The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, November 19, 1891, Image 1

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Royal Baking Powder
Leads All.
"The!;v; To-vtW h absolutely ptireV
for I have ro fo'iiv.l it m hi t:iy 1: m.i.-l: both for
them and the U. S. G"vr-:-i; i:t. 'ii.e Royal Hale-
All EfCi-in 10 Fit d Hitn Hnvo 7hu
l ur Pi oveil I- mile.
ing I'uwi'.i'i 1
reliable liuhiii,; lw
i.,i;c cv.'
"All rhr;Wy; !
haver pr.-vci. i
healthful .tki In- I.
It is jurxst i .:
any J5.iUi.ij ! "!.
Z,afr Che mist -in ci,
A'te '.' p::rot -;ul most
:; .. ::r:fr, wi. n."
.''" .S. (lurcriinicnt.
L') I !.....; :-v.ihtr.i;tal it
l.t;;u rfwi-.tly
i' !-' ::t'i;.i s-.ilXUiiice.
! ' : . J:i-.:;;li of ,
.' i I !:.:v I liov.'t'.'iltjc.
v.. :.(., im. iv
'. . 'Agriculture,
::, D. C.
..1 i.i Lhown to be 23 per
: ; 1 v.
,y..i ;
; ! r.v.
r ' i' v.
jri .'. . f 1 ' : .
1 lie 5van;,iii 11 i---
cent. (jrcatLi- l'..a,t l'J.w:.
"As a result I :,- ;.:vcj'J::a:!un I fnul the Royal
Baking J'owdcr fi.f i'l;, ".or tj l!ic others. It i pure,
contains none but ingredients, and is of
greatest btrenijth.
"F. ::. valadi;,
'Tublic Analyst, Ontario, Damin.r. of Cauda."
The latest investigations by the .United States
and Canada:. Governments show the Royal Bak
ing Powder superior to all others in leavening
Statements by other manufacturers to the con"
A Soeinl Evnt.
'.aH evening Miss Gertrude
Hilton t'tilci tainrd Iiit miijr
friends nt her home. The fore pa't
Messrs. J.C. mid C. II. Petersen I Hf ,. ,.v,.njn)s XV;m pent liij iii
rc iiiurcl f r. nit Ouiiilia lnt cvciiin , ri-ndc-i iti iiiiific and (lerlii-
iiltcr miikiiitf rn oxuMiclril m-iireli I ,ilt jOMHi j,fu.r wiii li 11 rocistl Kiinic
tlinii;;liut Uu- cily with iKidclii ile . f p,-0j.r.Hhiyc hinli (ilaycd
Clue fin t(i the wlu-ifalioiilf of their I Tin- kinir nri.e. wliiih conxiMed
itiii-Hiii lirotlier. One man wan , HiVer l.uller ditdiew lined with
found, however, that flated t ! 1 ;i t he ;u, vv , ,c. nwardel Mi SitnpHiiii
couvei-.-eil willi him helween the (.,., Hull,,;,,-,.; Mim K,,,0
I1011..4 of It and f p. in. Monday and! I;v,.,s l Wendle losler eanied
(Inn Mr. I'eleri-en Hlated that he an-J ,,1; ,K. )())),y trophies which eon
tieipaled ejoiii'.-; Kitilh via the I.'. I'. Li.u .1 of a wheislone.
road thai evening. Ml . J. C. 1'i-K r- j eonipany hi olu- lip in the
ten f.ta'.ed that he was inrlined l (' Ti'tiil liouivof Ih'c niht eaeh not
leli ve that ihi hlalemeiit i for-;t-t t i it 1o uich Mif Hilton
renuine, in view' of which the m;ll,y j,py yc;i;fi lo come. Mir
natural infeivire would h that Mr. W:M xv. ,(-ei.ienl of n veral vain-,1'eii-i
veil Mi (,lnn:ari'.y, hut l 1 nhle jn .Menlf an a token of the vr
jthirtx: ' ; . 1 ' de ' 'e or Kiil'lieient I),.,.,,, j,, svj,-, held. TIiohc
irau-'e can lie arriiied for Kiich
jiietioa. While it n;pe.irn that the
l'irel ..,tioiial hank J:an a niorta-e
of ifi.tK) against Imm flock of
eroccrii'M, and while there are a few
other credl'.oi'H, then; U not the
A ft B
AH 1
- - O1 -
la ITcvr C ;mplct3 in ell roa--trnnta,
preunt were: (lertrude Hilton,
Ivlith ratleifou, K'ofc J I y fin,
Ite.-'Hii.' Walker, J.ucile 'iinpHon,
Maltie Smith, Alice Murray. 1'ranciH
ll.illanee, Ivl SlilcH, (ilea Carrulh,
KIM'SS (iOllllS
We are hhowin n handi-'oiiie line of
leant 'o .i.i that the ae.-cM would' C'oolide, Tom Miller mid
Wcndlc l-'oster, Itert Holinen, Will A full line of colorings and blackf,
irary have been declared by the official authorities
falsifications of the official reports.
: D-K-N T-I S T :
Dr. Bit Inxiiyi !! ii .ifUc !' Hit- utnl tx
euahle It i in to meet ell olilifations
promptly im he han ahviiyH dune
It hart heen intimated that
dome.-tic trotihh-H may have driven
him lo loavc, hut this in largely
Hpee liouandt' e i ho lie miuce-
.lent faclH develop we hhoiild not
he warranted in drawing that euii
cliixion. lielore Omaha last evo-
ni'i';' the I'e.ei-en lir-nhcrH !elt a
photograph e.i'! full deKcription
with the chief of police P '! in the
event that he Iish heen foully tleall
willi which in 1: pr i 'aide -the
1 1C H will mo I I) ! u '.
We arc reiie!iied ly the Pelernen
hrolherrt to ( tele that Int1 grocery
Cut to llrown Si IlarrettV nod jret a )UIi,H s fo. u ely coni'i cled ly
window ulaHHamUlop up that hole K j.,,.,..,, wiM j.,,,,,!,,,,,. llt U,c
la your iiuime. i i , , ... ,.
' - l.,iiiK' rt.liid, I' 1 Ur ttiliier.n will le-
An honext Swede tell hir idory 1 reive Ihe came p.'oiii ;i mid cordial
hi ulaiii lint iiiiiiiiHlakahh1 ti I"" iC.Klllllillll I I 1 LI t I 1 tl Hi t.l'lll Hi" I I irded
A fj-owl I.adieH Jerny vent at 2."c.
I.adieH line Jercey vent ami panlH I
white or natural j;ray at HOc enrll
Lndie natural Gray Wool VVftsani
I'ants at 30e. Kegular 75c iindae
Full lincH of Ladies Fine wl
ribbed umler wear in white, curttf
na! and black.
Complete linen of Chitd'ri under,
wear in natural, scarlet and while
at prices ah low an the lowest.
t ifkhoTf A. 1. tin
One wot.ld think that after the !'L.XKKIS AM) (OMKHtlS
lu licroun and wholly unfounded Slock complete and prices lower
attempt ti.e Journal recently made than ever.
to work up 11 Hentiment apiinM
certainly keep tneir (inj;erH out of CLOUDS ilD SliilVVLS.
the hie; but it appears tnal ine
News is denirouM of experimenting' I "T" f 1LWK never hl.oWII to
11 bllle in the mailer. We state for l
the sati-faction of our friend that fv Call hiieeiul attention to
tHUM lill t.f If III I 1 1. ..... I... ..,.1.1
. lA... G..I.. Work U Soerinltv. "I ' ' . " .Ve H.rm heretofore
-'.-ckl.Mj lil.K-k I UtisMMiuib, Kfb. t coj(j lin( ( n,u croup. 1 pive lirr
n t-asiMionliil 01 i iiamoeriaiii i
t'our.b Kerned v, nn1 in live minutes ' lepil business to-day.
I.iles I live lier one more Hy this , Ctll. t;,.,",.,,! ciilK.I at TUB UlLU-
time t-he had 1t eolith up the i
Kiilheriiiir in Ihe throat. Then she I oflice last eveni;i.
w. nt lo i-leep and i lept ood for The (). 1). C c'.uli mectd ut Kock-
and vomited; then Mie went oat K "
to I id iiml slept (Kd lor the re- Mrs. Morgan Waybriht left this
nuiiiiner of the ni"ht. She trot the -,.:., f.,r A-litand for a Lriei
. croup the second nielli and 1 nave' "
I l,..r tin. untiii' ri.itu-ilv with the Mime ! '
MIPS SCHt'YLLK, TKIMMKK. ijood recti Us. 1 write this becaiiHe Clara Green, who liiisheen abroad
Uioni'ht there ininht be some ;"?' f(ir ,ir;l( treatment, returned I
in 1 1n1 sain need ami noi mhw uie
true merits of this wonderful medi
cine. IIIAKI.KS j, 1 IUI.',
I)es Moines. Iowa ") cent bottle
for sale by F. (i. Fricke & Co.
' w '
have kixi:ivi:i
IWIr Fn't 'ti.. 'ii' J" I . I'jsi 'I'll 'Pitll'
iixi t lot ui nr luL.". r.Mi liit tiki
u lllll If t. IUr h lull
IlUt el t'Ul'V A' tl Hlltllnt'l
d'-r I rli fl .ttH-k i'Hl li
tfueril III-!! riffw rull'-r H'iIk In 0uuU !
7.S rt 1m iilijinifil.
-1 i' ..i.-S - ' r
; OOI.I) Au rollCLAlX Clto-ANS
Britlje work ami tlnu gulil wtrk a
PB. RTI'If ATS I.O''t mmtll nliin nt.
lbttUi'otVfU lot ilif.i.rtitirHArtir.t.Mii o
& A. MAItSIIAI.U Fitufmlil '''.
ttnn fj ' I w. WIM c y .r..imit B'trt.tlii
n all 1 1 t'r I In lil'. li'lif II.
UDlMi lii M'U, I "lil . I lllnlilll, Ni I'.
VT t ,it.-l a nfiivr. r l ii' lf hi -minry "'
I In (Hi tin I II V. with lulu1 I" 'fl r , HI
In ti ' ( "fikli s n i vWr i w - It
lloii.f. t tiller, . HAM I I II I'll:, lift
run- buckwheat Hour for sale nt
Heist 1 mill. tl
Wonccrful Sucres.
Twovenrsao the Mailer Prop.
Co.'ordiTfl their Imf.les by the box
-now they buy ly tin1 carlal.
....,..i., llui ... i.,ltfir:..irl Ulli,lU..flll
reuieth.-M thev iircpare is llallerV ' K'ev. Hritt ill lill t!ie p.ulpit next
Sarraparilhi A Hurdock which is ' Sunday as u.-ltal.
tin1 mort won. lei lot hlooil pnrilier
kmi vii. N.i ilni'.';;ist lifhilalci to
this morning.
Ilertie Irish ittid Mm. M. M.
Murphy were passengers for Oma
ha this iiioruia;,
II. S Hrhrgs, manngecf the Koyct'
Coiiiedy Cn was a pleasant caller
ut Tilt: llDKALU oflice to day.
Rev. Dr. Mrilt and wife were pa
reugers iliirf nioriiin for Masliugs,
where they gn on a business, trip.
Mr. ICickhoil is as goo 1 a citizen as
any man in Cass county and in con
Hid 'ring the source whence these
alt icks originated and the motive
which prompted lliein, he deem, il
wholly unnecessary lo recognize
them bv tiaviii'' no fin-
iher att.-ntion to the mailer.
When the time arrives for
him to be installed in his oflice he
will produce positive proof of liii-
citi.''uship, in the event lhat re
sponsible parties, being actuated
by honorable motives), question his
Th Chli.Tt'io QunHtiite.
The Chicago Lady Ouartette was
irreeleil by a large and appreciative
audience last evening mm to k.ij
that they gave good satisfaiHion
would be but u mild expression, as
was evidenced by the frequent and
sometime- Kpontaneous outbursts
of applause that greeted utmost
every production. The readings of
Miss Cope were especially good.
her articulation being almost
faultless mid her gestures perfect.
la the event that Ihey desire to
impenr in l'lattsiiiouth agnin then
i-t little doubt that Ihey will be
greeled by a full house.
The fiidiis of Jhe Kpiscopul
church will net a ha idsome mm
for their worthy pastor ami are lo
he congratulated upon the suc
cess that has attended their efforts.
large a lino in th;s department.
i i - i- i'iv.r1
ju ciiii attention lo our rirgi assortment oi ueemrf
Military uiid lli Coat hliapes tiimnietl with Mink, fcea', Abtraelia,
MulTiilooii uikI Coney furj.
Our line of Pliish Saeimes aro elienper than e.-cr belore. FuD
lines of Children? nnd Misses ('lonks nnd JacketH.
lloii.f. . tiller. .. KAMI
I V 1 '''' N'
M.IUV old Wildiers.wl
ic oi
Iiun J chrome diarrhoea
it tm
while in tlie
rifoiiuri'ii'! this remedy.
I til r.tie i.mi'iM.
Heart ili.". ::: i" lO'Midly nipjretl
t.i be incurable, but when pinviy
treated a lai 'e portion ol cases v.t
be en : 1 1 1. 'I tins M rr . I ill nil a II lii'h,
of, Intl., mid Mrs. Mary I..
I', of Ovid. Mirh., were rin d
nlt'-r Milii i ine "J mmih. S. (I
C. I. Jones, of Iiipepcr.denre, la.'
it lar;;-e s'.ockhoh'cr in list1 I'la'.ls.
Itioilt!! g.'.M un'l eleeTic lighi
plant was a p!ea-a:il called nt TltL
IH.i-'A:.;! sa:;ci:r:i l.r t eve.ilug.
A. C. Wright, who ha.s been ab-
senl lur i o ir' tone iiikJ in tlie em
ploy if the p'pTibiican executive
crmmiMca of Ohio, came in la:-l
evenin;' and will tal.
i . t ......... . i ... t... .. i . 1 1 1
II I"' I, lill' i- i. ..iil Min in., , ,,. , i .1
rays thai Dr. Miles' New IK art Cure 'u Ih's M-ctmn of the country for the
which erred the former, "mu kei ' preseut.
woH.iettt ft ii hi v.yc" Levi I.i!;iiii I A ,1!lIf o( rolir0(j,.tn(tvcs
of lluchaiiau, M'icli., who bail heart , . .. , .
li. case (or Ml years. say s two.llles fr"' various sugar making indus
iiintl.1 him "(eel like a ncV man." i tries of America au 1 other nations
Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure it sold i
il IIR
e die
ncrvice. h'tve since been ifrmaiient-! and ruaranteetl by (1. Fricke fc
... . . . . I. a. . IJ. .. ' I
lycHre'l ol it ly I liaioilierlaiu s
Colic, Cholera nnd diarrhoea Kcm-
For pale by F. (. Fricke & Lo.
No ice to Ladle
I have on hand a line lot of rib
Foiih and lips which I will fell at
the lowest prices foriish. I have
tiiy goods nt J. Finley Johnstnis hard
ware stole where I tuny be lottnd
every day from !: to r,iO p. m.
- , M i.'s. J. F. Johnson.
iShJoh's ciilnrrli rrmedv a posh
llive cure Calurih, Diphllierin and
Clinker iiiottih. For ule by F. (J.
Fricke & Co.
Some of the most slsrtling, In
tersling discoveries of the life nnd
riisioms of Ouried Fgypt tire now
tiein ; made throne li intensive rxcn
Viiitious. These discoverii s nre
rxciliog u great interest, ."laity
f cjlsc.yvcrica nre, honeer, beiiijj
I mu'iif in our couiilr- filature re-
'Vuirl vlle, among txhielt we may
" 1 ,' 4',M''7 H't of Haller s I'ain Para.
v r vhiih Ifects etilire rv lief, nnd
. 'many cases a cotrph-le cure ol
Co. liuokol wonderful tcslimoiu ils
Inc. 1
IS ill
If 1.
' .. . ....... i i.. .i .i
llllll lllll'JH tnriii.- I I Mil in. i ' i ru ,,
and which also relieves pit in of ull
Kinds. Fi r i ale by all cii ugisli.
For rent the west id of a good
atore room
A router GokPKH.
luit at Brawa
Has just opened up a full line
of, Gents and Chlldrens
all wool underwear anJ be
fore you luy your Fall or
Winter good3. Don't fall to
call and eco our prices. We
beat 'em ail.
Have you seen those nob
by LIIsscs Caps, all pretty
ehadt'S, 55, C and ?S cents
L'.!rCi..g Ne.TSnnit tor tiitVilti-
tageous lucalions to eslublish
works. They ull want a portion of
the broad fiirth ait the attractive
mibsidy-induccmcnt, nnd expect a
rash Hiibscriptiou besides. Lincoln
There in little doubt that the
Omaha delegation will wield an
Influence before the republican
national committee as it is coiu
jtosed of the representative citizens
of the utaie. The Chicago paper
apcuk in coiiiplimentary terms of
the delegation nnd give extended
jaccouuUof iuterview held with
In a recent publication of the con a
ty court docket Till! UlirtAUi i:iaiic
a lyiogra)hicaI error l.i spelling
the word "overwhel mid." The Jour
nal of yesterday in erilio'sing us
for the error makes oiiceoually 114
bud, for instance, "overtt lieniiu;;."
We nre aware that such errors creep
Into all newspapers occasionally,
nil J we should t;ot Hprn!. of tl !a er
ror were it not that the Journal put
Its linger in the fire on ita own
accord' It must tuiiely place the
paper in a very ludicroua and In
cxcuaable poaitiou.
Flnx In Nithrii Its.
Within the next lew years seeitil
luaitufactining establislmtetils for
ar;i v."! .' i ma '. front i!.i; iintl hemp
r'lould be hii'ated i it i Nebraska.
There is no oucstion that our soil
is admirably adapted lo the pro
d K'l'on of the r.nv materials mid
nil that is needed to insure the
hi.t'.ioti of these Indusliies is
p.oper encouragement from our
Jm McB TLt'WJb-TTSr,
Headquarter for everything in thodineo
Repairing of FINE WATCHES n Specialty
and all Work Wnrranted.
3. A.. Ivl'SXjVT'-IiT,
At R
A rffi'Xy$
I'lt-lUiriOuUi, Neb
Attention, t SA.iUai.
The regular monthly biisiness
meeting of the Epworth Ix'ague, ,
which wan )ostoned one week on
tiecoiint ol the district convention
at Weeping Water, will be held'
Friday evening, Nov. 20, at the resi
dence of Archibald Adams, corner
Silh and Marble afreets. A full
. . r-. . -. il &UH CIUIMNO LIST.
Hon. Orlando Teftt hm merited I ,, v.... ,.,.,. , . i.
.he thanks of the republicans id "tV a" "i "i
Cass county for Ills faithful nml i it ;;. U' " ,,.,...,l K k..';'! ..-..-'
ealous work tluring the campaign I ioWaMto u. .ia r ici I l!nui.ii. .... has just closed. He linn long
since been regarded as n man of
good executive ability, sterling
republicanism nnd unswerving in
tegrity and as he closes his work
for this campaign he has fully uns
tained his former reputation.
Mrs. J. 1). Simpon, of this city, is
i , . . i . ., ...
atiendaucc is dv'shvd as there is o.gau,...,g a nass ... w.cai nun in
business of importance to come
....V. n
... it
... 4 fA.
... A.
VI t
Spcclm nCiie,
S. II. Cliliord, New C.W 1 e, W i
i-,nn troubled with tieurulgin niii';
rlii'ionat i-ill. Ids i5u::.1'.r Xf'A lia-'
ordered, his liver Was ntieeted to a .
lihn uiilig d?gree, nppt-tite fell attxf
and he was ierribly reduced in flaa .
nnd Klientrth- Fhree bottle !
Electric HUteva cured him.
FldwHi-d. hlifp'n'rd, lhirrisburji, .
I!' , h nl n n"uff ,nrf.11 lf
belore the meeting.
At the M. E. Churuh.
Servirea at the First M. li. church
next Sunday as usual. Subject for
the iiHMjiiing sermon "Samson'
Kiddle," nnd in the evening the
doctor will preuch a sermon to the
young men. A cordial invitatiou
iii extended to all.
Htrtiineulal music nt Nebraska City. . of eight ye?' binding. Used',1
She ia recognized here ns one of ! three bottleH of'.1''1'.0 1,,ittcr ."
ourleadinginusieuin nndcourtesie i ccn b""'-H Hu
extended her by resident of Ne- K&Ci d'er r V ?' ".n
hraska City will be fully merited, j CgeVeversoVesm
From report gleaned from the Ne-1 ; d he wha incurable. One
brnuttn f'itv IVi-hm mIii lit ...... .1 I Electric Kitten nnd one tin Hoc
'.Inii'jA C.I..... .... .
. V 'iivr cureu nun eiuir.
Di Els The little infant child of
Mr. and Mra. S. P. Vanattn died last
Mrs. Vnnnaltii ia ulso reported
vrry low, life for a lime being
dispnred of, but tit this writing it is
thought she will recover.
Fx-Senntor Saunders, who accom
panied the Omaha delegation that
wiM ap cur before the national re ommitli'c on the twenty
third for the purpose of aecurlng
the republican convention for Oma
ha, I a fntheier-in-hiw of Kumell
with the encouragement richly de
Aa winter nrproachea, nnd the
cold waves dashe down upon ua,
it would accni that if ever Hie. ttig
nal service was of tiny benefit it
would bo right now, and yet the
Hags, nre not displayed hardly once
n we.-k. Flvideutlv, some' otic must
be at fault. We me informed Hint
the S. S. Department has the
weadier report aent to the poHt
muster daily, nnd of course at tome
expense, which is needless, if no use
is made of them, but posnilly the
service cuti be Improved.
Why will you cough when Sh.
loh' cure w ill give immediate rr
Fef. Price 10 ct.., ft) cti. and St 1
For aalc by F. U. Fricke 4 Cm
ly. Sold by F. O. Fricke A Co.
L.UI or Liutr
Remaining unclaimed in th
postonice at IMnttHinouth, Nov. 19
for the week ending Nov. 12 , 1801;
A0:lnr. r Mull
"t(iiie, Frank
0 oil. Jim
Il mum, Win
lliilisriiun, Wm
llrrDK, John
lli lli'iiliiiiK, A
1 "l -le. Hiik
XiHctoloiiky, iAm
Hair, Olio
MhiT, W in
N in n initio, FuKtu
fin llt, Vmliou
FittilriilmrK, Wm
Pejlirri, Jacou
Cruly, .'dim
si-ii'k, ilcniy.
lOiiiniii'n, M
Vi lK, lei.T
Wuhuix, 1 uuiila
Person calling for the nbova
will please nay "udvei tiaed,"
Mrs. L. lientley, of Malvern, Ij,
who haa been taking legrotia in
painting d Mrs. O. II. Suyder, r
turocd Lome laat tveuiug. t