The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, November 23, 1891, Image 3

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    r'!" 1,1 V "... ... -' I H"W urn . .i.-i., MMMMWMMiasail,Miai lin in 1 1 III II. II ill,, ,
ll.J!Lf fj'.'-V"" i.4lu:,,: i t-i -w; x'.';; a.; r;--;-u Cva v...l U t.... lie:.
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.-A KUt II !U V. ;;. !:;i3; I L:.. . A.,v C.::-::-' C-ni ; W. Hcltl. ?
.-V lh A;arij.iis 1. . ?. -; j ;..4..v.-, -.t:.- t.y.,:i ;::;..'... -r.-..;-; i:. :::.,ckioei. i
tWory Clw-M'b. t'a.-'.'i V. ':.;.;r I'.ujsII. '''' ? '. v I :' . ..L'-. I. .Lbo"
i C.Uii...- j. . 1 ; j, I'..-?" ." . ' ;.irey, a.iU C.'.c Ilur.!.';. C.
; '" . - ' , "",;( - ...
, ' ' il t ti'iii Vw ....... t j
' f-'iia '.!i;f rr-i. ii fxt'oi Ji.iKc. .Vi c .w;.iun. T-'.J :'.v: i CI: r! foi".". j
! S.lts. .u-,u. T.-jvc!. i.: .: ; c.s - :!
f.!;.r-v,.::; oM'- v : '.. ln:b. i-K-nra AriL'.w. .i'.-.-.. "
J 7" i-a--c Tj.m r: - . nx..-.rT. ::!u.-.ra-i 7ct:::.' r-.--'.r--.-i.-K-. ;:-.r:y k t 7i: - ir on-.
H I 5? H Tr, Krrr Su'-n. rfl-., v. VI Cl : out n,:-l ,.,,'.!. :.;,r. ' v ' "'..'n '
V ii ttLlU n j i : n,...-.i -: ! !:;" :v.-.- :o .; i- h i ' ' U'
.1 " rH ".r r I Y-." f'Ri t!- Vn-. i o.'.; j- i i, l-.i,;.-, r .- -,' : ,V i - - ,
,, ivnc., fu::t.--T-::.y- .. ;v y:.v..;-.-. rM- .,: ,. .V
i'J .f tSnftn U ..., nl, .! tt 1..-.:m;: I r-.Tl' -;.':: -.1 ".. Ok' e O i ''
- JVW p J- II:A:N:S:IS:N
in PI iTTMITTtl VtriilliuU I I
1 PI TTwIMITTtl VtriilliuU I
y Capital S'i
J iu,uu.i
H(JiBiTT t)it fiirilltlp fur the firomp
V traiictlou ol llkltliudlo
Uiinking Business
fltock.tionrti.nnM. KnTirnmfit vl local
9iirlti( bointlil tiid ftoi't. WcihisU rt'CMiv -.
hrt inictrit hIIiiwiI mi Hid cirllllcit"
iriu iirnwii, avallah'.n In nny ii.irl o( II..
all tbe iiui.iupl uu u
Hlgtim market ptirn pi fur foiiniy Wai
rauia, bi.ii ana t uuiiiy buiiaa.
Jnhn FiU;rIU D. Hkwurtb
au WaUKli. V. K, WliKa
ICOITfa E. Dovnf
JobD FIU(?ral.). . Waui;h.
l'reildful ta.i;,
Cor Main and fifth itrret.
r!d op capital
, rvr
. K5.UUI
Vice I'rmiium
A'lt Ca-hlul
O. II. rv .1. ,M, Kri Onrilfr
.m. jiimn u. a Wimltiaiu, 1). B.JUu.iwy aud
omnin miriiar. lawrm aiinwon on flm
yiKMlla &A prmniil 'l"DtluulT0B tJ all bu-
uirrmu w iu car.
'd.imlxglaln'B Ero tad
A entaln onro for Chroelo Son EyM,
Tatter, Soil Cheun, Boaid Head, OU
ttroBlo borca, Forer Boros.. Eczema.
Itcb, Pr&lrls Bcratchea, Sore Elppk
u4 PUa. It U coolinj and oothlrs.
nandredflof etMtharobeca cared by
n utor &ij ot&er treatment bad fallol
UUpat npiaSSo&dCOcc&tbozos.
"vr to Mtr Unt
lA I IS VMilhfnl
1 CW ll'MM half la tV
m . & . IXt.fc IT. l-JKliajUM. IBIS.
lUHrt", n rmw mtf mr tot Comt,
Mkrnith Innwlfdr f t aattral
, if-h f'lvri Hi apatailiiiia vl dlrwl'u
iMli-n and ht caielul ap lktl'n r4
)rnprMouf woll ipImw 'S-i i. Ui.
, jpn.TiiiM urbrrakla-t Isbla with a
V llfiiii-a l,f ,,n .ih mT tr
dt.i', Itlal'rlttirjidkc
piimrh in inn ' iltih.l a !
ia t. r uliial.y hulU p until ulr inu
Mill rtrtj -iidfii.f li illnmM,
i '4 ilrl nrUdi't ar fl. llo
Jr Uinurk iimi r kri it a
it. piny e. inrt a fuHl
fpl6r r wr II loniKrA oltb
'id pipi'fiT ii'iufMn-d lfine."
y I',;, !. Mdu'l aiTtif'T with
Vnriinlk. ! w,lya hU pound
' "fti. Ikkrllnl Ihur:
la a k(J , Duaia ,i!iilrrhMlt
, LuiiJon. Kniilud
. : crVTWJYAXTCP for
i.ii i umuiioisaor hkwtori nrr.
rtiut ''- f )HiMwA av4 4"iaIt II
f-nm- if it
k ! tkf'M. aja f laiMttt 4mut kti wt i r
I, '.. It Vi,
W4 fmA, foil ul It' m t.ll nm a If u li ifMnit.
ara,w Afvota H -ud, Uta a'l W
wa .nli-f. lb
& .i ir ln-i l p. bl(.i!.BM.4. 1 .r
w lit! f' 1mm. 9nim K .tmI.. la
ia V-.M VMlWXHUiVIl V MBit.
". T. fr'i.-.i 7 rw . P'l
4 Uf-4 a- ) -,.
a 1 Pi a - fifa. litftJIM
i 1 1 ) ' a .-.- a
I'. I I
.w, h. A
Mmi Faefl a Specialty
ntronae t tho Publo Solicited.
, 1 w
K')-pMklnlinf b illleM ImrdwuM o-i hail
muvV'y c "il'Il Kirn OU UIOH lf
urablti ler i.
and nil klndiol tin work prnm"tlr
uiuura ium iuj couutry Hulleltcd.
117. 819, 221 and 323 Main St.',
Plattsmouth - Nebraska
JL 11 B033, Proprietor,
lot Perkim hat been thoroughly
renoTatcd from top to 5.;.t.;.a and is
30 w ono of the best hotclt in tha itata.
Boardan will bo takes by the week at
11.00 aad op.
lp!lal itoek paid In I
Authomad Capital, 1100,000.
omitu 1
rrasUniil. Vlea-PiatUeni
W. If. I'UKnnci. Cathltr.
- BSitr-TQiu
makOarroth i. A. Connor, t. K. Ontbrnasp
I. W.JuhoKm, BaurrDork.JotiaO'Kaafa
W, D, Mxiriaoi, Wa. Wttaocamp, W.
K. OuahlAt.
mum tArtlllrMfa of dotxwln baartnn Intareal
tiara aua talia ticuanun, C4iiiuljr and
ailf .1,1 ! II
oc nrr -HUKTuioa
All ardrri If ft with line unty clerk wilt b
proinpll atleuilifil to.
Plattemottth, Net)rasVa I
Cicn f?MW9 A"A
air .-. el.
1 . ' I M . . M W I
" ta. . t i.m I .1." -'. " i-Jtm rfV
LNIOM-, VWIMV.II -l , w-fl-m a
I'd j.i ulk. 1 A.
Lumber Vara
SLingloj, Lath, Faab,
Doors. Blinds
Cm uplj everw demand of tlio city.
Call and f;pt ternn. Fourth street
in rear of opera lioune.
CaaiUatly keep on hand TerTthia
yoa aaad ta fgruiih yoar kaua.
aoaaia atxrv . una mmm
b'iattsmout - Neb
For Atchlnaon, St. Joaeph, Lravea-
worth, Kansas City, St Louia,
and all points north, eaat
aouthorweat Tlck
iia auid aod lt;
. gage checka-d
t a a a y
St a tea ar
Canada. Far
Call at Depot or addreia
II, C. Tovnui;.nu,
G. P. A. St Louia, Na,
A. G. V. A. Omuha.
M. D. AroAM. Airl- 1'lat
Telephone, 77.
The lent of frrih meat at nitjn found
is uiin ninraei. Also I re a
Jfi,r aad Ujltar.
Wild Ca9 af all kind keat ia their
atXTH TST fja
t uaheetT
Pit! LUM
4 '
A ftpnrdj Locimii(( Till..
"If tlw new en;ine I am nbout t(.
bavu ouMslriR'teil i.s not nipaWs of umlj.
Inc I'jO mil mi dmir I'll giv her awuy
to t!m iij.-it pcrfon I meet."
Tliis iiftoiuidin' nt.'itt'iiicnt was a'mlo.
!' Mr. J.H'k.iwi RicliiinN, the muster
lin tli.inic or the JIiii:t.l-!i)hia und Itwul
iui; riiilroml, JJr. Kiilmnli, has bce.i
Win king on liis late.-t invention for
piiHt ten jenr-). n.l 11 few duy ii'o the
drawin.i were eompleted uuil the pat
ent was npplit'f for.
In Diit'.vanl HiiiK-ir-ince thf new Iw:o.
motive will not diiK-r materially from
tl'" fjieedy enjfineH now used. The pe
enharity of eun.-.tnictiou lien in the fact
that instead of the twoevlimler us ned
at present there (-.'ill he four. On ryVm
dcrwiil he I.H-ated 0-1 each wdoofthe
locomotive fia:im ns at piesent. und the
onier two will 1),, fust in what in known
an the cylinder saddle. The inside n.-iir
eylit, 'liM lira tit bi Iri mif nicru urn!
-'H n) oil an aiiKle. The outside cylin
diTMrrcitij ho horizontal us ut present.
Iho four cylinders will entirely over
come what js known to cn-iueei ) its the
ilea I eenier, und the e:)-ine will ho per
fectly h.ih..iccd without any counter
balance iu the wheels.
inei lattir iuiirovement will, to
""'i"" ;im'" away witn v
p'liiinlin which has proved bo (1
! riv:-
live to modern roadbeds. Tho perf.rt
hal.mcinof the enino will he lar:;
duo to tho woriiin;; of the two cylin
der:! .;.') near !; r ceiile!', and Iheso en mo
cylinders,;; us they do from Mich
a central point of vantage, will help out
111 isi' llK'.uer 01 ppeeu to a fruit d
Phil. Cur. lioston To t.
Rrrinnn by Ti-: -plniiin In i:!)sn,.
The tran.Miiis:,io!i of Rennons by tele
pi met) tho ; who from various cann-i
aro tinahle to attend church Bin-vices
which was fxy rii!'"G! .1 with in L:r
laud last year, him liirneii out sonnei-esi
ful that nrolieiii!f tal.en toe.l.-nd
Its "re on a lat'e scaht. Provided with
tho receiver i.p.r-lly used, it is said that
invalids can hearfcrfectly while in bed.
Innipiiet room the tolliiiK of tho hell
before itrvico is distinctly imdible, the
players can followed, tho re Mmses
unpiia-iz' d and every word iy er
111011 distiniruished, vhilo roIu.- in the
antheiu ujo heard as dibtiucil v ta in tho
Twenty-four cn!l were recently r.
ceived at the telephono '..lice for contieo
tion with a local cl urch in un English
town, mid as tho number of gubscriliera
there probably nnmb. red not more than
tuty, it is evident that tho privilege of
bearing the sermon without Roiii? lo the
church for it was appreciated. In many
vi i:iu iar;;einwua in fcijL'Iaiiil.eKneomlly
iuancneHier, r.ottin-liam, Sl iiTord
i.oiveriiampton, the church teijphona
rvicu lias coma to be quite uu hiaiiiu
tion. Kew Yorli Uecorder.
Furmliig Iiora ray Humctlmo,
"Vi'ell, I raipposo you have beard a
(Treat many bl' stories of our wonderful
crop," remarked lion. Thomas Simpson,
of Winona, "but I lmve just beard one
which I know is true and which well
Indicates the greatness of this year's crop
in the jrrnina besides wheat." Mr. Simp
on then related to the reporter the his
tory of two Winona boys in South Da
kota thissnurner, withholding the names
of the youug nin. Last sprinsr they
rented 8.800 acres in South Duloirn at
Efty cents an acre and put in a crop of
flax. From this furm they obtained
60.000 bushels of flax, an avenge of a
little over nfteon biwhels to the acra.
Selling this at ninety-five cents per
uusnii ine youii? runners realized (17,.
WO. Their eitimated expense was Rvt
dollars js-r acre, or $10,000. and this, de
ducted from the gToss receipts, leaves a
profit or fJl,500 for one summer's work
for two yonm: men. The Rruin is now
in tho elevators. St. Paul Pioneer Truss.
( K0I1I11 limit f B Tramp.
R.mly indeed is anything men in the
psX'rs to the credit of the Renus tramp,
but it is likely that many of them are as
brave ns Thomas Duru.s, whom prompt
and daring deeif recently saved the life
of a little Italian girl, and shamed hun
dreds who Inactively witnesseJ the inci
dent khe bad fallen into tlm fountaiu
of tho City Hall park, New York city.
CTfJwdj cf treU dressed H..!e iaw In r
peril, but not one of them made an effort
to save her. They stared in npeechhvi
dismay, auine of them probably thinking
that water might injure their garments,
When Thomas Burn, whose attira .!.
noted lain to m of the tramp order, bur
neuiy inane bis way to the front, plung
ed in and saved the iimierlln! el.ll.l
whoHe unconscious bodv ahead v Uv ml
tlio Ixrnm of tha f;;f5::f.-.:r. V...L
rrla Fat M.a af tha Nortbwatt
Tha-coiny-titlon for tha priara for the
greatest amount of adipose tissue finally
narrowed down to three candidates. The
prixa for the fattest man was carried off
by F. H. Hammond, of Alpiua, who tip
ped the beam ut U7U pound. Air. Ham
mond is Imttwentv-thrwe years old and
ix feet high, The prize consisted of a
fine ovrn;oiit The second prize, a baud
aonia iuiio, waa won by Jnph McKeo,
proprietor of the Cact rut Call House, who
WeiKhi d ii'i pounds. And is 6 feeUiuebea
lu lielht. Purtland Oregouian.
Irl ill Ll.erlur.
It is ataUd that tiir Charles Gsvan
Duffy is mgnzitd ca a long cherished
project the preparation of a aeries of
notable Irian publications somewhat
after thJ fctvlo of Caaneil'a Wulinnal
Llbru-y" volumes. Tha veteran sUUm-
man, ihoLga in rather weak health, ia
fti'd as an enthusiast in the matter
of popular Irish literature as wheu, nigh
fifty yeura ago, in conjunction with
Thomas Davl and John Blake DHlon.
haatai tod the Dublin Nation. Li imtnrt
A Curlooa llaatcr. '
Dnnba'r Ju k, who Is one of tha hour
linnUrr I?? al' tha dnwn at 'gion, ia
deaf and dtm.b. He has a camp near
IjMddingtou. He trapped four bears and
a large number of otUirs, wukrats an j
minks latit ecjson. Trantilmf and hunt
Inn In the gi klr part tf hU luilneai.
Bat gor Cuuiluercial.
Mnt At-
Ad OrU'tital I'n.tinif That
triidcd with Or. at luiiEr.
Kite flying, which 1h universal in his
Cinntry, ceases middeuly on the 15th ef
the first Corean mouth, and the next day
atone nidils taku iu ii1mc fin tho rliie'
publioiiumueu'eiit. In tho eastern part
if Seoul, the capital, there are large
tpen cpacw. that have not been built
upon, und here occur tho most serious
and interesting fights. One Kection of
the city 53 pitted nniusi, uuotiier, but
any one can take a hand on either sids
at pleasure. There are no rccoL'iii.-.c.l
lenders, but tho mass of lighters readily
follows the lead of uny one who shows
himself to be a little more reckless than
the rest. I
Two mobs, consisting of fifty, wvenry
or a hundred men each, are drawn t:p '
against each other, with un interval of
perhaps fifty yards between them. There
js 1111 incessant shower of stones, und
each man's business is to bit us many
men us be can, ami especially to avoid .
all tho stones directed at him. From '
ten to twenty men on each aide are ;
armed with stout clubs mid wear thick :
Wadded hclmcin. Thefe form the skir- j
iiiiHhing line. They sally out from their :
respective sides und, meeting in mid I
cafeer, strike out viciously ut each '
others heads, c:n .1 man holding up h,4
clonic with his left hand as a shield to
ward off the blows of his adversary.
After the ( lub tight bus lasted about
thirl v seconds ono or the other begi.u
tofrivo way, which is the signal f or n
rush of tho olhers. Almost invariably
tiio oilier side l.real.3 und runs, un'l
sometimes an; chased into their houses,
but generally hoiiih of tho pursuing
party pre-s toocl:,ndy on Iho fugitives.
Then tho latter suddenly turn and deal
a few itaggering blows, which check
tho pursuers, und in a f.w seconds tlu
tables aro turned, and thoro who a mo
ment 'ngo are flushed with victory nre
now iu fuil flight with their enemies.
Thus the batilo goes back and forth
iicro-9 tiio fields, wiiilu the iicighhorin
embankments are crowded with pec la
tors. Tim e.Tect i.r tho thundering
cheers tif the Rjiectators upon ineconi
bat.inta is marvelous.
They ch.:rge upon each other as if in
actual battle, and show what would be
bravery if exerted iu some useful cause.
Near tho river are numerous villages
numbering from 100 to 000 houses each.
Toey are situated ulong the banks ut in
tervals of about half a mile. These keep
np a continual series of fights araoii
themselves during the season, one vil
lage Indus arrayed against tho other.
The defeat . -d party fly across the marshy
lic'.J to their own village, followed by
tneir enemies", who enter after taein,
seizing anything on which they can lay
their bands iron files, doors to mark
their victory. Then tho wholo village
rises ;i;.-iiuvt the invaders, mid Ihev fiV
i; if iheycau got back without broken
bead. 1.
Tho fnrt atone fight of the aeaion was
rather more disastrous than usual. It is
re;x,ited ihat six men were killed; but
this is probably an exaggeration. A
company of soldiers were ordered ont to
atop it, which they found some difficulty
in doing with fixed bayonets. Japanese
Dafora Laarnlng a Language.
Some student begin a language for
tbe mera love of knowing foreign
tongues; others acquire them either for
professional purposes or with the aim of
gaining access to foreign literatures.
Hut whatever la the motive it is well tn
et out with some knowledge of tbe
acienceof l.ingima-aorae insight into
the relations of languages to each other
some grasp of the theories of modern
scholars a'.ioiit tha origin aud develop,
ment ef fpeech. To learn language
without knowing anything of the science
of language is like acquiring the art of
pniting tip electric fixtures without any
ktiuwludge of the principles 0 electrical
lo approach it, on the other hand,
from the standpoint of universal prin
ciples is to make the stndy of it easier
aud progress in any particular tongue
much more rapid. By knowing, for ex
ample, the laws of consonantal inter
change, wa miiy often discover tha
meaning of words without being obliged
to refer for them to the dictionary. Id
this way every new language learned
makes mora easy tiia acquirement of
other tongues of tho same or of allied
itockd. Boston Herald,
rn.afa Monty to Carry.
My father was once with Lis ahlp at
Raoiroon. One day dnnng a heavy
thunderstorm he vim diivinj; In a cb to
his agents, when ha saw a "coolie"
(porter) drop down in the street He got
out of the cab si once and went to the
man, but he was dead. There was a
burned patch in his waistcloth, on the
right side, and aome blackened copper
"pice" lay on the ground. The man had
jiiBt received them for currying a load,
and, as tb.H clothes of the poorer natives
of India and Burinau have no pockets,
ho bad twisted them into his waistcloth,
and this money must have attracted the
lightning. But the most curious part of
it was that the queen's head on one of
the coins was clearly impressed on his
iua, aud even tuo words "Queen Vic
toria" were dearly defined. London Tit
Bits. A llonhj Frlui.
A rery cute "booby" prize friven at a
party was a cabbage, tied with a pink
ribbon. When it was untied the top
was lifted up aud the inside cotitainod
fiiiecwjdy. Tho center of tbe cabbage
had been hollowed out, then liued with
tissue paper, filled with tha sweets, the
top put back and tied on. It created
roach mcrriuicut. Ellye IL Glover ia
Good Housekeeping.
Talllas fortaiia.
In England a ring, a button and a
coin are often placed in the wedding
enko. She who secures the ring is to be
tbe next bride; the button, the old maid;
the coin secures a wealthy anitor. A
ring put In posset "infuses magio pow
er," and "will toll the fair if hitnlv aha
will wwd.M-CviBlla Family Magazine,
' N io-al r venf.'i: of tho Worhl'H J'nir
J'O' ,'iihvO ji-aiB. old
wirl l;e 11 reniaiknhle event, but
whelhtT it 'will really lu-ncfit thin
Ji"i ne llllicll 118 llni rll-,.,...
CI t'irillive Kervin.. II- .
1-ianMi:. Mileu in . I, .,, j.. . rui iX .
jiihl whin the AiiitTiciiii'pcoplci'i'eVd
10 cure their exce.-ive uorvoutiea,
lyeie,Hia, . , lieiKlucl,,., , tliilte(-8,
J-Ieej.let-Fm-R, neiii nlia, t.eryouH (l,-.,
i-ility, UullncKS, i()iiiii.-iin of mi
etc. It iictH like a rlinrm. Trihl
bottle urn! fine Imok on "Ncrvoua
.inn jieiirt nir-ciiftT," with
limlecl ti-Mi imoiiiii Ih free
tree 11 1 R a
hricke & C o.
It iw v.iirriinted to en
tain 110 oji'iuin, moi'pliine or (lnnirer
outi driiH. 1
E. W. Sawyer, of KocheHter. Win..
a prominent dealer iu general
iiicrcliaiKlisc, and wlio ruim Kcvcrnl
pccl.ilini4 wngf.ins, lutl one of His
Iiot'f.ih liiirily cut nrid burned with a
lariat, 'J'Jic wound refused to lieaL
Tin; borne beenmc hnne niid Htilf
iiowwitlitiindiiitf careful attention
mid (be application of remedies. A
friend handed Sawyer pome of
llallcrV liarb Wire Lincmeiit, Ilia
most wonderful lliiny ever paw to
ileal etitli woundn. J It; applied it
only three times and the eoru wae
completed healed. Equally pood
for all eorn, cut.", Ijiiikch, and
woundn. 1'or Kale by all druggist
Cure f-r Paialvsis. Cornel inn, of I'urct H, Ind.
Tcr., iyf: "1 induced Nr. I'ineon,
ttlioM'wiieJiud j ural vein in the fnca
to buy n bottle ot I'hainbfiiaiii'a
I'ain Halm. To their prcnt mpriFa
lieforethe botlle bad nil been used'
ehe wiih a prcat deal better. Her
lace had been drawn to oun ftide;
but the Pain Jialm relieved nil ,
pain and hoi-ciucm. and the 'mouth
assumed iis natural elmpc." Itis
hImo a certain cure for rlieumntim
lame hack, epraiiiH Hwellini: and
lamenes,-. ,71 ,.,.nt i,ttifH for bala
by G. l-'rickeAC'o., Dniiejiiste).
Harper's Iiazar irt n journal for
the home, Ii gives, the latest iu
formation with regard to the KuhIj
ione, nnd itM numerous illustra
tions, l nriB designs, and pattern
sheet supplements, are indispctu
nble alike to the home dress.innker
mid the professional modiste. So
expense-is. spared to make it urtia-
li attractiveness of , highest
order. Ita brighe-t stories, ti rutin.
ing comedies, and thoughtful ea
mys satisfy nil tastes, and its IuhI
page is famous as u budget of wit
ami Humor. In its weekly iesuea
everything is included which is oi
interest to women. The Serinle
for IW.' will l.e written by Walter
Hesanl nnd William Iilack. Mrs.
Oliphant will bet-omen contributor.
Marion Ilarland's Timely Talks,
"Day In nnd Day Otit,"arc intended
for Mairons, and Helen Marshall
North will especially adtlress girls.
T. W, lligginson, in "Women and
Men," will please a cultivated audi
Postage free to oil subscribers ia
the United States, Canada and Me.
The volumes of uie Haznr begin
with the first number of lanuary of
each year. When no time is men
tioned, subscription w ill begin with
the number current ot the time ol
receipt of order.
Hound Volumes of Ilarpcr'e for three years back, in nent
cloth binding, will be sent by inaiL
postage paid, or by express, free of
expense (provided the ireight doea
exceed one dollar pur volume), for
$7.00 per vol nine.
Cloth cases for each volume, suit
nbWor binding, will be sent by
mail, poat-paid. 011 receipt of fl n
Remittance ehould .be made try
Post Ollice Money Order or Draft,
to avoid chance of loss.
Newspapers are not to copy this ,
advertisement without the expreea
order of Harper A brothers.
New York".
The volumes of the Magazine be-
f in with the Numbera for June and
ecernber of rnch year. When na
time ia fcprCiueu. fcubrCI iplions wyiU '
begin with the Number
the time of receipt of order. Hound.
Volumes of Harper'a Magazine for
three yeare back, in neat cloth bind
iiiff will be sent by moil, post-paid,
on receipt of .t.00 Per volume.
Cloth cases for binding, 30 cent
each -by mail post paid.
Indies who use cosmetics or pow
ders to cover up or hide a bad com.
plexiou, do not know that O. ii.
Snvdercati fornihh (lit in with Hhieh
of Roses, which is clean water, puri
fies the skin, and positvely remove
black beads nnil nil skin diccaee
taheB the shiny look from the face
aud whitens it soon aa applied
Stanley hh an explorer. Edison aa
an inventor Miss Flora A. Jon aa
the discoverer of the hainous Blush
ofWcs for the complexion; are
nam - that will be handed down as
benefactors of the race, to all re
corded time 0. 11. Sj nder comes In
for his (of the prolitu) ns he
always keeps a big supply on bund,
und Bulla it lor 75 ctd. per bottle.
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