The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, December 03, 1891, Image 4

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A HtPtY.
The Mgi'li bug Editor of iho '
Era Makeg u Brier Heply to the
Doctor, (
I -uATTSMoUl H, Dee. '.
Dk k KfrVnK: Why ducs'iil i'
' L. G. Frusflay nue me lor ttlui d
ami putne bi ll i ml the "bars" it
stead o mill further exposing 1.
ehaructcr to v, l.ich lie mills Unit
h. jfi iendK? I utii re:nly to tu
that l-.irtc into court and pin
w iy, m.ido an attack on the Dock;
but it is iinuect'dHary that I refut
all the churned he prelcrs uuim
me. aA simple statement of the lii conditiou of the New En
Ulil'lllj; lift niiOTi tiit VvTy lgno!;!1
life will give the people. come idei
at least why I got into debt with k
many and it will show whether o
not I put money into my 'jeans" a;
the doctor says.
The outfit excepting army presf
was bought of II. J'. Hall.-ckA Co.
Omaha. On which I paid paid $U'J
casilt and fl70 in thirty-three days
J paid $i) on a . count of the ami)
pre- bought of the Lincoln New
paper t'nioii and then I bough,
paper and jb Htook which wan de
voured by Hit flames together will
other material. All of tins was
paid for out of the money borrowed
from Henry Xonecable. According
to liiKowu elaUMiient I borrowed o:
him iii):tH mid which I secured
oh far aipK!ible by giving Jiim 0
bill of nale conveying all my rights
title and intercut in -ail oflice to
the aa d Nosecablc I told him nt
the time the good never could
realize that amount and that I
would make good any shortage on
soon as I wan able. Wm, If. Powell,
my foreman atl.l assistant editor,
got out a Hinall sheet immediately
after the fire without my knowledge
and while I was out at Murdock in
which he estimated my los U
The local support during ti e
continuance oi the paper wan ve.y
scant indeed. All my subscriptic 11
did not amount to ?1 r.:'st o.
which or at lent a good share cnnu
from mibscrlbcrf" away from home.
I did n t . e I 0 011 ace u it of ad
vertising only our udvi-rtieeri
pid an) thing, and that wait w ill
considerable reluclioii. A fail
minded reader ought to be able t
. jee from this that I spent time an
-money in South Ilcnd very foolirl .
ly. The last remark tny foremai
made in reply to the question what
made the people o dissatisfier
with our paper that they refused t
tand by, wan, all he could find ou.
1 was too independent and did no
' tand in with the whiskey ring,
regret for the sake of my old honu
where I lived and work for the pus
even years that I was nn enem;
to drink but I have this to consoh
me I never thought the lens o
men for drinking. Prohibition v
the thing for me but I don't say ii
is for others.
Hoping I may live long enotigl
and enjoy the good health I now
posses until I have. paid the las'
cent of my debt, just or unjust 1
tdiall ever remain with warn
friendship for my friendii and with
out malice towards my enemies.
J. Y. IEKrin,
Late of the New Era South Ilend.
John Kuhney is an Omaha visitor
W, J, Hessr went to Omaha t'lii
morning. Clans Hrerkenfeld and family
came in from Louisville thin
Geo. Vass is moving into the Wet
tenkamp block,' In the room recent
ly vacated by the Racket store.
W. J. Ilesser lias been Buffering
considerable inconvenience the
past tew weeks from an ulcer on
his eyelid.
Brown & Ilarrett received ship,
ment of wall paper direct from the
factory to-day. They carry the
largest line of wall paper in Cats
The Kvening News of last eve
ning published a letter addressed
to the board of trade of this city
Ly an Omaha man relative to the
establishment of an agricultural
hnplement manufactury in this
- -city. The Herald feels it the duty
of our citizens to consider the mat
ter, and ia the event a reasonable
proposition can be secured, negoti
alious for the ultimate establish
ment of the industry should be in
A Mystery Explained.
e-The papers contain frequent no.
ticeaofrieh, pretty ' and educated
girls eloping with negroes, tramps
nd coachmen. Th well-known
upecinlist, Dr. Franklin Miles, says
all such girls are more or less hys
terical, nervous, very impulsive, un.
balanced; usually subject to nead
ache, neurnlc-ia, sleeplessness, hn
moderate cry ing or laughing. These
howaweak, nervous system for
which there is no remedy equal to
. . . vt : T : .. 1 1
KCHiorniive .si-rTiiii-. im.h uuiuri
.ntiil a line bonk, containing1 many
marvelous cures, fne at F. O. Fricks
A Co's.. who also sell and guarantee
Dr. Miles' celebrated New Heart
Cufe.the finest of heart tonics.Cures
Jluttcriug,.short breath, etc.
AlawVa Ctaaaa.f
Almack's Is no more; VtUis Room
have bail day anil ceued to 11 N
more will the magnificent bail u,
salons of thediniry edifiet in Kuii t,ii sell
St. James', celebrated under both theu)
titii-s, ro echo the sounds of revtlry an V
mirth, Henceforth the aniiimtion witlii i
its walls will be ccnGned mainly to salt
by auction. In its day Almack's wait
the center of fashion, entry to which was
guarded by a committee of ladies as
closely as ever Cerberus guarded s region
not so inviting, and who were Km easily
satisfied than even the fabled sentinel.
Eve n the Duke of Wellington who,
according to Lord William Lenox, earned
for himself in his day the title of "The
LVau of the Peninsula." jitst as in later
times a gallant admiral earned for liinv
self the distinction of "The Swell of the
Ocean" was denied admission one nigl.t
becain he had donned bl.vk trousers
instead of the knee brif-ches and wi 1c
H'oj'kiiiK'S whir'u the committee hail voted
indi-i'enfiible 'or gentlemen. Evpry
biK.k dealing with fashionable life nt the
end of the lant century and the be;(iii.
nuifr of this sbouiids in rei'in-iices to Al-
iliac k's.
,ccorilin to lecud Mr. Almack was
in reality a bi "t' hi'an. ivlvi came to
London ia the iMWiMal cou.lition. His
roal name was M All, hut as at that
time bis countrymen were not so es
teemed so'Uh of the Tweed ns they ure
now, be thon'ht t'i diminish hostility to
his liaiionaiity bi- leveioin bin iitriV
nymie. Almar'.'j ultimately U-cainfl
Willis' Room, and was for Ion? the
headquarters of social festivals, dances
nud charity dinners. Tiiese festal times
are over, mi l instead of the
ter's "Fill voir classes, Kentlemen:
buinj er, if you jiiea-e." the refrain tf
its I'n-iidin:; genius will "Go, going,
gone!" And thus di aptM-ais suottuT
link which joined the end of the century
wiih what th" Lite L.rd Lainingtoa
culled the "Days of the Dandies." Lon
don Telegraph.
n lmprtnt TrsnaUlln.
Of the rtiyros Ers, the imnortact
medical matinscrpt which Owirge Eliers,
t'u well known ilermnn Egyptologist
and novelist, ar'inio-d at Ltuor eight
een or nincNNm years ago, only frag
ments tue chapter on diseases of the
eves, for intancehnve, with Profeuir
Ilirsehljerg's help, yet teen translated.
Eliers shran from translating the whole,
on the gronnd thnt niediral know!slgs
was requisite for the tasV. He expressed
this ; inioti when be anil Lu' wig Stern
elited tho tnsnnscript in l'a. A com-pl-te
translation lias now ls;en made by
a Lerlin Medical man. I)r. Heinrich
Joachim, w ho learned Egyptian for the
purpose, and has been workinjf at ti.s
translation for several years. Thanks
to his latxirs, the oldest medical work in
tbs world Is now acceviUe to si! who
Csn read German.
Joaehim thinks thnt it was written st
latest l.jjl) years B. C, but that parts of
it sre of still older date. It consists
mainly of recipes, iute'spersed here and
there with proverbs. In some passages
advice ss to the examination of patients
Is given; in others the p ognosts indicat
ed by certain symptoms is stated. The
treatise shows that palpation of t. ab
domen was practiced by the old Egyp
tian physicians. Berlin Cor. London
Cark Kami.
Cork growing in Hpain snd Portugal is
sn extremely precarious business, and it
demands considerable capital. Only the
other day a man in this city was seeking
s partner with fKKl.lKXl to put into s cork
forest in Spain, with s lesseof 150 years.
The bark is cut only once in ten years,
but as the forests sre very large the
grower manages to obtain sn annual
crop. This year's crop is just beginning
to come into the American market, the
tree b.vil.g brvQ barked, in July Slid
Crude cork comes over in great bales
weighing from 171 to 223 pounds each.
The beat to which it is subjected in
order to flatten out its curves also drives
out most of the insects, sucb ss one
would naturally expect to find in bark.
As cork 1 too 'light to form a cargo of
itself, the cork carrying vessels also
bring oil, olives, wiue and heavy titer-
rhnndUs of various sorts. New Yoik
Bom nig PuniLlnt.
One man regards as a wonderful
schievement the raising of four pump
kins on one vine, weighing respectively
115, 05, DO snd bO pounds. The biggest
cornstalk reported was 10 feet 8 inches
high. The blggeat ear was eight feet
from the ground. Lots of others were
fourteen to fifteen feet high. One man
thought it of sufficient importance to
report that he bad raised a potato vine
fifteen feet lung. Eeports of second
crop strswberries hsvs been frequent,
and fanners had some on the Reading
market less than ten days ago. At least
twenty fanners reported that they had
recently picked a second crop of rasp
berries. Pennsylvania Cor. hi Louis
Globs Democrat. ... ...
Will Drsla Me Lots t 0l Ike Bf.
. .Diver Dolph, who has been sesn.hint
St the bottom of Hntton lake, near Lara,
tue, W eight dsys for ths body of M.
H. Dawson, drowned thrse weeks ago,
bas given it up. Ths only thing to do
Dow is U drain ths lake, snd this will
be undertaken at ones. Ths estimated
cost Is $5,000 to t7 ,000. Aslds from hu
mane and family considerations it Is
very importan, to recover the body, ss
$7,000 of life Insurance Is involved.
Cor. BL Louis Republic.
HI. FS It4 Him.
. John Burton, a fat man, of Cambridge,
went to the Howard Athenseata, st Uos
ton, to see a variety show. As ths car
tain went np bs fell over ths gallery rail
to ths pit, thirty-five feet below. lis
Undod in the sisle and got up unhurt,
ssvs by a slight cut over ths eys. Ex
change. ;
Hit CabkM. .
A wsgon load of prodnes recently
brought Into Dallas consisted of but sis
beads of cabbage, the half dozen filling
the wagon 11 Dallas (Or.) Chronicle.
- - - . -
Tin Dear right.
The pi mien riiiuprising the snrvey
lug parly vr working for the Bear Val
!ty coinpaV up Millard's CHnyon, were
on Mouila treated to a sight which sel
d un comes jo men iu thisceuterof clvili-
ration. Vget the story from Alessrs,
Pollock aur Ross, tiaiiBit men of the
Ths men were working np the canyon
about a villi above the Millard lijse
wbeu thoy hyird s pecnliar, crashing
noise. Looking up they saw on the cliffs
high above tuot-lream, sfld about a quar
ter of a mile from them, two noble
bucks standing, with beads lowered,
a Wit ten feet ( Tn each other. Thus
they stood eying ach other and pawing
the dirt for full; .1 minute. Then they
made a simultaneous spring, snd emus
together with s noi like a falling tnxi.
So violent was the c ncussion that ths
suiiunls were throni. back nntil a dis
tance of ten or tilteeu gain inten'encd
between them. Tlie men, fascinated
with the sight, watched the deer go
throngh tho tame performance sgiiia
snd again.
Finally, sfter s more than nsnally
violent rush, the bucks did not separate,
but struggled us if apparently trying to
push each other back. It wsjn lescsms
plain to the meii, however, that instead
sf pnshing they were pulling away from
each other. In o.her words their horns
bad become locked, mid from raging
combiit.mts the bucks became fright
!.!" ajiimci!-. snd wt-rr o::!y be&t ctj f.s
curing a divor.-e. Ross, Pol
lock and party then conceived the Idea
of taking advantage of the helpless con
dition of the bncKs and csptnring them.
They made a great rush for the scene.
but before they reHched it the deer in
their straggles approached too near the
edge of the cliff and both of them fell
to their death in thu pd below. When
the party reached the water the deer
were found locked in each other's honu
quite dead.
The gentlemen thonght to skin ths
deer and bring in the hides to lend an sir
of authenticity to the tale, but the law
Is so strict as to having in your posses
sion the hide of a newly dec-eased deer,
no matter whether the deer dim of Is
gripjie, commits suicide or falls out of a
balloon, that they foibore. Banning
Tlirr AmrlrM 4)iient.
Three little dirty, half clad girls mads
a brief sensation on nnper Broadway the
coldest day recently. The eldest was
imt inure than eight, and her companions
might have been mi and seven r pec
lively. The eiglit vear-oll carried s
fa led, rib rotten that had once
beta pale biuu, and iu-r two co'iipanioiii
were trying to soneeze their beads un
di r it, while they carried the rear of
their short dresses in one hand, as ladies
manipulate their trsius st a muddy
The eldest divided her attention be
tween the proi;r angle for the parasol
snd getting her little skirt down low
enough to touch the sidewalk, which
she lAxasionaily sccouiplikhed by stoop
ing. Three pairs of feet were visible
through the ililapi dated shoes, snd the
sliabby old July LaU wouldn't have
been picked ont of the gutter. And
tiiese three little girls playing lady on
Drwilway were evidently delighted st
the good Lumored attention of stalwart
gentlemen in heavy ulsters, Udiee in
tly furs snd carrisge drivers muffled
In tlkt ears in warm livery. New York
rii4 ta ike Hail kj KUctrf Hl7.
A very pviliar cskj of iVx-kinr; by
Ktncity o.-cunxl In Shelhyville ie
cently. The victim was William Lou
den, who works at the Hotel Ray. In
front of thj hotel is sn iron veranda
running to the third story. An electric
wire passes from the street into the room
occupied by George Colliding in ths
hotel building. This evening when the
elittrio light was turned on a heavy
rain was falling. Ths electricity sppar
cntly bad heavily charged the iron ver
andx Louden cams out of the hotel
snd stood with his back against the iron
railing. In an instant be was shocked
and fired in his position. His frightful
yells attracted a big crowd. Charles
Huffman ran ont of his store, and, touch
ing i.oun'-n, was also b.nily shocked.
Louden finally fell on the sidewalk. The
to men are badly burtitd. Cor. In
dianapolis Journal.
Almost Drrotl In Sawdnst.
Men have lost their lives in qnlrk-
sands, but seldom, if ever, has any man
come nearer sinking down to death in
quick sawdust than aid Merchant Tailor
E. W. BaUla. of WilJiamaport. Walk
ing along eight or ten yards from the
river bank, njion what be did not know
was made ground si most entirely com
posed of sawdust, he began to sink be
fore be realixeM any danger. After he
bad gone down to bis wsiat, sn J could
nut regain ths shore, he removed his
upper garments and threw himself as
fast ss possible out into the river, where
be struck wading ground snd made bis
wsy In ths water sround the treacherous
sawdust tract -Cor. Philadelphia Rec
ord. MaSe Tklaf Uralf.
Ajthongh ths district school In Hol
lowly, Coon., wss tightly closed during
the vacation, there wss one caller that
kicked up a rumpus. It wss a thunder
bolt, but where it entered can only 1
Conjectured, During its short stay It
passed throngh s wide range of studies,
including spelling, reading, grammar,
arilhinetio. and geography, llesldes
throwing Dew light upon tbe books
treating on these subjects. It tore up the
floor, splintered the desks and in its ex
citing exit carried off part of the win
dow sash. Yankee iilade.
rtaltf Oaaal far far Plirslalaa.
William K. Vauderbilt, not feeling
very Well tbe other day, decided to take
a trip to Europe, snd u wanted a physt
claa to go with hiio. The doctor said be
could not afford to leave Lis practice,
which wss worth (1,0'X) a week. Mr.
Vanderbilt offered to give him 110,000 to
rusks a trip of six weeks with blm, snd
ths oner wss accepted. New York Cor,
Philadelphia Frets.
1 .v,
FurciGhing Good?, flats, Caps, Trunks, etc at Jobbers Prices
It will
Who will rhow you better niatca, quality and for lets money than you can
buy west ot Chicago.
JOE ECac CrLl3r Ono .Price,
Ta C.lrbrale (ha narMltlalaa. I
Another effort is being made by ths
inliabltants of Choisy-Ie-Roi, outside of
Paris, to observe with tnuch solemnity
and ceremonial what is vsirnely callwi
the "tntensry of tho Marstillaise."
Cholsy-le-Roi clsims to possess the dust
of Konget de 1'We the composer of the
byum who wss burial there in 1&M5,
bis birthplace being Lons-le-Saulnler, in
the department of the Jura. Ou this no
count the members of tbe borough coun
cil consider that they Lave the right to
take the Initiative in organizing a P.ilit
Republican fe.'tivi this year, ss tbe Mr
seillase, under the title of "Chant ds
Guerre de l'Anuee da KUin," was first
heard in 1703.
PreUdtnt Camot Is to be aslied to be
come honorary president of the commit
tee of the fete, snd appeals for funds
will be made to sll the cities, and also
to communes which possess more than
4,000 inhabitants. No date ss yet has
been fixed for the celebration of the cen
tenary, to which It Is presumed that
every patriotic Frenchman will give his
sentimental snd sympathetic If not
practical snd jiecuniary support
Paris Cor. London Telegraph
A Sloth Trala4 Valama.
In opening s pscknge of books wrapped
In tin, the custom bouse inspectors cut
with a knife the binding, by Kuban, of a
"Poor Hkliard Almanack." The import
er made no claim for dan:ige from ths
government, paid the dnty, returorj ths
book to Paris to be rebound and wrote
an ode to Diana of Poitiers, goddess of
book lovers, in gratitnds for the miracu
lous escape of lbs test of his Almanark.
Ths book, rebound, csnie back fifteea
dsys sgi). The owner snpposes that it is
intact, but be does not know, and bs
cannot learn even by paying tbs duty
again, for the official wants a new in
voice, snd ths importer is nslve enough
to think tbst hs can persasds the official
that tbs first invoice, which is filed at
tbe custom bouse, accurately describes
tbe book on its fourth voyage across las
Atlantic. New York Times.
A aM-Calasa bMnf, '
' A Ruaso Chinese railway is reported
as the objective point of negotislions
how going 'on bet wet ntisslaa and
Clilnrae representatives, ttuasla Wants
I he right to build a railway from Vlsdi
vyst.xk, the Patlflo f miloalof the pro
posed Siberian railway, across the north
ern boundary of I 'ores toTien-Tsin, snd
thence to tibangbsi. The alleged ob
ject Is quick transit of Chiseae tea and
silk to Europe. The Chinese, however,
are very jealons of Russian influence
in ths east, and will probably decline
Russian aid in railway buildmf. En
gi nee ring Vws.
Or. John ilente, the amatenr telescope
maker, is i' w finishing a DO) inch silver
on glass mirror fur Allrghsny college.
which, when mounted, i!i j.iv that lu
stitntion the largest rvllectiug telescope
in tins country,
pay you to come fifty mil-s to trade with
CTsint tv-V. l'si. Chorea. Sk. betam
filth ud Hlite.. Father si.-ey, I'asna;
Hrvlefsit WiMkt ShiiiJ 10 OS. A, buSday
Srlieol at 1 :,Mb vincdlcllob.
CMatsruM.-fv.rner l-jeust snd Fluhth Bts.
Services moniiiiK sd ssenlss. Kliler J. k.
Heed, pastor. Sunday tk iiool is a, n.
BriworAC-St. I.nke's churrli. eorner Third
and S ID'. KT M II. Humes'. 'l"T. H'r-
Tlrm : 11 A. a. a-d t Jlir. M. buuda) IWboul
ats mr. M.
fSSNMAK MrrHnnsT ,rner Hlith St and
s.nuillo. Kes.lilrt.t'aslor. hervN-es ill a. It.
Slid I Mr. M. BuDftsy Hchuol 10 JB A .
rHrsHVTSsiAS 'ervlees la re fhereh.e-ir-
Drr rtlllli Slid tiramle sis. rv. J . T. I'slri,
f-li.r. hiindsv-ar' ool at I ; 30 ; I reaching
al II a. m.s-,d a m
1lis. II. e. C. K nl 'fcls fhnrrh siet eiy
hslilislli eveiilut; at T :l& In Ilie hssrniri.l u(
lite ri.m ih. All sie Hulled to alUad Iheau
meet hiss.
Pimst JIsthodist. Kirth SH., betwen Main
snd, hev. I. f. Brilt.H. I. uastor.
hervlrra ill A.M. S -on Y. II SiieiU. (irliiMil
ui a si. l'rayruiecl)i ( Weduetdsy even-
Uvhmaw raSBVTaiA. Corner Mala and
Ninlli. Iv Wine, iwsier. hemces usual
hmns. hulidoy fclnMil t JO A. H.
Swrrni-x csisotioau (irsnile, be
lareu fifth and SHI II.
Ccuihsd IIaitiSt. Mt. Olive. I'sk. between
'lenih ai d Klevenih. Ite. A. Htwuell, ws
.,r. Menlces II a. hi. slid I M V hi- trs)rr
tneellns wennrsiiay etrniPK.
Yol'SII Mss's Chri-tiaS' Asmwiatiow
lliMmsln V airrnian biis-k. Hmn sireei. liim
I'el uieelliiK. I"r meu (inly. ever Smiiliiy (
teniis'n st 4 u'rlork. Hismts uiru rrk days
(rum S W a. in , to S 1 JO p. Di.
W Kid, I astiir. hervlera 1 Sunday ri'hool,
Ss. in.: I naehlns. II s. m. and I u. in.
1rs)rr lnrsllin lursilsy nl'hl ; rlinlr prae
ir y ridsjr umlit All are welcome.
Stteraev aUljiw. Will ntt prompt s'tenttns
to all huslurse ntnisted Ui hlai. IHTioe la
(Joloa block. Hast aids, I'lalUmuiith, V-b.
: n-E-N-T-I-S-T :
f. Hielaasys asmikells fends pslsless SI-
tract lun ul tetlli.
Fine Gold Work a Specialty,
aakweud Block nattsmoulh, Hes.
nAVi RECE11D , ,
Tkrlr Pall slnias. finer rltitHf, ties srd inllll
klao a lot of ue la-Lion eon sd a(H hats
la lrs and fe . lUrj ha full
line of bshy hdBnd tu of
derljeloMi old Muck mil pits re
4ux4 tkvu sirs nil. f nsu loss sad Is
. 16 tS'ilalrlaiinsd,
W Allied- Ail sci It. rsllAhle in a-salary S7i
to so nvinlhiy. wllh iiiit-mm. 10 leureM. si
in bis owa sarilua a resn.hsllils hm i rk
House, yrferearet, HASUVACIt'SSB, llCk
Boi L'A, New tuck.
Many jM soldiers, who contracted
chronic diarrhoea while in the
service, litive since heeii ieriiinnent
lycnr'l of it tiv OliHiiiiberliiiii's
Colic, t'holeni nni diiirrhoea Rem
edy. For ertlc hy F. G. Fritkc & Co.
Shiloh's catarrh remedy a jiosl
itive cure Catarrh, Diphtheria iiikI
Canker motiUi. For sale by F. G.
Frkke & Co.
r 1
i v
I'lattHinoulh, Nebraska.
Theta ar thousands of touih laAle. sew
gins li 'iil lreirrs tlriks. He hoi re ek
111,1 1 1 esisienre en a aalsiy ksiely sufllch
tu -iii'll (heir rvrry nsy wills.
i 1 iiii'ii, nr.r s course ta short bss4 I
h Sixshi'iglh y eau rsio ln-in tStoii
m ira Inns (ru'ri!lrd to eoniietenl slude
It Mill. wi -I if ItirlliHi I, l(.'Slliei.
Ris iiis ev r atayeri hmia.
cold ad ronctLAiv CltOK
Bridge work ami fins gold work a
DR. rmiAt'H U'A!. ss wsll m othsr I
ssthtlct(ireB lor (he iialulesseilractlos 1
a A. MAILSIIALI Fitzgerald Pdo
tt'liimvnil ,r.k lit - l .-m A .
ohject ieiiol only to buy shoes l
lo procure for what you spend t
beat that your money will ,u
i es tint 11 tliis will not content yo
nioiv tlniii this you ennuot, In rt
son, nsk. (ur inithods nre 1
simple us j onr desires. We do n
lift y our expectations to the cloud
hut we realize thein whnlcver tin
nn V will never sacrifice
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