The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, September 12, 1891, Image 1

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    7TV'o:B TT l
Pll TTT' .OiTST s-A
.11 D
Li., ii V II uo-iy Jfl li
y1 ........
. j
II Absolutely Puro.
Ireaui'o'f tartar baking powder.
Jlest of nil in leavening strenth.
I est L'. S. Government Food Ke
D K-N T I S-T :
Mimiiyi aniiillictli" fi r the pwdilf -
ine Clold Work n Specialty.
oiid Block I'lHtlMn.Mllll. NkI).
I olary Public & Alniracti r
I; Ettat, Loan and Ineitwa AjenU
I 1 T V
1 you have real estate 1o sell or
ihange "'iid tisdesi ription. price
I term,
-'r v title furnished nt reas.
( rates.
51 iur rvnt and
-.sions, on (food
i . .
. i i .... i i. j i
one uiMfi
v County r.n k.
... -:
j t()l.l A.HI tMIU'KHIN'cr.OA'NH
Jlridiji work sml tltm tgulil work t
l-ocr-M at nrr
pi iiwiriji i.
'(TKtN ACH boi'AI. m M other m.
t .ii'-citim forth it.iiiiirH urt"tiio u'
-Irci II,
. MARSHALL, Kiuirrruld I"-
LchnhoiT in viewing the
. a ut Lincoln to-diiv.
J rr',n,l wiih it piiHHeii(rer on
a. for pnit;! in the west this
M. N. Iiverin, who Iuim been
njj nt C'rrcloii, Iowh, returned
Holleltlietk, of Klinwoiwl
rofClniH Ilollenberk, a ninil
i v;.is i;i the
) exti-rd.iy.
ink Moore, living Month of town
ppinu liich nowadayit, in honor
J ,li!.- f;irl inadf Hit lippt'Mr-
it liii home hut week.
' !. Kr'-ek, Hti employee of the
. Waterman lnniler yard of
m, in in ine t ny. i-it. i.
liaiiaer of the eiiterprine.
jn Kltoden, h H. A M. fireman, in
Jit a few da) "lay off" on nc
of a bouncing boy baby at
iniiie. We never imoke, Tom,
V lollinler imible to walk upon
)rect to-day, and will donbt
e at Ihm poHt in a few dnyH. Il
j ed that mu ll will lie the raie,
1 rate.
j.ih)i, Ktate Heerelary of the V.
!A. will be in the city over
y and iiddri'HH the men nt the
rikamp block at 4 o'clock. All
ire invited to lie pri'Hfnt.
vi-ral of the ri II. A M'h. were
nyiTM thix morning on the
'ui WuterexcnrHion. The boy n
opiate HHMHtintf in a ((ante
,11 with th! nine there to-day.
j mm I that our nefhboriii)
' leaires to entertain it I'l. it U
'i vlnitom atifactorily, Hy
'.iy, ttnlet(R tin; deniocrnti arc
j nthiiMiuMtic. than they were at
imarir it will be dillicnlt to
ide the in from nelectinjf the
1 1 ion in order to Kii7(' upon
.11 ame.
''n A Harrett have jiiKl re.
j a fine line of imported tooth
' mil brtifhen. cloth and liair
,'e. I'rlcen away down. tf
Tn iiiilit Kip Van Winkle.
Sperial ncenery for K'ip Van
Winkle to night. Don't fail to Hi e it.
The way to make I'lattHinonth
boiini in to patroni.e home, inilim-trii-H.
MenMrH. JaineH Kuhy. S. I. Ioii
nnd JeHjj McVey from near Murray
are in the city to-day.
Hon. Anderwon Koot, of l.'nion, in
in the city, to-day. - Mr K. ha n
load (if very line applet, of the
Maiden Idiiali variety. '
There will be divine service in the
I'reMbyterian church on next Sab
bath at 1 1 a. in. and I 'M p. tit. Sab
bath School at ;;) a. in. Y. I". S. C.
Ii. at, 7 p. in. , '-'t
There will be a meeting of the
board of directora of the Y. M. C. A
thin evening at H o'clock in the
room. All otlicerM recjueated to be
The relative of MexdameH WiihIi
Smith and C. M. llutlt r, who came
from Ilenton Harbor, Mich., to
attend the funeral of Mra. L. U.
Sltionor. leprl-l for hnrrte thi
A fine train loard of Texaa cattle
paHHed through thin morning for
Chicngo. There are a great many
wewtern range being shoved to
market thin deanou to the detriment
of our farmers that ralHe cattle on
a mnaller nnd more expciiHivepcalr.
The Rip Van Winkle Co. ia in the
city aH per annotincenient, and ap
parently the troupe in worthy the
patronage of theatre going people
The company HiipportH a good band
and the mimic upon the atreet made
a very favorable iuiprcHaion.
tar . , .. . .
tc Knmi muiii our ratiiHiigeM
that the public achoola through
the state commenced Monday, and
reports are encouraging from every
quarter. It hnn become a recog
nued fact that our nchool yntem is
gradually iui)roving and the inte
rcut in this important factum of
intellectual progreas, is increaHing.
Let tin inaiiitaiti educational advan
tages, in keeping with our general
S. L. Furlong shipped by expreHH
to -day a pig nick with the cholera,
to Mr. frank S. Hilling, of Lincoln,
Nebraska. This pig in to be lined
for the manufacture of hog cholera
virus, to inccoculate well bogs to
prevent them from having the
cholera in the regular way. Mr.
Furlong inncculatcd fifty head of
hogs taxi full, and it proved such a
hiicccps with li i tn Hint he intends
to iuocculate again this fall. Mr.
Furlong has made arrangements
for obtaining virus, and can iuoc
culate for any one wishing to do so
nt a very reasonable price.
Smile people have a false modesty
about telling an editor peraonal
items relating to themselves. For
Instance, you leave the town on a
visit, but modesty prevents jou
from making it known to the editor,
fearing be will think you love to
see your name in print. You go,
no one knows it, a half dozen
friends call on you while absent.
which would have been trouble for
nothing saved, if the item had been
published. If you have guests, let
it be known through the paper, so
your mutual friends may have an
opportunity to visit said guests.
How often du von bear: "Was she
here? Oh! I am so sorry I did not
know it, I have been wanting to see
her so much." frtit your false
modesty prevented the news from
becoming known. To give the news
is one object of a newspaper.- Ivx
each $10 worth of jjoods
at 'The Fa r' are not
"Daubs" hut real artists
Sec our 5, 10 nnd 2,r
con t counters for liarrains
CummlHtttons Froeetjchnus.
I'LATTSMOIITH N t il., S( pt. 11 J.N'.tl.
- Hoard met pursuant to adjourn
ment, present A. H. Todd and Jacob
Tritsch, county comiiiisHioiiers and
Hird t'ritchlicld, county clerk, when
the following was done lo-wit:
J 'i t il ion by J. F. Hack and others
for the change of the precinct line
between Liberty and Nehawka pre
cincts Was taken up and after due
consideration by the board it was
decided to change the said line and
locate the same west one-half mile
from Its present location, and on
the section line "between sections
H, 4, II, ID la, Hi, 21, 27, 2H, Xi and 34,
this being the line between road
rliHlrii In Nu. HI ami 41' uni M ntj.)
The following bills were allowed:
A. H. Todd, sal and ex $ 21 (XI
City Treas, paving lot 7 blk .'W 7ll 71
C. I). Hondas, b'ld g dridge. . . 323 m
Neb Tel Co, rent less mcs by.
sheriff 32 85
Hoard then adjourned till Monday
Sept., 14. HlKK I'KITC IIHKI.f),
County Clerk.
Democrat to Reolva,
It is conceded that a certain dele
gate to the Weeping Water conven
tion from IMattsmouth contem
plates intoducing a resolution
censuring ex Governor Hoyd for
his veto of the Newberry bill, and
it i expected that a lively time will
be had, as a great majority of the
party members, sustain and pro'
pose to stand by the party Jecord.
A few of the vote catches and plat
form formers, however, realize an
opportunity to induce a few third
party men into their ranks, by tlitt!"
pledging democratic support. The
rest;!! is stalled, syith
interest by our local politician of
all parties.
Make a Display.
Make a display of something nt
the fair next week. Itring your best
calf, shoat, cow, colt, sheep, rooster,
horse, goose; pumpkin, corn, cab
tinge, vegetables and grain of all
kinds; needle work, luscious fruit,
pretty flowers, fine pictures, hand
some babies - in fact, collect every
thing that will show the advantages
of Cass county generally, and your
own enterprise and ability, particu.
larly. Let us show to adjacent
counties - Douglas, for instance
that Cass has the advantages and
she does not hesitate to place them
on exhibition. Cass need not take I
a bm k seai for any of Ihrm if our
people will put forth an efTort to!
make a display in keeping with the J
times and commensurate with sur-1
roiiudings. I
Watfjh Hla Delivery !
Norman linker, the ex-pitcher of j
the Omaha team, has ipiit the:
diamond and blossomed fiirlh be
hind the foutlighlsas a full Hedged
opera singer. He joined the (iar
row Opera company the first of the
week nnd may be seen nightlv
bringing up the rear in the march
of the chorus. Norman is an old
time siiigerand possesses a voice of
no mean ipiality. , He is capable of
better things than being a chorus
singer and will soon riseabove that
position. liee.
The Demoeraia Meet.
The M. I', ran n sperial train to
Weeping Water to accomo
date the delegates to the county
convention which meets there to
day. An excellent opportunity
was thus afforded our citizens to
take a pleasure trip over the new
mad, and ipiite a number availed
themselves of the opiiortunity.
We predict ami bespeak for our
democratic friends a pleasant trip a
hiiriiwiiuua i on vent ion and a safe
return after the deliberations.
A New Eitierpria,
We have received a sample copy,
vol. 1, No. 1 of The New Kra, at Un
enterprising little village of South
Henil, by J. W. Herge. Tim New
Kra is a six column folio, replete
with intereHtingreading matterund
upon the whole presents a very
creditable appearance. TltR IIkk
Al.D bespeaks for its editor a pleas
ant and profitable career hi bis
chosen vacstion.
Card of Thanks.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Hutler and Mr.
and Mrs. Wash Smith desire to ex
tend their thank to the many
friends and neighbors for the kind
sympathies shown them during the
sickness, death and burial of their
beloved mother.
The finest line of Neckwear, Hats
and Cap at JOFi'S, the one price
Hair cljains, rins, crosses, an
hair work of all kinds to order.
Mh-s. A. K.NKH.
If 172( Locust St.
i'kom Tim who.
The Kcho still lives, ami will be
on earth when some of the chronic
kickeis are planted under the sod.
Miss Sadie Hird commenced the
fall term of school eight miles
north of Klmwood Monday morn
ing. Miss Hird is right at home in
in the school room and will give
good satisfaction.
J. O. Tate, grand master workman
of the A. O. U. W. will be here Fri
day Set. IS, to deliver a speech upon
the benefit and working of the
order. He is an orator of wide
reputation and draws large crowds
where ever he goes. It will be a
public affair nnd everybody in
vited. Hut few, if any towns in Nebraska
the size of Klmwood can boast of
as much good substantial sidewalk
as this town can. Uy actual
measurement there is to-day in the
village of Klmwood 1!,17."i feet of
walk. This ia equal to two miles in
length, or an aggregate of ro.875
square feet. Until we hear from
some other part we shall claim to
have the most sidewalk of any
village in Nebraska.
A Newspaper that takes any in
terest in politics is expected to do
nil the dirty work for the pnrty it
advocates, and receive all the
abuse and loss of patronage on
account of its manifestation. Wheg
the battle is over and the victory
won the newspaper man !h lost
sight of and is not remembered
until another campaign begins to
boil. This thinir rf hi-incr vutikfil
around by political bosses is too
old a song for this advanced sea
son. Good Newa far Hlattamouth,
1'rof. C. C. F-wing, partner and
proprietor of the Omaha Uusiness
College, ha" sold his interest there,
and will open up in our city a first
class business training school, the
following branches will be taught.
Shorthand and type writing book
keeping penmanship arithmetic
business fnrtiis calulatiou etc., Kn
glish branches. Jo forergneri. Prof.
Kwingisja teacher of superiorability
as can be substantiated by the nuin
ber of students here who have at
tended the Omaha college. The
school will open Monday Sept. 21st
III iliO SniT'iiul
block oil M.i
The Ladies of the M. K. church
will give a social at the home of
.Mrs. S.I'. Holliiway. one half mile
south of town on Chicago avenue,
next Tuesday evening, the l.'ilh.
Will try ntid have teams enough for
all who may want to go; start from
the church. 10 very body invited.
The last rocial for this conference
year. 3t
Cmm County Nexl.
Now that the Nebraska City Fxpo
sitiou and the state fair are closed
and everybody made happy, let us
all prepare for the next great at
traction TlIK Cass County.. Faiw.
Oon't forget that all entries -except
for the speed ring- must be made
by the lath inst.
If you want to see nice clean mid
well made up Clothing you rhould
go to JOK and look his stock over
The Omaha lice of to-day con
tains u special to the effect that the
lT. S. supreme court has
rendered a decision in the lioyd
Thayer contest favorable to lioyd.
The telegram is not confirmed us
yet, authoritatively, and it is prob
ably without foundation.
Hand concert to-night by the Kip
Vsu Winkle company's hand in
front of opera house at 7:110 p. m.
That HackingCough ca l sixpiiek
ly cured by Shiloh's cure. We
guarantee it, F'or Sale by Iv. (i.
Fricke and O II Snyder. 1
S. F. Miner of Nock lilulf is in the
city to-day with a load of very line
peaches. They were grown in
Richardson county.
Don't fail to see the little children
in their songs mid dances at the
opera house to-night.
The preaching services at the
Methodist church will be at 7:30 in
stead of MKiand the Fpworlh league
meeting will be at ft:!.
Will you suffer with Dyspepsia
and Liver Complaint? Shiloh's Vit
alizer is guaranteed to cure you. 2
The mildest, pleasnntcM, safes
and surest laxative in the world is
IK ggs' Little (Jiarits. We guaran
tee every bottle. Sold by Hrown A
Sleepness night made miserable
by that terrible cnugh Shilohs rem
edy is the cure for you, by F. Q
Frick. and I) II Snyder. 2
In order to reduce stock to make room for our fall purchases
wo tmiKt close out the balance of our Summer stock as quickly as pog
siblo. Commencing to day wo will offer our entire line ot white
goods, embroideries flotmcings nud all overs
At 20 Per Ctnt Discount From ifesular Price,
Jjidies Eumnier vests at
Jjidies summer vests at 10c
Jadies black and fancy ribbed vests 25c worth a5c.
T adles black lisle and ancy
J 35 worth 45c
Ladies silk mixed vests at 6oc was a bar-
f adias silk vests at
l r
0 Per cent- on
00 per cent dinsou nt. On fill nil r eill- 1 1 v-v. 1 1
t 1 - ... .i i. ww- U1I1U1 C1I09
Chiillies i reduced to 5 cents per yard, regulars Sc qunllity.
Nousselme do India reduced to tie per yard. I""y
We makp thiwnrTpr In nnlr tr
. .. . : nuiiit- ruitn aow ih uu' tune to
purchase i in want of nny of the above goods. KIvMlCMIiKK all of our
goods marked in plain f.gures and we do as we advertise. Don't misa
this sa.e as they are the lowest prices quoted this season
W hen v o ii
kIioiiM l.eoin to
think nhoutyour
tall underveiir.
We have just re
ceived ten caes
of ladies, chil
drens. men", and
hoys underwear
direct from a
maniilac t u r r
who was need
iiifr money nnd
was willing to
Slnori'il No 1 ChiWrens u!1 wwl ?c:!rl!,t S!,lrta ancJ
v 'C.' -- sizes running large enough to lit a child twelve
years old. ONLY 35c KAC'H. '
VlnnMMl "Vn 0 t'!,il!rt',,!, ht'"vy n,,t
C'IFU'vIill 1W. w and Drawers running
let only 25 cts a garment. You can't utTord to buy the cloth to make your
children underwear when we can sell you them ready made so cheap.
Ift;l MA O Mens extra
shirts and
?HP?'ll Nft X ,a1','', n,'1,vy merino Shirt and Drawers, Silk
uruv"" -
sold nt. Hi cts; we sell at 3i cts Mill.
Special Floor Oil Cloth Bargains ZZ
stoves, etc nt only i"c per square yard. We have it in several different
designs and widths.
Bankets or Bed Comforts ZJ:
you with prices. We have them to suit anyones pocketbook nnd will
give good value foryour money.
Fx st English Linoleum" fl2,.icei,!raT"fy"nl- A Hp"cial ,,Hr
gam at the price.
New Stock of Shoes Just Received.
During the last week we have received from New Kngland factories 39
enses of Ludies, Misses, Childrens, Mens and boys shoes, among the
are unprecedented bargains.
how cheap, solid, serviceable
' i
8c fibular. 10c quality.
regular. 15 .quality,''
Egyptian cotton vests at
redur.ed fmm ti or
ladies shirt waists and
-wi...K i. .
dispose of part
of this years pro
duct of his mill
at a sacrifice, his
misfortune was
our opportunity
atd we bought
the goods at less
than their ac
tual value, to
start this under
wear we intend
to make some
natural wool colored Shirts
running in same ns the scar
heavy ribbed natural wool colored
drawers all si.esouly lit) yn KACII.
very nice garment, that is universally
Call and see us, nnd let us showy
a shoe cun be sold.