The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, May 03, 1889, Image 3

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Ilari'xMp Cii.lmcl y Oriental Sitllont fo
il r tho Oil Mtl.od-Tn 11i.xihi.iu1
MI!rOnt V.'iCioiu M:iAlcir tltiddei lolly
llfuim lo lUicli . Vr Hay.
On the morni.!-t.r thotJlh cf January,
1?77. thol'by of IY!.i:i;j;. on Ikt outward
trip. ii .;iit-(l what nt iiri iippi-arcd lo
be sui ut.a:iioiu 1 x I adrift i.t wa. The
FtcanitT Ixnv away f..r her. when it w;ta
Well that hhf W;..i :t J;i ;, rtfjcsc junk with
one iu:i:-,t j; A.i i".i -it . and ! Mint's
criv w.n- -.ill.:!. who r..:iu'. that the
junk !)., i. ;,, .1 to ILi I.-l 1 i.Ii. that ilie
wa juril wiili rii-f and t-.iki
( :, win !. 1. an, l ,...j J. s tin- Kkiji-
r an I sii;;.ti :.r. . Ii id ;i crow of live
men. On t-v l-tf 1j -imhUt preceding
tlie junk. whi h. I,y ii. way. rejoiced in
the nam.-of ii,.. !li i:!..,..lii;ii.iiu. had in-en
driven out t.n :i. J t!ii;i;,rt h;iing pot
iindly toi.vd up in unusually UrriHc
b!;ut it was formd to lie tin-1 a. ie t way
of lowering saih to t iiup the ni-it.t down.
Thin n h.-uvy s-:i -arri,-d away lite rud
der and stove ii the bnlwnrks. after
which the j-mk drifted and sloshed
around in the old and iinorihiul way of
"at the nu ivy of the wind and waves."
Captain and c rew had Ik-coiho so com
pletely dishearten. on the wate of
waters. r so unduly j !!y on a w:isto of
Baki. th. it v.h-i l-o.:rd, d hy the of.her of
the .U ami r they't know the day of
the we ' t,r i'i- n.- i:f'i. h inlly w
wlwrc they I: :d r 1 1 1 - i i-m. and ccit.ihily
didn't know w ..-:-e i!, -v were t;i:i to.
They w re in! -: .1 I that they were
something lilie ) m;!:m di M:.t from
Japan, lint ! spite ti:i warning intelli
gence, only f.':rf t::e -rrv would leave,
the junk the Mpt;;in. s.upercurgo mid
the fifth man d- I. inn,; their intention
of btieLh'g to t!:e junk 1:0 losig u3 the
rice and s.tki In I I :l.
The I'u-i.t P.-y .V-.vs. puMi hcl at
SlarshlielJ. Ore., i'i it - i -ue of July 17,
lblS. had the following report from the
captain of the se!i.o:ier I'::r.:!Kl, which
arrived at that port July I from San
TlieeSiKn-r Pa nil!: 1 0:1 1!:: 7th inst..
in latitude :;.) !.-g. 41 ini:i.. longitude
13) deg. '2-i v.n.i.. sit -J a. m., hi;,hted a
Japanese j'ir;!; a' iril t A boat was low
ered and the 1 an;; ves.,el boarded,
when a Irrriii.' i-:,-,!it m t tlie boarders.
Not a living p ;d was nUiard, ln:t three
corpses of J:1 pv.-n who bad probably
Leon dead at b t a month. Two of
the txtdics had Iavii .s!i ie!:!ed together,
doubtless brivin.' heen cna-'l for want
of food or water and fastened up by
their comrades. Two of thesu lound
bodies were ly in; a:nidsl:ips with their
knees ljouud together with cords ujon
tuc!r breasts, their arms were drawn
over their head and securely tied and
cords were lound around their necks;
in ehort, they wi re completely inclosed
in a netting formed by the lacing and
interlacing of cords. The sunken eyes
and shriveled conditio: of the IkkUos
were frightful to lo.;;; at. The other
corpse was found forward, stripcd to
the wri.-t. :i:rl gave indications of the
terrible sibl.-riivjs that the mun must
have tmhii'ed previous to his death.
From the numerous fireplaces and mats
found U lwwi ii'.vl:j it was evident that
the vi-skS. 1 had been teamed by a large
crew. Upon examination cr-nd lerable
water found 1.1 th - h -M. but r.o evi
dence of h. r having had a cargo on
board could be discovered. The only
article of food taut was found was n
portion of a chest of te 1. covcretl with
mold In t'.ie e.J i i were several hand
some pieecu cf i ';::"i.iiure.
"The t'.vo bound b.slies were well
dressed. j:nd a I 't ef iine silk ladies"
weajing apparel wha brought oif the
wreck by the railots. The stench of de
caying bodies ai such as to prevent a
thorough inspection. Tiie hull cf the
junk was in good conuition. and when
last seen was drifting t the south and
east and lirhig with it. ierhaps, a
mystery of the Orient:; 1 oea. "
fRoCABt-Y i.ATrsr ca?c.
Vien theste;;-.i. C'iiy of PekLngar
rived at Lan I ri; fn:;i Japan; June
12, ISSI. oueof the pu.soez-.ger.- related the
following story to a fhroniclu reporter:
The tenth day out from Yokohama the
Bteamer came ::cr :sa uimasule:!. help
less J.;p;:nc-e j,:nk. xvhic'.i bad Leen
driven oi from the entrance t the bay
of Ycddodmiiig a typ'-.oon tht l:ad oc
currctl on the t-.: c-f December, or ten
months 1 revi-jui to t! lr rescue. They
had bt their mu-tsmr.l 1 uii J r and had
been drifting at the mercy of the wind
tU-y Lnew Ii; t where. After their own
provisions were cximusted they bad sub-sUlt-d
on their c aro. :::o;i U-ar.s and
dried I o:im: hraii: water as they
coul 1 cat -; Tl.i y br.dl urned r.iost of
the small wiiv-. rl:. ..k. Ix-rths. wia
dows. u. "f lb ir junk for fuel, and on sbert 1..; d rati b'lty l-eaua
per dav for u h n.::n b ii.g t!:" ail w
aijce. Tl:i ir Ire. w!:, n put out from time
to time, they bad ivLindi. d by rubbiuR
two piece- cf v.o.. 1 One of
their iiuaUr b;:delLd from exhaustion
and they bad f.irr-n c; t.:i bepe of ever
seeing land or anything haiuan again
when they sighted the City of I'eLing.
Tbev were taken onboard the steamer,
O concert was given in their aid. und oa
the next trip of the I ity t.f Peking they
were taken bar!; to their own country.
So little by h::h- the long record of dis
asters lias been gradually abridged, if not
wholly tenuinateL Japan has now not
only a navv. but an excellent fleet of
coasting and well built sailing
craft of modern construction. Ilefore
bcr awakening Jajan dnvo away the
reamed junk men from bcr coast aa
thou-b they laid the plague; now she re-M-aidi
the rescuers. - ban Francisco
Chronicle. ,
-1 I'tttrlotlc Iay.
Pprigins Dreadful day. thU. Threa
Junds of wtalher in as many hours.
Wi-'-in '!e 1:10.-1 patriotic djy f the
soasoir A red euurim'. snow noon,
then blue si.ks until du-U brings out t.u
Kara 1'ituburj UuUctin.
ris Vital QucHtloii IUhcukw.I (ittia Various
One day, when the feathered songsters
in tho wtKxls wero tired of singing, there
was a long pause. All was quiet and
nature itself seemed lost in meditation.
Stid 1 'idy the philosophical bulllinch
piped, "What is life?" to which a little
songster among tho leaves replied, "Life
is a song."
"Ho, a battle in the dark," said the
ground mole, who just jioked hi i heaJ
out of the ground in tho vicinity of tho
tree among whoso branches the little bird
was hopping around.
"To my mind it is an unfolding," de
clared the rosebud, which was ready
to unfold its beautiful leaves, to the great
delight of :i magiibicent butterfly, which
did not hesitate to kiss the pretty flower,
with these words: "Life is full of idle
joy and pleasure.
"Say, rather, a short Biimmor day,"
hummed a jealous one day tly buzzing
"1 mean that life changes ever with
work and pleasure." mentioned tho beo,
and it disapjM-ared in tho leaves of the
rosebud to gather honey.
"I do not see that it ii anything else
than idle worry." complained the little
ant. dragging a Madoof straw, which in
comparison to harLt was unnaturally
"Yes, you aro right." a little rabb'it
nodded from the hazel bush; "life, as
sure as I live, is n hard nut to crack."
At this moment a soft rain murmured,
'Life consists of tears, all tears."
"Life i.i an ever changing conscious
ness." said the thunder cloud floating
toward the ocean. Tho ocean waves
broke against tho rhoroaud sighed. "Life
is a steady battle for freedom."
".'o. you are mi -.taken, it is freedom,"
jubilantly said the eagle, sailing through
the air v. ith his owerful wings.
"Ah, it is !oor earth," moaned the
weed, working its way out of moor and
The high c edars l)Owed to each other
to the earth saying: "Life is striving
ever upwards " And a ripple sounded
through the tops cf tho trees until tho
pasture cried sorrowfully: "Life is rather
given up to a higher power!"
Night had broken in and the solemn
domo prelate advised: "Lotus rest, my
fi iendj. As there was no satisfactory an
swer given we will resume our debate to
morrow." "For all I care you may do that,"
bnathed tho night. "But life is only a
The ttill night ruled over the city and
couutry and soon morning would draw
near. Tho student, who was sitting in
his out-of-the-way garret, lost in medita
tion, blew out his little lamp and mur
mured: "Life is only a school."
Footsteps were heard on the deserted
streets. A tired citizen was going
homo to rest, after spending the night
in going from pleasure to pleasure, in
spite of w hich ho complained: "Life is
an unsatisfied longing and steady disap
pointment." "It is a riddle," stammered the new
born morning wind.
Suddenly a glimmering light roso upon
the horizon. Higher and higher clirabcMl
tho magic light over the top of the woods.
The red morning light greeted the earth
and like a mighty chord it sounded
through the universe: "Life is only a
!eginiiing. From the German."
Made Rich by Molasses Cakes.
Jlaria Divins, a well known colored
woman residing near this town, is dead.
She was 53 years old, and for more than
thirty years she has been engaged in
making and selling molasses cakes, from
which she accumulated a comfortable
little fortune. Bothsheand herhusband
were born in slavery, as were several of
their children. She had accumulated
enough money before the war to pur
chase the liberty of herself and husband,
and during the war she mado enough
money out of the Federal soldiers quar
tered here to purchase her children.
After tho war she bought a farm near
this town, on which 6ho employed her
husband, paying him seventy-five cents
a day during the spring and summer
months, and fifty cents during the
wiuter. She used two barrels t f Cour
every month in the manufacture of
cakes, always making 3,000 cakes out of
each barrel. During the long ix riod she
was enjraged in this business, it wa3 es
timated " she had made nearly 4.000,000
of cakes. She was an honest, industrious
woman, and enjoyed tho respect of all
who knew her. Onancock (Va.) Special
Sea Anchors.
Experiments have lately been tried at
Dover with a so called sea anchor, in
vented byCapb Waters. Tins rpparatus
consuls of a canvas bag about four feet
hi diameter and five feet deep, with cither
a strong hoop to hold it open or a square
bolted frame to answer the samo purpose.
The bag is attached to a beam, or float,
in such a manner that it lies juot below
the surface of the water, and a stout rope
fonus tho connection between it and tho
bow of the vessel employing it. The ob
ject of this sea anchor is to bring a boat
or snip's head to the sea when in danger
of foundering from getting broadside to
ward waves. There is nothing very new
in the idea, for such a contrivance has
frequently been extemporized with ad
vantage. The veteran aeronaut, Green,
also constructed an anchor to hold a bal
loon near the surface of the sea, which
was almost identical in form U this one.
Mew York Telegram.
Few Divorces io Ireluu.l.
Whatever may be said Xor or against
the Irudi people, there is certainly one
respect in which they may challenge the
admiration of the world, namely, in
matrirronial fidelity. In the recently is
sued tables giving statistics on the sub
ject of divorce our own country Lads in
having granted nearly half a million di
vorces iuring the twenty years p-ast, but
there I jUp Ucn eleven divorces through
out th length and breadth of Erin dur
ing that jH-iiod. Protestant or tV.trholio,
iiihaipincs3 or abuses, the Irb.'i con
tinue the partnership until it is dLsolyed
bv death. Boston Traveller.
- Capture aul Iterapture.
A veteran of the Thirty-sixth Illinois
volunteers furnishes this:
After wo had flanked Johnston's army
from Dallas, it was. contrary to the usual
custom, tho fortune of the Fir.-.t brigade
Sheridan's old dividou to be Wl be
hind the army a few days, as a guard for
an ambulance train. One day two of
our men oneof them
mis:-,ary of our brigade' went to take a
balh la-yond and in sight of our pic!:et
line.' in a small bayou, which temerity
was-observed bv some of Ferguson's cav
alry hovering in the vicinitv, who de
Lac bed two men armed with saler3 and
carbines lo bring them in. Being with
out arms they were surprised, and start
ed oir en deshabille, in the very face of
the pickets, who dared not lire for
fear of injuring the prisoners. Each
reUI started in a diifercnt direc
tion with his charge. Alter going a
short distance Tyrrell dodged to 0-10 side.
xising his captor to our pickets, who
gave him a volley, hut missed, on which
the Johnny, out of spite, returned the
shot; when Tyrrell, taking advantage of
his empty carbine, sprang and caught
him by his abundant whiskers and
dragged him from his hoie. Here a
short struggle ensued, in which the Con
federate had to give way to northern
muscle, although they were both good
tyjK's of their countries, and Johnny,
minus his gun and saber, was marched
to the picket lines by his escort, who
guided him by walking behind him with
one hand in each side of his whiskers. It
is useless to say that he was received by
the pickets wiili considerate merriment.
The other Con federate, on seeing his com
rade's fate, and healing the whir of a
few random shots, lied, and left hi
charge to come back at his will.
Iu Liquor froiluro Pai.?
Liquids make fat. There is no doubt
of this in my mind, though I am fully
cognizant of the fact that a good many
people will deny it. Thecharac'er of the
liquids lues a good deal to do with it. but
the practice of thinking invariably leads
to unwieldy bulk. In Spain, where men
drink bit k a. fat man is unknown. In
Paris, where men content themselves
with sipping thimblesi'ul of absinthe or
small cups of black colTee, the French are
thin to a remarkable degree. Tho wom
en, on the other band, drink great quan
tities of champagne. Burgundy nnd lat
terly lieer, and they aro as a result prone
to stoutness. In England men drink ale
and beer, and they are a thick necked,
pudgy and heavy race as a rule. I had
observed all this many times, and when
I went to German j, where I knew the
consumption of beer was very great, I
had prepared to find fat men in abund
ance. I was not disappointed. There
would seem to be absolutely no end of
big, corpulent and unwieldy men in Ger
many. While in the army they are slim
and splendid looking warriors, but two
months after they leave the ranks they
become heavy, pulfy and beefy to the
last degree. This is even so in the ranks
among the other soldiers, and the cav
alry were men of such extraordinary
weight that they always excited com
ment from strangers. Philadelphia
Tho Haytians.
In Ilayti the people are divided into
three classes the blacks, the colored and
the whites. The blacks are, of course,
the most numerous, and they aro also
the most ignorant. The colored are those
who have mixed blood in them and form
the intelligent portion of the inhabitants.
Thtvy are largely in tho minority, but
they are the only class competent to con
duct the government. The whites are
those white men who go down there as
merchants. Many of these marry the
colored girls, and then, of course,, be
come more thoroughly identified "with
the best interests of tho government. The
people generally, particularly the colored
portion, havo a curious mixtureof traits.
The negroes as a race are impressionable
and excitable. They havo these quali
ties, and in addition the mercurial tem
pcrament of the French, for nearly all
aro sent to Paris lo complete their educa
tion. This combination makes iheni dif
ficult to govern, for there is a natural
jealousy between tho blacks and the col
ored, and so affairs are generally more
or K'ss unsettled. Washi.ton Star.
Don't 31 en t Ion the ririerx.
It is not only a wise and happy thing
to make the best of life, and always look
on the bright side, for one's own sake,
but it is a blessing to others. Fancy a
man forever telling his family how much
they cost him! A little sermon pn, this
subject was unconsciously preached by a
child one day last fall:
A man met a little fellow on the road
carrying a basket of blackberries, and Inm: "Sammy, where did you get
such nice bcrriesl-"
"Over there, sir, in the briers,"
"Won't our mother bo glad to see you
como home with a basketful cf such
nice, ripe fruit?"
"Yes, sir," said Sammy, "she always
seems mighty glad when I hold up the
berries, and I don't tell her anything
about tho briers in my feet."
The man rode on, resolving that hence
forth he would hold up the berries and
say nothing about the briers. Atlanta
Difteawe Revealed by the Camera.
The photographic camera promises to
bo of even greater service in medicine
than was imagined. It seeni9 to have
literally a superhuman faculty of diag
r.osis. Some time ago a photographer
had as a subject a child apparently in
good health, with a clear skin and good
c-omplexion. .When the negative was
examined, however, the picturo showed
the fae-e to be covered with blotches.
Ywilun a week the child was cevpre-4
v. ith the eruption of measles. Another
1 ase is recorded when a child's portrait
thowed' snots a fortnight before it was
laid up with smallpox and before anj j
t.-aee of the disease had appeared. It :
would seem that the sensitive plate cf the
camera perceived and photographed the
eruption before it was visible to llie naked
eye. The Hospital. . ..
Iliuhl Jos.
Dank of Cuss county.
Ue-eson, A. rc-.
Dennett, L. D. store.
" " res.
Bonner stublcs.
Drown, W. L. olFicc.
Dillou, O. II. res.
" " oliice.
P. oc M. tel. oili e.
D. & M. round home,
lilake, John salaon.
D ieli, A. grocery.
Campbell, D. A. res.
Ciiupm in, S. M. res.
City hotel.
Chirk, T. coal office,
Clerk district court.
Con 11 or, J. A. res.
County Clerks ollice.
Co veil. Polk fc lieeson, oflice.
Cox, J. II, res.
Craig, J. M. res.
Cri tch field. Bird res.
Cummins & Sou, lumber yitrd.
J. C. bu m.
Cook, Dr. ollice.
Chirk, A. grocer r 'or.
Chtrk, Dyrou oihco.
Cummins, Dr. Ed., oflice.
District couit ollice.
Dovey it Son, store.
Dovey, Mis. Geoigeies.
Emmons, J. II. Dr. ollice and res.
First National bunk.
Fritke, F. G. & Co., drugstore.
C3 lesson, John res.
Coos hotel
Geriug, II. drug store.
" res.
lladley, dray and express.
Herald ollice.
Holmes, C. M., res.
Hutt & Co., meat market.
Heinple & Troop, store.
Hull, Dr. J. II., ollice.
Holmes, C. AT., livery stable.
Hall & Craig, agricultural imp.
Jones, W. D., stable.
Journal ollice.
Johnson Bros., hardware store.
Johnson, Jlrs. J. F., millinery.
Johnson, J. F., res.
Klein, Joseph, res.
Kmus, P., fiuitand confectionery
Livingston, Dr. T. P., office.
Livingston, res.
Livingston, Dr. R. It., oflice.
Manager Waterman Opera House.
.McCuurt, F., store.
McMaKen, H. C, res.
Murphy. M. B., store.
Murphy, M. D., res.
McMaken, ice office.
Minor, J. L., res.
McYey, saloon.
Moore, L. A., res. and floral garden
Neville, i 111., res.
Olliver & Ramges. meat market
Olliver & Kamge slaughter house.
Pub. Tel. Station.
Palmer . II. E. res
Petersen Bros., meatmatket.
Petersen, It., res.
Polk, M. D., n-s.
Patterson," J. M. , res.
Riddle ho'ise.
Ritchie, Harry.
Schildknecht, Dr. office.
Shipmau, Dr. A. oflice.
" " res.
Sho waiter, W, C. oflice.
Siggins, Dr. E- L. res.
" ffire.
Streight, O. M. stable.
Smith, O. P. drug store.
Skinner & Ritchie, abstract and
loan office.
Sherman, C. VY. office.
Todd, Ainmi res.
Troop fc II. -m pie, store.
Thomas. J. W. Summit Garden.
Water Works, oflice.
Water works, pump house.
Waugh. R. res.
Weber, Wm. saloon.
Werkbach & Co., store.
WYckharh. J. V.. res.
Western Union Telegraph office.
White. F. E., res.
Windham. R. B., office.
Windham & Dayies, l&w office.
Wise. Will, res.
Withers, Dr. A. T., res.
Young, J. P.. store.
S. Bczzei.l, Manager.
TRIO LODGE NO. A. O. V. W. .Meeti
everv attentat Friday evenfojr at K, ot P.
hall. Transient brother kf rfipctru!!y in-
v tfrf loaitend. V. P. iSrown. Vaster ork
niCn :i B. K mster, K.Te'iian : F. H.Steiinker
overseer; w. h. n u r, financier; .. p.
lousewuriu. KecunW : F. J MoriMn. lteceiv
er; Wm. Crelian. li'ii'ie ; Wn.. Ludvvig, Inside
.11. Meets first and third Wednesday nitrht of
acli month at Mason's ball. Visiting brother
to cordiallv iuvited to meet wiili uc.
Wm. Ways. Kec. F. S. WaffiE. B, C.
ftfcCQNIHIE POST 43 G. A. R-
if. A. Dickson 'ommander.
Ben.t. Hi-mplk Senior Vice "
S. Cabbioax Junior "
to. -Adjutant.
A. Shipmax S-TS.
Tauscii tiiiicerof tfcr Ltay.
Jamcs liicKsoNr '- iUHrd
Serirt Major,
AxoKusav C. Frv,'. ..Quarter Master sraf.
L. i'.C(Ji;ris, Post Cllnidiu
vpetinsf -aturday evening
President Kobt. B Windham
1st Vice President A. B. Todd
2cd Vice President Win Nev".!a
Secretary f . Kuinuui'
Treasurer f. "K.'eia.tVnjaa'
J. ti. Kirfcev. F. Ii.' White. Ji C. Tattersnn.
J. A. Oorju-r, B. Elion, C. V. Suennan, P. Got-'
aer, j. v. ivecKoacn.
t Q0 A MONTH can be made
" ' 0-" working for ut. Agents
f eferred who can furnish h hone and give
liieir wiiole time tn the business. Snare worn
ent-111 er be prufltahlv enm'oved also, a fevr
vaiviiicie in t w;is and cities. B. F. JO.I1X-
.-ON & CO . . 1003 Mi-t . Kiuhmonct. -
X. U. F'ea&e stuic ok; ami hnnint rzper
ff ntf. Jffrcr uiiul (iboul vending utarup for rc- "
D. p. J. V Oo - ' , . 1
The Big GircOd Is Gomin
Make ready for it, it will s on bs here. A Nations Holiday for Rich nnl Poor.
F. G. Taylor's Sroil American 25c Circus, Wool's Museum,
Egyptinn Ciir.ivau n:ul Kuronuiin Menagerie, will Exhibit in
NOTE Owinjr to riiMir.jeniHiit nn'de by the A inerlr.-ui f;liwni;iu's 1'nul bfiuMi", tMs
will be the only it Show Hi i", wsil vi-il utv I bU ;ir. m
hV;i. -W5 - r?:xj.:.i-4& rr ;vr...-,-.-r-'.--4 t 1. t.i-'i'.l
Fresh from Sahara's Smutching S-mJs. tliia Ihme Monster Di.m-rt yhip in t)i birt-cst
Erute that breathes. Forest, Like, Kiver, Wilderness and Jungle each coiitiib
utc their hidden stores to our display of wild mikI living wonders.
A most enj yable, moral, n-nneil and artistic entei taiiinn nt. fc A
Sh w to think about and talk about, full of brilliant
features, 50 Star Pi rfornurs, 5 Funny Clowns.
Champion Bar Eick Ilidjrs, Daring Lady Acritd Perfoiuicrs, Enivcst Athb tes, Ariel
Oymicists, the !est Double Somersault Leapera, High Wire Artists, Tiyht
Kope Performers, and unlimited number of new features. Spec
ial Excursions on all railroads. Remember well and sec
fJiven Daily, at 12M0 Noon. A Street Display of Glittering Splendor. Hugo
Camels in gorgeous housings, led by their native keeperi. Hloodrd Horses
from Arabia, England and Kentucky. Elfin Ponie', with (Joblin
Riders. Kniglits nnd Warriors; Ladies fair on prancing hor
ses. Shetland Ponies. Camical Mules. Bands of
Music, filling t lie air with melody. Worth
coming m my miles to see.
Fvery Day al One O'clock a Grand Fres Exhibition
It cost vou nothing to fir;e the Perilous Trip to the Clouds. Two Performances
Daily, rain or shin.;; Doors op ;n at 1 and 7 p. m; Performrncen comnn nets
one hour later. Never postpones or changes its date of Exhibi
tion under any circumstances ! N v- r Divides ! Will
present its Entire Mammoth Mftropolis of
Marvels ns Adveitisod !
Aflmission to Bstn CI ens anQ Mm Only 25 Gents.
Wagon and Blacksmith Shop.
Wagon, Buggy,
Machine and Flow
A Specialty. lie uses the
Horseshoe, the Best Horseshoe for the
Farmer, or for Fast E.iving and City
purposes, ever invented. It is made so
anyone can can put on sharp or flat corks
as needed for wt and slippery Voads, or
smooth dry roads. Call and Examine
these S'loes and you will have no other.-
J. M. SchneHbacher,
5th St., PI ittsmouth, Neb.
Bofert Donnelly's
Wagon and
y i 2 i 1 3 V i t iA 0 tie B
17 TIT l ITillfiTT 11 0 H.T.T
H. ii. ifiUiliiUAn a
Vholettale fiint lietsi'l DcnJur In
4 ci t a
g i W i 8 E R B
Shingles, Lath, S.ih,
Doors, Blinds.
Can supply every demand of ths trada
Call an I git ternn. Fourtli street
In Ii :ar of Ot)jra House.
e i ins i i i fa
("Si il BE
I U Sua I I
C. F.SMiT H,
The Boss Tailor
Maia St., ')yeil ai-.a--s SUoe Store.
km mi
VTasons. I'lltrles, .MaelMies Quirk'j- Itepaired ;
flows Slmrpnnert unii Central
Jobbing Done.
Horseshoeing A Specialty
riorseshdP, v, hci; sharpens it-r & i wears
$r,ay. si tu-:i- is never any danger of your stippiiiK iimt tiiirtinK i?telf. ( all
aurt rxaiiilii- r li lr tio ami you wiU
Havenoother. Bei-t Shoe made.
Dr. C- A. Marsha!!.
' . t
Preservation of the Natural Teeth a
Specialty. Aueetln tics given for Pai?;
less Filling op. Esthaction o? Tkkth.
Artificial tect'n mad'! on Gold, Silver,
Rubber or Celluloid Plates, and inserted
as soon as teeth re extracted when de
All work warranted. Prices reasonable.
lias the lest and rno;t complete stock
of samples, b tii for. igti and domestic
woolens that ever cam.; weft of Mi.-sourl
river. Xote these prices: HiwncRA suita
from 1(1 to ;:J.", dress suits, ij"' to 15,
pmts 4, 5, 3, (L.O and upwards.
rfWill guarantee a fit.
Prices Defy ConiDftlition.
h. c. scemidt;
(cov'Ni v uinrKro,)
Civil Engineer
Surveyor ami Dransman
Plans, Specifications and Estimates, Mu
nicipal Work, Maps &c.
0.& M. Time Table.
No. 1. :l :(W. a in.
V.. c :1C p. in.
No. r. :(;l a m.
No. 7. 7 : 5 . r.i.
No. !. 6 i'.. m.
A'l rn dailv by vvavof MiuhIii. except
?.'(. 7 and 8 vv Ircii rua t'j aa.l t iia fcciiir, let
tiaily except Sunday.
K. B. Windham, Joii.v a. iaviks,
NotaT Notary Public.
lJ:iA5I& IAVIK-,
.ttcrncys - at - 2La.T7.
Office over I; ink of ruj.;County.
li-.'isa i'.ast.
No. u 4 Ml y. m.
No. 4. V :T :. .
No. r, 7 :u i. in
N . S. Kl :. til-
No. 1ft. 3 -J,l 4. iii.
To the neiv t'Oib Oil. Store
jutit reccivodnt JoSiumoii IIror.
Call and sec 111 cii. Tlicj ul l
not explode.