The Plattsmouth daily herald. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1883-19??, April 24, 1889, Image 1

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i 3 u it4 u n :i m tnn m s n m m i s
Absolutely Pur
TIi h .v.ilt-r iii'Vit v.nifs. A matvel ef pur
It i r -re-M n ;im lioir-oitifie's. Mum eeoiio
lii! .1 til ii t!i- ordinary Mini". ;iiul caiinol lie
sold iti fi:itc' ii ion with tlie h i i i 1 1 ; r u I . nf low
t f. vli -it w -i r 1 1 ii ' : it or (ilio-piia'e ixiudfl".
.SiM iiiilii ill I'uv.ll, iUhlMi I'llWUKU
t o , !; Wail . v.
Mayor. ... I". .M. Ui HKY
Merk. - - - U K Kox
Tr-ii:rr, - - J.. :.( :-: I' r tkiwox, .i ic.
trri:, ... nvsc n chiik
Il'll!' r. - - II V MIl.MinT
I olio- .I't - s Cl IFKilllll
Maii-haH, - - I. II. i)LSS
Counci:i...M.. 1st war.!. J Kkk ks ...
1 A Si 1 1 I'M AM
III M .lM'.s
) M i' M I'll imi v .
I('ll.. II r M ri.E.
t i on i Ton 't.
I ' M O ' I !.! N.
t .1 D -ilMfftD.N,
I I. " N" 1 . 1 1 ..
Si ll
( .1 V ,!aN II I
Hoard Ptifo.V.'or: i- khki ;!. m!--.ic
! 1 11 Hawks .Voi: i ii
I W.Io-'NS ,' ' II A I HM AN
CiA'ss I.orniK . li;. !. . . F. Mei-ts
vo!y TiW-il iy i-Vl'iii ii c.u-!i nc'.i, Ali
tr:iii.j!'i.t bit'l.i": ;i:o li-iif-c.liMy invited to
LLATrMOL'TIT i:C .MV!K'T Nn. 3. I. O.
o. !".. !i-i'; v''y ;:!t.iT'-ii Friday in
e:ih ii'i ii hi M.i--::;.-t Il.ill. isitiuj;
ItrotheM artr i i ;'.c-l :o aitviid.
C'ASH C.VMF NO. ;;.'!, M')I)K!:N WdOllMKN
1 of Atm ic i Ie.-!' M'CiH'd ;.n l f":irt'l Mon
d ay ev-iiu: at K. of I'. Ii ill. All trnsieiit
I-rotlit-r are r'.iin-M ! ! l.-i'-et wi'li u. I,. A,
Nowctrner, V.-!if;i 'lt( C ivsul ; . Nilec
Worthy Adviser ; S C. ilde, iiaulier ; W. A.
Bueck, Clerk.
VKHlCA'sKA ii i'TKIw M. 3. U. A. M.
MetMs stoul :i-id lourt'i lii 'sla- f eadi
monlli al AJa-oi'V itull. iraiis'it nt brothers
are invited to iiu-;-t v. u!i tw.
V. K. IV HIT K, II. P.
Wm. I'v. Secretary.
jJb.vTrvtyuii L')U(ir: sn.c, a. f. .t a.m.
.Meet-? i-a t'l.' tim ;rn 1 sliird Mondays ol
each ii!!t'i ;.l 'hir imli. All traosi'-nt oiotb-i-ta
are cor'! sally ini:ed ti ni-ei with u.
.i. ii. lUciiK.v, V. M.
V.'M. 1! ivi. Secretary.
iL rr:-:.MOurii r.ju(;i-; no h. a. o. v. w.
itcetf every -rijaTo Kr'r! -y cviviiai; at
K'lCkwooi! ; t 4 o'eimN: , Ail Ifeisielil Iiloth
ers are fiMW'if i:!'y j.ivil-.l in atwnd. b. .
I.rro::. M." V. ; (". !-!. Koiei-i.-iu : S. V.
yt:de. ilecorder ; be n.t.-.i Amb-rs hi. ! net. seer.
ASr'c"ri!.V ld.'l. it ) Y A b MtOVNL'.M
J iiitjel t neo 'id aii.i l.'ariil :.Io:idas of
iiea luoatii at Arcanuui ila'.i.
i:. N. (JMixx, lijeat.
P. C. Miv'oa. Secret ry.
Liquor Habit, Positively Cureci
by ioaiaiSTsr.o ta. haiscs' ccLCin s?ec!f;c.
It can be given In a cup c! coffee or tea. or in ar
t'iCljSof food, witnoui il-.c kiio-.vledfre f the ier
rn taking it; It i nt.-.o!utelv harmless and will
fBect a iermanent r.nd si.eedy cure. Avhcther
the patient U a moderate nleoiiolie
a complete cure . u every Instance, is page book
FREE Addres in confidence. .
CCLDEN SPECIFIC CO., 1 85 Race St., Cincinnati. 0.
Or ths
j 3i'.Ll:3i3 Suits SI.
I Cliilds Siig Pants 25 cts.
Soys Wool
2vons !Blacls
Hons Caps
T aImi-J
S?flais S tiie Greatest Slaugliter ale ever seesi In Cass county. If -you want t &avc S
ceiat it every, dollar feuy your (Soods of
IX Til i; (jOI.I) COUXTItY.
An Iiit-r-(tiiig Tnlk Over u Camp Fire.
ItiK'kHkiii Jack' Hunt for the I nil inn.
Mow Wild Dan Ilrouglit In a Coach
Load of lieitd I'uiwx'iirrfi.
As 1 was traveling through Colorado
and Montana on a trip for my health 1
btruck tlu town of I5ig Sandy. 3L T.
Tin little city was all excitement over
tho rt'jMjrled discovery of gold and silver
in the Sweet Crass hills, a distance of
sixty iiiihvj northwest of I Jig Sandy, and
the town was filled with rosectors of
all descriptions, from the old timer of
"4'J to the youth fresh from tho east in
, fearcii of his fortune, all bound for the
new Kld 'l,' silver fields.
As I had plenty of time on my hands
and wanted a little excitement. 1 joined
! a pris-Hfting party. Wo started for tho
I promised land the next day, anil on the
I (second day out we were in sij;lit of the
Kast I Suites. 1 rode on in advj-.nce ol
the party, and as it was e;ettin;; lail I
was UniLing for some shelter in which to
pass the nilit. A Tier riding haphazard
, for nearly an In i:r 1 saw the welcome
j li:;lil of pro.--pi di .".' c:trn; liru and rinle
toward it.
Tit.ii.i::j a rrKY Indian.
Tin ca::;; provel to U- a party of
I. lull'. giMM t:at u.-i J miners, who had
hccn in ti.i.-i s(-ctioi and the IH.n l; llili.s
for a n i i s i ! .- r of years. In answer tomy
inquiries ::s to sectirin;; a place to put up
with them, one of tliem said.
"Wal. stranger, uur Vomniod:!tin:is
are party prior. Iu:t I reckon if you kin
stan' it we kin."
A fli r c ::ti:ig a s:;pp r .f j:rrl;ed hcef
hard tack an. 1 coliei-the hoys hegan t:i
Hi! stories of t!i ir cxr.oriences in tho
days of tli; front ht.
went by Ike name
-Wal. bovs. tliise:
ne of them, who
of P.i:ckski:i Jack,
e rush makes a f 1-
ler thin!; of tin' early days of tho I'lac k
iliils. The Indians wur purty goll
durp.ei! mad ai.d wur u;:d;in" it middlin'
lively for the hoys. Ther wuz eight in
our party when we struck camp in a
gulch in tho west part of the Hills. 1 he
(irst night we thot it would bo a purty
good plan to set it guard. We drew cuts
ter see who would be Tected, an" of
course; I wuz ther lucky man.
"As we wur not bothered that night
an' had saw no signs of any of the jesky
Indians we did not set any guard the
next night. We all turned in purty
early an' as we wuz all purty tired wuz
sKn asleep. TSout 12 o'clock, as near as
I could reckon, I wuz waked by a noise
as if some one wuz uiovin' 'bout ther
camp. 1 got up purty easy an' took a
look 'round. At last I thot I seed some
thin movin. I thot I wouldn't 'sturb
the boys until I fouii out what the rack
et wuz. An takin' my rifle, I walked
to'ards the place whur I seed the tiling
movin', an as ther wuz only one, 1
thot I would foller him an' fine out whar
ther camp wuz, so that we could come
down on them an s.erminate ther wiole
"Wal, ter make a long story 6hort, I
follored ther pesky Indian, as I thot. fur
'bout an hour, an' I found myself in the
'cinity of our camp again, an' I'll be goll
durned if 1 won't bo kicked into the
middle of next summer if my Indian
didn't turn out to be one of our boys
who wuz a-walkin' in his sleep. I wuz
purty mad, but I sneaked inter my blan
ket, an' hev never sed a word 'bout it
until ter-night."
"Wal, I gass it wuz a purty good thing
that you didn't say anything 'bout it or
else you'd never heard tho last of it,"
said Wild Dan, "but 1 gess I'll teil yer a
little 'sierience I had in Cheynne in "G3.
"A lot of us loys came in from the
range ter blow oursel's an' paint tho town
red. an' I gass wo did it in fine style. I
v-roiaralv fur bo.ut two d:;is.aja'
Suits $2.65.
Wool Sats 35c.
Fivo cents.
when i fmly tunflned tcrmywir i lounc:
I wuz busted an didn't hev a penny an'
tjiat I would hev tor , had; on tho.
range fur tix months, s:n' wuz kick in
myself fur bein' bueh a chump Just
then 1 t-aw a crowd of fellers goin to'ards
ther Cheynno and Dead wood i.tage orfice
an' I joined ther crowd. The stage wuz
drawn up before the orfice an' the six
broncos were a chawing ther bit an' a
wantin' ter bo o!T. The driver of the
stage bed refused ter go, as ther road
agents an Inguns bed stopped an roblxnl
every stage fur a week, an' not a driver
ever turned up tor tell how it wuz done.
Ther stage agent wuz wild. As ther
wuz the Wells-Fargo treasure loxnn'bix
passengers thet wanted ter go thro' to
Deadwood ho offered $oU'J ter the man
that would drive the stage thro' to Dead
wood. "1 tho't ter myself, "Dan. old boy,
here's your chance.' an' 1 stepped out
from ther crowd and hit.. 'Say, mister.
Wild Dan's the man thet kin take ver
old shebang thro ter Deadwood.' Vith
that 1 jumjM-d inter the boot and yelled,
"Uet in here, you fellers t.het's going
with me," an' the agent an' six fellers
jumped inter the'eoach. picked up
ther lines, cracked the whip an' we wuz
o!F on our journey. Just as we started
some one hollered, 'lhree cheers tor
brave Dan.' an' they wuz given with a
"Things went all right until we struck
Deaduian's Cuich, when out from be
hind some trees twelve men jumped,
with rilles pointed at us, an' ordered me
ter halt.
" O.'ot by a durned site. sez I.
"An" 1 gave ther horses a cut with
ther whip, an' pickin' up my repeating
rifle I opened up on theni, an" in less
time than it takes ter tell it six road
agents bed bit the dust. 1 bed not been
hurt, but mv hat bed been s hot oii'n my
"I picked up my lines an' tried ter
Etop ther horses, but there wuz no stop
ter them, an they run until I hey pulled
l'p in front of Iher orlice in Deadwood
I he; opened ther stage door, an' ther
stage agent stepped out. an' 1 looked in
ter see if ther passengers wer safe, an'
ther they wuz. every one of 'em dead,
killed by the road agents' bullets.
"The stage agent sez: 'Three cheers
for Dan, ther only man that's 'brot a
stage thro' fur a week.'
" 'There's the idea r,' sez I. 'if I can't
bring 'em alive I'll bring 'em in dead.'"
New York Herald.
An Anecdote of Drlcsson.
One good story of Ericsson is missed
from the hundreds that are now going
about. It was told many years ago that
the famous inventor was invited to hear
Ole Bull play the violin. II is reply was
that he had no time for such frivolity,
as he had lieen taught to regard music,
that he never bail an ear for it anyhow,
that it would be a waste of his valuable
time and a breach upon his staid daily
habits. LSut somehow his friend man
aged to bring the two great geniuses
together. The meeting was said to have
occurred in the inventor's shop. A violin
was produced and Dull began to play
while the inventor worked. Pretty soon
Ericsson paused in his work, then he
dropped his tools end listened spellbound
to the magical tones of the musician.
lie said, so tho 6tory ran, he had always
felt that something had been wanting in
his life, and that he had never known
what it was until that day. Musical
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