The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, November 11, 1891, Image 3

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- 8 U U V K YIO B
county clerk be
, --" attended lo.
; MAitrrACTi'u or
;rci:sT ijkands oh cigaks
always in stock
.4 op espltal luW
ItttieverT et fwllltlrs l" " Prom'
UkiioMtlon of ll.ltlwats
Banking Business)
k..bonHi, gold. to,.Ti!iTiBnt nd loJ
on Hie eettlneu.-
in ii. v ort ol int
..i tb nrtwiual tawaa O
anUM isiutflit
..4 interest nii'wmi
tflllllWII. BVllaliWi
'ulli-S Males UI
amb rnoMrTLT hbiiit-
; ,.(tftffTmtH.
- .,..,l,
recti Faera and . m
I want your Poultry, Eggs, But
ter nnd your farm produce of nil
kind, I will pay you the highest
(Msh price us 1 mil buying for u
tirti in Lincoln.
ti..u....rt..U . . ... Nebraska
Whnra 11a Cnmri frcnu and Whence 11
la Cilnf Wlint lln CntU, rokan mill
I'librokmi A llitnljr l.lllle Unit UU
Wuik untl Vmim of Sei-vliia.
How often ono hears the remark,
"Just look ut those mules drawing Unit
car; lliey look like rats." They have ,
thus become known very generally uh .
littlH rat mules, ami the d.'seriptioii Is i
eood one certainly. Mimv of them don't
look iniii'h lnr,,'. r l.inn I n.'-l b.Ilv
goat. Icing .u..U .: ; llicnre hidden
from ths V in tho 'ar by lln? tlf-li-laiard
in iiout. It --i ti.inly does look
cruel to maUe thi ni 1 (ill li :ir loudel
down Willi people, a I "A that would
strain poweiiul hm-e-t on mi up grade.
It I lilts a great many other things,
It in cruel only in nppwmco. Tho
littlo uiulu i eiinal to tliin und mi.cli
more. If tho car would hold more peo
pla ho and bis mute would pull It liny
place, and on a level would tako it nkip
mif hIoiik ho fast that you would nlmot
beyin to thiuk no other motive power
waa rwiulred to realize rapid traiiHit. He
hits endurance, peed and ttrcnth, and
thrive where an animal more hardy nutl
trouper in appearance would suou ilic.
In rapid motion he t'oea by jmcpa and
jerks, but be accomiilishea the deHired
reault, and i one of the moat servicea
ble animals to be bad in the street rail
way business,
lie is, however, rapidly (Jisnppearin,
giving way to mechanical motors.
Child U'lKtiM Knlr.lB. mt
Itoluny 'tim Inui llM,d flay.
Colonel VV. D. Mixire tllns Htwy which
would, colli 1 it lie tf1vi;n iu print n Mr'!
VtiNire telln it, prinluce a (freal effect. 1
Bt-Sheritl l luley was aecoert .1 n clay or
two since at the corner of Sixth trcet
and LiLcrty avenue by a little tot, a Kiel, j 4,.ce
J. H:A:N:S:E:N
W "
: .i t,i t d Id ...
. luthorued Capital, ttOO.OOO
tli". Puble Solicited
iKliTU. JOS. A
W. II. '1!FIS(I. Cti.
v r DiEiinoui
-.-J....h J
I W.Jbnn. Basok. Jobs O'Ke-l
MxiriAia. wm. ii'"i'i
n. Cuihlng.
mm mmrn am si
w. i.
' fiinrAlof dp.HlW heiirlnlntrt
: '
Kep all ktnrl of bnllien hardwr oil bas'l
aim win tupi'iy nmi''-i v
viable Itr i
anliill klninonin work promMly Urs.
orderi (roia tli country Solicited. I .
the old darky said when be saw the elec
tric cars, "The Yankees is K""t po
ple; they wa'ut satisfied ter free de
ni,'a, and now they've done gone and
freed de tallies." That is abont t'.ie cane.
In Kt. Louis, for instance, the littlo rut
mules and, for that matter, the larger
Biiile und the horse are few in tinmber,
not one in thirty for thiife employed as
recently as three years aj,'o. With our
increase in opiilutioii, tew indiihtries,
etc., this is a somewhat remarkable
statement, but tt is correct.
Tho littlo rat mule is ft ponli'W mil
mnl. Doni and raised in the southwest,
Texas and Mexico, be is now going to
the south and southeast for Service ou
tho plantations. In the very recent pant,
when ull the street cars were drawn iy
horses and mules, th demand for thetn
was very great for that purjioite, but as
things generally e'jnalizij themselves, so
has the demand for horses and males.
The street railway companies which
have changed to cable or electric inotot
power have generally deposed of their
live stock to very fair advantage, though
there are still on band some ol the little
rat mules that are unul.
Thia littlo animal U one of some value,
though ho does not look it. Twenty dol
lars would le a very fair valuation, but
in fixing that estimate you would be
ivnv off the mark. Unbroken ho com
mands considerable moro than that.
The cheapest lot that ever came to St.
Louis, probably, was one of 1!U0, the
price paid for them beln a few cents
less than twenty-si dollars per head,
but they were unbroken. Ho is a stub
born little brute, and thero is considera
ble labor in breaking him so be can be
put ahead of a bobtail and trusted to
the average driver. Thus broken he
has a value of sixty to seventy-five dol-
too young to talk plainly, wb piiHed ut
his coat und asked "Do 'oo know Aunt
Somewhat surprised. Mr. Cluley te
plied that he could not say unlt-ie he
l.i.ew "Amit Title's" last ninue. Ta
c'.iild opined thut the wavtrd p.irty
didn't hare Any lastuamei sin whh t
Aunt Tntie." The bt'.le on" then ex
plained tin; she wits lost, and s!w wu m
great dirtr-3. In r li quivering so that
at tinif i rim eoiiid ooirurly i;peii!c.
Mr. Cluley tl'.oiwiit with all ins mighi
for a few uhti' nis. when an idea sti-nr';
llilil and he lulled til -chil l for U'd.-ccfi je
tioti of his aunt. Tlii littl ) m-ii I n re
pliel t!iat "Aunt Tatie" was rather tall
and wore nastnrtiuiu ilowers in l:nr hon-m-t.
Now, Mr. Cluley would hardly stand
a creditable exiiiiiinalion in lsitany. Ib
knows cabbages from iiotato nues, and
knows the nustnrtinm when he sees it
on the table in tin) shape of a picklo, but
to- save his soul be could not tell what
Its- flower was like. Again he rnbbed
his dome of thought until lie rublied
Into it afresh suggestion and acted upon
it at uuce. Acctmtiug a lady who was
pawing, he asked Iwr if she knew a nus
turtium flower when she saw it Hue
was at first disiosed to resent the ques
tion sasn impertinence, when Mr. Cm
ley hastened to explain, and begged her
to take an observation and ascertain
whether there were any ladles in the
neighborhood with that familiar flower
iu their bonnets.
The lady glanced into sereral milli
nery and dry goods stores, and finally
called ont that she bail discovered a
lady with a bonnet bearing the flower
wanted. Khe pointed her out, and im
mediately the little one cried out joy
fully. "That's Annt Tstie."
"Annt Tatie" was disposed to be cross
with her charge for wandering away
from tiie sjKit she had designated to wait
nntil her annt did some shopping, but
Mr. Cluley's feelings were aroused, and
he wouldn't bear the little one scolded.
Instead he proceeded to reprimand the
woman for her thoughtlessness In leav
ing her charge exposed to the danger of
being kidnsiKsd.
"Aunt Taiie" had become so Interested
In her shopping tlmt she had forgotten
to note the flight of time. Hud the little
one not been bright enough to recollect
the name of the flower In the bonnet she
would probably have lien crying her
eyes out, a guest at the central station.
and her aunt would have been frautlc
ritbiburg Dispatch.
A Tu)i' Mail.
In the town of PVUeo, a place tluttant '
from tidewater ovt-b ninety miles, there '
in a great cnriinity, (known us the "tur- I
tie s nest. f or nnry-two years a tiwiie'
baa come anntiuby hpthe to tlepnslt
' her egs. 0er half a eeoiury ago she-
i select ud her nest, tliiru iu uu open fieU.
. . . .. .. i 'i- . .. '.. .
cut now in a yane in num t
A relative of tne owner of tkw
houne branded ' the date lfc-li npon tp
turtle's back, and it can b plainly
traced now. Sue-comes aliout the sam-
duteeucb your, aud her first few day
ure pajued iu inspectiiir tiie Hiicient
net, the yard and sumniudiu.t.
Liikr sue tlls a Itolo in the- ground
aiid tliete depobit i her egs. This year
she left f"Vty-two-egg.-, but us many
were curri.-d away and too others often
disturlx-d, only about a dozen of ti:e j
ggH hatched out. lhe owner of the
hou.- L is ten id tl little; turtles, none k
more tliiu Iw.cj tlii) size of a postage jl
stamp. Tu old turtle always departs-'i
ufter laying the egiy; the warui sand
and ( ua leive as an iiicu'.ia! r.
Tliis turtle bus been seen at tlurDrcw
( Dead Vatcr on the Mattuwamkeng
river, fully bftv miles away from the
nest. Her eij
tiiirfy-fiv pfKinds. and it is said she was
as large when branded as shell bow.
K;ich June she comes to Putteu, and U
always welcomed by old andi young.
Bangor (Me.) Letter.
- Wus'and's Mistake.
If ii-biiiulK-toiy often mi-t wives,
a.j'l paivnts llieir cliibireiu, to milfcr
triHii lu-aclaclie; tliiziiU'MB, nctirulia
slet-pli-Knt'Kfl, -ii-trt, lU'rvouMiii'smief ,
wlii-n ly tlie- uhc of Dr. M Uch' Ke
Wi""nlivo NcrviiK- such oerioiie re
itfltsi could enwily be prevented.
Ih-itjitfislH e-vtTrywlie-ie uy it ft'v
UMiycrnal miii;laii1ioti iiikI lias- ao
iiimictisi' Hal WiJoilworth'A; Co.,
ot' Fort Waving Ind.; Smiw i Co., ol
m-raoiHC, N. ; J C. Wolf, ItillH(lulet
M it'll.; and liUtulreclH of olIu-rH tay:,
"It iri the nr-fites feller they ever'
knew." It coiti-MiM iio ophite. Tri"3
botvk-H and line luifili on Ncrvotii
lirtinscs, free :itf'. U. hrickc A Co'a
E. V.SnVM'i ,'-f
rt prominent
K'oclieHtcr,. Wis
ileuicr in Lrcner;
nicivliao'liM', m:l. who runn fevt'riil
ne Miiii vvauiia. had one of liis
horn.iB hndly ctUitiul hur-ni'd with a
luriiit, 1 he w( iiiwl refilled to ht-nl.
l ln; Iioree became lame ami wtiif
iiowwithftiiinliu careful intention
and the application of remedies. A
friend handed Sawyer home of
Mailer's Hnrb Wire Lini inent, the
rnost woiulerfrtthinuf ever snw to
heal such wouixis. lie npplivd it
ht varies from thirty to i only three times una tne sore was
compii'ieu iieoacu. hv.v.
for nil fors, cutn, briises and
wounds. ForeaOe-by all drugRist
Bala Off Ih the Sjongaa,
The vexsd question of "hats rrt or
"liats ofT' during public worship was
settled at the atinnal wee tiny of the
Anshe Cliesed congregation, at the lero
pie on Scoville avereue. The old Jewish
cuMtom of the mule members ol thsr ctn
gregation wearing thxir bats daring
public wonhip has always been in vogue
in tkis congregation, A. number of the
younger and more progressive- members
have objected to tiki caaioin, and it has
caused more or less discussion for several
a Cure for Paralvela.
Frank CornclitiH, of Purcell, Ind.
Ter., says: "I induced Mr. I'inson,
a whose wife had paralysis in the fnce
to buy a bottle oi Chanibe-rlaiii'a
lif ain Halm. To their preat eupnse
before the bottle had all been tasea
lirilir w 'a-frreat deal bette.n Her
K fcioe had' been drawn to on side:
kTMit the I'ain Halm relieved all
fpnin and soreness, ana tne mouin
C assumed its natural shape.'.' It la
-Mao a certain cure for rheumatism
.Inme'back, sprains swellinirs and
VTamencHH. 50 cttit bottles for sale
y F. G. FrickeACo.,DriigKist9.
ears, itie ol'ltir meraoers -neiu ieu-
ciotislyto their hau. and the yonnger
ones bided tlieir time until they should
have a siifiiciisiit majority converted to
their views tv change the custom.
The matter was Ijroiight up at the an
nual meeting, which was very largely
attended. The bjit netiot Was dis-
imsaed at great lenfgth. and several very
warm sjuwiiee wn t made on both sides.
It was finally put to a vote, and the
members who a- opposed to wearing
hats were virtorioj us by a decided ma-
wit v. The decM.on was that hereafter
tho congregation I hall worship with hats
off, but those whq desire to retain their
bead covering will be permitted to do
so. Cleveland 14 ader and Herald. .
Some' of the moat startling, in- ,
terstiup discoveries of the life and
customs it buried f.irypt are now
being made through extensive exca
vnttions. These discoveries are
exciting a great interest, many
discoveries are, however, being
made in our country that are re
markable, among which we may
mention thut of ilaller's Fain Para
lyser which effects entire relief, and
in many cases a complete cure oi
that terrible disease rheumatism,
aud which altio relieves pain of ull
kinds. For sole by all druggists.
' "
i Cot Mla sod Fifth street.
Vld nptwltat
118 Prsl Kt.
, vi on
. Ai W
. ..i. KresH'nt
. B.rsmsie , u..ii
4 liorrfer "" l lell
u v.if.nni. valine.
5-1.??..? IS -' un;a..,. YL i.lUiiney Si.i
!, n. nrtniu, . '
l BABX1!5C BU3l3ft2
atNtwivi on tlmr
A MntlU LI millf "!:. " .,
one. ordar. Ir-.ia tn country ...iiciumi. u,. -onM natnrallv soprwee that his
raiser would him, and get his r p
banced price, bnt, as a rule, he hAs come
to the Bt. Louis railrouuJ as wild as
could be, and also as stubborn, but the
, of the companies havo bad a
rjriKll.lil3a IHIUOU, ,rMnll tll,.ra to trarUUlity. They
have also bad some exciting exjHtb'tices,
817. ai, 221 sod ill Main rtt.,
Plattsmouth Nebraska
H. il B'JKS, Propriswr.
bu been
twi !s
lbe Perkins
on.ia!j-.d froUl toil K rOk'U.
jow one of the best hotels Id the state
JotnW will be Uken by the week at
t50 and op.
((lass at
Brown A
For Bat.
A base burner with oven for sale
heap. If
... . J ilur
is-. '' r :. -1
A At '
f 4j 11 IWWiWI -,TH-r,
r?-;tr.---.-V.L-3 ZJ3 tzA 01
VaS - "
Tetlor. ult lihcuia, Bcald Uood, OU
ChtoiJ Sores, lover t3ore, L.-xma,
Feb, Tc-Jxh Ecitttdioa, tjorn J.lpplos
and Piles. Itlscoor.e nd -w-thln.
ilttndrodsof uaoej lav beea cured by
It idler all ether troatuxnt Lfti fiUcl
It L: iut li? W I
n .. , -
CI It JJY ' iwi"'i ..- --'i.'WTi;'. 7i-.' -i-e"
Style sfsfe'
Square Pianos
Out of
rasL i's probably nsrer be sblo to fy.,;2 J 'skZi'-
iJiiwoiki I- -i f )ur old square piwio iali r,'r,-;;i .r.r .; ':''
tt?T U..XIIVCII GUAM NOW )U f - : 'i A Vl
If tnn fir ' t-tnnl t hwtflttff hihI ft foUl tm L t)
SJ V.w i'. .r a-s w. u. Us ,.. .
awlfcilaw U. t;
f w r-jmn ww . 1
ryt 1 1. !! ' '' i i"-1 : ".!.
rVmA ktnject lo .fi-M.!.
Ml'atl imi ywor su (iuumi tul ) appiova taa .
a r I s
Lt'jlb to
Fond mm
Mrton!o Terr.plo,
Ux, as the little fellow has heels unite
serviceable as his burger relative, and be
knows how to nse thetn too. You have
got to look out for thetn, and you have
got to pnt some muw-1 if to nse whan
vnn think von havo an easy task to hold
w.u ii..M -1 ma ia m)K a.( ail
. ... -
easy sometimes, as he has strength and
frequently a very hard mouth hard
enongh to pull a bobtail car by it with
tin, trtuvil luckflicd.
It has been said that it sems cmel to
rnu theso little fellows to a street car
loadod down with passengers. To the
contrary, there ar few animals which
huve an easier life. The polling of the
car Is nothing to them. They can laugh
at that and kw fat- Twenty-five to
lhii;y lui'.es a day I- them is uothing at
Ml. end thst is itWt what ther cov-
e. .u i r'.- t o-.t.v'S 11 ir.--. ...
- - - . ... - . 1
with their day a worlt.tliey are mrneu
Into a bij yard, when th-y run and roll
as they please. They never die, or at
leat tho employees or tne street rail
ways never hear of their dying. lien
they approach Hint period cf life thay
are fold or sentolT t- tne I irm, wuero
they may s.ill be of s.imn use.
They are aged beroro that it me comes,
however. Tuere are, for Instance, little
rat t'lulrsss iuuehas20or2 years old
:.(.! In Ki-vice hero, and some which
have been In the service twilvo and
B.'u-on yt-ars. And still they ore, p all
appiuiraiiciw, pw'd f jr wvtnd je?.rs yet.
Tl.ev aro as Mroni and active as ever,
nrrsrentlr. end' will liltely a y.-ar front
now atrtrt in f'ir a seroitd lifsen a sorj'li
ern tdauUtlon. This Is a long tine for
u;i .n ivml to tM'nn ever rr;imt and
od.'T of t iiviiiir, tiin u;;h mnlaa-1
ia nil kinds of w-tther. but the limit
lu .s tiwiiij -iy j..., r b- n roacJ.f-1 wi'.h
this bardylutlJ follow, lie might bo
niij":ted to twice ss nnii'j, po wilily, so 1
c'.ni not f ill imdr It.
I i io'..',;;!..n tt performing service
t.Tl lo t i:t if I'm her .1 or ;'.n lurire
iw'iil". the halo rat mule is one of the
lit :,..t ai' known i:i ti.o I JU it-
ipjire-1. It tiiiid't, in fait, be said that
he ren'.ly dues uot re'1'.iirn a-.y cmm. IIj
Bijurlsh! when allowed totuuh It,
Ho is, of course, fed grc.ln and hii. but
l.s ii not in I'.w K'H't liistlcloti iil.out his
food, a ia thd born.-, end In tho abw nco
,t rtytUii.l ela" would probably ni'innre
t i In-.- oil o'd bo.,' '- -.. i'- l.'-'-i i
i , i- t . i ti; '' i' '
ua Itoi, U Lk.i. Clv'-i) Uv..iO.iui.
ChlMUh ralth.
An Mamnle of childish fulth, of a kind
a dull aze wears away, was seen the
other day. A little boy was sitting in
the yard of an old country homestead
on either side of him sat a hnge dog, pa
tient and loving. The snn shone down
scorchingly on the trio, and its rays were
uncomfortable. Shading his eyes with
his curved hand tho child looked sky
ward and said, "Pnt in that sun, please,
The snn shone brightly, and the little
fellow related softly, "Please put In
thnt sun, man up in thesky; it hurtsiny
Just then over the face of tho blazing
orb there sailed a white summer clond,
then another, and the yellow blaae
turned suddenly to a hazy, restful gray.
Turning to the' dn?s, the little boy, put
ting an arm arouad the neck of each,
said: "Did yon see the sun pulled In.
Romeo and Chieftain? When yon want
anything, if yon is gisid, and yon ssks Ood
for it. he fives it to yon. Tho ntn bnrt
mv head, and I asked him to put it is,
and don't you see how he did reach out
and pnt it In for mc-r The dogs lookud
wise, leaned their heads lovingly toward
tho diminutive little theolojrlan, and
whatever might have been their belief,
kept an inscrutable silence. Providonco
Wtar Kyas Are tlflit ami Hark.
An Interesting point Is the cans of
the different shades of color we see i a
the eyes. On a certain membrane in the
j,,trinr era numerous cells. Called "pig-
mrnt" cells. When these are present in
very groat nnmlsrrs they produce thnt
decn black color of some eyes, and in
proportion to tholr numbers decrease
also the depth of color, till finslly a light
blue is reached. In certain eyes thse
. t.nM, fnii An i.f.t mi. t r irl, t-Tif-
wanticg, Indeed, all tiirongh the system,
huir aud Bkln. A person of this descrip
tion is called an albino, aud among ani
mals wa find a parallel 111 tlie cise cr
the white rabbit. Chambers' Journal
tValklua- IMck ia tba Ulf City.
Wrecks of Uie, early winter theatrical
season are alreullv seen iiiNuwlorlt
mauuxers wboes venturL-s havo failed
after a few niuhts nit of town, tired
looking actors who seem to have walked
homo, and beditaggled looking women,,
whose faces ted plainly of their disap
pointments. It is tlie old story of poor
plays, poor limine and tho refusal of the
ghost to do his weekly little pedestrian
act. And yet iai the main the theatrical
outlook is very good, for wHh big crops
tomes plenty of money and an array of
people to be uicised. But It is the sur
vival of the fittest The poor plays are
not patronize!, and the managers tt
many come to grief. There are many
fumihar facea on the Rulto today, men
and women who started off a month
sgo filled with hope-. Some of them Will
lie glad to shovel snow for a living be-
ore fpring. Foster Coatee In Mail and
Express. .
A Da4 riaoa far Wraok.
When a vessel sinks in the channel
through Lahe Oexire (kits, near Sanlt
8t. Marie, there k plenty of trouble.
The value of the wesols delayed by
wreck theisj recently at estimated at
$14,000,000, and that of their cargoes at
tl.000,000. At one time seventy uws
steam vessnls were auohorod on tb at
side of the blockade and sixty, on the
west side, and A new channel had to be
cat through tie Sits "to allow" thchi to
continue tlrir ways. Four drudges
worked day aad night to make a channel
700 feet In bmgtit, 60 in width and 60 ia
depth. It ia said that the only way to
nrt-vent accfk-ufulike tlytt which cauacd
the wreck ia to limit the speed (if vessels
ia the chumoL There was tlie same
trouble at the Clair flats ttutil men
were staUor.ed at the nds of Uie cliaa
nul to time the vecaels.-New York San.
For many years Mr. H. FiThotnp
son, of Des Moines, Iowa, waij se
verely afflicted with chronic diarr
hoea. Hi; says: "At times it was
very severe; s much w, that 1
fencrd it would end my life. About
even yenm ngo 1 rhaiifwl to pro
cure u bot'le of Cliaujucrlain's
Colic, Cholera'- ami Diarrhoea
Remedy. .It gave ma prompt relief;
and I believe-cured me permnnent
ly. as I now e'tt or driuk without
tinrnt anytrnng I pieaee. x nave
imo used U m my taiiiiiy wun mo
est results, for sale by f. u.
Frickie St Coi
Wonderful Suocess.
;T wo years ago the Holler Trop.
o.' ordered their bottlca by the box
now tney buy by tne carioau.
Among the nopularand succeseful
remeuies uiey prejiaic is nuuvi v
Sarsaparilla & Hurdock which ia
the most womJerlttl bioou puruier
known. . No druggist hesitates ta
recommo-nd this remedy.
Por tials by druggiBt..
A Myttery Exptalned.
The panera contaia frequent no
tices of rich, pretty and educated
girls eloping with negroes, tramps
und coachmen, Tlw well-known
specialist, Dr. Franklin Milts, says
1. . .. t V. . .
all sucli gins urc more or m-bs hj
tcrical, nervous, very impnlwive, tin-
balanced; usually suinect to ncau
ache, neuralgia, hleeplecsticfls, im
moderate crying or laughing. These
show a weak, nervous system for
which -there is no remedy equal to
Kestorative Nervine. Trial bottles
and a fine book, containing many
intsrreious cures, ires at F.O.Frick
& Co' s., who also sell and guarantee
lr. Miles' celebrated New Heart
Cure, the finest of heart tottica.Curee
fluttrruig, abort breath, etc
Inrautitra Ara Ilora
Ornr.rallp f ricakitiir. inventors, lil;o
pixits, are born, not made. Nearly every
boy can become a good mechaoUS or
trudentnan by diligent study and perse
veritnee, br.t tint every oue can bocouie
a gooJ Inventor. If he has a "knack"
for invention, ftudy and hard work will
greatly help Mia, and he stunds ft fitir
cuaiice some duy of succeeding as well
in bis chosen hue as his brother play-.
Eiatoa do In boMnrsa or professional life.
lnvelitloD is lti) longer a spasmodic work,
bt-.t a Wtdm.ite brnnrti of industry,
which h:w Hi rei.nU aud renin tiwra-
tions f.n thoi'e who follow it faithfully,
Ueor"o 11 WaMi In New York Kpoch,
A WoadarSil tkiilerfruua4 takek
An nndergronn l lahe lis been dis
covered three tuik s from Ciinesse. Ida.
tt vis found by n we'd iiyer. At a
depth of sixteen fott clear, pure lake
water rau out o?ver the surface, for a
time, then sctt-ed back to the earth's
level The- most canons part of it ia
thut flih wore brought to ths surface on
tho overflow. They have a peculiar up
rrM-anr and nro siglUcsaD, indicating
that.-tinar. aois umtorrotiud tun..- ine
si'rins: baa Kttruuted much attention.
and tiiauy lAi mers bi. the vicinity tear
that tholr iitiui will drop lute the Wlte.
Coise(Kla.) Slatesaiau.
Ttiaia Ara Ma II Unit fl.h.
There are r.iuny niilmais iu th" world
whlcli C'i'K all tiiulr lives iu dailiiicso.
never "Inv' a rsy of light. Every om
l.,:s hejird of tho lilltid of the Man
n-i-th ( w.i. Toe Iittfe'r w tho bi,-;get.i -r
i ;.i-st i ,-avnis lii tlie United States.
All of them are inhabited by numerous
olii-.-r sorw of ci-efl.'.'.- i luat Juv-j no
eyes for vision. LHerc'ly ingthero
Is no such thing hs a blind ti-!, si ie tho
liio-.t sIkIiI.i-ss of tho ii nv tri'.v p.: a -cs
vhmiil iTH-n in a riu'.iniMiiary eondl-li.-n.
b'H tor-ni.-.-h v; -t t.f n ' ;!
( n-i i I i . ' 1-:.'" i' '
u,. l.i ..i '.-1 -1 .d.-Vta.ui.iwa li..".
Itotibad VfUlla Aalaais. .
A oneer cimm waa triud in ths chci.t
court of Louisvillo Friday The defend
ant was a man who was captured ia the
art of committing burglary, Tbe de
fense set up tlMrloa that Uie defendant
was a somnainbulUt aud waa asleep at
tho tima ho committed Urn d.-ed and
was, therefow, unconsiioiw of wrong
doing. Tho j'iry lxd'-flViyl and acquitted
ths uiun. Piiilidelphla Lr-.ljf.
. Cuarantoed Cif.
We attUiorUe our advertised drug
gist to sell Dr. King's Via-
:ovvry lor cousumjuion. vuuna
1 Cl'bls, ll...ll tlHH COIiil.tloll.
Uvou nre fifiic'ed wi'tt u cotta-n,
. . T, , i "l
I rr n'iv j. u::.;, i n""i. i v .
trouble, and mil uee tnis reincu'jr n
lirecle-d, giving it a lair tnai, imu
experience; i.enent, you limymimi
the bottle nnu nave join
refunded. We could not nuiKe tma.
i!:r il'd wo not Know mat Jr..
King's New Discovery could rJ'V"'
on. it never tiii.-pv'"Ilr' j
bottled fttc at o. 1 fuk.'" c-o.
Iriig Stare. Larpe sivx oJC, anu.
MH-sNorveanrl tlvsr ltls.
Act mm new principle reRUlaU
ing the liver, Moinrvli ami bowei
Ihiotightln- ni-rve. A new dipcovt-ry.
Dr. Miles' I'ilts fvi'-e'iuy cure imini-
sneas bad titste, torpid ltvcr, pnesk
")itistipntiov lir.eqniiU'd Ur
wouh-ii, clilldrcti, smallest, rudest
eurestl 50 dones, '-K'. Samples
free rt F. . Frick.' & Co'a.
Tli a ana the Klttans.
J. IL Chapman has a out that found
yo.irg rabbit iu ths field a few dnys atr-i
aud car lied It lioiiio, placing U wiut ber
kittens, ai d now the is just like
ono of the family and seems Ij be as
Iimmiv as any of them. . The mother cut
i.uiw.-i f jiut tlii same as b.r klltecs.
Uaytuond (Ills.) ludupendeut
Aflar Ilia Vacation.
"You look ail brokmt up."
"lYVti'raJly; Jt biim dividing tiiys-df
r.'.-ti:r io:ty ,ii ttt a aciuluo haUd.'
H.u ,m;'b U.iJ.r.
We huve f-old Kly's Cream Palm
about 'tVce years, ond l'uve tv.
conmieiided its tn uiort: trtiu a
hundred special cares of cnturrh.
Theuunniu.otisnvswer tn 'ur(,m:
quartos if,"ll'e th.: best remedy
f lmverventF.rd." Our eminence
is, thnt t here pi.rlics I'onui.uod its n -ver fads to i.un-.- J .11.
Montg"iiiery, &Co., i)rugi;ta, De-
........1. f11Q
. When I berrsn using Lly Yrc."n.
Hulminy cstatrh was so bad I had
headache the whole time nod I dis
charged n lurge umount ol filthy
matter. That bus nlitund etit.rc'v
disappeared and have not hnd b- .-r,-h"
BcietH'C.-J.StirnmrrH.bte;.:. . y,