The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, September 14, 1891, Image 4

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One ih king of rnthleas power
Who spurned his psuplu's trust,
A) whiteness Iroru hit soul araaad,
y tyiim&y and Inst. - -
On wu ft monarch Jut to U
Wiibiu bis klnirdiHn'a reach, ,,
Hi creed of charily and love
t'lowarad In art and epeeea. ,!"
Half Starred Habra ami Children Thai
Llv uu llovaycd trull ami oirlali
mtul Tli tit Worae Deadly await
Atx.und and How Tlmjr An Corractnl,
Twenty minutes in one of the district
of the simauer corps of the boar! of
health will enable any one to obtain an
idea of how the tenement house i-ole
live. Imagine that you have accepted
an invitation to spend twenty minutes
with one of the tminmer doctors.
It fs a hot August day, 8 o'clock in the
morning. The air even at thiii early hour
is stithnir. Are you surprised to find
life astir hero? Remember you are in
the midst of the poor people, who bee;in
their day's Kbor at fl o'clock. Entering
our district, untuiug escapes our eyes.
See this B.a il ou the comer piled up
with fruit, beautiful to behold, suggest
ing a fc'arib n in the tropics. I3ut what
in tliatodui? And this wee newsboy
what dv-ii ho want to buy?
Curiosity to hd what the child is co
in.; to buy, also our duty iinjs-lliin,' tn
to dicover tiij! cause of the odor, hold
d.4 a moment. We see that lie buys two
JieacneB ivl a ceui., ttiiu tutu iui mo inL
tune notice that the luscious heaps coti-fri.-t
of piles of d.-caviiii fruit thrown
Fti.l... tl,..,r,.., ;...; promiscuous io.-iuei iuh-ii i.x,.
. . ', . W'"'-U . r i' minus and peaches; this rotten fruit
sen- of fuiell, there is another and rjittt
The tyrant on aiiiritnona ronrh
tHiHireiiitied bi breath.
Ami tiia litu lapsed all uueuui.iou8l
i rum tntuguil slyty to dcalu.
The kiug beloved by grateful heart
Throughout tils prowrou land.
n una imninn mmie btuiua dwres
Uitcl in.iu a murderer's Uiin.ll
-William U. Hnyne In Century.
I Tli sirul. of flower.
In popular acceptation, the soul of the
Huwsr resides in its perfume. But cer
liin loveliest tlower souls x-K-ise
similar repellences for individuals
tT the humau family. There have been
those even who could not endure the
irfgruuce tn tue rose, lo my knowl
e'lgo one observer rinds in the scent of
lilacs an unpleasant reminder of the
odor of e Hi.lii'' bum. Another makes
no distinction between the breath of)
mignonette and the euitll of fresh coru
JiieaL To inn the scent of the thistle is
identical with that of the bumbleW
sprawliic,' luxuriously among its purple, iiinl the first time the delicate,
feathery flower of tiie beach ;lurt wi-n
brought ine, surely their odor was the
name 1 had noted
nestling birds.
in downy chicks ai d
1 , - . '. I fAmr tunc- .
I CjUlllU Lnol I vu'M S : 05 f M.INot .3 :ln a. m
No 4, . ..! M a. . ho I, i-.Ttp. n
N(V ... ...7;t4 p. m V O 'Mi. m.
-, lo .. t . ra ). a. -, -is a. m.
i. .a , , . It .14 . B NO. ' ' I'."'-
Mi . au. D. Vo. 't, VM y, in.
o. 19 U :uf. a. m.
.Vi-Vil'.'f I'M If IV HAILWA V
N ml Arai. n o :iti..n lj"sn- ln.M a. m. ' arrives.,
I rains daily mceiit ."uud.iy
4 .no p.
at thc.r li
llUlK kll..
OS" I'VltilAC liamiili't l-'dti-M-i'l.
velV Mfedn ilny eveillh
II II. fare s A 1'riui! 0I' K. All i-
as out!, .y iiiv le i lu :
hull. (' :. ; lia l'i vy. a.
Y.,(Ml MrN'rl' lll l-lli .N t 'f ATlir--ao-ni.:.!!
tilinh MntB Htr-st.
ni-ti fn in s :.' a in I" : ' ! m', r or men nii'y
i;.ifl meet iii eeiy su.'ay alo-ne 'in at I
iV in k
n i'.
ev.- ,h
in H.K'kii
!. 1- hi;;-:
l', . N!i- 1. fir-r Mel ihli.t I riil iv
i- .it e;e li niuieli si li A It. lis I
ik il." k 1 Veiinl'yes. '
io;e. !:t-:':-rr!er.
", ' w
1 r' i.iv
hs'l 'ii I
I . P. l.e
No. si M i 1'i-nnit soil f' "rl'i
"I lh'i Ill l:e II ml. I ll ii' i. A I'
. . il lid i s. K .1 Viiinai.. M
I;, .loiui'i.
f X ) V l
M.-'i m i.'ii' K
i:miw bin
lie ' a:
( N A M I n in I' No li'-'l.
nl i' hull in Ih" I a'M'.i
l.i-i in-: Id I nils, ' lllnu
ii.ii. d Hi-nry lli-mb). I'1 H' "! :
l., Strri'tiil v.
distinct pleasure that which is con
veyed in the contact of a flower; as in
nbt!e siray of lilacs brushing ai
jour face, the dabbling touches of i...
Hrirwbir th tATtd"-r ..l..f.. .x-4 -
blosHoms dashed with rain, the T.ned
aleekness of the lily, which a "Id
time jioet ronntu'iance in l t ' ,ng his
ladys hand; so smooth, so - j, so ajft
it was, "as it ha worn a !.'.' r a glove."
Farther W;til) liiuertt- i ion is to be
found in the. warm, rit. .n l airy touch
of the rxvie (ho milt 1 j quality of the
Ji'yetal), in the v d sultriness of the
Vi.tifitf u t'.f 1 tViA i. iniu in tViu tiuiiiinv
thinness and d.- .iens of the larksuur
blosra. t.liti M. Thotnas in Athiutia
t-.i'ii; at two and tliree for a cent.
& accost the owner and tell
Kanhworme aud Rait Water.
A very important fact in. the economy
of earihwortns is their susceptibility to
alt water ; they are for the most part
soon killud by an immersion in ealt
s'ater, and it aptiears that their egs ar
also incapable of withstaudinffita inHti
nii for a prolonged period.. However,
the are not deposited tinyly, but
are inci sed in lare nutnlers in an epif
cane of a. leathery consistence, which
may be, for a tune at leust, impermeable
to sea water. It is therefore just con
ceivable that the cocoons miht cross in
afety a narrow se.i inclosed in a ball of
earth ojiou the rKU of a floating tree.
Eut it Mt'tna certain that a very long
time does not elapsn nefore the es in
the cocoon are fatally injured by th
sea-water. The only eiception at pres
ent known is an earthworm which is
found in li.-aps of Cast Up seaweed on
the seashore of the Mediterranean aud
North sea C'liaml-r' Journal
Crnple W li. Hurt Mo Time to Uaad.
It is rather remarkable how the thou
sands who patron Ue the pot-tollii lack
kjv. A little while ago Uiero were
nins and uotice enough aisiut the
btulilinii to give any one who looked all
the information nece.isary about the ar
rival and the departure of mails and the
other inutu-rs about which thi who
usesl the buildiiiK would naturally want
to know Hut the clerks had to answer
so many questions that the pistmater
talilisiied a liuieau of Information,
where all questions sliould be cheerfully
answered by a clerk with nothing elne to
do. And now, although the stamp win
daws are conspicuously placed and plain
ly marked, it has l-ea found necessary
to put npover the w indow of the inquiry
bureau, in addition to its sin as such, a
siiiu reading: "No stamus sold here."
The clerk had as many requests for
stamps as he did for information. No
York Tunes
..t.h fruit is not wholesome; it onyht to
K throwu away.
He "doesn't care" about the nnwhole
sometiess of the stulf. We then show
our badge aud make him throw It away.
We pass on tninktug that we have savel
the live of iiiaiiy children, an onuce of
prevention I wing better than a pound of
J'ushinK onr way we proceed. It Is
really pushirur onr way, fur the street is
lined with mothers, each holding a baby
in her arms, with another dragging on
to her skirts. Some are sitting ou the
stoops, some in the areas and others on
the curbstones; in fact they are all over.
Suddenly we hear a pitiful wail from a
little baby. We know what that means
it means that the baby is thirsty. The
mother also thinks she knows, blie
gives it the breat The poor baby, after
clutching it eagerly and taking many
swallows, releases it anil again cries that
same pitiful, forlorn wail.
Can any one be ignorant that nothing
can quench thirst bnt water? Milk is a
poor substitute, litre is a chance to
give a private lecture, and presently we
are telling the mother that the baby
needs water to queucu its thirst; the hot
weather makes it sweat a saI deal; it
loees a great deal of water and so needs
a greut deal. A parsing ic wagon fur
nishes a scrap of ice. It does one good
to see how eagerly baby sucks it This
mother lives in a house where there are
niWn other mothers, and asking her to
tell the others, we walk away feeling
sure before night all these babies will be
drinking water. We have told her to the water, put it on ice aud then
give it to the baby to drink.
Looking op and down the street we
see that it is very dirty. Going over to
investigate a pile of dirt, we e on its
uphill side a pool of stagnant water
which is almost green, (iiven a hot
August day. a i rk of garbage and the
universal and we have a germ
brerdmg center. The people inhale this
air all day aud all tiigl.L
Looking around we see the houses that
need us most ditty, filthy house. No
wonder the people camp out in the streets
all diiy yes, aud all iii'jbt. We see a
jrniip of miit hi-." i.ti! : ..iiiln-ii standing
at a hall J.s.r. They maUe room for us
to pass. We stop to speak to them.
Noticing a weary, white faced girl of
about twenty years, and seeing a child
clinging to her draws, we ask her about
the baby, then about herself. She tells
s. ;
! Illli r:, No II" I .. F. tniM-m e--I'ay
iiikl'' t 'hi-lr U- Hii'i'r i. !
A'.i liu ti'ii" an- ri.rd.s'p) nltl
..I l i' vl-ilnn In J lory,
i. w. I'.m'.je. M-ni ta ).
fvnioi.ic Isiil Ion' k, Inlaei'ii
fiilli .iiiil Hulli. Kailier i amy, l'tor
S IVH-. : V -iw nt . lid I" ::i A. M. Slltiila)
Hi limil at i : i l'h le-le-dldl'ii..
rilHI'TMH.-' on er I..H"llt Slid Hlllilll Hta. I
ni-ivb'i'K mnriiliis Hint rviiiiist Kio-'i J. K.
Krrd. j,air. f iiads) -!wl
Kfii oi-AU-W I.nke'a I linrrh. roiner 1 hlrd
unit in.-. Ili-v H H Hurtet. .;t-lor. Ser
vii ea ; It A. M S dt JUl " Buiida) tH'lionl
at l . r x.
CmtMAX MuTiU'lilsT rner Hllh 't and
(ininlie. IIk. 1IIH. rastor. hervn-s ; II A. M.
and 7 -in P. . smnUy tvhool lo Jo A .
I'sksuvtiikias. -ervlie In re rlimrh.ror
bi-i Hum and (irsnile . Iti-v.J T. llsirn.
liliit. siii.i1b -si" nol at !;'; KreiichliiK
ai II a. Hi, Mint u in.
1 ha V. K. t'- t nt 'ht' rlinrch m-el evny
MK.iliatll Menil.c at T In Hie tian-lliel I id
tlirrhnrih. All aie invited to all. ml tlie-e
Dieei iiikv
Kihst MriHiililsT.-riinth lit., hetwrll Main
aim r-sari. He i. I H Hm-knei i-i.h.
s. rvli-en : II A. M..S ) r. M riunila ocIiimiI
. Jfi a i'r)-l un eli i ednedy ern-
URltMAii ParsiHTrHiA"! -Corner Main and
.nlli. K. v w.iie, .:ist r. benleea usual
hours. Sunday .-cliiml Jn A. M.
S trtiH I oMiiKiniATi.SAi.-iiraiiit. !
laern Kiltli and Miltl.
tViA.KP.unArriaT.-Mt. Olive, oak. Iietaeen
Irnth and Kleveutli. Krv. A. lUwwell, (ia
u.r. S-viri- II a in. and 7 J) V M- layer
nii etu.K Wrrtiiraday eeiili .
Yol'Xii lss's I'MMI-TUP AH IATIiiH
I:.iiiiii V. alennaii Murk. Maui tie.-l. I.oa-li-l
Inei lllnt. Ii.r Ilieu only, every hulldajr si
ti tliimli hi 4 ii i H- k. HiMiuif oieu e-k djyv
1 1 urn .. a. in .lo K : :m p. m.
Km tH i'ABk lAHSIAI.S -llev. .1. M.
WihhI, I a- it. N.rvii'.': Sunday UtIumiI,
tn a m. : I o-sitilik. Us. m. and I in. ;
liravei nireoi.k lue.nay iilnlil ; rhoir (itac-
lee hrul..y iiikIiI All are aelroine.
tairthwonna la tSa Siaw World.
It is a remarkable fact that in two
kinds of eai'luworms, inhabitants of the
New World, the little bristles, which are
the locomotive appendages, are greatly
Hilarged in lim tail segment. In one
of these, the DiaclwU windlei. the bris
tle in j-ie-ftioti it re enormouy enlarged
and of a booklike form, so that the
creature niu.t l able to retain a very
firm grip usiii the soil These facta are
surprising, as In earthworm is perhaps
Wli auiillfti ii) Which We auould Uot ea
pect much manifestation of intellect;
tint, on the other hand, Mr. Romanes'
discoveries about the intellectual possi
bilities of Hally. the chimpanzee, msy
be regarded as having moved the whole
animal creation np a peg or two in men
tal caliber. -rC'hambers' Journal
Knowladgs Wtaa.
Two farmers recently laid a wager
that one could hold a wasp longer in his
hand than the other. The man who
roblitd chloroform on his hands expecU-d
to win, but the other happened to know
that male wasps do not sting, and ac
cordingly got one of that sex. They sat
and smiled at each other, while the
crowd wondered, until the chloroform
vaporaled. and theu the man who nsed
it suddi'iil) let go his wasp. The other
man got the money. London Tit-Uit.
The nnmls r of immigrants into the
United Stales during the year was
ralher mole than 4'J'i.0o0 that is mors
than the population of St. Louis, Lalti
iimre or Boston. Sixteen thousand more
immigrants arrived during the first three
months of 18'ji than during the corre
siHindiiig mouths of
It is known that wasps' nests often
take lire, supposed to lie canned by the
themii al aitioti of the wax npon the pa
jer material of the nest itself. May
this not account for many mysterious
f.rvs in haras aud outbuildings?
still nursing. Asking her if she does not
know that babies should tie weaned at
uino months, the answer we receive is,
ves. tlial sue knows, but ll does not nun
j it and it saves the cost of buying uiiik
for the baby, for they are very poor.
Out in theyard we notice a child about
three years old, with an old man's face
this face being cnaracteristic of rick
etts. that diseam now becoming so com
inou onion a: poor peupio. This liulc one
is bnsy eating an apple skewered on a
stick, aud eating it as if it were its en
tire breakfast: uot dessert or any relish,
but its whole meal, lu contrast to this
one and otnei dirty children, three dean
children attracted atteution, and what a
Our twenty minutes is almost np, but
we can hardly tear ourselves away from
this gypsylike encampment A last look
at them forces a smile, as we see a Ger
man hoiisefran with her basket of lunch,
blanket aud knitting. Hhe has evidently
come from an upper story to spend the
day on the sidewalk. In the hall we
meet a pleasant faced, motherly irstusn;
she is evidently tiie jauitress. We ask
her about the nnmlier of families In the
house, children, plumbing, sickness, etc.
We notice a distinct odor in the hall.
We'll try the cellar. She lights us down
there, and answers glibly all onr ques
tions We are really ashauisd to have
suspected anything wrong in the cellar,
but the (slur i a dangiT signal, which
says, "Take heed; daugerr
We look around the cellar; all cleau
and dry. We are just going to leave
when we see a relieved look in her face,
aod sui-peclliig at once something wroug,
begin to pry about from end to end.
Knocking ou one end of tho wall we find
It not solid, but boarded up. We pull
one of the boards out and discover the
the niise of the islor. There lies an un
derground lake, fed nit by sprws, but
by an old leak in tiie sewer' Tins, at
least, the authorities can deal with. We
report the case at once. New York
U.-rald. I
Did it ever occur to yon to think how
w retchedly inferior as a runner Uisn is
lo neatly every other living creature?
Love Find, Away
Wiimmiie Katie Putnam tduyed
Mr. ( has Itaau y'H eplendid druiiia,
"Love Find a Way." to it Liftfe
audience, ht 0 f GrandOpeia House
Monday iiig,lit. Time ban dealt
K- ntly wilh Katie, ami sine is
bright mid pretty, mid us graceful
mill lively ui slie was yeiim ago,
and she acts w ith just mm much
spirit as in day of yore. Mr.
Iiay.ev witnessed Miss Piittiiim'B
rendition of liiet play for Hie first
time Monday nielli oiid nil" li
pleased with its production. Ill
largest audience, ill which were
number of the dramatist s relative
and personal friends, was perfectly
dc diijlited, Jiiinl pronounced it tli
. . . .......
tiest Hitracliiiii iiiHi lin epin miu
here this vear. At tlir etui of the
second act Miss I'titniim wan call
b'dore the curtain uml presented
with u beautiful bouquet. St Louis
Miss Putnam, w ill appear at the
Waterman next Wednesday night
in"Iverinds a Way secure your
tickets now on sale at I. P. Young's
Pricf, TV
('apt. V. A. Abbett. who hm long;
been with Messrs. Precivnl and
1 1 .ii ton. Heal Kstiiteanil Insurant!
ltrokers, l)ea Moines, Iowa mid
one of the breil known ami mosit re
h pec ted liusiness men in that city
savs: "lean t.eHify to the Lro
qualities of C'humberlnin'a t'oiigti
Remedy. Having used it hi my
lamilvfor the hhhI Piirlil years
ciin safelv shv it bus no equal for
either colds or crimp." SI rent lt
ties lor sale liv K. li. Krickr Co
Pearl Steam cookers lor sole by
J. W. Heutlee A Co. go and see tlieiu
We have sold Klv'a Cream Jlnliii
uboiil three veiirs. uml have re
commended its use in more tliun
tin nil roil siiccial rilees nf i'litlirrli
The nnaniinoiis unswi r to our in
miii'ies is. "It's the best remedy that
I have ever used." Our cxpcricnc
is, that where parties mitiniicd itn never fails In cure. J. II.
Montgomery, A Co.. Dt nggists. De
cornli. Iowa.
W hen 1 began using'a Cream
Italin my Ciiliiirh w as eo liiid I bud
headache the whole time and ilis
th.irged a large amount of filthy
matter. That lias almost entirely
disappeared Hnd have not bad head
ache science. J. Sonimers.islephiiey,
Conn. ,
LCOsi-T CTCTT irons
m a
i L ill t. a n
Grand Fall anil Winter Opening About
Sem- 1ft.
JT w ") -j
Opera House Corner - PlattsmoY h, Neb.
217. 21. 221 nd 2:1 Main 8t.,
lattmouth, fiebraska.
H. K. BOS 8. Proprietor
ltie Perkins bss tw-en thoroughly
eooTated from top tc .,xA.uiu sii- '
low one of the lest hotels in the stats
3oarder will ! taker by the week at
14. SO and np.
Chamberlain's Eye and Skin.
A issrialn cnra for Chronic Soto Eyef ,
Tetter, Salt Eboum, Scald Head, 014
Chronio Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema,
Itch, Prairie Scratches, Bore Mpple
and Pile. ItUooolins; avnd aoithlriZ,
Hundreds of cases have bn cured by
It after all other treatment had failod.
It U put up in 23 and CO coat boxea.
The only Iniplt'ineut dealer who lias iiiiide u suetrhg in Cari County
TIIK best ol hariicss, both double and single maybe found at my
fitoreaud evtrj thing iu the luruca Hnc ulut Imiww u.l enrt mKrm
which are lirst i hiss in every respect, brinjr (be liirM. t !!!ror!fst and
easiest riding vehicles on earth.
world' Fair 2irttSncemSs!
an inireilitalile short time with a
Capital of 6200 and Upward
Success certain il instruction UiUi
fully followed. Ijiven on neccipi oi
niiKiel note or Hostage staiiiV" 'jr
ii, Chica". i!!.
If yon want to see nice clean an 1
well made up Clolhiii you should
go to J( K mid look bis slock over
Hrown ft liarrett have jut re
crived a line line of imported tootli
and nail brushes, cloth and hair
brushes. Prices nway down. If
Mils' Hervn0 Liver Ptlle-
Art on a new iirinciiile reuulalinit
the liver, stomach and bowels lbioiih
the nerves. A new discovery. Dr. Miles
Pills Sie(tilj rare hiliou-ness, bad tast,
torpid liver, pi ha, constipation. Uu
qusled for men, women, children.
Hmsllest, mildest, surest! Ml doses, 25c.
Hsiiipls free at K. Frh ke & (Vs.
JOKS Stock of I'nderwear, is
larger mid better than before and
prices less t tin ll last year.
Nolle lo Coal Consumers
I will furnish the best of coal of
..ll f,r:nl,-a In those who !HV me.liut
those who wish to run long winded
u, r. ,,. I li, ii I wHtit. j h t nave io
pay for what I get I must insist on
pay for what I sell. All those who
kllOW IliemSelVCS) llHieme.i !. in,
umII litelisi- llllV liv tiie 1'itli ol .Sep
tcmlicr ns I must have money to
pay lor winter coin.
Timothy O.akk.
1i..,.l..r in Aniliriii itc and llitumi
nous coal mid wood. Ollice ami
yard 4d South Tttiril st.' telephone
M, I'lattsmoiitll, aci. o
Look out fcr JOE'S
Grand FallOpetiing he
will announce exact
date within a fewdays
AI.S(i have a large lot of Schiitler, Moline, Haiti and Sterling wagons
Spring wngona, road curfs, mid plows of all discription.
We give you the following deep cut in prices:
Ladies Fine Glared Dongolu f2M shoes reduced lo
l.ndien Dongolii Knl Hexilile J..)slioe reduced to - . . .
Ladies Hest llnngohl $'l.l)0 shoes reduced to-
Ladies I land Turned best Dogoln f I .(HI shoe reduced lo
We have a great many other sample lots of odd sines that we
ottering nt "
v j v." i -Kjt1 xj wi
In order to reduce otir stock lo meet our obligation.
We also haven few tola of I.iidies Oxfords that we will sell at reduced
prices. Ilon't forget the place,
"W. J&.. BOBOK c5 OCX