The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, October 27, 1891, Image 2

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    Fldttsmonth Dailv He
K NOTTS BROS, Publishers
ruWHIiixi ery Tbunnlaj, and dallf ewj
nlDgexcpt Sunday.
4 ', h,i .tered at the PMtamoittU, Seb. aort-cJlci-fnr
traiumhvou through ttif U. , 8. inalls
at sreond cIum rate.
OnV. corner Vina and Fifth itmrta.
Telephone 3.
TRKXS ma n rKLT.
( copy, one jsiir, In a'trawe I) M
Ona coy, one yar, not In adTKiiee .... loo
a coijt. an mmiilif. lu advance 5
Ooa C"ly, thre nmntli.ln alvance. ... 0
Oaa cno on jf nr in Iv nfn , K! 00
OnC"iy p r, by crrkr IS
One CDIiy, prt month .. . . ,.' M
TUESDAY, OCTOHEK. 27. 1301 ,
Tat Amoeiate JnMlrs of t oiir
A. M. posTof'Utte.
for RDta of I he ?iat ifi.lTinlty.
v It. P. .SHt'il ' AT of IHsoa
; C. n. Ma'RN.Bor It
For District Juilj-e :
Fat C'.ark of tha Dlatriet Court :
Par raaaarrr s
Far Rheri f .-
Far County Clnk :
For Cuantv Jng :
for County Ktierlnt'ndint :
For ('aronar :
Forlarrcyor :
Fur roraml-wlfmer Flr-t DUtrlrt :
The republican party of the state
f Nebraska given renewed expres
sj.n of it devotion to the princi
ples of the republican party and de
dares principle!, aa ex
pressed by tin; national republican
convention, fhotild be the ttnmr
rioint of union between all repub
leant in the state of Nebraska.
We congratulate tlte people upon
aie marvelous prosperity attending
tae development and growth of the
atateof Nebraska tlurmg its twenty
lour years of statehood under re-
Cublican rfilminixtrutioti, and which
ai brought uh to the front rank
among the leading states of the
union; and we can fearlessly assert
that n Mate which ha a been coa
Irclled by democratic power.during
aay considerable time of the tame
period, can compare with tin in the
economical management of public
affairs, in the rapid ratio of increase
ia copulation, wealth and general
prosperity, notwithstanding the
fact that !hT are within the
borders of the state a number of
diesatiefied persons who took ad
antage of the general financial de
pression which Hwept over the en
tire country to pave their way into
temporary prominence by declaim
ing agaitixt the welfare of our peo
ple and slandering the fair name Of
our utate. The rains from heaven
and the rich soil, vigorously culti
vated by the energetic hand ol our
fnrmers, have produced Much bount
iful crops and such unrivaled pros
perity that liull silence all calam
ity talkers and add to the strength
and enthusiasm of the republican
We congratulate President Harri
son upon his eminently wise, loyal
and courageous ad ministration, and
declare our absolute confidence in
his iAtegritv. ability and patrio
tism, ami pfedgo him our cordial
support in the discharge of the
duties devolving upon him as the
chief magistrate of the nation.
We rejoice in the restoration of
ditrnity. viifor and statesmanship in
the conduct of our foreign affairs
under the guidinr hand of Amer
ica's favorite son. James G. Blaine.
We approve ot the silver coinage
act f the present administration,
by which the entire product of the
silver mines of the Lnited States is
added t the currency of the people,
hut we denounce Uie democratic
doctrine of free and unlimited coin
age of silver as a financial policy
liable to precipitate the people of
every city and every state in the
I'niou in a prolonged and disas
trous depression, and delay the re
vival of business enterprise and
orosperity so ardently desired and
now so apparently near. The free
and unlimited coinage of silver
would tend to the hoarding of rold
and to force the use id cheap money
in the payment of wages in every
workshop, mill, factory, store and
farm, and tend to the scaling down
of the wages of the toiler! sod
weakening the purchasing power of
the dollar which would beused to
rMirrhaefnprodrrcU of the'tarineY:
We are in favor of having every
dollar as good a a any other dollar.
We demand the maiutrnancr of
the American system of protection
to American industry and labor, the
policy that has bera identified with
every period of our national pros
perity. - -
We admire the t;euiua of that
heroic statessian, William McKin
ley, Jr., whom the people of Ohio
will make their next governor aa a
recognition of his magnificent ser
vices to the countr) . We also com
mend and endorse that policy of re
ciprocity by which the Centra) and
South American tuitions and the
Spanish Indies are being opened up
to our trade upon favorable terms
and by which, all the surplus
proa" ii( la of our country may find a
market and by which all our people
sttull receive in exchange therefore
a loug line "of products which do
not produce ruinous competition
i among our own people nor destroy
jthe developing industries, of our
i We are heartily :a favor e the
' general provisions of the interstate
'. commerce act, and we demand the
regulation of all railway and trans
: portatiou lines in such a manner as
I to insure fair and reasonable rates
to the producers and consumers of
the country.
We favor such legislation as will
! prevent all illegal combinations
: and unjust exactions by aggregated
I capital and corporate powers. We
I insist upon the suppression ot all
i trusts, combines and schemes t o
I signed to artificially Increase the
! price of the necessaries of lite.
. (v r .r.i Hi,, world s t oluml in
! exposition as an iinportaut evenT iu
i the world's history, and we are in
hearty sympathy willi every euori
to make it a success. We should
make a creditable exhibit of
Nebraska's products, and we favor
ail additional appropriation uy tne
next legislature or this purpose,
that cur prosperity and greatne-s
may be fully exemplified. We take
pride in this state We recognize
that its growth and power, its pros
perity and good name have been
the fruits of its iuduatrial people,
and we believe in such policies,
srsite and national, as will promote
justice and widen the opportunities
among these classes. To their sup
port in the future, as in the past, we
pledge our most intelligent judg
ment aud most sincere endeavor.
We denounce the Grand Island
platform of the democratic party a
framed with the deliberate pnrpose
to mislead and deceive; wherein
sympathy is expressed where none
is felt; wherein help is proposed
where none is rendered; wherein
purposes are avowed which are not
entertained. In support of this in
dictment we point to the pretended
friendship for the soldier, while at
the same time the democratic party
has always proclaimed against the
granting of liberal pensions; to the
freeHilverplauk, intended to deceive
the supporters of free and unlim
ited coinage of silver, when it is
known that many of the leaders of
the party are opposed to the doc
trine; to the failure to give the re
lief from exhorbitant freight rates
while it was afraid to either ap
prove or censure the action of its
acting alien governor for vetoing
the Newberry bill.
We denounce the democratic
party for its insinuations against
the integrity of the supreme court
of the state as an ellort to make the
judicial powers subordinate to
political parlies and as disgraceful
to a political organix-itien.
We denounce the democratic
party for its double dealing with
the civil and political rights of the
people, wherein it appears to favor
free and untramtneled elections in
the state of Nebraska, but never
raises its voice against the political
outrages practiced againot the re
publican voters, white and black,
throughout the democratic states of
the south.
We arraign tae democratic party
aa the enemy of labor, scheming to
break down the defense of protec
tive lawa, to block the wheels of
home industry, and to degrade the
masses of the people a party con
trolled by aristocratic and sectional
tendencies, the legacy of slavery.
The republican party of Nebraska
Appeals to the intelligence and to
the integrity of the people of this
state and from all jrood citizens we
invite suppoi t.
The platform of a candidate for a
judicial oflice should be the consti
tution, the law and the solemn oath
of office that he takes. That oath
of office implies the duty of admin
istering the law truly aud impar
tially between the rich and the
poor, between the high and the low,
between the poorest and humblest
citizen and the richest
and wealthiest corporation.
Judgr A. 3t. Pott in h' tpt:h of
It we are to cling to the old par
ties we might aa well tear down our
school houses, burn oar churches
and write on the vault of heaven
"Satan has triumphed over God" and
trs ali the ins pa r,t
hell loose on our country.
J. W. Edgnion in a tprh at
Thb Ledger ventures the asser
tion that in the person of Mr. J. E.
Ley da our people will find a gentle
man who will discharge the duties
of county superintendent to their
entire satisfaction. Mr. Leyda has
been a teacher in this county the
past eleven years and his experi
ence qaalifiea him to look after our
schools. We do not wish to be un
derstood aa speaking against Mr.
Noble, but we know that Mr. Leyda
ia just aa competeut to discharge
the duties of the office and in addi
tion ia a permanent resident and a
tax payer in Cass county. A rote
for Leydit ia a vote in recognition of
his past good won in our sciioois.
Union Ledger. '. .
Thk Lincoln State Journal is en
titled to the thanks of all honest
people, regardless of party affilia
tions, for the thorough invrsti
gatiou made of the Post arundat,
and the exxiiition of the villninous
attempt of the World lloruld to
(malign the name of a man simply
I to assist in elevating a man, with
' such an unsavory record as pos
! seseed by Edgerton, to the supreme
I'KEFAstB for the great republican
landslide lest than one week hence.
ITALY has raised the embargo
from American pork. Another
laurel in McKinley's crowu.
! -. i-"9
Kac" rcter PhOM1! study ihe the
essential poiuts concerning the
method of voting under the
Australian ballot law.
WllV does not the World-Ileral
publish the resolutions recently
adopted by the Masonic lodge at
Leon, Ia., that were sent to that
paper for publication?
THE republican county ticket has
not a weak candidate upon it. It
merits the npprovul and will re
ceive the support of every true blue
member of the party.
It is now conceded bv lendinc
democrats that the voters of Ohio
will hignify thein npprovul of the
McKinlcy tariff law by giving ?lc
Kiuley a rousing majority in No
vember. S. W. IH'TTO.N, the republican
nominee for member of board of
county commissioners, is n man of
good judgment, whose integrity is
above question nnd if elected to the
position to which he aspires, he
will guard the interests of his con
stituency with care.
THE World-IIerald met with a
timely rebuke when the editor of
the Leon Reporter (deip ) returned
the fifty copies containing the
scandalous article concerning
Judge Post, iicconipaaicd by a de
cidedly curt letter severely repri
manding the villainous fake for its
dastardly work.
Is is a significant fact that iu
every state that national questions
nrc lit issue, the republicans are
confident of victory. The e'etno
crats attempt to console themselves
with the probable success of Boise,
Beer & Co. in Iowa and the faint
hope that Edgerton will be elected
in Nebraska.
-WE have heard prominent demo
crats say that the seusatiounl at
tack upon Judge Post has made
that gentleman thousands of votes.
Just as we expected. Are they
prompted to make that assertion
because they regard the statements
made by the World-Herald as false,
as they have been proved, or is it
because they believe the charge
aud admire the man for having
been guilty?
Tba PrliM-e ot Walra' Itobta.
Tlis exact titiaticUl position of the
Prince of Wales ia not known. There
have lieen minora that he ia (really iu
dfbt, but I (iietion their correct iiea.
When the prince cams of su ba U-caias
possesaed of the accmiitilntiorui renlizd
during bi minority froto tha Duchy of
Colli n il. A portioa of tht;2 w4 ex
pended in the piircha.te of tha .Sandrinif
bain estate, and the remainder beciiine
bis. With this ut with an inemnt
of 110,000 itounda per annum, one of
ilO.OoQ for bta wife, a separate provision
for bis children, urn! with .Miirll)')ron,'h
Uouan kept np for hi in at tba public emt
tliero aetiiia no n-amm why bis expend
iture ahoulj outrun tin nieaiia. Ilia boa-piUJitn-a
are not greater than Uiomj of
tbp French president, who, with !-
than half hia income, dor not iret into
debt. Henry LAuoutbere iu Foruuk
Aa Approach to Aarlal Mavl(alla.
Of course I hope to iiu'cerd, and from
the data, obtained from experiment, and
from the Informaliou I bafe obtained
from other sources, it seem a!mct cer
tain that I shall do so. Still I may not.
It may, however, be remarked that for
niany years engineers and scientists hars
admitted that the navigation of the air
is certain to come o soon a a motor
oould be discovered which had nfSdant
neriry in projiortlon to iti weight
This motor lua been found, Its power
baa been iraU-d and iu weight it known.
It woold therefore appear that w ara
within inensurablu dmtance o a sncoeas
fnl machine fur navigating the air, and
I believe it ia certain to come within the
next ten years, whether I succeed or not
Hiram 8. Maxim in Century.
A QuMf
M. BonckeliS 1 the lender of a sect in
Bu.Mia which preaches suicide as an ab
solute necessity for salvation. At ou
of bis great "revivals" io Kief he
preached ao hard in favor of murder and
suicide that several of hi followers cut
one another's thronta. There ars drum
Of other fanatical religious bodies in the
em pirn of the czar, many ol whom prae
Uoa blood ciirdhng sacrificial onmno
ira. St. Louis Republic.
Ilia STuieat a KBeallva.
A citixen of Paris, Ky., who was fined
seven dollars for allowing hit own cat on
bis own preiuiM-t to kill bis own chick
ens, protected so vehemently against
this Interference with a man's enjoy
nieiit of an inalienable Mght that th
jodjfs, per f..ree, remitted tht penalty.
LooiTilU Courier-Journal.
' Water, It should be known, ran eaaily
i kept cool without les by Infolding
lbs earthen pit her or Jar which receives
It lu three folds of cotton or flneo cloth
kept corjftaut'y wet.
Colonel Tbtfudora A. LVjde makes tba
startlioif statement that "every shot
from a hi gun conninea 11,000." At
this rata war baa become a very sxpeu
sir luxury.
We have sold Ely? ' ' -tItahn
about three years, and" have re
commended its use in more than a
hundred special cases of catarrh.
The unanimous answer to our in
quiries is, ''It's Ue het.1 reuiudv Unit
1 I have ever used." Our experience
j is, that where parties continued its
use, it never tails to cure. J. II.
Montgomery, & Co., iJruggiats, De
corah, Iowa.
When 1 began using Ely's Cream
Balm my catarrh was so bad I had
headache the whole time nnd dis
charged n large amount of filthy
matter. That has almost entirely
disappeared and have not had head
ache science.-J. Sominers.Stephney,
Mr.C. H. Jones, of Spring Hill
Iowa, bays: ' I have used Chamber,
Iain's Pain Balm for severe nnd
painful burns with better effect than
anything I have ever tried. It re
lieves the pain it. B'.antly nnd enres
without leaving a scar." Pain Balm
is oneof the most useful medicines
that any families can be provided
with, especialy for rheumatism,
luine back, sprains, bruises, tooth
nche.eur uche and like ailments.
One application will relieve the pain
and a fair trial insure a cure. fiO
cent bottles for Bale by V. G. l'ricka
A Co. Druggists.
Eucklen's Arnica Salve.
Tuk liitoT Salvk in Ids world for Cut
flruiaen, Korea, Ulcer, Bait Hbi-tini. Fevei
Sores, Ti tter. Chapped Hands, Cliilblsiua,
CurtiK, and all hkin Eruption, anil ii-
uveli cures I'llm, or la. pay required,
ft In guaranti-rd to tfive autinfaction, 01
money ref unded. Price 2.", cent per box.
Kor al r P. (1. f'rirke & Co.
Cnpt W. A. Abbett, who has long
been with ?lcra. l'recival and
flatton, Keal J-.statc nnd Insurance
Brokers, Des Moines, Iowa and is
oneof the best known and most re
spected business melt in that city
says: "I can testify to the good
qualities of Chamberlains Cough
Kemedy. J laving useil it in my
family lor the past eiirht years, I
can safely say it has no equal for
either colds or croup." ft) cent bot
tles for sale by 1 G. Ericke A Co.,
Will vou suffer with Dvatieosia
and Liver Complaint? Shi fob's V'it-
alizcr is guaranteed to cure you. 2
Tha Oirl of tha Futura.
Now John, if I say yes, its on one
condition - -will you promise.' i ou
Had lieiter say yes -well, its that
you will get me a bottle of Hallrr'e
Pain Why? Because its
the best thing for headache nnd
rheumatism 1 ever heard of and
then it.s so nice for babies when
they have the colic and diarrhea.
The) Leaning
J. .c ' fl
. V . VA L -.
ConUntly keejie oo band everytbin
yoi need to furnish jour bouse.
WaC'it and l!larkrnltn alios
Wa;tD, Buggy, Machine and
plow Repairmv ibjios
Wbicb it the bust horaeehoe for th
farmer, or for fast drivini?, or for rit)
purpose ever invented. It la so made
that anyone cun put op sharp or flat
curat, as naea lor wet and slipry
days, or smooth, dry roads. Call at
bis shop and examine the iv(ksmj
and you will use no other,
19 North fifth St. Plattsmout h
S17. 119, 221 and in Mais Ht, , .
Platttmouth - Nebraska
. H. V U033, Proprietor, .
lb Perkins ha been thorou(h!y
renovatod from top to jUtUiu. aud '.
sow one of the let hotel ia tb atate
0.rliTs will be Ukr by the week at
and up.
foh m nniV!
'rftl aa KkaVOUt TfliSJI.ITT,
LJll I
f f.rrrum m
U t- fteWr-aV Rr N a tar 4
ftte4aatltk I anavrUf) at iki. 4 ., a rtm t W
1.11' 1 f, t ftiatM r
iMisaajt m, MarfMftUtw m4 asms. aMei f WaMs ) frs.
Itlt m tUtCAt CO.. UMlUM Va
aWtasa. , i
"iunniia.vy' v
i ' , ; " T .
t-asrxas a a aaao aa
VA H.I I) V A X.
In all thit goes to make up h first c!as. linn ot Hardware. Tlicj bty
their stoves in '
nnd thua are enabled to undersell all competitors.
Ifty-Oiic Sqmple Slopes,
Tlis. I'oiiliant Home ami cflclirarpd
This firm has the ex
clusive agency of the
celebrated anti-rusting
tinware guaranteed for
one year.
A large liue ef Cop
perware, tinware, and
The Place for h irgains in ev.-rv (lepartim nt of our muminotli stock f
1'I.ATTSMOl'TH, .... - NiatKAHKA.
J. 1. UUAVKS b C'J.
DOOIH, llI.INDH.and all .uildiag maturial 1
Call and hoc us
11th and Elm street, one block jjj
north of Heisel's mill. 1
Flattsmouth, IT obraska th
Everything' to Furnish Your House.
Having uurchaetl the J. V.
Main street where I am 'now
cr than the chcapent having jut put in the Urgent stock '4. s
of new goodn ever brought to the city, Gaaoline stove t1
and furniture of all kinds) sold on the installment plan. . f
T IiTH 1 TIT-ar A ' Ji
A full and CompleU Hi of '
Drugs, Medicines,
Prescription. Carefully
ltscsccCCca ( Air
!V y i tut doritivp cunc. I uh.v
1 i
t v
r, I
' J.I. A
, ev . , 1
. .
HU i?Zr T? 7VTT7T7T "n I
IIouimJ Oak uro lliuir Specialty, f
They also carry a
flue assortment of car
penter tools, Cutlery!
and shelf hardware,
r Prices have been cat
right down to suit tat
at' tha corner ol lf
modkum -
Weckbach "tore room on poutli
located I cun sell good cheap
1. 1 AllljJiAil.
Paints, and Oils.
Compounded at all Hourly 'jJ
3 1
at ant
4 - n
? ft a
4 i
i du:
f W
' ior
I..,..- , Ulf MHfrTHRii. as Warraa SL-lfTort. frttaiarts.L., VT ' I