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    '' ' V --; , - - -I
I , Plattsnaoutli
I . F .
.Daily Herald.
it. i t. "'- -j t n i r.A it. i ji
, . -i .
I ' -m-i ; PERSONAL
: " 1
!: has.'
Absolutely Pure.
Plattsmoutb Herald.
fVto C Al Kallhurj baHth eiflonlTP rltrht to mm
I ale fii'i 1,0ml nineiic tor in- i "
louse. a ofTefth lo thWclty. Offlre Uor kwood
'OX 15
Anted An active. rHioM nn salary 5l
er. X" to $0 monthly, willi lurrvii". 10 r-irt fcnl
blot fair own t-ei lion it resnnisilIe Nevr York
tor 'Ruse. Keferenees. MAN UKAl.TL'KKH, I.och
iOl 15H5. New York.
- CASS I.ODCK. No. l it;. I.O. O. K. meets ev-
i cry Tuel;iy niht at tlieir hall in Fitnerald
block. AlHltld KellnwH are cordially invited
to Attend when visitinn in 1'ie city.
T. K. Wll.I-lAMS. N. I.
J. W, IllUlxJK, Sec.
KN 1(1 UTS OK PYTHIAS. Cauntlet Unite
no. 47. Meet every Wednesday evening
at their hull In VVcckt'ach Mock. All viwitnn;
knights are coidi;i!ly invited to attend, C. A.
Marshall. C. C. ; Frank Dixon. K, K. S.
Waterman block. Main Street. Kooms
pen from x :30 a m tc 8 :M v m; Kor meu only
oh pel meeting every Sunday alternoon at 4
C. A R.
WcCoimllile Vuft. No. 45. meets every Satur
day evening at 7 :30, in tlu-tr hall, Kockwood
Block. AH visiting comrades are invited to
uieet with us.
11. F. Nile. Post Adj.
F. A. ISates. Pop t Com,
Our Clubbing List.
fi'iobe-Deuiocrat aud Hkrald. .
Harper's Magazine "
Harper's Bazar
Demfrest's Mft&azine "
Omaha liec
I olrtlo Blade
Lincoln Call
National Tribune "
The Forum '
Inter Ocean ' . .
Lincoln Journal 44
The Home Magazine " 44
. 4.00
. 4.80
. 3.10
. 2.40
. 2.45
. 2.15
Time Table
No 1 3 :."'0 a. m
No 2 5 :05 p. m.
Ow . .
Of . . . .
li.. .
....5 :45 p. ni
9 :25 a. m.
... .15 a. in.
6 :'J5 p, m .
... .5 :J5 p. in.
11 :f5 a. in.
' 4... .
" 20....
. .10 :S0 a. m
..7 ;44 p. m.
. 9 :45 a. m.
.10 -.14 a. in-
. .8 ::;o a. ni.
Treubund Ball.
Saturday niht at Lirdarkranz
Hall. A general jond time is jjuar
teed. Price of ball tickets to mem
bers, 2Tc; to those who are not mem
bers. 50c will be charged. The lio
hemian band will furnish the
music. d2t
To I co Comsumers.
My ice wagon has begun to make
regular trips. Orders left at my
store, my commission house or with
the driver will be promptly attend
ed to. tf F. S. White.
Croup, whooping cough and
bronchitis immediately relieved by
Shiloh's Cure. 4
The fragrant Heliotrope in bloom
wonderfully cheap at Moore's Green
House. dtf
"The Fair" has only a few more
velocipede's left, which are being
closed out at cost. tf
Dr. K. L. Siggens has returned and
may be found hereafter at his office
over Gering's drugstore. tf
All watches, clocks and jewelry
left for repairs atC. H. Jaquette's
Niille block, Sixth street, will re
ceive prompt attention. All work
guaranteed and done in a workman
like manner.
Brown & Barrett, successors to
W'iidman & Fuller, have an endless
variety of wall paper and borders
all new colors and designs. wtf
So farmer or stockman can afford
to be without Hallar's Barb Wire
Liniment. Animals supposed to
be permantlv injured and useless,
have been made valuable by its
timely use. We are so well pleased
with its results that we heartily
recommend it to our customers.
For sale by all druggists. 2
A restore, stricken 'and give you
a luxuriant growth of hair, to keep
its color natural as in youth, and to
remove dandruff, us only Hall's
Dr. J. If. Hall is in Omaha on bus
J. K. I,eenley is transacting busi
nesH at Hartlett to-day.
Mr. J. M. Roberts will visit friends
at the metropolis to-day.
Win. Ossenkop, a prominent citi
;&en of Louisville, is in town.
T. Ji. Wilson, the Ashland lawyer,
is in town on legal business.
A. L. Tiiiiblin, a Weeping Water
attorney, is transacting business in
the city to-day.
A. B. Smith of Denver and his ad
miring friend, Moses Dodge, were
perambulating our streets to-day.
Fin M illmery.
Mines. Wise iV: Root have eclipsed
all former eiforts to please the var
ied tastes of I'laltsmoutli ladies in
line and medium lines of millinery
They have recently received an
almost endless line of hatH, in
which over two hundred different
shapes are shown: it is evident
therefore that you could not lind a
larger assortment in Omaha to se
lect from.
They carry an exceptional line
stock of ribbons in all the latest
fashionable shades. For flowers
and ornaments there seemed to lie
no limit, several show cases were
filled full of the most beautiful
sprays of imported flowers, in col
ors to almost outrival nature her
self. 1 lie larire stock ot mourning
good's showed commendable tnst
in their selection, aud judging from
the manner in which three clerks
rushed, in waiting on customers we
are lead to believe that the ladies
know what they want in headgear
and know where to go and where to
get it.
New Millinery Store.
Mrs. C. M. Graves, dressmaking
and millinerv. .New irocxls, new
prices, latest styles. Store No. 110
South 3rd st. IMattsmouth, Neb. lin
We notice in the Otoe county pa
pers a new wall map of the county,
which gives general satisfaction, is
being delivered to subscribers
there. If the maker of that map, or
some one who can execute a good
one, would come to this county, he
could, we believe, do a good busi
ness. It has been thirteen years,
since a map of the county has been
engraved, and it is out of date.
Send your map man over. Weeping
Water Republican.
Major IVarman, the maker of the
Otoe county map, has been en
gaged for some time on a map for
this county, which he expects to
have completed at an early da3
And we are sure it will be a good
one that will give much better sat
isfaction than the old one did, yet
it will only cost about half as much.
Card of Thanks.
The immediate relatives of the late
Mrs. Rutherford wish to express
their sincere thanks publicly to
those win) so kindly cared for and
in aii3' way alleviated her suffer
World's Fair Appropriation.
During the past few days of ex
citement it appears that almost ev
ery one had lost sight of the ap
pointments to be made under the
act appropriating $."i0,(X)0 for a dis
play at the world's fair.
There are seven important offices
to be filled; a commissioner general
who shall receive $2,500 per year and
six commissioners who shall re
ceive 5 per day for each da- actu
ally employed.
li. P. Koggen of this city, it was
claimed, was to have been ap
pointed commissioner general by
Governor Bo3d when the proper
time came, but the selection was
never made. In fact Governor
Boyd's friends claim he intended to
make none whatever until after the
supreme court should have handed
down a decision in his favor, and
might have refrained from doing so
had the pressure been less weighty.
The appointment of a commissioner
general, it is said, was also prom
ised to Colonel North, of Columbus.
Now that Governor Thayer is in
there is said to be nothing in the
way of ex-Governor Furnas. He is
considered as good as appointed by
those who claim to know.
All the nice, musically inclined
people will hear the "Chimes of
Normanday" at the opera house to
night. Rev. Jones of the Indian Terri
tory will preach at the colored
Baptist church Sunday, both morn
ing and evening.
In the case of Hester Pool re. Win.
Philpot. The defendant was taken
before Justice Archer and waived
an examination. He was then
bound over in the sum of $1,200 to
appear at the next term of the dis
trict court.
Snyder the druggists is again in
trouble overjhis indentity. A Ger
man farmer who has been in the
habit of trading with Mr. Paul
Gering took Snyder for Gering and
bought a bill of paper of him; but
the farmer was worried to under
stand how the "old man" had for
gotton his German all in a month,
Mr. Snyder not being able to speak
the language.
Habmiit Peierson. m
Mr. Peterson needs no introduc
tion to this community. Most peo
ple have dealt with him and recog
nize the s'juai e and accommodating
methods he has always observed in
his treatment of the public. Hehas
now succeeded to the handsome
grocery business of the lale firm of
Larson & Peterson where he may
be relied upon to continue selling
the best goods at the lowest prices,
conducive to a safe business.
Tlie fliver Improvement,
Tin Missouri River commission
is in session right now in Omaha.
If the committee appointed .by the
mayor would wait on the members
at once with Mr. Berlin, our de
mands would receive prompt atten
tion and a long trip to St. Louis
would be avoided and money would
be saved for the city. If the right
kind is man i fested this mat
ter will be attended to forthwith
and then if the board has any doubt
about t he representations made to
it, an adjournment can be made to
this city and the river looked over
by the honorable board. In
this way we might have work
begun at an early day
and have the channel thrown
where it used to run, saving
the city from the danger of an epi
demic as a result of the sewerage
and villainous smells that hover
about the old channel during the
hot months. Bv all means let us
have the expenditure of that $50,00.)
this summer when it is needed. If
nothing is done while the present
excellent opportunity is afforded,
the committee will have to bear the
blame for the failure.
Honors to Mr. Derrick.
A complimentary concert will be
given to Mr. W. A. Derrick, a promi
nent member of the Apollo club
and the bass soloist of the St. Mary's
avenue Congregational choir. The
concert will be given on Friday eve
ning, May 15, at the church. The
following excellent talent will as
sist: Mr. Hans Albert, violinist; Mr.
Taber.organist; M iss Daily, soprano;
Miss Rueder, contralto; Mrs. Day,
contralto; M r. J tiles Lumbard, basso;
Mr. Wherry, tenor; Mr. Jay North
rop, tenor; Mr. J. K. Butler, accom
panist. World-Herald.
County Court,
Florence Fetterman vs. estate W.
J. Agnew. $30.50 allowed on claim.
George W. Fetterman vs. estate
W.J. Agnew. Claim of $171.2( re
duced t o S13S.01.
Christ Wohlfarth vs. Mrs. John L.
Minor. Suit on account. Contin
ued by consent until May 12, at 10
a. m.
License to wed issued to Mr. Wm.
A. Cleghorn and Miss Helen Stan
der of Louisville.
Attention Members of W. C- I". U.
All members of the Women, s
Christian Temperance Union are re
quired to meet promptly at three
o'clock Saturday afternoon at Mrs.
S. A. Davis, on Pearl street. Bus
iness of importance requires your
presence. By order of Presidedt.
Mr. Orrin C. Smith the popular
time keeper at the B. fc M. shops
was married in the city Wednesday
evening by Ivlder Reid to Mrs
Frances Rounds. Mr. Smith is well
and favorably known in this cit-
where he has resided for the last
ten years. The bride is also well
known and admired for her lad'
like demeanor and kindly disposi
tion. The Herald takes pleasure in
wishing Mr. and Mrs. Smith all the
good things of life in unmeasured
abundance. The above notice
should have appeared yester
day but the copy was mislaid (juite
a gay and noisj- charivari party
put in an appearanced unanounc
ed save by the din of tinware at the
smim. Kounas weaaing evening
oetore last, and alter making"Kome
howl" for a few minutes they were
treated to a Hearty surplus of cake
and cigars, after the discussion of
which the crowd dispersed.
The Gymnastic Exhibition.
The Turner's society in this city
is in excellent condition and con
tains within its ranks some of the
beet gymnasts in the state. Thev
have improved very much under
the charge of Professor Kummerow,
and on the evening of Mav 13. will
give an exhibition of their prowess
"William A. Cleghorn of Louis
ville was married yesterday to Miss
Helen Stander, daughter of Frank
Stander, Esq.. of that city.
Willie was inclined to bachelor
hood, but the winning ways and
genial manners of Miss Helen were
too much for him and he had to
Mr. Cleghorn is one of Louisville's
best and brightest young men and
well deserves the congratulations
of friends for the good fortune
which has attended him in the se
lection of so accomplished and tal
ented a young lady for a life part
ner. The Herald extends its hear
tiest congratulations to the happy
couple with best wishes for health.
wealth and happiness.
The "Business Mens Carnival" to
be given by the "Aid Societv" of
the M. E. church will be held in the
Opera house May 21. Look out for
farther notice. dtf.
Phil Young's benefit at the opera
house to-night.
"Chimes of Normandy" to-night
at the opera house.
Sheriff Tighe says the Irish don't
have to go; they have already
Nehawka appears to be booming,
judging from the advertising col
umns of the Weeping Water Re
publican. E. R. Todd came in t jL.iv with
sevent -live bushels of millet,
which he is shipping to Omaha
Gust Reinhackle is quite sick at
Colorado City, having been bed
fast for the last week with some
thing akin to la grippe.
The Andrews Opera Co. arrived
in the city this morning on their
special car, ready to give a merito
rious entertainment at the opera
house to-night. v
The Greenwood Gazette has again
suspended. We believe it has been
no fault of the town, but rather a
lack of capital to start with on the
part of the publisher.
McVey, the St. Joe horse buyer, is
with us again. lie makes the Bon
ner stables his headquarters while
in the city. He went to Union this
morning to buy some good horse
flesh that he heard was for sale in
that vicinity.
Jim Sage hauled two dimension
stones yesterday for the courthouse
at one load with his brag team that
weighed 7,010 pounds. The stones
were from the Cedar Creek quarries,
eight inches thick, four feet wide
and eight feet long.
Pearlman's team had another one
of its periodical runaways yester
day and attracted quite a crowd as
it tore across the stone at the court
house and came to a sudden stop
against a tree near the alley. No
one hurt and but little damagedone
to the wagon.
The board of health were out yes
terday on their annual smelling
tour, which we trust will result in
the cleaning up of some alleys in
this city that luxuriate in about 4O0
kinds of vile smells. They must all
be cleaned up before hot weather,
or sickness will surely follow.
lix-Lieutenaut Governor E. C.
Carnes of Seward has been ap
Xointed state oil inspector in place
of Louis Heimrod of Omaha. Ed is
an energetic fellow with hosts of
friends all over the state, who will
be heartily glad of his appoint
ment. Four days have been occupied
in selecting a jury in the Sheedy
case at Lincoln and still the end is
not yet. Two Hundred and four
teen men have been examined and
ordered to stand aside because
they were intelligent. A jury in a
modern murder trial places a high
premium on ignorance.
V. S. Purdy has received a well
merited increase in his pension ac
companied by a neat sum of ac
crued back pay. Mr. Purdy was a
captain of scouts during the late
war and saw lots of hard fighting
and had some narrow escapes. The
Herald is glad to know of his being
recompensed a little for the good
work of thirty years ago.
Chas. Flower met with quite a se
vere accident last week. Whilelead
ing his fine horse "Ney" into Mr.
Philpot's barn in the country, a
horse he was passing kicked him
on the nose and the side of the
head and knocked him down and
his horse ran over him. Mr. Philpot
pulled Chas out of the barn in an
unconscious condition. That's
what.s the matter with his nose.
"Weeping Water Republican.
The two Sitzmau boys, aged about
ten and twelve, were discovered hid
away in Bennett & Tutl's store last
night as Cap Bennett was closing
up. The boj-s were handed over to
the police and were lodged in jail.
Their object could have been noth
ing more nor less than robbery.
Owing to their age, and the fact
that nothing was taken, Mr. Bennett
declines to appear agaii st them to
daj. Consequently notl ing will be
done except to discharge them.
I. Pearlman has purchased the
"Weckbach room of J. V. FIgenberger
jr, and will remove his furniture
store into the new quarters as soon
as the room can be fitted up for
him. Mr. Pearlman begun in this
town a few years ago with a pile of
scrap iron and a few old stoves, but
by close attention to business he
has built up a large trade in furni
ture and general house fittings, and
has become one of the heaviest
property owners to be found among
our business men.
The moon-faced Ass that edits the
Journal and pretends to do job
work in the hole under Sherwood's
criticises the board of trade folder
recently issued from THE Herald
office. As we are securing job
work on merit and not throuirh
bulldozing, we have to-day circu
lated among the business houses of
the city a sample of the same kind
of work done by the Journal office
last year, along with a sample of
our own. Pay your money and
take your choice.
We are showing a beautiful line
and the latest novelties in rogue at
prices from $2.50 to $10.00.
Full Line of
32 inch Zepher Gigjiams.
Breton Zyph
A F C Gigham.
Domestic Gighams.
Henrietta Sateens.
Egyptian Printed CoftoiiA
Silk Striped Madras Cheviots
Fancy printed Cham brays.
Beautiful line of Solid
Striped, JJrocudwl and Polka
lapid sellers.
Ono Door East of tho
Remember that R. O. Castle & Co have an immense stock of
And Guarantee Satisfaction in all Tilings
carry a full lixe of
We also have a dress making department. Sat
isfaction guaranteed.
Sherwood Store. Plattsmouth
Carry a Full Line of
A. O. U. W. Notice.
All persons wishing to sign ap
plication for charter of Degree of
Honor please call at D. B. Ebersole's
623 Gold street, or at Frank Vermil
yea's, 421 South Fourth stree. By
order of committee.
Go to Phillip Krause for your
dry goods and groceries, where you
will hud the best of everything, he
also keeps fruits and vegetables in
their season. tf.
For lame back, side or chest, use
Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Price 25
cents. For sale by F. G. Fricke & j
Co. and O. 1. Snyder. 3
Needles, oil and repairs and parts
for all kinds of sewing machines at
the singer office. dim
: ..
i am now preparea to deliver ice ,
tn : m V nart of the rilv Tolurli-'i '
J L - 'VAVltlVllV; 1,
tf H. C. McMaken.
We carry a complete line of (lor
don's Fast Dye Hosiery for ladies
and childreus wear Guaranteed
absolutely stainless
A good ladies ribbed vest at 10c
Fast black ribbed vests at 35c
Bbick lisle Thread vests at 45c
Silk Mixed vests at 75c
Full Line of Childreus underwear
Our Iineof black and white Flouii
cings exceed anything ever before
shown by us at prices an low as last
VAiu-k Ifenrietti Sateens in
Dott effect, entirely new and
First National Bank
Physician fc Surgeon
Lin.ici n'ith Ur. Lhipman
10 : 0 to VI : 00 a. In. 3 : 00 to 5 : 00 p. lu.
9 : 00 to II : 00 a, in. 2 ; 00 to 4 : 0 p. in.
Telephone No 12. 'LArrsjioi'iH .Nib
Thorough instructions in Panel, Crayon aud;
Free liand (Uawia.
Landecaptt. EruiU and flower.
No, 911, Elm Ht. Plattsmoutb, Neb.
KstlmAtea uid plans of all work furnished ana"
itecordo kekt.
Office in Martin Block.
Pwatomouth - Nebrabia
Keeu all kinds of builders hardware on hand
and will eupply contract r on most fav
vrable terir.s
and all kinds ofltin WOrk promntlv
done. Order tnmiftb. country solicited.
I 7
I 1
I,' 1
1 .