The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, October 20, 1891, Image 4

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Dtjwtukrr from Then fa Ivtl
f Uutrai Cierava.
Holla are, canned by germa, but It is
avt fully determined just how the germa
4nd acceaa, bat they are probably re-
-eived through aornn alight abrasion or
other Injury to the akin. The pu which
.la discharged la fall of germs. , A alight
Injury in the vicinity of any of the
gland of the body through which
frerms are given opportunity for en
trance, ta often followed by enlarge
cnent of the glands. ' An injury to the
face for' instance, will cauw) the glanda
of , the neck and jaw to swell. Some
times from inflamed tonsils germs find
access and are carried by the lymphatics
along to some point where they ob-
: struct the bloodvessels and form a tiny
clot which gives the germs a chance to
feed and grow upon dead blood and
in this way develop a boil. Germs of
consumption are similarly taken to the
lungs sometimes., Enlarged lymphatic
glands about the neck or elsewhere
should receive attention because they
may lead to- something else. They
often take on tuberculosis degeneration
and after awhile reach the lungs. It
Is best to have the glands removed by
surgery while the enlargement Is still
alight. Otherwise gland below gland
nay be found affected and the opera
tion come to be quite a serious one. It
is very rare that they can be cared by
any remedy. - A simple enlargement of
the glands can sometimes be driven
away by arsenic, but the arsenic may
develop a disorder worse than the en
larged glands. Dr. J. II; Kellogg.
Mw tm Msk Thtrmoiattor Staad
Which Is Very Pretty Indeed.
Fancy articles made of the birch bark
brought home from summer wander
ings are always acceptable gifts, and
the following thermometer stand is not
only pretty but easily made.
Take a strip of bark seven inches
long and about six inches wide, cut it
in a sloping line across the top, begin
ning at the left. Slope down the right
side for about four inches, and roll over
the remaining two inches or the small
end of the right-hand corner in such a
manner as to make both top and bot
tom of the stand of equal width; the
roll Is kept in place by a narrow ribbon
Now fasten the bark to a piece of
cardboard of the same shape, only a
trifle smaller. This Is to hold the bark
flat. Sew another piece of cardboard,
Bay about 3x5, on the back, at the top
only, so as to support the whole and al
low It to stand like an easeL
Little slits are cut in the bark on the
left side, which have narrow ribbon
run through, finished both top and bot
tom in tiny bows; the center is orna
mented with pressed flowers and mosses
held in place by fine stitches or white
varnish, and the little ten-cent ther
mometer is tied on with tiny bows of
ribbon; yellow ribbon is used in this
case, as the flowers are buttercups.
Aa Improved Ink.
This is for an ink . iiich is permanent
and unaffected by the application of
acids, alkalies, etc., and which renders
forgeries and erasures, additions or al
terations easy of detection and difficult
to accomplish. To carbon black (pref
erably prepared by the action of con
centrated sulphuric or other acid on
sugar) are added a solution of gum
arabic or other mucilage, caustic, soda,
oxalic acid and Indian ink. Vanadium
in any form. Aleppo galls, nut galls
and a small quantity of an aniline dye
are then added along with sufficient
water to. make the ink flow readily.
The following proportions yield good
results: Nut galls, 20 per cent.; Aleppo
galls, 5 per cent. ; carbon black, 10 per
cent.: "vanadium, 1 per cent.;' Indian
ink, 10 per cent.: oxalic acid, 3 per
cent.; aniline dye, 1 per cent.; rain
water, 50 per cent. "The whole is
boiled, filtered and strained." Scien
tific American.
Haaty Frleadahlpa.
Some people are continually acquir
ing "dear friends." Ladies of an im
pressible nature have been known to
aadtwo or three to their list every
week' liuring the visiting season. Men
are not, generally speaking, as apt to
rush into friendship as the more ami
able sex, yet many a man contracts
friendships in haste that he repents at
leisure. True friends are scarce acqui
sitions. They cannot be picked up at
the rate of half a dozen a season at
dinnerparties or balls. N..Y. Ledger.
To Make Hattr-S-trh-
Take three pounds of sugar, a quarter
pound of butter, hlf a ' teaspoonful of
cream of tartar, and add sufficient water
only to dissolve the sugar. Boil with
out stirring until it will easily break,
when dropped in cold water. Then pour
into a ' wetl-buttered dripping pan, and
when almost cold cut into small squares.
If desired, a - dash of lemon may. be
added into the mixture before putting
on. to boil. Eight drops will be suffi
cient. , '; - - ' "- ' '
-; .. Sympathy. -
. Miss Prim '' (to Mr. Richf ellow) Oh,.
It's nothing, nothing." My teeth ache a
little; that's all , ; i i ' ?
Small Brother , if sympathetically)-
C7W &imt ,yon takVi ,eretf-rOi.
County Court. " ,
Firnt National Dank of Elmwood
vs. Henry Hollenbeck. On applica
tion of parties, time extended in
which to file brief until Oct. 26.
In the matter of tbe estate of Sara
K. Smith, deceased. Hearing, final
settlement net for Oct. 9, 10 a. m.
In the matter of the last will and
testament of Simpson C. Bethel, de
ceased. Hearing, final settlement
continued generally.
Wm. C. McNamara vs. City of
I'lattsmouth, garnishee. Hearing,
Oct. 26, 10 a. m.
First National Hank of Elmwood
s. James Hoyce. On application
of parties, time in which to file
briefs, extended until Oct. 2G.
In thematterof the last will and
testament of John Cusack deceased.
Hearing on probate of same ?et for
Oct. 9, 3 p. m.
George Duem J. C.Spaun. Action
for . forcible detention. Hearing
Oct. 24, 10 a. m.
In the matter of the last will and
testament of II. H. Gakemeir de
ceased. Application of Peter Gake
meir and set aside of will refused,
Messrs. Beeson AKoot attorney for
applicant withdrawn their appear
ance. In the matter of the condemna
tion of right of way by the Rock
Island R. R. of the land of Herman
Gast. Hearing on application of A.
B. Smith, mortgagee, to pay over to
him the sum of $468.75 damages.
Application granted and order en
tered accordingly.
Fine shoes selling low at the
Schildknecht shoe store. tf
Electric Bitters.
This remedy is becoming so well
and so popular as to need no special
mention. All who have used Klecl
trie Bitters sing the same song of
praise. A purer medicine does not
exist and it is guaranteed to do al
that is claimed. Klectric Bitters
will cure all diseases of the liver
and kidneys, will remove pimples,
boils, salt rheum and other affec
tions caused by impure blood.
Will drive malaria from the system
and prevent as well as cure all ma
larial fevers. For cure of headache,
constipation and indigestion try
Electric Bitters. Entire satisfaction
guaranteed, or money refunded.
Price 50c and $ 1 per bottle at F. G.
Fricke & Co's drugstore. 5
Capt. W. A. Abbett, who has long
been with Messrs. Precival and
Hatton, Real Estate and Insurance
Brokers, Des Moines, Iowa and is
one of the best known and most re
spected business men in that city
says: -'lean testify to the good
qualities of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. Having used it in my
family for the past eight years, I
can safely say it has no equal for
either colds or croup." 50 cent bot
tles for Sale by F. G. Fricke & Co.,
We have received a nice line of
pattern hats and would be pleased
to show them to the ladies or lJlatts
mouth and vicinity. We have se
cured Miss Hemple as trimmer. .
tf Tucker Sister.
Will you suffer with Dyspepsia
and Liver Complaint? Shiloh's Vit
alizer is truaranteed to cure you. 2
I have not used all of one bottle
yet. I suffered from catarrh for
twelve years, experiencitifr the
nauseating dropping in the throat
peculiar to that disease, and nose
bleed almost daily. I tried various
remedies without benefit until last
April, when I saw Ely's Cream Balm
advertised in the Boston Budget.
I procured a bottle, and since the
first day's use have had no more
bleeding: the soreness is entirely
gone, D. G. Davidson, with the
Boston Budget, formerly with the
Boston Journal.
Mr. C. B. Tones, of Spring Hill
Iowa, says: "1 have used Chamber,
Iain's Pain Balm for severe and
painful burns with better effect than
anything I have ever tried. It re
lieves the pain instantly and enres
without leaving a scar." Kani Kaini
is one of the most useful medicines
that any families can be provided
with, especialy for rheumatism,
lame back, sprains, bruises, tooth
ache, ear ache and like ailmeuts.
One application will relieve the pain
and a fair trial insure a cure. . 50
cent bottles for sale by F. G. Fricke
& Co. Druggists.
. How a Coat ef Tar Feala,
People who read of tarring and feath
ering know that the punishment is a
very unpleasant one, but few imagine
how terribly painful and dangerous it
la. In Wyoming 1 once saw a man who
bad been tarred and feathered,1 and al
though he fully deserved the discipline
I could not help pitying him. Hardened
tar is very hard to remove from the skin,
and when feathers are added ' it- forms a
kind of cement that sticks closer than a
brother.' As soon as the tar sets the vic
tim's suffering begins.' It contracts as
it cools, and every one of the little veins
on the body is pulled, causing the most
exquisite agony.: The' perspiration is
entirely ' stopped, and ' unless the tar is
removed death is certain to ensue. '
But tbe 'removal ' is no easy task and
requires several days.- The tar cannot
be softened by the application of beat,
and must be peeled off bit by bit. sweet
oil being used to make' the process less
painfuL The irritation to the skin is
very great, as the hairs cannot be disen
gaged, but must be pulled out or cut off.
No man can be cleaned of tar in a single'
day. aa the ' paim of the operation would
be too excruciatinflf for eudurance, and
until thiatsdone he h&4 to attffer from a
pain iike-thatof 10,000 pin pricks. Num
bers of toe have1 died 1 under the tor
tore; and none' who ha-ra gone n through
At regard sad feathering a anything
bat afafctrfuliiCictian. Interview
f Missouri mm a.
Xo.a ...
NO. 4...
No. ...
No. Ml..
..5:05 r.M
..10:30 a. i.
.7 :4 p. m
... 9 : 45 a. m
oi,.... 8 :." a. m.
'o. 4 6 :25 P- IB
No. 5, 9 :26 a. -
vo. T '1ft a. m.
No. 12.
.10 :M a. n
No. I.. ... I46p. ai.
No. a :30 a. u
No. il i p.m.
. 10 il M a. at.
munoum pacific railway
N. 3M Aeouaiodatioa Leaves l.-ra- .
Nrt.3 arriyen 4;tp. at.
Train dally except Sunday
no. 47 Mwn every Wednesday evening
at their b -II in Parite Craijt block. All t!
lilne knights are eoidiVly Inv'teil to attend
. C. Mh'MihM. V. C. : tin lovey. K. R. 8.
Waterman blink. Main Street. K001118
open fr-ni 8 :. a m to 8 :30 i rr. For men only
Uospel meet dk every Sunday atternoon at 4
AO. a. W 8. Meel flrst and third Friday
erejlnp of each month at G. A. K. Hall
In Kwkwuuk block. Frank Vermllyea. M, W.
1, Y EuerHole, Kecorder.
AO U. W. No. 84 Meets eeeond and lourth
Frirtav verting In tbe month at 1. A . K.
hall in Kockwood block. E. J. Morgan, M W,
r. F.Brown, llecorder.
UOYAL AR0ANAM CaM Coincil No 1021.
J- M-e at the K, of P. hall in tbe Parmele &
OhIr block over Bennett & Tutt. visiting
brethren Invited. Henry Herold, Regent;
Thos Walling. Hecretorv.
OA8S LODGE. No. 146.1. O. O. F. meets ev
ry Tuesday night at their hall In Fitzgerald
DkK-k. All Odd Fellows are cordially Invited
n Rrrend when visiting in the city. J Cory.
N. G S. W, Bridge. Secretary.
Catholic-SU. Paul's Church, ak. between
Fifth and 8ixth. Father Carney, Pastor
Servic s : Viss at s xnd 10 :30 a. M. Sunday
School at 2 :3o, with benediction.
Christian. Corner Locust and Eighth 8ts.
Services morning and evening. Elder J. It
Reed, patttor. Sunday School 10 a. k.
EPicorAi St. Luke's Church, corner Third
and V ine. Kev. U B. Burgess. pator. Ser
vices : it a. m . a:.d 7 :3or. m. Sunday School
at 2 :30 P. M.
Okrman Mkthodist. oorner Sixth Rt. and
Granite.. Kev. llirt. Paotor. Services : 11 A. M.
and 7 :30 p. m. Sunday School lo :30 a m.
Pb kpbytkri a k. Services in new church. cor
ner Sixth and Granite sl. Kev. J. T. Balrd,
pastor, sundav-sci ool at ;30; Preaching
at 11 a. 111. and 8 p. m.
The V. K. h. C. K of this church meets every
Sabbath evening at 7 :16 in tbe basement of
theebucrh. All are invited to attend these
First Mfthodist. Sixth St., bet wen Maiu
and fear). Rev L. 8. Rritt pastor.
Services : 11 a. m.. 8 .00 p. m. Sunday School
9 :30 a. m. Prayer meetU g Wednesday even
ing. '
Grrman Prwsbttkrian. Corner Main and
Ninth. Rev Wltte, pastor. Services usual
hours. Sunday fchool 9 :30 A. M.
SwREDisn Cokgbfoatiomau Granite, be
tween Fifth and Sixth.
Colokkd Baptist. Mt. Olive, Oak. between
Tenth and Eleventh. Rev. A. Boswell, pas
tor. Services 11 a. m. and 7 :30 p. m. Prayer
meetiue Wednesday eveuing.
Yotjko Mkk's Christian Association
Rooms in Vaterman block. Main street. Gos
rel iiipetinf for meii onlv. everv Sunday af
ternoon at 4 o'clock. Kooms open week days
from 8:30 a. 111.. to 9 : 3 p. m.
Soitth 1akk Tabkknacle. Rev. J. M
Wood, I asfor. Services : Sunday School,
10 a.m.: i reaching, 11 a m. and 8 p. ni. ;
prayer meeting Tuesday nignt ; cnoir prac
lice Friday night. All are welcome.
When you fro to a shoe store your
object lsnot only to buy snoes but
to procure for what you spend the
best that your money will buy.
Less than this will not content you;
more than this you cannot, in rea
son, ask. Our methods are aa
simple as your desires. We do not
lift your expectations to the clouds,
but we realize them whatever they
are. We will never sacrifice your
interests to ours and nowhere else
can you get a fuller and fairer
equivalent for your money. An
especially profitable purchase for
you is our etc.
Main Street. , .
Lumber Yard
.1 .''.11: ...
Shingles, Lath, titu-h.
Oan supply eyerw demand of the city:
Call and get terms. Fourth street
in rear of opera hoase.
ncTrrTiur w wat a mak in
LIU I Cltl I V Ei ever locality to act a
ktFrlv Ietetiv nnder er lntrvrtion.
it- r low reniara. - w AJUMlliTt)N
i i -CTl K AG pit boj. 7r7.xasliMon,
TV77 IS waiting to show you his new goods
V-J VJj and o let you know how cheap they
can be bought.
Ib bis line in Cass Countj. Yon wi 1 not be nble to buy cheaper Wee Chi
cago when you take qnality and price in consideration.
-. l--;s ;.'.' 4 .1 :
For Atchinson, St; Joseph, Leaven
worth, Kansas City, St. Louis,
and all points north, east
south or west. Tick
ets sold and bag
gage checked
to any
point v
States or
Canada. For
Call at Depot or address
G. P. A. St. Louis, Mo.
A. G. P. A. Omaha.
H. D. Afgak. Agt., Plattemouth.
Telephone, 77.
A strictly flrst claw machine, folly warra.i
ed. Made from tbe very best material b
fklHed workmen, and with tbe best tools til
bav erer been devised tor the purpose. Wa
ranted to do all that can be reasonably ex
peeted of . the very be-t typewriter extant.
Callable of writing tfio wordn rer minute 01
more aoeerding to tbe ability of the operate
If therein no ageailn your tnwo addrum tb
is an n fact orai. - -' '
i -u ; , . THK PARJ8U TtL'f'U v r.
AxeaM waoted : y, . arih . Y.
: - J F. K. oKELEMIRIC, Agent.
. ... , Linooli. Neb,
Only buys the bett makes and latest norelties in
And if you are looking for a reliable place to trade give JOE a trial.
The onlj Implement dealer who has made a success in Casts Count
THE best of harness, both double and single may be found at my
store and everything in the harness line also buggies and carriage
which are first-class in every respect, being the lightest, strongest and
easiest riding vehicles on earth.
ALSO have a large lot of Schutler, Moline, Iiain and Sterling wagons
Spring wagons, road carts, and plows of all description.
t iv iz 1 r
umte rim shoes
We give you the following deep cut in prices: .
Ladies Fine Glazed Dongola ?2.25 shoes reduced to - - $1.75
Ladies Dongola Kid Flexible $251) shoe reduced to - - 2.10
Ladies Best Dongola $3.U0 shoes reduced to- - - -e " 2J5G
Ladies Hand Turned best Dogola $.()0 shoe reduced to - - 350
We have a great 'many other sample
. .,,,.....-, v ... ... offering
Iri order to reduce our stock to ineet our obligation.
We also have a few lots of Ladies
prices, Don't forget the place. . -
-.'- -T ." v Z.
y r 10 1 it 10
lots ' --of odd eize that we ar
at - - .
Oxfords that we will sell at reduced