The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, December 02, 1891, Image 4

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It I Notlilnf Mora Nor Lee T!in a Pre
late Traveling lreelng Room.
A busy woman doctor in Brooklyn,
whore practice in so extensive that It
keeps iht driving over the city's ill pave
ltv U fur ninny hours every lay, has
had fur her a IruuUaiu which
, combines about an many roinforts as i
; possible to j ack into bo confined a ep'
lo foeirin with, under the seat is a irT-
tior.! rawer, divided intocoiiafiiTents,
thold those snreical inotjluu-uia which
doctor mnst ciirrv.
In the fauin il rawer X fontid room for
two or three small hrflidbiis containing
sr. Brs.,rtuiirr.t of edicines. There is
ahtoepsire for a1-''1' Irtablo electric
liattery in its'Ty'(,,l woo.) case. These
- are nil bidIc"way however, when tha
lvuw.r la Xf. and no do not war by
"" "- i"ii.A:l nnst'tiveiiei the untidy
comfortable. aijciiruuce of the rent of the.
interior. fc .
' There is within'.; out of the way about
this, nf com Si'. The' novel features nr.
!' in the front of the 1 .ronlnni facias (
tlie is-cupiiit.. The ino.-'t ";;" if a I
pretty clocli, by which tlie doctor tbu'-s j
feer vi.-itM j:rnl the ; e(d of hercoj. It- j
man. It is screwed to tlie wall. to n ci tivi i;ici:t height, filler-
Heath it is 11 silver !. 1 1 1 (lower hoi h-r, j .
lor liie liiK-ti r U::m lost none oi hit essen
tially f ii.ini'ie taste he.iiiise bhe bin
leal lied how to mv your le olT.
Then in a little 1 is U t in the lining of
the ciiiri:e is a i. i i r n t, for a doc
tor's hanos should nlw.ns he n joy to
look at, evrii when they belor to a
.man. In in o'.l'.-r pocin t U a bru-h nil 1
cmib and mine ha;ri im. This dm-tor'
Jhnir in ;!
ruly, i in."
tririty fi'
pirit. in
the ro'i l- .
and the
manv a
: mill lot:;,' nini a i.ttie un-
' rally charged with elee
,i i t'y energetic
ier p(K'l;c-t in a wliiU. for
i .iu-;ly dusty in UrotiUyn,
i's costumes have inspired
r ."..M-trt tit ti lini. ;
, '.,,..,' '
illollier lul'l Miles n BCt'Ill
Lrooimute often poorly vcu-
tikted. !
Tin' .s a mirror, of tour-, that cna '
be ti.t i n a l.ocli j'.i; t Li low the clock
and 'li-n returned toils itK-ket. A fan
jpee;..otit theie, n (jlove Imttotier here j
ml i l i,'er iim het than ull lim f;et:er- i
one or two of the latest cuinl erx of '
the IM;i izineti; medical ones for til?
loctoi' own KTnal in hhe bowls nloii, .
and more entertaining on"8 for her I
f riendii. For this doctr U K'ldoui wen i
4rivin abont uloim.
She geiienJIy ha f)tnfl of her patient I
or her friend with her, una when con
versation, or the cnent m waiting
i 1n the iTonlinin while the doctor t
culling on a patient, the magazine keets
thu time from draffins. Even lier
coachman p'ts the Ix-nelit of this featnre,
and he may oflen be aeen, looking more
comfortable than "correct," leanitiff
back itwii bis Ikix with a copy of a re
cent publication in bis hand. New York
Strang OtrnOch t.
It is danseroni as well us wic':ed to do
wronx in the prewnce of children. An
bservaut little ly was iu a utreet car
the other day. and followed every move
ment of the conductor with the greatest
A very stent woman boarded the car
and cat down next to the small boy. She
took a ticket out of her purw, but when
the conductor came alou be somehow
failed to notice her. lie pasml and re
prowed her several times, and finally,
nth a nervous glance around, she re
placed the ticket in her purse.
This was too much for the snail boy.
who bad all the while kept Lis eye on
ber, and the next time the conductor
came alon- he exclaimed:
"Yon didn't get ber money, mister. I
don't see how yon missed ber. Khe's the
fattest lady in the car. Anybody could
aee her."
This complimentary allnsion to the
woman' weight canl a blush to play
over her broad face, und he quickly
produced a ticket, while all tiitt other
panaeogers smiled. Pittsburg Duijiatcu.
November la American lllatorjr.
A most notable November in our his
tory waslhatuuo ill 3Tu", the Ciatuny
t whl'.n was olwerved throughout the
thirteen colonies us a period of monm
ing, on account of the going into
tTiTt of the bated stamp act It in
creased the burden of taxation upon
those who bad no voice in their own guv
eminent and aroused them to such a
fnseof in jot-dice that ten years later they
rebelled and the war of the Revolution
woa began. On the first day of Novem
ber, therefore, the church bells were aol
emnly tolled, flags floated at half mast
and business waa everywhere u
fended. A!! orrr the Jasd sach taea as
Kamuel Adams, Patrick Henry, James
Otis and John Adams addressed patriotic
peecbs to throngs of their country
men and fired their hearts with thought
of a glorious independence. Kirk Man
roe ia Harper's Yooag People.
A Ball Made of RaUklea.
A thrifty Welshman at one time ex
hibited biin)!f publicly ia England at
tired ia a costume 0001 posed from top to
to of raUkins, which he had spent three
years and a bait ia eoUaetinjr.'Th" dress
irai made entirely by himself. It con
sisted of hat, neckerchief, coat, waiat-
sjoat, trousers, tippet, gAiten aod abore;
The number of raU required to complete
tha tnit wu (70. Most corkms of tbe
frsnnents waa the tippet, composed en
tirely of rata' tails. At One time a batch
of several thousand raUkja waa Im
ported from Franca into England for
inanufactonnK purposoa, but they were
fonnd too small and too fine ia lex tor
to U useful Washington titar.
The aroaaatls Clave Tree.
A peculiarity of the clove tree ia th.t
every part of it is aromatic, though tha
greatest strength is In tha bud. IWsudea
the bads, the utenie are gathered and
form an article of commerce command.
ln ooe-rifth the price of cloves, and
Laving about the same percentage of
tien.ah. Tothiaiedae tha fact that
frronnd cloves can be purchased ia the
home market at a lower price than whole
dovia, Kxchange.
Armil with a I'ltrliiork and an Ax,
tViunln InliahltiMiU nf a lumber l)lg
triet Hlujr an Knormoin Creatura Wblcll
Mail Klllod Two Ktean.
"I read about Mrs. Iyewis killing th(
two bucks in the Adirondacks. and about
Sirs. LVcky Latimer's dti-r hnnting ex
pb'its iii Pennsylvania," sail u New who his been bunting up in
Slaine, "and now I would like to rea l
about the way some women np in the
iine foreJa have of showing their grit
and f kill when it enuiiy to dealing w.ta
certain wild tmiinala.
"A family nauicd McDonald lives way
buck in the wilderness of the Mob J
river. It fimsiMs of the husband, Unb
crick SIcDonald, bis wife ni;d bis sister, !
both young women. They have a fimjj
liillt; farm in tliere, and ki p a few eat
tb'. Their most valuable jKisses.-ioii ia
that line was a yi ' of sti-eri. da..'
McUoiiald was 0i.ii.4ed to K( to on" of
the rettleinenta fev. ral miles away, and
I: s bie-iuess was to bs ;i bini over tlii:"..
L.s wife und i-Utcr wire b-ft nlmn- t
k nfter thin-'s iluritr' l.i .".!s,-n e.
1 . . . . . . ....
1 H--1 oeinre nam j'Teal oenowing v.: '
j h'-ard among the cattle in the bartiy.ird.
I The si 'ii nd s were of sin h an mm ir.l
1 cii.iri' ti r that the tw.i wo::n-n berai::'
' fa:i;.r..'d tint they were clii-s of terr .r. 1
I'.v. !',D;!!.:!J. artr!" 1 with a pifhf'T::, '
an I her si-i'-r, carrying an uz, hurried
. to the barnyard.
I ' i nn enormous bi-:ir, 1
ftatnling ib ji.intly b'-twisn the prostrat i
bodies of tb- two HiiT', 1 acli of wh 1 il
he ha 1 b lied t'l tiie groiin 1 and k.liid.
1 The other c.-.ttle were hudllel in terror ;
in a c iru. r of tiie yard. Tie- leaf
Uru'.vieii mil suariiii ajui sliowe.l lm
teeth ns t ie won
n iinproaehed, but. ia '
s;iite of h:s terrible front 11:1 1 threiten-j
irig atti.iide. the si :'iit of tin- ste.-rs lying
dead oti the ground was more than t;. '
plucky young wonn-u could stand, in 1
tli'-y ru h"l with di" rate mieat 011 tb.'
stiatbng b" ir.
Tirr.V KtI.I.Kt) TIT. CI AK.
"Mrs. McDonald chared with bT
pitelifork and tiiru- t its s'.iarp. 1 .ng tin'
deep into the bear's n-e!:. Tik- Ixiir
gave a bowl of lin, and striking the
handle of the pitchfork a Hwerful blo r
with one fun-paw be wieix bed it from
Sim. McDonald's hands nn 1 sent it fly
ing across the baruyar 1. While the U-ar
j was doing that Mis McDonald pitched
Intu linn with tiw nr. un.l ul tlmfir.
blow di.-sibli d one of bis terrible foreleg1!.
The War turned on her and she rained i
blows thick aud fast nrsm bini us shs
backed slowly away. Mrs. MtDousId
quickly regained pna-essjon of the pitch
fork and renewed ber attack on the Is'ir.
"Del ween the atlucks of the two de
termined and plucky women the Is-ar
was so badly harassed that he made an
effort to escape from the field, but tli
women pressed him tun chen ly. The
battle was not of long duration, for the
lusty blows of the axe In the girl's bauds
and the deep and painful staha inflicted
by Mrs. McDonald with ber pitchfork
soon had their effect on the liear, big
and tough as he was, anl in ten minutes
afu-r tlie Cght began be was stretched
dead by the side of his victims, tlie two
tis?rs. The two nervy women hud their
clothing nearly stripped from tbetn by
the claws of the bear, but beyond a few
cratches they were not injured.
"They were not on the scene in time
to aaVe the Valued itr-rn, but their pluck
in avenging the death of the cat'le
aroused so much enthasiam and ad
miration at the settlement that a pnrse
w as raised among the lumbermen and
hnnters, with which another yoke of
steer was bought aud presented u Mrs.
McDonald and ber brave little sister.
"In tlmt Mine Jlolus river wilderness.
but nearer the headwaters, bves during
the snmiuer and sometimes as late as the'
middle of Noveinlier, if the weather is
not too severe, a family named Baker.
They ere Boston people, bnt on account
of the health of one of the family, wha
Is oraieuled ny (no ruc ami pine air of
the region, tbey rpend most th year
in their coinruodicus cabin in the Mo! us
"Baker's wife is a pretty woman of
about thirty, aud has learned to bandlo
the rifle, like an old woodsman. She in
sisted on making one of a party that had
fonnrd to ront ont and kill a big bear
that bad been located In a swamp smile
or so from the chm. rihe wa eUtioned
by the guide at a spot where in bis Judg
ment the bear would not be likely to
come out when the dogs got after him,
as he had no faith in a wursan's ability
to stand and shoot at a bear as it
bonneed Into sight out of a thicket
"His Judgment was right, for when
the dogs got on the track of the bear
Mrs. Baker heard theta taking a course
that would fetch bruin out of the swamp
at a place where the would be unable to
see it or get a shot But she wasn't there
to be fooled, and she started 00 a run
for the spot where the bear was evidently
beaded for, and she got there before any
one eUe did. ' The bear, a tremendous
big fellow, as black as ink, broke through
the thick brush on tlie edge of the swam p,
and waa patting in hi best licks across
the opening for cover on the other side.
Bat he never reached cover, lira. Baker
put ooe rifle ball close behind his left
shoulder and another through his loins.
When the guide, Mr. Bstker and another
member Of the party came tearing to
the spot, Mrs. Baker wu sitting on the
carcass of the bear as cool as a eucnra
ber, and with mock disgust exclaimed:
" 'You're a nice lot os hunters, I de
clare! If it hadn't bees for tne this
bear would have been a mile away in
the woods before yon stupid things knew
what bad beojse of it-f'-New York
' UlCerea wUa the I aaaaee.
The Minister I now come to that
rreat rite, the Passover, and
Drowsy Railroad Official (awaking
suddenly) I (ull yon yon have to right
to a pass over this road. Bam, show tbi
man to tha door. PiUsbory Cuileiia.
Yes, thera s Jim, snrl snra's roVr born
Tlirre otl r wan s lietUT ftUows
Whon thlnis went wmni; lw didn't rmwl,
Nor cunw his la-.k. iir i:ro:m, iinr ln;lluw:
Bui rui kiiiK "uitu; thu sa:no uiu au
llr'd ll;ht his iip and K 11 mokln.
Till lb. il?.-, eaniB mand ml r.,;oi auain,
Willi Jui til Uasliin and 1-Jiikln.
Then thr a-aa Jw; wii lilm. jroa sea,
N ithln was ever irolu anuan ly.
He'; swear Ibe world wan near iu end
Caune Mime one hadn't trailed falrlr;
Cooil men rent Jnsl almut plnycd out.
Tlif di'vtl's mi m "w ilrawmn nearer;
Bome'dof-jut why he toll Id uat lull
Tha world a (frowin queer and queerer.
Well, aa II hiiienl. Jim wan poor,
And, as II haws-ned. Joe waa wmlthjr;
Jim, he won rulher small and woak
Jne waa a tfiuiit.mrom; anil hmiltbj-;
Yet wlirn il came In slie r ronlenl.
Ami lii-hriilii sniiiiMiiie i lse' tmnble
B)' uniili i u'er Ills nn 11. h)' Jim
C'ouiil Jiini brut .I'eepti more limn iloulil...
-lirwalra IVrnmaa la V.-.nkee i iade..
I'alntins lure.
Has the lace triiinii ug of the dressin ;
table assiiined a a: billable tingi? i.
washed. It will still have the "doiei
over" look, tip it off, thoroughly slni
and In Ush, then prc.-s il a l.tlietofla -teu.
Now stretcii It Iii -inly upon a boar i
cr table, with reveral ttiu ktieiws i ,
new-;aM-r beneath it. L'.-e a balf inch
wide bristle brush and put on paim
lend'! from dye freely. The paper will
r :i'or:i tin- cx:r.-i inoistiire. 11 uvea 11:1
one even tmt it is very work.
When the l ire Is 11 -mi ly dry, presi it
ttit.l il II d iro-i over a p 1 Ided board, hi
liion;:i it who fttibroidi-rv.
Any of the !::, ! :(-;. r-;,eci::!!y Va'.cn
cieiiiu s.can l.i- painted in si veral dainty
tint-, tie; bt.r tingoitt toe p.-iitern i-f-f.
i iiv. !y und inatiry novel manner,
cue U iug !: I in f I.-, ting harmonium
colors, lb" s'.nall t.s.i'led fringe which
comes in cotton lor edging curtains mid
r.r.iji-1 1. s can be treated i l Ibe sanul
manner wiih ll.ei'yt.i. A uy cotton i.r
silk good-take tiiid retain tiieiii easily,
mil they wdl m.t Overrun the ontlims
of th" de., gu. Cut 0:1 lim n tin y nre a
l.ttle apt to "spread," Mis. JJ. U. Uaui-
wy iu (iuo 1 liollM iieepilig,
r uutlljr Jara.
"A plea-ant fiiii! t;:i 1 voire ot ths
morning meal, fl neat costume with a
knot of becoming riblmu ut the throat: a
god dinner t.c-iefiilly and proinpdy
served. 11 song or a:l iigreeal !e bisik in
the evening after t'." and a lot of otbi r
stutT like tlie nlmve npiM-ars quite regu
larly in the pajM-rs as advice to married
women relative to retaining the l ive of
their bn-b:oi.l4 I i-all IL "HtlitT" liemiM
do not Lsdieve the resulu aimed at can
1m broiihi ii!wt iu viy ftiitdi vruy.
in an atleiiipt tit teach a thing which
cannot be taught If the afT-ction ex
ists it Is not going ! be wiied out by
delayed dinners, wash day attire, sick
headaches and no music or books, un 1
that is ail there is t it, barring ail oc
casional row which sets the household
bloisl moving vigorously and with good
rmult. Cor. Detroit Free Press.
Pulnla af Ilia C'umpaea Anitiii( lucblna
Amoni the Pueblo Indians six points
of the couipaas are rcco'i'ized, and each i
i ns its color. North is yellow, west is J
blue, south is red, east is white; tbeopper
regions are many colored and the lower
regions nre thick. A.l the prey jtihIs are
represented by their imagi-s in these lix
For exsinple, there is the yellow moun
tain lion of the north, the blue mountain
lion of the west, the red mountain lion
of the south and so on. Likewise it il
with the other lsasts. nml thea a very
considerable number of deities is formed.
All of them must receive worshipful at
tention lest they get anry and revenue
themselves for the neglect Washington
A a Apology.
Once, in the bouse of commons, Mr.
Lahonchere referred to the conduct of
some political opponent as beiu "un
worthy of a pettifogging attorney," and,
being called upon by the speaker to with
draw this unparliamentary expression,
did so, declaring that be was glad of
having an opportunity of retracting it,
"as it waa a trn-at Injnstice to the at tor
iii y." .jit I'i'.oic'i Argrutut.
f-rwiluete of Slealro.
AHhongh the soil of Mexico and its
tropical location are both favorable to
agriculture, the lack of energy of its
working population, combined with the i
lack of a sunk-lent water supply, neu
tralizes it geographical location, and
the production of corn, brans, coffee,
suar and other kinds of product are
barely sufficient to supply the home de
mand. New York Times.
XUfriiBf ttia Fatara.
Apples are in much favor in Hallow
een testa. A maiden may find out at
least the first tetter of the name of her
future husband by peeling a pippin, tak
ing the paring by one end In ber fingers,
swinging it three time over ber head
nd tben letting it drop. The paring
will surely full In the shape of the initial
of his name. New York Herald.
Professor Kohlbranch, who haa been
making some curious experiment with
Ughtninr. finds that the amount of elec
tricity ia as ordinary flash so small that
it would require thirty-seven flashes to
keep a common incandescent lamp burn
ing one boar.
' Toonr neighbors across the Rio Orande
November ia as dear a month a July is
to ns, for oa it sixth day, in 1818, the
Mexican proclaimed their independence
of the crown of Hpsin, and formed the
second greatest republic of the Western
Among tne r.ypusns coffee wa a
favorite drink, but was alloweil only
twice a week, in campaigns especially
assembled for the purpose, the greatest
solemnity being olMnrved as such occa
A mixture of powdered aluminium
aud chloride of potawh will give a bril
liant flash Ugbt. It give no smoke, and
is thu far better than magnesium fur
photographic purpose.
roii i.icss moni:y than i:vi:r iikakd of hkfokk
Furnishing Gcou?, Hats, Caps, Trunks, etc- at
It will
AVho will tliow you better, quality nml for less
luiy west ol Cliiciigo.
TOIS .Elac; Cn.137- C110
(icoreje Mutsoit, of out h I!( nil
cume in 011 the fcchuylcr tliie
Mra. J.N. Miion, of Ilurlingloii
lowti, 1 vi-itiii"; her dauglitur, Mrs
(J. V. Iloiiscworlh.
I'rof. Hulsiey eaye that if (he pop
ulation ciiiiliii'.ii'H to incrciisii us it
has thu past twenty-four hours nil
uitioiitit f.icililien for teaching will
have to be proviileil. There is liitle
doubt that the Professor in. correct,
wiougii 11 im (Mmrrie.i mat lie in
eomcwhntexcl'ed amlepoke hastily
regarding the mailer.
Baaoluiionx of Coodolenca.
At a recci t meeting; of the
Ancient Order of Hibernians of
(hie city, the following resolutions
were paiecil:
Wiikwpam, It view of the 1oa we
have eiiHlaiiu : by the einblen mill
ncciilenlul dent 1 of our brother,
M. J. O'Kei!!;, a.'i'l of the -till
heavier loee oi v'losi'dcarcet to him,
Vherer.s. V.rt Ihcr O'Keilly waa
ulu)a a li'Uv faithful member
of our oivisio'. hinte ila oigan
ii! nt ion:
Kceolvcd, Th t it ia but a juet
tribute to the i enmry of the de
parted to my tli : in rcgrctiinjf liis
removal c mi.'irn (or one who
was in every v. ay worthy of our
rcpard; .
Keeolved, TI a, the member of
thin divieio I elmerely e) miiilhi.e
with the family of the deceased in
the diapeiisniioo of Providence
which has fi.Hicted them;
Kt-euivru, iliut our ilmrler I.r
draped in mourning for the period
ol thirty tiny and these iveolu
tione "prea l uptui rninuUs of
the divieion and u copy sent to the
laruny oi ine ueceaseii.
' I. llA? HA II AX,
H ra la a thanes
For eotne one wi' h a few hundred
noiiars to ei into , Kod bueini se,
Ketnbliehvl lSHfl. por frti,rr )ur.
ticulars uddree ,x o( ijytt-.
mouth, Kcbraaka. wad-a
A Fatal M.stana.
i'liyeiciaiiH muse on mr.r. rni
mietiike thou when tbey inform pa-tit-tit
that nervous heart troubles
rome from the stomach nnd ore of
little coneeinicuce. J)r. l'ri,kli
Mile, the noted lnt, .,.,.,-1,
has proven tlie contmry in bin new
iinua on in iiri uiuesse whit liiniiy
r iiu. wi r.u. iritkO & t .,
w ho guorantre nnd n, ..nimcnd I)r,
MileH unrnuiif led new u.., f..-
which line the; largest sale of any
heart r nieily in the world. Itcureg
ii.-rvime uitu nrf:nmr !rnrt (lie -iiHt'
fhoi t brtaili. lidHiiin.,, ,,; r .
(lerncen in ine "iii'.nn,i,r,,oll,,.r
irrrguiur imiih.., lamtj,,. e,lllot 1 it-r
iiiK, iliaKealoriitivf
ii"uc vum iicauiKlic, fiU, etc.
hi:ak in mind that
pay you to come fifty miles totrnilc
Catholic-M Paul's ( hiin h. si. I. leer,
riiih Mel siiili, r mi l'i r s ne), I'ssi'ir
Hrtlees: V i at s liU l"i i.Hi A. M. bubdaf
Srlmiil S12 rfSi. a I k Iserdli llnl..
Ciimi-ti'S "ft er I..M-ust suit rlvhlh Hts.
envlrrs ineriilnir slid rvrUSK r. r J. n.
lireil, I'asiur Suiiil ph l,mll IS A, M.
Keii oeAl.-Ht l.nkr's liuieli. romer Third
slid Hi-. Ilrf II II 10, its. isli.r. Srr
lre. MIA M I ill Wr at. Suuda) ftrliuul
si jn r. M.
fisHM A N MiTiieiosT i rnsr Xlilti ft sad
llinnll". Ilr. Mill. I ir. eerv re II A. M.
slid 7 :M V. M. eiiumy hcliuol In :30 a M.
I'MrsHVTriilA . ervires In 1 f rhntrli. eer
ier MJIIl Hi'" l.nnille ale. liev J. I. I SIM.
eii-lnr. siii.d -se eul al ; I rearlilng
al II a. m.s'.d s p in.
si . II e. K "I 'a' 'tmreti rre eu eveiy
SuMmIIi rvriili y at 7 14 In Hie I'lin mn l l
the rliiirili. All air ilivilrd to ait bd thee
FlMST MstnonieT -"llh t.. tietweri Main
Slid frarl. lrT. I. f. Hill I. O. l. HH-liir.
hrnrlres : 1 A.M. S (SI e. l Mllnla. srhisil
:l A M. I'lS). r lin rll. g MrdiiesdMli evra-
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I.eea than tdis will not content you;
more than this you rnnnot, in rea
son, risk. Our methods) nre ne
niinrile us your ilemres. We do not
lilt your expettiitioiiH to Ibe lomln,
but we realie tlicni whatever they
are. We will never rncrifici your
ititen els t-i ours unl nowhere else
enn you get a fuller nnd fairer
equivalent lor vour money. An
especially profitable purchase for
you i our etc.
SOI Main Street
JoVocra Prices
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Fine Gold Work a Specialty.
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C. A. MARSHALL Fitigcrsld ElocN
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Mnny old sold ier, who ontrncifl
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service, hnve since been pernuiiient
ly cured ot it by t IihihiIm rlniu'a
Colic, Cholera nml diarrhoea Rent.
eiiy. J ur siiie iiy p. ti. i ricke & Co.
Shiloh i ciil.iJ It rfiiieilya nnai.
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Itive cure Catarrh, Ihiililiieriu nnd
Canker month. For sale by F, Q.
Fritke & Co.
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