The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, March 11, 1891, Image 1

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    ' 1 a - 4 - - -Vw i-" V -
HWl iT in
Daily Herald.
KlTMJSKlt 15-1
. . - 1 tr
: f -
-iighcst of all in Lcavrning Power.
Mr. Jas.
on biisint
r v-nt
to Lincoln
MoikI.i v.
Mr. It. Hcrg.
r is 11 1 v i 1 1 g into town
thrift. i- will ! one
. i til is week ;i lit I
of lis.
i Since our last
i has moderated i
writing the weather
0111c ;inl makes us
1 all feel better.
J Miss Ilnttie Holmes, of Koch
2 llltiif visited friends here tin- hitter
1 part of hist wcrk.
2 Tlvf" farmers" alliance
i dav tii'-'Iit at the scho
met Satur
il house to
j organ i.e a society.
.ire clad to learn that Mr.
Frank Moon- is improving ami if
nothing interferes he w ill get along
Moving seems to le the order of
the day now and most any time we
can see a wagon load of goods going
The last snow- of the season has
made its appearance, ami with it
came ideighs. lu lls and a g ucral
good time.
Two more weeks of school then
: 1 1 ..11 i ... .... 1. ,,.,- t-,.t ;w llwrc
I Wl" Hill .III 1.1. '
1 will Ie no spring school 011 account
of lack of funds.
Mr. J. M. Holmes, of Sherman
Counts, has come hack to C'as to
upend" the .-umm. r here on account
of poor crops in that county.
Mrs. Nannie Root was called to
lMattsmoiith Monday morning b
the illness oi her mother, who wa;;
na id to 1 e in
a d nig 1
Tlw.n. Ml In- an exhibition hel
at the IJecli school holl-e three inile.
south of here bv tiu- si'iioo! i
Friday. March Jl. All are invited.
Mrs T. W. I"aii-ht of this
was calleil W eei.'sn-
;.;! I lie:'..
-erioiis ill
r Root, of
lav. of last wee
ties.-, of her
that place.'
Mr. . A. k'ankin shipped a car
load of cattle to Omaha Wednesday
of last week. I-'roni there he w il! v.o
to ArmstroiiiX' county, l'a- 1" visit mill will hriii"-- home with
liim a fair daughter o
that counir
Our le.-l wi.-hes u'o with
throw our No. VI hro-an
alter 1
Ir. IJrendle of this place and D;s.
SiLTUeus ami Schild'. neeht of
cirv"perforiued a ditiicuit surgical
ot wM-itioii 011 Allen IChodeii. who met
1 . .
u-Hli tin- neeuleilt we .-!)oI.e o
week, hy amputating- his liml
below the knee.
Mr. KMioden came vet
near d iiiL;
during the
ami is a littl
iperation. imit raiueu
better at present.
Miss Florence Crosser. wh.o h;'.s
been atti :il in school at the West
ern Normal College. Shenandoah.
Iowa, the ja.t winter, has returned
home to visit her parents for a
Couple of weeks, but contemplates
rcturuinef in a few days. This is
one of the grandest institutions of
the west ami can be recommended
highly to all voting seeking an edu
cation. The (). M. society of Murray de
cided to o to Plattsniouth and have
their pictures taken. They hired a
livcrv conveyance and at ll::'u they
Htarted on their iourney. They re
ported a glorious t'if.e. but the
driver, at this writing, s-.-eius 10 o
la!ly t?s-d up and declares lie
v e"r will be caught in that crowd
airaiu- I f ho dies, some one please
wT'ite a poem to his memory.
The I.
-i;..s' Missionarv Societv of
the I'nited Pre
d leriau church of
this place held their monthly meet
irur last Fri.lav afternoon at Mrs.
J. V. lCdmuiuls". The society
thou;ht they wtmld lo an act of
charity bv sMilinr relief to the
western stiiTerers. They raised over
ten dollars in money and made a
bee line for KdmundsA: Root's store
where they made purchases to that
amount ami are at once oirijLT to
fihip the jfoods to Benklemaii. Neb.,
where the people are in a needy con
dition, fl.iy their efforts be blest
and "Thev shall receive their re
ward." What kind of literature shall the
rising generation of our laud read.
Our time is so short anil precious
that we can not afford to waste the
fragments in reading trashy litera
ture. The mind is weakened and
the brain becomes stillled. To con
verse with the jood arid RTcat we
must read their writings and hold
intercourse with them. To converse
with anyone for tive minutes we can
easily tell what literature the3' in
dulge in. To talk with the learned
and wise is a pleasure, but to talk to
an ignorant person is a displeasure.
Ixt us impress on the minds of the
risinr generation the necessity of
reading choice literature.
be in his office on and after March
U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, i33
Mrs. C". A. Print, is visitin
tr friends
in maha today.
Mrs. Frc.
1 ."'iurphv is isiliiiic rela-
1 1 vcs lien
1 iver
IS of
the w
' ) V.'
fell last iiiht all
part of the stata.
lhaudt, auditor of the locomo
lepai tment, is in the city today.
lierf McKlwnin and O. A. Ilirsch
are attending to husiness
in )maha
( )wine; to a lack
council failed to
of quorum, the
materialise last
11 i'ht.
Mrs. F. !!. Vi!s,:
lives and lrieuds in
is. scci:: rela
the metropolis
lodaj .
Superintemlent Hinell, oneof the
It. V M."s ablest otlicials, is in the
city today.
Mrs. John C. DePutron 01 l.incolu
is the uest today tt her niece,
Mrs. Athcnoii.
Misses Alice and Nellie Boone
went to Omaha this 1110: nitijxto visit
friemls for a week.
Hai ry Cole, .-oil of Lew- Cole, was
the honest boy that found and re
turned Mr. Young's pocketbook the
other day. We did not h a n the name
at the time.
Toe lnt"rm'liatc PeuileiUiiiry.
II. K. No. ."li' will be takeii up in
the hous- tiiis morn i u. The lull
was introduced by Representative
Shryock and authorizes the cstab
i !i "merit of aa iatermedrite peni
f Hilary :! i . . i s i ! !e. !'h - -it i.e:..
of that'place have agreed to donate
a biiildin-- atid 1N a.Tes of land. A e, legislator.---, in coii-
unc'tiou with a committee of Piatt.- -
: .1 r !
v i-.-w
h -it;
is to
e; crimi
)!:.- s.!
j'iu: '
a la
ire too
. ;..-a!ly .
ia!s who
efo'-m S'
e lor
I1 io
-. 1-f;
. e sent i '. '
Joitrtia I.
A. P..
i"o'" i.i'
old sever:
1 : 1 r- i 1 I i j'i
L ' s v ' !
ie i a r;
Hill'- til
:ew rcio
T i
I I . K.UUOll !St
( 'rostl:wait
e vi'iii
at i ;i
a ve
an !
.;n!i:iU- arid impersou
salislaction and del iu ill
t. 1 1 ii'
of all v
1er in
ci : t ion
i'ei .
M r. C
iio heard him. 5b' is ;i ma ---his
chosen profession of elo
a;il oratory. W. K. Bea :s.
Trinity M. K. "church. Omaha.
i. a
rostiiwait will be at the M.
the ev
ion 2.1 cc
n ts.
of March
Fori Crook.
I'ive hundred thousand dollars
has been appropriated for the mi
ni. '.hate improvement of this new
fort which is situated just six miles
north of this citv. All of Fori. Oma
ha will be removed to the new site,
which will be lilted out as one of
the largest and best military head
iptarters in the I'nited States. Con
gressman Council, after a talk with
the officials at Washington, says
work will be beiun in x-arnest on
the new buildings as soon as the
weather will permit, and that heha.
reason to believe 'J.t H ).( will be
expended n the new fort. He say s
tluit the plans beins; carried out for
the w'ork which i ei: ins ;:t once are
on the basis of a million dollar ap
propriation, so confidant is the i.ov
enitnent that at least that amount
will be linallv ijiveii.
The building of this new military
camp so near us where ko maiiy
meii will be permanently located,
ami the expenditure of half a mill
ion dollars rijht at cur door this
summer means much for Platts
niouth. We will have a bridge
across the Platte river and hund
reds of mechanics will find employ
ment. But the permanent feature
lies in the fact that our city will fur
nish the nearest market and source
of supply for this larje body of
men who are not producers but con
sumers. lAcrythinir this year tends
to boom our town and the Hkkai.h
is K'a' note that the business
men appear to be waking up to our
real advantages.
The Burlington Cutting.
A telegram from Chicago says it
is expected by the Burlington man
agement that the reduction of em
ployes now being made will reduce
the pay roll of the eight lines form
ing the Burlington syndicate to
about $150,000 a month. An inside
authority estimates that the road's
February statement will be fully as
bad as the January- one. In its pol
icy of retrenchment the Burlington
is striking even the higher grade of
employes. J. Simpson, Canadian
passenger agent, with headquarters
at Toronto, and S. B. Sanford, who
had charge of the Michigan busi
ness at Detroit, have been removed
and their work added to other mem
bers of the Burlington outside staff.
The dance at Los Graves' last
night was well patronized and the
bjys report having had bushels of
Tlio t'liitl.i Hivrr to l.e Htuneksei. l.y i
l.orul Com:oiy.
Cieor-eW. I'airlield has had in
th p.. 1 tv.o years much e.xperieiu'e
in building canals aloni the bliilfs
the North Platte river, liaiii'
ieeted and completed the first
irrij.'atimi- -aiiai 01 an m.- hi ohs
st::te. Mr. I"airfield is "therefore not
only an engineer in theory but in
ac.ual r.ietiee. The method of
buiMim;- those loii" and expensive
canals Out in the western part of
the state where money is scarce has
always excited much curiosity; it is
done" in this wise: a stock company
is oria:ii.ed and a little money put
in aad w ork beiin, vhcu flie canal
is bonded to eastern parties at a low
rate of interest to complete it. Fast
en! men who have had experience
i:i California and I'tah ditches.
Know their value, a ml a re .n'lad ol
an ownortuiiitv to loan their monev
on that Kind of security. Now, if
an i 11 1. ion ditch ."VM miles west
of us in the sand hills is a od
tiling, v. -hat would be thcuht of a
canal only fifteen miles lonr here in
Cass county that would furnish a
water power sufficient to run scores
of I a factories? .Mr. I'airlield
.- ays li'.e plan is not only feasible
but that he is positive from a per
sonal knowledge of the country and
the !;,. i.iess, thai the canal could
be made a ireat success with the
o-.'.il.iy of but little money by local
citi.eiis. Mr. Fairliehl will be down
next week and will meet with the
board of trade and talk over the de
tails of the business, when we ex
neet to be able to chronicle the for
mation ol a company that will push
the e;real water power to an early
If we had the canal completed the
B. A: M. shops could use our power
so cheaply, that the talk of dividing
the shop plant, or
l)tlil(liiii;- else-
w here we. ! o ! Ill
river would never
be heard of aiaiii.
The new- imltist t ics that it would
brim;-would employ thcusands of
men and our cit v wculd beeomt
busy worksiiop.
Many jcntlemeii
reai i io :;o i 11 1 o I h i
:: the omh.-ok lor
of means
canal men
ils slicce.-
s 1 1 re
: :.t
t'.iis time is certainly
Files His
,1 eo !
s IO. Boyd
Oi i.i
1 1
C '
strip. pel
! In.- i vri'
of It:
. i . : :
. i : ) . . .-
I i
.- 1-;
as not
1 he v.
at he .
r.ii.'rl St:
i ' i'-.'e :': 1
hi ill Sell'
! es
i i i; ; 1' '.
a cars in
it l.e 1 oil
r and tin
a. y j ape
1 !l
j : 1 1 i
io : i Hi'
Ci !
. i ' .
1 .':
the Wl
li'ia ae
1 o 1 1 : 1
I .
res that a
i Y vein's
.:'!' o!
'a as i I"
l r.
a:a t
I ialeiy
!':!!': - ol r.
r: ai-We
! !.' loi ii v
l ! r i . i 1 1
l 1
o e i : 1 ;
' ) !"-
,': 1
r '.
i .
1 .
lit i e the re:
he i 1 1 1 u'at io
1 is n:
Come.s now i
: m i k i
I'll . T ,
upon relation oi joh
..!;. iui to die aus
.i :u, j allies IC. 1 .. d.
of i!i murrer slat-- ':
e'iisl That sai:l ;i
. nawr
i i . e i . -: e I ' 1 -i'-
:i-; --OUii '.S
r does not
sir.te facts siuVh
nt to constitute
rmat ion herei-i.
- siated in s.i id
defense to ihe info
Second Thai faci.-a::.-wcr
are insui'iicii
io i us 1 1 y tin
iendaut in ho! ding mid eerr
tae office of er:ior of Neht
i s i n j;-
ihird Tiu- a:; .hov.:', upon
its face that the defendant. James H.
Boyd, was an alien and ineligible to
the office of govern.:'- of Nebraska
iii November. ix" ;
pretended elect ion.
i ; i :; . r ; : o ! his
ami that he mi-
lawfullv invaded and usurped the
office of governor in January, l'.'l.
befere the filing .if .-: id i :. ::!! nil ion
and tiuil he now hoids the same un
lawfully and without rights or au
thority of law. as charged in said
Fourth The said answer admits
upon its face the facts pleaded in
the information showing- the elec
tion of relator. John M. i'liayer, in
November, 1S. ami his right to
hold said office by reason of the in
eligibility ami the consequent non
election of defendant, for the term
of two years from the first Tuesday
in January, 1M.1, and until a success
or shall be elected and qualified.
Fifth The exhibits hied by de
fendant with his said answer show
him never to have been a citizen of
the luited States prior to December,
Wherefore the said relator prays
judgment of the court upon the
pleadings that the said defendant
be ousted from said office of gov
ernor of Nebraska and that the said
relator be reinstated therein."
List ot Letters.
Remaining unclaimed in the Post
Office at Plattsniouth, March 11,
191, for the week ending March, 4:
Brooks. W B Keller. Ellen
Berry, earn KyJe. A .1
Brooks, i.or-re I.autensch:i:eii. llen-y
hOHweil. Mi's t.nirca .-llteliu-. i: li
Cteitft. Annie Martin. Xe.i
Campbell. .Ml S3 Emma McMabou, 1) J
Coehran, Mm K Y Nelson, I, W
Daily, l'atnek arker. B A
llniing. Henry Vowetl, Kitty
Flgftter. Johan K -yee, KM
Hansen. i'0 Sci'li. Mr- I-airu A
Honir. Jotin White. Billy
Haukerson, Miss Olive wate, Joliuathan
Hopkins. C WiiRitt. h li
Harris. Mrs Eva L Walker, James A
Krollck, Frank Williams, A
W ar.t. Annie
Persons calling for any of the
above letters will please say 'ad
vertised." II. J. Stkeigfit, P. M.'
Patti Rosa at the opera house Sat
urday niht.
A lire at Lincoln this morning
burned the express office south ol
the B. A:. I. depot. By prompt ac
tion of the tire lepattmeiit,no bli th
er I ; i m a was done.
M iss A una A niison leparted for
Omaha this iiioiiiin, where she
will hereafter reside. She intends
taking a course in a business -oll-eil-e
111 that city. 1 1 er ma ny friends
lu te are soi l to lose her.
The New York Symphony Club
-ave a most delightful entertain
nieiit at the opera house last even
iii!jf. -And it was a shame they were
not greeted with a better house.
Kvery art was upheld by an artist
of rare merit.
Colonel Vanaraiiam's colored
waiters had a little round up last
nijrht which resulted in their bein
fired today. Mr. V. went to Omaha
this morning :"' will senile the
ttiest diiium- room i;'irls in 0111,1-
lia to take
their places.
case of Con Connor vs the B.
vV M. occupieil all the time of the
district court yesterday ami result
ed in a verdict against thecompaiiy
for SX. Bvrou Clark tried the case
for the railroad. Mr. Strode onlv re
mained dtirine- the first day and Mr.
Beeson and Mr. (lerin appeared
for the plaintiif. The case of the
state vs Smith is on trial to-day.
Mr. Geo. B. Maim entertained
Messrs. II. N. Dovev. M. N. (Irillith,
Kellv- l"ox. Ileiirv Cierimi-. Charles
Dabb, O. M. Peterson and C. W.
Sherman at the Mirror office last
eveninir. the occasion beiim- the
jirojier noting of Mr. Mann's 2ard
birthdav. Refreshments were served
and hi..h live held hiirh carnival.
Col. Sherman with but little effort
securtda bar of soap as the booby
prize. II. N. Dovey eat so inany
saiidwiches and other 1hiiirs that
he ..-of the hiecouirhs badlv, much
to the incrritnent of the crowil.
County Court
Petition for appointment of J. P
Mel Mierson administrator of estatt
of lohn I ). vore, deceased,
anil bond fixed at 1 ."'
Last will and testament
Peter Hansen admitted to
Paul lohnson appointed
of llam
and bond fixed at !?a(ld.
Application ot the heirs of
ccr S. Billiim-s for final settl
uien t
oi esiate. 1 ieali !ljj;. .'"larch
a. in.
:5I, at iu
Nebriiskn sirnl tile Gulf.
SrPKKl. k', Ni:i:., March H. Spe
cial te! en-ram to Stale Journal.
''h.ief l-inn-ineer J. N. Yates of th.
( huahn. Kansas .Midland iV Galves
Ion raiiroad arrived last ninht. H.
:::e ei) over the Kansas Midland
; v. i:'a his corps of engineers and
fo'itid the roiiie a thorollLiillV prac-
tic.ib!e one. He reports the peopl.
,-:!!;: 1 1 . 1 he farmers, very eiithu-
t ;!:!-. ie over i he l rosi ect of a north
a : - f , 1 1 1 1 road jeadiiin- from Oma
: !ia to the Gulf, lie says they will
, "oee ed at once with the survey from
rn M
to th. -cities oi Lincoln ami
This city is to be the point
...real trunk road crosses
line of Kansas and Ne-
Do Not Forget
lit school at South Park
i he 'n?
sci:ol 1
'ii -Monday, i ues.iay,
Friday nights each
common branches
Tliursday and
week. The
iaun-ht by
O. T. Wood.
Look Here!
Lverv one inlclted to JOE,
The Otic Price Clothier, must set
tle within thirty days or the ac
counts will he placed in the hands
of a Justice lor collection. tt"
Joe Klkin. Wm. Fisher.
The ladies of the M. K. church
have secured Prof. B. B. Crosthwait,
the celebrated elocutionist, to give
an entertainment at the church
Tuesday evening. March 17th.
Tickets":'.') coats.. On sale at Wild-
man 5c Fuller"
A genuine Stetson
at JOKS.
H hat at $2.7a
A National Event.
The holdimr of the World's Fair
in a citv scarcely fifty years old
will be a remarkable event, but
whether it will really benefit this
nation as much as the discovery of
the Restorative Nervine ly Jr.
Franklin Miles is doubtful, this is
just what the American people need
to cure their excessive nervousness,
dyspepsia, headache, dizziness,
sleeolessnes. neuralgia, nervous de
bilitv. dullness, confusion of mind,
etc. It acts like a charm. Trial
bottle and fine book on "Nervous
.-oid Heart Diseases." with une-
qualed testimonials free at F. G
Fricke & Co. It is warranted to con
tain no opium, morphine or danger
ous drugs. 1
Mayors Proclamation.
Notice If nerebv niven to the qua!Ifid voters
of the citv of I'lattHnioutli, eb , that Uiere
wi lite an election held in thecitv of ria'ts-
oioutli. on the "th. dav ot April. 1831. at the
1 usual pollire places for the purpose of ejecting
i on committee-man for the Klrst ward ;
' One for the Second ward ;
i Hue for the Third ward :
. Oue for the Fourth ward ;
! One fer the Fifth ward.
lao for the election of two members nt the
i - 1 1. .. .-.I V Af Rtrtllv
Needles, oils and parts for all kings of
machines can be fnund at the SiDger of
fice, corner of of Main and Sixth -treeta
with Henry Boeck. wtf
E HAVE cut the
ties in need. of anything
save money by calling.
Our new line of embroideries, the handsom
est and largest line ever shown by us.
must immii: i:sr fikst
chiltls suit at at JOIN'S.
The finest of of furnishing
at slaughtering prices at JOI:
g( X K I S
S tf
A good
if sh
r-l.(K) at
joi; s.
All the latest styles of wall paper
found at Wildnian A: Fullers.
Wildiuan A;
est and finest
l-uller carry the larg
assortmeiit of wall pa-
per in Ca
count v.
old chestnut?
. Kvervthing
rubbish at
the latest
style and at below cost
ss Mollie Tucker. Dressmaking
niillencrv a sjiccialty. Rooms
Harold's store tt.
Go to JOH and lay in your supply
for next vear. It will pay you good
interest at the iirices he is closing
out his stock.
When you are in Lincoln, call on
V. C. Austin A: Co. in McHride block
corner otf twelvth and 1 Street for
Havclock and University property.
It is with regret Jf)H has to sell
out his entire "stock, for lie ha done
a very satisfactory and successful
business, but dissolution between
I ie :md his nartner. Wm. Fisher
compels him to close out.
Now is your chance and such
chance you will have but once in
lifetime, to buy clothing, furnishing
goods, hats, etc., at slaughtering
prices at JOE'S. The entire stock
must be sold out as quick as possible
A line worsted men's suit, former
price $1K now ?12..r0 at Joe's tf
You cannot form an idea what it
is to sell clothing, etc., at and below
cost until you look through JOE'S
stock. tf
Dissolution Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the
partnership heretofore existing be
tween the undersigned under the
firm name of Beck & Walker is this
day dissolved by mutual consent.
All debts due said firm must be paid
to Henry- liucck, who assumes all in
debtedness of said firm.
He.nhy Bceck.
Geo. W. Walker.
Feb. 26 lsyi. dw Ira.
JOE has not "barated." Joe never
has fniled. for he believe there in an
honest living for everybody, hot owing
to DiMolntion of Partnership, Je is com
pelled to close oat hi nice nd clean
tock, regardless of cost. tf
Two shirts wrapped up in a
Herat.!) of January last. The own
er can have same by calling at this
office, proving property and paying
for this notice
prices deep, and .'par
in the above lines will
The V;ilihitf)ii A V
Provision Merchants.
Ili'itii'jiiiii ters for
We piiy no rent uinl 11 fi)i ('ASH.
You .lijn't p;iy any hilU for dul hcata
wli'.-n you buy of this firm.
best SOFT COAL h1wt on
Opposite Iliehey Bros Lumber office
Carry a Pull Line ef
Drives the the Ilearee is not in it
And for that matter, neither is the
Singer Sewing Machine Company.
Over 9,W)0,0G0 Singers have been
sold in the United States which
means that we have over 9,000,OfA) wit
nesses to the fact that the SINGER
is the best machine made. All the
newest improvements have been
added which truly make the Singer
The Cmeen of all her Kealm.
Machines sold on the most favora
ble terms by the department mana
ger. MR. D. P. CRONIN,
at his headquarters in Henry Hoecke
Furniture store or by Mr. Atherton,
local agent.
Ml Iss' Nerve and Liver Rill.
Act uu a new principle regulating
the liver, atsmach sad bowels through
the uerrea. A newdiecorery. Dr. Miles'
Pills speedily care biliousness, bad taste,
torpid liver, pilew, constipation. Une-
qnalcd for met, wnm'ii, children.
j gm,llest, mildest, sorest!
50 doses, 2Jr.
Sala frae at F. G. Fricks A Co'a.