The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, October 16, 1891, Image 2

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ma.t urn tri-i"H.
. ' .! yi-sr, in tt'lvuiji'i .... yenr, nm In uilvaiu-e ..
; .; BU III Oil 1 1 1(. in HilvalK'A . ..
.;'.y, ttirt riiiMilhi. In .iiJvam-s.
cop one iffa In itilvninns
; ' cupy per ffk. by nnrji-r
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.. 50
FRIDAY, OCTniiiliAlO. lH'.U
Kill AMMM'iiilV JihUm- fit III Hiirirsms lM
K. M I'osf .if
Pnr Ws.. t'uil. .Jy
H. V. Sill MV i.' OHu
e H. MAKi'I.K.M
rorOrti of th l)iiHi f ' art :
, A. SAJJ'.'U KV.
I""- t ,uMiivr :
L.C. ' (CKHOrt'.
Kur Mbcr I! :
',)(). KDSOY
K r County lfik -.
Fur County Jintc :
Fur L'oiin y ;
Fur rpnmffr :
Korftiiivt-ynr :
K ir l'iiiii:niiiiiii;r Kirt lMri-t :
The repiililican parly of the state
of Neliraskii tiives renewed exprei.
t 1 1 of its tlevotiou to t!ie princi
ples of the republican party and de
clares that thise pi inciples, as ex
pressed by the ii. in. m 1 republican
coil vent ion, should bi- the stroii"
point of uniuii biiween all repub
licans in tin- state of Nebraska.
U e emiirral ul.ite the people' lipuil
t!ie itiarvelous pro-pi n'v : ;e:i. ;, ,; r
tin- (l. velopiiii nt and i.e.-, ;ii ii) l!,e
.-"atof Xeltra.-ka ilurinu it- tin nty.
l iiir year-, o) st.itclioo ii'id.T j...
J,;;b!i. an adiiiiui-.lra:i'-ii, and w liich
! ..-'.'ht ii s to th.- .,M,t ji,,,;,
d ti.
"iV.1 I'..
(I the
I . ! i i , -
1 1 1 i a -1 j
,11 !'
1 a ;;;i::;;.. r ',
m im took ad
il 1 1 1 i.i in ial de
it over tlie en-
!."i.bsf'!-.i p.-.--o..
illltage of tin- - i-uer:
pr--ssioH whieli sivei
'ire country to p.r.c tin ir way into
t. mporary proiuiiience by declaim
iag agan .-t the welfare of niirpi-ii.
pie and slandering the fair name of
our .-late. I In- rains from heaven
and tie' rich sod, v igorously culti
vated by tin- energetic hands ot our
farmers, have produced uch bount
iful crops and sin h unrivaled pr. s
is-rity that shall silence a. I cal im
Ity talkers and add to the Htreugtli
and enthusiasm of tie- repiibli jni
We conratu'.ate Presidei:: I! irri
son upon Ins eminently wise, loyal
and v oura genus ad minis t ration, and
declare our abnilule coulidence in
his integrity, ability and patrio
tism, and pfedge linn out roidial
support in the discharge of the
tluin-M volvim iiihi.i l.-f - th-
i ..;.' i iti.igiso .1 1- ti u ie n a uon.
We rejoice in the restoration of
dignity, vigor and statesmanship in
the conduct ol our foreign affairs
under the guiding hand of Amer
ica's favorite son, Juics G. lihiine.
We approve ol the silver coinage
act of the present administration,
by which the entire product of the
, silver mines of the I'nited States is
added to the currency of the people,
but we denounce the democralie
doctrine of free and unlimited coin
age of silver as a linanciiil policy
liable to precipitate the people of
every city and every stale in the
I'mon in a prolonged and disas
trous depression, and delay the re
vival of business enterprise and
prosperity so ard-ntly desired and
now so apparently near. The free
arid iiiiliii'tite.'l r.otuitgf of silver
would tend to the boarding of gold
and to force the use of cheap money
in the payment of waged in every
workshop, mill, factory, store and
,. i. .Mi., ., ,.,., scaling i.,w,i .
f . - i , i . . . .... . . , '
. in. v.n,-s ,, Nr- iiniers iimi
weakening i!ie iiirchasing jiowerof
tlie dollar winch would be u sell to
niri base the products of the farmer.
are in favor of bavin'' everv
dollar as good ns any other dollar.
We demand the maintenance of
the American sj -sit-in of protec tion
to A inerican industry and labor, the
policy Unit has been identified with
every period of our national prosper,:)-.
We admire (he neuius of that
hi roic statesman, William MeKin.
U-y. Jr.. whom the people of Ohio
w ill make their next governor as a
recognition of his m.i l' ll l licent ser
vices to the colintri . W e also com
mend and endnrse that policy of re-
i im ity by which the Central and
Soiil'i American nations and the
S ai,i-li Indie- are being opened up
to i ii' 1iade upon favorable terms
and by width all the surplus
ptoiliii ts of our country may find a
iniir e-l and by w hich all our people
shall receive in e.n hange therefore
a iong line ot products which do
competition !
;',, Ni-b,
.,t destroy
lea m our
' favor ((. t lie
t ii the interstate
. 1 WC (It l.l.llliJ till'
' a railway and trans
h in such a maimer us
V ami reasonable, rates
W'tk ami consumers of
'' 1 1 1 1- countrv
We taviT niii-li l.lnislatiou as w ill
prevent all tllegtil combinations
ami unjiisl i-Mii tioii.- by aggregated
capital and corporate powers. We
insist upon "tin- suppression of all
trust;, combine ami schemes de
signed to at til'n ially iliciease 1 1 It:
price vit t tie necessai ie of life.
We re nurd tlie world's Columbian
exposition as an important event in
tin- world history, ami we are in ,
h..nin- s. nmntliv willi eicrv elfort
to make it a success, vie snoiuu
make a creditable exhibit of
Nebraska' proilnettt, am! we favor
nil uililitioiial appropriation ly the
next legislature for thii purpose, our pronperity iiml t;reatneM
may lie fully exemplified. We take.
priile in thin stale We tecii)riii.c
tliat ils grow th anil power, itM pro
perity a;i(! iooil nuint. Isavc hern
the linns ol ttn uiUUHtriat people,)
ami wo lielieve ill hiii'Ii polii ieo,
stale and national, will prouiot
iiistice and widen th
ie ojiipoMiinilies
. tlicir
s in the past, we
I aimm' these cla.isc
port in the future, as in the I
'pledge our most intelligent judg
ment Mild most sincere endeavor.
We denounce the Grand Island
platform of the democratic party as
framed with the deliberate purpose
to misli ad and deceive; wherein
sympathy is expressed here none
is felt; wherein help i-H proposed
where none is rendered; wherein
purposes ate avowed which are not
entertained. Ill support of this in
dictment we point to the pretended
friendship for the soldier, while at
the same time the democratic party
has always proclaimed against the
granting of liberal pensions; to the
Ireesilver plank, intended to deceive
tin- -iii.ix.rt.-r-i i.f free mid unlim
ited coinage of xilvrr, when it is
known that many of the leaders of
the party are opposed to the doc
trine; to the failure to give the re
lief from exhorhitaut freight rates
while it was afraid to either ap
prove or censure the action of its
acting alien governor for vetoing
the Newberry bill.
We denounce the democratic
party for its insinuations against
tin- integrity of the supreme court
of the state as an effort to make Un
judicial power- subirrdiuate to
political parties mid as disgraceful
to a political orgaui.atinn.
We denounce the democratic
party for its double deain.g will,
tlie civil and political rights of Un
people, wherein it appears to favor
free and iintramiueleil elections in
th.- state of .Nebraska, but iuer
I'al-es its voice .vain-l the pnliiical
outrage pi. u iici-d ; i ; ; i i 1 1 -1 tin- re.
filbln-.ul Vl.lers. v.llile an I LI. I. ', ,
i ::ro Helmut the democrat n t.iie- i f
ti.e so. a!i. i
W ai r.. ; ii ila- democrat ic party j
:'" t! i. ny ol 1 il or. .- iteming t ;
!. .!-.-., i defi-u -e of pr.-tee. i
" ' ' i.l - -. o, ,.,r i toe v. Ii- i is ii
m.i - i
troll. -,
imiu-tr, a::. I to i b i 1,- th
' ol tile l--,:.!e a I..O-11- , ,,;
I.-. ! I.y ari-i.." i a! u: ami Mr ,,,i...
i'!.' ies. the ! ;,ac) 'if I i i r ,
ie r-pub.e,t!, p,;-;v of . I...' '
i :
t Ii
- I. il.
in', i
lot. Oi
g 1 1 V
I ir,;,,
of ll:
..II ..
I th
I 'I day. )i'tol,er ll, tin
has been in force ju-l
bin!! law
om- year.
What has been the result of th.ii
year's experience':- How haw the
wild-eyed predictions of hi-h
price- for th- necessaries of life, of
tin-rum ot our foreign trade, and j
of lower prices the farmers ,
produced, so glibly made a
iigo by the democratic pre-s,
J ear j
In mi '
carried out:
I he first of these free trad.- slate
inent that the new tariff law would
increase the prices of the ii.-ces-siiries
of b f, tiu .s...
experience to be utterly fal-e.
About (U per cent of all the articles
which go to make up cvf-ry day
needs of the people of the l iiit.-d
Slates are to-day cheaper than they
were a year ago. unit the p rices of
the remainder are stitydantinlly un
changed. There is not, far us
our observation extends, jiny in
crease ol price in any article due to
the new tariff law
The failure of tin- predictions ,,f
the "calamity howlers" with regard
In our foreign commerce has been
e.ptally tnarkrd. ( )iir imports have
enormously increasec in the aggre
gate, because of the large additions
made by the new tariff law to the
free list. Articles not produced in
this country, w hich formerly paid
duty, come in 'free under the new
)aw H,(J an,
conseiMieiitly chratier
1 ' .
tiecinise where there is no home
production the duty is alwaj s paid
by the consumer. Where, however,
we manufacture or produce the
article, the price here is fixed by
the enst of production, ,uid the lar
itf ruts no figure In it.
, ur exports to foreign countries,
too, have enormously increased.
The total naive of our cxpoils for
the last seven months shows an in
crease of $Ki,.'tl7,lss over the average
exports for the corresponding
months td the last five years. With
our import-' increased ami our
export trade increasing, the f.dsity
of the free tiade cry is fully ap.
The third count, that the ruin of
our foreign trade would keep down
the TirilfJ of the t.roibuts ..(
American firm-, U likewise n ( its,..
flrilM, is likew
Vbe Staple p
io,,d. All
pf.- product of
.ire selim
hiirlu-r toitav tlian lor h l.intr tirni
in lliat pilot, with the finale
tin of cotton, of whieli the eoi
pf.iiihr- theiiMelvei mlniit tl
liasyKrn an enoriuoli.-i over pi
ui tiilu for the pant two year.
, iienee tne net result nl (mi'v
II III I l M I- t
ie ili'ee-aji
of t he new lai ill law is:
Cheaper priers for th
oi lite.
An inrtvaseil import Ira !.,
A miii h larger export'.
An. I a greater decree of irein
pron-rii than the nation has r
perienee I r-inee ahont 1!.
Nil trutli mi i er iimre convinc
! m
In proven than has the cheapen
g ot sugar liy putting it on th
bee list proven that tile tai ill is i
tax. - Journal.
Such argument as the above can
not fail to disgust the
reader. Any intelligent man known
there i. as tnucli ditference between
a protective and a revenue b.i .if .
I there is b.-tw.-.-n -,,! !.:.,,
A tariif upon West India sn.-ur
I India sugiir(
aiU OiiuT f Cliillil li-u is a
tax, pure and sijuph-, u
: (Tj ()f , protective
Hud support -
tariff cbiiui
nothing else. It is for that reason
that the republican party provided
ill tlie .b hinley bill fur their free
admissioii into our ports.
A protective duly is levied pri
marily lor the purpose of creating
home production of Ihccouiiiioditv,
thus rendering- us not depi ndent
upon the foreign monopoly, and
history proves unmistakably that
it ha- that effect. A tariff levied
upon commodities we cannot pro
duce but in tie! import is a tax paid
by the consumer, and a revenue
duty, A tariff which renders us
'callable of breakin-r it,,. (..,,.;,.,,
iiioiioM, v. and lowering the price
to the consumer, is not a tax.
Tilt; New York Sun id
inclined to drop into tin
chaum-l into whi- h it,
drifting. As evidence
subi'.it the following
-til.) is io
free trade
parly is
f this we
winch Unit paper piopoumls to
Cmigres nii.iu Springer, of Illinois:
I. Why has the depression m
agriculture been so severe.'
And why does it pioii.- In .
1 i-ting in i real iii it i. in. a free trade
country '-
'-'. Is it the j.irni
.'L I .' 1 1 1! that i- t'i
the si ii ii t crops in ;.
r tl:
. . o ' e i 1 1 : : -', - , 1 1 e I
e o-t .net lb mi r i -Ii itmii r
I un-
, of In-
1 1 a 1 1 e a - in ' eai
, 4. Why h
1 ! tune- in el.
. ' I ' . n i- ., I.- .,
i;i 1.
ii .
.:;. ot I.
r i lei k n
.-in., d b
I lie. -ee
f the
1. - to
. i
1 1 1 an t a ...1
popid.ii i' v a- a c
'' 1 ' ,!- n. -in ,-avy and
j.-aloll-) by j. I,, the la-l H-.
sui t of tj. jiii-heii; . , mild and iiii-nbsi.intial vilupe.
rations. Tin: Hl.hI.I bt liev, thiit
this in. tlmd of campaigning should
he reii.a!id tolbeieir, and sup-
I by a clean. Iione-t, niiinly
cancel n.
if tllaMi is t.f pul. lie
believe that our be-t
people t.i
and w ill ti
. .
tin- V ie
tun.- dis
v of the tt-r
;u-ted with li e
our neighbor
in which
takes sp, cial th-bght.
Till, free admission nf In ,1 sugar
..,., I. I III, illl IS MTV llka-lv fo1
have the tendency to still further
cheapen that commodity und at the
sniie time furnish a better market
for American pork nnd oilier
I r is less than three weeks until
Go to llrowu .V Itarrelt's and get
a window-e lass an. I st..o m. tl, ,i
i " .
in your jiouse. tf
Mr. C. II. Jomch, of Spring Hill
Iowa, sa s: "I have used ( hauibi-r.
Iain's I'a in llalm for severe ami
painful burns with better eiiect than
anything 1 have ever tried It re
lieves the pain instantly and cures
without h aving a scar."" 1'iiiu Halm t
is one of the most Useful medicines I
that auv fain ilies ei.ii I... ...... ;.i...i '
i-speeialy (or rht ti mat ism, I
'"y'' ' "Vr'Hii. briu-es, tooth
net.,, i.-i . . I... ....! 111... .. : I .
One appbciitiou will relieve the pain
and a fair trial insure a cure, all i
........... ii, n.i.i nm- Illliueilis.
ii-iu ooiiies lor sale liv I-. (i. l-rickj
.. i ... . . .
A Co. Druggists.
During balance of jiickiug season
I will continue o pa)- !i- highest
market price for good varieties of
winter ipphs at canning factory.
-""'t l.l NlMt.KN.
We have received a nice line
e idea
snow- tin-in tut he i.,,ii, sol J '1.111
luolitli mid vicinity. We have sc.
cured Miss lleuipb-'nM triuinu r.
" 1 l kl k Sis i t k.
Ulis i'in i'n n C ir I in h Uuy.
"Mystic Cure" for r lieu ma I ism and
neuralgia radically cured in 1 , M
days. Its action upon the system is
rein. irkal.le and m -ten, ui.-. It re
iiiovi at unci? the'caiise and the di.
iillllieiiiai, iv llissaiioe.l' s
The lirst d.
greatly bein tits, 7 ,c
I'ricke, Druggist. u
Sold by F, G.
American agrieuliur
iVoehesli r, Wis.,
K. wyer, (it
H i.iininent dealer
in general
iierrhandise, ami w ho inns
in puimiinf wagons, nail iue of his
lv ; linr ii liadly cut and hurned with I
, j larial. The wouml refiiHt-il to heal.1
, I Ih- horse hecanie lame and Htilf '
t nowvithstamliiiii caleltil altrntion !
hum M( application nt remedies, , 1
friend handed Sawyer some of I
ll.iil. r's Harh Wire laiiemeiit, t,e
most vMindi rlul tiling ever saw to
In al Mich wiiunds. lie applied it,
o .!y tinee times and the sore was !
c.iiuplei 'd lie.ileil. fciiuully ;ood i
for nil sor.-, cuts, hnises, and j
viiuii.ds. For sale hy all driiirnist :
Cure for Pornlvsis.
; Frank Cornelius, of 1'iircell, Ind.
j Yi i"., says: "I induced Mr. l'iusou,
whose w ife had paralysis in the face
1 to liny ii hottle of Chnmherlain's
; I'ain llalm. To their reat Hiiprise
i In line the liottle had all heeu used
she was a jjreat deal better. Her
I lace had tieen drawn to one Hide:
I tint the I'uiii Halm relieved all
i lain and soreness, and the mouth i
r""1""'' "1""r!'1 nliape." It is
" for rheumatiMm
I l ' ' " "V . """
i ii'-ss. ... ii-ui oonien nir sale
1 by F. i. Fricke A Co.. Drinrn-i-tn
I r- ,
roiui miviBiiv,
1 1'hv sicians tnul, t.o.r.- ..-
I mistake than when they inform pa-
'" l"ut m-l'viiH heart troubles
o'l'ic irom uie stomacn and are of
conseipience. Dr. Franklin
Miles, the noted Indiana hi l-.,llsi
has proven the contrary in his new
book on "Heart Disease" w hich may
be had free of F. G. Fricke A Co.,
w ho guarantee and recommend I)r.
Miles' uncipiidl. d new Heart Cure,
which has the largest sah; of any
heart remedy in the world. It cure's
nervous ami organic heart disease,
short breath, lluttering, pain or ten
derness in the side, arm orvhouldcr,
irregular pulse, fainting, smother
ing, dropsy, etc. His Restorative
Nervine cures headache, lits, etc.
Ciipt. A. Abbett, w ho has g
been with Messrs. rrecival and
llatton, Real Fstate and Insurance
Drokers, Di m Moines, Iowa and is
one of the best known und most re
spected business men in that city
says: "I ran testify to the good
ipialities of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. Having used it ju my
family for the past eight years, 'l
can safely say it has no eijual for
either colds or croup." .In rent bot
tles for sale by F. G. Fricke A Co.,
I Iruggisu.
Some of the most startling, in-
leisting isCoi.ries of the life audi
ciistouis ,,f buried F.gypt are now
being made through evt.-nsii i-y.- i. :
vattious. These discoveries are
exciting a great interest. Main
d:. oi lies are, however, being
made in our country th,,t ;nc ie. among which v. e m.iv
meniioa that of Haller's J'.un which e.. i ts entire relief, an I
in many ases a complete cm i f
that hii .lib- i'i-c, .,- i u ma t i -i i,
and which ii!-o ieii.-es pain of ail
Kind , j or
b ail d
1 1.:; .-1 -
HC n' r i
Til) Len liny
IV r
b'l.iiHtnntljr k'-ip. on Imn.l tverytliin
iuiiiisu nur initiK.
I I) 1 lie l-ii
WitKim mid l:ikiiiiltli iop
Whrod, Huggy, Mncliiiis ami
('loir Ibtpitinog .In at--llUlt.SKSIlOKINO
-Its UM ItlK
ll'l.I-.l. :-.ii ..
nu"1"1" ''" mri-IHH) fur tli, nr lur isl Ur, viu ir, or for citj
tmrni evur iiiyent.!l. It Ii to nimbi
tlnxt Hoyimo Ci.n put uD sharp or flut
Cork, m neviled fur met n,l h,..-r.
. " ---i -i". j
1tii or umiuiil. Arm ...-a.
Cull Hi
lit linp mul nninini) thii
nl you will one tin other.
13 North Fifth St. I'Uttwiautb
317. Kill. 821 nd2.'l Min Kb,
Plattsmouth Nebraska!
H. M E0N3. Proprietor,
lti IVrkitm Inia -en tliiirniihly
ri!DilTted freni top tc L.'itt.,,,; m,,J ' j
now una of the Im-hI Imb-li in tin. Hints ,
HiiHrdum will lm token ,y ths wrek nt i
1 1 50 nnd up. I
m fc
V . f
But l M SW(iiyjp mci Mq kf
. Then vteft all troubles avay.
Wf DMAlT &
: A UK I K
III nil g"f t i III ike
p a tir-t
llit'ir stove iti
and thus are euabl-d to undersell all competitors.
1 ft ! i 'V"( 1 1 ( ; sj 1 1 l ) 1 ( aS i c () s
Th! Ka.liimt lloineareelcbrH,,,! Hot,,,.! (Ink Hrc llieir SjH-cmlty.
This II nil has the ex
elusive agency of Un
celebrated ant i-r list iug
tin wan guaranteed for
one year.
A large line of (op
perrtiire, tinware, sn,d
( iranite'i an- ,
'1 In- Mac- f-
. I
1 ll!
'. I I
W f 1 1
1 l
tit. Ai.i.i..- i i'i i,i
: i . N '
Call arid
11th and
suv. lis
north of E!.eisds
Everything to Furnish Your lluus..
Having DurcIiu-'Cil tlie .1. V. Wi-ckbach More room on fouth
Main htrcct where I am now locatnl I can k11 goods cheap
er than the cheapest having jut put in the largest htock
of new goods ever hroTght to the city. (Jacolinc htove
iiml I'uriiitui'c nf all kimUholtl on the in.ttalltm nt plan.
A Full tnl t'nniili ti line of
Drugs, Medicines, Paints, and Oils.
Prescriptions ( arcfully ('oinpoiiiidctl nt all Hour
i '
S.nwA .I.If ial! il .!'!. M w,rfivi tt, r.sw YnrU. 1-rVvtnrtiil
t t -
5j I
eni-s linn
I 1 1 iii-dwarf. They hit
They also carry
line assortment of car-
penter tools, Cutlet I
mid shelf hardware,
T I'rices have been en
right down to stilt th
a i n. at of our 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 stock
ol I
N i :a: l-K A.
y a w
i r
1 t
il Ml !
"nj im. t.'tiil
al the
corner of
one hloclt
!" Nnr YnrU.
-I S I
i CrIS'i
k ri.A
tin vi-ri
V bon it
r ii.
".ti 1 1,
i r:
S :