The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, March 12, 1891, Image 1

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    If " Flattsmoutli JDaily Herald
i:'5J . . -
i r w t
I m f. -c a
.tiyhrst of all in Leavening Tower.
M rs. 1 .
lis (-f;i
I. N
Wise is
in tli
:,y- .
Mrs. Piinly
and daughter
Omaha visitors today.
Will Fischermade.i brief business
trip t Omaha lliis morning.
Miss Laura Russell. f Weeping
W-ater. is the guest of hersistcr.Mrs.
A. II. Knotts.
Mrs. Oreusel anl Mrs. Hallatice
nrc visiting frit-mis today in the
Liithur Itu-dikcr. out- of Louis
ville's best citizens, will move to
I'lattsniouth this week.
Oeorge Adams and Charley
Flowerpot Weeping Water ate in the
city today attending court.
J. M. Roberts has purchased the
Hillings propertv on Main street of
the heirs f the Hillings estate.
Jack Denstni. the ladies' man of
the police force, has been quite sick
for a few days bul is able for duty
S K Fo'desong was taken sick
nearlv two moulds ago w
ith henior.
hage f the lungs atitl is still
Mrs. Roberts, of Lincoln, was the
guest of her friend. Mrs. Spurlock,
last evening; she returned home
this morning.
Mrs. Hilton departed this morn
ing for Dead wood, to visit her hus
band, who is located there as divi
sion engineer on the H. & M.
Claus Hreckenfeltl. the genial
hardware merchant, has a new name,
the boys call him "Clans Spreckles"
for the California sugar king.
Captain Murphy, of Arapahoe, an
old resitlent of this city and brother
of M. H. Murphy, has been here for
twoor three days on business.
General rainier, the gentleman
elected yesterday as senator from
Illinois, is a first cousin of J. I.
Tutt. John will answer to the title
of colonel hereafter.
A New Firm.
V. C. Keefer has made many
friends during his stay in this city,
and built up a line tratle in his line
of harness and saddlery. In a few
days he takes O. M. Streihl. an old
li-irness man. into the firm, and as
both these j-cntlemeii are hustlers
fr,.-,n :iv back, thev will make a
Htroii" team.
O. H. Sn vler. the druirist, is Pp-
ttosetl tt ltok very much like Jutle
Kamsev. ami is tlen sainted as
Iml.r.." Iv men whom he never
met A few davs ar an incident
occurred worth mentioning. It seems
Mr. rmvder had business in a store
on Main street ami the proprietor
called him "Judtje Knmsey. -Mr. .
made the necessary explanations
-i,il thev lauhired ver the mistake
Some time afterwards he was called
ir:iiti into the same business room
Hie oronrietor called him
1 1 1 1 !-e" aiiain and took him to one
side to tell him what a funny
mistake he hatl made a few days ago
bv takintr Snvtler for him.. 1 lie
rlriK'-i-ist airaiu explained matters
and tue business man wilted. He
says the will never a;-aiii speak t
SuVder for fear it's K'amsey. nor to
Ka'msey ftr fear it's Snvtler.
Patti Rosa.
The London Times snys: '-Tatt
the vounir American actress
who has acquired :;o .creat a ti)U
laritv in her own country a popit-
laritv which was thtrouirly justihetl
lv her ncrformanee last liiiiht
inatle her first appearance in Lontlon
at the Strand 1 heatre. n
vv-lw.Ie interest depends upon tin
acting, dancingaml siniiii;- f Tatti
Ktsa. who is naturally s)tiiimi
and piqiiante. and sustains tl'.e in
terest and amusement tf the piece
from the first seem- to the last.
The ol:iv is a decided suc-
....- -i, ! .iik .-hi to have a irood run
Miss K'o.-a's tpiips and cranks, he
r..-:;eul:ition and ability, never tic
irenerate into vulgarity
a re
tl 'f !ii"ure 1
l'.ilti Ksa
(lU.inte. tin
1- mannerism
i-i "pretty, plump and pi
; rv. niirth-provokiiii'au.l
ii- i- i-ver. i til mi ii 1 1 mi: .
-. clever. ciptivatniiT and
!; ill wants more
ie-tives. let iiim "fill them in him
s ':. II. i' sinuing. tlancinir. banjo
iitlX are alike excellent, and. above
allTshe is genuinely humorous."
The e nnpanv will ajpear in their
new play." The Imp." next S.itunlay
night at opera hoii-e.
Too Epworth League
Will hold their monthly meeting
1'ridav t-M iiijig. March i:t. at th.eres
ideiHt" f Wash Smith on Marble
street, betwe. u I'ifih and Sixth. AM
ytting people iiivltel. "
lj. 1. M. IUTK.NEK.)
A nice "niiil
nit at si. 00 at JOE'S, tf
Go to .ltd! and lay iu jour supply for
next year. It win pay you cdhu ''-
eft at thf piieca he is rloumg
U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. i;
be in his office on and after March
The court house contractor, O. J.
King, of Omaha, is in the city to
day gelling reads for work.
The pat ty at Cap Ma Mi's last eve
ning was a very pleasant mhi.h .m
fair and was largely attended.
Dr. Mathews got a dispatch to-day
tiling him to Humphrey, IMatte
county, to do some velrmary worK.
Ll Jeary. an Iowa farmer, was ar
rested here last night on a I tuted
Stales warrant. Tolio-maii ritzpat
riek took him over to the Junction.
O. A. Carr delivered a very enter
liniiig and instructive lecture at
the Christian church last tngtit.
which was attentively listened to
by an appreciative audience.
Nebraska City is all torn up over a
mad dog scare. A bologna harvest
is said to be in progress down there
as the mayor has ordered every dog
killed that shows itself on the street.
Thomas Thomas has unit the
meat market ami will move onto his
fine farm live miles west of town as
soon as the' weather will permit.
We are sorry to lose Mr. Ihomas as
a citizen.
A "guess where, go (here" party
" ... . . r . a 1 t- A. T"I.
is on The tapis ior iimigni. i oe
irls have sent out invitatroiis und
the boys are scurrying annum to
find the location of the aforesaid
party before it is too late.
What is being done about the G.
A. R. Hall? We understand the
boys have a snug sum in the trea
sury to invest in a nan, ami n seeum
that right now is tue time io gei
hold of some real estate, before it
goes out of sight.
The state relief commissioners
have purchased 3,(X)0 bushels of bar
ley from J. A. Connor and
bushels of wheat from F. K. White,
which with large amounts purchas
ed from other dealers will be ship-,
ped to the front as needed.
Mr. Wescott's folks expect Mrs.
Hrusie ami her husband to arrive
here this evening from Chicago.
Mr. Hrusie is a republican member
of the present California legislature
and must feel somewhat disap
pointed in not being able to take a
hand in the United States Senator
ial hVht that is now on at Sacra-
- j,
Chadron is no in arms for a nor
mal school. A. W. Criies, F. M. Dor-
ri.nrion and several others have
been appointed to camp out with
the legislature ami secure it possi
ble the desiretl plum. Nebraska has
already one normal school too many.
The State University is sufficient
for all present purposes, and the en
dowmeut of other schools is but :
waste of money.
Mr. Will L. Seism, the Grand
Chancellor of the Knights of I'ythi-
as for Nebraska, made the Flatts
mouth K. I, boys a pleasant visit
last evening that was thoroughly
enjoved. Mr. Seism is a hearty,
wholesouled trentlemaii ami puts
lots of life ami energy into his
office. The lodge here was revivi
fied, as it were, by his wise counsel
and courtly presence.
Johny F'itzpatrick says he 'aint
doin' police dutj- at Pacific Junc
tion if he knows himself, and he
thinks he does. He took a prisoner
over at 7:45 in the evening, expect
ing to get back ni an hot'.r or two
but instead, he had to patrol the
tracks at P. J. until the roosters
crowed for daylight before he got a
chance to ride back. He says he
didn't get a chance then, he jus
took it. ami after getting on top of a
living box car he held his breath
all the wav over for fear the train
wouldn't stop until it got to Lincoln
loluiv claims if the "web feet want
anv more Nebraska prisoners "they
v.-ill have to come afllicr tliint, and
don't you forget it."
Kemarkabb' Facts.
Heart disease is usually supposed
to be incurable, but when properly
.reatetl !;;rg-. portion ot cat-.'s can
be cured. Thus Mrs. Klmira Hatch
of Klkhart, Ind.. and Mrs. Marv L
Itaker. of Ovi;5. Mich., were cured
alter sutu ring ' vears. j. c lan-
b-.irger, druggist at San Jose. 111. Dr. .Miles .evv Heart t. ure
which cured the former, "worked
wonders for his wife." Levi Logan,
of Buchanan. Mich., who had heart
disease for !!( years, says two bottles
made him "feel like a new man."
pr. Miles' New Heart Cure is sold
and guaranteed by F. G. Fricke &
Co. Hook of wonderful testimonials
free. 1
Hair Work.
Of all kinds to order. Hair chains,
pins. ring, crapes, etc., a specialty.
J Orders left at Dovey's store or Mcsdiimes
Y ise cc Koor, will b promptly attended
to, or postal card to
Mrs. A. Knee,
Tub L'uisvill reformatory.
The Louisville reformatory bill
was recommended to pass in the
house yesterday by a vote ofpl to I "J.
I lie commute went up from
1 his city, consist i ng of Messrs. '1 od. 1,
Patterson, Caniitli and ot hers, tl id
excellent work for this measure, as
at one time, before the vote was
taken, it looked as though it would
be defeated. It is thought no ser
ious opposition will be met in the
senate after the men.-lire passes the
house, which will probabjy he done
to-day. This wil 1 give Cass eoiinty
ils first stale institution, and one
that probably will grow into a very
extensive and important, adjunct to
the present penitentiary.
An Omaha Madstone.
Two anxious looking men rang
the tloor bell at ."Mi South Twenty
sixth street at about 10 o'clock yes
terday morning. They were in quest
of a madstone, and believed thev
needed it badly. The callers were
John Weir and Frank Davis, both of
Nebraska Cit and they were twoof
the three men bitten by the mail
dog that ran at large in the streets
of that city Monday. The call was
answered bv Lee L. llenbow, whose
madstone has been the Mecca for
many a pilgrim from afar.
The wounds on the hand of Mr'
Weir were deep and ugly looking
being four in number. According
tt) Mr. Weirs statement the dog met
him in the street, sprang upon him.
ind though he threw up his hands
the animal caught him and hung
on until lie was violently swung
Mr. Davis' wounds are on the hand.
but of a slighter nature. 1 he two
tlid not know much about the third
Mr. Henbow, by pricking the flesh
in ami near tue wountis sianeu
blood and applied the stone. It did
not draw or adhere to the wound.
After repeated trials Mr. Henbow,
who has had considerable exper
ience with such cases, declared that
there was no hydrophobia in the
wounds of the bitten men. The
wounds had been cauterized soon
after they had been inllictsd.
It was with great reliei tnai tins
conclusion was listened to by the
men from Nebraska Cit v, and they
returned to their home last evening.
The mad-stone in the possession
of Mr. Henbow is a sort of heirloom.
It was given to his great grand
father bv the Indians in Ohio 1UO
years ago ami has come down
through the family to its present
owner, it has cured several serious
cases, and hydrophobia has never
appeared in a single instance where
the stone has been used. vmiar.a
County Court.
James Irving vs. Hlanch Miller et
tl. Suit for damages for breach of
contract. Judgment lor plaint ill
for $125..
Frank Husche vs. Hank of Com
merce et al. Suit in replevin.
Court finds right of possession of
property at commencement of suit
to be in defendant, S. U. McClaren.
Judgment for return thereof ami in
case return cannot be had. Value
thereof found to be $289.00.
The State of Nebraska vs. Daniel
Spurgeon. Complaint for larceny
by bailee.
Specimen Cases.
S. H. Clifford, New Castle, Wis.,
was troubled with neuralgia and
rheumatism, his stomach was dis
ordered, his liver was affected to an
alarming degree, appetite fell awav
and he was terriblv reduced in flesh
and strength. Three bottles of
LTectric Hitters cured him.
Kdward Shepherd, Harrishurg.
111., hatl a running sore on his leg
of eight years' standing-. Used
three" bottles of Klectrie Hitters and
seven bottles Hucklen's Arnica
Salve, and his leg is sound and well.
John Speaker. Catawba. ()., hat! live
large fever sores on his leg, doctors
said he whs incurable. One bottle
Klectrie Hitters and one box Huck
len's Arnica Salve c:uvdhini entire
ly. Sold by F. G. Fricke & Co.
New School Buildings.
The board of education is very
much impressed with the idea that
bonds ought to be voted at the
coming citv election tar i ne erect ion i
of two gootl substantia! live-room
school buildings, one to be located
centrally in the north part of town
and the other in the south part.
The schools are badlyjovercrowded.
so much so as to seriously interfere
with the teachers' work in some of
the rooms. lh
is empowered
with the duties of
calling a bond election mid would
like to know the feelingofthe people
before a:i- election is called. It
seems almost "impossible to conduct
the schools another year in their
present quarters; new rooms must
be rented or built, ami the board
seems to think it would be cheaper
in the end to build what is needed
at once.
District Court.
State vs Stevens. Defendant
charged with burglary. Acquitted.
The jury is still out in the case of
State vs Smith, while the case of the
State vs Walter Cole, for embezzle
ment, is now on trial.
- !
A genuine Ste'-.-on
at JO liS.
4 hat
Look Here!
Lverv one indebted to JOE.'
The One Price Clothier, must set-;
tie within thirty davs or the ac
counts will be placed in the hands
of a Justice tor collection. tf the provinces and 1.8SS privatf) prof
Joe KLEIN. Wm. FisnKR. ' erty. Theodore ChilO,ir. UrT,'.
A Smnll mze.
At nearly I o'clock this morning
the lire bell rang out indicating a
bla.e in the Third ward. The K. P.
lodge was jul winding up an inte
resting session and leaving the
-ats in charge of the janitor. Tlf
l...,-: ,-ltlli'fl I k t- ill' Kt'l-OMfl W'Mr.l I
hose cart and the way they rushed
the eart over the rou;vh ground with
Grand Chancellor Seism of Omaha
in the had. was truly inspiring.
While Mr. Seisin's plug hat did not gave the boys
an aristocratic appearance; and the
rapid manner in which Griffith ami
Dovey rounded the curves aluio. t
threw the carl on its back.
They soon arrived at the lire
(which hatl already been put oiil by
the folks) tired and foot-sore. The
firemen were soon after on the
ground and took charge of the cart
much to the relief of the K. P. boys.
The damage to Mr. McKntce's house,
we learn, was inert ly nominal.
Republican Primaries
The republican primari'-s have
been called for o'clock in tin-
several wards of the city as follows:
First Wartl Council Chamber.
Second Wartl Hrick School
Third Wartl Ridley's Lumber
Fourth Ward Hrowne it liallou s
Fifth Wartl School House.
Two couneilnieii will be nomina
ted in the Fifth wartl and one in
each of the other wards. Delegates
will be selected for the city conven
tion, which will meet at H:.U). imme
diately after the primaries, to nomi
nate two members of the school
board. Mr. Hayes and D. H. Smith
retiring. The apportionment and
place of meeting will be given to
morrow. The Pulpit and the Stagre
Rev. F. M. Shrout, pastor United
Hrethren church, Hlue Mound. Kan..
..r r , .1.... ... ...II ...I ... 4
says.: l ieei n my uihj " vn.,i
wontlers l)r. ixuigs ew iiseovei
has done for me. My lungs were
badly diseased, and my parishoners
thought I could live only a few
weeks: I took five bottles of Dr.
King's New Discovery and am
sound and well, gaming ios. in
Arthur l,ove, manager ia e
Funny Hoiks Combination, writes:
-"After a thorough trial and con-
. !....
voicing evidence, i am eouim......
Dr. Kings New discovery nr con
sumption, beats em all. ana cures
when everything else fails. The
greatest kindness I can do my
friends is to urge their, to try it.
Free trial bottles at F. F. Fricke &
Co's drug store. Kegvlar sizes aOe
and $1.
Do Not Forget
The night school at South Park
school house on Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday and Friday nights each
week. The common branches
taught by d:U O. T. Wool).
The ladies of the M. K. church
have secured Prof. L. L. Crosthwait
the celebrated elocutionist, tt) give
.-in entertainment at the church
Tuesdav evening. March 17lh
Tiekets " cents. t)n sale at Wild-
man & Fuller's.
Philip Krause
Is recognized as the leading gro
cer of the city. He keeps glassware,
om-e.isw are. all kinds of groceries
and table delicacies. dtf
Crabs .rr Fighters.
Crabs parnctaariV r.rc JiL'riti' ani
mals; in fact, thev will fislit anything.
I have seen r. cr.ib, in conflict with a lob
ster, catch the hitter over the fore part
of the he.iJ, where the shell is hardest,
and crush it in by one effort. And it
rather bears out my idea thai tho claws
of these creatures are particularly weaj)-
o::s of war; tbnt the? lromt-nt one of
them receives severe ininrv in a claw it
drops it off by voluntary amptitatiorr.
severing its connection with the body at
tho slumltkr bv an of its own will
It seems to me probable that if the claw
were necessary for feeding nature would
railier f ce'e to euro an injury to it than
let the animal discard it altogether.
Tho rrv:ci' of crab v. uich is most con-
r-:c"--.: 'y f.Thtcr th? t.rrr.rlt cr.tb.
Ls first id::a of ir.-V-pen-lent llf ! is to oat
a harmless whelk and occupy its shell;
its next notion to give battle to every
crab of the same persuasion as itself that
it comes across. Altogether hermit crabs
are undoubtedly the most quarrelsome
croat"vo3 1:1 cziz
WashincO'-i Star.
::ice. Interview in
.'.r( ntine.
ervitus, or? at
are two uv.i-.
Dr.enos Ay res rr.-d o:v.;.t Cordoba, which
together counted J!V, students in 18S9,
and delivered 34 diplomas, including SI
doctors of law, S doctors of medicine,
and 11 civil eniue.-rs. In the wholo
republic there are sixteen national col-
'ges, with a teaching corp. of 4.'jl pro-
fes?ors an. I
2,500 pupii,-.
l attendance in 1"?S3 of
In the capital and tho
j provinces t.ere are tuirty-tive normal
i schools, with l-JJ'-l pupils of Ixth sexes.
ueorae prou-ssors and teacners,
v i'.iv Li .- i iniary schools.
. A . res in ll-?.f there were
: ry seh-ds. directed by 1,071
. rr:::. se ! h
teach: ;s ar.l atteirle
1 bv"i I.o09 children.
In the provinces there were 2.7!'.) pri-M-irv
-eh tvirh a taehitg staff of
4,Z. u-.i-l an atteii.-uiee of 20.,lsrt. To, the- re.--:!:- obr.iine.1 were 3.042
primary wh'jols, G,l(j:i teachers. 2.j'J,('S)5
pnpils, 2,73 jiriraary schoolhouses in the
1 whole republic.
Ut these 6chx)iiiotiie9
I ills'; nra tli.- immurtv nf tho nntinn or of
our, iijTjiri'Ui
u; d::rwear and hosiery
E HAVE cut the prices deep, andjpar
ties in need of anything in the above lines will
save money by calling.
Our new line of embroideries, the handsom
est andlargest line ever shown by us.
A nice chiltls suit at $1 at JOK'S.
The finest of of furnishing gootlrt
at slaughtering prices at JOii'S tf
A gootl! pair of shoes at $1.(X at
All the latest styles of wall paper
found at Wiltlinan & Fullers.
Wildiiian & Fuller carry the larg
est and finest assortment of wall pa
per in Cass county.
Xo old chestnuts or rubbish at
JOii'S. Everything of the latest
style and at below cost.
Miss Mollie Tucker. Dressmaking
:)iul toilleiierv a suecialtv. Kooms
over Harold's store
" j a
Go to JOK and lay in your supply
for next year. It will pay you gootl
interest at the prices he is closing
out his stock. tf
When you are in Lincoln, call on
W. C. Austin & Co, in McBride block
corner off twelvth audi' Street for
Havelock and University property.
It is with regret JOK has to sell
out his entire stock, for he has done
a very satisfactory and successful
business, but dissolution between
Joe and his partner, Win. Fisher
compels him to close out. tf
Now is your chance and such a
chance you will have but once in a
lifetime, tt) buy clothing, furnishing
goods, hats, etc., at slaughtering
prices at JOK'S. The entire stock
must be sold out as quick as possible
A line worsted men's suit, former
price :?1S now 1 'J.."-! 1 at Joe's tf
You cannot form an idea what it
is tt sell clothing, etc.. at and below
cost until you look through JOii'S
stock. " tf
Dissolution Notice.
Notice is hereby given that
partnership heretofore existing
tween the undersisriied under
firm name of JJu.-ck 6c Walker is tin"
tlav dissolved by mutual consent.
All deb4 due said firm mu-t be paid
i to II' y Uo'ck, whoiissumes all in-
debteo.iess tf said lirm.
HlC.N KV li(V.CK.
Geo. . Walkkk.
Feb. 2'i 1M1. tiw lm.
JOE ha.i not "bursteJ." Joe never
has failed, for ho believes there i. nn
iionest livin ftr everybody, bat owing
to Dissolution of Partnership, Joe h com
pered to close out his nice und dean
stock, rc-gftrdless of cost. tf
Two shirts -wrapped up in a
IlEKALD of January last. The own
er can have eame by calling at this
office, proving property and paying
for this notice. d2t
EE Ml!
SoeDiiicliseo Mirt
Tlif W;thiii)!tou AV'-nUft
Provision Merchants.
Heati'jiiiti trs for
We pay no rent und nell for CASR
You don't pny any bills fur d'.nd beats
wli'.u yu buy of tlijs firm.
The best SOFT COAL nUaji oa
I Und.
Opposite Uicliey Bros Lumber office
Carry a Full Line of
Drivfco tlie the Ileaive is riot in-it
And for that matter, neither is the
Singer Sewing Machine Company.
Over fJ.0O0,JO0 Singers have been
sold in the United State which
means that we have over 'J,X),(tM) wit
nesses to the fact that the SLNCKR
is the be.-t machine made. All the
newe.-t improvements have been
,t i,. i . , . .. ...
aum-'i wiucn iruiy maivc liie linger
The Oueen of all her Kealm.
Machines sold on the most favora
ble terms by the department mana
ger. MR. I). I'. CKON'IX,
at his heatl.piarters in Henry Uiccks
Furniture store or by Mr. Atherton,
local agent.
r llss' Nerve nnd Liver Pllle
Act tn a new principle regulating
the liver, tomacb and boweln through
the nerves, A new diticovcry. Dr. Miles'
Pills speedily cure bihou?nt-s, bad t&ste,
torpid liver, piles, constipation. Une
qualed for men, women, children.
Smallest, mildest, surest! 50 doses, 25c
Sampl free at F. G. Fricke fc Cu'i.