The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, September 22, 1891, Image 1

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    Pkttsmouth Dailv Herald!.
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Absolutoly Puro.
A cream of tartar linking owIit.
bent of all ill leavening Htrrntll.
I atent 1'. S. ( ioveriiment Food Re-
- : I) K-N-T-I S T :-r
. mfitmava miit-niit-iit! fi-rtiifl iiiiitlPM ex-
ll.ti'llub Hi IfHil.
Fine Gold Work n Specialty,
kwiiufl Work riitttmiKMitti. Nelt
XeUrjr I'ubllr & Aliiiim-tfr Hullfltor
1 Eatatn, Loao and lDnrnc Agent
yon have real entitle to nell or
tnge nend un description, rice
siotH of title furninhed xt rean
tumble riitcn.
o) to liinti lit V- percent ml
no comminnion, on good
farm necurity.
' Ofllr utiilT ("m" ( oiinty Hunk.
i Hut A lot of Itf w f,tf (.Inn coiitf Ln- llala
J ib ilia ami (r I. lht-)r intra a full
ituv til hMtiy h'HMl-mitl III n'
dn 1 1 cU.ik i.hl miM'k out liavo re
altera iii'tr ir niiir rial to i nn in
' 7!t rt"ta irtiniiiMl,
iMiss scmYLF.R, trimmkr.
11 U!JITrriSTK.Y
""'if : v A,X
' (101.11 AND POIK'KI.AIS CROWNM -'.
Bridffo work and duo gold work
jfi i HTKINAlo LOCAL tu orll m otrinrlai.
I; .xtlmtlrxKltirii furthc (inlmctrclliia of
II ,, Kflh,
MAIWHALL, FiUgewhl P''
'. J'. Decker, of I'niofi, in in I lie
'y, to-day. , (
I'ritnk Ciirnitli wiih h panneiigcr
on No. 3 went Hi in morning.
V'ave Allen of Anhland came in
in inc Schuyler thin mnrninjf
S-tni I'atternori wiih h HHHcn,.r
"r Oiniihii on No. S lliix inorniiik;
torney Allen Ki'i-hoii Ih in Lin
" ' lo-dny iiltfndinn Hiiprt-inc
I I Strti(lit, nfter viitiii(f relit
J iv. ii nd friend h few diiyw. re-
1 tli im tiiorniiiK to Alliniice.
it (iiipen, who now liven Ht
k, N'eli., ciuiie in yeNtrrdiiy to
Id Htiimpirir (rrotindH on h
. Kit liarilntni in running the
t iintl I'lirilif Jiineiioii freight
fondurtor J. N. Durily in ny.
Attorney t'.S. folk in in Lin
i day on lejnl IxiHineHH. M.
tniriNiictinjf liliHineMM it t the
larini' hiii utmi'iiri.
... i.
Id, .
i - - -
n tt'm. Ilriiiiliier, of Olenwood,
i . ......... .. ..i...-. .i ...
n pntiri nine wun re
r iti vi
iind fr'i.itila t. .... ...
n ... tinn t iij re
inie-l home thin morning.
( liiix. NiiMkiim tiirtfil for Denver
U nKirniiijf for ii two or three
' rent. He hone,. the
will benefit hilt Ih-hKIi.
: tirillith, TlIK IlKWALn'S pop.
r ) l priater, Im-onfined to hin
to dny with choleru inorhim.
' he will he out Moitn mitt
! ' purfinent of TlIK
il lie running In full hlunt.
A Thoroughly Rellnbla Plntemanl
From lha Attending Ph$lrlHna
Owinr to the jireviilence of ho
ninny contritdictory riimiirn eon.
ceruinr the illneHM of linn. John
F'it.nenild, ii Joiiriini reprem-iitiitive
hiiH elictetl the fulliiwin opinion
from Ir. Col'fmiin of Oimih.i, viz:
Tluit Mr. Fil.Kfritld will reeover.
At prenent nil itctive Hjiuptomn
have paMftfd; he in entirely con
HcioiiM ii ii 1 rit'iiiiit'H and talks in
telligently with hi friendn, who are
permitted to vinit him. lie i- Hlill.
however in il very feehle Hlnle of
healOi from the result of cerehral
connection. The opinion of Mr.
Colfiiian i.s concurretl in hy Dr.
(iitrnett of Hot SprinH, Ark. , who
in here in coiiHiiltntinn with him.
- Lincoln journal.
Prof Ewlntf in Troutiln.
I'rof. C. ('. lwinn, formerly
(earlier in Kathliun'M HiiHincHM
College ofOmah, who wiih expected
tl iinsllllie llllllloll of the llllHillCHH
courne in our public hcIiooIh, be
ginning Oct. Tilli, wan iirrt'Hteil I.ihI
eveiiing, on complaint of one of bin
former pupilw, charin him with
betraying her. At ttiiH writing it in
impoHMible to Mtatt:, uuthoritatively,
ii H to the guilt of the necuxed, but
it in truly hoped that the truth will
be known and jiiHtice mi led out.
We ore informed by the board
that he will not be permitted to
proceed with Iiih work in the
schoolH, an wan originally intended,
let developments be iih they may.
In all probability, other arrange
mentH will be made, by which the
biinincHH cour.ic may yet be eKtab
linhed mid tiiaititiiined.
H Found Wlut &ha Wuntntl.
"Tit monn I'll rxplunt In t Mg lutllixm,
And trrk fur lit dihkic Ire-,
Kor lt fruit will itlvit you rlrrnal y nut h -
"Ihnt'n not lmt I want." tnld h
Hf wrung bin hand Hi wild deipalr.
Aa hi It'll oi bin lifiidttd knrn
Oh I HhHt thall I dn? Hli.ll I kill ihv.cir.'"
"Thafn not what I want," t.ild he
'Then, maiden liilr, whoiii I lot In denpalr,
To your KreatfH l"h I'll aK'ree ,
Hliall I whip JoliD I. and make him bowl?"
"That' nut what 1 want," !J i!..
Ihfli the nitinle a mile from her lovi-lv III"
Hw (iouIIiik, r d, and pine.
"II! m.arr7 jroti. dear, If jrou'il buy ine
ii pair of thorn- fine li.ind tiirneil
H Hhoert that W. A. Hoeck ft to.
have now -for Ibirty tbiyn only
retluced to $.t.!"0. They are beautieH
for the money."
A Sad AfUir
Mm. Jan. JoIhihoii, of Weeping
Water, well known to many of our
people, met with a fatal accident at
Lincoln yeHterday. Mm, JoIhihoii,
accompanied by friendn, wiih re
turning from a drive, when the
horHt'H becume frightened nt an
electric car ami proceeded to run.
Mr-t. JoIhihoii became alarmed and
jumped from the vehicle, Mriking
her head upon the pavement, from
the clfectH of which mIic died in a
few bourn. The funeral will take
place at Weeping Water to day.
A New Eniarprine
We have received a Hiiinple copy
of the firnt innue of The Alvo Advo
cate, n iiewn paper to be ptililiwlietl
by the Alvo riiblihing Company.
The paper is n nix column folio,
nlartn out with a paying lint of ad
vertinern and on the whole prenentn
a creditable appearance. It in the
wirihea of TlIK IlKKALK that nuccenn
may Httend the etfttrtn of the pub.
linhern. .
To give hair a beautiful, gloeny
and luxuriant gruth' try Iteggn'
Hair Kenewer. Sold by Itrown A
(JIVKN Willi
each $10 worth of goods
at 'The Fit'r nro not
"Daubs" hut rail artists
Sec 'our :, 10 and 25
(eiitfounttTsfor Bargains
Prttnitnnn AWHnluil.
The following in a partial Iih! of
iiwariln msitle at the recent Chhh
county fair:
C AN.NHI) Kkt'lT, I'll hl.i;s, JKI.LV.H.
Mm. H. Kikenbary, riattHinouth
precinct, thirty-nine liret premiuuiH,
twenty-two Hecond premiuuiH.
Mrn. U. Dean, Murray, twenty
two firnt premiumM, thirteen necond
Jon. Slierji, K'oek HIiiHh, nix lirnt
ami neven Hecond premiumn.
II. llt'Htor, I'latlsmouth precinct,
two Hecond premiums.
I). A. Young, I 'hit t -tinoiil li precinct,
live Hecond premiuuiH.
C'hiiH. Iv. Cook, I'lallnmtiiilli pre
cinct, one firnt premium.
Henry Wolf, I'liioii, one lit-l premium.
K. U. Todrl, l'!;itt-.iii..iilli piei iiu t,
one lilt-1 anil one Hecond premium.
I.' v i t liurcliill, I'laltnmtiiilli, nix
lirnt ii ii 1 neven necontl premiuuiH.
li. V. Dean, Murniy, eight lirntaiid
neven necond prrniiiiniH.
W. F. Moore, Murray, eleven firnt
and nine necond premiumM.
Sam'l. Richardnon, F.ight Mile
("irove precinct, neven necond ami
ami two firnt premiumM.
Will Kichardnon, Mt. rieanant
precinct, two firnt preiniiimn.
Jacob V'allery, Jr., I'lattnmoulli
precinct, neven necond mid two
firnt preiniuniH.
(J. S. I'pton, I'niori, one firnt pre
mium. Henry Mertinn, I'lattnmoiith pre
cinct, one firnt and four necond pre
miuuiH. H. C. McMaken, riattHinoulh, one
firnt and eleven necond premiuuiH.
J. W. Thom.-in, riattnmouth, lirnt
and necontl premium on crab
KAKM I'koltl't Ts.
J. W. ThomiiH, riattnintiiith, bent
aHHortment of potatoen, fir.-t (ire
mium; bent peck of tomaloen, nec
ontl premium.
K. F'. Dean, Murray, bent one-half
luinhel beetn, bent nix head cab
bage, bent annortiiieut of potatoen,
bent waler melon, each tirnt pre
mium. John Clnilfaiil, I'iiioii, bent tifty
earn corn, necontl premium.
C. He tiger, I 'Li ( t mil ion i ii, bent one
half 'umbel oiitn, npring
white heart, bent annortmelit beann,
each firnt premium.
J II. Decker, I'lattnmoiith, bent
one-half bunhel barley, bent rhu
barb, each firnt premium.
W. U. Murray, I'hitlnriiouth pre
cinct, bent fifty earn white corn,
firnt premium.
I). A. Young, I'laltnmoutli.
ntpianhen, firnt premium.
F". M. Young, bent titty earn com,
(except white), firnt premium.
W. F. Moore, Murray, bent one
half bunhel Irmh potatoen, firnt
A. M. Holme, Rock llluffn, bent
one half bunhel fall wheat, firnt
premium; nl.-to firnt premium on
timothy need.
II. C McMaken, nweet potatoe,
first premium.
J. Deckinaii, Murray, bent fifty
earn white corn, firnt premium.
W. K. Murray, nweepntiiken on
bent and (urgent tlinplay of farm
Mm. A. M. Holtnen, Rock Hluff.
best five pound butter, firnt pre
mium. Mm. Win. Taylor, Rock Itluffn,
bent five pound butter, necond
H. ('. McMaken, one Necontl ami
ten firnt premium.
li. Todd, firt premium on bent
live bunt hen.
W. H. Robert, one necontl and
two limt premium.
Jacob Vnllery, Jr., two necontl and
two tirnt premium.
W. H. Robert, bent tlinplay of
fruit, lire! premium.
1 1 K K A I .
T. M. Warne, I'm bent loaf
wheat bread, bent loaf com bread,
bent loaf graham bread, each firnt
On hint Siiturtlay eveninir a num.
ber of the young people gathered nt
the home of J. F. Kaufman to attend
a party given iu.honorof Minn 1iui
Mngpiel of Haiicroft, Neb. The
young people made themnelve. per
fectly ut home and vpent h very en-
Joyahle evening playing high five
and eating the delicate refrenh-
nieiitn w hich were nerved by the lion
ten. At a late hour nil departed,
pronouncing Mr. ami Mm. Kaufman
tho niont charming of entertainers.
-Avoch hnterprine.
Now in good time to tmbacribe
for Tub
An Fiil-.-riiriHinn (
'I he grand fall iiiieniiiir as urevi
ounly announced to lake place at
4 1...... f
im- -one price clothier" eHtahlinh
ment lant evening at 8 o'clock,
proved an occanioii of coriHiderabh
interent. The proprietor had pro
vided gootl munic for the occanioii
Hiui; each pernon in the great pro
cennion that filed through tht-Hlore
room wa prenenletl with a beiiufi
fill nouvenir, with the compliment
ol Hie genial proprietor, Joe Klein.
It in evident that thiHCHt.ihlinliuifiii
will continue to take front runk
iimorig our t lolliiern. The Htock i
complete, embracing every enntin-
lial article in the line ol clothing,
aim price are nhvayH reasonable
.' A Bui Sun
I ) the district court, of LanciiHter
county the cane of Fit.cer.'ibl
I Mallory v. the M. p. R. R. w.i
illetl in the court yesterday.
i-e involves I, .')()( 1,1, IK).
well I'alronizod
"Uravinif the Wfrhl" w;im ren
dered last evening in the prenenee
of ii large and apparently apprecia
tive audience. The company liana
three night' engagement at thin
place, concluding Wcdni'Hday.
The company will prenent "My
Gcrladinc" to-night. The company
tloubtlen will again be greeted
with a full house.
To Col Clmumr.
All those that tlo not nettle
their latt season' coal hill with
me by the Mill of Oct. next will not
expect to have any aecomitlationn
from mi' thin neanoii of course.
Ollice anil yard 401 South Third
ntrect. Telephone, IX
I nl way try to have a full line of
all grade of coal on hanil.
t' Timothy Clank.
I'l.illsmnuth, Sept. 22, IMll.
LhwI to Hot
Tfie funeral of Mr. and Mr. Frank
Dickson' Utile child took place nt
the rcMidcnce of Mayor Richey thin
afternoon at 1! o'clock, Rev.Duckner
officiating. The nfllicted parentit
luive the nympalhy of their neigh
bor, and friends in thi time of mid
P.itr.iilrm Mn Mnl
The Husiui sh Men' Association
will me, iii K. of V. hall Friday
evening, Sept. '.':-(. It in highly im
portant that every btisine- nuin be
prenent, as a plan i on foot by
which Ihe advantage of our town
ami Htirronmliiig country may be
advertised mid brought before the
people. Thi in a matter in which
all are intc rented ami it behoove
every one to be prenent.
A tllny mi pful Row.
Limt evening Andy llroback, bar
keeper at "White" naloon,
ami David Wt llengdi ien, a Swede
living near Louinville, indulged
in a battle of wort), ami finally con.
nitlermg tin too mild, they went
into the treet and engaged iua band
to hand fight. The only nurprine i
that we tlo not have more of thi ne
disgraceful brawls, when thene
gapping tloor wayn of hell are per
mitted to dinpeiine thi poinotloilM
nlull to the people. The com bat
anta were marched up to Juntice
Archer' court, upon complaint of
Jack Denon, and the contH to each,
including the fine, wanfll.
M E Confarenca.
The M. F conference of N'ebranka
nieetn at Lincoln to-morrow, at 1)
u. m.. in the St. Paul church. Thf
conference in expected to be one of
IntereMt iih I m y and inininterinl dele-
gaien Hre 10 tie ciccitMl. II will He in
amnion one week. I.tishop (lootlsel
will prenitle ami preach Sunday
morning. Ihe II. A M. will nell
ticket atone antl a (bird hire on the
certiflcnte plan. Ouite a number
of our people contemplate unend
ing. From TlIK IlKK Vl.l we learn that
a Hiisines Department will tiroh-
ably be ''added to the I'lattsmuuth
nchotd. Anide from the onliuary
coiniiiou nt hool branche there in
nothing no essentia! to tin- young
man starting out in life, ana perfect
knowledge of Hook keeping, and
the various form of legal antl buni
iichh article. I'etiniiinnhip, in not
given the attention in our schools
it demand, and frequently young
men ami women who are fairly well
educated, write letter) which can
hardly be rend. We are glatl to
notice thin evidence of go-it hendi
tivenen in the PlnttHiiiouth nchool
antl hope the "IhiniuenM Depart
ment" may become a reality. -Murray
Mrn. J. W. Hridgu and aiater, Mrs.
Rhinehart. returneil from Peru.
Neb., hint night, Mrn. Iiridge ban
been vbiiting there for a month and
her sinter accompanied her home.
at r
i v
In onlcr to reduce stock to irmko room lor our fall pure Iris,.
we , ,nHt clone out the balance of our .Summer .tuck a Ijl
mI.1l. U nmenc.n.r to dajr wc will ofler our entire line of Ji it
goodi, einliroitleriesihiuiiciiigsaiid all overs
At 20 lcr CVnt DIk-ouiiI From LV-uliir Price,
ladics rummer vests at 8c regular7octy
Jadies summer vests at ICe
Jadies black and fancy ribbed vests 25c worth 35c.
hhthMlmf7Eilm cotton vests at
Ladies silk mixed
Jadias silk vests at
2Jerse5snt' 0" aH
g0 per cent dicsount
Vila"!1 i- r,'1,"'V1 " 5 c,'n,s l",r i,r1- regular Klac quallity
.MoiiHHcl.iied.' India reduced to lie per yard.
We Itliike tllisolTer iii i,r,..r ...
porchiiHe if in want of any of Ihe i.bive'gotX1 HMKMUFK a
unn na,e a they are the lowent price quoted thin Reanon,
W h e n y o u
hhollld lie-in to
think ahoiityoiir
full uiitlcrwear.
We have jiiHt re
ceived ton omen
of Indie, chil
dren, tnen, and
hoys underwear
direct from u
inanufiic t u r e r
who whs need
iii money and
wan willing to
&titfinl F'i thildrens ull wool Scarlet Shirt antl drawer, al
v. jH I 111 I 11 vF X Hj7A.M running large enough to fit a child twelve
yearn old. ONLY Xk KACII.
JnAOt'll IVa Chihlrenn heavy natural wool colored Shirt
OJKJlyltll XlU iw and Drawer running in name nizen an the near
let only 2.1 cln a garment. You can't afford to buy the cloth to make your
children underwear when we can nell you them ready made no cheap.
JnfPinl Nfi tn8 ex,ra Iieavy ribbed natural wool colored
0IUtIdl UUj Hhirtn and drawem all Bite only :l ctn KACH.
SnOPIll Nrt l ,,eavy nirino Shirt and Drawers, Silk
3lllltl )f X trimmed, a very nice garment, that in univemally
nobl at.V) ct; We nell at 30 ctn KACII.
Special Floor Oil Cloth -Bargains Z2V
Move, etc at only 2Th- per square,
denignn and width.
Ubnkets or lied Comforts ";; "y ve,,,,
rail ami we will nurprine
you with riricen. We have them to uit anyone pickellKk and will
give good value for your money.
Dost Enffli
New Stock of, Shoes Just Eecoivcd.
During the lunt week we have received from New Lughmtl fnetoricn a-.i
canen of Ladien, Minnen, Children, Men and boy nl,,,,., h,oi1k them
are unprecedentetl bargain, (.'all and nee u. and let un nhow you
how cheap, jolid aerviceable a nhoe can W noltl
regular. 15 quality.
vests at 6oc, was a bar-
$1, reduced from $1.25,
ladiGS Shirt waists and'
on all our silk umbrellas
....i ... .
dir-pone of part
of thin years pro
duet of hi mill
at a HHerifiee, li ih
inintortune win
our opjiortunity
and we bought
the good at lens
than their ac
tual value, to
nfart tliiri under
wear we intend
to make some
th for'
yard. We have it in neveral different
LinOleUm 0'"c,'ntHnmll"m'',lr, A -pecial bar
gain at the price.