The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, November 11, 1891, Image 4

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"H I. 1U l.f..., nit.
4 As rio.d.J. ,
"Toll you something- about rirs tii
lmsianr related Andrew C. Wilkin
cm. the owner of a rre rice mill iu
ew Orleans, wbm the rice Krown on
is plantation U cleaned, at tli (Jilwy
Huiine. "1 w.e tilat th pupenl lmV(f iust
found out that Englishmen are trying
to liny up aul form a trnst of the de
rail! in the south, aHlion-h. t'.ie agents
nave ben down there for something
over in , months. Nobody i quicker
than John Dull to scent a bargain.
-New Orleans is the chief rice milling
cify of America, fifty year ago we
bd not have Mich a thin an a rice mill,
but now we huve sixteen, working l':o
rice pnnnder and employing more tlmn
l.COO men. LouHiitia li.ia always been
known us the fcn-'ur- State, hut we sIho
-vmit to ndd to it that of the Hice Suto j
of tin ft,i .-i l I
Of the Union,
"llnw is it cultivated? Well, the
Irst lieceiwi'y of j afitiiMe riiv culture
Is a comparatively level piece of hind,
properly prepared for theeeed. Thin field
tunht bo located en 11s to he conveniently
Irrigated from the prairie reservoir or
the flume in the leven. Highland rice
doe not par in Louisiana, Ilia only
profitable rice Ix-injf that prown in
Water in the first Btid Ust want
ef RtiroutinL'. L'rowinx and rinehin? rice.
ih-tore the grotuul is ready for the seed
it U divided op hy a ivitem of little
it in iliviileil tin liv a Bvntprti r,f lirtl,,
anhleveea and watering dithen. It
then planted in CrilU dug y tunchinet
or rather I ihonld taj thut the tna
ehine U the proper way to do it, but the
eed ia frequently broadcasted with u in
"Then cociMt the mnt deticnt part,
la the water manipulation. After the
eed U planted the toil ia thoroughly
aturiiteil with water to liprout it, Lut
the water ia at once taken off when the
eeda he evenly (Terminated, and kept
ff until the temler ahooU of the plant
rice two or three inches above the
ground. Ton can eanily tee that the
yonnx plant may be either drowned out
or dried np hy the leant Inattention ia
fegnlating the flow.
On the other hand, with fcio much
Water, crawQh invade the Geldit and de
Tour the delicate plants, while with none
at all, rice caterpillar cut them down
and kill them. If yon neglect the main
flume yon not only rink the total low of
fonrcnip, but hy permitting the water
to get ahead of you there way come ft
break iu the levee, mud away go your
cattle and crop.
"The most expensive part of rice jrrow
Ing come when it ia about a foot high,
fter it baa been liberally watered; I
mean the K- aasing of the rice. 'on nee,
the laborer wade through the rice, pnll
big np and throwing into heap all the
Weeln and water grushes they liuiL Thui
p-awing coels on an average about four
dollar an acre, and after that is over
the rice plauter ha bat little to do ex
cept to give it pleuty of water. One pe
culiar thing about irrigation ia that the
head of the rice plant never fill out,
o mutter bow much water yon givo
them artificially, nnleas there are pleuti
to) raiua.
"On feature of rice cultivation wonld
be fun to city nporumen, but ia a
terrible nuisance to us. 1 mean the
Lirda. Talk about yonr duck and gees
hiding the aun. Perfect clonda of rice
birda, EnglUu parrowa, summer duck,
rail and other fowl of the air and wa
ter, come to see if they can't Larvest oar
-erop for na. From daybreak to dark a
perfect fo:ilde from the guus and old
musketa ia heard in hundred of square
miles of country. Over in thi fl-ld yoa
iieartuesUiill shouts of Creole I r;,er
hnekinz out Snndav school Inn-run." in
French putola; from the next probahlr
she deep chested whoop of negro Celd
laudn, and in another the houne yell
r the new American rice grower-
those who have come from the great
orthern wheat field It is -.cream!-
m i i ti' f i 1 r
......... . . uu..., uviu uuuu iu uatii mai
yon ever hear 1.
"The rice bird are our wnrkt anamimt
and while we kill million of them, left
to manure the lid,!, other million come
in to take their places, The ravages of
ii. rTcr bird some years are fenrfnl,
the cn p being sluiort a total loss. Per
lapu now that the Yankees are corcUig
down to gmw rice they may Janet ai,ma
tuachine that will either destroy the
bird or kp them away.
"As SfKn as a pale yellow tint appear
ver the level bead of the opening
grain the rater Is cjuvful!y drawn oS,
the fields being drained aa thoroughly as
jHwiible, an 1 the work of harvesting is
begun. The dried shesves are carted
direct from the Celd to the steam
thresher, where the grain is prepared for
"The profits in rice planting, with good
luck, will in a few year make any man
rich. The yield on good landj in Lou
isiana give from fifty to seventy-fiva
tnnhel to the acre. Hice in a plant
which is generuu to tut attentive sad
Indnatrion farmer, but it resents neg
lect mors than any other cereal. A tnun
can cultivate fifteen to twenty acre of
rice land, sod if strong and iuduHtrious
fce can ea ily secure from 1,000 to 1,300
Iini.hels of rice, wort'a at
present pnem !
The work ia I
shout a dollar a bushel
Bfit hard, except during fiTiia-in? tiluo,
aad, kA lirin' ii ti.csii w.Ui tv. a 1
liniill rice fiinner can taailv Livo ona.
Xiaif of his (.ro'a inr iinn.
"The cultivation of rice In Lii'iiniana
4 Kill fn ft irawjr. H'y the bun
drwis ef 'umip-ant are carl tnminf
tiielr atteiition to rice, and at tin prj
ct raio of inrreum-d arreji(,'e Louisiana
-will be aids to supply tl enUre country
with this mot-t TsiuaLls crui."-eNew
'Yurk TU-graiu.
urity r ou. .'l
III tin matter of the hit will and
testament of Jainee M.'.CIialfnnt
deceimeil. i-mur tiled foii probate
llenrinf, Nov. HO, 10 a. in. J
In tin mailer of tin-eifuteof Untie
I'eu r ;;.iiitii.. I'tiiiMiit vi I'iiul
Johnaou, excuter, fixhrf for fiiuil
settlement and hIIow
luiee of ac
EiUwui! G. Vanntti
On de
mouth Klectric Ugh
murrer to anewcr
la liie i.iiiUir of lV Kiinnliiin
i f of Robert Mitchell, deceased.
Hearing on ct'lion of Marin Mit
chell, wife, for uu ullowauce from
hie eetnU'i Trtiil to court uml
taken under mlviecnietit.
Afiiea Ii win v. V. C. Vnn Ioreii.
Suii on uccotint for il". On triul !o
Cui rt.
In the inuller of the eetHte of
Mnrv fiirnrv. deccuei'd. Notice to
creililor to lile cluiniH on or before
May Hi, Is'. 10 ii. Hi.
Kirct Niilioiuil Hunk of Weeping
Wati r Vf. IVrd Hnllnwe it ill. De
fault of (It f-i. (Inula intiicri.
Slij'.n 1 1 ii Muir Co. n 1 lie
Nol Iv 1 il Ll I hil I.' ('
. ct III.
Jio'eirei.t for !nint;if for
Cjeoriii- IiMir i". ,. I. rjiiiun.
Action lor forcible 'ett 1,1 ion. Ilin.
Iiii.-t-rd ou ii lotion of la in I il ill coet I
of pliiintitT.
In tin- mutter of tin- liiht will nml
tvti!iiu nt of I.e i Wiirer.t!cccat-eil.
I'ltitioii of Mani a l'liillipa filed
pniyinlliat ti e bomchli nd be cct
anile to petitioner
aiide to iietitiouer n 1 lie former
f ...:.t r .1 1 11 : iv...
.wiuiiw 01 umupi u. iii tii 111;, en.
l,10n. m.
Liccnee to wed irMied to Mr, Wib
lielm F. Ackeriiiun and Mims Ah
line A. Stcimkt-r both of l'iatle
mi'Utli. Stntc Ilnnk of kim wood vb. Janice
Hoyce. UA conncnt of parties, time
for defendant to file brief extended
to Nov. 11.
The Hank of Klmwood vs. Henry
Hollenbeck. Hy coiinent of artiisi
time for defendant to Tile brief ex
tended to Nov. 11, ltl.
In the matters 01 the laM will and
teataineut of Jehcrwon Lecke. Cita
tion ieeued naiuet executrix to
make final seltleinenL
In the matter of the estate of Fer
dinand Schuelke, deceased. Appli
cation for liiiuleettlemeut. Hearing
Dec. 2. 10 a. m.
In the matter of the iMute of
Marshall D. Abbott. Application
for fimil settlement. Hear
ing, Pec. 2 pjn.
Why ilrU Arm TalL
Why are there so many tall girls now
adays, snd why is the tendency of the new
generation toward uuunuid height and
gracious sliumesx? Women are tall and
livomlng tail dimply becnue it ia the '
laauiou, aun mat statement uever ueevla
nor iacapable v' any explanation. A while
ago it was the faahion to be petite and
arch; it l now the faahion to be tall and
gracious, and nothing mure can lie said
about it. Of coume tiie reader, who i
usually inclined to find the facetious Mile
of any grave topic, has already thougnt
of the application of the self denying
hymn, that man wants little here below,
and want thut little long; but thi may
be only a pawing h of the period.
Charles Dudley Warner in Harper's
Oh, ThM llmnt Llula tallow.
Lldie wa very fond of raspberry Jam.
vino evening wnen lue puftton Uropp.a
into tea mamma opened her Jaat Jar,
with emphatic Instruction to Eddie not
to atlc for some more Jam afUT getting
j ej aliare. llis pupa, nut kuowjng the
I circumatances, offered to repleniati hi
! diiih, when Lddie mortified 1 .i IllollleP
j by tiyir.K. "Mamma said i muxn't k
lor any mom, cause that b all there is."
A St. Louis phyMcian recalls h cafe
of a young man who had been dumb for
five years, but who. while out hunting
tjimuaj, oean, mine excitement of the
vu.ise. vi jeu ai ine lop or lua lung.
Afterward he wa able to speak with
perfect articulation.
. When Julius 0ar fell, as he wni !
landing on 'ui African coat. m ia report-!
to h ive nid, to bauUli the fears
of hi soldier, who accepted the occur
rence as one of ill omen, "Land of ,
Aii'lta, I take poies.iion of thee!
That compositor was something of a
humorvit in his way who set up the
title of Maurice Thompson's pretty syl
van poem, "Pan in the Orchard," ss
"Pain in the Orchard;" hot the awocia
tion of ideas was serious.
The ancient Oreeks and Romans bad
their bed supported on frames, but
not flat like onrs. His Egyptians had a
ouch of a iienillar shape, mors likt an
1J fiL!A.; auij itaii, ititJj hollow
back and seal
A farmer la Jefferson eoontr. Wit
, J'
.v.H. m uuv tvm ab fciiv uouom OI
bis wed, when it sank out of sight, rs-
reallng a subterranean lake.
Wltilaf Maaqnltoaa,
It is told of a reat anther that he was
wont to amiixe hunm lf ly jumpinu ov. r
i a ciiair. liut I have a correspondent
M ltie i"il"'l u;vt, amuae
hiin.-.ff hy V.-clL-liijiu- tiion!Tiiti4i;i
l nave rrenlly tTeilmd miu nov
1"'"'"" of t!ii licr.Kly on a s:iiitiva
oinanc". inn w?i;lit
of one
tU'Mnpiito was I.
is. it would take
:7 mi'll'r.imi th.'t
CCO.Ooo'to woi'h a
Mowpiltnes which hftd Clhil them
selves with human Lloo-1 were fun id to
weiglj hlioijt three tini'g at nmvh n
other. sh'wintirt Ihey hid s'.vallowed
twlcs tlu.;r weight in tiood." Loatou
Gentlemen would not uee "Dluah
of Koaei if it was a paint or pow
orr, oi course not. it in clear as
water, no pediment to fiil the pores
f the ckin. Iln micKinn ia to heal,
Clenns" and purify the complexion
of every imperfection, and ineiiree
ever yl i'ly nnd jrentleman a clean,
(mooth cotrplexion, Sold by (). II
Snyder. 1'rice 75 cents.
Go to Brown & Rarrett'a and get a
window glaen nud stop up that hole
iu your noiihc. tf
For lame back there in nothing
orner innn io painrHic n flannel
cloth with Chamberlain's I'nin
Halm and bind it on the affected
oartM. Trv it mill von will ii,r
ririKiul nf f lip riroitiiil relief itnir.i
The eiune treatincnl will cure rhnu'
niiiiieni. For enle bv F. G. KrirL..
Co. '
;i',Tos k niss,via tnvt.ii r. ti.
y T1MT n Avir.y . .
S.J ... .,:&!
ti .
7 ; H I; II.
. i : i ii
V :ir a m
p. in
. . 5 ii. in
11 .h i . m
No In
ii. 1
::t t. n
M!-il lll VM UK' UAll.WAX
e u u' a i n
ii: i ' i-i I
le.'Vi I V' in.
miu i top. In.
I.le in
N". .tl A
1 rail, i
Mf l.t.T Mrt'lt.TltS
1. 11 n 1 I In- l.nel nrl I en
i& t It Ml',-n , ,1, i'tJ r-Mlil
i 1 I.e. I h l I. I Kin r A IN 11 lil- ik. All l-llll'i-
Hlli'lilii lire i-iihIi . ty 11 lil iCIei.U
f. . M uliall '. r ; la I e. V k M H.
Yl -i; y.iS'n iiMii N n.iiun
v kiwi, mi l.l.-k :;.lu Hi.. I. I i.m..
lien It III k -ill a In In f . 1. 11 , 1 HI u rn nf.')
CiiwTl meal i.i eiy Hi, mint alleiui es at i
ll' k.
A O I'. , MrtSi fln.t mil 1I1I11I filrinv
' eve.iliim e. li men II 1 1 V, A H. IihII
In H.m k.. k I I,-. k. iTHi.k (iiiilifrs, W, VS.
I), V fcuepaiie, Uroiirilrr.
AO V. W No M-Mrrioerniiit si'itlouris
Kiiilas Vei Ii 111 1 l,e n.i.Kth a Ii. A "
lull 11 l:m k 1 l lili m, K. J. luiiaa, M W,
t, H, linmii, Krruider,
TIOVaI. ; IH'NAM-'.i rieprll K 1S71.
11 M ei al Hie K,el I' Imil 111 lh rannele 4
Trie lilwk ever Ileum I a lulu, vi-lrlna
brrlliren Invlieil Henry llirel l, brgriil ;
Uu vi allii . Mcrepoiv.
t'Ai IOIMIR. Ko. Ii I (1. O. t. riiet ev
ry ruiil i.lflil al llielr hall Ii. Mtveialii
ftlork. All odd rrllim are reidmli) ihtiied
onn, inlli(f In Hip ell j. J tury.
N. ti B. W.lindite. Krrretaiy.
Lumber Yard
y. 1 mm & w
Ahinile, Latb, (aah.
Doors, Blinds
Can supply everw ileiiinmt ot the r itj
Call and get term. Ponnh tiiit
in 1lr of opera lu.u .
I - '
I D FT FCT V E eleVi'.'
. ii 1
SlrPrlV' rlrrlhr nii.irrnii .1 -I n el a
i t- ivnil irr. f..r rolriili. . 1. i 1; 1 , ti
1EIL(.1VK AI.KM V UiW, Wa.lilalon,
" How l It, Knle, thnt ymi slimy
want I nuy, )uu aJwuj ttxm tos-eabak4
of lit.'
I KTS! "f don't Vnnw; I nrrtilntT do not
I Bui He n T ei"rt i.,n in that lliielii.u.'
Ji:M HIK f U i ll .Inru.u lh l..k, f... .....!..
liar sxauiila, Juu bale Ukeu up palntiug.
a t.-Ai
a if r
y t
. ltj.
J.V J"-S i v . I- J
vrllhout any teacher j you rama totlie mvu
Wilful VI uu IilMrvn iliMjin,-.! I.,.r I ij.lutHji puu
si.i(leiily, aiel lonainlr i. are all mi,n,.
Init in rra- umlrr )nnr linlrii. ihui ; I hi-arit
Vim ti-llin Tuiiiinf Ijhii j In t avrimia bow
an club iniele mutakea In 'l)lnf l. UH;
Von aenin fi I up ouull the lirnut 'Imli,1 a4
j iiiiwjut hat to ri'itiTithfall r:n'uintanr
veil eiiO rt ill liejlililiillr: ami In the Ih.1
Uoflla lull U4 v nil nidi In le-all !l. on IM,
ti O il w, lo your iliymral ciiltun-atMreltea,
niwim ilo i ii i e( ail of your mlnrmaliea
fnua Iu tula lativ fiutwif ilia aa filacer lut
ymi never r" In ihe eitr."
Kais: "Why Jennie, yna will snake B
Jiiiil 1 htvonulr .na.i;r.-nf in forma I Ion,
bill It la aiirnruin' Imw it mwu all wiiiiln. f
verrael hmir of anyililns n. lint ha
the nea lew iUy l.rin m lull (jifonnaiiua
n tlx aul.Jo-t. MU f ho Mnaimr
n'i an. iraaMir u n io in aa. i.,r It
P::l!u'.'.'7.":,'.r..r,,",,n. ''
!.!.. e i : i liner uu ril It If l'l Htl I
tliat ha baa taken I' )eata, hu mta Uj
ouo aivea mire anil mu-t niiurinaluai on
im fi'i.".l el tlm on : m.'l iu1'.er in)
ttiiU It a tli.4 fiai m.ik I it aiM'l, a fnmim
k iuvkef..r. In iret, to all anna that it la
tlieenly rnuljr r t 'i i.r initk. ie euUedwil,
a w.i havo f'r mihii hn f alfi.l tin in,
ami il'i l tliuimieia a I lr nx n, tlier all
. nr W'U'ieii. rii.1 annC-er fm nly,
! W iiletiii1. uu uiin overy fvea -f na; ai wa
I iU' imw-I ti III I. i I'll" ImHrll l1 aeenl, pint
I t t;;i l W 't-rv t no tci nei'i , t.ll.i III, ur il l
only iki i inr. I'erm p ri1'' t unk 1 am
, tn i la . I li 1 1 i'i' r ii.; I nt I u ,11 i i juu m o
; tr.m. oi. 'i-iM.T mill, m-ii Ii1 e, ii'a li. 'hi' i nli.
k)ht, V., .I'.(ii: 'ii,:ii Jn-inen .I, r, l.t. I it hi
; l-ie t. Nei V'-il, l-if a hiiii-ia ei . . imj. I
' lili'l yl.1 ii..iHi'i r l,!nt I hhve i.ene t.u
, s nil tt f.n nr; n.1 ueiv I Mi yirti will i a
V eill. IIH T. ill l.i y we I1MVI. Inn iertilhl l l I t
.-e:r lie iM-t iiifi.ri.ji . fuirilv In I'.wn. If
V u I i mi t la lmuufuit I aui.ijr V'g'?-
A fii.eriil fifl.-r- nii'y J'i.f0 fur
nnd IX-iiiorcet I'nniily,
tl' S'iul your siiVhci iplioii to Una
.v. -
ir 17
C n be bought
In liis line in Cnt-s Cjimty. You wi 1 riot bo iille to Lnv clipajifr WfsL Chi
i iigii wlu ii you take qiiHlitjr ami price in coiii(kratio:i.
Only Iniyi the bet trinket and latest novi-lties in
And if you nro looking for a reliablo place to trade give JOE a trial.
For Atcliinaon, St. Toecpli, Invcn-
worth, Knneas City, St. Ixiuiw,
and all points north, t uat
aouili or went. Tick
ets sold nnd bag
Ki'CC checked
to any
S t n tea or
Cntuidu. Tor
' Call nt Depot or nildrcMS
II, C. Ttnv.NKi Nn,
G. 1'. A. St. Loui8, Mo.
J. C. I'liiLMi'l'i,
A Ci. 1'. A. Omiihn.
II. D. ArciAK. A !., I'latteniouth.
Teltplione, 77.
A utrletljr Unit eti. hiwIiiiim. fully lunm
d. ide irem the ny liet teali iial b
kU'rn wnrkti en, snl l Ii !! l-t Uk1 In
luice rrerlierti ite.-i) fur Hie iii V, a
I inird o on all It'i.l rant r-aiiiialily
twet'il nf the rny beat lynearlter mlhiil
( j..ib'enf wrlMi a t' l i ril t r lull ice m
sir awr Ur.s to tli alillitf ellUanKanli-
I'ldti, ,310(1.
If ihrm m i, eiil Id your tewti sitilr th
niiuultocii.ri .
TifK pAmu li r a r i.
Axcalsaui.d J arlih fi, T,
Lincolu, Ktb,
:8 JO E
Ii waiting to show you
and o let you know how cheap they
rplIE best of hnniesn, both double and eincle may be found at nt
JL aiorcnnueverytlimfrlii the
which ore lirat-chiHs in every rcfticct.
easiest riding veliiclea on earth.
ALSO have a liire lot of Rchutler, Moline, Ihiin and Sterling wuona
Spring wagons, roud enrts, nnd plows of nil dir cription.
Plattsmouth -
Wlirn vnu en in aim ulnra t-nur
object ienot only to buy fIiocm but
to procure for w hut you petiil the
ueei iiiai your nioniy win ,uy.
I as tlinn this will nut content you;
Hrc tliiiti this you cnniiul, in rcn-
eon, nek. Our imilioiln nre ne
eunple oh your ibviri-n. We tin not
I'ft your i'j ectritioiiH to tin rloi'dp,
but t rcnlit I Iii-iii wli.'itevcr Iliey
ere. We will ueer ntfi ificc your
inten t ta toour.i nml ik.v. here Ihi
cui jti (.'ct n fuller runl fnirer
t'iiiivfitcnt fir jour An
ei peel. illy pruiiiiiblo piircluino fur
ymi i.' ot.r t tc.
BOOEH, fin ohq on
B31 Main Street.
his new aoods
& SOI!
' J
liarnees line also bujrKic nnd carriujjea
beinn- tl.a i;,. Me. i .i . I
- - Nebraskn
rTii(i.f.. M t'au' f'hurrh. Hi. tetwrna
Kllili and Hih. Kiilln-r t'a'ney. I',,,,,,
S.rieett Vim at na la -.) a. . buudar
Heliiiol at i Ju. wl'li briirdlcllni,. '
Cnni-TiK.- on i-r .Mut and ritrtttb Pi,
henlrea liieinliiy and tealaf. !in.-r J K
lud, paalnr euiiday Miool 1 a. a.
eMiT.rAL.-Ht l.n.a-s rhsrrh. miner Third
ml Hie. Key It U. Hurr.. .a.r. dry.
lee.:Ha S MtJdr.s. huuda) ttchwH
ai 'jo r. M,
" M'Tiinnurr-t wr -tiimilla.
Krv.lliit, 'atr. heiricegiilA at
audlusr. si. Suuuay ttclntul 10 J a m.'
rssnkYTraiAii.-tenirwia i.m rhiirrli.eor.
lift hitili and t.Ninie i. i tt .ml at I ;3P ( l-ieactiln
SI II a. Iti.a-id p m.
Ih II. e. !. If ,.( ikl. rhnrch ln.fl.
Khlwlli menli r at T US In Hie I mrnt A
Ihei liiii ili. All ai IltiIi tu silrad ttiu
rmaT MT0ilT.-SUth St.. tetwrs Mls
aail IVail. lie. I, V. riillt. Il, II. painr,. v
h.rlre.ill i n. I toKM Mn iU.eiliVi
li.f ''' I Weiinejuaj aX y
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