The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, September 11, 1891, Image 4

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. 111. . li U .
J. f). UIUVE3 & cO.
SHlNt;i.i:.. LATTT, HASH.
Call aiitl'f ee us
11th ami I3Im street, one block
' nvcrythi: to Furnish Your House.
-l. ".FAT
house ; im;;isniNG ehporiuh.
. i -
' " A ! J, V. AVcckbach store room on south
,i Vw I uia now located I can r-cll goods cheap
' ? lving just put in the largest stock
- eight to the city. Gasoline stove
"'all k uuls sold
V'. "
" A
A Full and Complete line of
Dili?:, Medicines, Paints, and Oils.
rrcscriiiiions Carefully Coinpouniled at nil Hours
Kemember that R. O. Cnail. A Co have an immune atock of
AiidGuarantiHSatlsfactlon In all Thluirs
AVi r
r i l
. '
ft. f"
at the corner of
outh, Nebraska
on the installment plan.
I 11 i
I r nS In! vyV,c
ivt. uunu. ( .'
Th I.obalcr C.tck.
Nova Scotia and Triiice Edward Ialun.l
dvic.s t'j to show that the lobsti'rcct. i
fir th M'.uion, wlikh clmd Ana. 1. x. -a
the nicst Kiia'sful of any m-awin for !
pant t.-n or twnlvo Vfiire. E"j:ti;;.-
thin the case with the factories Imrd -r
iiijjonUie Northmuberland strait. A
t?iTitli mu iuU-rcsU d in loWtrr cuiinin ;
niakt the BtatfUif nt that tliw l.v Um
will (Jii the whole average a net prolit .1'
about fl.000 eack Takinj into o ....
aideration the fact that tho ww.m fr
catching lobht;rt ia by law rwtricted t
J iiue and July, thia nrotit mtibt be r
garded as enormous.
The benefit of the abort season i now
Ix-comin apparent in the iirea 1
catch, which is almost double that ?
previous years, while the lobhti r h
just the ri'ht hize for canning pnrjn .. .
huch has been the rapid sjiread of ti e
canneries that every available site alo;.,'
the Khores of the StraiU of Northumb' .
land has been taken up, and prtien !
airou.i of investing money in the bu.siut .t
are withheld by the difficulty of procuv
injf a favorable cove or Iieacli.
A good idea of the profit of lottster
canriinfi way be gat in-red from the tie t
that while a pound tin is put nprea iy
for ahipment at a cont of about ni
cents tiiey are taken from the cannen. a
by whult-Miie ueuiel. who pay fi'ui.i
seventeen to twenty cents per tin. An
Anioriran finn owning fourteen factori'
shiin ita entire product to the French
and Enttlidh market direct, and all i:s
tins are labeled "Machiaa Cay Lobsters,"
notwithstandiurf the f;ict that the con
tents were caught In Dominion water",
put np on Canadian and by Nova
tx-otia workmen. -Montreal Oazt-tte.
brgulntliig yulunctl.
Orgnn yriudem, like Artemns Ward's
Betsy Jane, want little "rexulating"
at times in London, and the pnwpectii of
Mr. Jacoby's mo lest legislative efforts
to this end will probably lie brightened
by the report which Lord Salisbury has
lately gathered from our representAtive
abroaL In Vienna, it seeiiw, Lcenw-s
are granted by the police to itinerant
uiusiciaua. but only to thot-e who a re till
able V) earn their livelihood by any other
uienna. In Paris anybody wishing to
jerform "as an itinerant mountebank,
organ grinder, musician or singer," mnt
apply for a lirene to the prefect of po
lice, and it is obligatory that a certificate
of good character accompany the appli
cation. In Berlin "thoae persons who
sj a !ien2 of livelihood &sd not in "
Interest of art perform on musical in
struments in open places or public a! reels
or in courtyards," require a license from
the local police. In Hume the matter is
provided for by the law of public a
curityi and organ grinders are not al
lowed by the Kuwian government to re
side in hi. Petersburg. In Madrid they
are 'nppre-d" ss an "intolerable urn
aance." London Telcgraplu
Mietta llrr Sliln ltr(uliirl)r.
Dr. Frank, whe ii-r on ca- nf
human Ijeings who shd their nkin regu
larly created o much interest In the
Chicago Melicul gx-iety, has reo-ived
the following letter from Mrs. E. Khutt,
of Adm.ih, Washington county. Neb.:
"I am thirty-nine years old, and i-ince
the year lKfl have bad an attack of tli.
kind every roinl or third year regular
ly. In Mar h, lvll, I bad a very bad
UHZe !! '1 elt.r,t tf i ...J tny 1 1 n U Kiuv
ill the same year 1 had another 'spell,' us
I call it. My skin came off lu the same
manner ha this man you wrote about
My hair fall ((T every tune ami my naiis
come out. In March of thia year it was
the aame old ct,ry. My symptoms were
the niuie ait thone of Mr. I'rice." My mo
tive in writiiig to yon U to prove to you
there ia another ra.te like the one )oii
write about" Omaha lii.-e.
Juac'er llanibnnla Drad.
A once well known character in the
stn-eta of 1'arU has just died in the av
luin at J'.icetre. I allude to the hug-fu
juggler, B.imlioula, who, when I palil
my f.rt visit tol'uris, was quite a promi
nent character in tho ranks of al fresco
rniertamers. lie used to quickly at
tract a crowd by the utraonlinary way
in which he cracked an enormous whip
t,u - . .., v'.(,,0 O lit tl Wtfiu
really very clever. One I w.Jl remem.
ber, wwa hia apparent conaumption of a
a big brick. He was a native of Martin
ique, and when in' hia prime, and dar
ing the I'arU s--a,ii, ofieii usl to maLe
a much as thirty franca a day. London
Tli. Rat and Ui. Clam.
On Tlinr! 7-nt ilmt w f..ii...
around amoi.g the clams in aa Icechu.u,
rear part of tua Henry House, met wii
a senuiis a:c.idcnt A large clam tluit had
iu ahells open, taking in some fresh air,
was suddenly disturld by something
that made it very mad, canning it to
close ita doori tight and hold the in
truder a privmer. ,Th claia had shut
down npon a hind leg of a rat The ro
dent aqiieuled and the noise attracted at
tention enough to inquire into the cause
of it. The rat was alain, but it could
not las released until the sheila of hue
clam were amashed to pieces. William--port
Th. Ram. Old FUh.
A few years ago the United Stat'v fish
commissioners liberated in Ipswich bay
a number of voting codfish, and to dis
tinguish them from tho many thousands
that might afterward be caught clipjwd
off the small left abdominal fin. Wil
liam It. Corbett, of Cutler, Me., while
fishing off Little river or Cutler harbor
the other day, caught three codfi.-h which
he aays are the identical ones liberated
by the commissioners, aa they each had
the tain fin clipped off. They were
when caught twenty inches long, being
fat, bealth7 fish. Boston Herald.
A Lara;. Plck.r.1.
Edward Kxh, of the Willow Fishing;
and Boating club, caught a pickerel at
Mukto Ink wb'b weJbed 9Q ponnda
when drcd. This la said to be the
laifccst pickerel ever caught in that lake.
It measured over four feet. Mr. Koch
will have it mounted and will present It
to the publi museum. Milwaukee ben-tine!.
A Great Event
lU MM, til IB U.A llllMWI j - fmmA
tame luiig-standnig mala4y. Tlie powoo of
Mcrofuia la lu your bluoiL You Inherited It
from your aucealura. Will you triuamit It
to your olTtprinuT In Uie great majority
of tAstis, bolli CoosuinpUoa anil CaUrrb oHk
liuto In tkTotuLa. It Is lii.Ki'a to be Uia
primary tmirce of many oilier Unranirrmenui
ot Uie txxly. lirala at vuca to cleauaa your
blood nilli Ui.aLwidartl allcruliva,
" For several month I was tmublod with
srrofiiluua erupUuus over tlie whole hotly.
My apH'Ut wat had. and my ylcm to
prirttmlcd that I was mahle to work. After
trying teveml remedies In vain. I renolved
to take Ayer't 8aiaprlltv and did so wiUi
aiirh good etli-ct Uiil leas Uion (me kotUe
Restored T.Ty Health
and strength. The rapl-tlty of the rnre aa
Wiiiliel nil-, aa I expected the pror-est to le
loiift and U-dloiis." Krederleo Maria F.r
nandM, Villa Nova de (iaya, I'ortuiraL
K'r many yesrs I m a anflrrcr from
serofula, until ahout three years ap, when I
began the uae .f Ayei'j Sarsaparilla, slnee
Whlsh the disease has entirely dli.pearerl
A little child of mine, who &s troubled IU1
Uie tune complaint, has alio ten cured Ly
tbla medicine. " fl. Ilrandt, Aoca, Nehr.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
raa-raaaD tr
DR. J. C. ATEB ft CO., Low ill, Maaa.
Bold ay Druga-iaia. l,alii. Wort iabottla.
Bucklen'a Arnica Salve.
Tiik Bkht 8ai.vk in the world for CuU
liruisits. Horca. Ulcers, Salt Kheuiu. Fever
Pores, Titter, Chapiej Hands, Chillilsins,
Corns, and all Kkin Eruptions, and posi
tively cures I'll., or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to pive satisfaciion, or
money refunded. I'rire 2.1 cents per box
For sale by F. 0. Fricke Jt Co.
Rhaumauain Cur.J In Day,
"Myntic Cure" for r!iciimiitim iiml
neuralgia rudiciilly ruri- in 1 to 3
(laya. ItH nction upon the svetem ia
rciiuirkalilc and mysterious. It re.
muvi'H (it once the cnune iiikI the li.
ruHp imiiiedintel v (lieHiippeiiro.
The tirsl iIkhc tfre.itly Ix-ncfitrt. 7."c
Sold by F, G. Fricke, Druggist, wt
Sudden Death.
Heart rlitu-HM i liy far (lie iiioh)
frequent chumi; of Hudden Ie;ith,
which in three out of four ciimch in
liiiHiiepectc-il. The KyniptouiM are
not encrlly undcretooil. These
Hre: ii hiiltit of ly iuj; on ihe right
Hide, ehort tirciith, pain or (litrcMs in
the aide, Imck or ehoublrr.irrejjuliir
pul Me. nthmii, we;ik mid hungry
MpellM, w inl in stomal h, iwclling: of
an Me .r dropry, oj.-precioti. dry
cough mid Hiiiotht-rinif. l)r. Miles'
illUMtratcd Sonk on I lenrt Dicenne,
free nt F. tJ. Krlic A Cii'h, w ho Hell
mid g-uarnntee l)r. MiIcm' iiiieqiiiib-d
.New Henri Cure, uud hia reetora
tive Nervine, which curee nervous
ncsn, headache. Hleepb-Hftiessi, drop
fj', etc. It cont. tins no opiatcx.
Electric Bitters.
Tliirt remedy ia In-coming so well
n ud fo popular ;isi In need no Hpecial
mention. All who have used J-Jlccl
trie Hitter einy; the hame eoug-, A pur-.-r iiu-ilii im- dot-a nut
exint iiml it ia iriiiiranteed to do at.
that ia claimed. Klectric Hitter
will cure all di-caee of the liver
mid kidm-yH, will remove pimple,
boil, salt rheiiui iimi other allec
tiori caueed by impure blood.- -Will
drive malaria from the Hyetein
iiml prevent a well a cute all ma
larial fever-. For cure of hcadaclje,
constipation mid indigo-.-ition try
Klectric Hitter. Kntirceajirdactioii
guaranteed. money refunded.
Irir-e ,'iik-and l per ln'.itle at F. (!,
Krii'kc .V I'o's drugstore. a
" Et-rtllng Facta.
1 r.r .liii. n, .,, p. .q.j,- -e rapidly
becoiiiinjf u rase of uervou wreck
and the fullowlng eiii:i;st. the
beet remedy: alphoiio iluinpfUjjg,
id HiiiliTt iVft?!. ij;;: v.-hen
hia eon wan cpci hlcea from at. Vilua
Danie Ir Mile great b'eatorHtive
Nerving- cured him. Mr. J. I..
Miller of Vulnrui anil J II Tuolnr
of Iiganeport, Ind each gained 1!0
poumi if mi taking; it. Mr. II. A.
(.ardner, of Vn-!ilr Ind, wn cureil
of 41) to Ho coiivitleion easy and
niuch ueadach, dizuea, bockai h
and nervoiiH (irostiation by one
bottle. Trial bottle and line bock of
Nervoua cure, free tit F. (1. I'ritke, A
Co., who recoinenda thia uneqiiailed
remedy. , 4
It bhould be In Every House.
J. H. WiUon, :t71 Clay St., Sharp
burg-, i'a., naya he will not bo with
out lr. Kind's New Diecovery for
Consumption, Cough and Cold,
that it cured hi wife who wa
threatened with I'nc iimnniii niter
an uttark of ' Ii Gritipe," when
variou ot her remedie and aeveral
pbyMiciim had done her no 00l.
Kobert Harber, of Cocksnort, I'a.,
claima I)r. King;' New Iicovcry
has done him more good than any
thing he ei-r ued for I.ung;
Trouide. Nothing like it. Try it.
Free trial bottle at F. G. Fricke A
Co' drii";tore. I,nrg;e bottle, Wk.
and l.(s).
For many yeara Mr. H. Y. Tliomp
Hon, of I).-h MoineH, Iowa, wan e
verely alllu led with chronic diarr
hoea. He aiiya: "At liuiea it was
very aevere; ho much ho, that I
fcacrd it would end my life. About
Hcven year ag;o I chanced to pro
cure a bottle of Chamberlain'
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. It gave rue? prompt relief
and I believe cured ine permanent
ly, aa I now rat or drink without
harm anything I pleae. ( have
also use J it in my family with the
beat reaiilts). For aale by F. G.
Frickie St Co.
' Wonderful 8uceea.
Two yeara Mgo tlie Mailer Prop.
Co.'orilered their bottlcH by the box
now they buy by the carload.
Among the popularHiid micct-Hcful
remedies) they prepare la llaller'a
Saranparilla A Hurdock which ia
the moat wonderful blond purifier
known. No drug-giat hcaitates to
recomnieml thia remedy.
For aale by druggist.
Caatoria ia Dr. Sr.muf!, ritchrrs prescription for Infants
and Children. It contains lyrltlior Opium, Morphine nor
other Xarcollc Mil-stance. It Is a liarinloas mibatltnto
for Paregor'e, Drops, Soothing Syrups and Cantor OIL
It In IMcasant. Its puarantco U thirty j fora'-uao tj
Millions of Mothers. Caatoria doat roya Worxua mid allays)
ftTfrlHhneas. Caatoria- prevents vomiting Koiir Curd,
cures Diarrhoea and AVIiid Colic Cruitorht relieves
tttethln? troubles, curei constipation and flatulency.
Caatoria aaai in Hates tho food, r'esulaU the stoinach
and bowels, plvlng healthy and natural eleep. Cas
torla la the Children's .:;na.-ea the Mother's Friend.
"CaaV-rla la aa xorllotil moUrlna fna ro ti
ll run. KoalMaatUT. repwUcdljr Md maof Ua
good caTwt .uon Ihetr cbtMrm."
Da. Q. a Oaoor.n,
Lowell, TMaxa.
" Castoria la the boat ramedr HaOdra of
vhieh I am aer-uaantod. 1 txata tlmdnjr html
far distai vfam nvaastaa wffTeraiai'lar the rwU
iimn mm vt tuvi. .iiMi'if mm imm Cmmwim iu
tte&d of Uae rnrloiaiaiiak noatf-una whesh ara
drtroainj ttioar lorad ooaa, by forahatoraam,
moriuoe, suairlD( arnip and otlior bunful
mn-Tita down Umst thruata, Uwrchy tooAiaf
Ibem to pramalun fraraa."
Pa. J. f KiarnxLOt,
O", Ark.
The OnUnr Company, TI
hpot oas.u mwti TAm mxmms
She in a winner. We reduce our price bec ause we can afford too,
not becaue Homehoiiy compel tm too. Where i the high price, long
time credit man that can Htand it NOT IX I'LATTSMtil'TII. We irive
you a few more prices that may intercut you:
Golden machine oil .... till goes at 2Uc per L'al
Gasoline - . . . . 1 1; " '
W arranted Hay Fork .... .Tc em h
2tt) odd ei.e carriage bolt - Hie per hundred
Another lot oj clothen wringer 2.b
Carpet tack etill go at 1c per paper
( ook Htove at cost to clone.
Folding; irnmn board lrJc
Hlk barl.wire :Un per Imndred
Galvfim.ed bar b wire . s.Vi -
Ileet and hcapi-Mt line of tinware in the city. j
Come in and c us whether you arc in need of any good- or not
Remember that we run and will nave you money every time. Kvervthinir
a bargain, ' N
The Leading
Constantly keeps on hand everything;
you need to furnish jour house.
Dr. Grosvencr's
"rrr plaster.
NhnmaUiam. immrm)a4t nUria ar-n inmha
Nf -iVioiincUrtf D
laat-U TeWhw Iw taktiv
kM4, raMnfeaMakU),
Wl trmtmf, !. mtm pnttilt
VWasil'aaMafajrMl rW. b V Mta-.a aaa.1. PfirP
j f t'Dmm - aad i-m..i a. kaa
yf 1 FaJla io alora Oray
1 .ir mi I m laawinii color.
t i Car. M a ii m ft
j - "..I i'-f s,
f.. lar.M a it.t vt T'.m.m. Il . lb. . r.l ( . ..
W. Ii...1a. .... Inn iwlioa. r.M.l. UtiwM .ua.
HIN0SRCORNS. Th. r'Knsr''nl
kH an ssa b. al Uit.m, 1 IllisAiZ a CO., M. V.
W Anted Ail active, rellohle man-aalaiy l'?f
lo 10 nioiilhly, with Ineresse, to represent
tn kla own aaeilnn a ren.lH New York
llmise. flefeleniva, HaJtcrACItaRa, UXk
Box Lv, New York.
" Caatarla ta so waril afafOd to clOtlrefl that
I rsaaiand Saaawpa-rita-toaaa ptaaarfptaoe
kuuira lo ma."
H. A. Aaraaaa, It D,
111 So. Oxford SH BrooWra, N. T.
"Our phrateawai an Sat ahAora, detwrt
meat u afsAoa klrhay a Umct aiperl
esca la ttwar avtakla praaaan rWj Oaalorta,
! aniuxiia n tmif IMS) aanona; oa
anedlaU aaiiillaa wtuat h kaova, as rsfrnlaf
pmlucaH, yM W" ars frw to aonfeaa that tk. -iiKiila
of Castoria baa won ua to look wltfe
fatur ft."1
Carrao IloarrraJ. add DiamaaaT,
lloatoq. 1
ixn C. Barra. Prrt 1
Hurray Straat, N.w Tork City, I
( loo-
A ir!rt!y fint cla. marhlua. fuijr wsrran
ed. M,nle ti..iii Uie eiy hssl iiiniennl by.
.klhed sorkuien, and with the hest lool. in
have ever bmn deyied lor Ilia pnrpme, War
fl,ltd to o 11 11, t uh wi iwMHtmoiy aia
rs-ffted of the ry hwit tyiewrller eitant.
Capable of writing M w..r,l. p-r mlioiln ji
Oiore-accordlng to th. ability of Ilia nperatn
ruicu $ioo.
If there, la no atfent la your town addrcaa th
TIIK I'A HI a II ll'F'll CO.
Ajrenu wanted I'arlth N, Y,
F. 11. 8EELEMIIIK, Agent.
Lincoln, Neb,
Waxon and Blacktndth shop
Wigon, Uurkj, Machine and
plow Repairing dons
-lis (aaa the
Which it the best horaealioe for the
farmur, or for fast driviiiK. or for cit
purinawi t-ver InyenUHl. It is so made
that anyono ci.u put on sharp or flat
corks, as nided for wet and alipoary
days, or smooth, dry roads. Call si
bis shop and examine tho hEVSKarjr
and you will us no othnr.
H North Fifth fit. I'latismou-h
r ' - -
sr - .
, ... ....
' .-