The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, October 02, 1891, Image 3

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r. tl'P J ' .yCK!T RY.
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AriD REtiinBR Son.
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if t TTfnnn -r a at-
la vv i-.u iviorn i isr
J. 0. UIUVES & c').
DOORS, BLINDS.and hU building material
Call and see us at the corner of
1th and Elm street, one block
irth of Ileiscl's mill.
lattsmouth, Nebraska
vorything to Furnish Your House.
S iurcha?cd the J.V. Weckbach store room on south
f street where I am now located I can pell goods cheap
" ' .thc chcapcHt having jnftt put in the largest stock
.. 'oods ever brought to the city. Gasoline stove
. jjtnrc of all kindsBoldon the installment plan.
1 A Full and Complete line of
Jt Medicines, Paints, and Oils.
Vcrlptlons Carefully Compounded at nil Hours
) I T A T 7T7T APT
nil v iliajoiv
you ..noma - to - build - there?
member that R. O. Castle it Co have an immense tock of
rnKiimntntec Satisfaction In nil Things
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Lniiai c1
A Suit Aslnt 111 llruoklyn flrliljfe.
In a short tinic the most important
duiwiffe suit tlmt hiw ever twn ljroujlit
ul' .iiint tlie lir Hiklyn bridge will lie
ti.i .l It is fur $1,000,000, null will in
V'OvH iKiine nice xiiit8 of liiw. A
1'iaiifo-Ani'ricHii inventor named. Du
J ',, ,i h a liriiutii the unit. Iln claims
tlmt in Kiiil.iiiK the oaivstjnsof the bridi.'p
(I'ltuiii i;ifntn Wli!ifrit! to him were
infringed un, Hiul that without the line
of Iiih InvcntioiiM t'ne bridge could not
have lm'ii mircm-fully built. t iui
IMirtant doi District Attorney Cliirke
t'.nsidcr the uumi, and of such grave
inouiciit to the intcrcxts of the two cit
ies, tlmt nt his rcijucst the services of n
well known jmletit lawyer have been
ficcun d as coutiHid, and lie lias Al
ready received from the bridge $1,000 as
it retaining fee.
There is an interesting story told of
Bridge Secretary Henry Beum in con
nection with the sinking of these cais
eons. He says that it was at first in
tended by the bridge engineers to sink a
regular coder dam, and on this place the
big piles that supKrt the bridge struc
ture, bnt that William C. Kingsley op
posed this plan, giving as his reasons for
so doing that no ordinary coffer dam
would hold in the fierce currents of the
Kant river. Then it was that the Kink
ing of the caissons was decided upon.
In other words, they ned a coffer dam,
not in the regular fashion, but upside
down. And now the wooden box rests
on a bed of rock forty feet below the
bottom of the river.
Mr. IViiui lays that Mr. Kingsley
would have been the last man in the
world to have allowed the invention of
another man to be used in the con
struction of the bridge without paying
him for it. and that if Du Uois' patent
were infringed Uoii it was by accident
and because the bridirn eninnwradid not
know that that style of coffer dam Lad
been patented, Brooklyn Eagle.
Human IMnrnntent.
A rich man of Bostou has one sod. fie
led him about, lie instructed him, lie
kept him as the apple of his eye. Tho
son liecame of age this summer. The
father has no other occupation save that
of liurhiiig his income, and as he is
man of sense and liberal views he told
his sou that he must not stand idle, yet
left to him the choice of business or pro
fession. At the same time be wrote pri
vately to twenty-four friends and ac
quaintances asking their advice in the
matter. The twenty-four were promi
nent each in his own calling.
And eacb replied in turn, complaining
of his business and advising the father to
seek elsewhere for the future prosperity
of the young man. The law was crowd
ed, journalism brought but little money,
banking was an uncertain prop, and so
on throughout the catalogue. The fa
ther is still undecided, the boy Is idle:
and all because no one of the twenty
four is contented with bis lot, while he
ftduilres the fortuues of other tueu. Bos
ton Post
K.w I.uusr Crater.
A careful examination of ft photo
graphic negaJve of tlie moon recently
obtained by means of the Lick tele
scope revealed the picture of ft most
important lunar crater whose existence
had nerer len suspected previously.
The explanation lies in the fact that the
human eye is not so constituted that
etetidy gnzing will bring out the minoter
details of the object looked at; on the
contrary, the eye grows tired aud details
M lost. Rot so tiie photogruphic plate,
however; the effect of constant pour
ing in of rays of light into the camera
has a cumulative effect
The longer the exposure under suitable
circumstances, the greater the display
ot detail in the result. So in this case,
the "photographic eye of science" takes
cognizance of crater on the moon's
surface that has never been, and in all
probability nevur will be, seen by human
eyes. New York Recorder.
0r Tbi-M Taar. la a Maltr.u.
In July, ISSN, Captain Qosph Lowe,
of York, tilled his bed with, grass, which
he had cut for that purpose. Boon sfter
Mrs. Lowe thought she felt something
moving undr her side of ths bed, but
the captain told her it was Imagination.
Captain Lowe was afterward sick and
laid upon thst sids cf ths bod, whr.n he
felt the same motion. In April, 1889, he
died, but not until Tuesday of last wwk
was the lied opened and emptied, whn
out came live, healthy, but terrible
hungry turtle. He was ravenous, and
would snap at anything offered him, it
is said. The straw or bay for two feet
across was "chewed very Que." York
(Me.) Courant
A H.w Inalrnniaat.
A scientific, instrument haa lwwn gotten
np by Professor Bigelow which is called
the aurora inclinometer. By extensive
researches he has found that the same
law which underlies the working of elec
tricity and mngnetisin is operating on
the sun, and that sunlight is a magnetic
flelil hi which the niagnHwl u4rth ro
tate as does the armature of a dynamo.
The instrument will be sent to Alaska,
where it will be used in the study of the
aurora, as it is there seu in the beA con
ditions. New York Times. i
A TraUl lubjr.
There was in this city recently on a
visit a baby only about nine months old
which has seen more traveling than
commonly falls to the lot of most older
people, it was born near Chicago and
hits since I men to the City of Mexico,
thence k) Mawachusetls, then to 1'ort
land, Me., and return, and is now living
In Mayrinrd. At that rate most of the
world will be familiar ground in. fifty
)ars. .Marlboro Enterprise.
Itlll I'aM Afl.r Man? Year.
A young man In the employ of Emer
son Hall over a quarter of a century ago
contracted a little bill with Dr. H. U.
Newell. It slipped his mind at the time
and iie always thought it paid until a
few days ago, when he accidentally came
across a bill from the doctor dated
twenty-six years ago. ! at once pai l
it. Such honesty is in. lwd worth notic
ing. St. Johusbury (Vt.) Caledonian.
The Ub
Harsh, draMlo purgaUvrs Ure,. '
Bess U a duiirumi pracUm, uul t, .
tii fasten tho UUwusm on Uis pslient v .
cure It. Is uruuVtl Is a ' .
hu efli'i'lujly s'iiIiik the liottcls, curr.
tJni i:uuvo liabtt toil HstnMUlies a naUir..
Luly ii''U.n. Bm h iui ;i''rru! is Iniiml in
Aycr's Pills,
wlilrh, while tlmroiiirli In m tlon, strengthen
as well a nliiuuUU! Uie bowels anil uxcrcloty
" Fur f iRht yimrs T ws atlllrtpil with eon
stlpalliin, will. Il at last Walnn so bad that
tin; diH'tiirs cunlil do no nmrs for me. Xheu
I heran to take Ayer's Tills, and soon Uio
Isiwi.'ls hi'c.uiic reiihrr unil natural in tln ir
mnvements. I sm now In ejcellent bealtli."
-Win. II. lH'Uuoett, Dorsi-t, Out.
" When I feel the need of a catliartli;, 1
take Ayer'( Mils, snd Bud theui Jo b oiore
tfian any other pill t ever took." Mrs. It. G
(iruhh, burwcllviilF, Vs.
"For years I hsre bean sutijpct tnsonsit
patiou and nervous headaches, raused by dtv
ranitcmeiitof Uie liver. After taking various
remedlm, 1 have becotno convinced that
Ayefs I'Uls aro Uie best. They have never
failed to rellevi) my bilious I larks In a short
time; and I sm sure my syitem retains Its
tone longer after tha use of these Mils, than
has been tho esse with any other medicine I
have tried." li. 8. Sludge, Weimar, Texas.
Ayerjs Pills,
rurtMD st
Dr. J. 0. ATEB Ik CO., Lowell, Mass.
Bold by aU Dealer Is Medicine.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
Tiik Ukht Hai.vb iii the world for Cub
Bruises, Sores, Ulcer, Salt liln um. F-vef
Sores, Ti tter. Clmpped HsnfN, Chilblains,
t rus, Hud R:l h!:iii Eruptions, and posi
tively cures 'iles. or no pay required.
It is giinrantei:d to irive satistactinn, or
money relundcd. Price 2.') rents prbox
Knrssle l. f. O. Fricke & Co.
Happy Hcosiers.
Wm.Tlinninii., iMMinaHi.nif Id.ivllle. ind..
write : "Kle. trie lliier has done neire for
ie Ihsn sll other iin-illi-lnes cmnlilned, (or that
bad feel tig ail'lhn limn Kidney anil layer
treiilile." .lohii j-lie. farim- .ml turkmaii,
of same place, : Kuid Kli cirlc ltltt,-r to
belheheit Klilhcy and r nieillelne, made
tne feel like a new imhii." .1. v. (.ariliie
hardware merchant, ame town, av "Klee.
trie lllileis is just lue tiling for a iiiau who f
all run d'.wn and dnn't care whether hr hve or
dies ; he found new lieiiKlh. K"d npnel li
nn il felt just like In- h d a new lene on life
Only 'oc. a bolile at K. i. Krlcke & to's llrur
Btore. .t
A Mystery Explained.
The iiujicrH coutnin frequent no
tirpH of rich, pretty nnd cdticiited
Rirla elojiitijr with tirrofH, triiinpn
uiul coiicliiiicn. The well-known
HieciiiliMt, Dr. Franklin Mile, hiijh
ull micli jfirU are more or lcxa liye
tcricul, nerviitiH, very impulsive, un
buliitu ed; usually Hiiliiect to neiid
nclie, iiciirnly in, hI'i')1chkiichh, im
moderate crying or laug;liiiio-. Tlicee
hIiow u weak, ncrvoue svetem for
which there is no reined v equal to
Keatorative Nervine. Trial bottles
and a tine book, containing; many
mum-Ion curea, free at V. O. Fricke
4 Co'., who also ncll and iuaraiitee
Dr. MiIph' ceh-brated New Heart
Cure, the fineat of heart tonics. Cures
fluttering, ehort breath, etc.
R'lflUTi ti n ur1 in a 0y.
"Mystic Cure" for rheuiiuitiniii and
lieiirulgia radically cured in 1 to 3
day. ItM action iim.ii I lit- nyeli-m is
remarkable uiul tnyetcrioiiH. It re
moves ot once the cause and the di
sense immediately diMHiit-urH.
The first doee greatly licm lits. 7."ic
Sold by F, CI. Fricke, Druggist, wt
W'pwnnt every mother to know
that croup can be prevented. True
croup never fipjx-r without a warn,
ing. The first ey inploiiiH it hoar
ness; tlii-n the child a)pearH to have
taken rold or a cold may have ac
companied the lioarncHri from the
start. After that u peculiar roiij;lt
cough ie (Icvclopcil, which it fo.
lowed ly the .-roup. The time to
act is when the child lirwt Imtoiiich
lionrHc; a few docs of Clianiherlain
Cough Remedy will prevent the at
tack. F.ven after a roug;li cough
has ajijieared, the dincnue may be
prevented by liHinc; thin rcillcily uh
directed. For aule by F. (i. Fricke
A Co, Drugging
For mitny years Mr. H. F. Thump
Hon, ot lc clonics, Iowa, waa He
verely nlllicted with chronic diarr
lioca. He nays: "At times it was
very severe; ho much ho, that I
ft-acrd it would end my life. About
Hevcn year ago I chanced to ro
cure u bottle of Cliuiiibi-rlain'H
Colic, Cholera mid Diarrhoea
Kctucdy. It gave mo prompt relief
and I believe cured me iermaiient
ly. us I now pat or dunk without
harm iinylhing I ph-aHo. I have
bImo need it in my family with the
beet reetilts. For mile by F. (J.
Frirkie Sc Co.
?JMt 3703J".
Wonderful Success
Two vcurs ago the llallt-r I'roji.
Co.' ortli-rvd tlu-ir l.ottU'H by the box
- now they buy by tin carload.
Among the pnpulnraiul Hucccscful
remedii-M they prepare in llaller'
SarHaparilla A Iturdock which id
the inoHt wonderful blood purifier
known. No druggie! licHiiatfH to
recommend thin remedy.
' For Hale by druggiMt.
A Cure for Paralvsls.
Frank Cornelius, of 1'urccll, Ind.
Ter., Hiiye: "1 induced Mr. I'iiiHou,
whose wife h.t paralysis in the luce
to buy a bottle of Chamberlain's
I'aiil llalm. Totlicir great Mujirisc
before the botlle had all been used
ehe wan a great deal better. IK-r
fact' bad been ilrawu to one eidc;
but tin- l'am II.iImi relieved all
mill and HorcnesM. anil the nioiith
aHsumcd i I m naturiil Hlinpe." It iw
also a certain cure Inr rln iiinntiHin
limn- back, Hpraiim Hwclliin's and
InmencMH. (VI cent bottiea fiir mile
by F, (I. Frii keACo., DrueftjiHtH.
Mllss' Nerveand Liver Plllo.
Act on a liew principle regulating
thu liver, stomach nnd bowels through
the nerves. A new discovery. Dr. Miles'
Pills speedily rnre biliomncss, had tHit,
torpid liver, piles, constipation, Une
qualed for men, Women, children.
Smallest, mildest, surest! 50 doses, t.ic
Sinipla free st K. (i. Fricke & Co's.
v hat .is
: e ill
'! 1W I -
l.r 1 i ' i j ';' C'i " '
. V'.,' - '',;'?ST,N't!V'.iyri.iv,y V". S'e t i. ti. tun'M.. '
i-Wi.... . yoJXwl:.vvC;-: : . ... . .. -i '
' t
"j mJL 4
Custorla i7 DiVSutuut 1 1'itclicr's prescription for Infants
and Childf cn. lUontalnunciaicrOpliim.Morpliinenor
other Narcotic tsubstance. It is n harmless substitute
for rarcsor'c, Drops, Soothing; Ryrups, and Castor OIL
at is IMrnsant. Its guarantee ist thirty years' use Dy
Million of Mothers. C.i;;toria destroys "Worms aud allays
fe cri.shncss. Custorla prevent a vniiting Sour Curd
cures Diarrhoea and AViiul CM
tttethini; troubles, cures constipation and flatulency.
Castoria assimilates tho fuod, regulate,- the Btoroch
and bowels, giving: healthy and natural sleep. Cas
torla the Children's ,anacea the Mother's friend)
Canrla I. aa excllent medicine for c'nll
dren. Jlotliers hnvo rcrmtedly tultl ai. of iu
food aBaut upon ll-ir cuildrea."
Da. O. C. Osaco,
Lowell, tlasa.
" Castnrla Is the bust remedy for children of
which J am acipisinUst. I hie the day Is-tuH
far dlslarn, when motlier. wilToonsiilerthe ruul
InU-rest of their cliildrun, and nso Custorla In
aleail of tierarioiuiqiuvk Dostmms which are
d'-stroy-tng their loved ones, by forcing opium,
morphias, atsauinjr syrup and oiuer hurtful
auUi down tlu-lr throais thereby seniliug
thein to premature graves."
iJa. J. F. KrucjiiLoi,
Conwuy, Ark.
- - c.
" Castorla Is so well adapted to ctllrf
I n-ci.mmend ItMsspernrloauypri
known to me.1 - .
H. A. Anon;
111 So. OxfordBt.,Bro.j'!u, . . .
" Our physicians In ttia children's depart
ment have spokes highly of thetr expert. 1
eno In tielr oukada pracwoe with OostorU,
and although w oaly oava among , our
mnllcul suiplies what is kaow as regular
products, yet we an free to confess that Um
merits or iMoria has won us to look with
favor Uion It."
t'NiTin Hospital akd Dirtkmsart,
Boston, Matt
lis C. Sa-tTH, 7Ve.,
Tlt CenUnr Company, T7 Ilnrraj. Street, Kaxr York City.
K"f I
She in a winner. We reduce our prices becRtise we can afford too
not becaiiHe Homebody couiiels us too. Where is the high price, lonir
lime credit mini that cun ntaud it XoT IX PLATTSMOLTH. We irive
you a few more prices that may interest you:
Golden machine oil .... still iroes at 20c per eal
Gasoline ---.... j4C ..
Warranted Hay Folk .... u u u 35,. eacn
Mi) odd si.e carriage bolts ..... (I0c per hundred
Another lot of clothes wringers .... 2.10
Carpet tacks - . . - . . till g0 at lc per paper
C 00k stoves at cot to close.
holding; ironing-boards
Hlk bnrb wire -
Galvanized barb wire .
Hest and cheapest line of tinware in the city.
Come in and see us whether you are in need of any goods or not
Remember that we can and will Have you money eery time. Kverrthinz
a bargain, J
- 97c
3.70 per hundred
4.35 "
Dr. Grosvenor'f h
jfm rut.
RhmaViim. rtonraUfl. nlariirvanA tarnbAar
Iftittwl fM nnr. a9tw4tii frrr nl Uj All (nitffiNt
The Leading
CIwim. aa4 h.iii,lirt Ih. kl.
rr..m,. Idiuii.hI ,rvth.
ralla to M,riorfl Om
Mlr to Us ToulUul Color
Cwiw Msie a.iMjn a lama.
f..n.1 I1 't'.l )ri.,-,... "
i f it;rr luiito. 11 rurr, id. w...,i 1 ,.it.n.
........ , , imm, , ..a, tuna iuiw.uiia,
ttlNDERCORNS. ts. orire,i,-fnr r,
u.f. auys. iva. at Aiiua.nU, at UJSCOX a CO., N. V.
Epps Cocoa
llva thoroiich knowledge of tn nntnrnl
Iiihs whli li giivein the oH-nillnns ol illccitiuii
ad nuliltlnu. and l.v a ciirelul sti linlli.n of
the fine iroH-rll.i of veil si-lecteii Cocoa. Mr.
I iis has prnvliled our lireakfast IhIiIii with a
dellca'elv flvored heverane hlch may sve
us many ueavy aocior nnis. it is rn'.l lie ualo
Imis use of tin-li articlea of diet tlist a con
.11 ill lull miiy he Kiadu.illy hunt ui until stienK to resist every Miilcney to disease,
Muinlieds nf suhlle melsdles are tlimtlii g
sround u ready ta aitiu-k wherever i here I. a
week point, We tuny escape nisny a fatal
shall hv keeping-our.elves well lunmed with
tune IiIihi I and a pioperly iiiiurlshed fraine. "
lit II rrvl'-e iaelte. Miidosl sliSply with
lioillng Hter or milk. Sold nuly In hull-pound
tins, hv sroeerles. labelled tlnir;
.IAMrsKl'1'S A 1)0 , lloHi.ei.iiathle Chemist
Loudon. Knxland
m i,.jmmw-iii...zt-iiw..-K a-T-tja-Sal
Constantly keeps on hand everythin
you need to furnish your house.
coiiNBmtxru ad muh struct
817. 910, 221 and 223 Main St.,
Plattsmouth Nebraska
II. M BOKS, rropri.itor.
Ihe Perkins lias been thoreunhly
runuysted from top tc ' niij 's
now ono of the best lintels in the state
riosnVs will be taken by the wock al
I4.R0 and up.
- Neb
Wagon snd Blacksmith shop
Wagon, Buggy, Machine and
plow Rqts.irio.fl dons
lie us.s the
Which is the best horseshoe for ths
farmer, or for fast driving, or for cit
purposes evor invented. It is so made
that anyone ctn put on sharp or flat
corks, as needed for wet and slippery
days, or smooth, dry roads. Call at
his shop and examine the KRVKKsur
and you will use no pther.
12 North Fifth St. Plattsmouth
" i" nenlhly. villi rease. in renreanif
in at ' nn sect on a m,iiii.k..i..i.
-All SCtlve. rcllnhln ,iiBna.tnn.a-a
In Sun nini.l l,u. .111.1 -
I'oii.e. I'lferonr
ox t;V New Vmk
HAM KAt 1 en I II,