The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, October 16, 1891, Image 3

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county il'TK will be
, ntl- ii't i-tl to.
A i s ri.rri:um;w(;.
( IA.0 I.C Tl HH (IK AMI
J :, nr.Al.fH IM TH P
H'1.1. I IN I'K
CCO AS I) SMDKEaS articles
always in slock
J -iilnillh,
Ni Brassa
' rapltal
. lo.OKJ.IS)
h very tii 'l (iii illtli'i lur Ilia prouip
traiiwlloii ii( iiKiniuaii-
inking business
v bninti, Kilit ki -rumen t r d imI -e-
rMMlL'Ilt ftlllt illl. leM!.lH rfrflfrt,
,leel Klnntil I'll llii rrti!WU
rami. In any rl ol tlit
ii anil all lk pntMipn) imwiis o
Joss ma uk and ritiHiiTi.v aaacr-
i Tl
' rV1 i ct iill t'T li.imiy W'
' "Tll. ISUIe SO I illllll) bolliU.
- MKI'.l -if, us
irM II. !l;MooriD
li. ,' r . K. Wul.e
J I l.l-AS HANK.
I T.' M il I H
luck 1 CI III .
Ur.clCAV't:.!, 5 !0O, OCO.
i .V. 11 I i .i-
I 1 ) S L.i.1- u i ..
T ' il f i'i'"" l"-ar ie.' hihTf 'I
HI..I 'llr r'l,.i,1;f i 'flhly ulel
Cor V.,in mn hiilli ln-.t.
f vi nr
lit (
iif'.e I'tfttldfii!
tr"li 'fchr if
: i". .). M r.".r.ui, Vi-i Ht-t
It. WimlllAlll. 11. H. lUllfrf will
t r m iioA i bit
, i '(iff an. i.ittHtajitt'if l-t iii bu-
t ' lit f HI.
IrOTif '7
1 tl
K" a "line otiire your
!ml only to Imy hIkm-m hut
ic inr winit you Mpenrl tlie
't your money will buy.
ii tin will not content you;
hi tlim you cimnoi, in reii-
'iir im thud- nrc H
i our iIcmIic We iln not
icxpcctiitioiin i, the clouds.
yii.e llieni whatever tliev
mil iicmt Hiicrilicc your
,si our nml nowhere cine
k''t ii I ill Ii-r nml fairer
it lor your uioiicv. An
priitiliililc pun h.i-c fur
ii r etc.
a, mioEo
O 11
Mi. fr. )
-f. ' Vi .1'"-"IMiJ
Hn Ofiened up Ties
Finont. ('lean .-St, CiMitmt
W hen; niiiy In- found choice wine
liunrn and ciefnr.
AM) "
always on hiind
1 He lkadino
I Wlllll vour PolillrvV. H..i.
Icr iiticl your farm produce of hII
kind, I Will Jlliy yoll XW llikrl1(.Ht
ciihIi price n h I ain tuiviiiif lor n
lirn in Lincoln.
riiiltMiiu.iitli Nt-hriifkii
P J. II A N :i;:N
A. l
Toiia i tin- Tiibie Silicitcil
t Fiu HAnnwAriP c;rtijp
Kri p !! Ll::.!s i.! !,..!:.!. l...,.:-rj ...i l...l
met Mill lilllil rnnliurl in uu mint Jut
"Mints li-r.u
unit ult kn;i:i.l uu ..ik n..ini i;
"lie. onlnrn Ir-un tlie couuiiy HelUIU J
Lumber Yard
HhiiicMia, Ijilh, Hfili,
Doors, Blinds
Call mipply vrtv ilcmand of the city
Call ami ifrt teruia. Kourtli atrrut
in rmir of opera limine.
Chamberlain's Eyo and Ekla
A certain euro Jor Chronlo Soro Eyon,
Tetter, Knit lUii'ura, &;ald Llcod, C1J
Chrouio tuttot, 1'cver Boros, Eczcnin,
Itch, I'rairlo HcTatcbes, Boro Nipplci
and Pile. It la cooling ami eoothitiK.
HuudreiUof Ctttoa bnvu beea cured by
it after all other treatment had fuilod,
ll U put up Iu U aa J CD ccut loxuj.
rhulo;rHliliiu t llllblil
A!"'i running Dorw-g. Jinnilng il
'eien Hym ciimiun lull. tlhslK of
iU'liliiliiu hiiiI Wie Hliiftin Hm.'ii)J luim'
of rHV.lviti doiilili- hIiu'm huvc i mh nw
ci.ii ully .liiitoiiijiliiMi the hi y mhi
lnilililf liiu) furiiinlifil n Htiiiiililui block
tliut till' wu ntilif ptrntouruphi-r i ms
U'rint ilillicuity in KiiniiiMtiilina Lonl
U:iyifciKli, iu h lecture Im Ioio tin Ho yul
lli-'lllllK'll ol Liill'lnll. ".ii.i t ,;it (or
Koine time It liml Ixi-ii Ini iiiiiiVUnii to
Jiliotiirapi) u;ip tmlilils in tlpeiictofj
lirciikiiig i
Ileiiuticipiiied j'rft (lilllcnlty tn-ciii's
h knew the tune uceiipietl in 'Im ilisriji
lieurunca of a tire.'iMii Imbliln liiiist Im i
tjut h Kinall fruction of n Aii'oiiil I
Whoever lnii watched u mmp I
hulilile tmrnt known liowiiiMaiilaiiiiiu.ily
it vunihlifR Lord lUyleiuli Mionght it
tnif,'lir tke oiie-tweiitieih of h wornd
but liy repeated AHtrimeiiU he found
that the time occnpnxl in the diiuippiiar
luce of the iridescent til in wiw not more
than oue tlire-linndredtli of a t-econd.
To catch nml picture a vniiirdiitii,' lilm
tietween the iimtimt of its lircukinj,' and
that of its complete extinction proved a
moHt dilUcnlt ninliTtakiiig. but it Wan
accotuplihlied g
Some perwiiiK inaynliiuk that it would
be etiiiilly diilicnlt to photograph a
llhtiiniK Uiwh, but it uiunt be recollected
that lightiini inaki-rt an Intensely vivid
linprewiou. while the soft reflection of a
roup bubble evuneKcent, even iu the
bright glare of nil electric njiark.
From printing the iuiavte of the flying
edge of a broken buhblu In the three
hiinilre.lth of a ah-oihI Id iliitclnMn the
pxihience of ureat neluihe iu the heaven
by tlie ciininlaliveelTect of several hours
of roiitiniMiiiM exHHiire, the moderD
photogiaphic plate is performing many
wondeni iu br-hiilf of wience. nml prov
inif itself one of the most powerful mean
it man a disposal Ut tinliN-k thuM'cieU
it nature. Youth's Uiiiipuiilou
Muw foiimilrj Art Mxile.
Tlie triiiii.foniiing of llowers, once
rowu and picked, into marketable per
fuiiiin and piiiuade in not an affair re
ipiiruitf (real tikill Vol' can do the
thiui; yuiiriw ll on a muall acalu if you
have n garden Take a frame like a
window sas-h, holding a finale pan of
iihisn; wah the carefully and cover
both Hide of it with a Huu layer of
f. r.-iine made of two puts of I ird ami one
of tallow I'ick oil the M tals of a lot of
row and violets, throwing the n-iit of
the fl.iwerH nv.ij , iind l,iy theui itvi r tlie
(fle.l-if II. He il ili.zi l sn, h tratlKK tilllS
pii ., i d aiid sliii k th in up by laying
liieui evenly on top ol one another
Tan you will have a w iien ol
rhamlier'i. each onl.unii.a a la)er of'ci p-I. ils In l . 1 1 n ii l.i .or andiieeil
infill (.'nasi' I it m n; of any kind
h. -.s a i-!n,ii nl'::.i:v inr pt-rl.un s, and
SO tilt- -.,. l,,,l's the of the
vm I. . s ur r. is I'i.i in tii.ii p.
'' 'lay. and at tli- ndf two or three
liioM i;s the ci v. i:i ' l::t !y ii:i
pi .- : s--1 vv.'.ii ,r ol i.,e tlmvi is.
'..'ij.e It nil tie- I' .i n and ttrvi .Ut It
i. i i.'c'.ii 'l I he i.c i i ivs no ehiinty
I'.r tt, . ilin.e ' ' v 1 1 .-:.(. r i;,..n i s;
Clell 1 ,. ,-e... e I , , I.II n W ,,J
'CM' I. ly Hi,..,.:, it (,-;., ,:. (,.!
I:! "U i'Hiriin "lie ,'ili i.ieil i ,1 i;,'d a:i-tn-r
v .-! ycuui.i en e cv-.i)..i:,. (::!
lie coin:, lie. V;...uti,;iou '. ' r
'I I i'i I.e.. Ii IU.
There M n ciii-inm ) ml I'mun i o
with tne Is I's .,( .Me-.iru'iciui clmr -li.
It is said that a I -iu'. Inn,' 1 1 am a::') a
tl-'iveler was p-iri,' throit:;li Mi -. i i : t
ll.llll Wlll ll he lllitll ld three men hlltlll
on n htilu in the cliuri hyurd Mild iayin!,
'(,'ouio to churcli. Tiioiii)isiiii. come to
church, Lrowii," and ho on. iJem very
liiiich mirpi-Keil. be a-l;ed what it meant,
k(:il was told that, having no Is !!. tin y
call 'd folks t i church In this way. The
traveler reu;:ii k. d tu it it was a pijy so
ti:ie a chnrcii elinnli) be wituoiit bells,
mil at tie Kaiiie tune in ked the men if
I Ley could make thiee fur the chnrcii,
promising to p iv for theai biniself.
They tiinlertiKik to do this. They were
reflectively a tiulo r, a carpvuti r and
1 .'"I.e.lUer. Wle U Ie-t tilt- traveler'd that way he found the three men
ritiKini? three bells, wine! aaitl, "Tinj;,
toll;,'. plulT," Is-ill' made ' eswctiVely of
II. WiMxIalnl leatiHl ! luidon T'lt Lits.
1'wn Kurrlan l.itiKil.t;ea Nnrensitrii.
A ppifrasiotiul liittii ouitlil Ui know at
least two foreign I.iil;ii.h,'ca If he Lac
tde' l'lnl pench.iiit for lingual utmlies
4iiH a MroiiK In-lit of tiiind usually hull
tnlir niH-ctal capin:ity it may lie worth
while for him to extend bin list to Italian
Hid S)i:iuiail, even to o outside of thetrn;
hut Krcncli and (icrinan bu ou'ht to
(hissi'sa as part of the very means.. of his
contact with modern life. These l.m
iruai;efi will admit liiiu to everything that
m valuable in the newest thought of the
tiiii". rmce it may be truly aaid that a
production which doea nut as-edily1iii
the li'ht. either originally or by trans
lation, in Ln'lisii. French or (h-rmail is
i-ither not woi ih KM altentiuii or can
lie calmly walti'd for. Interview iu l!os
toii Ileruld.
ItiAliiy IiMf Cuatiiiiirt fur lltiKtun Wunisa.
The Woman a DreMt Iteforui club in
Uooton iiniiibers aome 'J'H; meiuberii, com
prisma teachers, diHtoN, writera anil
M'icr profensional workera. The first
rainy day all the tnciiihcra are phsled
toaps ar in a ttoi niy weather cost nine,
i-oiisihtiiiK of a akirt in wal-rprisif
i loth r r . hi 1 1 it a little nay Ih Iow the
kueea and revealing (altera of water
proof cloth or ridiiiK boot. A reefer
coat will cover the nps-r part of the
limine and a tarpaulin hat complete the
costume. New York Sun
The Chinese lav down bamUm risls
for young oysters to cling to, and (rive
them no special attention. When a fair
niilnU-r are inaiuie, they pick up the
roilsand carry huge ami small toluaiket,
without nepaiiiling Ineiii trom the rods.
The day of the Ignoramus is over I"
evi l ! There no lunger anv r's'in f"
Iii in In clvih.ed lands, extent in tH
kinds of work that no one likes to d'l
slid even from them u.- is sure to b
h lu'ii id la t
. .
Kiillirtlin, a H Mm, I
i.-n Tin 1. 1
A iMirt. Tim iili I In l'xiei iiimni iiiu
'Inr Is I, ml, I,. I,, ;M , Ait'ilnst Ihi
U'nmic Kin. I -l,, VlrikOiu Kii!iiili
'Bad men in tne e-est' lireak into two
classes sanl a m iiiieinan, late ol .Silver
City, 'tlie sine eiioic,h arid the linil.a
tioii bad mini One is a killer and the
other simply blusters The two sorl,s
look alike, lulu Millie, .jairh themselves in
I'lK lials, tiell i.'uim oil their hips, hwi in
and mizzle and fallow eacli other'a suit
Iroin tirsi to last, lor which reusona it Is
hard to tell the real tiling trom the coun
terfeit The only sure way of dihtin- i
ariiiistm tlie true, solid silver bad man i
from the plated fellow la to teat them aa
fast IW presented.
'KusMiin Uiil, who, In the early j
eighties raa a rustler in the valley of !
Hau Simon in Arizona, and u sinuularly
industrious horse and cattle steulei of !
that snailelesa rcuiuii. was all liuilarioii
had in an He was a iw-l talker, and
hear In in tell it- bad rilled more gravel
than ail epidemic. It la doubtful, bow
frvei, if he ever drew hmiiaii blond, and
the other rustier wmilarly regarded
him as a man of no oourae. It turned
nut a case of the magpie and the pea
cocks witti tiie Russian tiiou'h. for one
evening tne impulsive denizeua of
,Shnkep-iite, A. T., Uaik UiU'a word for
It and incoiitliieiitully tiling him de tieiiy
'The lliissian had comiiany, though,
for they atretched another gentletuati.
time and tree the name, yclept Bandy
, K:;t There wan no discount, however.
on Kin One tu.uld have taken a brace
and bit and bored clear through hint tiud
struck tiotliitm but clean atialu (came.
Kinii and Russian Bill were together on
the occasion ol their apprehension and
taking oil, and were decided apecimena
of the two tyH of bad tneu
liill, aa a naiiiu, luu ts-eii the ptop
ertyol a iininy of the li,'hteraof
ihu west Krerpiently some allix or pre
fix went with it to keep tlie blood Iw
dewed I'.illa from Kttuu( all mixed np.
There have been a Curly bill, a Wild
Illll. a Navajo Lill. a liullalo Bill, a
I'oker Bill a (Jheveiine Bill, a French
Bill, an Antelope Bill, a Russian Bill, a
Broncho Bill, h Canadian Bill, a Monte
Bill, a Butcher Kinle Bill and Bill Bou
ncy, or Billy the Kid, that I have known
"Cheyenne Bill was and Is one of the
i l-M killers referred to, ami always try
ti. a to run a nl iiiuhi some tender
foot and scare Inn to death. Katun, N
.'1. .luia,iince. it.ihtiHin -does lint, as
a coiiiiiinnity, ne e.uly ol a S,nnl,n-
lli'-l iiiii. nlei h I, tn k 111 Irs
.iioij out ol tim iii a l in I he s, ill ami
? ii !y hours of holy day. I heard n
voice oe mi tie- net! ;p cl ral-i d to a
hoi lit l.e; ween II I ill eat Hll'l a c..;'i;ii:,i..
I v i.t leliHoii v (,s at once a; ; r.n i ,, L.ti
; 1 out w ai ie I coiil.l see f.mnil
l 'ii Vefiiitj iiul 111 tlowhllt I II T i-:i loll , 11
cii-.ul of a r.-iucl.iiil teiiiierloot who
I, :d i.o: ie iii oil I n- tialli tmi cuat le
lo:e V. bailee r. ,w v. as a , .ut I't
' '.Hio;) v ii ii y.,ii he. or I'll pull on
von' toa,.) ,,!,,; . ';,. va;iuii-li Bui In A
Ie ice to;.e, his hand on his six-suuoler
oid liil.owiio; nl. i.i niter the stranger
'I On- t WO Toils tsjld.
'Tu nive the tenderfoot his due, while
he kept walking away Iroiu Bill, ho ap
I'c.iicd more liinnisled than Wared, and
waile he said not lun and did not turn
hi bis would be caplor, nevertheless he
riceived Ins orders to halt with bccoiu
ii u t-oiiteinpt, ami kejit lran,'ht on.
"Kxcept for my presence, Ciieyeiiue
Hid bis victim had the town tu thelll-
Ives, .lack llixeiibaiitrli, the marshal,
nd the rest of the cilUeiis Is-in;,' aeiihi
uly in Is'd. I had n-en a Chinaiuan run
win . "i:c nrnti: cicc ovi.r a 1 r,iiil.42.
nid knew there was no more to be feared
Iroin in in thuii In in tlie lant calf on the
rane. mid siioiuinx over to bint I m in
formed the liersoli Irom the ea-t and ad-
I virs d ii 1 1 ti to t;o at lei the doughty Chey-
niie and pull Ins head of The tender
'sit bad iiiiont made up his mi ml to da
t any lie at, and my vote willed it He
inrued and started for Bill, whereupon
'hat person at once lost all his valor and
Hed briefly
'Tlie tenderfoot caught up with him,
However, and eased bis surcharged aoul
Oy three or four forceful and very meri
'.oi'ioua kicks This stiine.l to do both
Bill and the ahorliioiu a world of i(uod,
I iff the former avoided the tifth by
iilnnioutf ap a stairway. The tenderfoot
A'auted to charge after Bill and kill him
onipletely, but I urned a dilferent view
md poiuted out the fact that Bill took
um gun with bun and that if ho found
Himself cornered he might ahooU
"Curly Bill was another of the riot
jiis and dcsciate korl. lharalige in 1 HHt
md wan aouthwetitern New Mexico
ud eastern Arizona. No one knew
where Curly Bill hailed from, but if
there'a truth in .Scripture, where he wai
oiiig waa plain to all. He waa reputed,
when I saw til iu . to have killed nineteen
ie ii. and had the air of one who waa
lisikmg hard for a chance to make it a
suiD, Curly Bill hiu found his grave
sancwliere out iu the arid waste he pa
.ruled, aa nothing bai Iss-u heard of him
ot some tiuiH." Katisan City Star.
UaH HIniMtll Away.
One day iu a chat with a friend he
laid to inei "Has it ever occurred to you
that when old age deprives you of much
,,f your present ability to earn a living
Voil will t obliged to look to your
triends for siipsiit. or else become a
.hai g at some one of the charitable in
.titiiiioie.l'" I coiifc-s hiu neitlur a
money maker nor a mum y saver, but Vit
is doliars to iloughiiiits' that the pei-lai
who thus twiit d me of my weakness
diuply et'lits t as ho did so the general
plan whit n be, HI the Cold bltsid of luiil
lle igti, Is counuiig on as Ins resource
a iii ii ha hIimII gel too old to be indi
usable. Detroit Free Bre-s.
. i.U aiih 'sswawy w.,
A Nt rang Ituiuaun. - '
Pt.vis. nave been luid for the' presen.a
ti iii nl the Ooiila county Jail iu if few
dnya of a drama of lov,,;l. Inw, the
Ii!, a of which has never ieeii ut tuiiipTiiL.
Willi one exception, on ia miiuic alage
i in real life The clinlix of ' the play
will be the inai'i'iaej' ol a condemned
murderer titul sell Q-onlessed thief and
ex convm-t to a woiiiVii who has clung to
turn through all hisil roubles and la wi II
iic to clasp Ins DmihiI . red with the inno-ci-i-t
blond ol two heljli ,ssi)ld people, and
nW'-ar to love, uoiini .liid obey Inm uiiul
I'.e.ith. directed by strong arm of the
.;'.v, doth them paiy
lid Neal, who is ii) tie executed. Is to
be man-led to a woman of the town
known as .loseplnlie Clar!:e. The shiry
of tm ir wisiiiii is ineiiialed in theaij.
mils of love tjlioj-tly after his arrest
an l return to this cfity. and after he was
conlim-d in the comity jail, site aplieared
upon the scene, She talked with him
through the liars and offered words of
encouragement boih to the accused and
his altoiiiejs . Long heforethe case waa
called for trial In the district court thia
woman not only rendered valuable aa
sistanoo in the way of looking np testi
mony, but even went further, and out
of (ier own earnings paid many of the
bills incident to the trial.
When the case was called each day
jhe waa an interested ;ctator, occupy
ing n front seat within the bar and as
near the prisoner aa possible. After
?ach session of the court, niie followed
him to tlie jail door, and after tlie man
was hs ki d Hi hia cell she would stand
umh-r his window for hours at a time
tal kin? in a low tone of voice trying to
cheer him When he was convicted niie
made several elforts to effect hia escape.
OuiahilCor. hi. Lome Ulobe-Democrat,
liruih of iiMiriiio mil iniihtn.
Pan! Eagle Star, one of Colonel Cody'
Lidiaus. haarlied at the Siietlield infirm
ary from an accident which befell him
while the Wild West show waa on a
visit to that town lie ami a number of
other Indiana were riding iu the arena,
when his horse swerved against a partof
tiie boarding. Eagle Star austainvd a
coiiihiiiiii1 fracture of his leg. one of the
fractures being close to tile ankle. For
a time he made favorable progress, but
lockjaw set in, and from this he died.
Mr. Crager. Colonel Cody's chief In
terpreter, sat np with him tlie whole of
Sunday uight, and he was visited also
by Short Bull, one of the Indian
chiefs. Tiie deceased was a Brule Sioux
Indian, twenty-live years of age, and
was a prisoner of war. having taken part
in the l.i-t Indian rising. He was mar
ried. Ilis wife ami children are living
at the Rosebud agency, United States.
Boh. loll News.
I'lissll l'H,t piinf s hi :i,liiti-i-lriit. '
Several fon'priiitsof reptiles of various
.:c u -ions have lately been discovered
1 iilioiil three miles from llolyoke. Usiu
the ro-lt iii Ii. L. Bosu'rii UTs ipiarry
I r.i ii tint shore of the Connecticut river.
I which c ci ed cici; i lerablit excite-
in- "I and '!:":,, ,.;mj. imjiiirics.
I I' . - ill -.overa s o-enr not infre
!j""! ''J'. '"'"' than I .',h.,: such fnot-
i ; :v ii iviiig aire.ii'.y b s-u brought to
I .nl. l.ii-l. in fact, it H v!l known
iioou nit i ae sciein iiic wniii tilatlite
n ..' i -l'ene of tlie Coniu-ctient
: 1 1 1 V , V." ' 1 1 ' ii ext. lids aooill 111) inil.s
Loin nol i i ,o soui i au-l avercg. s auoiit
Iv.'iiiv iii-les
ii t r-
til West,
I la O ol tlie li.osl liroillie lle'i v 1 1 U'leS of
If , ,
loH-ii juiiiin. .-nans oi tins sione, Having
upon lie in the wou.lerl .il iniieiit.-ilioini.
i .i.'i be found in iibuost all the miiseuiui
of tins country and Luropu. Springlield
L publican.
A lilt iif llinusii NslarA.
A gris er not far from my place of
alsslo has ts-eti tliis year selling for
eighty cents the same sized ba-ket of
peaches that be la-t year dispo ed of fur
hvedollais Tins is not' at all singular
consideiliig the profusion of the fruit
this year and the scarcity l ist,
"It's, funny, though," as be told me.
"that the 'opl who took their high
pi ictsl brtsnei WiLiiolilM wold Mie HOW
sending hie complaint after complaint
because they Iind a little poor fruit in
the basket. Why, last year they were
Very bad."
It is ihM nntil you come to think that
everybody thinks out of this year's abun
dance his grocer ouuht to select him a
perfect order. New York Herald
What la a Homer
When the late Timothy Smith died he
left a will in which he directed his exec
utors to provide a "home" for bis sister
during her lire. The executors, do not
construe the word "home" in the same
sense as doea the sister, and Lawyer
Childs came before Judge Morton to ask
that a suit to have the court say what
the wold means be aut for a hearing.
Mr. Childs said that the executors hold
that the word "home" means simply
"shelter." and consequently have given
the sister an empty house, nothing more.
Boston Traveler
IihIIniis as Wrather rroiihets.
The Indians of the Colorado desert
have an extraordinary way of fortellimj
the weather. They not only prognohtt
cate for a few days, but for six months
and sometimes a year. Last fall they
told everybody that we should have a
cool summer In the desert and that the
fruit would be late. They were right
The fruit waa very late this summer.
They declare that next year will be an
early summer, and Unit tho fruit will
ripeu early What they base their pre
dictions niu is unknown. Yankee
ftsvrd hjr Austin IIMwsll.
Austin Bulwell, the man who has al
ready suffered eighteen years' penal
servitude for Mrticipation In a fraud on
the Bank of Kngland In lb?3, recently
saved a fellow prisoner from drowning
in the river ut Chatham, where they
weru working. Mr. Matthews has ac
cordingly decided to remit eighteen
months of the twenty years, which, ex
rqd In the case of Murderers, usually
cofntitutes a "life" sentence.' Bidwell
wih therefore 1st liWulcd Iu nliout Cvo
Won '.lis' ti mil. Ball Mall Caxelte
Aycr'sGarsap !;
Is an iitTiictlve rumeily, u ' "
ijjils conclusively pinvi.' '.' , ,
I wai a constant, S.J. ' ,". '
aim hVir compl ' . ' , "
burn awl (je men; v
every case; on'-' ... '
An ttpolliHcary , .
HaisiaiarllU. J - ',' ' '
At a cost of .'. J -1 ' .". '
Iiihu my family in . ..'
Iieetfinn f, stranger , . .
believe tt titfie Hie liesi ,
-P. K. Mi'Nulty, Ilacku. ., v
Luwell, Mass.
FOR DEfll!''.
. 'I '
; - ': -
Is a certain pure, when tin com; '., '
nates In Impoverished blood. " :
great sufferer Iron i a Jew condition
Iilisid and Kern-rat ( lehllHV, lieeninliig fil l ;
no reduced Hint I w as unlit for work. flu. '.
lint that 1 dltl lor phe complaint hi'lls-tl linr
a iiiii.'h an Ayor's .fersapM i!Ia. a bottlrs
of which restored me to hraltli and stn-iiKtli.
I take every opiKirtunlty to reenninienil this
nii'illflne In similar cases.J'n-y. fcvick, II E.
Jlulu st, Chllllcbpi; Ofiio. if, v
And all disorders orlitluatlna In Impurity ol
the lilnod, such as IkjIIs, carhuucles, pimples,
blotches, salt-rheum, scald-liead, scrofulous
sores, and the like, take only
raaPARKn t
DR. J. 0. AYEB A CO., Lowell, Mass.
Prlo 1 ; li tsililes, Worth l a bottU).
t At Wfl
' Mwtr la-It 'i-7'' if tiif nnriirHl
htKK which jj'ivi" m Un oni ii' Ih i i.f (MK"tt on
It'll 'MltlMNHl AIM I liV I'illffttl )( lli'tilinll (
iIih Iln' in""'ii'f ff well m'tfc i'ii rt Mr.
hl-p-Iim imivltifil iior I rt itl" lii-l tulil wllh
1 :a' v It von'il hrvrrjiifH vlijrli iitiiy w;iv
i h MtMiiv li-iivv flit'-tfr'lillN. It N hv tlii''jmlio
Imih iisi nf fiirti :irt !( 1 1 Ihht h mM-
-lunl' ii nmv Im i;i'al u.'-ll y lunif up unlfl trini
innu"h to rffi! '.rv hili'iiey lit iIImmhi.
I ( IM iI r - of MUlrttM t"t-;i jrt HI" t1"U'HK
itromut a i rt'inh lo iifiack wIb-i'-v r hcif I a
wi'k ti'h'l. We nitv r:i iiihov h ful-il
h tfi hy K 4'c-iWitf i urr ten m l) for-llifil wMh
nun til-tn "inl ii prijMTl)' immiiihIii"! fraiiii."
Cull -r p ( .tii'te. h'IiI Klmit'y witU
Imilftitr WMliTit IHI f, Hull, Uf' til I HI 1 1 - Hllllt
11'-, Ii. m.h.m h h.m IIciI ttmi:
.1 Ml I'. ITS , I to . I Inn a hMiiV I'r-n-IM
f iwidmi. Ki' (I
r A US. Ui liJlUlll t
a'"TZl!'f PLASTES7.
llls-iiniAiniTi, nimlrts. plson)'inf1 Inmbiir
r'rl nl rniw, flu e Inr "i'. I ,v all I Irnioi it-.
' I- '.. . . ... . - "".I
'''' I ''',' Into.
" !t ..: ".'I'
, . -''v.r . .: ii i,i ,i r- r.rnv
:'' r v i.J a.. . I :, or;
i i , .T.'.',. y,''r
I I" ' , .1 . 'Tl. in,,, 1 nt.1; Hi ti:iif..'4,i'U.
j ' i ' ll '? " S' COW ''s. 'I ie- f '" ",' tier 1 'f Crsi,
, .. . .. , .:s i-u l .,i,,,..s'.i, of ln.:LOjk CO., . V.
j 1 'at'l. I, ti'tl Ai l HO', V ..I V-.
'! li ' '.' - i ''Alii. 1 i , v. i, l I or Cuts
Br ii s, ... ,, r,-s. I It ii ... ,. ii I .In ii in. Fever
I ' ... '!' f. ! i. n I ,,.ii. , ( I illiUins,
. 1 ', i n-., al ii " i .'-K ,:i .a iii lioii", nml posi
'llil, t!i- I'i'.s. or uu ..y lelplire'l.
! ll is im" ''ii ! i d to ove s .lisl.iciion, or
I a '";l:i ''ci. !'' it i V.', ( cuts per bill.
; K, r side b F, (5. l- rn ke ii Co.
How to Succeed,
This i-t the o'p.jit priilileiii of life
wliich few en! i.-(iictoril y nolve.
Sonic fail licciHisc of ill hciilth. olll
cis wont id luck. But the innjority
froiil iiisuliicieiit rit waint ofJiicrVc.
T I icy nrc i ici inir. i rrc.-i i lute, chiiii ge
iihlc. cii.xily lrt tllir IiIhcm nml "lake
iin epii iif iint o hi keep ihe epif iie
up," thus svnst iug; money, tinie, (p
ptiitiinity nml nerve (nice. Therein
1 1 1 1 1 i i LT like the Kcetiirntivc Ner
vine, discovered hy the men! epe-ciiili,-l.
lir. Miles, to cure sill ncrvoim
tlisciisi's, an hcniliichc, the Blues,
iiei'viiiin prorttriit inn, elccph-nxiicHA,
tictiriilcjiii, St. VittiM ihincf, fits ami
hysteria. Trial I a it I lex nod line
hook (d tcstiiiioiii.ilK free ut F. (.
i-i ickc A Co.'.
For ninny yearn Mr. II. F. Tlionip
eon, of Ilea MoincM, lown, waa mc
verely nfllictcd with chronic Uiiirr
lioen. lleaayn: "At linirn it wais
very isevcre; mo much mm, tluit I
fciicrtl it would cntl my life. About
iscvcn years uo 1 chnucerl to pro
cure u bottle of Cliiiinlici Inin'e
Colic, Cliolcrn mid Diiirihocn
Kemcdy. It g-jivc me prompt relief
nml 1 Believe cured me permanent
ly, as I now cut or drink without
Inn in iiiivtliino- J please. I have
also iiMCtl it in my family with the
hc-l rcniilts. For aide hy I'. O.
Frickie V Co.
Wonoerful Success
Two y curs nc,(i the Mailer I'rop.
Co.' onil-rcd tlicir hottlcn hy the box
- now they Buy hy tint, ciirlouil.
AnitniLT the popiilnr imtl siicccsefiil
rcinedicH they prcpnre ia 1 In litre
SiirHiipnrillii A Hurdock which it
the moKt wonderliil Blood purilicr
known. No (liiigLrist liceitiiles to
recomiuciiil tliiis remedy.
For Hide hy driiiriL
Good Looks,
OimiiI looks nrc more th in skin
deep, (lctcniling' upon n healthy
condition of nil the vitnl organs.
If the Liver he inactive' you have
n Kilioiia Look, if your hIoiuiicIi
he iiUcetcd you have u llynpeptic
Look nml i( hour l itlneVH he clh'ctetl
yov will have a 1'iiiclictl Look. St
cure Ltiioil health imtl you will have
good looks, Llcctrie ftittcri in the
yrcnt nlterctive iind Tonic. iict.H
iln cell v on tlioMC vital organ.
CnrcH ('iniplcH, ltlotclicK, Hoilsiuiil
g ivcsiii loiiiI i tiiiiplcxioii. Sobl nt
ii.j -tt'M e, ""!'
I , I ', l l icie .V t
. 'li
, '
n .