The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, September 25, 1891, Image 1

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tli Daily
Absolutely Pure.
A cream of tartar linking powder.
Highcnt of till in leavening Mrenth.
Latent I '. S. Covcrnmcnt Food Re
port. 10
: I) K X T I S T :-
Dr. HlHtiwH)' niii'ilhrtlr fiTtlie liile ex
tracfiiti' uf ii't-Lii.
hinefiold Work n Specialty.
I!l KWOIIlt ll"( k riHltHIIIIIIIIII. Nl-ll.
MiiUrv I'litillr tk Aliilnnter hnllHlur
fal Entate, Loan and Insurance Agi-iiU
If yon have rent cnti.te to ncll or
exchange Hend udcneription, price
and term-.
AhMract of title furninhcd lit rca
onnlile rate.
H '.) to lonn nt 7'a per rent iitid
no comminninnH, on good
fiirm Hcriirity.
Pi.ATThmiiihi - Ni:u.
OIW umlfr ' t iitinly l!;ink.
Their Kali lrni. fwir) rlllin. ll mid quill.
aim a im oi n ii4iiiiin rout Kurt..-.
iii!r if I. I lit y hi' vii lull
Hue nt luliy h'"l' xnl Hi r
dr-r I rln4' (,.l murk nut have re
durnl tb'lr lrw jiilnr lil Id Mt ami to
7.1 re In irtiiiiui'il.
(101. 1) Al I'OKI'K.I.AIN CKOWN -nriilifo
work mil tine gold work
DR. MTKIVAI'H llll' A I. v "HI other iai
llli-l!riKlf d fur I lit 'lllllrii rllrwtliia o'
! Ii.
C. A. MAItSIIAIX. Kit.erlrJ !""
Hert (lapcn in in Omaha to-liiy.
W. If. Plckcn in in Omaha to-day
Conrnd Sliitrr of Louinville in in
the city to-d;iy.
F. M. Kirliry wh mi Omaha pa
enger thi morning'.
Dr. W. A. Hiimplirey report the
arrival of a little n i r I nt the honie of
Geo. Poniall.
John Schippaggae in buying
fruit in Omaha to-day. Look out
for one of the large! Mock of fruit
of the hi'Iihoii.
Kd. Summer whipped 11 cur loud
of apple to Chicago luxt ninht hiiI
one to IeH MoineM today. Kvident
ly Kd in i dniiikf h riiMhin huni-
Kliler J. K. Keid. pHMtor of the
I'hriHtiiiu church, will preach hit
fiirewell Heriuoii next Siindiiy, nt 11
o'clock. Mr. Rrid 1i;im heen preiich-
ing for the CliriMian church in thin
city for the pfiMt three yenrn. mid rn
he conteiuphitcM tnkin 11 viHit to
hix native Mute, for n Miort
remaned hi poMitiou iim piiHtor ol
the church in Huh city much to
the rejjrrt of the citizen and Mem
ber ofhin church. A cordial invi
tation in extended to all to come
out mid hear liin I.ihI Heriuoii.
All tlione that do not Kettle
their liiMt HeHKonV coal lull with
me hy the loth of Del. next will not
expect to have any iiccomidatioim
I . A 1. 1
tf!ii e and yard South Third
ireei. i eiepnotie, l.l. ,
al way try to have a full line of
I mdi-rt of coal on hand.
I'lattMiliauth. Sent. tl. WW.
A inectinir of the executive hoard
of the fiiMcru afMociation of 1he
(i. A. R. department of Nehmnkn,
coiiHiHtin of thecoiintieK of
caHter. Chhm, Saundcr mid Sarpy,
wax held at fireeuwood, Neh., on
Monday, Sept. Ill, 1WH, for the pur
pone of compli-tinr th orpiini-
Comrade J. B. FerjjtiHon, of Fara-
jfilt Pont, No. Jfi, IJncoln, prenident
of the n u Kociation, preMided..
The following lueniherH of the
hoard were prenriit:
S. H. Hall, commander of Hob
McCook PoFt. No III, Afhlanil; I. A.
Tinkham, commander Minnion
Ride I'oHt, No. 1411, tlreenwood;
Mr. S. C. Vim Doren, preHilent
MiMHion Rid'e V. R. C, No. Ktt.
tlreenwood; Mr. ('. T. Scholield,
preidcnt M itched V. R. C, No. VM,
Waverly; Mr. A. A. Carter, prei
dent Appoiiiuloji W. U. C, No. 12.
Lincoln; W. (J. Cheuvrout, captain
MiHHion Ride S. of V., No. H7,
(ireenwood; I'. S. (Jalley, Mecretary
of the iiHMociiition.
A motion prevailed iillowiny; vi
itiiiK ineinlierM of the (i. A. R., V. R.
C. and S. of V. to take part in the
The minute of the hint meeting
were read and accepted, after which
the location of the next reunion of
the diMrict wa eoimidercr).
Hy vote the reunion for iW wa
located at ( ireenwood.
It wa then decided that the re
union should laM four day, the
tirnt to he devoted to S. of V'., the
Hccond to YV. R. V., the third to
d. A. R., mid the fourth to all tlx
order combined.
for tlie purpoe ol loriuin a
finking fund for the iicHoi ialion, in
cunt' of Iommc. the following per
hoiim pledged their pot for the
amount Hi t opponite their name:
J. H. FerUHon, $10; S. It. Hall, $10;
I. A. Tiiikham, $10; Mr. A. A.
Carter, ; Mr. S. Van Horn, $.";
Mr. C. F. Scholield, $10; W. (,.
Cheiivrotil, $.1.
Hy vote a mauain board of live
pernon wa elected, conitinif of
S. H Hall, chairman, V. II. Ruhhi U.
Doren, Mr. Coukliu ami Mr.
i . F. Scholi.-lil.
The iii.iiiiiiii board will meet at
AhIiIhiiiI the time to be et by the
Meeting ailjiiiirned nine die.
J. H. FFKfifWi.N'.
I'. S. CiAI.I.KV. I'reHideiit.
(i. W. Snyder to Mi Tille (iapen,
at the reideiice of the bride'
parent at I'.' m. yeterdiiy. Rev.
Rhindhardl of the I'. H. denomina
tion oHiciatinu;.
The occaion wa one that doubl
le will be ever remembered by all
preeut a a highly iiiterenting
The contracting partie are well
known in their vicinity and our in
formant nay Ihey are among the
moMt highly eMecincd young peo
ple ofihe community. After the cere
mmyii bountiful dinner v. ii" cerved
which, in every repect, wa in
keeping with the on anion.
A m te u r G m m a To-dMy.
Arriingement have been made
for a ball game at the ball park
to-day at - p. m. between a nine
from Pacific Junction and an ama
teur nine of i'lattmotith, a major
ity of the member being ofthe high
M'hool. AllliHnioil, 1.1 ce lit n.
Important meeting at K.of l. hall
tjnight. " '
That Hacking Cough can MOiiick
ly cured by Shiloh'H cure. We
guarantee it, For Sale by K, (i.
Fricke and O II Snyder. 1
Has just opened up a full line
of ladies, Gents and Childrens
all wool underwear and be"
fore you buy your Fall or
Winter goods. Don't fall to
call add Bee our prices. We
beat 'era all.
Have you seen those nob
by Misses Caps, all pretty
shades, rr, (J5 and 7 cents
1 cife FUlEa
A. M. Post, of Platte, for
Supreme Judge.
An EoihuiHtK , Hhrmonioim Con-voilon--A
Genuine HopuM'enn
Platform Adopted and a
Mrony Ticket
For Hujirenir Juiliie
f or liri'nt
I I'lUKI.Kt MAltf K
A wa expected, the delibera
tion of the republican convention
which met at Lincoln yeMerday
were characteri.ed by prudence,
honeuty and a thorough denire to
act for the bet interent of the party.
The delegate repreented the rank
and file of the republican, paity and
the rcMiilt i a ticket upon which the
tnember of the party can unite and
the adoption of a genuine repub
lican platform.
At 11:2a the meeting wa call to
order by Chairman WiiIhoii of tlx
Mate central committee who
drcHMeded the convention
ill al- I
jtl a
nhort enthiiiiintic Hpeech. (ieo. II.
Thiiunel of Crnti'l Inland wan
Helecteil a chairman, mid Walt.
Seely wa made Mecretary.
Reolution were adopted cend
ing greeting to the republican in i
The platform i a genuine repub
licnn one and can not fail (, '
bring into the fold, many who have i
temporarily wandered into by
path. I
ft exprcMMc high regard forj
Prenident Harrinon and approve I
hi adiuinitration; approve the
coiirageoii act of the hint conre" j
which coin the product of the j
American mine, but denounce I
the"freeHiid unlimited" policy a
net forth by the democratic party;1
approve the tariff leginlation of1
(he hint emigre and
favor the reciprocity daunt
..ii : I. ...!
rale, fair alike to the cotmuiner.
the nhi)ier and the railroadn; de
nounce the democratic Mate plat
form a framed to deceive the
vote, and it clone by appealing to
the intelligence and integrity of all
good people for nupport of the
party nominee- The platform i
truly republican and give general
The candidale for Mipreme judge
were then nomimifed. The lirnl
ballot gave Reene the lead, with
Cobb following clonely and Pont in
t le rear. On the aeco id ballot Cobb
went two vote ahead of R.'ene. In
the llrd bnllot Pont gained coiwider
ably though he wa Mill in the rear.
In the fourth and decinive ballot
Pont received the necennary 'Js7
On motion he wa linaniuioiinlv
declared the nominee of the con
vention. Mennr. C. II. Marple, of Doiiglan,
and II. P. Sliuiuway, of Dixon, were
iiiianimounly nominated regent ol
the I'ui vernity. ICach of thcHe gentle
men are college bred men and well
qnahlifd for the ponition to which
they have been choen.
The ticket give aluiont liiuvi
Katinlaction to the party, and dele
gate and defeated candidate re
turn to their home cnthuniaMic
lor the nominee and paiininc ol
party Micce.
In the campaign of lWKIthe Weep
ing Water Kagle went wild on pro
hibition and the Miirll of whinkey
canned the willy editor to foam like
a mad cur; but obnerve the action
of tllinj would be moulder of public
opinion. Read hi drcriptiou of
the iiidependeiit eiindidate lor:
judge. He hold up tlui little Hawed j
olT Itarr a an ornament to the judi-!
ciary. Wr believe that the citizen!
of Can county will way by their vote
thut the dignity of the court iiiunt
be preervrd and they will demand
that Can county judge be a man of
ability and Mound judgment; and
we believe thai thi independent
candidate who ha had hi little ear
caHHoakiug in w hinkey during hi
reidence in C'a county, will be
knocked higher than (Jilroy'n kite
in the round up, and for a "Pi ohib."
to liohl up an inebriate for county
judgrj i more than we can
.. " '
e .
nt. - l-ouinvilleCourier Journal.
Attend the meeting of the Hiik(.
ne Men' Men' Aociation at
K. of P. hall to night.
..n ... ..K ....e.g.. 1,.1,.,'Hnj, ,,...Lr,.H to attend n eon-
kel f..r our productM; th'mandn an j vi ntion in ?:nd ifi-trict lor the p!-r-eouitable
adjiintmeiit of freight I pone ot nominating nuch candidate,
i I. ... I I
Chhh County Mdl''l AuloclHtlOfl.
We clip Jjte,-following report ol a
meeting of the Can (.'oiinly Medical
Society from the Weeping Water
"I'emuant to a call a county con
vemioit of the lrgnli.ed medical
pracitioner, the following doctor
met in the office of Dr. Hull Sc Hun
gate: I)r. ThonniH Davi, Fate,
llobh, llaughey, Pollard, Hutler,
Hull and 1 1 ungate.
"Dr. Hobhn, wa elected PrcHident
and Dr. Hungate necretary.
"Ki iniirkn relative to the purpose
the Kociety were made by Dr.
Ilohb, ThomiiH, Pollard, Hutler,
Jlall, Fate, Huughey and Hungate.
. "Moved and carried that it be the
ene of thi meeting that we orga
nized a County Medical nocirty for
mutual benefit and protection, and
the prenident of thi meeting i
authorized to appoint a committee
of live to draft a cotmlif uliml and
by law and uhinit the name to
thi nociety for action at our next
"Moved and carried that a com
initlee of live be appointed to for
mulate a fee bill for presentation at
the next meeting of theociety.
"Committee on Conntitiition and
I... I I . r . .
ny-iaw n: nm. iiuiigate, naiignev,
Pollard. Hall ami Thoma".
"Committee on Fee Hill: Dm.
Ilohb". Hall, of PlattHinouth. Wal
lace, Norri. Hutler.
"It in the nenne of thi meeting
thai voluntary contribuf ion of a
wient ilie nat lire be nuked for from
I the legalized practitioner for next
meeting and the topic to be nent in
to the hi i n tary.
"Society adjourned to meet in
Platt-mouilc Oct. 3lth, at 1 p. m.
Y R. lloliH, Chairman.
Jan. It. 1 1 1'Nii ATK, Sec'y.
, Nollee..
There ill be a meeting of the re
I hi l) it'll 11 central committee far the
iir-t cominiHsiiiner' dintrict in and
lor Can county, at the office of the
county clerk in Plattnmoiith, Ni -brankii,
on l uenday, Sept. i, IV.ll, at
III o'clock, a. m., for the purpone of
placing in nomination a candidate
lor comiiiinnioiier fornaid dintrict,
i.iiiip; i'iiiii.iij rii-iiiiMin in
i " "" '"
nam ilinlricl lor tin
. l"'.'r .,. .rannacnim
Mich other bunine i a may legally
come la lore nliell Committee. .It
Sept. :'.", N'l.
Jkh.-i. I.. K'ihiT, Ch.iirniaii.
Kvcry eulerpriiiig biiiiiee 111:111
Mhnlllll Ittli-.ifl III., m.'i.l i .1 tr ii. K' ,.f
iall ,,,.! ,,,
Tin: III k iiihI journal office
have been given, jointly, the tax lint
for Ca-M cnuntyr The cont to the
tax paern, however, will be 110
greater than if the cont'-act had
heen Hindi with one olliee. The tax
lint in now being rapidly net up at
Tin I D.K.W'.I. office, and it will be
ri ady lor publication by Oct. I.
In tiie third act of "Si Piliukiird."
which ill be at the Waterman next
Tiicnibiy night, will be a regular
woikiuu threnhing luachine in full
iipi-..itiini, an original idea of Mr. J
C. I.ewin, who in proprietor of, and
iihhii men the title role in thi great
Yankee comedy. Price, 25, Id, ."0
mid "a cent. Ticket now 011 mile
at J. I '. Young'.
An editor i a man. He can hear
more ridicule than any other man
dead or alive, and never die in a
lunatic n linn. They often die in
po erly a well a in jail. There
are many kind of editor rich,
poor, handsome, homely, good, bad,
ignorant, nhrewd, barbaric, civil
ized, lying. Hiiake, city, managing,
telegraphic mid many other kind.
Then there in the fighting editor.
Man) good citizen go to the olliee
lo gel their haircombed.Tliey gener
ally get it, and then ue the editor
for libel and pay thecoM. - Kx.
Mr. lieu Fran had the minfortune
to lone on of hi hore, hint Mon
day. While hi Hon were uinir
thiiu they had lo drive near nix or
Helen hiscH of bee, when mie of the
wariu wa accidently dinturbed,
and upon their making an iinunual
hum the other nwarni gathered lit
from their hive and made a fero
cioii attack upon the team and
driver. After coniderable diffi
culty the team wa iii'hitched from
the load and it wa not tintill they
were led into the briml) that the been
could be whipped off them. It
net ill that ome of the been got into
one borne' mouth anif ntung it o
... .......... .1... il. - t 11 .1....
.in ... llllll- nil- 11111MII II. PWI 1. HOlll,
thereby ciiiiing it death. -I'nion
lwa take your prcncriptioii.
to Hiium &'n tf
I n order to red lice Btook to make room for our fall purchases
we iniiBt clone out the balance of our Summer stock as quickly as pos
sible. Commencing to day we will offer our entire line of white
goodn, embroideries flouncings and all overs
At 20 Per Cent Db count
adles summer vests at 8c
" adies summer vests at 10c
adies black and fancy ribbed vests 25c worth 35c.
Ladies black lisle and ancy Egyptian cotton vests at
35 worth 45c
Ladies silk mixed vests at 6oc was a bar
a : 75c,
Jadias silk vests at $1, reduced from $1.25,
20 per cent, on all ladies shirt waists and-Jerseys.
per cent dicsount
VlW.'i'' ', r'Ml"'7' V' 3,'V"H '."'r
MoiiHelim de India reduced to
We make thinoffi r in order to reduce Mock - Now i the time t,
purchane if in want of any of the above good. RKMKMHFR all of our
good marked in plain figure ami we do a we advertise. 'Don't mis
thin na.e a they are the lowent priccH quoted thi ncnon
j i)
7: -rM:
I, OlT rT'
Than ever before offered to the people of Plattsmoatb and
our stock: is
CoiNtautly arriving and will noon be complete. It will coinprie a full
range ot all the iwweM a well a the moreMaple ntyle. and will be com
poned of the newent and choiceM production o dometic and foreign
manufacture . lor a lit and excelleno of workmaiiHhip our garments can
not be excelled. And the price that we offer them at are unprecidented
in the ainoimtnof the cloak trade.
WE HAVE a Hilk Heal pltinli acque,:t8 inchr long with quilt
cI Matin lining and eal ornament that we can welt for $12. 50. Thi gar
ment i a perfect reflection of the plunh Hiie.que that i univerally mild
at $15 and f'J).
WE HAVE a Hilk eal plunk jacket 'in inche long that we can
Hell at $!I..Kj that would be cheap at $12.50, although Home merchant awk
$15 for the name garment. In the finer graden we have Hoiiietliing very
elegant mid ntylmh in the trimmed jacket and reefer in both cloth ami
THE PROPER thing for MincH thiH fall and winter will be
iai ket and reefer, the newmarket being nlmot entirely diwearded.
We have both the Jacket and Reefer for Mie'8 wear in endleH varityi
We bought our cloakn early of
to offer them at very low figure.
We Solicit your favors and an early inspec
tion of our stock.
507 3'- i't
From Iteijular Trice
regular. 10c quality.
regular. 15 quality,
on all oursilk umbrellas
yiml r'',li"'H .iaJIity.
tic per yard.
. ii
rlrnt hand and are thereby enabled
riattsmoutlu Nob.
, .:'''';
I ,-'r.
, : . ;
'i ''''
' ' ( :
''' -
: -
t ,
I k
A . . ' '
is -