The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, November 20, 1891, Image 1

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A 11 AAA
i c.
Royal Baking Powder.
Leads All.
"The Royal Hakiiifj Powder ia absolutely pureJNI
for I have so found it in many tests, made both for j
them and the U. S. Government. The Royal Bak
ing Powder is undoubtedly the purest aad most
reliable Baking Powder c(T rod to the public.
"!!!:,;. . A. J.IOTT, I'll. D."
Late C.rtr: '.I for U. S. Government.
"All Irni ) xA.ic'.i I have submitted it
have proved the Koyd C -r; I'owlor perfectly
l'ealtliful and free from every d. ittoiiuu Mibstance. I
It is pirest i;i jtia!!:y 1 highest i:i strength of )
any Baking Powder t.f v, hic!i I knowledge. '
"vm. McMuiiTiin:, r.. m., ph.d
Late Chcmiit-in-chicf U. S. Dff t vf Agriculture,
IVasiinton, D. C.
"The strength cf the Woyd shown to be 23 per 1
cent, greater tliaa any other.
"Asa result of my investigations I find the Royal
leaking Powder far tiipcrior to the others. It is pure,
contains none but wholesome ingredients, and is of
greatest strength. ' (
"Public Analyst, Ontario, Domin.Mii of Canada"
The latest investigations by the United States
and Canadian Governments show the Royal Bak-
ing Powder superior to all others in leavening
1 strength. ,
Statements by other manufacturers to the con"
$-(iry have been declared by the official authorities
falsifications of the official reports.
Dlsamroua Wrok at baward.
A head ond collision occured
four uiiics cast o' Seward yester
day afternoon. No ilcalhs lire re-
IXirlC'l hill ni'Vf'fll! 1i! HUB.
the pang of 11 guilty j ,,,,.,,,lw j : uri ..,.,, u ,,.,rt.
badly shaken ii.
Cass cnuuly wan represented in
the person of TIioh. Marshall, of
Greenwood. We learn (lint III! was
severely injured, having two rilm
oiiiki'ii 1 1 r 1 ( 1 inn c .1 ;i r 1 1 me mis
placed, also, his face received t-ev-
etui ugly gawlics, 1 1 1 k 1 1 ; ; 111 nig it
lisidly, yet it is thought l.y his
c t c r? rw
f. B.flLOUJI hiwulifllr (or the iiiliiltia
. I liHi .( let-Ill.
FiiJ- Gold Work a Specialty.
hiiui 4 it ! iiw tuiliMi cme hmh liuU
, In Htmw ami Is I. Ihryh it lull
Imv nl dull Icml mill In r-
dcr 1.1 clfMi i Id iKk out livi
tuceil 1U-I1 !" mil. r Hula In 40 and t
7& em In irliiuiifil.
1 1
Co to Urown & htirrrtt n nnl pet n
window hUihh and top up thul lioic
iu your limine. tf
The Prrn Cast.
The niyHteriniiM iliHiippcuriiiU'P of
R. Peten-cn lian lint yet Ih'Coiiil'
t lonnifjlily clear, yt t it iri rtidcut
that In? ia alive, but iii all prolialiil-
ity Hiilferiiij
coiiHeienee. There in now little
doubt that he left Omaha Mouduy
via the U. I. for llie houiIi
uh er the Ktatenient of l-ireiuaii
Fitch prex ioiiMly piiblichi'd. There
ix ineonlrovei table evidence that
he obtained fevenil hundred dul
lard under false ,rctf iixeh, and it
ha been Hinted upon pretty jood
niithority that he forced a note 1o
the amount of ifWM) junt prior
to hirt leaving. It in pretty
cinilui-ive that he had at the
time ot leaving an amount of money
111 tli; iieililorhood of ;JK), dial
wan 'really the property of oilier
What Hcrnm niVHlerioiiH in that
hi cieiliiorn were not crowdiiitr
him nod his af-eto will by far more
t lan equal hiv liabililieH. It in
Mlated, upon piml tiulhority 11U0,
that he made 11 deposit of $i jiint
11 few day nince, which cannot but
nerve to create 11 little doubt that
he left voluntarily. The oldest ac
quaintances of Mr. Petersen cxprertt
profound Hiirprine ut Iuh action, iih
h 8 character in the past has been
nbove reproach nud his buuinee
trnu-iaclioiiH perfectly Ktraiht.
In view of all development tluis
far it in thought that his leave is
either due to mental derangement
or beciuiHe of Mime private trouble,
at thix writing unknown.
Mp of Nebranka Content
Mr. liriN, nuiiuijer of the Ray
L. Royce Co., offered a prixe of IfU
for the bent map of Nebraska drawn
by pupils of the public nchools.
Mr, J'ris -elected Dr. V. A.
Humphrey, John Waterman and
J. 1'. Young at) a committee to ex
amine the maps and award the
prize. There were eighteen con
testants, many of whose maprf were
good, but the committee finally
An honest Swede tells his etory
!n plain but unmistakable lan
guage for the benelit of the public.
One of my children took 11 Hevere
cold mid got the ci .ip. I gave ner ; decided to award the pn.e to John
n teaspoonful of Chamberlain j 7lh (J Bchoo, UH
C ough Remedy, and in live iiiinulea ' 7 ' "
lates I gave her one more. Jty this ! " ' co-reet map.
time flic had to cough up the I Hut we wish to make favorable
gathering in the throat. Then "lie I mention of the mapn drawn by
wenttoKleep and Hlept gHd forjML.(;i Churchill und Louie
1 1 ft ijmi 111 1 tmiiu 1 1 111 kli frif 11 n :
n.ul vimiii. .!- then t.Ur wint bnek Martin. The committee could not
Bridal) work and line gold work
OR. HTKt VAC'S MM'At, r M'othr kli
viUiriicnulfta lor 1 hi piiiiwirs'!iju of
A. MARSIIALIi, Fitzgerald Yr
to bed und ulept good lor the re
iiiaiiiiier of tlie night. She got the
croup the Hecond night mid I gave
Jier the n,imc reineily with the auie
good results. I write this becunse
I thought there might be some one
in the hiiiii need mid not know the
true merits of thin wonderful medi
cine. C1IAKI.KS A. 1 HO.irSEE.V,
Den Moines, lown. W) cent bottle
for Hale by Ci. h'ricke & Co.
s V
V attorrn-T M l sw. Will rir prompt i-fillni
1 In all i'ii-lii riirM'li-'l t'i him. THfi to
I I Uiitnu Llm k, ImI "Idf, l:ntt-Rivutii. ?v:t.
V ' VTr"1'"1-'' "e'lvs. r!.lf rTra-antiii7
V 1 I 10 fjMi mi iilli y. Willi iiMii a-f. m i.i.ia.ta
r in F. - 11 Fr. tii'ii n . i-m mm in i'w li 111
11.-. 1:1:11 Mllirl1MIIU l,ih
hot L'i. NfW Yolk.
I . Many old soldiers, who contracted
,-chrouic diiirrhora while 111 the
crvici li'ive Hiuce heen tierninnent-
' 1 .
iiiiitvt nun a
rvice. li'ive nince been tier
y .... I
. I '.Colic, Cholera nnd diarrhoea Rem-
I'urr buckwheat flour for Hale at
Ilcisel'g mill. tf
Wonderful Suorett.
Two years ago the llaller I'rop.
Co.' ordered their bottles by the box
now they buy by ttie carload.
Among the popularimd suceeseful
remedies they prepare Is llaller'n
Sarsaarilla it llurdock which in
the most wonderful blood purifier
known. No druggist hesitates to
recommend Ibis remedy.
For cclc by tlruint.
Remarkbl feexn.
Heart disease is usually supjioaed
to be incurable, but when properly
treated 11 large portion of cases ean
be cured. Thus Mrs. Klinirn Hatch,
of Elkhart, Itid.. nnd Mrs. Mary I..
Ilaker, of Ovid. Mich., were cured
niter sulfering 'i ears. S. C. Lin
burger, druggist lit San Jose, 111.,'
1 - .! :i....i .... II A f I
rn)i nun l'l. .hub .i.v, iirmn Ura..,i,i... 1 (l
vlii 1i enreil (he former, "uorkeil . ' lrC'-'ry , inc.U.
111. ike a decision in time to have the
announcement mude from the
I Htage. The money Is lit J. 1.
Young's t.t ore for John Bauer; also
all the maps, it any of the pupils
desire them returned.
Regular meeting of the Living
ston Loan & Iluildiug Association
at the secretary'Hofiice, over CJering
& C'o.'h Htore, Thursday, Nov. VX 2
The cold snap of the forepart of
the week was unexpected by all, yet
we have heard of no Hpeclal harirt
being done to vegetables, house-
plants, etc;.
The Weeping Water Eagle aays
that I'latlsmoutli sent the largest
ingle delegation to the Epworlh
L"H,ue convention, of any town
The opera house will tic dark un
til Dec. 0 from present indications
lis three attractions have canceled
their dates. Walker Whiteside was
to hold the boards Thanksgiving.
The others are "The Southerner"'
and Turner's English Girls. So the
next company will be ''The I'rivule
physicians that he will recover.
Epwor'h LeMmie Convention
Tlie Kpworlh League convention
was in hcssioii in the M. E. church
on laM 1 ti'l.'y. ."alurday and Sun
d,i! The convention was n great
success, bringing together 11 body
of young people full of devotion,
?.cal and experience in Christian
work among young people. About
eighty delegates were in attendance
at the convention from various
pails of the district. Many nub
jecls of great importance to Melho
dist young people were very nbly
discussed, to the profit of not only
the delegate, but till in attendance
The church was well filled ilurin-j
ull the day sessions, and large con
gregations listened with delight to
the speaking iu the evening ses
sinus. On Sabbath the singing of
Mr. nud Mrs. Harris, who are now
conducting revival services til the
M. E. church, added largely to the
interest of the convention. The
paper read by I'rof. Meuke of
Greenwood on "Methodist Young
People and Amusements" will
probably be pi luted iu these
columns next week. Weeping
Water Republican.
Clias. Hebberti of Avoca ia in the
city to-day.
Mrs. S. P. Vaunalta ia reported
better to day.
Mrs. O. II. Synder was n passen
ger for Omaha to-day.
The Rovce troune will play at
Lincoln this evening. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Lencan, of Omaha,
lire guests of II. C. Hackney ut the
Mrs. I- Trouse returned thin
morning from n four weeks' visit to
Iowa City, Iowa.
W. II. Wells of South Ilend was a
pleasant caller nt TlIK IlEKALD
office last evening.
Mrs. II. C. McMaken returned this
morning from u three weeks trip
through the west and nnrthweM
visiting nnd inspecting orders of
WomeiiH Relief Corps.
- O.U1 - -
Is 1TCV7 Comploto in all Dopartraonta,
IMtFSS boons
We nre tdiowiugii handsome line of
A full line of colorings and blacks.
Slock complete und prices lower
than ever.
A good Ladies Jertiy vest at 25c.
Ladies line Jersey vest nnd pants 1
white orjKiturul grays at 50c ench
Ladies natural Gray Wool VfPts an4
I'antsat50c. Regular 75c undw
Full 'lines of Ladies Fine wool
ribbed under wear in white, cardi
nal and black.
Complete linen of Child's undesv
wear in natural, scarlet and white
nt prices ab low as the lowest.
W 11 AVE never rhown 60 largo aline in tliig department.
"IV ..ll ! I 1 ! ! c tt r
i v can Bjieeiai aneiiiioii 10 our i irga asaorirneni 01 iioeien
Military and Hip Coat bliapes trimmed with Mink, Seal, Astracluav
Muflaloon and Conej? furs.
Our lino of Plush Sacciues aro cheaper than eer before. FaB
lines of Cliildrens and Misses Cloaks and Jackets.
wonders for his wife."
f Hi!
tea, v.-
l.evl lyignn
lit had lit ill t 1
tdy. For sale by F. G. 1'ricke fc Co.
f Iliavpon bund a fine lot of rib.
; bons and tips which I will sell at
hr lowest price fo caidi. I have
my goodit at J. Finlry Johnsons hnrd
ware i tme where I may be found
very day from 1 :fX) to B;(i0 p. 111.
, y ' MkS. J. F. JOIl.NtMJN. .
f iiiloli's catarrh remedy a posl
itie cure Cntarrh, Liiplitlieria and
Canker mouth. For kale by F. U.
Frickei Co. .
Some of tlie most startling, in
terstlng tliceoveriea of the life nnd
customs of buried Egypt nre now
being made through ex tensive exca
vations. These discoveries are
exciting a great intcri-ft Many
.1 discoveries are, however, being
" J tiiv'le 4jt our country that Bre re.
l ni;frkabe, among which we may
I jn jiuil that of Haller's Pain Para-u-
' V'whlch ellectn entire relief, nnd
i'hiany cast a 11 complete cure of
J'" '' that terrible disease rhetiuiatism,
and which also relievrs pain )f all
kiuds. For s ile by nil drugistn.
', 'For rent the west side
store room.
of a good
August Gokdkk.
(Uh at Draw a A
tliy'eiise for I Ml j ears, says two bottle r
made nun "led like 11 new man.'
Dr. Miles' New Jlenrt Cure is sold
nnd guaranteed by F. G. 1'ricke A
i n. itookot wonderful testimonials
free. 1
lias Just opened up a full line
of ladles, Gents and Cliildrens
all wool underwear and be
fore you buy your Fall or
Winter goods. Don't tall to
call and cee ourprlcc3. We
beat 'em all.
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by Mlssea Caps, all pretty
ehades, 55, 65 and 75 cen3
A Hi:k'AI.i reporter recently vi.
Ited the new Keeley institute at
I! 1 ; i i r. He says the new building is
being pushed rapidly and ample
ucooinmodHtioiis will scon be pro
vided for the increasing number of
patients. The treatment gives uni
versal satisfaction and the institu
tion is wot thy the support of ull.
Our exchanges speak in terms of
praise of the success of the late ad
vertising train. Each predict that
ood results will accrue from the
enterpri?. There is little doubt
that bcacfijlcnt results would ac
crue if the work already begun
were to be supplemented by an ag
gressive and public spirited move
to secure the location (if Industrie
that will work up our raw material.
It is gratifying to know thnt nl
most daily residentsof South Head,
Louisville and Cedar Creek, come
to riiiltsuiouth ou the Schuyler
train in the morning and return well
loaded with articles of merchandise
in the evening. This speaks well
for our merchants and should
serve to convince those of our peo
pie Hint perfer to trade in Omaha,
that there is "no place iilio home."
If it will pny l.ouisville, Cedar
Creek nml South Hend citizens to
trade iu riattsmouth it will certain
ly be profitable for our people to
do so. Patrouli Louis Industries.
Polloa Court,
Theadore 1'reU was brought be-
fare ludire Archer to-dav on a
charge of cruelly driving 11 horse
He plend guilty and upon the pay
incut of ?l and cost was released.
Drivers phould bear iu mind that
our city ordinance makes it u
mi-demeanor to drive at a faster
rater than an ordinary trot, and the
police propose toenforec the ordin
ance to the
JEWELER -Headquarter
for Everything in the line
Repairing of FINK WATCHES a Specially
nnd all Work Wurranted.
IB. A. 'ELWJlsr,
41 C Main Street,
Plattsmouth, Net.
The I'lattsmputli Journal is mall
lug a desperate hut futile effort to
have it appear that I- C. EicMioli
the republican county tri usurer-
elect is not eligible to the office
that Mr. Eicl.holf nor his father
before him were naturalised citi
teas of this county. We under
stand that the treasurer-elect will
when the proper time cornea pro
duceallthe evidence neccssury to
prove his qualifications. However
there is nothing in the constitution
regarding the rligibilty for county
ofllces. It is however very, plain
as regards the office of governor;
so that the- case would not be a
parallel to that of the gubenintiou
Wcepinj Wuior llama.
Fron tlie Ei!l.
Mayor Adams donated his entire
salary as mayor to the suspension
bridge fund.
E. E. Day started for Chicago last
Saturday to attend the fat slocK
show, he wilt be gone a week.
The handsotno residence of S. W.
Orton is ulmost completed. Steve
is anxious to move so ss to get the
full benefit of that suspension
bridge that Dick ia building.
mystery. Mr. J. Copple, of this city
sent word to his souto come down
und he would divide with him.
The public school will give their
first entertainment in the ODefB
in contest pending in tins state. house on W ednesday evening Nov
11' i . TJ l.l: In. . ..... '
Weeping Water Republican.
Mr. G. W. Clark, attorney ot Green
wood, made a business trip to our
city to-day in the interests of some
of his clients in matters of final
settlement pertaining to the estates
of deceased persona nnd while here
he received notice by telephone that
one William Ward, against whom
an attachment was issued by the
county court wherein Elzy Lewia
brings aclionnguiiiMt William Ward
for the sum of $ 1J0 and accumulated
Interest, is disposing of the prop
erly so attached regarJlese of law.
In reply Mr. Clark has ordered the
constable to Immediately arrest nil
persons interested in the disposi
tion of said property. In nil human
probability a lively time will follow
when George gets home this evening,
23. The attraction heretofore oflfer.
ed will be increased by many new
aad pleasing fculurcs.
There will be a grand shooting
mntcrt nt the farm of Mr.
Cnnaday, Tuesday, Nov. 24. Live
birds, trap and sweepstakes shoot
ing will be the order of the day.
The fun begins at 10 a. m. This
will be a splcnded opportunity for
lovers of the sport to get a turkey
for Thanksgiving. Everybody iu
vited. Fire destroyed the residence of
John Copple west of Wabash, last
Friday afternoon. Mrs. Copple had
gone to town to do some trading
while Jobs was nt work husking
corj. Neighbor hastened to the
place as fast ns possible but nr.
rived to late to save anything. The
cause of tlie fire is tveloped ia
4 C J 111.
Monday, in a npirit of rivalry,
Chester Burns nnd Kd Ward each
husked and hauled to the crib
1(X) bushels of corn. The boy
I . . If - L H
incnccu til iinu pum .ve. anJ
slopped nthalf past se fc tllkin
it i f '
liuee-ipiaricraui uu fttmr nooning.
The contest to0'it piace on M j
Hums' farm nnd is pretty good
work. Eagle Eaglet.
Horn Vauultiaiinit Itrmi.D
lo'nlo III u nuit ICH1I
Marper'i Mw( x n soil lli"luU'....
ij .rpi i'. li,ru -.y.T"
liiiH r' WiTkly xml hkiiai.d
lowaSUtoUr.lsiermiiil Ukualo ...
.-11 ,
.... 2 '
.... 4 I
.... 4 i
.... a a ,
Spaclmrn caae,
S. H.Clillord, New Cnatle, Wi
was troubled with neuralgia an)
rheumatism, his stomach was di
ordered, his liver was affected to as
alarming degree, appetite fe8 away
and he was terribly reduced in tituh
and strength. Three bottles J
Klectric Hitters cured hitn.
Edward Shepherd, Hnrrisburt,
Hb. hud a running sore on his le
of eight yeurs' Htanding. rjeeJ
throe bottles of Electric Hitters and
seven bottles Hucklen'a Arnica
Ni ve. nnd his leg ia sound and well,
lohu Speaker, Catawba, 0 had fivt
large fever gores on hid lep doctors
said he whs incurable. One bottle
uleclrio Hitters nml one bo lluck-
i " VYI'"1' S:,We c,,rt'J him entire
ly. Sold by K (. Frlcke & Co.
JVhywillyon cough whrn Sbi
oh is cure will give immediate r.
lief. Price 10 els B0 eta. and "
hot sale by F. G. Kricke C