The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, October 31, 1891, Image 4

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    Elmwood Iinith.
Yfm I lie Krhn.
Trunk Dicknoi! is running for
county clerk. His cppouenta are
It in next to impossible to get
uny liiiji'tt i in X41 in uuu. j.itcj uc
all employed.
j A protracted meeting' at the
. Christian church at fin enivood had
-reHtiltt'd in fifty-etht iiiTesnious up
'Jiii Sunday evening.
Good Holier and industrious men
can iiiid employment in around
Elmwood at fair wng-i'n, There ia a
scarcity of laborers here.
I. C. Win. Pclles attended the
grand lodge K. of 1. nt Lincoln last
week. Will him an interesting1 re
port to make at the next regular
.meeting, so come out, brothers, and
ltear it.
Vte, Nrvond Ci,,r aita.
Act on a new principle regulat
ing the liver. Btomrch and bowels
through the nervs. A new discovery.
.Dr. Miles' Pills speedily cure biliou-
unesa bad taste, torpid liver, piles,
Souetipation. Uneiualed for men
women, children, smallest, midest
nrest! 50 doces, 25c. Sample
free at F. G. Fricke & Co's.
Ladies who use cosmetics or pow-
una n w y v i"v bv
plexion, do not know that O. If.
Snyder can furnish thein with Blush
wf Roses, which is clean water, purl
ies the skin, and positvely remove
' black heads aud all skin diseases
takes the shiny look from the face
ad whitens it soon as applied
ThaOirioflh Fuiur.
Now John, if I say yes, its on one
condition will you promise? You
'liad better say yes well, its that
yon will get me a bottle of Haller's
Jain Parahter. Why'f Because its
the best thing for headache and
- rheumatism I ever heard of and
-then its so nice for babies when
they have the colic and diarrhea.
Will you suffer with Dyspepsia
-nd Liver Complaint? Shifoh'a Vit
lizer ia guaranteed to cure you. 2
A raii child.
-My oldest boy, who has not yet reached
4h mature aire of three, has. 1 think .
ysstic way of expressing himeelt Thus
other day, oa noticing the ripples oq
Hi lake in Central park, caused by the
anna, be exclaimed, "Mamma, look; see
Jw the water is laughing." New York
Cor. Babyhood.
Cloth an fH' Mad fraaa Oaa Trw
The psper trco cf ihs South an U a
species of the mulberry. Its inner bark
is ao delicate that a soft and pleasant
feeling cloth is made from it, which the
aalives use in making their "beet suits.'
It is also used in the manufacture of a
-rery fine grade of paper. PUikdelpnia
la the abysses of the oceans, below 600
- tihoma, mmjy aiiliuaia have either im
perfect eyes or none. Tbeir condition
in this regard affords a suggestive par
diet to that of cave life, and the eansns
n probably the same. Science is of the
jauion that all deep sea life originally
migrated from the shallows.
A. writer on social affairs in Iceland
myn there is cot a single prison on the
island; that such things as locks, bolt
md bars are unknown, and that there
we uelllirr waic'nmen nor policemen.
Ia the line of eating the Uanchoa.
-mho have niled In China since its con
noest by them som 250 years aso, are
ArOTg-at in baked meats. Tbs Chinese
oel in soup.
Old French fort are being sold very
. cheap. A French artist ha bought the
Fort da Onesclin for ubout $1,100. They
C from a few hundred to $1,000.
Tho laontor i Dnta ml rmmm.
4Xtrj inventor has some Idea of dls
wanrering a great useful article, which
-fill benefit the whole human race and
arry his own name down to posterity as
-m great ninn of genius. Often these am
iatious schemes are never realized, but
Us best part of the inventor' life is
aajwot in vaia effort to accomplish this
- - - -uuui uiu mimm vnDouio
ad dignify hi work. and. though they
-aaav never be realized, he hjia 1 iiit Ai' Ia.
- artion of knowing that other will come
mllrr him to Uks up the work which he
haa left nnflninhed.
Wany of the great invention of today
have not been the product of one man'
finins, although he may enjoy all of the
redit, but the result of generation of
"thought, experiment and suggestion of
ihoetis of scientists and inventor.
TJrorge E. Walsh in New York Epoch.
A Military KoT.lty.
-- vegeUble cartridge shell, which U
trtirvly cousomed in firing, is now com
Jn into general nse in the French army.
The cartridge ha scarcely half th
weight of on with a metal shell; th
-asMt i cousMcraU less, beside the in
oor?nienc of removing th (hell after
jmch shot i avoided. At present th of this military novelty i
jfasj a secret New York Telegram.
tSr. II. C Fl'tzgeralil, whoTeside fir
-wBiile southwest of Uolden, tell na a
4tnod one on an egg stealing blackoak
bmt has been operating around his
-ciucKen doom. nr. r iMgeraia roniisbed
1 of his hen nest with finely polished
: ep'R, wmcn is neither a novel nor
uncommon thing for chicken raiser to
!. Oil the second d ty the nest epg dis
appeared, and its wherealwut were not
j).rvrTi;d nuMl Wt Sunday. On that
4ny tiio son of ?.fr. Fitzgrndd killed a
Uig. bl.-K-ksnaka. whicj he dijcororcd to
be tmuMiaily lare where a snake's
tamiH-h n snppoH-d to be. Tlie infjusi--truene!
of young Fi'JtwraH le 1 him to
iioM j.iiftntojpyoii tlie Uxlyof hiflanaks
sliip, snd lo, the loni lost f;r was found
4o bo the c:nn of the unnatural enlarge
mint. The nest egg bvl rt"nainel in
1'ue rornrions maw of the snake for lil
weeis. U,Jen (Xo.) UcraJX
A Car- at Staiiy and Trsisir; TSst
Waada Out from Ilia Prleatbood Many
Men tVha Arc Nut Paaaaaad ml mm t)a
acslnf Zaal Plain Food mm rrajara.
What kind of a life is it in our col
leges? Well, I snppoNO It is much the
same as the life in colleges which are
cot ecclesiastical. Of course, church
students have many more prayers to say,
and are expected to observe the rules
with more tiilelity than other students.
They rise early in foreign colleges at
8 in winter ami 8 In summer in most
English college at 6 all the year round.
Half an bour is allowed for dressing,
after which all go down in silence to the
church, where morning prayer are said,
and a meditation is held for half an hour
on some spiritual subject Meditation
ia followed immediately by th celebra
tion of mass, and altogether about an
hour is spent every morning in spiritual
exercise. Then fullow ctudy till break
fast time, at 8.
Breakfast consist of a bowl of coffee
or tea, with bread and butter at discre
tion in the home college, while abroad
on has a rhi' hMtwami fluffs, milk
and chocolate, but the bread must be
eaten dry. It ia wonderful what a ub
tantial meal can be mad of coffee and
dry bread when there la nothing ! to
be had. A few minute for recreation
are allowed after breakfast, then work
goes on till dinner time, broken only by
half an boar s recreation at 11 0 clock.
Dinner, which Is eaten at 1, U al
way a good, substantial meal, and
ample justice 1 don to It after the
rather thin breakfast No study I al
lowed during the hour and a half fol
lowing dinner. All who ar well enough
Boat join in the public game, which
for the most part are played with great
spirit and keenly enjoyed.
At o'clock the itudiei commence
again, and class and lector or prepara
tion for them, with half an hour's rest
at 8, go on until 7 or half past, when
thirty miuates are given to prayer and
th reading of the life of some saint
After tb prayers all go to th refectory
for Kipper, which, Ilk dinner,! eaten
in silence, broken only by th voice of
th reader, who read alond soma bio
graphical or historical work.
After sopper there is recreation, and
at foreign college this Is always the
favorite hour of the day. And Terr
pleasant it is to besr the fresh young
voices and merry hearted laughter echo-
lug aiung liie coiiege cui.siera.
At 9 the big bell ring oat again for
the last time that day, and at it first
peal the bilk and laugh are hushed, the
groups break up, all professors and
church students alike make their way
to the church for night praver. Pravers
over the points for the next morning's
meditations are read out, and after the
ngtng of a hymn all retire to a well
earned ret, which in most case Is only
too soon disturbed by tu noisy clanging
or me great bell in the early morning.
Of coarse, every day is not a study
day. Sunday is always, more or less, a
Cay of rest, and at least one afternoon
very week U devoted to outdoor recre
Yet, in spit of occasional play dsvs.
tney are and the holidays twice
uA I : u 1 u t. . A
, -" j J UMU viwuiiu, t, ujuat
necessarily go on for some docen year
before the student is called up for ordi
nation. The life of a Cathoho priest is
inaeea one to which msny ar called,
but few are chosen. A great number of
those who go to college, at th age of
fourteen or fift-n. with th intention of
becoming priests do not reach th goal
01 orutnanon.
In some case health break dWa,
many grow weary of th routine and
strict discipline of the life, other dis
cover that they have no calling for th
ecclesiastical sttte, and go out into tb
world to begin lif afresh. 80, from
one cause cr another, the student find
that by the time he is ready for ordi
nation he has hMt the company of many
who stood by his sid when be entered
Of six who went to college some
seventeen years ago with the present
writer, one is dead, on i prcticing a
mv ouiwa, a ujiru is
manager of a bunk in th north of Eng
land, another is serving as a mounted
policeman in South Africa, and only two
are priests A Catbolio Priest in Lon
don Tit-Dits.
X Animals In lha Dry Tarts of Cavca.
No allium whatever are fonnd in the
dry parts of caves. Dampness, or a cer
tain degree of moisture, seems to be es
sential to their existence. Under the
tone one finds white, eyeless worms,
and in the damp soil around about are to
be discovered blind beetle In little hole
which they excavate and bag of the
thonsand-leg sort The thousand-leg
bags, which in the upper world devonr
fragments of dead leave and other veg
etable debris, sustain life in th cavern
by feeding npoa decayed wood, fnngn
growths and bats' dung. Kneeling in a
beaten path one can see number of them
gathered about hardened drip of tallow
from tourists' candle. There are plenty
of crickets also. Washington Star.
QuMr RctlgUttt Saeta la Kami.
M. Tsakni, a Hnsf Un writer, ha pnb
Uabod ah interesting work upon the cari
ous religions sect of Rossis, from which
It appears t'l it there-are not leas than
15,000,000 followers of insane and cranky
notions in that empire. Thej cutn
munitie.iof ik-vo,nt and deluded Chris
tians are eoiift.iii'Jy springing up in epite
of all theeiliirts cf Kus-aaa debits to
keep them down. St. Louis RcpuUio.
- Th Rrlcht Side
YcatgittH.baad Yjo't trjV) a fool
of me.
Mr. Younghusbsnd That will be
handy for you now, my dear. Yoq can
do silly tilings to k ep the baby amused.
New York I2pocU.
TI,r. t inr.
1 6 : 116 r M No I, S -' . I
I W & IikK
. ' - P
10 .
... li.a K. 1 ' M
....In :I4 a. ii n. S p.i
.lain No. M mii.
.19 II Of.
AfiAsotjd pAiym: railway
No. 3M Afiomortu, n I .,ri a.
in : ' M'i'. t .in p.
Iraim dully tn-opt fuiw,,.
KNUill'll OK I V 1 Mac i.iinMirt U.dif
No. 47 Mi-H- evriy kIi.h.Ukjt rriiin
si their h H In l'ni'i Cm-i! hh rk. All vi
llln koliihla ar orctl ly li.vlr.llo aiirud
tC. Mi'iilill. ('.. i ti. Hoy,,, k. K. B.
alrrreHn blK k Hnl Htn-rt, Vio.n.t
op fr'-rn S :.w a m i :m p ir. For atr s enlr
(MIrl Diesl'UK sveir Buudny altrrubuu at I
'eiork .
AO. 0. W..I. MrHf tnt sn third Pridsy
evejlnsi cf e k momti mil A R. hull
In Rurkwiiuk Mk. Kmuk Veimliyea, M, W.
D, E Kuentols, Keoorder.
AO U. W. No. S4 Memeeond sndisunk
KrlrtlT venlriti In Ibe munlh II. A . K.
hall in Korkwnod hUxk, E. J. Muiisa, M W,
K, f, Brown, Keeorder,
nOTAl. AROANAM r Coined Wn lfBl.
II m. xs . . . 1 11..... r 1 . 1
jttm m inv ni r bwi m inv rti niri a
J Tif niocs ir rrinen mut, tiiiiihi
orviarva iiTiiea nenry ttcroiQ, 'ategeni;
Ikos sills, seoreioiv.
vans LUiKis, no. iw 1 o. u. r. veeis ev
il? Tuesday nltht st tbeir ball In HtttrraM
block. All Odd Kellowa sre cordially Invited
Wtsiten hn vUltliic In thselty. J Cory,
M i m aw m muh...
w. B. n,DMiil,DmriHj.
CiTnoLlc.-St rul' Cbureb. sk, betwer
rirtk ss sum. rather s'Bry, raitor
arvlceat Wajuat Sasd 10 :M a. at. Sunday
Bckoal atlJit, wli hcnedlcllua.
Cssimas.-Comer Uteust and fliblk Bi.
nervlees morslDS sn eain(. aidrr 4. a.
aeod. pastor.
griacorAU-dt Li-Ae's Churrh, eorner Third
and Vina. Hat. M B. Rurgeaa. pslor. Her
vlees: II A. At. Sidl Jr. M. Suaday School
at 1 Jir. m. k
QsaaiA MsTaooirr. ttrser Rlxtk St and
(iranlia. Kv. Hlrt. 1'a.lor. hervirea : 11 A.SI.
asdtJSr.K. HusdsyHcbooll J A M.
raasavTiai eervtrea Is vrm ehmeh.ene
net Hlith and (iranlia ala. Kri.J. T. Halm,
liaator. KuDda-aei ool at I ;9S; Preaching
st II s. .a',d In m.
IbaV. K. H. 0. a l ihlarhiirrh mli fry
Rabbsth eTenlnt st T :I5 In the l'aanit ot
therbucrb. AUste Ibviled to BiUnd theM
FllUT MTHODtaT RlX'h St., hwR Ma t
sad ffarl. Ktv. 1, K. Krlit. I. D. iu r.
hrrvteea : II A. at.. ss r. N. hui.da. (M-lioui
JO A.M. frsyrrmeetlii Wedueadsy evts
lug. Ossmav PavssrTKBiAS. Corner Main and
hintb. Hrv Wllle, 'Hl"r. ftrnriois uanal
hours. Sunday reboot t jo A. M.
Swssdmh ( osdsroATiuSAU Gnuilia, be
tween ritth ana num.
Coi-omfd BArTiar. Mt. Olive. 'k. btwen
lenth siid fclrvrnth hr-v. A. rxawell. t'-
tr. Hnvl'-ra It s. ni. Mid I 0 p. in. I'lsjer
mrcllur vteiliiraiiay evriili s-
Iiitmo Msx'S Chki-TI AnriATloi-
KiMHiKln a'TtnKii liliwk. Main iwi. .'
pel nirfiinr. ir iiii-i. viiiv. rf-r mh.iIht tl
trniMin at 4 n'rl'tf-k. Hini open ek dayi
roro j a. ui.. to : as p. m.
8oi-Ta rASK TAsrehAci.r Itcv. ,t. K.
d, I aanir. t-ivli-n: huuUy Fehmil
.4s. nt.: Irrachtit. lis m. ai.rt I t. m.
prayer mealier Turxiny nitln ; rl.olr piac-
iico rnuy mtni ai. arr ni irmne.
When you po to a Mioe nlore your
object ionot only to buy elioen bill
to procure for what you spend the
best that your money will buy.
Lee than this will not content you;
more than this you cannot, in rea
son, ek. Our method are as
simple a your desire. Wc do not
lift your expectations to tlie cloiKls,
but we realize thctn whatever they
are. We will nevir a.icrilice your
interests to our and nowhere else
caa you jet a fuller 2nd f.-.irrr
equivalent for your money. An
especially profitable purchase for
you is our etc.
301 Main Street
Lumber Yard
pi li ;
Shingles, Lath, Bush,-,
Doors Blinds
Csn supply evcrw demand of the city
Call sod pet terms. Fourth strei t
In r-nr of opcrM rioti;.
nteTrlv Hrfenlve 1 r rt 1 nr n 11,1111. i,.
i.Knd ren ( r pmilM.iaia. l.'H'H
I'I t KtilVK A0KM.Y, kl 7t7, W aali.Jit,ij,
TvTT IS waiting to show you his new goods
KJ Li and o let you know how cheap they
cen be bought.
In si line in Cass County. You wi l not be nble to buj cheaper We Chi
cago when jou take qnalitr and price in consideration.
Onlj bnji the bet males and latest novelties in
And if on are looking for a reliable place to trade gire JOE a trial.
v- .
For Atcliincoii, St. Joseph, Leaven
worth, Kansas City, St Louis,
ui all poiute north, east
south or west Tick
et sold mid bag
gage checked
to any
v the
States or
Cunadu. For
Cull nt Depot or address
II, C. TjWX!-i;.mi,
G. I. A. SI. I .iiia, Mo.
A. G. V. A. Ouiiilia.
I. D. Al tiAK. At., I'lulttnnoutli.
Telc hone, 77.
A "triMij II rat eiM' u inn', fullr
ail. tlula Hum lha -ry trt lulinal b
Slliiwl wiirkinrn, n4 tha im luola ti
linv ftarrH ru ll'd lor llac pirru-. U s
nuitril t" di kit thitl cai.t rca-n aLly ri
tMI-d of the vry t'l lrurlli-r itant
( aimt'le of wrtthiK l.'iii wnriit r-r iiiliiuii- o
aw re reordii.tlotU stjlllty of ttia op!"
... 1 .'
, T ' '-' .'' ' . .. I
riiiti; $ioo.
(ribnro la tin aji'iit In To"' ("" Sl'trs-i II.
mil' i.l.i. liin .
Till l'.lil'l " ".
Alffi.U vsiilnl Vsrith ft, V.
r. . Hi:Kr.nuur., Ar ri.
Lincoln, K. 1,
. ..s
fTHE best of liuriu'BS, both double and single may be found at 1, i
aloreand everything lit the
which ore firsl-clas in every respect,
easiest riding vehicles 011 curth.
ALSO hnvc s Inrge lot of Schutlcr, Moline, Iliiin and Sterling wsgons
Spring wugons, road carts, and plows of all dircriplion.
Plattsmouih - Nebraska
We give you the following deep cut iu prices: ,
Ladies Fine Clarrd f27S ehne redurcd to
Iji'Iu h Donpola Kid i-Irxiblc JJtislioe recliiccd to
Indira Hot Di.ngoln t'MK) i-liorn rt ilucrd to
Ladies Hand Turned best Dogola II.U0 shoe reduced to
Wc have n frrrat many o'her smiiple Jot of ol 1 U that we it -
o.l- rmg nt
In or.lerlo rch:cc our eturU to inert mirjlilii;;ition.
Wc rvn !:ivpn few lol t.f Ladies
pricfS. Lon't fur;;et tiie plal;.
- :-
I : '
i: ;
harness linetilHobiiKglcanndcarrhif;
being the lightest, strongest and
Ox funis that we uillici: ut rcIu4-.
' '
. 1
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