The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, May 06, 1889, Image 3

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It May n Improved, but It Is Too Stronjj
Ijr Jiitreiicln-l to lie Routed.
With the attainment of perfect piano
playing, thinks a contemporary German
writer, musical art will beek a new in
strument from, which greater delight
may bo evolved. The same writer sug
gests that such new instrument will com
bine wind power with strings the or
chestra reduced to a keyboard. We will
not, nt this time, attempt to controvert
the German writer's speculation as to the
instrument of the f uturc. We will, how
ever, venture to disagree with his insinu
tion that the sun of the jiano is setting.
In its very nature that noble instrument
is enduring.
It L the latest of a series of develop
ments that l' many generations ago.
Possibly it is destined to still higher devel
opments. It, however, has a distinctive
power of answering to and illustrating
every emotion of grief, joy, pleasure or
pain tliat agitates the bosom of the com
poser, and. moreover, of arousing the
same emotions in all sympathetic listen
ers. This alone will cause the piano to
survive, at least until the nature of man
is changed.
This ower is the result of the strug
gling efforts of men. toward an ideal; ef
forts akin to thoso'that have been put
forth by noble natures in the develop
ment of other arts. Brooklyn bridge is
a erfect development of the rude tree
trunk whereby primeval man was en
abled to cross a creek. The cornet, the
saxhorn, the trombone, the euphonium,
are but improved vastly improved
forms of the ancient ram's horn by
whoso fearful simplicity of sound the
wandering sons of Israel were reminded
that the time to ierform certain religious
duties had arrived. The crude, barbaric
Asiatic lute, with body of snakeskin and
a couple of coarse strings, is seen in
more artistic form in the guitar, the vio
lin, the mandolin.
Most cmsical instruments have arrived
at a satisfaction giving stage, the coming
of which has been more or less uncon
sciously yearned for through hundreds
and perhaps thousands of years. Each
may be susceptible of further develop
ments, but the distinctive, generic idea
attaching to each will, by development,
be 6till more clearly defined.
It is not ia human nature or art to
fiboliU) the piano. Too much brain and
brawn and heart effort have been suc
cessfully epent upon it for us to abandon
it now; and, aa wo havesaid. its abolition
1 vould leave "an aching void" in human
life. Even when we fly across sjxice in
air ships and succeed in colonizing Mars
weEhall demand the inspiration, the con
solation and the stimulation of the piano,
the harp.'110 vio1' t,l tobret anJ tlie
pjpe." Musical Review.
5U Agreed WltH Him.
There were three or four unoccupied
seats in the car, but he, stood for a mo
ment, grip in liand, near the door, and
then walked to a seat in which a young
Udy sat alone and sat down beside her
with an impudence that astounded all J
cihex oasstaurers. The cirl looked UJO at
Tain and around flie car, r.nI evidently
realized the situation, for she took pen
cil and tablet from her reticule and made
ready for hhu. After about five minutes
the man turned to her and observed:
"Beg pardon if I am mistaken, but
don't you live at Utica?"
She looked up in a furtive way, and
then wroto on the tablet and handed him:
"I am deaf and dumb."
"Ah! By George!" he sighed as he read
it; "that's too, too bad! Deuced pretty
girl to have such a misfortune. Well,
I'm left, after all my smartness. Saw
her at the window before I got on, and
carried out the plan to a dot. Do:if and
dumb, ch? First one I ever struck!"
lie nodded his head to he r to n'gnify
that ho understood, and he woul 1 have
lxeri glad to change seats if ho could
have done so without loss of dignity. As
tho train thundered on ho perused the
contents of a couple of newspapers,
yawned awhile, and then bought and
finished a novel; and finally, after a ride
of four mortal hours, the whistle blew,
and he reached for his grip with the re
mark: "I'll be hanged if I ain't gb.d this
stupid ride has come to an end at last."
"Ditto!" quietly replied the girl, as she
turned on him.
"You you" he gasped, as he stood
there looking down upon her with twelve
kinds of emotion galloping over his
. "Good-by," she 6aid, and he backed
out and dropped to the platform like a
man retreating from a mule's hind legs.
New York Sun.
Safe Weather Indicators.
"When you wish to know what the
weather is going to be, go out and select
the smallest cloud you see. Keep your
eye on it, and if it decreases and disap
pears it shows a state of the air that is
sure to be followed by fine weather; but
if it increases take your overcoat with
you if you're going away from home, for
falling weather is not far off." Tho rea
son is this: When the air is becoming
charged with electricity you will see
every cloud attracting all lesser ones
toward it until it gathers into a shower,
and, on tho contrary, when the fluid is
passing off or diffusing itself, then a
largo cloud will be seen breaking into
pieces and dissolving. New York Tele
gram. Great is the slaughter of clams aloncr
tho coast in Knox and Lincoln counties. ,
Men dig tliem for bait to sell to fishing J
vessels and for the canning factories at a :
rate which one would think would soon
exhaust the beds. At Friendship they
sell tho bivalves by the hundred barrels.
Employment is furnished to a largo
number of men and boys, who paid
twenty -five cents a bushel. Lowiston
A gentleman in Columbus. Ga., has a
mzor which has been in constant u:-e 104
ycurs. It bears a close resemblance to a
hroadas, but doea good service y; t. and
nicy cut many a whisker befejv it is
li:i;;lly laid away aiuonj tho relics of
bygone days. i
Wagon and Blacksmith Shop.
Wagon, Buggy,
Machine ami Flow
n 3& o n, o i fi
A Specialty. lie uses the
W 25 V 3 3 3 3. Z
J Horseshoe, the R-st Horseshoe fur the
I Farmer, or for Fust I:ving and City
anyone can can put on sharp or flat corks
as needed for wet and slippery roads, or
smooth dry roads. Cull ami Examine
these Shoes and you will" have no other.
J. ffl. Schnelibaeher,
5th St., Plattsmouth, Neb.
Or. C- A. Marshall.
Preservation of the Natural Teeth a
Specialty. Auesthctics given for Pain
less Filling, or Extraction op Teeth.
Artificial teeth made on Gold, Silver,
Rubber or Celluloid Plates, and inserted
as soon as teeth are extracted when de
All work warranted. Prices reasonable.
KiTzatttM.n's Beirut. Pt at moitt if . Nkb
B. &. M. Time
No. 2. 1 -.44 p. m.
No. 4. 10 :29 a. ni.
No. 6. 7 :28 p. in
No. 8. 10 :00a. in.
No. 10. 9 :54 a. in.
No. 1. 9 :06 a m.
Vn. 3. 6 :16 p. ni.
No. 5. 8 :01 a. m.
No. 7. 7 :0S i. in.
No. 9.-6 :C p. n
AIT t r:l1na rmi H ail v hxr wo - if Hmolio AvAt
Nos 7 and 8 which run to and from s'cliusler
daily except Sunday.
Arrival and Departure of the Malls.
No. 5 From the E-st 8 -15 a. m.
o. 3 6 :13 p. in
No. 10 " "West lOrrvta. nu
Ko. 4 " " " 10:45 a m.
No. 6 " 7 :45 p. m.
5 Going West 7 :3." a. m.
3 " 6 -.45 p. in.
7 " fSohuvlerl fi -o nm .
10 " iasi (Jv. V.)
4 " -
. . ! 25 . m.
...10 ? o a. in.
... 7 :00 u. rn.
Mall should be deposited fifteen minutes be
fore the above time to insure dispateli.
R. B. Wixdham, John a. Da vies.
Notary Public. Notary Public.
Attornovs - at - L-a.
Office over Bank of Cars;Couuty. i
Thyt raM otjth, - . Nebraska
Wholes.ile and ltetail Dealer In
Shingles, Lath, Sash,
Can supjily every demand of the trade
Call and get term?. Fourth street
Io li jar of O-iTj. House.
C. F. SMiT H,
The Boss Tailor
Mala St., Over Merges' Shoe Store.
IIns the best and most complete stock
of samples, both foreign and domestic
woolens that ever cams west of Missouri
river. Note these prices: Business suits
from $10 to $o-j, dress suits, $2? to $i.
pants $4, $3, $6, f 3.50 and upwards.
EiT"Will guarantee a fit.
Prices Defy ComDsliiion.
Robort Donnelly's
Wagon and
Vr agons. Busies, Machines Quickly Kepaired ;
Hons Sharpened and General
Jobbing Done.
Horseshoeing A Specialty
Ilorspshoe, which sharpens i!sp1' a it wears
away, so there I.s never any nancer of your
Horse slipping and hurting iteelf. ('ail
and examine this M;op and you will
Have noother. Eet Shoe made.
Civil Engineer
Surveyor and Draftsman
Plans, Specincations and Esti.nates, Mu
nicipal Work, 3Iapa fcc.
9 R
i '12
MAY (, 1-8'J.
S Ak 1
0 FSk
Make ready for it, it will soon be here. A Nations Holiday for Rich and Poor.
F. G. Taylir's Great iiericaa 2Bc Circus, World's Iosbgi,
Egyptian Caravau and European Menagerie, uiil Exhibit in
VOTE wiir' to arrangement n:dp by the Aineiican Kiiowni 'li's I'ool I.eaii", ti.i
will be the only li.g Show that will visit Cass (jouniy this year.
xA ,
V -
I J " y - ' r . ? ,
L A-' "A -
fV J ' c '
Fresh from Sahara's S.'ortching Siii-l.s. this Huge Monster Desert Ship is t!ie largest
Brute that breuth;s. Forest,, River, Wilderness and Ju-ilr; ca'.Ii contrib
ute from their hidden store.? to our di.-play of wild and living wonders.
A most enj yab!e, moral, relincd and artistic entertainment. A
Show to think about and talk about, full of brilliant
features, 50 Star I rformtrf, 3 Funny CIovtds.
Champion Bir Hick Ridi:-., Diriug Lidy A'-ri.l Per formers Il-avt Athletes, Ariel
Gymnasts, the best Double So in .-rsault L'i ipers, High Wiie Artists, Ti"!it
Hope Performers, and unlimited number of new featur-.-s. Spec-
ial Excursions on all railro.i 1?. Remember well and see
Given Daily, at 12:30 Noon. A Street Display of Glittering Splendor. Ifu -o
Camels in gorgeous housing?, led by th.;ir n aive k.-;eperi. RIood 1 IIorss
from Arabia, England and Kentucky. Elfin Ponic;, with Gobiui
Riders. Knights and Warriors: Ltdi-s fair oa pranr-ing hor
ses. Sh' tlnnd Ponies. Camical Mules, hinds of
Music, filling the air with ni -Iody. Worth
coming many milt3 to see.
Every Day at One O'clock a Grand Free Exhibition
It costs too nothing to see tho Perilous Trip to the Clouds. T-.vo Performance
Daily, ram or shine; Doors open at 1 and 7 p. ni; Performrncrs commences
one hour later. Never postpones or changes its date of Exhibi
tion ander any circumstances ! N-ver Divides ! Will
present its Entire Mammoth Metropolis of
Marvels as Adveitiscd !
AfliQission to Belli Giicfls aMHwio Only 25 Gents.
n ti r i ti
. n ? . : y
an y-m m m
i. i