The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, February 26, 1891, Image 3

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    Vallery Meat Market
105 3 6th st.. Union Mock, formerly
415 Main street.
A Splendid Market, where Everything
kept in First (-'Ihhm. We nim to
dense, hiui solicit the 1'ution
age of tin; Public.
Uy fair and hc-Hcst dealing I expect ti.
merit a t-h are of the trade.
13 Mm.
MIKE S 1 1 M L L 15 A ( ' K bill.
Wagon and Hlackxinitli shop
Wagon, Buggy, Machine and
plow Repairing done
He lutes the
Which is the best horseshoe for tlu
farmer, or for fat driving, or for city
purposes ever invented . It is so made
that anyone ct.n put on sharp or flut
corks, as needed for wet and slipery
days, or smooth, dry roads. Call at
bis shop and examine the nkvkrhlip
and you will use no other.
112 North Fifth St. Plattsmouth
Thoicest Brands of Cigars.
including our
Flor la iiiru'p' ill 'in
rvi.i. link or
always in stock. Nov. 26. 1885.
Lumber Yard
Shingles, Lath, Sash,
Doors, Blinds
Can supply everw demand of the city.
Call and get terms. Fourth etreet
. in rear of opera house.
The Leading
Constantly keeps on hand .everything
i you need to furnish your house.
Plattsmout - Neb
FIod nsd Feefl a Fdbci
lsitrotje . t:u; Puble Solicited.
The Use Of
Harsh, drastic purgatives to relieve costivc
ness is a dangerous practice, ami more liable
to fasten ttie disease on the patient than to
cure it. Wliat is needed is a medicine that.
In effectually owning the bowels, corrects
tin; costive liahit mil establishes a natural
daily action, hucli an aperient is found in
Ayer's Pills,
which, while thorough in action, strengthen
as well as blimulale liie bowels and excretory
" For el;ht y;:ir I was afllictcd with con
sli);ttin:i, wliii-li at l ist lce:iu:o .so liad that
tie: doct.irs eniilil do e.i in ire for me. 'l'lieti
1 lcf;an to take Ayer's J'ills, and soon tho
howels tiecame regular and natural in tlieir
movements. I am now in excellent lieallii."
Win. 11. Deljiiicctt, Dorset, Out.
When I feel the need of a cathartic, I
take Ayer's Tills, and lind them to he nioro
Jian any other pill I ever took." Mrs. IJ. C.
v'irulih, l?urwellville, V;i. .
" For years I have ben snhject to consti
pation and nervous headaches, caused by dc
raiiKenier f the liver. After taking various
remedies, I have become convinced that
Ayer's Pills are the best. They have never
failed to relieve my billons attacks in a short
time; and I am sure my system retains Its
tone longer after the use of these Pills, than
has been the case with any other medicine I
have tried." II. 3. Sledge. Weimar, Texas.
Ayer's Pills,
Sr. J. O. AYEE& CO., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by all Dealers In Medicine.
V srricriv first c!-i nvie!iln fnMv
ed. Made ironi the very best nialen.-'l b
-killed workmen, and with the best tool's that
have ever been devied for the purpose. War
raided to do all that ran be rMi'ially ex
pected of the verv best tvtuMnrritor uvlmi
'Miatleof wrifinir words - er minute oi
more according to the ability of the operate'.
PRICE $100.
If there is no agent in your town address tht
in inufacturev.
4 renin wanted Parish tt. Y.
h B. SEELEJ1IUE, Agent.
Lincolu, Neb,
and Syrup.
fw uriees quoted ou large or small lots
Strictly Pure.
Adirondack Maple Sngar Co
12ot' Monro) St., Chicago, IJ1.
Western Agents.
ihe 5th St. Kerchant Taiie:
Keeps a bull Line of
.vnsult . Your Interest by iJ'vitir Him a :)
; !i:uli'i XtTj "-
Bridge work2ad fine gold work a
I)K. STEIN ACS LOCAL as weH as other ai
esthet iesgiven lor the painless extraction o
C. A. MARSHALL, - Fitzgerald E'-'
Bwe, Prompt; rosftr
Curt for ImpotMne; Lota
of Manhood, Seminai.
Emltsions. Spermatorrhea,
Htroousnest, 8ttf Oittruti,
Lost of Mtmory. Ac. WH
mailt you a STRONG. Vigor
ous Man. . Prict 91.00, 9
Boxes. Si 00. .
Soriil Dlreettont Hattog
with each B. , A44rm.
With tufts of hair warm bronze, within a case
It rests, this marvel from the anflcpin land
Or pyrumid juid upliiiix, of palm aild sand.
An ii;. i st rat ion of tho dumi-iant race
That swayed the worM for centuries, and that
Archives of art and catacombs, to stand
t nil t i iw's efforts l.ibo: i'i;; lo r'.'t 5.
'I'll -s.' i;-!it:e.S sockets Olll'.l Willi loVO li'-Cll
!.-,, !:
i -. be
.v m ri i.-m-lui'-nT over ni 'ii lin be:i!iied,
. it -i inreileet m:iy li.-ive iiven tone .
V--.-.I ii. nt i, ami t m.:!i . 1 mi' urn!
i4 l.i i. m i.y h iv 'iv.-t - I iv ifo a'i'l yoi i u.;
v witii lirain tliat t.'iouijlit, vvit!i voiiv tliii!
r in Ii"ew Yori;
An i:liniiitc .f ( iirlvle.
"i t.'"Vi-r i::!. v t .-ij-.vle, ,:ivs the ;mi
; id" "( i latiees of ift-at anil Litl!
' ":: ;it by Hglit. To tell tli
I "-l I;'-': iirri-.'tlTy -.v-t hi.-- :;
.:..::;:( i,i ti- : ;s;,t days of hi-
i i :.:.;' i -'i:ii-: navo Known linn.
. w.v
if t;
i i v -n nut witiiont a certain ilrtau
:i-s ring :i:.o.'tli of tacit timi
, ftnv.-t vcr, liiiding myself sitting
il ii him in ;i ('iii-lr'it omnibus, 1
... n in auui's.s ii 1 111. i int'ii me
t!n iv' u,-n iz"l co!:vcr.iliiiii;il
.::' I . : t i.l this caso it failed of iti
iii t. lie gavu no answer, but
leaning on his sLaif in brood-
: i.'-TM-t- ami with introspK-tivi eyes.
ii ho reached his destination. Wlien
ii- !i:i i got out, I, affecting not to know
iiim, asked tho conductor who he
f ho l.:ttcr had touched his hat to him.
' 'Oh, yessir, I know him well enough.
u or:::i rutes in my ints. i.s wot yon
i-uil a littiTy gent writes biwka wot no-
Juay can understand.'
The conductor paused, as if mentally
:.r.i.i:iiing ui from his sujieiior stand-
.ui:il ine iootooaru poor jari3"leij
characteristics, .and then added, with a
touch, half of pity, half of contempt in
I'lie voice:
" 'L'd a bit off his,chump, like many
of tho...i gents; but ho aLu't a bad sort if
you tako hiia the right way. "
Actors Who I'aint.
Speaking of people who paint, Edward
v . iwhiole, the ai iit, said: "I know
many actors who are artists with the
brush and H'licil, and very fair artists at
that. Joseph Jefferson goes in for water
colors. Dixey draws queer caricatures.
iiini x saw one oi nis ecceutno drawings
oa a Pai Ker house (liiston bill of fare
nly the other day. Louis Harrison, the
c- ::etlian, is a rapid draughtsman. Tim
i r.rphy nseil to lie a. house painter in
asiungtoii, so he comes rightly by his
la.Ve lor pen and pencil. His dressing
iu:i:;i wherever he mav be is covered
v. iih daubs roughly but effectively done
in grease, paint and crayon. Lotta,
Minnie Maddern, Madeline Lucette and
Alice King Hamilton draw very neatly.
E. II. Sothern has maje sketches which
L.ui Frohman co;:. id r worthy of hang
ing lramd in the luo'.y of tho Ljceum
laeatre. George l'awcett Ruwe used tc
go in for oils. Alexander Salvini, son of
his fatlier, has presented a very - neat
water color to Mane Burroughs. New
York Herald.
Work in lecturing.
A popular lecturer who has appeared
before big audiences on hundreds oi
platforms during the past ten or twelve
years, says that lecturing is the hardest
way of earning a living. The lecturer is
idt the tiino exhausted with travel from
place to place by railroad or steamboat,
or stage coach or other conveyance. He
cannot get solid sleep any time. He
finds himself in uncomfortable quarters
i.i all sorts of hotels. He cannot get to
;k-1 till nearly midnight after any lect
ure, lie is bothered with committee.-
I .-.Tents. He often finds that both the
aiblience and the receipts are light. The
1; cv.rr.vr here quoted says that he is worn
i ..t il.nvii to the bj'aes after a few week.
i I 1- L-iurkig, and that he never had ;..
.-.ihansting work when he was a deck
hand aboard ship as he has had durin.;
'. vears in wLich he has bi-n on lh;
ire i'-ali- -been
rvuus s
, New
.-.;v.l bv
lv.silunee of the Air to a I.oeoomJ i ve.
"i!..T:eiimei:!.s on the French rali ;
.ov that the tvsisiane.' of the o-tiao
.re to the motion oi' hi -,h.;-..v! ti.:i,
loviuts often to ii;ilf the total resisianci
i v.-o engines.
Oi WiliUU
;!l th
e resistance
..s iiica-virod separately and found in
l.e ID.y pounds per ton at thirty-seve:;
.'il.'s per hour, were coupled together
again tried. The reMitaiice leil tc
U..J pounds per ton. The second engine
was masked bv tne nrst. It may be ar-
gu.-d from this that by a suitable adap
tation of the front of a locomotive, elec
trical or otherwise, a saving of from 8 tc
10 per cent, of the effective power could
be made. Llectncal Review.
l"urrovv on the Finger Nulla.
Nearly twenty years .ago Dr. Wilks di
rected attention to the curious fact that
a- transverse furrow always appears on
the nails after a serious illness. Medical
men ignored what they called the vision-
.ii v opinions of Mr. Wilks, iriving tht
matter but little attention in their nieu-
M -.v oriis. Keceutiy a new interest in
iiie suLjcct has been revived and patho
logical societies have begun an investi
gation. One remarkable case shows nail
furrows caused by three day's seasick
ness. Herald of Health.
If t he foot of a fly is . put under tht
glass of a good microscope it may be
-.eeii how simple is the contrivance that
sveuis able to defy the laws, of gravita
tion. The foot is made up of two pads,
covered with fine short hairs, with a
.pair of curved hooks above them. Be
hind each pad is a tinj bag filled with
elear, liquid gum, the hairs also being
hollow and filled with the same sticLy
In applyin,
stimulants to the
head a
lair amount snoiini nrt ue nsei. urni
then the quantity increased giauually,
but never carried to such an e.:tent thai
they are' used indiscriminately and re
gardless of consequences.
The accumulation of electricity gen
erated by tho fric;io:i of belts m an en
jne room is of ten a luatter of consider
able annoyance. A little steam escaping
under the bells is sujyfe-sred m a remedy.
Tlaere Arn Twenty-four Reasons Why the
Nine of Diamonds Is Culled I'iiIik U.
Every reader has at some period of his
or her life heard of the nine of diamonds
referred to as "tho curse of Scotland;"
but why, jierhaps, j-ou have never taken
the time or trouble to .ascertain.
In my "Repository of the Hareand the
Wonderful" I find no less than seventee:i
explanations of the origin of tin- expres
sion, while Sotithwick's "C'ii.z:.:;i and
I ts Key" gives eleven, seven of which are
wholly different from the answers given
in the vo:-k above ri f erred to, in.i';ing in
all twenty four different accounts of t In
tin gin ot tho exjiressnri in the 1 wo works.
Sotithwick traces it oack to 1T1"), men
lioning a caricature of that date which
i)re.-ents "the young chevalier" at
t.'!:nti:i'' to lea l a h rd of bulls laden
:th iap;'.l curses across the Tweed river
Willi t lie nmo of diamonds lying before
Perhaps the most satisfactory explana
tion of the enigma is that which refers
it to the massacre of CJlencoe. Tho or
der for that cruel deed was siirned bv
the Earl of Stair, John Dalrymple, sec
ret;; i f .f r.tate for Scotland. Tho coat
of arms of the Dalrymple family bears
miie lozenges, resembling diamonds, on
its i hield. Thus it appears to have been
with reference to them that the nine
pot of diamonds was called "the curse
of Scotland." The best and most likely
of the other reasons for the origin of the
expression are given below.
During the reign of Mary a thief at
tempted to steal the crown from Eliza
beth castle, and succeeded in abstract
ing nine valuable diamonds from it. To
replace these a heavy tax was laid on
tho people of Scotland, which impover
ished tli em to such an extent that nine
diamonds, whether on- cloth, cards or
eal jewels, were sjioken of as "Albion's
In the game of Pope J oan the nine of
..-.lamonds is tho pope whom the Scotch
Presbyterians consider a curse.
It is also said that the Duke of Cum
norland wrote his inhuman orders at
' 'ullodv ii on the back of a card, the front
of which was marked with nine dia
The "Oracle, or Ret-4lver of Questions,
printed in 1770, says that the crown of
Scotland had but nine diamonds, and
that the Scotch people were too poor to
add to tho collection. St. Louis Re
An Elevator Incident.
In one of the elevators in a down town
building the other day an absent minded
man came near departing this life with
unbecoming haste. He had stood close
by the door when the car stopped at his
floor and had allowed two or three other
passengers to bru.t-h by him. He had
made no signs of a desire to step out, but
when the elevator resumed its upward
course and the door was nearly closed he
gave a start and jumped forward until
his body projected out of the car and
prevented the door from closing. Luck
ily the conductor understood his busi
ness. With an instinctive movement he
stopped the car in a few inches. Then
he drew back the door and released the
venturesome passenger, who walked
away without even looking back or say
ing a word. The other passengers looked
on in silence.
Even the elevator man had nothing to
say for a minute, but when the next floor
was reached the whole affair seemed to
strike him in a new light. He didn't
think of the horror of a life suddenly
taken away, of the sickening sight of a
crushed and mangled body. "That's
what 1 call a mean man," quoth he with
severity. "V ant to have me sent to the
Tombs, eh? Gad! A man like that
ought to get hurt, he had." New York
N'uble Tree IMaiiters.
I read a very interesting statement re-
centiv that tne ttiree rire dukes ot Auioie
ilautc-d in tl-.eir lifeil i e 1 l.Ow'i.ii') larch
OS on their estate.-. Tho writer wiio
n.i .to tuis statement ti.eau'd to doubt the
fact on tho ground that he imagined that
lu'ir graces did so with tiieirown hands,
vrhi'-h v.oul 1 ii 'ce' -it i,"e each of them
nlanting trees a dav for sixty years.
When, howevt-r, a man is said to "jilant"
an estate i. does nut suiy more mean that
he does so personal lv than, when it is
:-aid that a man "furnisiies" a house, he
maKes ins own cabinets an t tables, or
puts down his own carpets though our
grandfathers and grandmothers, as often
tis not, actually did the latter, as well as
good souls! sewing the various strips
of carpets together.
If, however, it comes to planting trees
with one's own hands, there is etill some
thing to be said. Charles II planted
nearly all the trees in the avenue tit
Windsor with his, and some that are
now in St. James' park; and George HI
had a mania for planting his own trees,
as well as innumerable grape vines. Her
present majesty has planted over 5,000
trees in various places she lias visited,
and the Prince of Wales cannot be very
far behind her in also doing so. Galig
nani's Messenger.
A Tt-rrapin Farm.
Of late years a number of terrapin
farms have been started along the Chesa
peake. The biggest farm is on the Patux
ent river, and it consists of a large salt
water lake, which could accommodate
thousands of terrapin if they would
breed as rapidly as is desired. The
farmer has surrounded this lake with
board fences to keep out the muskrats
and foxes, which are the terrapin's ene
mies. He has made hatcheries of boxes
partly filled with sand, and so arranged
that when the females enter them they
cannot get out until they are taken out.
He has nurseries for young terrapin, and
he keeps the little ones in here until they
are ten months old. in order to preserve
them from their fathers. Frank Cr. Car
penter in Pittsburg Dispatch.
Paying the Piper.
Inquiring Boy (looking up from a book)
What does "paying the piper"' mean?
. Worried Father (absently) Tell him
to call neat week.
'I said 'the piper,' pa."
"Well, if it's a pluxaber, he needn't
call for a month." Good News.
What is
vs vi . umi.i'.inei.l.v.v. .ievt vtivvr: l t. i nnn
Custoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants
and Children. It contains neither Opining Morphine nor
other Narcotic substance. It is ft harmless suh.stituto
for lare;or!c, Drops, Soo tiling1 Syrups, mtd Castor Oil
it is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years use by
Millions of Mothers. Cist oriad est roj'H "Worms and allays
feverishuess. Castoria prevents vomiting- Sour Curd
cures Diarrhoea and "Wind Colfc Castoria relieve
teething troubles, cures constipation and. flatulency
Castoria assimilates the food, regulates tho stomach,
and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas
toria is the Children's Panacea the Mother's Friend
Castoria Is an excellent medlctm for ohtl
dreo. Mothers haw repeatedly told me of its
good effect upon their children."
&. O. C. Osgood,
. Lowell, Mans.
" Castoria Is the best remedy for children of
which I am acquainted. I hope the day iamot
far distant when mothers will consider the real
Interest of their children, and uso Castoria in
stead of the various quack nostrums which are
destroying their loved ones, by forcing opium,
morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful
agents down their throats, thereby sending
them to preiuature graves."
Dr. J. F. Kinchelob,
Conway, Ark.
The Centaur Company, 77
J. 6. GRAVES & CO.
DOORS, -BLINDS.and all building material
Call and see us at the corner of
11th and Elm street, one block
north of HciscPs mill.
Plattsmouth, Tebrask&
Plattsmouth Nursery
IBuy ywr trees of tiae Bame
nrserv where you can select
-wnw owk sree
you. E limve sill fclic leading vsi
;iie'IeH &sid -know better wlasat
varieties wiifl do iiere. tEaan
4gesats aud you
Apple trees. 3 years old
ADple trees, 2 years old
Cherry, early Richmond, late
r lum, tr otiawaiiamic, hiiu vjuubu
Raspberries, Greg Syler
Strawberries. Sharpless Cresen
Concord vines, JL years old
Moors Early grapes, 'Z years old -Currants,
Cherry Currants
Snyder blackberries - -Industry
Gooseberry -
Downing Gooseberries, 2 years old
noughton Gooseberries, 2 years old -Asparagus
- ' " -
Rosses, red moss and white moss
Shrub6, Hydrangias - -Honey
Suckle ' -Snow
Balls -Lilacs
Evergreens, Norway spruce li. Fir
T&ursery one-Sialf mile north of
town, end of S)tli Street,
Address all Orddrs io ' ' '
PLAT1SMO U TH, . i - 'NEB.
' "Cantorla Is so well adapted to children
I recommend it as superior to any
known to me.
TT. A. AiuTHsn, X. TX.
Ill So. Oxford St. , IJrooklya, X. X.
" Our physicians in the children's depassv
merit have spoken highly of their aapirt
ence in their outside practice with Castoris
and although we only uave among sr
medical supplies what is kaown as regwlar
products, yet we are free to con f ess that Its
merits of Castoria has won us to look wasa
favor upon It."
United IIokj-ttax. md IisrBKSaBTa
Boston, :
Aixxn C. Shith, Ve.,
Hurray Street, New York City
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