The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, September 14, 1891, Image 1

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Absolutely Puro.
A cream of tartar linking powder.
Highe-d of "II ii l-nveninir Ktn'itth.
-Latest 1'. S. ( iovcrumcnt Food Re
port. R. A. SALSBUHY
: I) K -X T-I S T :- -
;l.l A N I I'tikt'M.AIN ( KoWNS.
Dr. M!fliiyi hi '''liclti- t i tli p:.Mil.- n
ll.ll'H'M ( IihIIi.
Kine Mold Work a Secialty.
K'wkuiHiil Kl'x k I'Ullnmiiulli. Net).
Jiotiiry I'liblicft Atiit('r .Solicitor
ReaL Estate, Loan anilmtriiice AteuU
If you have real, estate to sell or
exchange send iim i!-HiTit im, price
imd term". J
Abstracts of t i 1 : furnished lit reas
onable rates.
lUI.OU) to loan ilt
permit biu!
ClioliniSSiOnS, Oil
Vrm iwruritv.
t)i;i.)(Jv.iV 1IYKRS
1 l.
iisnn .m:ii.
( fll. n. -i ( I'oui.ty ILuik,
V . ,-.,..,. ,4 .
01. II AMI) P'iK'rri.US f'RO A'NH
IiriIifl wurk ami flue gold work a
-t)i"iu viron lur tin-i iiui- eitru-Huu o'
C. A. MARSHALL, FiUgerlt P'
A. W. l-wii mill wife ;uv in Oiiisi
h.i to-day.
Frank j.x:X u:i 1 wif-J Sl!1l-iyi 1
in Schuyler.
Win. Rasmusse u was ii passenger
for Omaha to-d.iy.
Mr. H. X. I.ovein departed fi C
Omaha last evening.
Henry MeGraw. of (j I en wood,
spent Sunday in the city.
Hill Johnson, an employee of ti e
JJ. & M. ;it I.iiirnln, Sundaycd nt
home. ,
I'll i I. C'olfiiiiin 'left on Xo. 5 for
Full City to lie gone ten days on a
pleasure trip.
Mra McCaulcy returned Salurd; y
evening from Alliance, where she
Iihm been visiting.
Mrs. M. S. Briggs, wlio has leen
visiting for the past month Ht Salem,
Town, returned Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mr. A. A. Hayes niid
little ttiilil returned from Denver
last evening, where they have lieen
for Home time.
(i.U. KnottH, of Con mil HIiiITm
formerly if TlIK IIkkalu force,
Sundayed with A. It. Knott mid
other friendM in the' city.
Kd Dodd left on fin. yewtenlay
iiioriiin for Denver mid other
point, to recuperute. Mr. Dodd Iihm
lieen laid up with rheiiinatiHiii for
Home time.
Jude Cliiipiiinii left IhhI evening
lor AmimoKii, lown, the home of lii
old colonel, W'illiiiiu T. Sluiw, where
the lllli Iowa Infantry hold n regi
mental reunion. Mr. Chapman Iiiih
11 ii eniiKeiiK'iit with hi old regi
ment, which he feeU in honor
hound to fill, roiiMeipiently the
t-liort equity term of court to he
held in Ciihh countv will he dohI-
V' poned until Sept. 'ZU
Hair rljaiiiM, rinH, crocniK an
hair work id nil kiinU to order.
Mh. A. K.M.H.
tl 17Ji IK'llft St.
Alwuyn take your
lu Hrown St llarrett'd.
Democrmi! meal at Weeping Water
uwi Se!o;t Deleyir
The democratic convention
comveiicd at Weeping Wnter S.-itur-day
with ii Kond representation from
eveiv Hection of the county.
Tl conveipii.n was callel to
ordi r liy Crrnrad plater, cliairuian
of the County Cenlrnl Conunittei.
V. V.. White wiw choHcn chairman
and Dr. Deerinjj, of Wahafli, necre
tary. The dtliheratioii! did not
par'iike to any rreat extent, of the
"'I ti democratic ei 1 1 Ii 11 h ia kiii ,
hut the huxincMH wan transacted in a
(piictyet ernent and careful manner
The convention indorsed the dem
ocratic Mate and national platforms
of hist vear.' which they ilei-tned
milliciciit test of party fealty, it
was thought that u incmher of the
riattsmoiith deleiition wouid in
Hist upon the adoption id a resou
tion censuring C.ov. Doyd'n veto of
the Xewh.rry hill, hut as indica
tions pointed to the fact that it
would not he favorably acted upon
it was not presented for considera
tion. There in but little doubt, however,
that the Htate platform will con
demn Koyd's action, with a view of
eupturinj; the Farmers Alliance
vote, hut in our opinion the farmers
of .Nebraska have had enough to do
with democratic promises.
Delegate" to the slate convention
were chosen as follows: W. I).
Jones, A I Totteu. F. K. White, W. H.
Shyrock, J. I'. Hanseif, S. C. Patter
son, Jacob Tritsch, I,. (,. Larson,
J. S. Draper, "A. C. Loilcr, J. F.
Travis.J. A. I'ollard. (I. W. Harsh
man, J.M. 1'ntterson. Dr. John Hlack.
Through some mistakt.' in the
call drlepates were not appointed to
attend the judicial convention hut
a committee wati appointed to con
fer with the Otoe county central
committee regarding the matter.
Third Annual Heunion Held at Cuh
ititn Park, Lincoln.
The third reunion of the Nebraska
Soldiers' Association commenced
last Friday and continued
two (lajs. We learn that the
attendance was fairly trood
and the soldiers enjoyed them
selves very well under tne circum
stances.. It appears that Lincoln
did hut little toward e nte rtainini;
the veterans, and of course the lack
of suitable accommodations had a
tendency to rentier the reunion less,
We learn from the Lincoln
Journal that the following resolu
tions were adopted as an indication
of the esteem in which the lute com
rade, (ien. John McXeal of St. IOilis,
wai held by the veterans:
KKstiLVKI), That we deeply ttvm
puthize with the family of our late
esteemed comrade (jeneral John
McNeill, in their sad bereavement
and tru that !! whose hand
indicted the blow will Krvc them
strength to bear the burden of their
Ret,VKl, That this testimonial
ofouresteem be spread upon our
records and that our secretary In"
instructed to forwartla copy hereof
to the widow and family of our late
We notice that our towBsmau, II.
C. McMaken, as chairman of the
committee, submitted the above
The next reunion will he held at
Nebraska City, Jan. I-. l.'l and 14,
The lines! line of Neckwear,
and Caps at JOK'S, the one
each $10 worth of ootids
nt 'The Pa r' are not
"Daubs" but real nrtlsts
Sec our 5, 10 and 25
cent counters for Harilns
Corn for Food .
We clip the following from the
Omaha Itee, thinking it miht he of
interest to our readers:
"I'l.ATTSMot'TII, Neb., Sept. 11. To
the Kditor of the lice: After read
Inif in the Omaha Hee an addressof
Mr. Webster to the board of trade
concerning the food prospects of
Kurope, it appears to nii' miw
is the time to introduce the chief
staple of Nebraska to the people of
that continent, especially td Great
Jlritaii) ami Inland. If properly
introduced, I am salilicd that a
very 'great - consumption of corn
may be stimulated throughout
those islands. Kmitarits thenceto
this country readily take to it.
Why? liccause they learn to pre
pare ii so as to please tile palate,
and if riht Hteps are only taken to
teach lliem there by their own lire
side as it were there is no reason
why a taste for it should not be
created. and other prepara
tiousofforu readily sell there, as
would corn in immense iii;iii(itics,
as wheat bread is very likely soon
to he cut out r.f the rcacli of the
poorer mechanics and laboreis. I
would surest that one or two (j'ood
colored cooks having a ood prac
tical knowledge and skilful in the
preparation of the many cheap
delicacies into which corn may be
cooketl, provided with a proper out
fit of the necessary utensils and
under the direction of a competent
and experienced person, visit the
principal annual agricultural fairs
or shows, particularly those held in
the thickly populated manufactur
ing districts of Yorkshire, Lan
cashire, Warwickshire, etc., where
the distress is likley to hp greatest,
arid bv ocular demun-tr.-ition ir-.:r-.
them how simple is its preparation
mid by distributing that
which is prepared it well be
readily understood how it has be
come one of the staple foods of
America and has a prominent
place at the tables of the rich and
poor alike. Small parcels of three
or live potiudscould be readily sold
as samples, and pamphlets distrib
uted setting forth its nutrition
properties and containing a few
simple recipes lor its preparation
as a vegetable, or bread or cake or
pudding; not numerous, but sim
ple to prepare, euticiiiK to the eye
mid pleasing to the palate. It
could be introduced to the numer
ous schools of cookers of
then is one in :1iihmI every town,
ami whose demonstrators would
find in it a new, agreeable and eco
nomical culinary sensatisn, mid
would make the preparation of com
part of their course. Other and
very important hanuels, through
which an immense amount of this
4ood might be distributed, arc the
cuariiaoie insiiiiiiious; in these in
uud about Loudon there are nearly
."nl.llO children fed and clothed ra-
l.. ft .
uiuousiy. vimnnjf mem l may
mention the hountllin hospital,
the llluecoatand Yorkshire socie.
tics schools, and schools supported
by the lishmonKcrs', drapers' and
other societies. And with the pros.
pects before them of increased tax
.. . : . i .
iitioii mr tue sup port oi the poor
and criminals benches of magis
trates and boards of guardians
would lend a willing- ear to any
representations or sug-gestions
that might he made to them
and give them aerinus considera
4:.... .1... - 1. . 1 . '
110 11, mr result 01 wuicu, t leel con
vinced, would h- favorafdt. I set-
by the F.uglish press that the 11st
(f Vir is being -tnmly advocated
and stcpa should be immediately
taken to place Nebraska to the front
As to the expense it would he n
mere trifle in comparison to tin
substantial advantages to lit
derived. Hy setting forth the many
1 . . . .
ativHiiutgea tn corn in tlie manner
indicated as economical, healthy
and nutritious, it would be repeated
11.. .1 1 11. 1 1
iiiniiiiiiriii mi- 1,11111, oy nu omni
present press, which reaches rich
and poor alike, ami I am sanguine
eiioiigii 10 in-lieve mat will in
time become as popular as the
potato, especially in Ireland when
that crop has become so precari
As far back as I hi a when repre
senting certain Interests in tin
n...l.l'.. ..:- -1- . .
gn-ni in n i.ur 01 inni year in
London, I had an American store.
Corn meal mid buckwheat were
sent over to nip, by which I enter
tained some of my friends, who ex
pressed themselves delighted mid
ate heartily.' Hy those who par
took, com had been considered as
only lit for cattle, mid buckwheat
for fattening pheasants, ami mi, h
is it considered today, lacking the
necessary education. Tea, potatoes
and tobacco have found 11 home in
every household ami why not corn?
I would therefore urge upon ou
the expediedcy of immediate con
sideration in this matter.
' C. S. DAWfco.v."
The primaries were hed Saturday
ns per previous announcement.
Form reports thus far, throughout
the county, we learn that the party
representation was good and dele
gates were chosen in a tpiiet and
vnlerly manner.
It appeared that the democrats
had all forsaken this city, and ac
ctlrdinirly the republicans felt dis
posed to assume absolute coiitroll
find curry 011 mi election', purely in
actor'i "with republican ideas.
The result was that representative
men were chosen, delegates well ac
quainted with tin; cand idates that
will appear before' the convention,
and men, upon whom the repub
licans of Cass county may safely
rely, to vote for the nomination of a
ticket upon which the members of
the .arty can unite. TlIK
feels confident that if the campaign
throughout be conducted with the
same degree of corncern, and party
loyalty ascharactcrizcd the primary
that the entire Jticket will be
triumphantly elected. The dele
gates from this city and as far as
we have been able to learn else
where, are as follows:
l IfcT WARD.
Primary organi.ed by selecting
J. I. I'liruli chairman ami l'red
lilack clerk. The following are the
delegates to the county couvVition
at Louisville, Saturday, St'pt. IN:'
Oliver Dovey, Ceo. Ilouseworlh,
Henry Maiuy, Steve lln.zell, C. II.
Smith, Jno. A. D.ivie , J. I. I'nruh,
Byron Clark.
J. L. Root was chosen chairman,
A. C. Mayes and Jno. M. Leytla
Delegates: J. L. Root, D. K. Itarr,
M. N. Grilith. T. II. Pollock, II. J.
Streight. R. H. Windham, A. C.
Mayes, Frank Coursey.
Alternates: Chas. Ulack, W. A.
Humphrey. J. M. Leyda, Sain
Archer, W. J. Streight, A. C.
Fry, Henry Shafer, Henry Cooper.
Judge-: I. D. Hates, J. W. John
son, John lliushaw.
Clerks: W. J. Streight and T. II.
TlllkM. AkI.
W. II Newell was chosen chair
man, S. Djitton clerk.
Delegates: W. II. Newell, K. S.
Hatstow, M. H. Murphy, S- II.
Alwood, W. H. Pickens, A. X. Snl
livan. Dave Miller. J. M- Craig, S
Diittou, ii. C. Kerr. J. H. Hall.
L. C. Stiles was cho-en chairman.
Henry Hieck clerk.
Delegates: S. C. Wihle,
i t.ill.tiii c, lv. , ( in iimi 1,
Suinindrs, W. S- Purdy, J
Tom Hicks Walter Thomas.
J. X
. Halt,
II. P. Coolidge was chosen chair
man, A. J. firaves clerk.
Delegates: II. P. Coolidge, A. J.
Grave", A. W. Lewis, Joseph Lloyd.
Delee-iilea- J MMovd. Win ( IihI
fant. A. M. Rose, G. X. La Rue. C. I
Graves, A. L. Keeker, L. C. I'ollard,
L.J. Grilltth, S. L. Hudson, G, S, V. A. Sturm.
Assessor: G. N, La Rue.
Justic of the Peace: A. U. Smith
Constable: W. R.Dtidson:
Clerks of Flections: II, W. Lloyd
ami A. K. Mintli.
j uiiges of Kiections: G. W.-Gnr
ristui, A. M. Rose, and G. X. La Rue
J. C. Kason of the Murry Kanner
is in town to-d.iy.
J. I'. Kiihuey went to Omaha last
evening on Xo. X
The short etpiity term of district
court will convene in Cass county
Sept. ZX
Attorney D. K. Karr left last even
iny; for 11 mouth's vacation the east.
. 1 r. itarr will visit 111s oiti Home in
Penn., and befor returning he will
visit the Xiagria falls, Philadelphia
and others principal places of inte
Karl Freece, who has been em.
ployed in the Schildknecht shoe
sjore, returned to his home at
Heaver City last evening. During
the four 'mouths' stay in our city
Mr. Freece has made many friends,
all .of whom will regret his tle
partlire. We have received it-communication
announcing' the date of the
opening ot the Sioux City Com
Palace, accompanied with a com
plimentary ticket. The palace
opens Oct. I mid closes Oct. 17. The
management has made a greater
elTort than ever to make the exhibi.
(ion interesting and profitable.
at - : r
to 10
order to reduce ttock to
must cloM- out tl,e lm ante ot our Kuuungr stock m quickly m pus
Bible. ( omnienein to day we will 0;;r our L.Iltire ine w,fite
gotids, etiibronleni'H lloiineiugs and ill overs
Ai 'a Out Dif count From Keular Price,
Jadies surainer vests at
Jadies summer vests at lCc
Jadies black and fancy ribbed vests 25c worth 35c.
T adies black lisle and ancy
J 35 worth 45c
Ladies silk mixed vests at 6oc
a '.75c,
. adias silk vests at
i j
20 per cent, on all
00 Der cent d ir?Otint
reduced to 5 cents per yard, regulars td.,c quallity
line tie India reducetl to tic per yard.
e make tliistifter in order to
purchast; if in want of any of the inarKt-ti in plain i.i;ures ami
tins sa,e as iney aie llie lowest prices
W hen y u u
should li('t;iti to
tli ink HiNitityoiir
tall iitulcrweur.
We liuvc junt re
ceived ten caseit
of ladies, chil
dreiis, mens, and
I toys underwear
direct trout a.
iiiauut'ae t u r e r
wlio was rii.ttl
iug money mul
wii:t willing to
ri i 1 v Childrens all wool Scarlet Shirts and drawers, at
special io. i sixes running lare enough to tit a child twelve
yrnrsohl. OXLY iis; hAt 11.
Special No. 2
let only 2.1 i ts a ffiirnient. You can't afford to buy the cloth to make your
childrens underwear when we can sell you thciy reatly made so cheap.
Special No, ft
Special No,
sold at mi Cts; We sell nt 3tl cts KACH.
Special Floor Oil Cloth Bargains
stoves, etc at only iV M-r square
designs and widths.
IIIiMikfits or Ked Comforts XZ2L
you with prices. We have them
give jrfHitl value for your money.
Iifst Knjlish Linoleum
New Stock of Shoos Just'Heceived.
During the last week we have received from Xew Hug-land factorit-B 5ft
cases of Ladies, Misses, Childrens, Mens and boys shoes, among them
are unprecedented bargains. Call and see us, and let us show you
how cheap, solid, nerviceahle a shoe can be sold.
umke room for one fill n.l...
8c regular. 10c quality.
regular. 15 quality,
Egyptian cotton vests at
was a bap-
$1, reduced from
ladies shirt
waists and
nn oil aii cill. uun
" ' v-"i oitrk. UUlUICllcld
retluei- uUu V- Vmi ;..,.
above goods. RKMlOlHIiR all of our
we tlo as we advertise. Don't
tpiotetl this Benson,
di.-jiose of part
of this, years pro
duct of his ir i ill
ttt a cHC-rifiee, hid
misfortune was
our opportunity
and we bought
the oodf at les
than their ac
tual value, to
Mart tliis under
wear we intend
to make some
3 ffz?: '4fh
Childrens heavy natural wool colored Shirts
anil Drawers running in same sixes as the scar
Mens extra heavy ribbed natural wool colored
shirts and drawers all only Itll cts KACH.
Ladies heavy merino Shirt and Drawers, Silk
trimmed, a very nice garment, that is universally
Oil Cloth for
floors under
yard. We have it in several different
to suit anyones pockelhook and will
-'i"y""- A "
K'uii nt the price.