The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, August 10, 1891, Image 3

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It's faGilitiss for doing
workara complete
Having added considerable new type the
office is a guarantee for good clean
j Db wcrk
It prints all the county newsjand lis the paper
to subscribe for. Send us your name and
let us -place you on our already large list
of subscribers.
Prompt attention given
to all orders
fth and Vine Sts
ltll.l. IIKAII.S
good and satisfactory
in all departments
Captain Huttou' Happy Mdi-rlagn with
tli lielle of Nor tli liavn 91 any Vrari
A;o Why the Co.y Home Wat ltrokn
I'p uml tli Ifutbnnd la i VYamlerrr.
No one would have suspected that
Sofia wax a ehrew. She was of medium
height, with bright brown eyes and a
sweet face. These with a fine form and
charming manner made her much sought
after by the youni men of North iiaven
She chose to bestow her sweetest bihUm
on Julius Button, a whole souled. hardy
j ouuy sailor, and all thoae who sought
Sofia's hand felt a pang of envy when
Julius led her to the altar.
The young couple settled down to the
humdrum life of the small village in
which both had been born and reared
For a time they were as happy as ever
two young people who seemed made for
each other could be.
Julius had accumulated a snug sum
of money and was disposed to take life
easily The apple of his eye was his
wife. Next in his affection was his
violin, and with those two for company
he was content to spend his evenings at
Although her husband played very
well. Sofia cared nothing for music and
deter.ted a violin above all things. For
a while she said nothing. Then she
would leave Julius and his violin and
would run over to one of the neighbor's
to spend the evening. It dawned upon
Julius that the strains he drew from his
violin were not appreciated by his wife.
Then Sofia began to show that beneath
a sweet exterior there lay smoldering a
fiery temper that when once let loose
was simply ungovernable, and violent
outbursts on her part became more and
more frequent.
Julius bore it all uncomplainingly, for
he loved his wife dearly. His was a gen
tle nature that never held malice and he
knew Sofia loved him. so he was patient
Hut all things must end some time, and
his patience was no exception to the
One afternoon Julius went home and
picked up his violin He had drawn the
bow but a few times before Sofia ex
claimed. 1 wish you would stop that
noise. '
Julius paid no heed to the request
which had been made in such a manda
tory tone. Sofia became angrier as her
husband contitiued playing, and at last
shouted. "Julius, I want you to stop that
noise." But J alius only smiled and kept
on playing. Sofia grew livid with rage,
and seizing a pan of water threw it into
Julius' face.
Then her husband put away his violin
and left the house. In the evening he
came back and began packing up his
clothing. Sofia had recovered from her
paroxysm of anger and was willing to be
forgiven, but did not ask it. Her worn-,
an's curiosity could not be restrained,
however, and she trembliugly asked
what it all meant.
The only reply her husband vouchsafed
was that he had shipped on a vessel
bound for Virginia after a load of oysters.
Days and weeks and months passed and
the absent husband was not heard from
and Sofia went to live with her hus
band's parents.
One day thirty-five years later the elder
Button read of the arrival in New York
of the United States brig Bainbridge,
Captain Julius Button. Hesaid nothingof
the great hope that had 6pruug up in his
breast, but hastened to New York, only
to find that the brig had sailed a few
hours before. But his journey was not
altogether fruitless, for he learned that
the captain of the Bainbridge was his
own son. It lifted a heavy load from
the old man's heart, although he felt
keenly his disappointment -at not seeing
his son, who had for many yeara been
mourned as dead.
Sadly the old man returned to his
home in North Haven. From that time
he became a close reader of the news
papers and at last, four years later, his
vigilance was rewarded. He read: "The
United States brig Bainbridge, Captain
Button, is expected to arrive at the
Brooklyn navy yard tomorrow." Once
more the old man journeyed to the
metropolis. He found the brig with lif
ficulty and was ushered into the cabin
to await the captain, who was on shore.
Captain Button looked curiously At
the gray haired old man whom he had
been told wished to see him. but did not
recognize him. Nor did the father rec
ognize his son Slowly the old man told
his errand.
"1 am Captain Button, sir." responded
the captain.
"Don't you know me. Julius? I am
your father."
It was a very affecting meeting, and
when it was brought to a close the father
asked tremulously. "Julius, what shall 1
tell mother?"
Captain Button hesitated for a mo
ment, then, without replying to the ques
tion, he asked, "Where is Sofia?'
"She still lives with us."
"Then you may tell mother that 1 may
come to North Haven when I come back
from my next voyage."
An hour laer Button. Sr., was on his
way home, and Button, Jr., was on a
voyage to China. When he returned two
years later he learned that his father and ;
mother were dead. Sofia still occupies i
the old homestead, but Captain Button
has never seen her since they parted.
New York tierald.
A Floral Cirloity.
We have just been shown a curiou.
j plant by Mrs. Judge Chesnut. It is
called the "snake plant, and is an oddi
ty. The stem of the plant is of succu
lent nature and resembles the body of a
snake. It had a large Easter lily shaped
flower of dark purple color, with a single
purple stamen. Its odor was offensive.
It is a curiosity in this town, no one hav-
ing ever seen a flower like it. It was pre
sented to Airs. Che.-:n.t by her sister of
Frankfort, Ky. Platte City (Mo.) Landmark.
gooLs. tf
A Husband's Mistake.
IIii.sIkhkIs too often permit wives,
ami parent their children, to suffer
from lieixliKMU', ui.ziiies.-s, neuralin
Mleeph-ssiu.-rt, lit., iiervmistu'srfnrss
t B .1. t V (Ik
wiu-n iv me use oi i v. i i it.- ive-
storative .Nervine such serion- re
sults could easily" be prevented.
Drutrijists every where say it givos
universal satisfaction mid has an
immense sale. Woodworth & Co.,
of Fort Wayne, I ml.; Snow it Co.. of
Syracuse, N. Y.; J. C. Wolf, Hillsdale,
Mich.; and hundreds of others say:
"It is the t;-reate seller they ever
knew." 1 1 contains no opiates. Trial
bottles wnd fine book on Nervous
disease., free at K. G. Fricke it Co'.s
Merit Wins.
We desire to say to the citizens,
that for years we have been selling
Dr. Kind's New Discovery for Con
sumption. Dr. Kind's New Li fe I 'ills
Hucklen's Arnica Slave and Klectric
Hitters, and have never handled
remedies that sell as well, or that
have jiveii such universal satisfac
tion. We do not hesitate to giiiir
antel them every time, and we stand
ready to refund the purchase price,
if satisafactory results do not follow
there there uae. These remdies
have won there grunt popularity
purely on therr merits F. (1. Fricke
At Co Druggists.
I am an old man ami have been a
constant sutferer with catarrh for
the last ten years. I am entirely
cured by the use of Kly's Cream
Halm. It is strange that so simple
ii remedy will cure such a stubborn
disease. Henry Hillings, LT. S. Pen
sion Attorney, Washington, 1). C.
For eight years I have suffered
from catarrh, which affected my
eyes and hearing; I have employed
many physicians without relief. I
am now on my second bottle of
Kly's Cream Halm, and feel confi
dent of a complete cure.- -Mary C.
Thompson, Cerro Gordo, 111.
A Safe Investment.
Ic one which is guaranteed to
bring you satifaotary results, or in
case of failuree a return of purchase
price. On this safe plain you can
buy from our aM visert ise Druggist
a bottleof Dr. Kitig.s NewDiscrvery
for consumption. It is guaranteed
to briiiif rel ief in every case, when
used for any affection of Throat.
Iungs, or chest, such as Consum
ption. Inflammation of I, tings Uron-
chitis' Asthma, Whooping Coiili,
Croups.ets., etc. It is pleasant and
jjfareeahle to taste, perfectly safe
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A Co' s Driiirstori.
For 27 years Joseph '.Shera. of
Iv'ock Hluffs has been ftigsigril in
the business of selling genera! mer
chandise at that place, and to-da-
he carries a large and complete
stock of groceries ami general mer
chandise which he can sell cheaper
than any conipetetors for the fol
lowing good reasons. He pays
no city taxes. He pays no house
relit. He, with his family attend to
his business. His farm furnishes
ill his needs and more too. Conse
quently it is hard to undersell him.
He keeps constantly on liana a
large supplj' of flour and meal. He
is alive, and a let live man.
Rheumatism Cursd in a Day.
"Mystic Cure" for rheumatism and
neuralgia radically cured in I to 3
days. Its action upon the system is
remarkable and mysterious. It re-
noves at once the cause and the tli
sease immediately uissappears.
The tirst dose greatly benefits. 75c
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There has been but one new
Summer drink brought out this
season- It is Cherry Phosphate
ind is dispensed from Jirown &
Harretts fountain. tf
Will you suffer with Drspepsia
and Liver Complaint? Shiloh's Vit
al ler is guaranteed to cure you. J
AMIss' Nerve and Liver Pllle-
Act on a new principle regulating
the liver, stomach and bowels through
the nerves. A new discoverv. Dr. Miles'
Pills speedily cure biliousness, bad tastt,
torpid liver, piles, constipation. Une-
qualed for men, women, children.
Smallest, mildest, surest! 50 doses, 25c
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ret fs tf
Scotch Zepher Gingham reduced
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oic! & Son's. tf
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Local And ''ravlliig.
A jiouil chance ! Dont nus ii !
Yen need no capital to represent a reliable
tirm that warrants nursery i-tock first class and
uup to name. Work ll the Year and
od pav weeklv to eiienretic men. Apply
quick. lujr Hge. L L MAY &. CO.
Nurserymen Fleiift and Seeimen. ,-t Paul Min
This house is responsible.
The Leading
Constsntly keeps on hand everything
you need to furnish your house.
PI atts mout
Neb !
m a T9 - rr - -
Aycr'o Carcaparilla
Is an effective remedy, us numerous tetlmo
ni;ils conclusively rove. "for two years
1 was a constant siUTercr from dyspepsia
ami liver complaint. I doctored a Ioiik
time and the medicines prescribed, in nearly
every case, only aKravated the di.sease.
Au lM)tlu;cary udvUrd mc to use AVer's
harsaparilU. I did so, and was cured
at a cost of $3. Klure that time It lias
been my family medicine, and dleWncss has
become 3 stranger to our household. 1
believe it to be the best medicine on earth.
I. F. McNuIty, llackjnau, ?j Summer sL,
Lowell, Mass.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
Is a certain cure, when the complaint origi
nates in Impoverished blood. " I was a
preat sufferer from a low condition of the
blood and general debility, becoming finally,
so reduced that I was unfit for work. Noth
ing that I did for the complaint helped mo
so much as Ayer's Sarsaparilla, a few bottles
of which restored me to health and strength.
I take every opportunity to recommend this
medicine in similar canes." C. tvlck, 14 E.
Maui St., Chillicolhe, Ohio.
And all disorders originating in Impurity of
the blood, such as Itoils, carbuncles, pimples,
blotches, salt-rheum, scald-head, scrofulous
sores, and the like, take only
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
DR. J. C. AYEE & CO., Lowell, Masa.
Price ft ; six bottles, $5. Worth li bottle.
t'K!4Kl.N MUSK.
'lartsmouth, - ebraska.
B. M. B0S. Vronner..'
I tie iVik:ii.
eIioyiteil :r.ii!
! . 'I t 111- t
.i-.tiM- r- w.i:'
It. 50 mix) ii...
T lo .IJii'.l .
a r -i -. mo mk i ;
11 If 'ft I r. in v 'i-. i. I'.-lt- I'.nishe l ull ih !
& inedi' ii t s. iiiiip1ei ti e. v rite mw. Dr
r.rnlL'niii. :i71 I'.'w.y r .
vyi kt;.
P:ick(va makes A sallona.
LKilicnnjii, sparkling, and
ppetizin. Sold by all dulura. A beautiful Piclarn
KiMk anil cards sent FHt:H to any one snndinic
ddreaa to tbe O. . UIBS OO.. Fbilmdelphia, Fa
Cloanwi and brautine the hair.
Promotes a luxiuiant growth.
Mover Fails to Beators Gray
11 air to its YouUiful Color.
CurvM nralp (ii.-eMrn st hair tailing.
!-. au. if !) IrnifUn
tj ; M -( 'or fnn.
Dr. Grosvsnor's
Give, quirk rMtf PLASTER.
Rbenmatism. neoralaia. nlearisrand lombaxu
Qurau mh once. vmKiie iiiriwn ify ail lrurR'H'
n - - . : . l. .'ii 1
.vi.'iTsr .?.'? rr;nunn.
'rllii10?'"1"" ANO ctN"e
voMim ii aft
i, ..rr MKAfmri
.riMon. Tab an
V ..." 1 , 1 pui
ol4 tor il Local UfgtmU.
What is
Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants
and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Narcotic substance. It in a harmless substitute
for Partjgor'c, Drops, Soothing Syrup, and Castor OIL
it is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years use by
Millions of Mothers. Castoria dentroys "Worms and allays
feverishness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd,
cures Diarrhoja and "Wind Colic. Castoria relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency
Castoria assimilates the food, regulate the stomach
and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas
toria is the Children's .Panacea the Mother's Friend.
"Castoria Is an excellent merliclr. for chil
dren. Mbers have repeatedly told me of its
good effect upon their children.'"
Da. G. C Oaoooo,
Lowell, Mass.
Castoria fa the best remedy for children of
whichIamacruwDted. I hope the day iamot
far distant when mothers willconsider the real
interest of their children, and use Castoria in
stead of the various quack nostrums which are
destroying their loved ones, by forcing opium,
morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful
agents down their throats, thereby jending
them to premature gTaves."
Dr. J. F. Kinchewje,
Conway, Ark.
The Centaur Company, TI
I tfTE R X A T I O X A L
strictly flrti imh- instcri'ine. 'ii'.i . ,fr,
it. Matte Tumi M;.. i.'i't- . .
-killed . rkniej . lfli iln-t e.1 t.K,l nf
ii.tve ever been .t.-vl .ed f r f i- tm-f-. ,v ;e
ranted to do all lial e ir ... r. n'i!y
tl'-rteit of the Verv bet ' Vpev, nter ,tiiut
i :t h!c vv.Miof IV vrof,',. ... tubiore -o
"or..- titit.rr -riM dlall't .-f j rt
PIUt'K 100.
. Iltjej.. i ui i-i.i ,n onr town ,t l.--i the
m .iiulactuit ii.
ti if. j'Ai:ii m k'i, -.j.
A.'etifH uiuited l'itfish A. V.
I.incidu. Nel,
VVaxon and liliicksimth
Wagon, Blurry, Machine ituil
plow Rep-tinni: -ine
He uses the
Which is the best tiorseHhoe fiir thr
fttrmer, or for fuHt driviiiK, or for citj
purpuHvs ever invented. It is bo made
that anyone c;.n put op sharp or flat
corks, as needed for wet and flippery
days, or smooth, dry roads. Call at
h'a shop and examine the nevkiislip
nd you will use no other.
12 North Fifth St. Plattumouth
Lumber Yard
i!. A. WATRIM & M
Shinsjh's, Lath, Hitsh.
Doors, Blinds
Can supply everw demand ot the city.
Call and get terms. Fourth street
in rear of ope: house.
Reo Cross
Diamond Brand
- ThMm.y Sro,Hure,nH,ettapli: u,r
Jfnounm IfltMinut Jrutut in I.H t. M..t.ti.
alkp LlnJ. K, tn A. j . , i
ra,.i;,, .,t iunrr. tonlrf.lU. iltlli.iiiu.olrMln
Castoria Is so well adapted to children thav
I rmimmeml it osuuperioc toany prescriptiar
known to me."
H. A. Abchbr, M. D..
111 So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Our physiciana in the children's depart
ment have spokoa highly of tlieir erriert
ence in tktir autside pr&eMee with Castoriav
and altbouirii we oaly L4ve among our
medical sappUs what is known as regulai
products, yet we are f rae to confess that that
merits of Castoria has won us to look witfc
favor upon it."
United Hospital, axd Dispensary,
Boston, Ma
Murray Street, New York City.