The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, April 29, 1889, Image 3

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Wan It Ail a mbttakef Ah. folj your anna clowir.
Ami lrra niT lieul nivirr rnir,
For in J ttraln lion jrowo weary with thinking and
W 111 H UK.
And mv luitl hrnrt la Innirlntr f.
Won it all a rnlMinke wfictt within your dear hand
ou run mm mum Willi quickening breath,
Anl ow lu fore CJoJ that. rorxakftiR ull others.
You would lo mo and keep um till death? .
Wa It all a mlHtaker I there nny ono ibrrr,
. For whom your iiiuu'n In-art crii-M dloud?
Iflllieroauy nwri-t hop? lyln-ilej.l Iti ,ur Immoiii,
That your iimrri.-ure vow hide like kh
Wan it all a mlKlako when I thought I could cheer
And brighten your lull h wit r through life
Do you dream of a fueo tluil U fairer than my
Of a Damn you I10IJ dearer than wife?
Warn it all a mlHtaker Are you longing for fru-
uuui r
Ah. I Drav that relenu fn.iv h. nonp
That death' anus may take iuo and bear me to
To await what wan that Not a tear t
Ah, my own. you aru nct-piu,;! You're sorry you
win u;
TwOHini'-er that tl :rwii tarrtalx f ill
TImju take me yourm-lf. dear. auJ dout let death
nave ine.
For I doo't want to dio after a!L
From Tho Toronto Uloha.
Was I eve-r down in a coal twine? Yes,
once. I will tell you tlio story.
1 had Komu friend. living in tho coal
mining region or rennsylvania. and
Will 1 1 1 1 1 1 I til Iviv tin. in n i-i.if VV'I.IIa
- - - " I ' J . V 1 In IIJIC
then I waa asked to descend into one of
iiiu niowt i.imoiid linnet and boo Iiovv the
Hani, i i.u u Int l wincli ahor.U us such
grateful sensation. on a cold winter nilit
. i.s procuren irom tin iowcls or the earth
.Now I li:ive a strong natural desire to
koo everything new and strange: List then
1 am very cautious, and do not care
to put my life in m ril merely to gratify
my curiosity, so I lienitated and reflected
a little Itefoiv I answered:
"1 should like to seo tho miners at
work, if it could be done without risk of
A pretty. I'ri-jht blue eyed youn;j lady
who was present, and to whom I hail
taken a ;rcat fancy, Lurt.t out with a
ringing lau-h.
"Surely yo:i are not afraid, Mr. Ma
ples?" she exclaimed, with a mischievous
twinkle of her blue eyes that did more to
urji1 nio on than the arguments of all
iter relation. could have done in a month,
for no liked to If thought a coward
in the presence iuf beauty.
"I certainly would not Jiko to bo con
sidered afraid. Jliss Stuart, merely be
cause 1 liavo n reiHing sense of dan
ger.'" 1 replied "Surely you do not think
it necessary for a. man to Lo foolhardy in
order to prove that ho is not a !troon?
i believe &rry one is in sorao degrc-o
jtfraid when he tcs dinner, but 6om-.
eople are gifted with the faculty of see
in; danger where others do not."
"And sw;ctiuies where it does pot
i "It may be."
"And you possess that gift largely,'"
fche laughed.
"Nay, Miss Stuart: you hardly do ine
justice. I at least claim to le reason
able In the case of mining coal, neither
you nor any one else who is familiar
with pa&t occurrences in the mines can
truthfiiily il."clare that there is not all
the time S.'u&T lown in those dark and
siwfui depth, and that every one who
descend thither, U? it for fl pjinute or a
month, carries his life in his hands."
"Well. I at least am not afraid." sho
rejoined, somewhat boatingly: "and 1
liave Ut-n down thero as many times as
J am years old."
"A matter of nineteen?" I observed. i
"ExiwjlJy nineteen." sho" smiled.
Well, inen make it twenty, and 1
vill accompany fou." I said.
'Agreed,' was her proud resjwno.
Tl instant sliesaiJ this 1 Ginerieneed
a strange sensation, like a presentiment
of evil, and I would gladly have luul my
promise unsjoke!. Hut it was too late
for me to think of cli-iniog my declara
tion, even had the danger been a thou
sand times more apparent, for I am pr,o
of those stubbornly iirm individuals whw
always live up to my given word, let the
cronse)uences lie ylit they may: and so
we prepared ourselves. aid went down
into the initio a party of four of us
two gentlenu'ii besides myself, and the
lady 1 have mentioned.
The decent for tho first two hundred
fi-ci. was in a large bucket. lowered by fx,
winJlass. and 1 dj not think that any
one for the lirst ti::u ever yet took that
jluncr into the awful abyss of darkness
sind mvsiry :vithout an inward shrink
in akin to horror, owever careless and
indi.Terent may have been his outward
r , , A I
Onaof oar party, w no was coLuit-v.-tt.-u j
with the mine and was to act as our j
guide on the present occasion, carried a j
Daw lamp fa-stened to his cap, and by
this feeble light -e could dimly seo each j
other's faces and tho black, d imp wall3 j
which surrounded us as down, down.
.ever down, we kepi sinking deeper and j
.deeper into the Iwwels of tho black pit, j
ii i-... in- i ti r flint t!u slirrlitcst accident i
WITH 1H.V." - w
-niiglit land us suddenly on tho snores of
The two gentlemen and mysc-lt IjoscU
grave, as became the place and tho oc
casion, but pretty Sibyl Stuart was full
of talk and animation, rattling on from
one thing to another, never seeming to
care for a reply, but apparently satisfied
to hear the sound of her own voice. Was
the really heedles. cf any jnissible dan-,,-vr.
or was this light chatter dono to
Zvv -r serious fancies and misgivings? -could
Ut tielievt- the wortls camo from a
heart its liht and free tin they beemed to
Keachia rur first landing, wo began
mr exploration through long dark gal-
o.orp liore and there n
lieavy prop suprjrted the rocky roof, j
with tlU thin layer of foundation sup- ;
Tjorted in turn in the samo manner, stul .;
below us. tier ou tier, so that the yield- j
in of r.ny weak siot far down in those ,
Iwful depths might precipitate thousands
of s-u-re fei't into one shapeless mao4
and bury us forever from human sight.
Still as there was no more danger ap-uare'-tly
of this occurring now than fit
LTv time wilhin the past twenty years.
iLexe was no goad reason for mj taking
tho subject into consideration, except
that of my being still haunted by that
presentiment of evil, of which I have
uur guido led tho wav to some mov
ing lights which we could see sparklin;
hi the profound darkness, und we soon
found ourselves at the top of another
shaft, where another dettcent of a hur
dred and lifty feet was made in a bucket:
after which followed some rough ('limit
ing over rocks and fissures, with here
and there a descent bv ladders, which
proved loth precarious and tiresome,
till at last we htoxl ujiou a ledge from
which, n hundrel feet still below us, we
beheld a hundred moving lights, and
heard the peculiar sound or tho miners
t their daily toil of digging out and
breaking the black lumps of coal that
were intended to find their way to the
bright world above.
"There they are." exclaimed our fair
companion, vivaciously, "looking, with
their red. bobbing lights and shadowy
forms, like so many fiends of Pandemon
ium! U ould you like to go down among
them, Mr. Maples?"
"if you are satisfied where you are,
Miss Stuart, I will venture to say I have
had enough," was my reply, with a kind
of shudder.
"O for that matter I am willing to let
vou have your own wav now," 6ho re
joined, with a light, careless laugh.
"You have braved the danger so far like
a gallant soldier, and aro now entitled to
your discharge."
"I see that in your thoughtless way
your are t-till disposed to make 6port of
my natural caution," I replied, a little
severely; "but I would very much-like
you to comprehend that reasonable cau
tioii is not cowardice, nor in any degree
alli-nl to it: and to prove it in my own
per.-.i, 1 now throw down tho gage to
hire anything that either you or any
ambitious friend of yours may have the
courage to try."
FA tn in tho dim light I could see that
my sharp words had sent a deep color
into her pretty face; and, after a mo
mentary hesitation, sho faltered:
"1 crave jour pardon. Mr. Maples, jf
my light, flippant remarks have wounded
your feelings."
"All is already forgotten, I cordially
replied, extending my hand, which was
accepted in token of amity.
An exclamation from ono of our two
companions at this moment drew our at
tention to him. lie was looking down
it the miners through a field glass, and
hi words were:
Ila! What culpable imprudence! One
of tho miners has struck a match to light
his pie!"
"W Inch oner' demanded. Jiis compan
ion, in a quiet, excited tone, '.'bliow
me the man and I will hare him dis
charged forthwith!"
Just as he sjioke, and whilo he was in
tho act of reaching out his hand for the
glass, a blinding sheet of flame was seen
to envelop all below; a rush of foul,
heated air threw us down upon the rocks.
and a crashing explosion, like a thousand
thunders, completely stunned us and
hook down the rocks around us like a
terrible earthquake.
When I came to my senses all in the
blackness of that rayess abyss I heard a
low. wailing moan of terror and despair.
accompanied with tho words:
Oh, my God! my God! what has hap
pened and where am I?"
It was tho plaintive voice of Sibyl
Stuart, and I was grateful to God that
she was still alive.
1 knew where we were and what aw
ful thing had happened, for my recollec
tion came with my consciousness. Keach-
ing out my hand I touched her and in a
soothing tone said:
"Thero has bee? a terrible explosion.
Miss Sibyl, and 1 fear that many lives
have been lost; but, thank God, wo still
survive, and I hope you have escaped in
jury." ") merciful heaven, I comprehend all
nowP sha moaned. "Forgive me, dear
friend! Forgive meF
"For whatV"
"Making light of your forelodings.
and bringing you here to your doom."
'AU is forgiven and forgotten, dear
girl; I 6hall think of nothing now but
how to get you out of this Jiorrcr alive.
Tho foul air here is almost suffocating.
Where are our companions?"
Sho hurriedly called them by name,
but received no reply.
I thought they might still be uncon
scious on the ground, and began to feel
out for them.
They were only a few feet from us
when the explosion occurred; but as 1
reached out for them now in the dark
ness my hands camo in contact with a
huge rock cn tho very spot where they
had been standing. In a moment I com
prehended tha horrid truth; they had
both been crushed to death under it-
I hurriedly made known to my fair
companion the startling fact, and added:
"It may be that we two, of ell within
the mine, are the only pne3 that Provi
dence has spared."
"O heaven!" she groaned, '-'spared,
perhaps, for a more terrible death! For
how cap wo pver find our way up
through this awfuj darkness to the world
"We will try, at all events, and while
there is life there is hope," I rejoined, in
a cheerful tone, though with i:; cheerful
feelings, for I thought the chances were
all against our ever seeing the light of
heaven again.
Taking the hand of my fair companion
tlir.t we might not become separated in
the awful darkness, 1 began l.t carefully
g'.-oie in the direction which I supposed
wculd retrace our steps. T!:e air was
ver foul with poisonous ga.u-s. and at
times it 6eeroed as if t would paralyze
our lungs to inhale It.
We soon came to a broad charm, and
had I not been feeling my way inch by
inch, so to ppeak. I should have plunged
headlong into a deathpit, and lr.:gged
Miss Stuart down with me.
I could not tell the width pf the fissure
in the darkness, but evidently wo could
not cross it. for when I lay down on the
cJC j.nd stretched forth my l:::::ds I
could not touch the other side.
"Alas! jvc are doomed-to 5cri :h here.
arrJ it is all my wicked doing! i.;.id the
self accusing girl, when I unnpune.Nl to j
! her tho reason that we could advance no
further in that direction.
"Nay, dear Miss Sibyl; I will not hear
you blame yourself for our lieing here,'
1 replied. "Vou simply did not see tho
danger in tho same light that I did or
porhaps I should rather say that you did
not seo the danger at all. '
"Only as we see danger when it light
ens," she resjtonded: "we know we may
be struck, but we can scarcely be Kind to
fear it. , Mr. Maples, if there is any
way by which vou can save vour life do
not give a thought to me. but make the
el 1 or t alone, and I u III pray for your
"Ah: now you tlo indeed wrong me,
and wound my sensitive nature, by as
suming in all seriousness that I am a
coward." said I reproachfully.
"U nol no! J meant not that, sho pro
tested. "It was only that, if there is but
one life to le saved, I would have it
yours instead of mine."
"O. dear Miss Sibyl, dare I understand
that you would save my life at the sacri
fice of your own?"
"ies, sue laintiy sighed, alter a mo
mentary pause.
I quickly drew back from the verge of
the dread abyss, and there, in that ray-
less darkness and that awful tomb of
death, I caught her in mv arms and
pressed her to my heart.
"You love me then. Sibyl dear, dear
est Si by 1 you love me!" I exclaimed, a.
I passionately kissed her tremulous lips.
"Yes: here, in the presence of death, 1
iranLly confess that I love vou, dear
Henry," she faintly muniiiiiv.l.
"Heaven uiess you. dnrimg: l re
turned; "it makes me happy to hoar
these sweet words, even thou rh death lie
near us lioth! Wiiat is death, darling, if
we are loved by our beloved and know
we shall the with our love.' lor death
here is only life hereafter. Hut we will
not die now, if any cfiort of our own can
save us. and so let us work together foi
With this, keeping a firm hold of the
dear girl. I began to feel mv wav in
another direction: and so we wandered
about in the darkness, hour after hour,
seeing nothing and knowing nothing of
our course, whether it were right or
wrong. ' '
I said all I could to cheer my sweet
companion, uiu at leigiu sue negan to
despair; and I. to tell the truth, lost all
hope of ever leaving our prison pit alive.
If we could have known that we were
going m the right direction there would
have leen so little encouragement to per
severe: out when we considered that the
chances were equal to our getting i;till
farther away from tho point we wished
to reach, there seemed no reason for
this exertion, and wo sat down com
pletely disheartened.
"Well, darling, it will be as God wills!'
I sighed. "I have no other consolation
to oiler."
"Ana l am to do punished tor mv
boastful presumption, in tho suffering of
one whoso life is dearer to ma than mv
'O, Sibyl darling, yon mut not accuse
yourself, for that tortures mo!" cried I.
"Our being here is one of those raisfor
tunes which were to be. We have reached
a point where the air seems 1?S3 poison
ous, a?id we may possibly exist here for
days; and who knows what time may
do, when there are so many anxious
souls above who will not rest dav or
night till they shall have explored the
mino in search of the living and the
In that rayless darkness we coal 1 not
make a note of time, nor tell whether it
were dav or night in the world a'nove
We only knew that, after a long period.
wo began to feci the pangs of hunger
and thirst: that we gradually grew
weaker; that we slept at times; and that
at last we negan to have strange sensa
tions in our brains, and seo dancinj
.1 1 A 1 1 - -
ngius ani puauioms, auu wonuer, in a
. vague sort of way, whether wo were
tenants of this world or tho other.
That is the last I remember till I found
myself in a room on a bed weak as an
infant, and numbers of anxious friends
standing around me. Even then mv lirst
thought was of my dear companion.
and my first words were an inquiry for
her. v hen assured that she was safe, 1
remember feeling as if I were in heaven.
and at once tell oil into a dreamless
I subsequently learned that v.-e both
had been found, after a three days'
search, iu an unconscious state, and that
of all the parties as far down i i the
mino as ourselves, we were tho only
one3 brought to the surface alive. One
hundred and nine persons had perished
in that awful explosion, and the whole
village was in mourning.
I have only to add that my dear Sybil
and 1 both recovered, and in timo re
gained our health, and that sho is now
my loving wife. True Flag.
Woman in Politics.
Woman in politics is a success. Iler
work is not on the surface, to be known
of all men, but here in Washington the
signs of her activity are plentiful. Here
is a member of' the house, able, respect
ed, holding a very high place in com
mittee, whoso wife, a rich woman, found
him poor and struggling. She married
him, educated him, pushed him into
politics, and will not le satisfied until
she has made him pros; Jen t, or dies
trying. There goes an army ofiicer who
has had promotion after promotion, by
the favor of one president after another,
till he is now near the top of the heap.
How did he win so many advancements?
Dy valor or long service? No, by . the
tact, push and persistency of his wife.
Gen. Greely, tho Arctic hero, now holds
a high place in the army. IIo has suc
cessfully con tended against many ene
mies, and is likely, in good time, to reach
the summit of his ambition by having
the signal service mado an independent
army bureau, with himself at the head.
Is it Gen. Greely's Arctic record that is
bringing him this success, or .his extra
ordinary ability? No. Though an able
and useful man, his success is largely
due to the political anJ social genius of
Mrs. Greeiv. She is iaJomitahle, re
nd devoted. Washington
r C royal rsz'j:? j j
Absolutely Pure.
'I'll s ii.twilcr never v:trie-i A m-ii vel tf nur-
't. M r-nul 'i ami whiiU-aoitieiiess. M tin economic-it
in in the or, I, nary kind", and cannot he
iohl in eoamcMliori with the mill! it ude of low
text, si i rt weight 111. nil or iihosiiliiL'e iiowder.
Von! unhj lu ran. Ilnv.u, Kaki no l'owttKlt
t O.. lot; Waif fct. N Y.
W K Fox
- It V RON I'l.AHK
"'lice .finite.
S (.'I.I Kt'Oltlt
i. II. Dunn
oiaicihiic n, 1st ward.
It K KN KH 1 !.
I lH. A Sill I'M AN
j M it .Ml'KPtiv
I Cl!A. II H S IM.E.
j Con 'Conn ok.
I ' McCai.i.k.v.
I J 1) siMi-aoN,
t I- o'Nkii..
Hoard Pub.Works Kkki Cokuku
Treasurer, - -
tepiiiy treasurer, -
1 IIOS. Pol. MM
Mint Ckitciifih a
Fkank Dickson
enurv Clerk,
'f-conler of Deeds
W. II. Pool
'OIHltV ltr!C'tlt r
.ion n m i.kvpa
:lerk of District Cojrt.
W. (.'. SlIOWA VI' V It
nrvt-yor. -
iiit. of Pub School?,
ouidy Judge.
May.nahii Spink
C liUSStl L.
. P.. Toni), ... rlHtteinmitli
Louis Foltz. - Weepini; Witer
v. i!. iti 'kson, cum., - - ic in wood
r x '
ilASS 1.0DOK No. llij. 1. O. O. F. -Meets
Wevery fiieday evening of e;icli week. Alt
rsiusieitt brothers are reriectlully Invited to
. 9 i i .uuu i ii r..)jfi.ui i c i
No. 3. I. O
o. t .. inneis cvflry siliermiie l i in
ii-li u.eisth in the M;isonii; Hall. Visiting
rou-ers are MVileu to attend.
OA tAJlt' XSIt, 3., i'Mlitl'.ll.N WOODMKiN
J of An eric;l Meets second Hinl fiim l Ii Mnn.
lay evening at K. of P. ball. Ail transient
rother? are requested U meet witli us. L. A.
Newcomer. Venerable Consul ; '1. K, Xiles-
on by Adviser : S. C. W ilde. Hanker : YV. A
toeck. Clerk.
V milCA-MlA CUAI'XfcU. M). 3, li. A. M
Meets second iind fourth TiiiiI:lv nf e:Li-li
:ionlh at M axon's Hull. Transei: lit brothers
re invited to meet with us.
K. E. White. II. P
Vji. Ii vs. Secretary.
Meets on tiie first. :itvI Ihir.l Mun l-iv-i nf
racti month at their hall. All transient broth
ers are cordially imited to meet with us.
J. C. Uiciikv. W. M.
Vm. Hats, Secretary.
- Meets" every alternate Friday eveninu at
ock wood hall at 8 o'cIock, All transient broth-
rs are respectfully invited It) attend, h. S.
Larson, M. W. ; F. P.oyd. Foreman : S. C.
.Vllue.ltecorder : Leonard Anderson. Overseer.
I AbS COU . C 1 ti Ml 1021 , ll'IY A L HO A X CM
v meets the t-ecoud and fourth Mondays of
acU month at Are.viuiii Hall,
U. N. GLENN. Recent.
P. C. Minor. Secretary.
1KIO LODGE NO. M. A. O. V. W. Meets
everv :ilierii;ii, KriilMV evenin'r at If. of P
lUI. Transient brothers are respectfully in-
ted toattend. F. P. Brown, .Master Work -
mn;!, msfer, h. .reman : e. n. bteimkei
iverseer: W. If. M !! r. Financier: o. F.
lonsewtirt h, Kecorder ; F. J Morgan, Receiv
t ; V.;ii. I'reliau. (ii'.b'e ; Wn,. Ludwig, Inside
vatch : L. oisen. outside Watc.i
'-"-Meeis first and third Wednesday night of
it'll r.tonth at Mhso-i s hall. Visiting bruthers
f cordially invited to meet with us.
M. HAiS. itec. v . Win IK. F. C.
T. A. Dickson Co-tiniaitdf i .
jkn.i htjtpLK senior vice
fuiiior '
S rg
. M.
'dlicer of the Itav.
,. .. ' " Ounrd
ergt Major.
'iuarrer Master Serg'.
x . I Itscst ,
". CUK f lS.
l'ott tj!;ii Saturday evening
si ient Kobt. B Windham
Isr Vice President A. P. Todd
!nd Vic President .Wxn Neville
Secretary F. Herrmann
Treasurer F.. 1!. (iuthiuan
.1. C. Kichev. F. Ii. W hite. .1 C. Patterson.
J. A Conner, R. ENon, C. V. Sherman, F Gor-
1 r. j. V. Vy ec'-t bach.
for an incurable case of Catarrh
in the Head by the proprietors of
- Symptoms ol Catarrh. Headache.
nlvstriietinn of nnlie. discharges faliinar into
throat, sometimes profuse, watery, and acrid,
at others, thick, tenacious, mucous, purulent,
bloody and putrid ; eyes weak, ringrirjfr in ears,
deafness, difficulty of clearing throat, expecto
Bation of offensive matter: breath offensive l
smell and taste impaired, and general debility.
tnly a few of these symptoms likely to be pres
fent at once. Thousands of cases result in tton-
umption. and end in the prrave.
By its mini, sootnin?. anu utaung propernes.
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nizzinesa, ConsUpatiou, ludlaeation.
tt fComaoB aad tKmrela, 85 ct, by Oruifiattl, '
4. t.
Ill ulil Jos.
Hank of diss county.
IJccson, A. 1'h.
" oflk-c.
n.iitittt, l u 1). htcrc.
' " res.
IJjnnt r stables.
Ihown, Vv'. Ii. ollice.
Il.iilou, (. II. res.
7.. " " ollice.
s. u. yi. ti i. i.iii c.
S9. 11 tfc M. roun.l hoiiic.
18. blake, John saloon.
(!). IJ.ich, A. grocery,
"tl. C:iniplnll, I). A. ns.
01. ('hapiuun, S. 51. res.
City hotil.
1.1. Chirk, T. coal ollice,
2"). Clerk district court.
(iS. Connor, J. A. res.
5. County Clerks ollice.
L'O. Covcll, Polk & Ueeson, ofiice.
71. Cox, J. IJ, res.
82. Craig, J. M. res.
70. Critchrield, Uird res.
ol. Cummins & Son, lumber yard.
" J. C. farm.
57 Cook, Dr. ollice.
1 7 Cll'l', . "Vf ' V ctyi
I I.
Cutnmins, Dr. Ed., ollice.
District court ollice.
Dovey & Son, store.
' Dovey, .Mrs. George res.
lannions, J. II. Dr. ollice and res,
First National bank.
Frkke, F. G. & 'Cu., drug store.
Glcason. John its.
(Ji)OS hotel
Qering, II. drugstore,
Dudley, dray and express.
Herald ollice.
Holmes, C. M., rts.
Hatt & Co., meat market.
Heuiple & Trooj), store.
Hull, Dr. J. II., ollice.
Holmes, C. M., livery stable.
Hall & Craig, agricultural imp,
Jones, W. D., stable.
Journal otfice.
Johnson liros., hardware store.
Johnson, Mrs. J. F., millinery.
Johnson, J. F., res.
Klein, Joseph, res.
Ivraus, , l'ruitand confectionery
Livingston, Dr. T. P., ollice.
Livingston, res.
Livingston, Dr. ft. 11 , office.
Manager Waterman Opera Llouse.
McCouit, F., store.
McMaKen, H. C, res.
Murphy. M. li., store.
Murphy, $1. li., res.
McM.iken, ice oftice.
Minor, J. L., res.
McYey, saloon,
Moore.L.A., res. and floral garden
Neville. U in., res.
Olliver fc lianigts. meat market
Oiliver fc liumge slaughter house.
Pub. Tel. Station.
30. Palmer . II. E. res
21. Petersen Bros., meatmarket,
50. Petersen R, res.
27. Polk, M. D., i . s.
.):$. Patterson. J. .l , res.
7o. Riddle house.
II!. Ritchie. Harry,
fit. Rchildknecht, Dr. ofiice.
11. Shipman, Dr. A. office.
12. " ' rea.
25. Showaltcr, W, C. ofiice.
42. Siggins, Dr. E. L. res.
2. " " Hire.
75. Strcioht, O. M. stable,
57. Smith, O. P. drug store.
10. Skinner & Ritchie, abstract and
loan oliice.
40. Sherman, C. W. office.
10. Todd, Amnii res.
(54. Troop & Ib-mple. store.
90. Thomas. J. W. Summit Garden
32. Water Works, ollice.
5J7. Wafer works, pump house.
2!)- Waugh. S. res.
28. Weber, Wm. saloon.
30. Week bach & Co., store.
8:5. Weckbiich. J. V.. res.
8. Western Union Telegraph ofiice
47. White. F. E., res.
C. Windham, R. office.
7. Windham & Davits, law office.
43. Wise, Will, ics.
4. Withers, Dr. A. T.. ns.
Young, J. P.
S. 'Huzzell, Manager.
Or the Liquor Habit, Positively Cures
It can be atven in a cud of coffee or tea. or in ar
ticles ol food, without the knowledge of the per
son taluug it; u is absolutely narnuesa &r.a M ill
effect a permanent ami Fpeedy eure, whether
thepafientUa moderate drinkeroran alcoholic
a complete cure in every instance. 44 paire book
PREE, Add rewin confidence.
tOLDEfi SPECIFIC CO., 1 85 Race St, Cincinnati. 0.
Choicest Bran Is of Cigars.
including our
Flor de Pepperbergo and 'Budf
always in stock.
Nov. 2. 18S5.
Z2 t Qft A MONTH can he male
:3 f 9 O woriviii for lit. Aeiit
p eferred t;!ii cm furnNIi .-i hoie and give
i ;ielr wti-de lime t-- fie Ivis n-s. r-'pare tiu'in
nt tu y be pi-o1 ablv er.ip'uyed stlto. A few
aeancie in t-nvos uiii ci; I 4. B. K. JOHX-
v &tn)..looo laii-t. U rlimoiiil, Va.
iY. H. Ijulie eirtnlt,ucd .Vcwr mirul
ahn:it .jfiJ i7 xtn-mp reply. Com: qwick.
yours Jar Wz,
li. J. & CO
Wnon and lilnckstnith Kliop.
Wiigoii, I5uy:gy, .
Machine und Plow
A St iulty. Ih: list s tin:
ii orM'slu c, tlie Iliht I lorsohoc fur tho
Fiirintr, of for Fust l':'ivin ami (,'ity
imrpcist it, ever iiivnitt tl. It is made ho
Hiiyonc tan can put on i-hmpor (oiks
iim needed for wet mid fclimuTv mud, or
smooth lry rouds. Call nnd Exmninu
these Shoes and you will have no other.
J. M- Schnellbacher,
5th St., Platlsnioutli, Xch.
Botert Donnelly's
Waqon and
Wagons, ISinniles, MMfli i.fs (,ii:rkly l.'epairetl ;
jliiv Sharpened ami lieneral
.lulitiiii (tone.
Horseshoeing A Specially
l.-.SK TilK
Horseshoe, wliicli shaireiM llsel ' an if weari
uw;iy. so theie Is never any :!ain.rer of your
JIorsH slipping ami h ml inc ii e If . fall
ami exrtii in I liiit : hoe I you will
Have no oilier. lieht Shoe made.
(cuf.NTV ffiivi: vol:.)
Civil EngHieoL"
Surveyor and Draftsman
Plans, Specifirations and Esti.nates, Mu
nicipal Work, Maps A,c.
J. II. E.iODJNS, .11. I).
II H'tK M'ATill'J
Physician Surgeon
and Wus'iiiiNm Av"in. No. 80.
I'll llllill l"i" U ...i Ll,l.- . .1 I t ,k lUI..l 4.1 i ' I
C!iilitrn a sH'vii v. OtMc liourf tl to a. m.
i. i -j tun i iv 4j jr in.
C. F. SMiT H,
The Boss Tailor
M.iin S', Over .Merges' Shot; Store.
Has thtj Went and most comph te Httick
of sttmph.'K, hoth foreign and donn-Mi?
woolens that ever came wt st of Missouri
river. INote these prices: Uusint t-H uita
from $l(j to dress suits, $2.r. to .4t.
pants ?1, ?"t, .s:l..r;0 aiitl upwards.
C3?"Win "ju'irantec a fit.
-rices Defy ComDeiition.
Dr. A. Marshall.
Preservation of the Xatund Tcdh a
Specialty. A u slln ties jivcn ftr Pain
less Fim.ino on Etcthactio.n" ok Tki.ih.
Artificial teeth niade on Jdd. Silver,
Ruhher or Celluloid Plato, and iiucrtett
as soon as teeth are extracted when do
sire. 1.
All work warranted, Prices reasonahte.
irM;: tw''s Hi. h-.h. vTrs-ttrTii. Nkh
B. r1. Tlrna Table.
fiOIXO WK-T. Oi.l.N': KAS.
N'o. 1. 9 :ofi a in. Ke. I :1I p. m.
NT '. a.--C p. III. No. 4. T' :T a. IK.
N'o, r- x a. pi. o. f; 7 -2 . 10
No 7. 7 :f-5 i. in. . o. . :0:00a. in.
o.9 0:t0p. 111. No. 10. :) -.: t 4. in.
AH tralnt run d iilv hy wav of 'naia. except
N'o 7 a-id S whU'Ii ru.i t. aa-l fr:ti Sel.uiler
daily except Sunday.
K. B. Windham, John a. Davik.i,
Notary Puldie. N'otary Public.
IV t I I V II A t A V I i: ,
Office over !Unk of CaiCourify.
pr-KTrsMouTii. '- Nehraska
X 'l re ,i
7MS OLD r?EL!t2LE.
Wholrvtle Metall T'r.ier 1c
it LUiVlDC
Shingles, Lith, Sih,
Can 3iip,)ly every demand of the trade
Call an 1 ;;;t terms. Fourth street
Io Rear of Otera Hou,c.
- ;:,.-r-fc.
I . m.- .. . y r y