regulat
ing the liver, etomrch and bowels
ilimugh the nervs. A new discovery.
Ilr. Miles' Pills speedily cure bllinu-
Miess bad taste, torpid liver, piles,
." mi st inn. l'ticiiiale(t for men
women, children, smallest, midest
u rest! fill doses, 'iV. Samples
free Pt I1. G. 1-ric ke A Co s.
For many years Mr. H. F. Thomp
ion, of Des Moines, Iowa, was ee
verely iilllicted with chronic diarr
lioea. He says: "At times it was
very severe; so much so, that I
feaerd it would end my life. About
seven years ago I chanced to pro
cure a bottle of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and iliarrhoea
kemeily. It gave me prompt relief
and I believe cured tin- permanent
ly, as I now eat -r drink without
harm any thing I please. I have
also used it ill my family with the
!.w.t re:;!::;. For wis by F. G
Frickie Co.
Electric Bitters.
This remedy is Is-coming so well
boo so popular us to need no special
mention. All who have used Klecl
trie Hitters sing the same song of
praise.- A purer medicine does nut
exist aud it is guaranteed to do al
that is claimed. hlei tric Kilters
will cure all diseases of the liver
and kidneys, will remove pimples,
boils, salt rheum and other affec
tions caused by impure blood.
Will drive malaria from the system
and prevent as well us cure all ma
larial fevers.- For cure of headache,
constipation and indigestion try
Klectric Hitters. Kntire satisfaction
guaranteed, or money refunded.
Price Sk- and f I per bottle at F. ii.
Frickc A Co's drugstore. 5
Are you made miserable by indi
gestion, constipation, dizziness,
loss of Bppetite, yellow skin'? Shi
lull's is a positive cure.
For sale by F. (. Fricke A Co.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
Tun II est Sai.vk in the world fur CuU
Bruise, Sims. L'lcwn, HallKhcum. Kivet
Sores, Tetter, Chopped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively cures Piles, or do pay required.
It is guaranteed lo give satisfaction, ol
money refunded. Price 2.'i cents per boi
For sale b? f. G. Kricke & Co.
We have sold Kly's Cream Halm
about three years, and hove re
commended its use in more than a
hundred special cases of catarrh.
The unanimous answer to our in
quiries is, "it's the best remedy that
I have ever used." Our experience
is, that where. prti-s continued tn never fails to cure. J. II.
Montgomery, tt Co., Druggists, I)e
corah, Iown.
When I began using Kly'a Cream
Ilalmmy catairh was so bad I had
headache the whole time and dis
charged a large amount of filthy
matter. That has almost entirely
disappetired and have not had head
ache science.-J. Sommers.Stephuey,
trtilng Facta.
The American people are rapidlr
becoming a rase of nervous wreck
and the following suggests, the
best remedy: alphouso liumpfling,
oi uutier, renn, swears unit when
his son was spechless from st. Vitus
l)ance Dr Miles great Keatorntire
Nerving cured him. Mrs. J. L.
Miller of Vulprai and. J.D. Tsolnr
ot Jigansport, I ml each gained JJ
pounds if an taking it. Mrs. Ji. A
Gardner, ol Vastulr Ind, was cured
of 4l to 30 convulsions easy and
much aeadach, diz.uess, bocknch
(inn nervous prostiatioii ly one
bottle. Trial bottle and fine bock of
Nervous cure freest F. i. Fricke, A
Co.. who rrcomends this une(iiailed
remedy. . 4
Many old soldiers, who contracted
chronic uiurrhoea while in the
service, have since been permanent
ly cured of it by Chaimbcrlain'a
Colic, ('holera and diarrhoea Kem-
edy. For sale by K. G. Fricke A Co,
Sliiloh's catarrh remedy a pos
itive cure Catarrh, Diphtlieria nnd
Canker mouth. For sale by F. (i.
Fricke A Co.
W Anted Mil arilve. tellable nla-lirT7t
to 0 mimlh'y. vitta m-ree, 10 n-piei nt
1a bit ess rtnsi a repoihl Nw Jdrk
llnune lo-ferearej, L f A 11 M, H e
Bi L'o, N Vnrs
(' I'mil's ( IniKli. Hk. l-twMn
HUli unit Hlxtli. h.illier I ttiiu v, I'mmr
H-rW : V-ishhI snil I" a. M. Kmmay
hi-hiiiil M 2 Mi ll lH"r. Iii-lii. i,.
CiiiiiiTIan. t iiri tT l.jent mill Fltlith Ht.
St-ivli-en mnriilhy mill i-vsmisk. M'l'T J. J.
liera, ia.itor. Sunday Seliimi 10 A.M.
Eriscoi-AU-St l.iikr' t liun ll, rminT Third
met Vile-. HeT U H. IIiiik-. l'lr. Ssr-
yWru : (1 A. M I tit .30 1. M . Miiil.i)
atliaor. M.
GrHMAX Mktbiuiist. rner Sluth ft and
tiniiilt. Upv. Hut. rtiir. M-rl-fS : II A.M,
li d 7 :.') I-. M. MiihU) iti lirsil to JO A. M.
1'HrwnvTriOAS. niu-e in r rnHfrii.rr-
lifl MXlll Slid Orsilllp t. Ite. J 1 . liHU'l,
li.i-n.r. M,n4:o r' i i.l al u ,;' i I n ai lung
hi II i in.
'I lis v . K s. C. K "I lilt" 'lliili ll nirels ffVeiy
Kaliliitlli e eli I Hi' at 7 I.'. In l lie mi- I i
thr i'IiiiciIi. All mo muled tu all. nil tlii-c
FliisT .Mutiioimht. sixth St., l.wi-n Main
mill IVarl. hi-. I. K. HrlM. If. I. nliir.
Si-rvlrra :11A.M. "I r. M SlIlillHt Si-IhhiI
t .iA M. l'ra r Inif ti g W riliirsilay evro
Inn. CrituAK rK'sBVTrKiAW t'nriier Main nd
Ninlti. lti-v v ills. 'ier. bervu-rt uhhaI
Ininrs. bnnil.iy scliiiol Mi a. M.
Swikiih i-niimhiCtiiinai. iranlie, be
tween 1-if 111 anil sulll.
(;KIOI IAITIT t Uv. 0i. beH!l
It-Kill mill Kleveinri liev A . Hietl, ias
.,r. Seivl'-es II a. m. Mill; .:u p. III. l'la)ir
rneetiiiif NVeilin-Kilay evening.
ItiMiinslii uli-ritiaii lilis'k.Malii direct, (him
I e! ini eilna. ler inei, only, eter H imlay al
trneen at 4 iiYtiM-lt. Iii4iiiib iifM-u meek flay
l.-niii s-:ai a. in .In V : .) p. in.
Sol Til I'aiiK TAhriiNAi l.s - l!e. .1. M.
WumI, I aAl.if. N-ivn-t- : su-i:y Hrhnnl,
. in.: I reai-hli l, II a In. aini H p. In. ;
liraer meiuii K luemlay ni.'lil ; i-liinr vine
'lee Irli' iV niulit .M! are weli-iinie.
When you g6 to a shoe slore your
obiect isnot 011I v to buy shoes but
lo procure for what you spend the
best that your money will buy,
Less than this will not content you;
more than this you cannot, in re
son, nsk. Our metluuls are lis
simple ns your desires. We do not
lift vour expectations to the clouds
but'we realize them whatever they
are. We will never sacrilice your
interests to ours mid nowhere else
can voil tel a fuller and fairer
eiiui abut for your money. An
especially profitable purchase for
you is our etc.
501 Main Street
Itliimey st-ljtw. Will iflft prompt attentlos
ti all im.iiieM entninteil Ui bun. lime la
Utiloa block, fcat Side, flatumuutb, Mel.
f. Slelnways acinthetle fnrlhe painless tl
IrvMiur il Ire Hi.
Fine Gold Work a Specialty.
fteekwood Block I'latlsinuulh, 5ek.
tkelr Fall straws, taney rllilsms. tlix and qiillli
tiM a lot ot lien Iwlilim cons loi Hats
iu straw suit le I. 1 hey h.vss lull
Hue el laliy li'iMt-wid In ur
der I 1 eloe iitix-K nut h!l f
tfuvril IbeK rlrsw ullr list, to Maid t
'S Cfn U Irlimned,
Platteinoiitli, Nebraska.
There srs thouasnds ( J'lUrn Isdlrs. sewins
ftrls. M-hinil ieKi-lierii cli i k, e lc Ihi re eking
mil rn elieme tin a lry barely uflicirol
tu in pel y llieir eery dny wants.
Ilv eoiiiiileoiiic a court lu hort liftnd Slid
by (luiUl"giny caataia Iron Ui IM prr
Miint'lons rusradterd to somprtent students
Iiullilivual u.Uutliuo, Im-w lyis-wniers.
Booms oirr Mayrn f lore.
Bridge work and flu ((old work a
DK. STC.INAl & LOCAL as welt as ottmr an
lljellcvltea left lie palnlewcitractloo ol
C. A. MARSHALr Fitrt;crald PW
iiiui ras
always in ttoaa
rlatUaiouth, . . 'Nebraasa
No. .ft: Ml P. M
No. 4 In ! a. l .
Nu. H T ;4 p, m
No. In ..9 ! 4ft . Ill
No. li Ill :lt a. n
No. JO .. :3U ik n
Not a :n a. m
il. I, . . . . ft .S p. in
Nu. V n a. ni
o. -tfta. in.
n o. a :., p, in .
No. it (1 ft p. m.
o,l:i n M a. m.
Tl M K fAkn.
N. .IU Aenmoitatiun l eae.
Nn..iHi arovi'ii .
Train dally eteept Suintuv.
. 4 .On p. iu.
A Popol.Ait FAMILY.
Jsums: " ll'iw is It, Knte, (hut you always
iu U 'i-ntell mi 'I" tlililKi-t new UiiiiiiF l
what I muy, you alwu)s &-uiu to gi 1 ahwd
of me."
Katsi "I don't nrw: I rertnlntT do not
nuke liny enertlon In thst illr-IKiu."
Jknnik: VV.-ll. iliinnir the lni lew mimths.
for aiuiuplu, you buvv taken up luiutlng.
i yvT 'l ' 1 1 "7 i) ' 1
willirtifl finf le-ielief . ymj etne tifls resei.l
hell llaa l4it;iro lii-erfinl her IS-lwirleelanS
i siiiKleiily. nml ui laihly m-in- nil niiiroT-
linr ill irriee 1111 ler ) sir lnirin l:i-n : 1 lieunl
rm leinns iiiiiiiny 1--.HH1 111 -i evi-iiiiitf nnw
narluli 111 .11 lo iin-Uikn In iiii)iiik I h i-1 11 1 1 j
run iieeiii t'i lie, up lu till the leti 1 ' tulii.' and
know Ju-1 il 1. 1 il" iiti'ler all un-mni'tiiiH-i'n;
y:r.i i-.m r:.:la U ; tun m u:c !i-;t
m-iiilli ymi ita 1-1-111 i-aaii 111 iieiiii ii.owintr,
yue I'-ll'iiie. l'uiir i-laiinleuttiireeien-iM-a.
Where do ymi rel "II ol jmir iiilormBin.n
(rmn in I. tile nitl-of Hid way plucir-foi
vim iii-vi-r tr 1 to Hie ily.
K at r. : nv, ji nine, you win nume. mm
Tain. I hiveinily one iwinrceol ImnrumUonj
hut It la iiroriKie how It inii-ta fell wnula. f
very arl'l'iMi tieiir ot Hiioiinir new Imt whnt
Hi.- ni it lew il i)s I rinir 1110 lull In I--1 innt inn
on the iil iit. MiiKU-f o kliniiiiiiel
Aii'l a irreut iron-iire 11 in lo u an. 10 r it
r-ally fiirni-lies Urn nmling fur tie whole
lion n.iM : 1 111 Her nuaioieii si 1 in niiiyiiinw
Unit hi! hai tnki n lor iiira, nu he wiia Urn
one irlvea iniiri. atnl l-tter liilornmiioii on
the aulijet-t ol I'm i'iy; aim ni'ner ru
that It la niuk'-a In r mi Ii s Innmus
tioii kee!T. Iii fin t, wo all iw that it Is
the only nully rAxn.r mniii.iie iniiiiiinn,
ta we finvrt N-nt for aaniii-ol B 11 ol Ihein
andtliel llmton'ila nil lor men, miotiier sll
for women, mul nnellii r for ihililri-n only.
While Una 0110 aulta every hub of u; si ws
onlr nii-l to Likn one Imieail of n -rnl. sno
tiial I wher 1 tin' reoiiotny ronii-a In, lor It IS
only t '.' a yeir. Vrtiiia ymi think I am
too lavifh in my iraiM; Imt I w ll li t you m-9
imra, or. Is-Mer mill, rend Id eenta to the l-nti.
Il.'i.-r, W. Jennlnira is-nionut, l' laat loll
btn-i-t. Nnw Yora. for a aiiiils eoiv, and I
shall slwnvs roimiiler thai 1 have done you
annul favor; ami may be you will Isruttmr
us mil, a ymi any we have the repiilntioD of
(emir the ln-at infornul family III town. If
that lo vi. it Is iHiiuunat's awlij slajfuilna
Uut doos IU"
A liberal nder-only ?.'1.00 for
nnd Demorest Family Mncazine.
tTSend your subscription to this
1 t
y l tu r on;iTip rnnr
st.cnicT vont.m. (
rrMiilllH of l'VIHIAS liiiunllet
f .Nu. 47 M-ei. evi-iy vved n.--l .y evem
M llicir li II In l arnie e A Cniiii IiIiii-k, All i
'!!:. Miiiirlio HI ilul 1 ly Hi teil to MM
t:, C. Uiihni. U.:
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Everything to Furnish Your Uofi
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of new pootls evpr brought to the city. Gaholine tstor
und lurnitur fall kinds sold on the installment plan,
A Full and Complete line of -
Drugs, Medicines, Paints, and Oil:
Prescript Ions Cnrefully Compounded nt all Hour
A Cure for the Ailments of Man and 'Beast
A long-tested pain reliever.
Its ue is almost universal by the Housewife, the Farmer, thi
Stodi Raiser, and by every one requiring an eflectivi
N'o other application compares with it in efficacy.
This well-known remedy hi stood the test of years, aNV
generations. . j,
No medicine chest U complete without a bottl of Wusr j
Occaiions arise for its use almost every day.
Ail druggista and dealers have it.
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