The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, November 23, 1891, Image 4

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tlTr stealing. m ,
( n i V. .1 - . . , . j I. . I
AD sieiiuuy urRSW'U woman lawi j on- jr,a coaraaarat i.uvr.i
k fered A Paris jeweler's shop and asked to rasawvnl ml SlaJa Kalil.
i m vaWKU ..M nina - While she I " "The Ulan With, the Coolest II'TVC I
- was examining thetn a man liepin play j ever met," Raid Colonel A. E. Sei'cr .
i I n a ban el organ before the door. U'lie . who was in a reminiscent moon. , -
. 1 . .1. 1 ..i 1 ' f v.l 1 I.. I. M u M. l.k. I w-14 M - .. I
eihii. wHiiHt io annoy me laoj, win oJouei iuiu o. .,-'..
.1 I.. .1... .1 .... ,',., i.f ' i.riv,.! t ILiriwr t fTT IHU -
It'll 'i.l. I'l tllOUinil nilO lllUt H I'l'VV . IHMHIO " . ...,-- - - -
tnoiiey to th mm and told him to go
lt iff'
ft ii'ti.f
c iifi-iinsr of the
,', i "St iciy will be hchl In.
. i '! o'clock in
Thin .- y nl 1 h" home of
on vest Miiln
1 ftwnv wViii-H lid liil At one.
On returning to the counter she sui-J
th:it trine of the pins united her, but tint
as some compensation for the trouble she
bad ifive'i, she would boy a brooch. She
"accordingly chose one, paid ten fram s
lor It. at)d was leaving the shop when the
Jewriri ujiowit dhiUiOud p.u 0 p,...,
value from anions those she had b .cu
examine. He accordingly stop;ed hi-t
customer, win) seemed highly indinani.
and insisted on the jeweler's wife search
ing lu-r, which was done, but uo pin was
1 lie jeweler sent bis sister to watch
the woman, who wan seen to enter an
other jeweler's sliop, and was pretending
to make when theorem find
er made hia appearance. As soon iw he
be,Mii playing she a c lin threw hlu s-Mi'
liioiu y mid ordered him t move on,
the p -rson who was watching her I-r-ceived
that with the money she bad giv
n the man a uiece of jewelry. This wil
at once made known to the police, who
amit'.ed IjoIiI.RU I IOUUI Oil ion 111,10 r.-
..1 n,,l liv Ktonewail J-''.;
sou iu 18C3. After waiting for.i.i- .,i
for our exchange we were order,-.!
to tiirfa Court House. a.. w.x:c -were
on the lookout for Mosby.
One cold, clear iii'ht in Fehrnr
1'1. I w.m on picket duty on the V
rentou road. I bad poet two. I
;ru!i"" l-'v MMt ulunMt 011 tin1 diK;.j
quick, tryini; to keep warm, wii -u
beard a troop of cavalry cotiim t 0
tile Wiireeiitoil load t ipiiC t"
They were htoppd by the man 0.1 ;.
one all ri .,'lit. and I jea came down 01 :
post. ' Wiie i lliey came clo.iefi.oiui
me 1 I; illed t'.ieiu.
" 'i-'rie.idH with the coniiteri.'-i.
the uuswer to my ch illen,'e.
"One m ill ilismoiiiit and a lva
with the countersign. was my uesi 0 .
ui.1,1 1
'A well ilre-j-ed ofTic-r li:ii-t.:..
and advanced to the lt "f "iy h.i.
net ami Knvetae coUM!er-i'!i la.11 ik .
"0.utw,':i correct; I k.ioui.1
Pas oil.'
i,r:.. . Jy,nt three hundred ol
. e
If , M'in wlicn
.... ; ! - it t-eml youf
, 0 (.1 t : 11 (ti'l'nn
of 'Vh I.. 1 i rciiool. tiliort-
l:ont llll'T M pee I totri't hpr Out-
ti!e .f "rl'ol I ( urn ut rxtrfiiily
i,-V r:il -
h tekiMw nn 1 5ffrv'i,
I'nioo t'i. n' a ':viiiT nervice will
l.i'i i"il il li '' ' r n'njitil-t church
nt Nuii'i !'rH nl l n. ?u. next
YhvrfiViv. !'l - m'iiiioh will lie
rr- c'o ii i.v Vc '. Pr. Uritt, of the
Miciiil 1'iirly. ntheroil
? if.
A plea-
ntttie 1 widen c f Mr. Hint
I) H Sin it ! 011 inti rsli in
Saturdav rii'ilit. in honor of
J i
it. '5 '
;0 V) JCa
aPVSV'l UOtll, BIl I IOIIH I Oil ion 111, in r. 1 i.
en! ankles of btolen je elry.-Puri j them; a motley crew in a:iparance. h
T I .. ,. I.,:t li,! lltr!l.r. tillM
I i-iiir,!.
A Woman ItdrlrJ by Tw l!dbnil.
H itue years hince a voting woman
n::med (iardim-r marrieil in Scotland a
lmm uauied Zadreiin. Tlity ipiarrel-d
and f epiirated. ami the woman afterward
married u man mimed Smith. I5ut a
abort time elapsed before Reparation tixdc
place in this case also, mul a iiura mar
riage was contracted with a man named
Bowhill. The p.11 t'"S however, did not
reside I0113 together, the woman from
that time forward living Hlon'i. Tues
day she poisoned herself, the body being
found in bed the next morning.
At tins cop mer'H inipiest, when a ver
dict to that IT'-ct was' returned, it wal
tatel that Zadrean hiid not been found,
but Smith and Bowhill were in attend-ini-H
T'ne latter tv.-.i lr.c'-d bis certifi
cate of marriage and claimed t'.m cer
tificate of dentil. After di-ens-ion a
compromise was arrived at. Smith tak
ing the coroner s curlilitite, ana tueiw 1
men asreein- to share the cost of the
funeral, while it was urruu;,'ed to bury
the woman in the name of Zadrn,
tlias Smith, alias BowLilL Loudon
ItUjIllJ ClMtl.
Ilonseholders who may never have
acquired the habit of I.iyinirlna winter'
anpply of coal in nmuir or fall, and
whose regrets for failing to do so are
lieard with the regularity of the annual
advent of cold weather, may stop r-piu-inj;.
It is true ecouot.iy' to bay litth)
coal at time. Coal men will t:ll you
that this fuel rapidly lose in quality.
The pases pas off by exposure or some
thing of that kind, and with tieta tho
beating power diminishes. Th -re is one
thin,, however, that is a necesM ry in
main th most of this kind of 1 irift.
The coal bought in small quantities
thord llie taken fr im fre,h nhip.ii-ul .
Tii-ieistio profit in bnyins coal that
Tnnir Ii.-ivh lain for wieks in a vard. It
ahou! 1 come f re;.h from the cars in order
to get the best service out of it. New
York Time.
n-..r. u 1.1 V lot. lll,'l!l. till.ltl
". . .
ami Ian-Yin,'. Tu-y d 011. 1111 1 .:
due time I was rclii vvd and o)ii
koiind usl'-ep.
Early the next morniiu the sear--!'
of the ci ird rotisi'il me up and told m
t was i.-aulel at be.i luarl'-r m
:har:,'e of an orderly I went When I
got there the man who was on post 011
was ahead of me. II w.-u ns'.i-re 1
uri-T-ee of Oelieral AleMllld'T
Hayes, our conimandin oticer. and
Wi.en be came out 1 went in
" 'You bad iKist two at l.Vot Tjiyit?"
'inanded tli" general
()i li'i'-prt-. f Present, Iown
I who ir- vis it intr in tin city, llic
' i-i ni-'iiu V V'.f C'unt'iecl of nbout
t lir.y ol o.ii' prominent youuy; pen
' t 1- mil f'oni the report!' it i cvi
d: i' th t n h'K 'ly en ovulilc ninl
p ild " tunc was Mini iiy mi
'pr.-sent. t'.aine it ii'l inil-ic were
p r t i; itc I io until iii t a ln'e
l,i,ar when H Icpaitcil lor tlicir
rcipecliwr home-", each feeling it
was n' 1 to In- there.
WliMi I- Co 1 I Uekinii f'owilei?
H in n well kn.iwii fict that enr
Lot.Htc oi if- ' 11 a i urcil hy
b akern in the prep iration of the
fin st mill most wholesome bread
an 1 cuk . iiml has been from time Ii is ninony; thcohh st
'ami the nunc u.ost hciihli.'ill
. . i,, f !i:ikiiic uowdiTF. It ia
T fYJ IS waiting to show you his new goods
J Vy Jit and to let you know how cheap they
can je bought.
! -1.
nil cxolvt (I iu j;as by the heal olthe
UfiiiaiJM'-u in- , - -
1 had. sir.' I ovrn, and Icuvcn n Irucii of itscll
T..U uiumt the trivm of caval: V : 11 .. 1,,,.,'. mi. I it U Ibis tl.i.t civrs
- ' - I 111 I" "", -r-
it itl utfat vaUic us n icaMMiiu";
that tmssed vnnr oost.'
I told him w't bad bnprx-nej.
"Wt-ll." ia-sill 1 (jrimly, 'you did it.'
and be ilismi-sed me.
I diM-overed pretty r-oon th'.t the men
I bad pas-ed wi re IJosby's command,
with Mo-l.y at their bead. Tin y i: ; 1
riilden throu;h the entire camp, taken
it-o t..nt i,f one of the general o51r'T'.
mounted it on a liiulo .md escaped with
it to the Confederate hues.
'II'J'.v did lie Jl"t tb ps""-"''' W
ftmud out that afterward. At one of
the ont poets was the rawest kind of a
raw recruit. V. line ne was on pu.-ui 1
duty a man drehsed in
ncnt in the opinions ol lb
Hicians. -New York Journal.
tlr. T.m;' A 1 li 'llo Son.
Mr rw. ,1 T. II. Talma.'e. tlie r.r
end son of Ur. J )iia 1'.,'o, ivn
', Isirn twenty-four ye ars no iu the bout
l which bellow lives, at llie corner t-i
Joralemonajd Clinton streets. Hews
educate 1 nt la- l'olytii-h:.'- Jnstituti ,
afterwurd coinpietinir hi stiidh-s nmier
private tutorship with I'rofewor C.iskie
Harrison at the latter's solnsd on Mo:t-
1 1 -tie ilreet. Al the H.'e 01 liui' lit'
In L: line in Csiks County. Yuti wi 1 not ho able to buy duiajter Wis'. Chi
ct'o when you lake quality and jirieo in coiiM(lcrutio:i.
Only buys the hvt mala and latest novdtie in
And if yon ore looking for a rdiahle place to trade givo JOE a trial.
. i ta -tie street. Al ttie
-d in a capuinsnni- T ,, . w..,.rMi ..n,-,. ,,r ih .
'orm. witli the red fash of the ofl'u-er c f : " ,' "Lackawann.i nu 1 Wesl. r i
rim liar acnes Lis breast, approaclie 1
hha l!e chailengcd and the officer ro-
pou.h d.
'OHicer of the day with the coutitcr-
"Advance and ffive the countersign
riiilroad. where be remained for 1119
time. IIi health liecomiu-; Kiuiewlnt
impaired. Mr. Talmai ;s-nt n y :r i i
Ciliforuia. which be devoted to the out
ihs,r life of a i-port-iwiaii. K iium.,'
Zrt. I , .1 . I '1' ... .!,..
..s. . - im'Tii iil 1 ii-rewv. a ! r.111 ii", rn-,,
The officer advanced and L'ave a word ; ... ......
.. . . .. v. l') ""
wnicn was imi uintuim iuuo
" That's not riht,' aaid the aeDtiotl,
and yon can't pass.'
AftiT f(.!'-li era!: 9 WratllllUZ.
uia-.e a member or tne ;ew ioi m's
xi hmiL'e. tieinz at the time of his a 1-
miisioii next to the youngest tunuberoa
"Alter cotuiix-ramo wr3nini, " 1 u fl1Mjr.
..fScer iusist-il that bis word was rilit. I jlr Tahna-'e Is a memlKT of the
be ei-bimel nnl.". 'Wlist word have cw'cKt c;:,,; n;i 1 ,.r tu). U,wilt;..
you srolr 'Hie man said. ' I'he her-eaiit I ilUo r,.,.mly c, in 11 1' jotii.t-
C.luu Fllllnl fur Tevttu
r-rions wlioobj;i:t to theco:.'spicuouV
M i,r i...l,l fiiii.irf when it is ldaced in
ii ... ... fv ry ------ ,
ii front twth ma ir now have their den-
ti ts use a nibstanee which r'Uible
the teeth so closely in color that its pn-s-enee
can be deleted only by a close and
careful elimination. This new fillin;'ii
a kind of .'lass and is the invention of a
C .-man. It was put on the market only
a diort time uro. but it lias been ns.eil
euou-li to prove that the idea is a capi
tal otie. The ,'la.J cornea in the form ot
a s iLd, which is made of nine different
mi T'.o-.k lines nil:--,) from ft bright
Wiute t:irin:;:i various yeiiowe io a kuid
cf p ile pini. Generally a f -t of WtU
vi'.l have nhotit ti,o color i.f one of tea
liu-'s i.f sind. bt:t to have the tv-o e:-
iii'l'y t.i Mi ;e it way bt r.e-es. iry t)
mix two shades. New York Tiihuno.
I)aimri .'.slifl f'ir Tililnj Cnl1.
Jo'.'.n II. Taylor, of NadiViHe, Iil..
trhiia t.-ave!i:r,' oa the v'a'.a-'i railway
from Ct. Lonis to Kinuherry in Oclo'm-r,
1 -.i,'i.i:i:-.;"te lin..'. 1 thMn,''. the r.i.,',i-f-ea.
e of t'.io r..ih'o.i 1 co-u;.;.ny in r.ot
Laviu2 t'.iM car properly heated. Tin)
cold culminated in an attack of rheumv
i.'ia. which lias crippVI him f r life'. Tor
this ha bre,i''ht su.t H jainst t'ue co;n
Jfany for Clll.dij.'lilatnaes. JndeGooil-in.-m,
iu the circuit court, sustained
demurrer to ti e evidence of the plainti.T.
An appeal will be taken to the supreme
court. Cor. Louis Republic
Mln Is a Crest ll.
Down In D er We the other evening
the village barber asked yonng lady to
attend a hop with lira. The young lady
Tory properly went to get ber mother'a
Corseut. Her mother took her one id
and told her she could go if she would
get the barber to asree to do ber (the
yonng lady's) father'! barbering thi
winter free. We have not beard what
arrangement has been made, aaya the
correspondent who telhi the utory, but
thiuk everything wm all right, for tba
girl went. Dangor CommerciaL
Octob.-r fairly ontdid Itself in the Ver
mont mountain The crimson foliar
!. l,u'inv tviiinerstnte. the hazvatmis)-
,li.-re, all have combined to wake the
ast three weeks ol the month the most
delightful erpeheticcd there for man)
J ears.
A recent eruption on the ann'i face
ras phid oraphed and lasted for fully
fifteen minud. Its angular height it to be distnrbimce causing
tlu vapors to aHcnnd fully IjO.OOO mil".
The yonn;?et t'acher ca record Is said
to be an deven-yer.r-old boy in Kansas,
mho, it claimed, baa beel recently
granted wrtiflcat
of the ar Kve me tue worn, j.v , . 5i t , c..,.rv throu-h the
waic-a.-audnolxslycatipaMWithontit. 1 buj, . o( lhe C;iv Uill . ntllj
-The oD-er was no other than Slobby , , otll(.r i;)Vove:iic.i:-. K-iiteui-
Uiinseii. ite mm an re wsnieo, mm. :,.,,,(.., , ;ti;i thercwi;.!. Ileiia
wailing for night, got bis men togetaer , nirmbl.r ,)f t;le n.tmilton club. n:i I bis
ana maue me successmi win. . I .,. i,.. ntent v been added to tn
For cool ity it Wat anything ' ,.lllU.rhIl. , lst f the lliiiu r and
ever heard o:. -ew ot uevam. Uiivin' clu'i. Mr. Tal:na-u U an en
. . . . 1 thusiaj
As I was K-aving I ittsburg I was ap-
proached by a yonng; wan who. after unJ u . mvmW.t ,)f lim Ur(k
Kivinir me bis card, thanked tue uwt ,,.":.,,,., 111.u..!1-;..!, ,., Life.
......'! t..r ,.itr l.wtiTu t.t laat IllL'bt: ill J '
i In. ii-urlv embraced m
"I never enjoyed, myself o mncli In
iny life," bo said.
I r.iuiwl 1,14 I'linrl-
' I . . I
1 niii clad. I reoiicii, "11111 mv num-1 1. r i::j
bleeUort pleased yon fomncJ. i.oimn
IrrtTr.iit Tlicfl.
An DIMI if I cin the Tilt
if .1 l;;v whiih - hail pniiis.i wb;:t
"irr.i-V.-iM tjeil more sjvere
li-...t ..I'.... -u.e!i-4 i,f l.inenv. Tim
(4 nnr ulifvln-r tn a l-tiirr t!in tn .:;.;;: t. .". Vii1'.:--!- rS,
k;io-.v he bus ordod plea-aro to bu ! (.
uti : ifiee.
"Yes," h ca! 1, "it pare tno trnmen") '
r!,:i e--i' You r-3. 1 ata cr." i;r 1 t ) b'l . .
a -
r fir.-i i.:ovi d bim to
atuie. Aiait: otiu r
I y a t,
I l.'h iK-.l I -.K M
thin rays:
. ... " 1 s iy r.ot'.iix: if a Mae':.-i:ni;ii
married toa prl iu town. Ail lier famiiy 1 were t-j 1'" :1 a b' '.'.ov; or if 11 1 1 iiiiib-.-r"
we:.t to J our s'aow, and I had the Kill ! v.e; : purloia a ro'l of 1 "i I p P '. hut I
at liomeiill t ) i:i; "'lf. Oh! 1 bad such A no cry cl i.i j .-t il.-uui.. :..iiou when a
pood time! Thank yon so wutli! Do c::rt'T, wiio or.hln't re.i 1 LU name i-veu
lecture b -ro r.,"i;: soon. . if n v. i ro l.;: ov.-.i v,;:i can iui.1 li.;..i. 1 :i
the lv "iMf L:'.'.:e Mlchi " in, ne,.,i n
Au.l after v. i-kiir-r tun a p'.ea'r.nt jour-
li.y h i !,.f Irr::n-'a lt:. kr.otr I h-ft
at least one friend and admirer U-hiud
me iu Pittburg. Ma- (UelL
A I llll- I.Ik- ImiiIU
"Si-'e many of my paragraphs or stories
in the t-rra .ivri-H." a. ked the funny luaa
of the t'lchr.-ge t-ditor.
Haven't noUced." returned the ex
change editor. "I've -n a cssi many
things credited to the pir, Mil uavcu 1
IixAed to ee whether they were
dog fights, weather items or some ot
vour uem. Want tue U) cut youn out
and Uy 'em aside for you?
"Oh, no; I wouidn t pns you w o
mnch trouble," said the funny wan.
"No trouble at U, s-senea me ex
change editor.
The funuy man went back to bis desk,
thought over the matter for a raiouU
and then llirew a paperweight at the ex
change editor. Chicago Triboce.
GlOTM Wot Hm4 -I B -Ibs.
T rt.n teen said that th 1-Te-
makers of Paris make nse in their trade
.r tli skins of rats which are cangut in
the sewers, bnt this is denied. Certainly
the material would not m strong enougti
1... ti.nii.i. ui
Yoik I-cordT.
Hit crf.iiic. i;-V'
. PLAC1.S Ol-- Ti()'.' -(i
CS1HOI.IC-. t. PbhI's . Iiur.-:i. r. betera
iii shiI emu. ruui'i m -
aivee.: Viw-lS m' I :. - buuduy
he.ieiil tl J i-, l k le et-Ulelu.!..
C 11 1: -. !)..- -eirer I iit sua ri-.
h -1 t.i-i Uiiiu'HS Sl' "'
1-. .... .in tiii,Ul iii-iilMil 10. M.
trt oVai.-si l.uke's linirli. rotn'-r Thl'd
.! H'V II 11 1'I.IW"' l''"l-
: II A X I lll t f Ulills) Btliuol
ml - It I M.
liMiain MiTlieiMST rner KUtli ft sml
liieiill-. Ke.llin.ii"i'. ""'" -
sikI 1 M. h'Ui'l li""l 1 -s
PJ-I--I1VTI HIS nviie In ' Hiex-ll.riir-ii.r
Mxlli lo.ll.l. inlr .i. l-'V J.I. si.i.1,1 - "l K.J' ; I Ii m ii
si lis. ii.v-.1 s II III.
..1.' C 1 . i- C .1 I'.i ii.'f im fini-T
...1.1 .'it.'i ...i,li : V, In 1l-e l ni Hi" ' 1 I
llicr'i mil. Alisie i. HUlu Lu Ui"
tS -ICl III .
Fllo-T M'TllOIUfT-" -'ll M . ittwelt Vslll
mm fm", lev. 1. 1. 11
...1 .ii . it in 1- fti siirili M-I,i,
t-MA m". Itj-llleid riiia Wii) li-0-
1 1 r mi "' '-.iii "1 1 er Main n1
, ,. 1. e. v i "-'s-.-jr- ir.
1 .'.1 ' ' f -
Sn 1 l Ol-'i 1 N r i iiwu Cisiilie, uf
Imn I il'l elui ' 1 a.
( l lilMtl .' ?' '
1,1, .li i - -I t. ill-"
lia. si-vi i II ,-. in. '. : ) I'
Ii M-sliic V- nil.- : r-1 ..
Ym-Mi Vis's (itllii"" "'"-
i ii. M- ii . n ni . 1. 1- ' . y '
- .... , i ii r in1 ' en ' I - S ) . I
I. in... ii .1 I ii'rii -k. ,.i,n-- i.;m'U ii. )(
I in s j a. in .in I' ; ' I !
fdl lll A1K 1l'l l Vl I I -l ' , V
. ..hI. ii. f. S ' - i "' f tie'- l
i.i.i 1 1. ' ... i: f
,ir:il el I" i l V i 11' - - v l'1' 11 i ' " tC 1""
IK-.- I I. il Ml-'II -M "'' ' !ri
Ilrr Vlrirs.
fTTiiirtl- It is a lumnl of trmU man
Cis wife hill ideas of her own.
A few ilays ago she told Chailie at
Itpi-irirneitr is a CTeat thin."
"When did you liud tlutt out?- ai-ked
"A Imlv stenned on hit dress tobir nd
never offi-red a word of apology."
"Or course not. cuuewed cuarue.
"hat she suiiled."
Then I smiled. Yon see tliftt Sinlls
produced a smile in retnrn."
"A wan would have smiled, too, nnuei
the circnmatanccs," remarked Charlie.
"Thut wua recinrocitr." said Mrs.
Charlie, ignoring the remark.
"Almost as satisfactory as u yon nan
slapped each other."
And she answered in a ureamy voice;
"Almost." Detroit Free Prow.
V-bIbIm la Dentition.
The elevator io one of the big news-
.. . f i ;u .-.-. "Wti
the material would not lie strong enougu piper omce-i was nimi wim n". v..
to snccewtfully counterfeit the kid, unless l woman, fsdiionably dressed, was a pas
it were for the thumb parts only, which j senger. Next her stood a buncLback
are generally of a thinner and different au aged man, neatly dresi d and slirink-
V ! . Lil,r rn.mlliatmL Ktl-CS- lii'r a f:ir a llosaible OUt of IK'ticO. T.lfl
1IIU "( .rwmw, ....... - " f ,
. t... l..- ll .l a r,t nilL'tlt irr,iiin liiil nt llllll Wl'.'l a t ll')Ut)l . HI
a in.nner anu umcicun . bu eu niuu, nruj -
r rrotn the rest Bugges- in ut far as iios-iible out of notice.
( . .1 9. .l,.V . I .... 1. I t.i... I. a 1. i.ll
tio.l lias been miniii u.isirni 011.111 j wwiiuii imnnininu'i i..i
beopeucd with the Chinese for the skins 1 air as if weighing va-.t possibilities. Ha 1
of the raU which they eat Wafchlngton deuly she 1. aned over and wita the t.p
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Ghildrens Sample Cloak
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Manufacturer's Price
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"Toncli a bunebbark and briii r,A
fortune, Isone of woman's pet sopcrstl
Uons." New York World.
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-rr-iT. CtTIOEa O II
501 Msiai Street
iind the snore mm t"" ' "7 -
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