The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, September 11, 1891, Image 3

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, " Skill In a Cauua flat.
1 Tbst tl" fckill of 1dm cams? wiilor h
. . noro tttto wilh !he wiunliiKc.f run-
mr "I,r,'al or hIiim) of hull tin.
i n proved ui,'iiiii awl A caw
'imniiicl ly W. 1. Stephens for thn we
. ; xotiny of tiie Now York Canoe club ou
' Jiuii differing from anything liefora ir-
liici'( has nulled, in it nt'inlx r of tin; lo
rnl ;'nv Vuik rnw-1 lulelj. Thin eiuioe
i jx-tii i:t. piivnof work, so fur an nun
' Dlriirliuii (; mnootli, f iir am wi ,l
i proportion il. Its pectiliir foist ure in a
very il.'i p, thin underwater bixly nft.
,y nry thing about tlie canoe suggest
ninl yet it h:w not won a race.
j iVrliaps it iH Infer on, when Skipjier
,' Sti ifu Hi L.w completed. LU "tuning up"
JflX'l'.-X. .
Ill market contract to this result is tlie
Success tllllt SOlllU of tllO ollllT CftllneS
have liftJ Jpy b in well sailed arid prop,
erly tqui'nl, notably the Nuta, owned
by Daniel liiVIl, of Yoiiker. The
ik.lipu is hIho comparatively obi cunoe
with a reputation, and it in sure of a
good placfe in tlie races whpn fairly woll
handled imlt-Mj something breaks wbii:h
ban been a rather too common occur
rence of lute. A strong and handy rig
in th hands J a clever sailor will often
land an old canoe over tbe finishing; line
far in ibn lead. Tim races daring June
on Hendon lake, near London, England,
illustrated this priucijile Very clearly.
Tbe winner wan tbe only survivor of a
fl-t of sis in eri rsce. All the cthsr
canoe either npnet or broke down.
Kail and Paddle.
k A III Yrar tor Fruit.
Fruit hiu not lieen so plentiful and so
cheap for many Seasons an it is this year.
For the pu.-t month the fruit stands have
been laden with largo juicy Burtltstt
jiears and delicious, rooy ix-ache, and
now grape are making their appearand).
All are uuhkimIIv cheap, too, and the
drnmmi la lnrrr tnan it ha been for
yenra. A leading Fulton street dealer
aaid the other day that he waa reaping a
golden harvint thin aninmor. "llow is
tbatr I akel "Oh!" he replied, "fruit
la to plentiful that I can keep the price
down; and to long a such splendid pearl
tndtfachee and melon and plumi at
thesa are cheap everybody who can
i afford it in going to enjoy theia. Last
year the poorer claa of my customer
didn't get any fruit, nor did they the
year before. They couldn't afford to
bay it, and they wouldn't have done ao
if they could, for there waa no fruit
worth having at any price. Thil year
there'a any amount of it, and it's all
cheap. Everybody ia hungry for fruit
srtcr set::; dcsicd it lor such - Isuj
time, and consequently, aa I said before,
we dealers are reaping a rich harvest."
Brooklyn Eagle,
x " Co.t of filtering Air.
The air of the house of commons wm
filtered lant winter at a cost of sixty
pounds for cotton wool, beaidet the two
or three hundred pound originally spent
on the steam that worked the fans that
drove the air iu. The layers of cotton
wool ued were six feet thick, and bad
to be changed three tune, the outer lay
ers in a very nhort time becoming black
and fall of an oily and sooty subetanc,
with the smell of a very bad fog, though
the hoaviM particles had been removed
, by panning the air through water.
On one ocenxion the blur had to be re
newed aftr only forty-eight hours' tine,
a detise fog having luf-U-d the whole of
that time. This Information waa given
tu a tmrliMinrnUiy fiiuitt4 by Mr.
William t'rim, commlting engineer to
her majinty's office of works. London
Tit Bita.
Hlapl In llli Ciiltln.
Tliere has jiint died at St Joseph's hos
pital, in Chipiewa Falls, an eccentric in
dividual called Andreas Lowea. lie waa
born in h:.H in Lower Bavaria. Ilia
trade waa a worker in woodx, Which be
learned in tbe piano factory in Mnnlch.
J'erhapa no man in the Uuited 8tUw
baa acquired like skill in renovating
woodwork and restoring IU jo!!Jj.
About ten year', ago he built a repair
ahop, in wbii. , lie livixl, doing his own
cooking, for he waa never married, lie
manufactured a beautiful coDln coin
poeed of different kinds of wood, in
which he slept deepite the penmaxions of
intimate fneuds. Chicago Herald.
Caul Iron Hallway Ilrlilfra.
Kir John Fowler's report to the di
rectors of the Iondon and Brighton rail
way with refertriiee to their ' bridge
ataUs that the company has 171 cast
iron bridge altoKeiln r, and that eighty
one of tbee onsbt within thr year to
be replaced with wrought iron or steel
at met area, lie does not state that any
of tbrra are mmiifr, and concjude his
report by saying, "The result of my in
vestigation does not indicate any onuaual
weakness in the Brighton bridges, which
are neither better nor worae than those
f similar lines of railways at home and
abroad." London Tit-BiU.
Mias Antoinette Knagga, a college ed
ucated young woman of Ohio, own and
manages a farm of 200 acre, the car
He on her work according to the theories
of books, rather than by ancient tradi
tions, and, contrary to tbe usual impres
sion nbout hook fanners, ah i making
a succes of her uudertuking.
The land which the Jewish banker
have bought iu Palestine contains 10,000,
(MX) suuare meter. The Jews ar leaving
Odessa every day by thousands for Pal
mtin. Baron KothM hild is expected at
Jaffa, and is nid to intend buying 5,000,
OoO tneters more of fertile land eaat f
the Jordun.
The other night at Retford Junction,
England, an iiumcnfte swarm of bee set
tled in a lamp ca-e on a signal, and the
lamp could not plaivd in position
without considerable danger. Conse
quently tbe signal waa abandoned all
night and fog signals nutmUtuteJ.
Bev. Edward Heecher's adopted daugh
ter received at her baptinni tbe nam of
Voice Adams. Mic was one of a family
of fifN-en children, whom her father, a
jrrcat gTandron af John yulncy Adams,
supported by lecturing on "Tbe Voic of
l.tllltlljr ifllllll ipeiuii lo mh lit r c-
h'ioii to-diiy. '
Ilcrt McKlwain iH viewing nit;htn
nt tiie Stiite fair tJ-day.
Mr. M. Martin and daughter, of
Macoml), 111., arc vifiting nt tlie
Iioini' of Ir. Sctiililkncclit.
Mr-. Malii k mid children returned
ft out Wnverly last evening, where
1 1 1 y liave beeii vieitin n few days.
I he M. I', rainvav lias n tune ta-i
l.i 1 1 in 1 1 i i et iHHtie. The iiccoimji
d.ition train leaven nt 10:."wi. in. n'd
arrives nt 4:( J p. in.
The renliT buyine-H meeting of
the Kjiwortli League, ineeU at Minn
Margaret I)avin', on Pearl Mrcct
between Kiglith anil Ninth to-niht
ntS:iX). All nre cordially invited
to attend.
TllK IU.kAt.1) (dated il few day
since Hint Mr. K, Martin went to
Otnalia on a plenmire trip. AVe are
informed that the trip waa rather
one of Korrnw than pleasure, being'
o attend the funeral of
a Mrn. Carney. We gladly
make the correction. Our intcn
tioiia were good but our informal! 1
wan mistaken in rcgnrd to the mat
ter. Oxford Dnncing Club,
Tiie Oxford Dancing Club open
the dancing Hennon with one of
their nice partieH thin evening at
Kockwood Hall. The club in com
poed of about thirty coupleaof our
beHt young ladiea mid gentlemen,
Hnd tliene partica give romiae to
them of many plcnHimt cvcningH
during the coming winter.
Love Find a Way
To-morrow night Kate Putnam
appear at (he Acudemy of Mimic
in her new play. "Love Find a Way"
Mia l'utnam'ii impersonation
of Hiibrette rolea arc well known to
Charleston theatre goer, but thia
HeiiBon in a new piny! "Ixive Fincl a
Way," fhe has n piece which give
full acope to her superior driimntic
ubilitic. Not only does t he find a
proper place for singing, danc'ng
and banjo pi tying, but there Is a
sustained lienrt interest in the new
play which Miss Putnam presents
churniinly. Her company in nicely
boinnccci, in fact, excellent, Hni tnr j
performance as a whole is said to
be artistic and very catchy.
Charleston Newa and Courier.
Will appear at the Waterman next
Wednesday night. Reserved seat
sale opens Monday morn
ing at J. V. Young's. Price Tacents.
Union Nubblnya.
Almost frost.
Threshing the farmers' rage.
We are coming to Joe's grand
opening. When is it?
As nn "unexperienced adviser"
the Ledger ia unexcelled.
A few peaches, plenty of apples,
grapes, wiur and musk melons in
our precinct.
Most all agriculturalists and hor
ticulturalists are well plened over
their year's toil in the hot sun.
The democrats held their primary
here lust Saturday. We are not pre
pared to send a list of the delegates
Miss Kstellu Traver, of your town,
commenced tcacl.i.ig in District
No. 13 Monday morning. Miss
Traver taught in 12 lust spring and
we predict she makes teaching a
Prof. A. Philipps, newly employed
principal of our school, arrived
here Thursday with his family, and
took tli; shackles Monday morning
aa principal, with Miss Morse us
The tledicHtory e v r i u n i h
recently finished M. K. church at
this point were very ceremoniously
observed, there being over otic
hundred in attendance through the
day and a crowded house in the
Attend the Fnmariaa.
The republican priinariea will
meet to-morrow. For a designation
of voting place for the respective
wards, refer to instructions on the
editorial page of this issue.
It is highly important that every
live republican attend the primary
and express himself ua to who
ahall represent liis ward at the cou
ventiun. TllK IlEWALI) believe
the degree of party success
in November will depend largely
upon the action of our delegates,
whom wo shall choose to-morrow,
Thia ia no year for factional lights
or bolting inside party lines,
but on the contrary,
a year which demands a united per
aistent and harmonious pull of
every members of the party. Select
men who are well acquainted with
all the aspirants and that will nom
inate a ticket upon which the mem
bers of the party will unite.
If you want to see nice clean and
well made tip Clothing you should
go to JOK and look his stock over
Hair chains, rings, crosse an
hair work of all binds to order.
Mk. A. KNER.
If 1720 Locust St.
Thnt I lacking Cough ran soquick
ly cured by Shiloh'a cure. We
iMinruntce it, For Sale bv K. O.
FrickeaiulO II Snyder. 1
ifTOF ivriwv.y f!(jUll HIV
Nn. 2
No I.
.3 :.ui a.
.!:' t
a ...K
. ri ii.
0 p, I
. ,S :(i.'. li.
11 :to a.
. In ::n a. '.
No. 1. .
i). Ml .
I) : i t a. lu
. I'' II i. !
So 'I,,
i.. 111...
Mlssorill VM'lh '(.' HAILWAV
N'l.axlAro imi 0i:i. n I-e.ivi' in.-.vsa.
f, III i IV. s 4 ,1X1 p.
Tralin iliilly exuept unna
KNiciiiH in' rvmiAf ;iiiintiet i."iue
Mi 47 .ti. every el io--l ty evi'iiinn
at ttielr li inn i hivic A ;ok lil"fk, All vl
Itiuv miluMi urn .'imli. ! n.v.livl Hi nUi'iid
C. C. Ma-lmll. f. 0. i ' li If-vey. K. H. a.
YiiVMi MKN'H I lll'Inl'H'N .(ICIATKlS
v iiKtniiiii hloik Hiiln Klreet. Ito "
open fr..m :M a in In t :Wi p m for men only
(liiHpel iniel UK every Sninlay inoim at 4
AO t:. W,.n. leel tlr-t mill tlilid Friilny
evejIiiK" nt Il nionili nl 11. A I!. H ill
In KiiekttiiiiK tiloek. trunk Veriniiyea, M, W.
I), it Knornile, ICi-i:orlt-r.
A) t' W. No. (4-Meets nfflinirl and frurth
Krnlav venlnirt In tile iimnili H l. A It.
Iiall in Hm kwi.oil block, K. .1. MoKun, M W,
r. I', Itrumi, lleii"rliT,
tlOVAI. AU'IANAM-tV" ('iininll No Hr.'l,
' Melt al tlie K,ot IV hall In Hi" l anni-le &
(ThIK rUOI'K over ilel.liell IlllU, TlnilillK
liretiiren liiviliil Henry Ilerold, K-Kenl,;
Tim alllnn, Secretin V.
(:aSH MillliK. Vn. I Hi. I. II. O. K. meets ev--fy
Tuelay inelil at llielr hall In Htzi.'erll
l.-.-k. AM Oilil Kellnn Hie cordially invited
'i. 'id when vIiIIIhk In the city. J Cory,
N. i. H. W.IIndKe, Secretary.
CATiioi.ic.-Ht. I'aul's Church, as, between
Filth Hiid hixth. Fallier I auiey, I'aalnr
Ke. . M Si e4 in A. X. Butdij
Ki.tiool at 2 Ukl, Kltn benediction.
CilRHTl ah. Corner Iicunt and Klxlith Ht.
Service niornlim and fvenliiK. Klder J. K.
Keeil, pantor. HunUay Kclioul 10 A. M.
Rpmroi-AL-Rt I.iikf'n Church, cornur Third
and V In". Key II B. Huraem, paMor. Ser-
VleeS l It A. M. fti.d T XT U. KliUiiiiJ. Mchool
at 2 :30 f. M.
Oskman MlTltnniHT. t amer Hlntli Rt and
Urnnlle. Uev. lllrt. t'antnr. Services i II A. M.
and 7 r. u. Miuiiiay School 10 -JU A. M.
PBaHVTrai a w. 'rvlcen In new church, enr
ner hulll suit liriilille ma. Itev. J T. Halrd,
pa.tlor. Miiiidav-sciioul at V ;30 ; I'reaclilog
at 11 a. m.niid M p m,
Tim Y. It. t. C. K ol thl church meetn rytiy
Halihalh eveiilne at 7 :1ft In the tianeiueiit ol
tli c'hiicrli, All ate Invited to atleud luee
FilWT MsTnohlHT. Hlxth "t., betwen Main
and I'earl, Key J. I M Biicaner. parnnr.
Service! : II A. M..S :n r. M. Sunday School
:JO A a. 1'tayer meetii.g Wednesday even
tnz. Usrmax lBHyTiaiAS Corner Main and
Ninth. Key. Witt, puller, services usual
houm. tSunday fclmul M A. a.
Swtr.DMH CosoKSOATloaAL-Graulte, be
tween filth aud blxln.
Coixhkd 1UITIKT.-Mt. Olive, Dak. between
tenth and Klevenin, Key. a. iuwwpii, pi
tor. Heivlcea il a. in. and 7 JO p. m. iiayvr
iiiectlim Wediimday eveulnn.
Kooiimln waterniaii block, Main iitreet. io
pel incctlnn. lor meu only, every Hiiuday al
(erniMin nt 4 o'clock. Koomr open week days
Iroin t-JU a. in . to II : 30 p.m.
South I'aiik Tabuhnaii.i Key. .1. M.
Wood, laitor, Services: Sunday Hchool,
lua. in,: I'reaclilnK. 11 a. m. and 8 p. in. ;
prayer mealing Tuesday night ; choir prw
ilea KruUy iniiht. All are welcome.
dipt. W. A. Abbett, who has long
been witli Messrs. Precival and
llatton, Real Katate ami Insurance
Ilrokers, Dea Moines, Iowa and is
one of the best known and most re
spected business men in that city
any st "I can testify to the (rood
(jualitir of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. Having used it in, my
family lor tlie past eight years, I
can aafely say it haa no equal for
either colds or crouti. no cent bot
tles for sale by V. (j. Fricke & Co.,
New Goods arrivtng every day at
JOb the one price clothier. tf
We have sold Kly's .'"ream Halm
about three years, Hnd have) re
commended its use in more than a
hundred fpvcinl cases of catarrh
The unanimous answer to our in-
?uiries is, "It's the best remedy thnt
haveever used." Our experience
is, that where parties continued its never fails to cure. J. II
Montgomery, & Co., druggists, l)e
corah, Iowa.
When I began using'a Cream
Balm in v cutui rh was ao bad I had
headache the whole time and dis
charged a large amount of filthy
matter, lliat lias almost entirely
disappeared and have not had head
ache science.-J. Sommers.Stephney,
Tlyrr will be an nfllcial meeting
at the it. r-.. church, 1 hursday even
innr Sept, Illth.
it J. HucVner.
Spail Notina,
B. A. McKlwain, Jeweler, haa re
moved to Ilie Sliiilleiniiiin building!
west side of room occupied by the
Fair, he keeps a full line of watches,
clock's, Jewclery, silverware aud
Optical goods. Spectacle tilted
and sntisfnetion guarac ntced;
watches repairing in tlie best pos
sible maiiiier at reasonable prices
give him a call. dot
A I way take your prescription
to lirown at narreir a. tf
Humana HaHntv'a Work.
In nil large cities are branches of
the Humane Society fUuniled by
uerg. a norse is uisco eren Datlly
oalled, or ia cut or injured, nt once
a society memlirr coinmiinils us
rent and tiie immediate applicu
of Mailer's H'irb Wire l.ininn .
which rxperience Iris ehown is the
best remedy made. For sale by ull
Cure for Paralwsl.
Frank Cornelius, of Purcell, I ml,
Ter., says: "I induced Mr. Pinson,
whose wife had paralysis in the face
to buy a bottle of Chamberlain'
Pain Halm. To their great stiprise
before the bottle had all been used
she was a great deal better. Her
face had been drawn to one side;
but the Pain ltnlin relieved all
pain and soreness, and the tiiouth
assumed its natural shape." It is
also n certain cum lor rheumatism
lamo buck, sprains swellings and
lanuyifHH. rui cent bottles fur
by F. G. FrickeACo., Druggists.
Grand Fall and Winter Opening About
Opera House Corner - Plattsmouth, Neb.
817, 310, 221 and 223 Main 8u,'
lattsmouth, - Nebraska.
H. II, B0N8, Proprietor
Ito TciiaiDS bs bce&' thoroutulj
renoyated from top tc 'otUK, ni 't
sow one of the lieat hotels in tho state
Boarders will be taker by the week at
14. B0 and up.
Chamborlaln'a Eya and EJtfa
A certain cure for Chronic Soto Eye,
Totter, Salt Eboarn, Bc&ld Hood. Old
Cbronlo Bores, Fever Bores, Eczema,
Itch, Prairie Scratches, Bore Nipple
and File. It 1 cooling and toothing.
Hundred of tae have been cured by
U liter ail other treatment bad failed.
Ill put up In 23 and 60 cent boio.
world V Fair S.worSncehSS
an iricreditalile short lime with a
Capital of $200 and Upward
Success certain it intriictions faith
fully followed. Given on aeceipt of
oostel note or postage stamps for
'J Address
o x :m, Chicago, III.
Mil' Ne-rveand tivr,iM.
Act on a new principle regulating
the liver, stomach and howeli thiouKli
the uerve. A new (Ifcovefj. Dr. Miles'
Pills speedily cure billouencM, bad twite,
torpid liver, piles, constipation. Une
qualed for men, women, children.
Smallest, in i 1(1 cut, surest! 60 doiu-s, 2.1c.
Rampl free at F. (i. Fricke & Co'.
JOK'S Stock of Underwear, is
larger and netter man oeiore anu
prices less than last year.
Nolle to Coal Consumer
I will furnish the best of coal of
all grades to those who pay me, but
those who wish to run long winded
ai counts I don't want. As 1 have to
pay for what I get I must Insist on
nav for what I sell. All those who
know themselves indebted to me
will please-pay by the 15th of Sep.
temberasl must have money to
pay for winter coal,
Timothy Clank.
Dealer in Anthracite and Bitumi
nous coal and wood. Otfice and
yard 404 South Third st, telephone
m, riuttsmouiti, iei. u
Look out fcr JOE'S
Grand Fall Opening he
will announce exact
date within a fewdays.
j (in lr?,
cj ly tin
iept. 15, 9M
Tlie only Implement dealer who has
THE best of harness, bot'u double and single may found at my
atoreand everything in the harness line also buggies and carriages
which are first-class in every respoct, being the lightest, strongest add
easiest riding vehicles on earth.
ALSO have a large lot of Schutler, Moline, Haiti and Sterling wagons
Spring wngons, road carts, aud plows of all diecription.
Plattsmouth - -
imu m$ shoes
We giv you the following deep cut in prices:
Ladies Fine Glazed Dongola $2.25 shoes reduced to - $1.75
Ladiea Dongola Kid Klexible$2-KJshoe reduced to - - - 210
Ladira HestPongoln $3.(10 shoes reduced to- 2..V)
Ladies Hand Turned best Dogola $4.00 rhoe reduced to - - 3.50
We have a great many other sample lots of odd sizes that we arc
offering nt
In orilrrto rcdiict; our ntock to meet our obligation.
We also have a few lots of Ladies
prices. Don't forget the place.
''tr '
made a 6ucccfs in Car ConntyS
- - Nebraska
Oxfords that we will sell at reduced
.i ,
r: I