The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, May 07, 1891, Image 3

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f V .ACER.
4unty Clerk wii'
k nu IHL fO
;, "nartpr for
. and Bill for CASH.
iany billn for dead beat-
M tills firm.
iOFT COAL alwajB on
Ya ' -e UicifV IrH I, office
An N-
7 i : . . .
I . VP j
r- r to $mo moil ' v Vr "vV.
tolWhi own vfcSiza
kIitcj work'an 1 fine gold work a
DK STKINAUS L XT A . :is -vi-il as other an
esthe(i-'V"n f rl!i" im'f-'-;t'5'"'" ",: "'
C. A. MAKSIIALL, - I-'il.yiT.iM ''
Tlirt Learting
Constantly keep-s n haua evcrytliir
you ned to furnish your hon
Plattsmout - Neb
217, 210, 221 and 223 Miin St.,
lattsmouth, - Nebraska.
H. II. BOFS, Proprieb-.-
lhe Tcrkins has been thoroughly
renovated from top t. ttuu n;' "K
now one of the best hotels in tin tate
Boarders will be taker by the wk st
$4.50 and up.
i t ;
u la
c it 3 ? a ,
c a fi 1
: s-
j JB
c " ai .
0 a m 3
K ? O !C I
Ct A
n s 3
: v tb B
a S S .
d C I
S 9 S 5
- JB ( V
- s aS
?23 SS
Si s
C . J -
ua i! r - -
Tf Chichestcxs PfiuLrt.
S Its a?
r c t: V g n
5 5 -
s S I i t
2 2"
3 -
s fl s 5
5 i e
. u a c e
SO S fl f o
TMC OBtCIMAL AND CtNUINf. Tor only Saifin. Sore ant ntlialU n.l tint's.
Laala. uk ar UueaaaMr. Jafliit ilranal IB )a4 an m-nlt3
hi a.iiH with utunblva. Tak m
AM biiaa am pamli iaf 1 aaiaa, pink arraaioara. ar. aaasvau eaniatterfeita. -Vi Lir.icjiw. er a.-ka n.
Bliows ius of tilling, Uigin ai oaoe Ute un
of Ayefa Ilair Viyor. TtiU ttraptwaikMi
treiiKtbena tba ae&ip. prouMJtoa Uta growth
of IM)W liAlr, restore Um UAtur&l oulor to
gray aul huleU luir. mm! readers it ultv
fUr.l, uk1 gloMjr.
We have no hesitation In pronotuttlnf
Ayer's Hair Vigor iinfuab'l lor lreiii(
lliu hair, and wc tlu Uot alter king expert
nrc in iu iihr. Tliia prpparatioo ri;s:rve
Uiu hair, cura (iiinclriitf ami all lwciifl'-S of
tiiu scal, niiiki'.M toiikIi atm irni! hair soft
aiil ilianl, and n-cnU l;;'!;.!.s-. While it
Is not a lf, tlnM- who have u.iI tho Vinr
nay it will stimulate tho rooU ami ci1t
Klaiiili il faali'il, cray, light, auil red hAic
clLtngiji Uio color to
A Rich Brown
or ovon Mack. It will not sol? thn r'nf no. a xk'Hiaii!kiTrhif, ami is iU
ways aTccahli'. All th?lirly, unimny hair
ir'parations should ho dlsplarol at finre hy
Aycr's Hair ViKor, arid thousands who no
around with hi-ails lMikinfr like 'tho fretful
lroupini' should hurry to thf nearest lni(j
stor and K'""'dia.s" a hotth of tin: Visor."
The Sunny Smth. Atlanta, Gx.
Ayrr'.s ilair Vigor is oxrellcnt for Hi
hair. It stirnulat's tho prowth, run-s hald
n-ss, n-stori-s tho natural color, cleanses tho
"il. prevents dandruff, and Is a Rood dress
ing. We know that Aycr's flair Vigor differs
from most hair tonics and similar prepara
tions, it IicIiik perfectly harmless." From
(moinvLul Jlwekrrping, hy Kliza K. Parker.
Ayer's Hair Vigor
rniii'A rico nr
DR. J. C. AYEB & CO., Lowell, Mass
Sold hy "ruggLsts and IVrfuinen.
A "fii'-tly Hr--'t rl::- m-i-h :. fw'Iy w
il. Made from fti" ery dest material l
v. rK .- . :trit !i" l!ie liest to:ls t.':at
ive ever iiiM.ii iicvi-e.l for til'? ur'.se. War
r.mte l t do .- :! Mi::t can In- r:a.o-iali!y ex-
i t -'l 'f i n- very In t typewriter extant.
' . -, :'irir v"' r !h - r tii i 'i ii I -. o-
more according to ;iie ahility of tiij op-.-i.if.
I li:, : .Lin:. ii . i -
.,!s w.snte i i'.irisli .N, V.
t-. sf.i:lkmii;!:, m.
I inc-ilo. NVli,
;5 i .-a b a -.s $ y ; .1 i -i
w tr J si U S isS a t! CCS. i. sfcA
YHH OLD R,;f.iA!:i!.ri,
5 Vk fr rr-,
MiinLT'e, Jjatii, tih.
-in .u'ly t vcrw d::m-ind f tin city.
Otillnn l gvt tonus. Fourth ttr-i t
in rear of opera hous?.
0 2C!s:FrUAti.rS ASTHMA Cltf
JW nv niinuca. lLaartiAn is Iti-mM'-u, d:rn-tand
JJCtilBTAik. ol a ear It Uw renlt la all curable .
naAslprle trial CAQTlnoe. U mo-K ier -..rl Iri &Oe.
Jdjoa I, f Ironu or hr mail, t aoii la rKCK r
ijm: by t'eck's lavible Tabalar Ear Caftb-
E3T3laV Jtia 1"". WhKpcra brard. Conifortable.
i -,lalVt:l Irriiir.irf2il. S"MbF. Hlarnx.onlv, CD CP
83 iiroailfts;, Jicw lark. Wnw or bovk at pruutainCC
r',.-,-.- :s r.o a--!i in votir tonu ad'Ir'--i t!ie
i'l MiUl.H
iO'C'iii" SA' d-W-n9 ni bcaa:;f;oa the hair.
! '7i'i2 li iromitef a Inxu;u.n growth.
f'-jkPs- W Ber Fails to Efrtors Gray
-Jitii-; Hair to it Touthful Color.
--JQ .r Cur.i K-alp diu-am hair taiiinz.
yTy.? 7? aur.nnrl tuaiat Druyyirta
Wcrk Lnrtrs, IVh:!try, InJ:gct;on, Fain, Take io time. JUcta.
HINDERCORNS. The m! ni-r enrr for Coma.
b.ui aUrxuu. 1m. ai LiruKU, or ULsCOi at CO., T.
Dr. Grosvenor's
47aea quick rmlief
... . 1 . . f..r j ! a l.v .11 I n (j.lht.
Rco Cscss
DiAvcro 3nA.o
kjn4. Jtl iubtujt'fm rj4 Witirm.
for Ladira." Utm
a. i-Mnn al&iL.
niiXlaVB:14'ai LA-FA.
'" r--
Llewellyn Moore's the Mecognized
Headquarter for toe Artnatic
and the
Aiiileo;i;i chrysjintlia, frt'i.sis
I;ni olata, t hr3 sunt lii-mum tii.ixi m i
antirrhinum, philycoi Ii-ns anl fle
inatiM make up a partial list of Mr.
Moort-'s ;ranl plants, that art- per
fft tly lianly and ;irc not injurt il
13 a .flrar-ka winter. Mr. 5loor
has a lim- stock of ;Tatiiuins,
colciis aul sonic of those richly col-or-l
l"f:n-h caunas, also a line line
of hv-.Ilin plants. In roses he
makrs a specialty of the following
hanlv varieties: ( aciii
mot.'Md. 1'lantier, I'et le. Niphitos,
together with the old standard l.a
France ami that Oueen of the rose
family, the American itcniity.which
tinder favorahle circumstances has
produced roses S indies across.
In i",ht red and of a mo.-t del icious
fraorauce. .No collection of (lowers
is complete without some of these
hardy roses. Mr. Moore has the
reputation of hciiijjf the best rose
grower w'st of t'liiciif,'o; he never
forces his plants, t h us mak i nyf t hem
lender hut ives them every reipiis
ite to make them hardy and strong.
This sprino- is an unusually ;-ood
one for setting out plants and
shouhl lie improved hy our people.
Kcmember tin- place where plants
and prices will suit the most exact
ini is al Llewellyn Moore's on West
Locust street, and call at once. If.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The Ukst Sai.vk in tho world for,
Sores, Ulc;r-j, Salt Kheuin. Fever
Soros, Tetter, Chopped Hands, Chilhlains,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively cureH Piles, or no pay required.
It is 'turanteod to tlive sutisfaciion, or
money refunded. I'rice 2-"i rentu j)er hox.
Vor sale lv F. O. Fricke & Co.
How to Succeed.
This is the threat problem of life
which few satisfactorily solve.
Some fail because of i! I health, oth
ers want of luck, but the majority
from insufficient ?rit- want ofuerve.
They a re nervous, i rresol ute, change
able, easily ;(. t the blues ami "take
the spirits dotvn to keep the spirits
up." thus wasting money, time, op
porttinity and nerve force. There is
nothino;' like the Restorative Ner
vine, discovered by 1 he Teat spe
cialist. Hr. Miles, to cure all nervous
diseases, as headache, the blues,
nervous prostrat ion, sleeplessness,
netiraloia, St. Vitus dance, fits and
hysteria. Trial bottles and line
book of test i moil ia 1 s free at K. (i.
I'ricke V Co.'s.
Some years a;;o Ciiauux.i liiia & Co., of
l. a Moiir'h, Iowa, C 'liini' iiced the man
ufacture of a cough syrup, believing itto
he th- most prompt and ruliahle prepara
tion yet produeetl for coughs, colds and
croup; til it the public apprcci'ite Irue
merit, and in time it was certain to lie
come popular. Their most sanguine
in);,es have beeu more than rodiz.u.
Ov r ti reo lui.i.lrt l thousand bottles of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy nre n- w
ohl each 3ear, and it is recognized as
"iic? best matte," wherever known. It
will euro severe cold in less time ttein
r.v other trcatnit-nr. For Ptile by F. G
Fricke & Co.
A Fatal Mistake.
Physicians make no more fatal
mistake than when they inform pa
tients that nervous heart 1 roubles
come from the stomach ami are of
little consequence. Dr. Franklin
Miles, tho noted"!!idi:nia specialist,
has proven the contrary in his new
book on "Heart Disease" which may
be had free of F. G. Fricke. & Co.,
who guarantee and recommend Dr.
Miles' unequalled new Heart Cure,
which has the largest sale of any
heart remedy in the world. It cures
! nervous and organic heart disease.
short breath, buttering-, pain or ten
derness in the side, arm or boulder,
irregular pulse, fainting, smother
ing, dropsy, etc. His Restorative
Nervine cures headache, fits, etc.
The Ilemies Method for piano and
organ, the favorite and most suc
cessful iu France and Germany,
also harmony taug;ht. dtf
Nks. Merges.
The Pulpit and the Stage.
Rev. K. M. Shrout. pastor L'nited
Urclhrcti church, Ulue Mound, Kan.,
says.: "I feel it my duty to tell what
wonders Dr. Kings's New Discovery
has done for me. My lttncfs were
badly diseased, and my parishoners
thought 1 could live only a few
weeks: I took live bottles of Dr.
King's New Discovery and am
sound and well, gfniningf 2d lbs. in
Arthur Love, manager Love's
Funny Folks Combination, writes:
- "After a thorough trial and convincing-
evidence. I am confidant
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption, beats 'em all, and cures
when everything- else fails. The
greatest kindness I can do my
friends is to urgfe then: to iry it.
Free trial bottles at F. F. Fricke !fc
t'n's drug store. Kejjvlar ."jOe
and SI.
K-'lIss' Nerve and Liver Plllo-
Act on a new principle -regulating
the liver, 3tomach and bowel' through
the nerves. A new discovery. Dr. Miles"
Pills epeedily cure biliousness, bad tast.
torpid liver, piles, constipation. Une
qualed for mon. women. children.
Smallest, mildest, surest!. 5 doses, "c.
.Sampla free at F. G. Fricke &, Go's.
Specimen Cases.
S. II. Clifford. New Castle, Wis.,
was troubled with neuralg-ia and
rheumatism, his stomach was dis
ordered, his liver was affected to an
alarming- degree, appetite fell away
and he was terribly reduced in flesh
and strength. Three bottles of
Flectric Hitters cured him.
Fdward Shepherd, Harrisburg-.
111., had a running- sore on his leg
of eight years" standing. L'sed
three bottles of Klectric Hitters and
seven bottles Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, and his leg is sound and well.
John Speaker, Catawba. )., had five
large fever sores on his leg. doctors
said he whs incurable. One bottle
Klectric Bitters and orse box Buck
len's Arnica Salve cured him entire
ly. Sold by F. G. Fricke & Co. .
Some of Irkln' llarmleaa but A maalnar
Trlrka WI.Oli l I'a-rpctratca.
Perkins is tall, angular and a practical
joker of the severest tyt.-. Uno of his
rH-culinr pleasantries is to suddenly halt
a strange, iioiripoiw individual on th
street, bnttoribolrt him and remark with
ctiol assumption:
"1 leg your pardon, sir, but I think
you have inde a mist, 'ike."
"What i that, sir:" the victim is like
ly to ak.
"Well," IVrldns will reply with tho
utmost audacity, "this city does not be
long to any one man or set of men. You
may think you own if, but you don't.
See?" and Perkins will hurry away, leav
ing the pompous man to his nv:i reflec
tions. Sometimes ho vari's this h:t "resting
peformanee in this highly ori'.'inal f ; tuit
ion: Stepping up to a total;,t-r he
will bog for a lhrht for his cigarette.
This trilling fav t having been extended,
he will engage his victim iu conversa
tion for a jii"iiio;it. When another
st ranger appears 1 Vrkins hails him. As
he approaches Perkins introduces him to
the lirst man.
"Ah, Mr. Smith, permit me to present
you to my friend, Mr. Urowu. Mr.
Brown, Mr. Smith. "
Of course the men shake hands and
Perkins takes his departure, leaving tho
strangers to extricate themselves from
their embarrassment as best they can.
One day Perkins entered a small east
side dry goods store with a friend.
Ranged in front of the counter were a
row of stools, L'pon these the men seat
ed themselves. In a moment a dapper
young clerk came up and asked Perkins
what he desired. For an instant he
seemed puzr-leil for a reply, but soon his
even rested upon tho familiar sign "If
3-011 don't see what 3-011 want ask for it."
That furnished him with a clew.
"Well," he said in measured tones,
"j'ou can briu.y unci plate of corned beef
hash, nice 3' browned, with two poached
eggs on top; also a cup of hot coffee.
What's, ieorge?" ho added, turn
ing to his friend.
"Gimme the same," he responded.
All the girls in the store stared hard
at the impudent fellows, and the clerk's
eyes began to bulge.
"Gentlemen," he replied, with a show
of calmness, "3-011 havo made a slight
mistake; this is a dry goods store and
not a restaurant. Do I look like a
"I am not hen; to answer questions,
j'oung man," said Perkins, as with his
friend ho rose and moved toward the
door, "hut if 3'ou can't fill orders you'd
better go out of the business or take in
your sign."
And the jokers vanished out tho door.
Perkins is still at large. New York
Two StorifH About tho Kiblr.
According to ; story now current in
Washington clubs, Commander Sehhw
of the navy received among his Inn-hood
Christinas presents a handsome llible
from a rich aunt. After a moment's re
flection, they say-, he exclaimed: "I'm up
to that dodge." undlicgan examining tho
volume eagerly leaf 13" leaf until he
reached the Sermon on the Mount, where
he found a ten dollar bill pinned to tiie
page. This is no better story than that
of George Ha3ward's gift of a big Bible
to the old city clab.
In the presence of witnesses he put a
ten dollar bill in the book at what chap
ter is not stated. The volume 1:13-011 the
center table in the reading room. At
the end of .a 3'ear, in the presence of the
same witnesses, Mr. Play ward opened
the Bible and found his ten dollar bill
just where he had left it. There w:is
nobody in that club who was "up to the
dodge" wluch 3'oung Schley penetrated
so prSmptly. Buffalo Courier.
Tlio Mnsliroom.
It is commonly believed that the
mushroom literal' grows in a night, so
that it has come to be emblematic of
sudden development, but the truth is
quite otherwise. It is very likely to re
quire several weeks for its formation,
and up to the time of its appearance in
the light of day it remains beneath the
surface, very much compressed and held
in small compass. Then comes a moist
night, and the cells of which the fungns
is composed are greatly expanded, so
that it thrusts itself out above ground.
But it is no heavier, though so much
bigger, than da3's before, perhaps, when
it lay hidden in small compass under the
top la3-er of soil, a perfect mushroom.
Washington Star.
Air Ships Too Fiuit.
Englishman A w where can Hi book
for San Francisco?
Gotham Joker Depends on how 3-ou
want to travel. The ticket office for the
express traius, which run through in four
days, is just around the corner: bnt if
j-ou are in a hurry 3-on'd better take the
air ship, which darts over in twenty
Englishman Aw much obliged, but
has Hi hintend to write a book hon Ham
erica Hi will take the hexprees train.
New York Weeklv.
An Indian Uplift
There is a belief prevalent in India
that if a man be sleeping, no matter
where, and a Shesh Nag come and sit
beside liim, with a hood spread over the
sleier?s face, the latter is sure to be a
son of fortune. Popular tradition as
signs the same reason to the rise of
Haida Ali, of Mysore, from a common
soldier. American Notes and Queries.
To Save Coal Kills.
A secret chemical powder introduced
abroad when sprinkled over the top of
the coal in a newly made fire cements
the npper part of the fuel together and
causes the coal to burn at the bottom
and throw the heat into the room, in
stead of allowing a large part of it to go
up the chimney. New York Journal.
Indiana contains only a dozen men
who can properly be ranked as million
aires. And there are probably not more
than two men in the state who are worth
$2,000,000 apiece.
W licit is
Cast o rift is Dr. Riuiiue! I'itclierN reiTlptini for Infant
and Children. It cout.tinM neither Opium, Morphine uor
other Narcotic Mibstaiiee. It In n, harmless MiihAtituto
for larttgor!c, I)ro;s, Soothing Syrups, and! Castor OIU
it i Pleasant. Its fruaranteo N thirty yearn uso hy
Millions of Mothers. Caytorsa, destroys Vorm and allay
feveriKlineos. Catoria prevent: vomit. Sour Curd,
cures IiarrliTa and "Wind Colic Castoria relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency.
Cafttoria assimilates tho food, regulate tho stomach
and bowel, jjivinir Iiealthy and natural tdoep. Cas
tor!. is tho Children's .Panacea tho Mother. Friend.
Outor5a U an excrlleiit rwili'-tr! fiT cfrfl
droru Mot?!rrs have repeuUxlly told uiu caf ila
good WT" upuo altoir children."
Do. O. C Omowi,
Ivel!, al&s.
O-aitorla. U the hc-t rwmoly for -)i;!lr.-n at
irhicli I am aeqninUJ. 1 h"tx the day is t
far (tirrtant whi-n mothers wfllcoiiMiiler the real
Interent of their children, nnd ti. '';i:;t.jri.i
nte.-vd of thrnrioiisr(um'k nostrunwwhii-horo
diaitroyins th'-ir loved ones, hy forcing opinia,
morphine, BootliiiiK ayrup uml oth-r lmrTiil
ai'iits down th ir throats, thereiiy rvmliuj
theiu to pretiiuturo graves."
Vu. J. F. K;sri!Ei.oa,
Cut: way. Art:.
Tho Contanr Comp'iiiy, T7 I
! '.' - ,T -fn- -VI HI a
"?rr r ?;-.-!.
POORS, IlLINIW.Hiid ni bui!dine in U ri
Csil! nrnl sec us at the corner ai
nortli of llciscl's mill.
Also the Iigh rtmiiitig; Domestic Sewing; Mnchine fir sale
Everything to Furnish Your House.
Under Waterman's Opera House
7 taa bur of him ehaap for not cash r can rrnTf what you need to furulah a cottai; or
wau.ioD oa the IXSfALLMKNT I'bAN.
Ajrent lor the Celebrated "White Sewing; Machine.
Th larst and 'tt owp'ere Kt.clv to :ect from in Cas Coubty. Call and ee
Opera House Block L PEAROL1N.
qpAh)Tf) n-n M
" PnMoHri Is so wrll alnptsl tortitldrmtlua
I ri-'-iini:i ii 1 it aakU(mi io- toiwiy pivnuriptiua
kikow u to ii. ii."
II. A. A nmuR, M.
ill So. Oxford i t , l:roiklyn, N. T.
"i:r rhyslf-LuLi in tlm chili!n"rn di"jvr
incut hav.j hi.:i n hi;;!ity of tin ir xMTi
rneo in tlu-ir outside praeii- n it h 'jiKtorLfc,
in J nlt)ioii,:1i wo only .i.ivn unions jii
ii.i'dli-al M'j.j !iM wlii'tia'.vti as nriii.i
produRtK, yc t v e aro fr:'o to rimfi-ss tliat ti
I'K-rit:; of ('.-,...t4i-ia ha l won in U look witb
fj.or ujhiii it."
Uobton, Main.
Ai.ij-.v f Siirnt, yv..
I u rray Eiroot, IIo-w Yar'l City.
lelj t
v' V - i.
St. Wrw Tort PrtcC0!til