The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, November 29, 1891, Image 1

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    mouth Daily Hera;
'f A
I 1 tO'irni yeah.
All Experts Use
r 1
Jj Perfect and uniform success in making finest food is
rc certain with Royal Baking Powder than with any
ler. Use it in every
Ovdcr, or cream of tartar
llts in pure, wholesome,
j):rts use it because it adds to their success. Phvsi-
fand Health Officers
1 1: wholcsomcness of the food.
'! ' rKiO:v IIarlanD: "I regard the Royal Baking Towclcr as
. st in the market. Since its introduction into my kitchen
j used no other."
fys Maria PaRLOA: "It seems to me that the Royal
Powder h as good as any can be. I have used it a
j. ..v, leal and always with satisfaction."
MRS. BAKER, Principal of Washington, D. C, School of
Cookery: "I say to you, without hesitation, use the 'Royal.
I have tried all, but the Royal is the most satisfactory."
M. GORU, late Chef, Dclmonico's, New-York: "In my use
of Royal Baking Powder, I have found it superior to ail others."
A. Forti.v, Chef, White House, for Presidents Arthur and
Cleveland: "I have tested many baking powders, but for finest
food can use none but 'Royal.'"
' fvf Vine G
H M nUn-lli- lot I lid pallilril (
llltl'llil' Hi Ifrlll
old Work a Specialty.
Miik ittlinMiniitli, Sfb.
tkrlr Fn'l 'r mi. rlli' i I nt qnllli
kiwi t lit i'r l4lil roiin Iimi liai
lu iim (I tr i, Itii-jrh van lull
iuf il Imliy Ii'hhI HMiliiiiM
drriirliw . I I i.m k imiI h. t
l. Sural lli'ii pif 'all' r hnt In 40 null I
' . iln I rtltim.'it .
vss raiVM.i u. trimmer.
1 Brid e work nd Hn- Rold work t
T' TKI A (T !WAt. r!l n r.r im.
. jiUillclrrD luf Hi-hi!nli-nriir.uiiu ul
I teib.
' A.N.
W III tlMmtil Hlfi-Mtnt
Villi' f
rritrnii.i (h linn, iifiica id
Mnli-, t'Utliinuili, Nrli.
; ;loFthand.
. riuttsmouth, NebraHka.
, kr lliniKHinliuf jrnut-g Im'lrl. ri(
' 1 fl lr. Iirr e' k m Im hi-
Vlll-l i-. mi l il.iy hiurly lllflli ll lil
illirlr rriTI llnv nt.
V Mllif l rnttr" In uliiirt l-n't anil '
"Slli jf rn fnrn In in iii l.iO .r ,
- . kn riitrinltwd In nnmpi'lPiit ludi nli j
I Ibiuui'llim. new lvi'illrii
floiimi of a Hyri tun.
A K-llto, rrllthl m-lArT IT
wit hi jr. llli iirti.. in
, Willi
n l-llnn !Mililllli Srw tl rk
irn-nr. . KAirl-ll.lllt, .(t
Md coldirrs, who contractnl
Uuurrhoen while in the
ive rlnce been permanent
"f it by Cliaimberlain'ii
Lk-ra and diarrhoea K'eiu-
. le by F. G. Fricke A Co.
fi-iilnrrh remrdr nonl.
atiirrh, Uiphthi ria und
. ' Vouth. For kale by V. G.
tckA Co.
The Mock of groceries nt Peler.
"'i'" old ntnnd will be void at re
(ii'. i'd price to tatlsfy niortgnre
t f 1 irM National bunk, and anyone
i. ', j, ,;oods will rave money by
1 it the old Htand. Remrm.
I lock in Iresh and complete.
' 'r bargains in polnloes,
. l.itiHware, rhinnware und
;)' (pern Groci ry,
i' -
.NTS WAXTI'D.-Prrc paid
, J lo energetic men. Seernl of
Jar Valesmeu have earned from fit)
J.) (I'XI a week for yearn pnM. (It
P.O.Loxl371,Ncw York.
rcceint ca mo- fnr n hnHn
and soda, and the hest
appetizing food arc assured.
recommend it because it adds
Painfully Injured.
C. A. Steveux, an employee of the
liopH, met with a painful accident
I int Saturday evening. lie w;ih
duiii(f chiMf I wnrk htrikin forcilily
wiih heavy hammer and juifortun
iili ly ju.-t an the hummer wan about
to laud on the chinel he mif cd 1 1 im i
aim and dealt uu exceptionally I
!:c.ivy Mow upon hi left hand,)
cruHhin it and rendering it to fay
the leant, very painful. It in prob
able that he will be laid olf for a
period of several weckH.
It i unfortunate that Mr. Steven
did not avail himnelf ut the oppor- 'Rether on n hunting, and, be
tunity of taking out accident i n- j running in loin of nim, nil
hurunce, u iil.iu recently udonttl M., thereby, instead of
lotting bis time in thin -period of
w .
tnmfortune, he would bt drawing1 a
fairly good nalury.
I'aul Johiicoti nup Hon, of Green
wood prefincl, are in the city today.
Pure btirkwheut flour for rale nt
HeisrlV mill. tl
Why will you couh when Shi
loh'ncure will trive immediate rr.
lief. Pric 1) els.. 5) cts. Hud l.
For Bale by K. (. Fricke A Cc
Gentlemen, if you hanker after
rlyiiH Mexilde l-ine Fancy Fittini;
F loiwi-ar, Schildliuecht has the
tituk. tf
Do not conffW the famous Illiish
of ICones with the many worthless
paints, powders, creams and
hlc.ii'hcn which are tloodinir the
market. (Jet the genuine of your
druist.O. II. .snyler, 7." cents per
bottle, and I guarantee it will re
move your pimples, freckles, black
he, ids, moth, tan and sunburn, and
j;ive you a lovely complexion. 1
Ci anberries,
Mince Ment,
' Sweet Cider,
nnd mnny other nice thiiiL;s for
your Thaukfivinfr dinner can bt1
had at PE.NXKTT A TbTT'it.
Cnll on the Tucker Sister In the
Sherwood block for burgains in
W inter ilats. tf
1 Ol'EM.NG t'P
One of the
newest and brightest
iinea oi
PIujh'GooJs, Teji. DolU, EoTelti t. Etc-
rf fi llollliy lr.t that hu bM
D ID Iuwd lit Jvtrt.
Which was bought early In the
vruHoii from rouie of the
LAkouaT IrokTtxa IIof3K9
Which puarnntcrs you the pick of
the tuurket and at . ices
(or which we
are noted.
.Tks Loses f in tks Country :-
Tbtpulllel mrilliiltv Infllrd tnripet vur
gjnili ..(! coaipiUD pilu
f. r, MCBII, fir.
Geo. Vans and (lien Christmas.
Police Judge Archer returned
from Oiiiiiliii thin morning.
The new court Iioiihc will lie mm.
pleted mi less than :i mouth
II. U. Iravi attending to legal
matter!? in ttv milv court to-day.
For Indies' line kid shoes mnl
Christmas slippers, go to Joseph
FcUcr's. u
J. II. llaldcuian, a prominent
iitlorney of Weeping Wuler, in in
the city to-day.
Yon can eel the b"st of hand-
made boots and shoes at Joseph
i'el.ers. if
The twenlictli aniiiverHnry of the
organization of AdaniH county will
lie celebrated at Juniata, Dcim-iii-her
Mrs. W.A. Scott, who hem visit-
i 11 if nt I hr residence of her f.itlier,
II. C. McMakcu, returned to Omaha
this morning.
Shorthand ami t vncwrilintr col
lege over MayerV clothing slre.
Day mid night rieMHioun. Situations
uar.iiiieed to all competent Html-1
i-n is. tt
I'i. SiffjrenH mid fjimiiy returned
hint evening from a Hix weekd' virfit
to friendrt in MiuucHota and other
northern pointH.
Jofcph l-'etzer will move his Htock
of IiooIh and fihoeH to-dav into the
went room of the I'lirmele liuildin
on Main street.
Mtm. I). I". AylHworth.of Loudon
Ontario, arrived in the city thin
morning on n vimted toiler Mother
Mr. Kate Oliver.
There will lie mi oynter nuppcr at
the M. Iv. church, on Sixth Mreet,
Thurnday eve, Dec. 3; iiIho other
relrei-liiuenlH, and tahle ol artick'M
for fale, ICveryhody invited.
All yotin-j e;entlenni!i contem
platinn wedding tour, nhould call
and examine the latent ftyles of
weddin-f in vit.i'imiH Hamplcn of
whlcii are always k-pt on hand ut
thin office.
ri.ilt'niowtli'n HportHini-n Khould
Ret to the front. In neverul tieigli
holiii couutieM KportHineii (;et to-
, "inomix 01 inn ih iuo rcHiiu.
ror line boots and hIioch (jo to
loseph, Main Htreet, between
I'ourlli and Filth ttfrieis. tf
Prof. Musjrrave inforum us that
he has received another new tyjie
writer ami is prepared to accommo
date all Htudents who apply. The
tveuin class will meet nt the resi.
drncc of Mrs. J. X. Wise henceforth.
The II. A M. road received during
the past week Ol'Mfi pounds of
merchandise; also nineteen full
carloads of material. Thero has
been tthipped from this place
20,iil9 pounds of iiierchandiHC in
auiall lots; leu full carloads.
Kearney is making n bid for n
f;love factory and proposes lo send
delegates to Glovesville, X. Y., for
the purpose of inducing several of
the handle, I factories there to
locate in the west. There is little
doubt that Kearney will succeed, as
the ttigus of the times indicate that
the capitalists are becoming
interested in the wet.
The M. V.. pulpit was filled yester
day morning and evening, by Pi.v.
J. W. Shank, of Omaha. Kev.Sliauk
is at home in the pulpit, notuith.
standing the fact tl. ut he is nil lie hasrecenllyeslablished
the Christian Advocate, a religious
paper; its growth has been rapid
from the start and it bids fair to
heroine the oflicial church paper ut
no dittant day.
The regular meeting of the city
council occum next Monday eve
ning. It will very likely beau in
teresting ressioa as a chief oi
police will probubly be elected. It
is highly importunt that a in an be
chosen for this position who Im
thoroughly in rytuputhy with the
welfare of the city. The nnines of
R. W. Hyem and W. T. Cole have
been mentioned, either of whom, if
they could be persuaded to accept,
would fill the pohiliou to the entire
Katisfaction of our law abidinir
I have been a gieat ttuflVrer from
culiirrli for 'over leu years: had it
very bad, could hardly breathe.
Some nights I could not ttleep and
had lo wuuttiie floor. I Mirc.'u-i d
Fly' Cream Il.ilm und nm using it
fivcly, it Is working a cure mircly.
I have advised i-evcral friends to
use it, nud with happy result in
every cupr. it is llie medicine
ubuve till other for catarrh, and it
H worth its weight in irold. I thank
God I have found a remedy 1 can
use with saie Iv nud Hist dors all
that is cluimed foi it It is curing
my iIiMfncHs. 1J. W. Spcrry, Hurt
ford, C'ouu.
A C.O T, Social.
The hint but probably the moHt
enjoyable C. (). T. party for the nen
son, wiin fiven at the home of Mrr.
KJe Oliver, in honor of the twen
.'ill birthdav of MifH Marirurite.
T) iclub in couipoMeil of about u
d of our mo-t highly reHpected
otm ladiei' and they with a few
invited eulleinau friiehtn whiled
awiiy the hourH in a highly fatin
faeiory manner. At a f-eaHoniilile
hour rcfrchhment.i were ferved.
which our informant nayn were
decidedly "out of niht." Ilefore
departing the jfuentn preneuted
Minri Oliver wiih .i hamlHouie Kilver
fruit casket as a token of ecteeui in
which Hhe i.-i held by the member
of the club, At a HcaxomiUe hmir
the party dish audi -d' reretin that
thin was to be the party fur the
Hfii.siHi, but liudin comfort in the
fact that the partie would be in
Htituted a.iiu next ncanon. The
billowing vcie present:
Mr aii I'.itterson, Mr.
and Mrx. I.iniehenau Min.-i-H Mar
guerite and Doid Oliver, Mamie
and 1-raukie Stylen, May Dutton, Miller, Netiie llalance, Ida
lioeck, j;ila Clark, Xiiunie Moore,
Mirfs liuike, Hert Wine, Minn Me
Ponal and MensrH I'helpH, II. Me
Claud, J. Schnlhoir. Mathews, Chan.
Sherman. Chns. Murhy, Henry
Tart.-ch. Van liurke, Robt. Miller,
Geo. Richertson, R. Rauens, Win.
The Schildknecht choe house has
the very fluent line of nien'a nhors
in the city. ll
Oh ttmry.
II i: l At the residence of Mark
llarllett, No. Xi." Woodside avenue,
Chicago, on Nov. 'Ja, Mary A.
Johnson, in her lilly-sixth year.
Our readers will remember Mrs.
Johnson as an old and highly re
spected resident of tlfs county,
having renided in Salt Creek pre
cinct thirteen years, and for twenty
two years preceding li;r death i-he
lived in this city, on Winterstein
Hill. The deceased had been ailing
for Home time and was recently
sent to Chicago, where she might
have the benefit of the best medical
treatment to be obtained; but, not
withstanding all the material nid
thai human power could render
was freely given, nhe had to mic
cuttib to the inevitable.
Jhe interment took place at
Chadron, Ohio, at the resilience of
her father. The deceased is a sister
of II. Ilistor, living near here.
The county commissioners, Geo,
ass and the court house clock.
The H. A M. announces that re
duced rates will be offered parties
wishing to nttend the Jefferson
James . , .concert, to be given ut
Omaha,' December 1 and 2. For a
party of Iwenlv-ive a rate of one
iiii'l onc third fare will be grtnted
with no special train for return.
I'or n party of one hundred n rate
of one fare for the round trip will
be allowed, an 1 arrangements
mndc for a special (rain lo return
after the theatre. Here is a golden
opportunity for our people to
a'teud one of the best attractions of
the kind that will appear in Omaha
this nc.laOIl.
An announcement appeared In
this paper last week to the effect
that n change in the ownership of
Tin: Hi:kau was contemplated,
and in view of the fact that rubse
ipient developments have altered
the original plans materially, we
deem it expedient to slate that Tin:
IlKI.'AI.D will continue lobe issued
by its present management. The
office, already acknowledged to be
the best equipped establishment in
the county, will be replenished by
the addition of $-'K) worth of the
latest styles of type and other
necessary oppli incer, which, un
questionably, will render our facili
ties for doing all kinds of printing
work unsurpassed by any office in
the county. It is our intention to
keep TlIK IlEkALI) in the front
rank ns a local paper, and to the
end that our desires may be fully
realized, we earnestly and con!i
oemiy invoice me nearly co
operation of our friends.
Wc uppiociaic the abilitj of Mr.
Herge an a newspaper man und it is
with regret that the originally con.
tcniplated chnnqfe could not have
been consummated. I'or his
gentlemanly demeanor lie lias
made many friends during his
week's work in our in idsl, and what
ever vocution ho way choope to
follow, the best wishes of all will
follow him.
Gentlemen, if you want a fine
dress hoe, it cuu be bad at Sthild
kuccht's. tf
- - OF - J
Eaadics; Furnishings
Is ITow Conaploto ia all Departments,
We are cliowingn handsome line of
A full line of colorings ami blacks.
Stock complete and prices lower
AK never iliown ho
e e.UI special attention
Military hik! 1 1 i f Cont t-hiipcs trimmed with Mink, Sea!, Antrucha.
MnHaloon and Coney furs.
Our line of I'ltli Faefjncs arc cltosprr tlmti eer before. Fill)
lines of Cliildrens and .Misses Cloaks and Jackets.
fi fi6 t3 t)
3B- 3l. MoELiWAIN,
Repairing of MNK WATCHES a Specialty
and nil Work Warranted.
415 Main Street,
Toin Murphy ii in Omaha to-day.
Geo. Vuud und the court Iioiimo
clock. tf
J. W. Herge in in Omaha on busi
ness to-day.
Rev. Shank returned to Omaha
this morning.
Hoy wanted at Shorthan 1 College.
Call immediately.
II. C. McMaken departed for Oma
ha this morning.
Joe Knolls returned from Council
Dili lis last evening.
G. W. Stedman, of Carson, Iowa, is
in the city on business.
Mrs. K. Hilton and Miss Lou
Simpson ure Omaha visitors to-day
Judge Newell left for Omaha this
morning where he is engaged on
the grand jury.
Miss Mary Grant returned from
Omaha Saturday evening, where
Hhe tpent Thanksgiving wiih
Mr. and Mrs Pierce nnd Mrs.
W'hulin returned last evening from
n two months' visit to friends Penn
A. II. Ahl, a prosperous iarmer
near Ixmisville, and u staunch
friends of Tim HcKALD was a pleas
out caller to-day.
W. D. Jones and Dave McEntcc
returned last evening from ihcir
bunting expedition in southern
Kansas, looking hale and hearty.
They report quail i plentiful but a
scarcity of the buffalo and deer.
A good Ladies Jersy vest nt 2.c.
Ladies line Jersey vest mid pants i
while or natural grays at .r0c each
Ladies natural Gray Wool 'ectsan
Pants at 50c. Regular 7."c under
Full lines of Ladies I'ine wooJ
ribbed under wear in while, cardi
na! ami black.
Complete lines of Child's under
wear in natural, scarlet nud whit
at prices at low ns ihc lowest.
lare u line in tit is department.
to our lirrn miortinent of Iluideri
- JEWELEB -Headquarter
for Everything iu the line mi
Plattsmouth, Neb
II li i A Vciizps rt-iil a it . i ii
in iln l.i .id 4ii. i Hkii l ii n'l 'i M.iit z nt hii'l II , ii a l.i)
II. rn- I'd It,,?, r ii ill lis-. i.i
Ilai p r' w i-i'kiv una m kii ai.ii
MiiIk K.-Klmsr mnl llnni.a
Western H id IIkkai.d
. t u
. 4
.2 M
It Should be In Every House.,
J. H. Wilson. 371 Clay St., Sharps -,
burg. Pa., says he will not be will
out Dr. King's New Discovery foi
Consumption, Coughs und Colds,
that it cured hi wife who wal
threatened with Pneumonia after
nu atlack of '"Iji Gripe," when
various other remedies and several
Iihysicians had done her no good
v'obert llarber, of Cocksport, Pa,
claims Dr. King's New Discovery
has done him more good than any
thing lie ever used for Lung
Trouble. Nothifg like it. Try it
Free trial bottles ut F. G. Fritke A ,
Co's drugstore. Larire bottle, SOa.
nud $1.00.
An honest Swede tells his ttrntj'
In plain but unmistakable imm
guage for the briierit of the publi.
One of my children took a severe
cold and got the croup. I gnve her
a teasiioonful of Chnuihei ljl
Cough Remedy, and in tivcininutw
lates I gave her one more, liy thta
tune she had to cough up th
gathering in Hie throat. Then sha
went to sleep und tlept good tor
hfleen minutes. Then she got us
and vomited; then she went LatJi
to lied and lept good for the ra
mainner of the night She rot Ui
croup the second uight and I ga
her the Mine reined v wiili HmM
goodresulls. 1 write this becuiisa
I thought there might be rome on
in the saino nef d nnd not know IK
true merits of this wondertul inedi.
nue. CiiAH.ra A. Tiioir:iEK
Den Moines, Jowa. KJ cent batt
lor aula by K. G. Fricke & Ca.