The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, March 16, 1891, Image 1

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n' aU b ' -Scr! i& Gov't Report, Avr. 7. : V--.
St. Patrick's Day
To-morrow is St. Patrick's Day.
A day that is always celebrated by
the Hons of the reen isle. The An
cient Order of Hibernians of this
city will join the delegations from
all over the state at Lincoln to-morrow,
and eeh-brate St. Patrick's na
tal day in a manner befitting its
importance. The 11. & M. band will
jyo tip with the boys and discourse
Uheir best music. Arrangements
have been iua- with the 15. V M. to
brinf the Plattsmotith people home
from Omaha whtre they will be
brought by a special i-yain vliich
will nt)t have Lincoln nnVil after 10
o'clock to-morrovv evenini-. This
arrangement of trains wi''" irinit
Plattsmonth jaojjle to puTin !
l:i3" at Lincoln and return t',' iie
day after the clo.-e of all t .er
cises. Mike Whelan wilIe .in
charge of llu- (.'ass county tlelejja
tions in (lie parade, liesides the A.
O. II. many ciliens will l;o up and
take part in the test i i ies.
T;.r Fiur.
Ilavini; puivii.ied of
the new
his entire su-ci.
linn of C'alle A. ii r, from Mau
nin.LT. Iowa, wii! lake take possession
of the "l-air" on April 1st. These
prntleineii are men of means and we
are informed they will double the
tck now carrie 1 a (his well known
store. The IIi:kvi.i heartily' wel
comes the new linn to our business
circles, and trusts that Mr. Harrett,
who hii made many friends in the
city by his ientleuianly demeanor
and iriial manner
may find some-
tiling here to his liking that we may
not have to mention his removal
from among1 us.
Appla Trees.
I will have for sale at John Y.
Stone's fruit farm, one mile west of
Glenwood, Iowa, in time for plant
ing this spring, a large stock of ap
ple trees of the varieties tested by
experience in this climate and prov
ed to be valuable in South-western
Iowa and South-eastern Nebraska.
These trees were grown in Mills
county. Iowa, and in Missouri and
from this stock Mr. Stone will plant
heavily this spring, and most of
them were grown in the nurseries
from which he has planted largely
during the last six years. This
farm is six miles east of Platts
, mouth. K.C.White,
w'Jt Glenwood, Iowa,
Hair Work.
Of all kinds to or4et Hair chains,
pins, rinss. Crapes, etc., a specialty.
Orders left at Dovey's store or Meudaracs
Wise & Root, wiil be promptly attended
to, or postal card to
Mitf. A.Ksk?,
The following stations will be
closed on the dates given:
Stamford on Western Division.
March 11. lv.l.
Tnrr on Western Division, March
11. 1S1.
Funk on Western Division, March
12. ISO'..
Kamvia on Western Division,
March. l-MS'.tl.
Derby on Western Division. March
13. 1S:)1.
Denver I'nion Stock Yards on
Western Divison. March 13. lvl.
Reno on Northern Division, March
13, 1S'.)1.
Siding No. (ion Northern Division,
March 13, 1S.)1.
G. W. Holiireimju,
4 General Manager.
A. 'Splen-iicl Entertainment.
Weei-ixg Watek, Neij.
I listened to Prof. Cro-thwait wiih
much pleasure and delight. The
program rendered was varied and
each number seemed better than
the preceding one. The professor is
more than an ordinary elocutionist.
" Gen l. Secy y. Y. M. C. A.
At the M. K. church on the evening
of March 17. Admission 'Si c.mts.
rti Nerveand Llvor Killa
Act on a new principle--ru;ul:riis
the liver, 3torucri aad i hi well1 throui.
the serve. A new diarovtry. Dr. Mil"
Pills (-cltly cure bilamem s, N--d tn.stt-.
torpi.-l lircr, pi!', count rstion. Un
q ailed for men, womi'B, childrm.
Samllent, Diildnt. Fnrt! 50 .l.ww, Jc.
mpU free !t F. G. Fricke A CuV
JOE must raise a large amount of
money by April 1st. If yon need
1,1,'tliitifv 1,1 lou litif mi zmri see
him; he will sell it to you at your '
own figures.
1 I'KliSoNAL.
":John L. Minor is epiite sick with
Charles S. Dawson was a Chicago
visitor Saturday.
C. A. Miller mended his way to
the metroplis this morning.
Mrs. Wash Smith and daughter
are seeing friends in Omaha today.
Jos. MeCulley and a M r. Stoneking
departed this morning for Cali
fornia. Will Hayes, we are sorry to state,
is still quite sick with something
like pneumonia.
I,. G. Kuotts o? Council I Huffs was
in the city yesterday, the guest of
liis brother. A. 15.
.' Mrs.Joe Droega leaves tonight fr
a six months visit with relatives and
friends in Germany.
Hon. W. 15. Shrvock is seeing his
friends here today. sis the legislature
does not cnei;e until tomorrow.
John Leeeli and family are no
longer residents of Plattsmonth
having moved westward Saturday
?-Iiss Currior of Chicago has been
the guer-t of Miss Pert a ilycrs. for
past few day departed this morn
ing for Kansas City.
Mrs. S. L. Wood, wife of Elder
Wood, died at their home yesterday
at Hi o'clock. An extended obituary
notice will appear later.
The democratic primaries will be
held Wednesday night.
Dr. Thede Livingston started Sat
urday for Chicago, where he ex
pects to take a course of lectures in
medicine. He will be gone three
Mrs. Davis, mother of S. A. Davis,
while visiting at Weeping Water
fell and broke a wrist bone. Mr.
Davis went over to Weeping
Water Saturday evening and found
his mother resting as comfortably
as could be expected.
S. K. Dutton started this morning
for Colorado Springs where he
hopes to rest up and Close
attention to business here has al
most destroyed his health and the
IlEKALl is glad to know that he
takes a rest before it is too late,
The I'atti Rosa entertainment at
the opera house Saturday night was
one of the best of the season. The
star l. not only a line actress but
her support was all above medioc
rity. Onlyr a small audience was
present to enjoy the entertainment.
The funeral services of Mrs. S. L.
Wood, wife of Kev. J. M. Wood, will
take place on Wednesday, March IS,
at 10 o'clock, at the Baptist church,
in South Park. Key. J. J. Keeler, of
Central City, Neb., will conduct the
Dr. C. A. Marshall came home
Saturday, having completed his
course ami graduated with honors
at the Iowa State Denial College,
one of the most thorough institu
tions in the country. Dr. Marshall
will now resume the practice of hii
profession, and may herca f ler be
found at his old office iti the Fitz
gerald liiock.
Fourth Wnni Hepuljtican.
Republicans of the Fourth ward
are requested to meet at the ofiice
of Brown .'c Ballon tomorrow, even
ing 7:30 c-harp, io nominate .a Can
didate for city council and also elect
delegates to city convention thai
meets same evening. By order of
How to Succeed.
This is the great problem of life
which Jew satisfactorily- solve.
Some fail because of ill health, oth
ers want of luck, but the majority
from insuhicicnt grit want ofjuerve.
Theyare nervous, irresolute, change
able, easily get the blues and "take
the spirits down to keep the spirits
up." thus wasting money, lime, op
portunity and nerve force. There is
nothing like the Restorative Ner
vine, discovered by the great spe
cialist," Dr. Miles, to cure all nervous
disease, as headache, the blues,
nervous prostration, sleeplessness,
neuralgia, St. Vitus dance, fits and
hysteria. Tnul bottles ami line
book oi testimonial
tree at K. C
FrickeJk Co.'.
We MuslSubmil!
"It is useless to strive against fate
any longer. We have faced the ene
my and have been vanquished.
Our doom is sealed and
as well succumb to th
we might
as to further hope for justice at the
hands of men who care not for hon
or nor integrity, l-'rom all indica
tions the county seat of Casscounty
will remain in Plattsmonth for all
time to come. No power emanating j recommended for central commit
from the throne of justice will ever J tcuian.
give the people of Cass county 1 heir
just reward so long as that class
manipulate the wires behind the
throne. We might as well attempt
to dam up the rushing waters of the
Missouri river as to hope for jus
tice from such a source.
An injunction was served on the
commissioners to prevent them
from destroying the old court house
but the court asked that Sl'AI.OOO he
given as a bond to guarantee costs
in case the plaintilf lost the case.
As the courts are submissive to
Plattsmouth's wiil il was useless to
proceed farther, so the injunction
was withdra wn i y order of t he court.
This ends it. We can hope for jus
tice no more in this matter. The
new court house will be built in
Plattsmonth and there is no pre
ventative. There is one- con sola t ion,
however, in the fact that the coun
ty 's I ooks a nd private papers will
be safely kept from the appending
danger t iia t t hey are subjected loin
the oid rookery that has
a court house so long.
d f
Yes. there
i- another bit of coiisolat ion. too,
and that is the hopes of getting- a
whack at the present county com
missioners in another political as
piration for ofiice. Remember them
voters." Ivlmwood Keho.
Tiie .fhio.UiO bond that was de
manded, is only in the imagination
of Brother Mayiield. as the case had
not got to a point where a bond for
anything was required by the
Hovvaru Zink.
Howard Zink resided and taught
school for many years in this coun
ty; he studied law and was admitted
to the bar in this city. He removed
to Neligh and did well until he be
gan to drink to excess, and since
that time only misfortune has at
tended him. ife moved to Lincoln
about a year ago. and the following,
from the Lincoln Call, gives an ac
count of his latest dif.iculty:
"II. W. Zink, until recently an at
torney having an ofiice in the Burr
block, was arrested this morningby
a deputy sheriff at the instance of
M.M.Morrill, an attorney ofjjNauvoo,
111., who arrived in the city last
evening to look after the interests
of a client, a widow living at Nau
voo. It is said that the widow sent
to Zink a mortgage for settlement.
which netted Sa39. Zink secured the
settlement, and placed the money
to his credit in the German Nation
al bank. He then wrote the widow
he had the money and directed lier
to send him a release of the mort
gage. The release was forwarded
r.nd the widow drew on the bank
for the money, but Zink had drawn
it out, together with gome private
She immediately consulted Mr.
Morrill, her attorney, who came to
investigate. He called upon Mr.
Zink, but that individual would not
produce the collateral, and he is
now in custody pending a hearing
and air effort to settle the dii'.i
culty." k'oadir.nster Chi' k of the Misson i
Pacitic was at the Delio;:.- last night.
He say s work on the ):naha-l "nion
cut-off will begin as soon as the
frost is on! of the gron.iitl. The
bridges and grading are finished
and all thai is necessary is to lay
the ties and rails. A large portion
of the track is already in plac.. ami
it will only take about thirty days to
complete the work. When the cut
off is finished the time 'between
Omaha, Kansas Gity and St. Louis
will be reduced ahout two hours.
Trains will probably be running
by June 1. Omaha Pee.
The usual treatment of catarrh is
very unsatisfactory, as thousands
of despairing patients can testify.
A trustworthy medical writer say s:
'Proper local treatment is posi
tively necessary to success, but
most of the remedies in use
by physicians afford but temporary
benefit. A cure cannot be expeated
from snuffs, powders, douches and
washes." Kly's Cream Balm is a
remedy which combines the impor
tant requisites of quick action, spe
cific curative power with perfect
safety and pleasantness to the pa
tient. JOK, the One Price Clothier; will
continue to sell you at and below
cost until April 1st, as JOK is very
much in need of money. tf
i l i : i .'.
Dr. Salsbury presided at t! e
First ward republican caucus Satur
day evening. C. S. Polk was secre
tary. George Ilouseworth was
chosen by acclamation unanimous
ly lor councilman. The dclegauH
to the city covention wi re J. I. I'n
ruh, M. D. Polk. Chet Smith. Myron
Clark. Henry Mau.y, J. A. Daies,
j. I. I'niuh
In the Second ward D. K. Barr
presided and M. N. Griffith, was
Secretary. D. K. Barr was unani
mously selected as nominee for the
city council. L. I). Bennett was re
commended for the school Hoard
and P. D. Pates was recommended
for central committee. Delegates
to city convention are M. N. Grif
fith. J. F. Ilinshaw, Fred Howiaud
R. B. Windham I). K. Barr.and P. D
Bates J. . Johnson, Robt. Donneiy,
Frank Johnson.
In the Third ward M. B. Murphy
was nominated for councilman and
thirteen delegates w ere select, d lor
the city convention. Win. Hayes
was recommended for member of
the school board.
The Fourth ward held r:o ca::eus.
At the l-ii;Ii ward Harry Coolidge
presided and A.J. Gr.:es was :c-
reiary. Mr. 10. K. Hilton and
Beals were nominated for ti
city i
council, and A. J. Graves was recom
mended for sciaxil bo
egates were selected '
ard. 1 - ivede! -
o the city con -
y Star Cour-.e Concert.
Music Hail was almost entirely
filled with people last evening-, to
hear the Swedish ladies sing. It
was an extremely interesting and
enjoyable concert. The Swedish la
dies are apparently quite young
girls, with very pleasant, fresh, clear
voices, combining among the double
quartette an immense range of tone.
They are modest and unassuming
in their manners, singing with phe
nomenal sweetness, smoothness,
and precision, and with a power of
modulation that is very wonderful
Their numbers were nearly all in
their native tongue, that sounded
very sweet to the ear. They ap
peared in various native costumes,
which were very charming. rich and
unique. The audience was very en
thusiastic, encoring every number
once, and some twice, to which the
singers responded very amiably.
Plain Dealer, Cleveland, O.
They will appear at the Waterman
next Friday night, March 120. Re
served seat tickets go on sale to
morrow morning. Price, 7."c.
Republican City Convention.
The republican city convention
will meet in Rock wood Hall to-mor
row (J uesdav) evening at 8 o'clock, i
Base Bolt Meeting.
Those interested in organizing a
base hall team will meet in the
council chamber tomorrow (Tues
day) evening.
lOK. the One Price Clothier, takes I
great pleasure to inform his friends
and patrons tnat lie Has Oouglil out
the interest of Mr. Wm Fishei' and
will continue the business as before
at the old place opera house corner.
Dr. Marshall
Has returned from Iowa City and
will be found at his office in the
T-if y.gerald block, where lie is pre
pared to do all kinds cf dental work.
The Indies of the M. K. church
have secured Prof. L. P. Crosthwait, !
the celebrated elocutionist, to give j
an etdertaininenl at the church
Tucsdav even i in;. March lth
Tickets"l!a cents. "On sale at Wild
man & Fuller's. tf i
Dissolution Notice.
The partnership heretofore exist-
. ! .., , i -
i!i-between the umlersignea is this
uay, uie ntnoay oj .-I.,.-.... eo.tivelycure8 or Q pay rtquiTl.A
by mutual consent. All debts due It is gusrantej to -ve Bdtis faction, or
Joe Klein, the Clothier, must be paid money refunded. Price 2o c-nts per box.
to Joe Klein, who assumes all in- j For sale bj F. O. Frieke & Co.
debtedness of said firm. tf ,
This is what you ought to have, in
fact, von must Iiave it. to fully en-
i joy life. Thousands are searching
tor it oaity. ana mourning oecause
they find 'it not. Thousands upon
thousands of dollars are spent an
nually by our people in the hope
that they may attain this boon.
And yet it may be had by all. We
guarantee that Flectric Bitters, if
used according to directions and
the use persisted in, will bring you
good digestion and oust the demon
dispepsia and install instead eupep
sy. We recommend Klectric Bitters
for dyspepsia and all diseases of
liver, stomach and kidneye. Sold at
50c. and $l.10 per bottle by F. G.
Fricke & Co.'b drug store.
il 9 D
; r tt r .
j yy E HAVE cut thopri
ties in need of anything
save money by calling.
Our new line of embroideries, the handsom
est andlargest line ever shown by us.
l nisr door i:sr fh:nt
Remember that R. O. Castle & Co have an immense stock of
And Guarantee Satisfaction in all Things
j A) the ,atest styles of wall paper
; founu at Wildman Achullers
Wildman & Fuller carry the larg
est and finest assortment of wall pa
per in Cass county.
Miss Mollie Tucker. Dressmaking
ami milletierv a specialty. Rooms
over Harold's store
When you are in Imcolti. call on
j W. C. &t'o,in McHride block
' corner off twelvth and P Street for
i Havelock and University property.
Phiiio Krause
! Is recognized as the leading gro
: cer of the city. He keeps glassware,
! oueensware. all kinds of tfroceries
and table delicacies.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The Best Sai.vk in the world for Cut
j Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rhtuia. Fever
! Sures. Tetter, Chapped Hands, L'uilbi.iins.
i . .
.Drives the the Ilearse is not in it
And for that matter, neither is the
Singer Sewing Machine Company.
Over 9,000,0U Singers have been
sold in the United States which
means that we have over 9,000,000 wit
nesses to the fact that the SINGFIR
is the best machine made. All the
newest improvements have been
added which truly make the Singer
The Oueen of all her Realm.
Machines gold on the most favora
ble terms by the department, rnana-
at his headquarters in Henry Backs
Furniture store or by Mr. Atherton,
local agent.
ices deep, and par
in the above lines will
Soeiniclisen ScM
Th ahlnj,'ton Avenue
Provision Merchants..
Hos'l'iuart'-rs tor
We. pay no rent anil H--11 for" CA.SU.
You doa't piiy any bills for dead heals
when you buy of tiis firm.
btt-t SOFT COAL nlwavt on
A r I RE
5 00:E2SnEjR,S 5
Opposite Kicbey Brn L, umber nffle
Carry Full r
Do Not Forget
The night school at South Park
school house on Monday, Tuesday.
Thursday and Friday nights each
week. The common branches
taught bv d3t t). T. Wooix
. j. .r .