The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, October 30, 1891, Image 1

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.' IFII1 YE All.
fiatrkcut. i.'JBi.n;.' cctour;. ;:o iC9i
'""N fry
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bsolutcly Pure.
am i tarlar halting pnwuer.
;;.tof nil in lemciiiuir strciit'i.
6 1 1'. S. (iovcrnmcnt I'ood Ke-
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.. IvN-T-I-S-T :
I'-'.yfMn' nf li tit
Work a Sj c ialty.
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run. ti. Ni li.
1 1 1 u v.' r r
itlrtrrpy ut-l.itw. V ttl vwv tirn'iiiit mo-iillm.
f Hi I ii-mr-i 1" lii" inn u.
UlIi.u lilm-K. bn'X Sl,,, I'luitrmimtll, N''t).
"A kavs: i.i:c l iv ki)
VI MfMVU. I:m v I. Mi I . I I " ''H i 'I "''"
, 1 J I..! i. l,i !. r .),. l- -V li-it"
' ii..ii am i, I l,i y li ir.itul
; '1 line i, lial't li"' l rll'l l
,, r I i cli li . II .! k fill li in ll
' i li,- 4i r i r w Kill- i n I" In ,1'n1 to
( y r- iiiiii.i'- l.
- "'ss stiii vi.i.K, i ki.:ij.:.
mt kix i i n a i t t.i. mm: or
bv Uri" makli i ! i-pttnu-r t. Sal-
iHfiiciliiii ciLiriinli-i-it
I -.rflLD AMD r Ri:".LIN (Tto N Ns
r 'ii'lK0 wor'1 DI' "nB K"'1' w"r'1
- -i r t at nr r
, jDlTLLKjX A.J I I .
H. KTKINAt H LOi'AI. mi-II olhw Hi,
ilbetlct:la turili imlnlew eitriiu i
a A. MAMSIIALU Fiterh(
V. II. KLI.JvNUAUM. I'rop.
The ben t of frefh meat jiIwhvh found
in thin market. Also freeh
Kgg and Kultrr.
Wild game of nil kindi kept in their
, en riii'-rr infill iiiiihi
ci 1.
ii inerabl
liv Unit li.rnlil, iull
li Shilohs rem
edv is the cure for vou. bv r. (
.. , . .i t 1.
Fnck. and O II Snyder.
Men' benvy boots large, 10,
11 mill ! r ni 1,-hs than (hi v
ToHt ul Schildknechtrt. ti
Any person having lost a pocket
book in ladies' wailing room, con
t.iinii.g Home money, will please
cull ul H. A M. ticket office. 'il
JuKt received n Inge line of piano,
organs anil other hiBtrunienlH, ulso
big Mock of vocal and iriKtrtiment
f lolio'H ut Muir'H on Sixth utrr.t
pposite pontuflice. Dt
Mo lirown A Iiarn tt h nml get h
, ,v (.bu s and slop up that hole
our iiotuic. tf
I ndo w
gbiHH ut
IJrown &
w. h i;. o. r.o hereby Called to meet lit their
inil 1 riiiay, o,-t. U), nt j p. in., tor
'lisped lull.
Emm.y Dii t;hi.. Pies.
::aii M'EL'a .ms, !.;.-
jh Asoel
, 1 Aere will be a e,
!ay evening, ( )ct. ;
e social I'ri
ii t the rsl.
vVneeofV. V. Leiu.ard on Sixth
id I.oeunt btreris. ll:e proeenlH
ill be devoteil to the Intercut, of
ie commercial chm. of the bie.h
.boo!. Lxcrybody invited. ill
I ! t -t" .
V ,&v
Vote next TitcHilsiy.
To-uiih low in the InHt day for
liiiHini'Hu on tlie M. P. roufl in con
Hdmtly iiicrciittinjf.
l'iilroni.c home iiultiHlrica in
priiTiinrc t( nil othors.
The od(?r of burning traHh hoiipn
permc.-iteii the ntmosphere.
Attend the repulilicnn meeting lit
Weeping Wuter to-morrow evening.
Mr. und Mm, Henry Kikcnhnry
returned hint evening from Lincoln.
The XchriiHkn nilvertiwing train
c nitiniKK to play to "full Iiouhi'm".
Lew Moore mndehm UHualtrip to
Omaha thin morning with tin Hu
ll ninily niee lot of flower,.
Sever::! f::r !;;..:H of barrclla have
been tinlondeil nt thin place. The
immeiiMi; apple crop Cannes the (le
nt mil.
The ballot box i the citadel of
Amiricaii pi otiTtion, therefore
every citi,ei)M should uhc It intelli
g'ntly. ,
A oiing ttien'n republican club
ban beeij organized nt Weeping
Water with mi euthtiKiaHtic nieiti
beihip. If you would be loyal to your
town you fhotild buy your good
in J'latismoiitli in prelerence to (
O m a ha. j to Omaha reaching tiere .Nie. ember
Miss Garwood, of Milford Center,7- w-' to-morrow afleinoou
Ohio, came in last evening and will'"' aiitou, ., ileMnleys Mom
visit willi her rininiii. Lew Moon- n
few days.
Iliiiness never more brink nt
!!.! 15. A M. than now. It was found
iiceesi-nry to put on ni extra switch
engine yi hIi rday.
riacc an X in the right hand
;:rgi, i flr ich r'OlibliC!!!! CI! II -
did.ite and you will have exercised
the right of franchise well.
Mrs. iilack, of Weeping Water the
lady who was ohot recently by (ut
hti.ibaud, has so far recovered (is to
be able to resume her nchool work.
The democrats mid independents
have had their turn und to-morrow
evening the, republiciiti will have
an inning. Post nnd Webster at!
the but.
Everybody nhoifld attend the re
publican rally nt Weeping Water
to-morrow evening. Free trans
portation for nil. The train haves
the M. I'. station ut 5:30 p. m.
Additional (ocul on hist page.
I'ure buckwheat flour for sale nt
Ileiscl'e mill. tf
We have just 3000 pieces vocal
und instrumental music nt the low
price of ten centseach. Special dis.
count on large ipiantities call and
get catalogue tree, i oil can get the
ame music from this lot nt ten
rents that you will pay forty to
sixty cents for elsewhere. They
won't lust long. Come nirly.
Cine Mioen selling low
Schildkneclit shoe store.
Mt the
"Isn't She Beautiful!" Occasional
ly one hears thin expression, us n
lady with h strikingly lovely com-nli-xion
pannes along the street.
Certainly! she itsen the Famous
(flush of Roses manufactured by
M iss Flora A. lours, South Itend,
I nil, supplied by O. 11. Snyder.
Price 7.1 cent per boiiie. ,
1'nrtie owing me for medical
treatment will pleane call lit my of
fice, corner of Main nnd Seventh
streets, at theirearliest convenience
nuil settle aceounls, as 1 mil in need
of money. 1. specially long ( ii'I-
ing nccounts muni he settleI liy
c.'ii-h or note at once. I have given
tiiiii h time in many cases and now
the favor tniint come the otiier way.
tf Respectfully,
Has just opened up a full line
of ladles, Gents and ChiMrena!
all wool underwear and bui
. 1 . ., I
loro you buy your Full or.
Winter pcotU Don't fail to1"! , A",V (r:,1,r.y ' 1!,e
icluir, h. All are invited to the-c
ciil and Lf,o ourpiict:-. V;
Lcat 'tin all.
Have you seen t.oi:o nob
by I.iiost 8 Capa, all pretty
v.-, .... 1i.up
A CnrrKpi) ii ilia Knrn4y Hub
Teillftoflhn Nebi-nnka Woniior,
MAkkiixo.N, October 20, lM'l
I)KAK Si Kr: We tire spending Sun
day here. Juhtone week out from
Chicago. Thin is no nuap for me I
tell you, wojli from (J a. in. till 'J p.
ni.. We hIiow in about three townn
each day to large und appreciative
crowds of people, many farmerH
Coming in twelve miles bringing
their familii'H to nee "Nebranka."
They declare it imperial ivc. They
nay t'alinforni:!, Georgia and
Florida which have been over Hum
route hint year 'Wei n't in it" com ¬
pared with Ni I i
hal no idea v. h
;!ia on wln'cl.-". I '
ii I left Kearney I
that we (-Luiild iieel m iimcy pets-
file nor had 1 any idci thai our ex
hibit an a whole wnuM le1 ho tw
F am tune we will m i' good results
in various way. from this tour.
You have notdra of thei'i roneoiis
belief in the mind of IheHe people
concerning Nelu a.- l.a v. lien they ur exhibilion th-y change
their minds. The preh.-t in every
town give us ciy cotiipliiiieutary
We to to h'oeliefler, Ca., them c j
oacK 10 iiuuious, vi., wncrc we
Hieml next .Sunday, fiom there to j
. rneago me over tlie Aorni wi-Hterti i
frilly, 1 'II 1 1, Ili-'A 1) Y
The Chifinjio Ln-!y Qtiar!ctl'-.
We are pleased to iiuiioiiuce that
negotiations are pending by v hich
it is very probable that lovers of
music will be treated wilh an enter
tainment above the average.'
Arrangements are about completed !
by which the Chicago Lady !'" '
tette will sing in this cily in tin
near future, under the aimpiees of
the Episcopal church. Every mem
ber of the company is an artist, and
us il lady quartette they rank pre
cminc itly above all others.
Prpu-ini 'or Wirvr.
A snow plow arrived from the
cant this morning to In used on the
li. A M. this winter, that hi point of
efficiency excels anything of Jhc
kind ever placed npon a western
road. It constitutes a train in its
Helf, being composed of one ear
nud engine. It operates oil the
rotary plan. The motive
power is furnished as
usual, but the force sm' to rotate
the plow is generati d by n n pa rale
boiler nnd attachments, largely on
the plan of the derrick. It is at the
shops and is well worth seeing.
Evidently the II. A M. looks for u
winter with no binall amount of
A Sudden Death.
A vale of gloom is cast over the
home of W. J. Ilesser to day, owing
to the death of his aged mother,
Mrp. Elisabeth Ilesser. The de
ceased has been very feeble for
Home time, being eighty-one years,
of age, und her feeble condition
together with n slight cold con
tracted recently served, in spite of
all the material aid loving hands
could render, to make her weaker
nud she breathed her lust nt CM)
this morning.
It is nil the more sad that she was
suddenly taken awey, while on a
visit to the west, uway from her old
hme nnd the greater number of
' her immediate relatives and fr
The remains will be sent to Dhioon
No. ' this evening, for interment.
Tha O U. C. Club
Another pleanaut d. luring parly
was given nt Rock wood Hall List
eveniug under (he auspices of the
Oxford dancing club. These enter
luiuinentH lire participated iti by u
tine class ot young people und
managed as they lire, they furnish
evenings of delightful und harm
lexis enjoyment.
The following ncrvieea will be
held nt the M. E. church on Sab
bath: Sunday school nt 0:110 a, in. ;
preaching, 11 a. in. ami l.'M p. in. br
i tr, Dr. l h. HritL subject
for the morning, "Early and Late,"
sermon to parent'! nnd Sunday
school workers. In the evening,
- . - dobboietn. or pi.-io's vu.
si rvii'es.
I S I . I in l,,,i r ,,f k' ,,vi 111 i:T ia i..
the city to day.
All peisoil'4 knowing Iheiliei lv a
indebted to, J. ). Graven At Co. w ill
pave trouble bv ralliiur witiiin tin:
1 tiet ti',1 rl ivu fcii lliiiirr' fin-ltii'r
I . liravcs iVl o will lor ten days
f:,r ,. i l,,,l,r l ot.
i "ll"les, lime, had-, sash and donrs
'utcosb Ot J. 1. GKAVliSa t o.
I'AfH'Y Hi; A II is.
I r, C, F.
I H'lll H'lil MlM
Vlnnlo B.
lnt i u L nii'i.l.
One of the ImppieHt society eventn
of Lincoln for many moiitliH wan
the marriage last evening of MirtH
Minnie IVIle Lalta to Or. Charles
l'ratilt Liidd, nt the L'irnt I'renby
terian church. ,
The high hlanding of the ciindi
flatcH, their long residence here
iind llii ir po: i!iou in mcicty made
it an iilTairof more than ordinary
interest and the church wan com
plelrly lilli d long before the hour
eel for Hie ceremony. I'our hun-
ilred lavitatioiiM bad been nent out,
i,ut n,,,,',, ih.i.i Ci'.-t niMilier asscin
l..., I,. wii, ,,.;.H tiie ceri nioiiy.
The fioral iirrni'gciiientn were ex
rptirtitely beaut fill, tip- Indies of the
having pic-paled liberally
for tin
occasion by banking the
nllar with palms mid hi)i-antlu-iiliiiuti,
hiding the choir rail and
part of the organ with the veil of
Mrs. Geo. Rignall pre.-ided nt
theorgiiu mid liming the gather-
ing of the fuesls nift and inHjiiriiig
mui-ic Idled the church. At li:'."!),
iiK. time fur the ceremony, the wed
,!in ' march fiom I.olieii" nil was 111), the il.i (a's of (he vcMihiil
,,ji,.,t jind tiie bridal parly ap-
, peareu.
j Mi'S-.M. I-'. C. 111 HII'.
! gnu, W. !:. I lardy, F. S.
t'larl e :.i d (ii I'
I the in her.-., It d the v..
, main ;:' '; , ,'. I.,'., e, I
, J. T. Tor-
Curr, W. lv
v down ti
by Missin
K'o.'-hii I I'd- ;er a:.d I' I, a '-ih I'llt
nain, cniiiig their burdens of
1 fr.iL'.raat ( Then c.une the
bl'ide, I 1 1 ; ) t - I I - 1 , alt il ed i:l !1 white
faille .'!!'. v. :1.!: trii,;:iiligs of w'ni.e
hillini and a beautiful
1 adding
to her ipieealy uppearauce.
When the party hailed at thealter
the groom', Xr. II.
I'rceinan, etui r; ed fmiu the study
on the right, ni!owed by thegroom and neatly lil
ting Iilack, while froe; the left
there appeared l)r. W. S. Latta, the
bride's father and Rev. V.. II. Curtih
the olliciating minister. The lvis-C(i'i;d,,jsy:i4-tri'erTerr
wTih'impr,)ie.l v!"? Ir.
Curtis it was one of the most beau
ti fill und impressive ever witnessed
in Lincoln.
While the beautiful Mendelssohn
wedding march was being softly
tilaved tin: newly mated made their
exit from the church throu.di the
west entrance, repairing to the
spacious home ol the I.atta's nt
IbiS L street, where the reception
t ok place, Mltcndcd by fully ,ti 0
guests, among them Governor
Thayer und part of his staff, Mr.
und Mrs. II. C. Eikenbary, Miss
Menota Eikenbary nnd Mr. and Mrs.
A. W. W hite of Platlsmotilh, Mrs.
George llenton of York, Mrs. Will
Sapp of Council Uluffs, Clarence
lirown und W. Farnhiun Smith of
Ouialui, Misses Minnch undGeorgie
Ilawc und Mr. and MrH. Will Rector
of Nebraska Cily.
The house was decorated with ti
taste nud skill nud was in its en
tirety u bower of beauty. The
loads of presents showered Upon
them claimed long and earnest ut
tealioa fiom every vintnr nud it
was the general cxprcn-ion that
they were among the handsomest
ever t.een. 'At S:lt0 a complimentary
tiCiTii.nlc v.a.i tendered theui by the
baud Inn.! Co' n.-r Utsive:'. I'.y, b, i.i
composed of medical students from
the college of fwhii h Dr. Lalta
Atl o'clock Dr. an 1 Mrs. L.nM,
bade their liieuds good bye and
neeompan'ed by a few clone nnd
personal friends, repaired to the
Missouri l'ucilic deool where they
boarded u train for the rush After
visiting the groom's old home ut
Whitehall, 111., and other cities they
will rctcru to Lincoln und take up
their residence ut Twenty-second
and Washington streets, in the wel
known Urowu residence. Lincoln
The bride, was formerly a well
known and bi'-bly res pi cied ret
ih nt ol Una cnua,y, and her many
fi iemis will be glad to hear of her
eilO.I In, tun.'.
'I h I-ie y of Ppulit!en
b'oi- It,' r to-moiTuw.
V'oli" caly 1 lie--. I, i" r.i'i. :'i"-.
See that your nr,(,.Viu; r, -.i-l'-iv.
Si e that every cligiin,1 n iiii.a ,,u
Ca !a a vnt : f .r the iil.t ticket.
Hold your. icll in readiness to
make evety legitimate elfoi I for the
stirciMsof the republican iinmineep.
(Juiteu nuinberof the. V. M. C, A.'h
of this (dace will robably ntteiul
the twellih niiuual i late convention
to be held ut Lincoln, Nov. 3 to 8.
- - OF - -
Is liovr Oaaaplta
DltllSS (.00DS
We ore nhowinga hand.-ouie. line ot
A full line of colorings und blacks.
Stock complete and jirices lower
than ever.
CLOHljS flf? t) SI II VL S.
7"' "tVtr h,1"w" h" ''""r!1-' ii lino in tins department.
U'e call special attontioii t- our i-ir-r. assortment of lis ter
Military an 1 Hip (Joat s!i .pus teitn :n .il vvlLli Mink, fc-cii', Astrue.liaii,
M nil alonn nti'l Ciitu'v furs.
( .. i :....,. in., t. t .. - i .. . i . . i , p 1 1
'"'v i tnn jm:u iii r i iieri-i ina:ieei nt'iiiic. I' Ull
l ues of (.'liililrcns nml MisM-.s t'lnaks I'.nil .Jackets.
vi ii VI
Does Yoqi Li ( tie Qii4.
Need a cloak this winter? If she doss you will make a great mistake if
, you do not cull nml examine the childrens cloaks that
v.-e. are offering
Wo have just recoived from
his full
Childrens iample Cloaks.
For children 0, 8, ID ami li
parmciit8 in all. NO TWO ALlKti, on which we
were given u imsccuxt from regular wholesale price
po that ,e were ablelo hell them at actually
Manufacturer's Prices.
CALL IN nnd let lis prove the truth of the above statement, and
show vou ct the same time our HNK LINK of Ladies undMiBses Reefers
Succpics und Jackets.
Another opportunily to buy shoes at
We take pleasure in unnoucingto the people of l'lattsmoiiih and
cmrrouiif'iug towna that we have succeeded in getting another line of
sample shoes. Our success wilh the last line was pheuominal and hun
dreds were disappointed because they came too bite to secure houi of the
bargains that w cohered. This line is better if anything than the las',, be
ing Walter II. Temmy & Co., ol :Iloslon, Mass., full line consisting of Lu
dies, Misses, Childrens, Mens and Hoys shoes of all kinds and of ull de-K-tiptious.
Among them is pair of boys nnd Mens boots, in which
we can give the beat value for your money that you ever "laid eyes on,"
Don't think that because we don't ask high prices forshoeu that the
shoes tire not of any high qunlity. We have among these shoes that are
lis line as any shown iiithec'ty, everything extrinsic is stripped away
aad the ahoej that you buy of us siunds on its intrinsic worth. Wt dig ul
the root of values and give yon the worth of your money.
We me SI Giii Barpias is Mmit
25c 25c 39c 9c
l.hlhin n.; N..I childrens ull Ladies l'ine Mens K x t r n
oral Wool I ol- Wool Siiirtu A Merin o S i 1 k Heavy Kihbed
or .Shu ts nml Drawers All Trimmed hirt S h i r t s a u d
llarwers All Si.e. nnd Drawers. drawers,
507 Malu ftrivt nattsmoutli, Neb,
A good Ladies Jersy vest nt Z'ic.
Liidies line Jersey vest and pants in
while or natural grays ntaOc each
Ladies natural Gray Wool Vents and
Pants ut 50c. Regular 7,"c under
wear. Full linen of Lndies Fine wool
ribbed underwear in white, cardi
nal and black.
Complete lines of Child's under
wear in natural, scarlet and white
ut prices ah low as the lowest.
before buying.
a Inrpo Cloak Manufacture.
line of
yearn old, consislinj of US
hi; ' :
' i ' " 1 1 II,.-